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1833 01360 5289 





I IN: 












FRONTisriECE, Marshalling of six Humphrey Arms, in 

colors, Certificate of same. Herald's Office, London, 


Arms, Crest and Motto of Homfray of Penllyn Castle.. I 

Arms and Crest of Homfray of the Place 4 

Arms of Homfray impaled with those of Symonds, two 

Crests and two Mottoes 5 

Arms and Crest of Humffreys of Llwyn 6 

Arms, Crest and Motto of Hurafrey of Wrexham 

House 10 

Arms, Crest and Motto of Humfrcy of Cavanacor 12 

Arms, Crest and Motto of Hurafreys of Ballyhaise 

House 14 

Chart of the Umfrevilles, Cadets of the Earl of Angus.. 24 

Arms of Umfraville 29 

Inscription on Stone Bridge 30 

Chart of the St. John family 31 

Arms of Le Sire D'Omfrci 32 

Portrait of Sir John Homfray, 1390, £i-om a painting in 

the British Museum, horse caparisoned with the 

ancient Humphrey Arms. (Wood) 33 

Cross and Crown of the Martyred Humphreys 34 

Chart of Freeland, Bennet and Humphry family 36 

Great Seal of Sir Humphry de Bohun 45 

Heraldic Illustrations 46-7 

Arms of St. Malo. Brittany 49 

Heraldic Illustrations 49-50 

(i) Arms of Humfrey (Barton, Northamptonshire and 

Leicestershire) 52 

(2) Chaldon Humphrey, Dorsetshire, same as (i) 52 

(3) Arms of Humfrey, sa. four pellets erm 52 

(4) Arms of Humfrey (Truro, Cornwall) 52 

(5) Arms of Humfry, quarterly ar. and sa 52 

(6) Arms of Humfrey (Rottenden, Essex, Gloucester 
and Northamptonshire) 52 

(8) Arms of Humfrey (London) 53 

(9) .Arms of Humfrey^ (London and Walc>), spelled 

also Humphreys, Humfry, Humfrey. (See, also, 

Illus. p. 389, Hon. Reuben Humphreys.) 53 

(10) Arms of Humfrey (Ireland) 53 

(13) Arms of Humfrey (ap. David Lloyd) 53 

(14) Arms of Humfrcy 53 

(15) Arms of Humphreys, borne by Rev. Dr. Hum- 
phrey Humphreys, Bishop of Bangor, 1697 54 

(16) Arms of Humphreys 54 

(18) Arms of Humphreys 54 

(19) Arms of Humfrcstone (Hampshire) 54 

(21) Arms of Humfrevile 54 

(23) Arms of Humfrevile. ar. a cross crosslet or 54 

(24) Arms of Humfrevill, ar. ten crosses, pattee 55 

(25) Arms of Humfrevill 55 

(30) Arms of Umphray 55 

(37) Arms of Umfrevile 56 

(39-41) Arms of Umfreville 56 

(42) Arms of Umphrastoun (of that Ilk, Scotland). ... 56 

Crest, Arms and Motto of Sir Jeremiah Homfray 57 

Portrait of Ozias Humphry (Royal Academician), from 

the original in the collection of His Grace the Duke 

of Dorset. (Steel) 59 

Arms of Ozias Humphry 59 

Seal and Signature of John Humphry, out of whose 
original "Fishing and Planting Enterprise in Massa- 
chusetts Bay came the Charter of the Company, and 
of which he was the first civilian named, 9th Dec, 

1630, London 74 S 

Fac-simile letter to Michael Humphrey, the Emigrant, 
from his parents, Samuel and Susanna Humphrey, 

Lyme, Eng., 16 Jan., 1647-8 98 

Charts of the Riggs Family 1 29 

Facsimile French war letter from Lieut. Nathaniel 

Humphry to his father, Hon. John Humphry 136 

Report (in fac-simile) of Battle between French and 
Colonists under Gen. Lyman, near Lake George, 
Sept. 8, 1755 . '36 

Return in facsimile of the killed, wounded and missing 
of His Majesty's Colonial and Regular Forces at the 

attack on the French Lines, July 8, 1758 136 

Facsimile letter from John Humphry to his son Elihu 
at camp in Capt. Noah Humphry's Co., Havana, 

Cuba, 21 July, 1759 136 

Portrait of Hon. David Humphreys, L. L. D. (Steel). 151 
Col. Humphreys delivering the Trophies captured at 

Yorktown to the Continental Congress 154 

Facsimile letter from Col. D. Humphreys, Aid-de-camp 

to Gen. Washington, to Col. Smith, 23 Jan., 1783.. 158 
Original and facsimile letter from Gen. Geo. Washing- 
ton to Benj. p'ranklin, in Paris, introducing Col. 

Humphreys, 2 June, 1784 159 

Facsimile of gold medal awarded Hon. David Hum- 
phreys for importing first Merino Sheep 162 

Portrait of Alfred Humphreys Pease, composer. (Wood). 200 

Portrait of Hon. Lyman U. Humphrey. (Steel) 225 

Portrait of Dudley Humphrey. (Steel) 299 

Portrait of John Brown, grand-son of Gideon Hum- 
phrey Mills and great grand-son of Hon. Oliver 

Humphreys 303 

Fac simile letter from John Brown to his cousin, Rev. 
Luther Humphrey, after his trial and sentence to 

I'ci-tiait-. of Elder John Humphrey {\,. 9S01. an. 

death, 13 Nov., 1859 310 

Original letter from John Brown to Rev. Ileman Hum- 
phreys, 25 Nov., 1859 310 

Last letter written to his family, Nov. 30, 1859 313 

Silhouette of Col. Geo. Ifumphreys. (Wood) 339 

Portrait of Hon. Elijah Oscar Humphreys, K,ilamazoo, 

Mich. (Steel) 3S0 

Copper-plate engraving of the picture of Maj. Reuben 
Humphreys, with arms (see page 53, No. 9) and 
a plate of Masonic emblems. Engraved in the 

prison at Simsbury, Ct., by a convict 389 

Portrait of Col. Decius Humphreys 463 

Portrait of Rev. Hector Humphreys, D. 1). (Steel).. 467 
Picture of Col. Gad Humphreys, U. S. A. (Wood). . . 528 

Portrait of Dr. Erastus Humphreys 537 

Portrait of Rev. Heman Humphreys, D. D. (Steel).. 545 

Portrait of Gen. Ansel Humphrey. (Steel) 597 

Portrait of Hon. George Wilmot Humphrey. (Steel).. 620 

Portrait of Solon Humphreys. (Steel) 634 

Portrait of Hon. George Humphreys. (Steel) 669 

Portrait of Frederick Humphreys, M. D. (Steel) 674 

Portrait of Rev. Zephaniah ^L Humphreys, D. D 685 

Portiait of Asahel W. Humphreys. (Steel) 860* 

Portrait of Andrew A. Humphreys. (Steel) 999 

Kev. Dr. S. J. Humpli.ey 'p. 982). 

iT O T I C E, 


^^"Anticipating that every family of the name, or in immediate connection with it, may desire a copy of this 
most inimitable Marshalling of the Humphrey Arms, for framing, the author has had a limited number of copies 
enlarged, with an ornamental border, making the picture 15 x 2i inches. It will be accompanied with the certificate 
of authenticity, designed also to be framed, and suspended below the arms proper. They will be securely mailed to 
applicants for S3. 00 each, or two complete copies for $5.00. The author hopes in this manner, not only to serve his 
kmsmen, but also to obtain some return for the large outlay involved. Address, 

F. HUMPHREYS, 109 Fulton Street, N. Y. 


Preface (1883) i 

Plan of the Work iii 

Authorities Consulted iv 

Introduction v-viii 

Second Preface (18S7) ix-x 

List of IHustrations xi-xii 

English Families 1-15 

Antiquity of the Humphreys Family 16-19 

Pedigree of Umfreville 20 4 

French and EngUsh Crusader-Knights of the llum- 

frey Name 25-33 

Martyrs of the Humphreys Family 34 

Memoranda of English Humphreys (1500-1737)... 35-43 

Eng'd Humphrey Portraits in the British Museum. . 43 

Heraldic Notes and Definitions of Humphrey Arms. 44-S> 

Coats of Arms of the Humphrey Family, etc 52-8 

Biography of Ozias Humphrey, F. R. A 59 62 

Rev. Dr. Lawrence Humphreys 63-4 

John Humfrey (1600) 65 

Lieut.Gov. John Humfrey (1625) 66 

American Families— Prefatory— The Connec- 
tion of Michael Humphrey with the Humphrey 

Families of the West of England 93-6 

Michael Humphrey, Ancestor of the Connecticut 

Family 97-m. 743 

Descendants of Michael Humphrey, the Emi- 
grant 113-744 

Index to same — Humphrey Names 745-66 

" — Allied Families 766-836 

General Index to Transatlantic Families... 837 
Dorchester and Weymouth (Mass.) Families— Dec. 

of Jonas Humphrey (by Gilbert Nash, Esq.).. 839' 
Descendants of Ebenezer Humphrey, of Oxford 

(East Douglass), Mass 909 

Descendants of Ebenezer Humphrey, of Mass., 

afterward of Windham County, Conn 913 

The Humphreys of Dudley, Mass 916 

The Hiiigham (Mass.) and North YarmoutV(Me.) 
Families— supposed Descendants of John Hum- 

frey, first Lieut.-Gov. of Massachusetts 923 

Descendants of Mr. Ephraim Humphrey, of Ke- 

hoboth (Mass.), Vermont and Canada 948 

The Rhode Island Humphrey Family (probably 

from the Weymouth or Hingham Family).... 953-75 

Col. William, of Tiverton, R.I 953 

James, of Rhode Island 972 

Nathaniel " " 975 

The Londonderry (N. H.) Family, Descendants of 

James Humphrey — from Ireland 977 

The Little Britain (N. Y.) Family 984 

The Humphreys of Phelps, N. Y 987 

The Humphreys of Chester County, Pa 989 

John Humphreys, of Chester Co., Pa., and Virginia. 1012 

Humphries Family of Virginia 1014 

The American Descendants of the Humphreys 

Family of County Armagh, Ireland 1016 

Greenbrier County (W. Va.) Humphreys 1032 

The Mississippi Humphreys Family (from the Vir- 
ginia Branch) 1034 

The Tennessee and Kentucky Family 1048 

A Maryland Family 1052 

Humphreville and Umberfield, of New Haven 

County, Ct 1056 

Albany and New York Humphries 1061 

A Humphrey Family of the Southern Tier Coun- 
ties, N. Y 1063 

A Georgia Humphreys Family 1071 

List of Subscribers 1077 

Index to all the American Families of Humphrey 
(except the Connecticut Family, which will be 

found at pages 745 to 836) 108 1 



In concluding this to me, and to those personally engaged in it, long, laborious and 
anxious work, it only remains to speak, by way of apology, of some of our embarrassments; to 
acknowledge our many obligations to sympathizers and helpers, and to express our congratulations 
at the results attained. 

Only those who have gone through a similar labor can well appreciate the difficulties attend- 
ing the getting together of such an immense array of details, and of presenting them in the orderly 
sequence of families and of individuals, with the numerous dates and initials of each of the thous- 
ands of persons mentioned, with fidelity and precision. Such a labor can only be accomplished by 
those who have a love and aptitude for the work, with fortunate surroundings of comfort and 
leisure, as well as zeal for its performance. Even armed with these, their devotion will be sorely 
tried during its long and toilsome progress. 

During the twenty years which have elapsed since its commencement, illness and the grave 
have not failed to claim their own, and often most sadly to interfere with plans and arrangements. 
Of those more directly engaged in the work may be mentioned Dr. Otis M. Humphreys, whose 
failure in health early caused his abandonment of it; Mrs. S. M. Churchill, deceased, to whose 
unremitting industry for three years I am so much indebted, and to Gen. A. A. Humphreys, who 
had only prepared to do so important a part when he was suddenly called hence; not to mention 
others. The building, indeed, has gone on, though the workmen have failed, but such failure has 
always entailed somewhat of disappointment, and doubtless of loss. 

That defects and even errors should creep -into such a work is inevitable. Those who 
construct can only work up, as best they may, the material furnished, and it can hardly be e.xpected 
that all the details of such a plan should come together and be arranged in perfect order and 
harmony. Yet, it is a matter of congratulation that so few blemishes or errors have appeared, and 
that on every hand its wonderful precision has been so generally praised. If, in any case, justice 
has not been fully done, or the meed of praise been up to the standard of expectation, the censure 
should be mild toward those, who, like the faithful painter, have always desired and endeavored to 
present their subjects in the most favorable light. 

My obligations are deep and sincere to the very many careful, painstaking men and women 
all over the country, who have from time to time, and even repeatedly, copied records, obtained 
and forwarded information and details innumerable, and thus made the work possible, yet whose 
names, owing to the loss of those since passed away, cannot now appear. But I may especially 
mention Mr. D. Williams Patterson, who early did considerable work for us in Connecticut; Mr. 
Gilbert Nash, who almost entirely furnished the Dorchester and Weymouth branch; Capt. James 
J. Humphrey, of Yarmoulhvillc, Me.; J. Otis IIumphrky, Esq , of SprinKficUl, 111.; Mr. Geokce 
WiLMOT Humphreys, of Delphi, N. Y. ; I'ruf. William Einley Humphkeys, ..f Full..n, Mo.; Charles 

E. KiNCAiD, Esq., of Washington, D. C. ; Hon. Noah H. Osborn, of McGrawville, N. Y. ; Moses 
Dyer, of Canton, Conn., and others, whose written contributions and encouragements have been 
ready and valuable. I mention especially Dr. H. R. Stiles, who, all along, has been not only friend, 
counsellor and guide; but, of late, chief workman and director as well. Of the financial aspect I 
need not here speak, only in general, to express my thanks to those who have shown their interest 
in the work by becoming its subscribers, and in some cases by having, beyond such subscriptions, 
contributed liberally toward sharing my disbursements. At the close of the work is given the list 
of subscribers and amounts received, as experience teaches that such lists, while even now interest- 
ing, in future years, become almost invaluable. 

It is cause of devout thanks to the All Father that in His kind Providence He has per- 
mitted me to see the close of this work, and I also congratulate all of the name and kin in 
having had placed within their reach so complete, minute, authentic and exhaustive a history of 
the origin and status of the family, and of its several distinctive branches. It is worthy of remark 
that the record of these several branches of the family is in no way connected on this side of the 
Atlantic, and perhaps even remotely in the old world, yet all exhibit the distinctive family traits of 
character. The same self-reliance, the artistic and poetic temperament, the faculty of language, the 
instinctive humor, the natural grace and ease of deportment, and in an eminent degree the faculty 
of construction, and the same sturdy independence of character which have all along characterized 
the race, are fully sustained in these allied branches. The positions in life towards which these 
gravitate, simply confirms the history as given in these pages of the family, who, having been free 
to choose their occupation or callings, have out of these developed those peculiarities or graces of 
character which have made them what they are. It is a record of which they may well be proud. 
In all those hundreds of pages and thousands of names I have seen nothing that needs to be 
concealed or which should cause one to blush; and, taken as a whole, it is a singularly honorable 
and blameless record. If few of the names have, of late years, obtained eminence in political life, it 
may, perhaps, be attributed to a preference for the less obtrusive duties of citizenship rather than 
to a want of talent, ability, or the confidence of the community. 

That the work will remain, in the long years to come, an inspiration and incentive, as well 
as in some sort a monitor and guide, I have a conviction, and in this may well have my reward. 


lius, Mich. 

22 Ffl). 1877, Thomas ( 

in tliat t( 

wn, 26 F.-b. 1 85 1. Res. 

(1SS2) All 

rdius, Mich. 


(Py 2d marriage): 

2214. ii. Emily E.", b. i Sept. 1855; married, at Aur 

Jacob and Mary Fountain) Parish, liurn 
Aurelius, Mich. 

2215. iii. Lura 0.% b. 4 Dec. 1S57;— immarried. Res. 

2216. iv. Jennie A.", b. 28 June, i860. 

2217. V. Livonia N.^ h. 8 Apr. 1869. 
22:8. vi. Benjamin," b. 3 Feb. 1876. 

2219. IV. Eliza Maria,? b. 11 Dec, 1833, Warsaw, Wyoming Co., N. Y. ; married John 

Fitzgerald. He is a farmer. P. O. address (1S82) Concord, Jackson Co., Mich. 
Children (horn in Spring Arbor, Mich.): 

2220. Mary E.% b. 5 Nov. 1855; married, in Concord, Mich., 5 Dec. 1877, Ehner HatcFl, 

b. 15 .Sept. 1857, Hanover, Jackson Co., Mich., son of George N. and Ann (Hutchins) 
Hatch, of Spring Arbor, Mich. Chi/d: (i) Anna Eliza ' (Hatch), b. 21 Feb. 1880, 
Concord, Mich. 

2221. • ii. Altia D.', b. 25 Oct. 1856; married, in Spring Arbor, Mich., 25 Dec. 1S73, Clarence 

(son of Allen and Jane) GraVeS, b. 25 .-\pr. 1849, Pulaski, Jackson Co., AFich., 
where his parents resided. Chi/d: (i) John .•\.'' (Graves), b. 27 Sept. 1875, Spring 
Arbor, Mich. 

2222. V. Edgar,"/ married Marv Dolbee. Fajiily 333. 

,'-b. 26 Mav, 1836: 

2223. VI. Edwi.n-,'^ ■ married Jane Ann I^ltzgerald. Family 334. 

2224. VII. Samuel De Forest,? b. 30 Nov., 1839, Spring Arbor, Mich.; — unmarried. He is a 

farmer; res. (1882) Colon, St. Joseph Co., Mich. 

2225. VIII. Mary Dotha,? b. i Aug., 1841, Spring Arbor, Mich.; married there, 5 Nov., 1867, 

George S. (son of Varnum J. and Miranda Vickery) Tefft, b. 15 Sept., 1839, 
Spring Arbor, Mich. He is a farmer. Res. (1882) Spring Arbor, Mich. Children: 

2226. i. May D.', b. 3 Dec. 1S68. 

2227. ii. Maggie,' ) 

' '''^ Vb. 28 rune. 1871, .Spring Arbor, Mich. 

2228. ni. Mattie,* ) 

2229. IX. Henry Eugene,? b. 26 Oct., 1844, Spring Arbor, Mich.; died there, 18 Apr,, 1845, 

a'. 6 months. 

FAMILY 141. 

2230. William Marcellus' Humphrey, [923] (Dr. isoac.= haac,* Ensign s.imud.^ 

Lieut. Samuel," Michael,' j was born 15 Nov., 1791, in Goshen, Ct. He married, in Orwell, Rut- 
land Co., Vt., 27 Feb., 1 81 7, .Maria (dau. of Peter Pixley and Keziah) Hall, b. 5 Dec, 1799, 
Orwell, Vt., where her parents resided. They at first .settled in Orwell, Vt. ; removed to the 
western part of the State of New Y'ork; resided at Hopkinton, N. Y., from 1821 till 1834, for 
one year thereafter at Gaines, Orleans Co., N. \., and then at Somerset, Niagara Co., N. Y., 
where they spent the remainder of their lives. ]\Ir. Humphrey died in Somerset, N. Y., 26 Jan., 
1856, ac. 64 years. Mrs. Humphrey also died in Somerset, at the residence of her son-in-law, 

c. Family 335. 

-rsel. X. v., 16 

Dutchess Co., 

Hon. Guy Carlton'^ Humpl 


2 July, 1874. ;.■. 74 years. 


2231. I. FixLKV Marci. 


b. I Sept., iSiS; married Sar 

2232. II. Cecili.\ Adei. 


b. 24 Nov., 1819, Orwell, Vt 

Apr., 1837 


hen Haight, b. 28 June, 18 

N. Y. ; d. 14 Nov., 1861, in Somerset, N. Y. Mrs. Haight res. (1884) Somerset, 
N. Y. Children: [See Additions.] 

2233. i. William H.^ b. 9 Dec. 1838; married, at .Somerset, N. V., 19 Dec. 1866, Theresa B. 

Benedict. Child : (i) Cordelia A.-', b. 26 Mch. 1S69, iii Newfane, N. Y. 

2234. ii. Ann Eliza,* b. 2 Oct. 1S40. 

2235. iii. Charles E.', b. i Jan. 1843. 

2236. iv. Joshua J.% b. 13 Aug. 1845. 

2237. V. Albert H.», b. 5 Dec. 1849. 

2238. vi. Maria L.^ b. 9 Aug. 1851. 

2239. vii. Mary E.^ b. 9 Oct. 1S53. 

2240. III. Deli.v Cassandr.\,7 b. 2 Mch., 1821, Orwell, Vt. ; married, in Hartland, N. Y., 28 

Aug., 1839, David P. Congdon. Res. (1884) Elkhart, Ind. Children: 

2241. i. Sidney C.% b. 12 May, 1841, in Elkhart Co., Ind.; enlisted, in :86i, in the 9th Indiana 

Inf. Reg., under Colonel Milroy, going into service first in West Virginia; went thence 
to the West, where he participated in the battle of Pittsburgh Landing and fell, 
mortally wounded, in the second day's engagement, April 7th, 1862. 

2242. ii. Alonzo,* b. 15 Dec. 1843, La Harpe, Hancock Co., 111. 

2243. iii. Daniel Eugene,* b. 11 Dec. 1845, Somerset, N. Y.; enhsted, in 1S61, in the 4Sth Indiana 

Inf. Reg., and fell, mortally wounded, at the battle of luka. Miss., Sept. 20th, 1S62. 

2244. iv. Peter C, b. 28 Feb. 1847, Somerset, N. Y. 

2245. V. Hiram,' b. 14 Sept. 1848, Cambria, N. Y. 

2246. vi. Sarah M.', b. 29 Mch. 1850, Cambria, N. Y. 

2247. vii. Omer,« b. 12 Jan. 1852, Cambria, N. Y. 

2248. viii. Albert,' b. 6 July, 1854, in Bristol, Elkhart Co., Ind. 

2249. ix. Roselta,' b. 3 Jan. 1857, Bristol, Ind. 

2250. X. Rosella,' b. 14 Sept. 1858, Bristol, Ind. 

2251. xi. Herbert,-' b. 17 Feb. 1861, Bristol, Ind. 

2252. xii. Clarence,* b. 5 July, 1863, Bristol, Ind. 

2253. IV. Louis.v Elvira,? b. 7 ]Mch., 1823, Hopkinton, N. Y. ; d. 3 June, 1S71, a;. 48 years. 

She inarried, i May, 1853, Hon. Guy Carlton* (son of Guv^) Humphrey, [Fam. 50 

(987), S.=J 

2254. V. Albert Octavius,? b. 19 Mch., 1824, Hopkinton, N. Y. ; died in Somerset, N. Y., 

29 Sept., 1847, If. 23: — was unmarried. 

William Pitt.? b. 28 Mch., 1S26; married I\Iary Bowman. Family 336. 

Edwix Carlos,'? b. 25 July, 1828. Hopkinton, N. Y. ;— unmarried. Res. (18S4) 
Flu.shing, Mich. 

Ellen Maria,? b. 27 Aug., 1830, Hopkinton, N. Y. : married, 26 Nov., 1S56, 
William S. Wing, b. 15 Aug., 1824; d. 11 Oct., 1858, ir. 34 years. No children. 
Mrs. Wing res. (1884) Somerset, N. Y. 
Hannah Kkziah,? b. 21 Jan., 1833, Hopkinton, N. V.; married, i May, 1855, 
Samuel Bull Denton, who was born in ]March, 1S33, at Somerset, N. Y. Res. 
(1884) Somerset, N. Y. Children: 

i. Mary Delia," b. 11 Mch. 18^7, Somerset, N. Y. 
ii. Alice Eli«a,» b. 11 Oct. 1861, Clymer, Chautauipia Co., N. V. 
iii. Edwin Owen," b. 5 Aug. 1864, Somerset, N. Y. 
iv. Samuel Bcrton,' b. 4 Oct. 1869, Somerset, N. Y. 














2263. X. Sidney Fellows,' b. 5 May, 1836, Somerset, N. Y. ; died there, i Dec, 1S40, a\ 4 

years, and 7 months. 

2264. XI. Chloe An.\stasia,7 b. 9 May, 1S39, Somerset, N. Y. ; married, 24 Dec., 1862, 

EHsha (son of Hiram and Alantha Bartlett) Hicks, b. 14 Nov., 1839, Parma, 
Monroe Co., N. Y. Farmer. Res. (1883) Yates, Orleans Co., N. Y. ; and (1884) 
Somerset, N. Y. P. O. address, County Line, Niagara Co., N. Y. Children 
(born in Somerset, N. i'.): 

2265. i. Francis Edward," b. 28 Nov. 1863. 

2266. ii. Ruby Ellen,* b. 18 Oct. 1864; was married at her father's residence, in Yates, N. Y., 

by her uncle, Pixley M. Humphrey, Esq., 25 Dec. 1S83, to Charles F. Harrod, 
of Somerset, N. Y. 

2267. iii. Genevieve Maria,* b. 11 Apr. 1869. 

FAMILY 142. 

2268. Isaac Carlos* Humphrey, [926] (Dr. Isaac,^ Isaac,'' Ensign Samue/J Licul. 
Samuel,'' Michael,^) was born ii Feb., 1800, in Canaan, Ct. He married, in Hopkinton, N. Y., 
22 May, 1825, Julia Covey, b. 5 Apr., 1807, Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y.; died in Barre, 
Orleans Co., N. Y., 16 July, 1884, ae. 77 years. They resided in Hopkinton, N. Y., until 1833, 
when they removed to Barre, N. Y. Mr. Humphrey died in the last-named town, 13 July, 1866, 
se. 66 years. 

2269. I. Edgar R.', b. 17 Nov., 1829; married Lydia A. Bancroft. Family 337. 

2270. II. Augusta A. 7, b. 5 July, 1831, Hopkinton, N. Y. ; died in Barre, N. Y., 5 Dec, 

1836, a\ 5 years. 

2271. III. Helen A.', b. 12 July, 1833, Hopkinton, N. Y. ; is deceased. She married, in 

Barre, N. Y., 24 Mch., 1855, Thomas Hiesrodt. Child: 

2272. i. Nellie L^, b. Sept. 1862; d. Apr. 1866, ce. 3 years. 

2273. IV. Julia Harriet,? b. 3 June, 1835, Barre, N. Y.; married, in March, 1S59, Orris L. 

Davis. Res. Albion, Mich. No children. 

2274. V. Mary kJ, b. 16 Oct., 1836, Barre, N. Y.; married Smith. Res. Owosso, 

Shiawassee Co., Mich. 

2275. VI. Isaac Carlos,? b. 22 Nov., 1838; married Julia E. Green. Family 338. 

2276. VII. GusTAVUs 0.7, b. 8 Sept., 1840; died in Barre, N. Y., 27 Nov., 1848, a-. S years. 

FAMILY 143. 

2277- RufuS^ Humphrey, [934] (Capt. Abraham,^ Isaac,* Ensign Samuel,' Lieul. 
Samuel,'^ Michael,^) was born 2 Oct., 1795, in Goshen, Litchfield Co., Ct. He married (i) in 
Victor, N. Y., 15 Jan., 1822, Lurania Smith, who was of Scotch descent, b. 23 May, 1805, near 
Newbern, North Carolina, dau. of Avy and Polly (McAllister) Smith, of North Carolina. She 
died 13 May. 1845, in Victor, N. Y. He married (2) in that town, 22 Jan., 1846, Carolina (dau. 
of Jacob and Hannah Boughton) Lobdell, of Victor, born there, 15 :Mch., 1806; d. 22 Jan., 
iSsi. No children by the second marriage. He married (3) in Syracuse, N. Y., 24 Apr., 1851, 
Missouri Ann (Miller) Winnie, I.. 14 Oct., 18 16, Oriskany Falls, N. Y., dau. of Chauncey and 
Alice (Ranney) Miller, of Oriskany Falls, and widow of William Snow Winnie. She died 23 
Mch., 1S81, Troy, Oakland Co., ^iich. Mr. Humphrey was a former and machinist. He invented 


the first cylinder made of staves and teeth, for threshing grain, and received letters jialent. He 
died 25 Feb., 1871, vc. 75 years. 

Children (born in Victor, N. Y. ; by 1st marriage): 

2278. I. Mary McAllister,' b. 19 Feb., 1823; married (i) in Victor, N. Y., 5 Oct.. 1850, 

Lucian ]\Ielancthon (son of Rev. Stephen R. and Lucy S. Stillman) Smith, b. 12 
May, 1 82 1, New Hartford, Oneida Co., N. Y. His parents resided at Buflalo, N. Y. 
Forwarding and commission merchant. They had no children. She married (2) 
in Victor, N. Y., 5 Oct., 1859, Luman Phelps (son of Orrin and Abigail Thomp- 
son) Miller, of Victor, N. Y., b. 9 Nov., 1818, Oriskany Falls, N. Y. He is a 
farmer and County Superintendent of the Poor. Res. (1882) Victor, Ontario Co., 
N. Y. Children (by 2d marriage; burn in Victor, N. V.): 

2279. i. Charles Ball » (Miller), b. 15 Sept. 1861. 

2280. ii. Orrin Humphrey « (Miller), b. 13 Aug. 1863; died in Victor, N. Y., 12 Apr. 1865, ae. I 

year, and 8 months. 

2281. iii. Eugene Henry* (Miller), b. 19 July. 1866. 

2282. H. Angeline Elizabeth,' b. 7 Nov., 1824; died in Victor, N. Y., 18 Oct., 1854, se. 

30 years. She married, in Victor, N. Y., 23 Feb., 1843, Daniel (son of Asa) 
Johnson, who was born in East Bloomfield, Ontario Co., N. Y. Dentist. He 
is deceased. No children. 
Oliver Edwards,' b. 13 July. 1825; died in Victor, N. Y., 24 Dec, 1828, k. 

3 years. 
Henry Montgomery,' b. 19 Nov., 1827; died in Victor, N. Y., 27 Dec, 1830, 

a?. 3 years. 
Oliver Edwards,' b. i Dec, 1S29; married (i) Delilah Ferguson: married (2) Eve- 
line Delano. Family 339. 
Minerva Lvrania,' b. 19 Feb., 1S31; died in Victor, N. Y., 20 Nov., 1832, ve. i 

year, and 9 months. 
Henry Montgomery,' b. 29 Apr., 1832; died in Victor, N. Y., 15 Oct.. i860, ce. 

28 years; was unmarried. 
Hiram Hezekiah,' b. 2 Feb., 1834; married Sarah Abigail Miller. Family 340. 
Franklin Eustatious,' b. 30 Jan., 1836; married Alida Van Denburg. Family 341. 
Sarah Ann,' b. 3 May, 1837; married, in Victor, N. Y., 8 Apr., 1858, Guy C. 
(son of Harskaline and Martha) Collins, b. 4 May, 1834, in Perinton, IMonroe 
Co., N. Y., where his parents resided. Farmer. Res. (1884) Bushnell's Basin, 
Monroe Co., N. Y. Children (of ivhotn the first two were born in Battle Creek, 
Mich., and the last two in Perinton, K. Y.): 

i. Rufus.s b. 30 Mch. 1859; died at Perinton, N. V., 23 May, 187S, .ne. 19 years. 

ii. Martha,8 b. 4 Nov. i860; married OIney. Res. (18S4) Perinton, N. Y. Cttild : 

(I) Floyd C.» (Olney), b. 9 May, 1884, Perinton, N. Y. 
iii. Harskaline,e b. 12 Mch. 1865. 
iv. Clare,8 b. 21 Sept. 1876. 
Charlotte Amelia,' b. 19 Oct., 1S38: died in Victor, N. Y., 6 Apr., 1862, ae. 

23 )ears. 
Emily Smith,' b. 5 May, 1840; died in Victor, N. Y.. 18 Oct., 1S52, a\ 12 years. 
Charles Trying,' b. i Sept., 1842; married, at Canandaigua, N. Y.. 25 Sept., 1S67. 
.Mary C. Lawrence. Res. (1S82) Middlelown, (Jiange C,.., N. Y. No children. 



























2298. XIV. George Fuller,? b. 29 Oct., 1844; ilied in Victor, N. ¥., 2fi Au";.. 1845. cp. 

10 months. 
(By 3'i marriage): 

2299. XV. LuciAN Smith, 7 b. 5 Mch., 1852. 

2300. XVI. Alice Lurania,' b. 30 Nov., 1857; died in Victor, N. Y., 6 Feb., 1862, ;c. 4 years. 

FA:\IILY 144. 

2301- Abraham* Humphrey, [946J (Capt. Abraham,'^ IsaaC^ Ensign Samuel^' Lieut. 
Samuel.- Michael,^) was born 4 May, 1799, in Goshen, Ct. He married, in Victor, Ontario Co., 
N. v., 19 May, 1831, Amna* Palmyra (dau. of Jacob and Hannah Boughton) Lobdell, a native 
and resident of Victor, N. Y., b. 5 Aug., 1798. Her father was one of] the earliest pioneers of 
that region, being the first white man who spent a winter in Victor. Mrs. Humphrey died in 
South Norwalk, Ct, 12 Aug., 1872, se. 74 years. 

The following appeared in the Victor Weekly Herald, December 7th, 1882: — 
"Died quietly, after a short indisposition, at South Norwalk, Ct., on Friday morning, Dec. ist, 
1082, Abraham Humphrey, at the residence of his son-in-law, S. Chauncey Palmer. 

"Mr. Humphrey came to Victor, in the year 1821, when twenty-one years of age, and settled 
on Boughton Hill. Sixty-two years have wrought many changes in ,this locality, and the pioneers 
who at that time came into a comparatively new country, found then enough to do in the way 
of clearing their farms, planting orchards, and making homes, to learn well the meaning of the 
words privation and hardship. But while they labored and endured, they gained for themselves 
physical strength, vigorous and sinewy bodies, and characters as strong and stable as their con- 
stitutions. Mr. Humphrey was notably industrious, economical and prudent, and by the exercise 
of these virtues succeeded in gaining a competency. Another eminent quality was his strict 
integrity in all his business relations, and the common affairs of life. Being a man of strong 
religious convictions, he was a constant attendant upon divine worship, and always contributed 
liberally to the support of the church of his choice. After the death of his wife, in 1872, he was 
left mainly dependent upon their only surviving child, Mrs. Ellen M. Palmer, for that loving care 
which children alone can give, when the form is bent with years, and the infirmities of age weigh 
heavily. He spent most of his time with her, but he sadly missed the familiar faces and okl 
friends of former years, for he had grown too old to again form new ties, so he was brought 
back to the spot he loved so well, Boughton Hill, and laid to rest with his kindred and neighbors. 
"A brief service was held at Norwalk before leaving, and upon arriving at Victor, the re- 
mains were taken to the residence of Mr. Luman P. Miller [Fam. 143 (2278), S.=], where the 
funeral was attended on Sunday afternoon, December 3d. Thus ended a long life of eighty-three 
years, peaceful, happy and well-spent. 

'Of no distemper, of no blast he died, 

But fell like autumn fruit that mellowed long, 

Even wonder'd at because he dropped no sooner; 

Fate seemed to wind him up for fourscore years. 

Yet freshly ran he on three winters more, 

Till, like a clock worn out with eating time. 

The wheels of weary life at last stood still.'" 
Children (horn in Vic/or. N. V.): 
2302. 1. Ellen Makia." b. 2 Mch., 1S36; married, in Victor, N. Y., 18 Jan., i860. .Seymour 

ChauiKcN- (son of Adam and .Mar>- Fuller) Palmer, of Bridgewater, Onondaga 


Co., N. Y., b. 17 June, 1833, Frankfort, Herkimer Co.. N. Y. Fur hat man- 
ufacturer. They resided in Brooklyn, N. Y., and (1882) in South Nurwalk, Ct. 
Children [bom in Brooklyn, X. }'.)■ 

2303. i. William Humphrey,** b. 30 May, 1864. 

2304. ii. Mary Fuller,^ b. 19 Aug. 1867. 

2305. II. M.vRY Caroline,^ b. 26 Mch., 1838; died in Victor, N. Y., 11 Nov., 1840, ee. 2 

3"ears, and 7 months. 

2306. III. Jacob Lobdell,' b. 27 July, 1S39; died in Victor, N. Y., 14 Nov.. 1S40, ae. i 

year, and 3 months. 

FAMILY 145. 

2307. Hon. Harvey'^ Humphrey, [962] (/ona/Acjn,^ Isaac,'^ Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. 
Samuel, '^ Michael,^) was born 24 December, 1796, in Goshen, Ct. He married, in Rochester, 
N. Y., 2 October, 1828, Elizabeth Rogers Perkins, a native and resident of Norwich, Ct., b. 24 
Dec, 1808, dau. of Dyer and Charlotte Sophia (Woodbridge) Perkins. She is related to the 
Griswolds and Huntingtons, and is a niece of Harriet Augusta Woodbridge, wife of Augustine* 
Humphrey, [Fam. 146, S.=] She resided (1882) in Rochester, N. Y. 

When Harvey Humphrey was two years of age, his father, having bought a farm in East 
Bloomfield, Ontario Co., N. Y., then on the extreme Western borders of civilization, removed 
there with his family. Here, for some years, in his log-cabin, built with his own hands, he 
passed a life of hardship, with his strong right arm subduing the forest, letting in the sunlight 
where for centuries it had not shone, and making the wilderness to bud and blossom as the rose. 
The subject of this sketch used to recall with pleasure the perils and labors so well endured, the 
pride with which, at an early day, he competed with men in holding the plough and swinging 
the axe and scythe. He could bring to mind many hair-breadth escapes in encounters with wild 
beasts, and in perils by flood and field. He liked to tell also, of his scant winter schooling, and of 
the studies pursued by firelight, late into the night, and of the two or three books so thoroughly 
scanned and studied and mastered. Among these was the old Bible, read and re-read, uutil its 
wondrous lessons stamped vividly on his memory became the seed which in after years sprang up 
in the high morality, and the rugged honesty, which dignified his manhood. He bore bravely 
the yoke in his youth and found its blessing after many days in fearlessness of hardship and brave 
bearing of burdens, which seemed light in contrast with those of his early life. 

In 1816, he entered Hamilton College, and for four years held the first place in all his 
studies. His classmates were Bishop Ives, Rev. Albert Barnes, and Harvey Johnston, the famous 
western missionary, and ten others hardly less well-known. He graduated in 1820, pronouncing 
the Salutatory, and would have been Valedictorian but for the fact that he had neglected too 
much the art of speaking. After graduating he entered the law office of Nicholas B. Randall, of 
Manlius, and studied law for two years. He was then elected tutor in Hamilton College. He 
accepted the position and discharged its duties with honor until 1824, when he removed to 
Rochester, and soon commenced the practice of his profession. Not long after his admission to the 
bar, he was appointed Justice of the Peace, which position he continued to fill for many years; 
was one of the members of the first Common Council of the City of Rochester, for many terms 
Supervisor, and, from 1852 to 1856, first Judge of Monroe County. All these ofiices sought him 
on account of his peculiar fitness for them, as he had all his life Kmg a jieculiar horror of self- 
seeking and political wire-pulling. 

In the practice of his profession, he was a wise and peculiarly judicious counselor, a close 
and very lucid reasoner, and in all things thoroughly reliable and trustworthy. His services were 


in great demand as a referee and arbitrator, and few weeks passed without his decision of some 
difficult and important case. 

As a scholar he had few equals in the State. He acquired in college a love of classical 
literature, which continued while he lived. His later years were mellowed and lightened by 
pleasant and intimate converse with Demosthenes and Plato, with Horace and Virgil, and other 
master-minds of Greece and Rome. Their works he studied critically in their own language. 
They were his daily delight, recreation and solace, affording pleasant occupation to all his leisure 
hours, even to the last day of his life. The poetic temperament was in him most decided. In 
his earlier life, he was a most cherished and prominent contributor to the best literary publications 
of the day; and this work had such fascination for him, as to necessitate his entire declination of 
it, upon his entering upon the more arduous labors of his profession.* 

In 1851, his son, Oeorge Harvey, was admitted to practice, and the firm from this time 
continued to be H. & G. H. Humphrey until his death, which occurred in Rochester, N. Y., 
May 1st, 1877, at the age of 80 years. To the last he kept up his interest in current events and 
in the duties of his profession. Although his physical force abated, his mind remained clear and 
his memory perfect. His cheerfulness was never dimmed; every year he thought happier than the 
preceding. The day of life, with advancing years, grew more and more serene and unclouded un- 
til its growing light faded into the dawning of the other and sunnier shore, f 
Children : 

2308. I. George H.^rvey,? b. 21 Mch., 1830; married Elizabeth Wells Swan. Family 342. 

2309. II. John Perkins,'' b. 3 Aug., 1836; married Frances Churchill. Family 343. 

2310. III. James Brown, 7 b. 28 Dec, 1S41; died 9 Aug., 1871, on a steamboat on the 

Lachine Canal, on his way home from Quebec, where he had been in pursuit of 
health. He married, 20 Oct., 1870, Frances E. Brown. They resided in 
Rochester, N. Y. No children. She married (2) John H. Fonda, and res. (1882) 
in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

FAMILY 146. 

2311- Augustine^ Humphrey, [963] (/ona/haji,= Isaac,* Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,'^ 
Michael,^) was born 15 Feb., 1799, in Goshen, Ct. He married, 9 Mch., 1831, Harriet Augusta 
Woodbridge, b. 29 Mch., 1798, Norwich, Ct., dau. of Samuel and Elizabeth (Rogers) Wood- 
bridge. They settled in East Bloomfield, Ontario Co., N. Y. In 1840, they removed to Indiana, 
where he was engaged in farming. Mrs. Humphrey died in Indiana, 22 Aug., 1S59, te. 6i years. 
Mr. Humphrey afterward resided with his youngest son, Charles S. Humphrey, at Winfield, Ind. 

2312. I. Henry Augustine,' b. 16 July, 1832; is deceased; married P^meline Field. Family 344. 

2313. II. George Woodbridge, ' b. 10 Jan., 1835; d. 18 Jan., 1863, a\ 28; married Sabrina 

L. Bathburn. Family 34.5. 

2314. III. Theron Jonathan, 7 b. 20 Dec, 1837; d. 28 Oct., 1861, x'. 24 years. 

2315. IV. Charles Samuel,? b. 18 Oct., 1840; m. (i) Phebe Ellen Lee; m. (2) Letiiia Smiley. 

Family 346. 

* In 1859, he published "A Tmnsl.ilion of the First Book of Lucretius' Dc Kerum A'alura." He the author of m.iiiy sketches, 
poems, addresses, &c. 

t Memorial by his son George H. Humphrey, Esq. 


FAMILY 147. 

23"^- John Dowd" Humphrey, [964] (Jonathan,'' Isaac,-' Ensign Samuel,^- Liciil. 
Samuel,- Michael,' J was burn 25 Nov., 1801, in East Bloomfield, N. Y. lie married, in 1S27, 
Olive Maria Warren,* who was born 2 Dec, 1804, in Sheffield, Mass; and died in Winfield, 
Lake Co., Ind., 17 Mch., 1853, fc. 48 years. Mr. Humphrey died at his son"s house, in Will 
County, III., 18 Jan., 1S67, a'. 65 years; was a farmer. 

2317. I. H.VRVEY Jii.i,\N-,7 b. 4 Feb., i828;f d. 28 Aug., 1877, te. 49; m. (i) Jane Lander; 

m. (2) Amanda Malvina Chase. F.\mily 347. 

2318. II. ,- b. May, 1833; died in infancy. 

FAMILY 148. 

2319- Theron ' Humphrey, [966] (Jonalhan,^ Isaac, ^ Ensign Samuel, 3 Lieu/. Samuel,^ 

Michael,' J was born 9 June, 1806, in East Bloomfield, N. Y. He married, in 1839, Jane A. 

(dau. of William and Abigail) Parker, of Geneva, N. Y., who was born 7 June, 1822. They at 
first settled in East Bloomfield, N. Y. ; in 1843, removed to Walworth County, Wis., and thence, 
in 1867, to Racine, Wis. 

2320. I. Sergt. John B.vrker,^ b. 27 Sept., 1840, East Bloomfield, N. Y. ; enlisted, in \B(>i, 

in the Union Army; was Sergeant in Co. K, 8th Wis. Yols. Infantry. After serv- 
ing the cause, gallantly and faithfully, until within a few weeks of the expiration of 
his three years' term, he was seized with quick consumption, while on the Red 
River E.Npedition under Gen. Banks, and died near the mouth of Red River, 
Ark., 23 May, 1864, ae. 23 years. He was buried at Natchez, ^liss. In life 
and death he exemplified the character and career of the Christian patriot. 

2321. II. Therox W.7, b. 23 Oct., 1844; d. 12 Oct., 1845, K. I year. 

2322. III. Svs.\x A.7, b. 25 I\Ich., 1847; married, 30 June, 1S69, James Jennings, of Racine, 


2323. IV. WiLLiA.M,' b. 20 May, 1850; re.s. Racine, Wis. 

FAMILY 149. 

2324. Egbert* Humphrey, [974] (Jonathan,^ Isaac,* Ensign Samuel.^ Lieut. Samuel,- 
Michael,' J was born 8 Apr., 1813, in East Bloomfield, N. Y. He married (i) 6 Dec, 1841, 
Bercy B.? (dau. of Moses and Bercy" Beach J) King, b. 25 June, 1820; died at Euclid, Ohio, 
May 4th, 1861, x. 41 years. He married (2) 2 Sept., 1862, Mary A. Magher, of Cleveland, 
Ohio. He is a lawyer; res. at Shamong, N. J. 
Children (bv ist marriage): 

2325. I. Charles King,? b. 2 Aug., 1843, '» East Bloomfield, N. Y. 

2326. II. William Egbert,? b. 29 July, 1846, in Mayfield, O. 

2327. III. Herbert AsHBF.L,7 b. 4 OcL, 1848, in Mayfield, O. ; died in Euclid, (.)., 6 May, 

1863. ;v. 14 years. 

2328. IV. James (Jraham,? b. 28 Apr., 1S53, in .Mayfield, O. 
(By 2d marriage ): 

2329. V. Herbert Arthir.? b. 24 Jan.. 1864, in Euclid, O, 

2330. VI. Bercy Annie,? b. 10 June, 1S69, in Shamong, N. J. 

• Hann.->h Waring, ace. to one record, t 4 July, i8j8, ace. to the Hinman P.ifers. 
I See foot-note to Fam. 11 (250), S., concerning the Beach femily. 

FAMILY 150. 

2331- EraStUS* Humphrey, [985] 1 Jiosu'cll,^ /sane." Ensign Samuel,' Lieu/. Samuel,- 
Michael,' j was limn zi June, 1810, in East Bloomfield, Ontario Ccj., N. V. He married (i) y 
Aug., 1831, Mary P. (dau. of Asa and Sarah Gillett) Hicko.x, b. 7 Apr., 1812; died in Lyons, 
Wis., II Nov., 1850, a^ 38 years. He married (2) in Lyons, Wis., 16 Apr., 1855, Avis Taylor" 
Humphrey, b. 23 Feb., 1818, Orwell, Rutland Co., Vt., dau. of -Samuel = and Roxy (Culver) 
Humphrey, [Fam. 45 (905), 8."=] I\Ir. Erastus Humphrey removed to Wisconsin in 1843, and 
bought a quarter-section of land. He lived in a log house until 1849, when he built a frame 
house which his widow now occupies (1884). He died in Lyons, Wis., 6 Mch., 1881, ce. 70 years. 
Children (hy ist marriage): 

2332. L RoswELL Pembroke,' b. 29 July, 1832; d. i Feb., 1874, a-. 41; m. Harriett A. 

Griswold. Family 348. 

2333. n. Clarissa Ruth,' b. 25 Nov., 1840, East Bloomfield, N. Y. ; died there, i Apr., 

1 84 1, X. 4 months. 

2334. \\\. Charles Oliver, ' b. i Mch., 1846, Lyons, Wis.; died there, i Mch., 1848, 

a. 2 years. 

2335- IV. Sarah Jane,' b. 13 Apr., 1849, Lyons, Wis.; married there, 15 Feb., 1870, William 
F. Potter. Res. (1884) on her father's homestead; P. O. address, Lyons, Wal- 
worth Co., Wis. Children (born in Lyons, Wis.): 

2336. i. Erastus Melvin,e b. 24 Jan. 1871. 

2337. ii. Levi,8 b. 13 Sept. 1874. 

2338. iii. Frank Ciu-tis,e b. 21 Apr. 1877. 

2339. iv. Emma Jane,8 b. 4 May, 1SS4. 

FAMILY 151. 

2340. Elisha* Humphrey, [1029J (Russell.^ Thomas,* Ensign Samuel. '^ I.ieul. Samuel,- 
Michael,^) was born 13 Apr., 1796, in Rensselaerville, Albany Co., N. Y. He succeeded to the 
paternal homestead in Rensselaerville,* about three miles from Preston Hollow, which was his 
Post Office. There he passed his life, and died 24 June, 1875, a?. 79 )'ears. He was a man of 
large and robust physique, and excellent vitality, who never required a physician's services, till his 
last sickness, excepting for a fractured limb. He was characterized by much energy, perseverance 
■ and thoroughness; — was a staunch and loyal Democrat, and an ardent Methodist. He married, 
in Rensselaerville, N. Y., 25 Sept., 1814, Lydia (dau. of Rev. John and Catherine Waters) Winans, 
of R. She was a sister of William Winans who married Lovisa*' Humphrey [Fam. 51 (loio), S.=] 
.She was born 3 Jan., 1797; and died at the house of her daughter ]\Irs. Beecher, at Owego, N. Y., 
27 Jan., 1879, ae. 82 years. They had ten children, of whom nine were surviving in 1883. Of 
this family it is stated, "They are strong and hearty, and distinguished for their firm principles 
of justice, temperance and honesty. " 

Children (born in Rensselaerville, N. Y. j: 
2341. I. Zylpha," b. 15 .Sei>t.. 181 5; married, in 1834, Hegemon Crosby Passmore. They 
at first settled in Prattsville, N. Y. ; removed to Geneva, 111., afterward i>i Livings- 
toiiville, N. Y. He was a shoemaker. He died if) .\pr.. 1879. Siie resided for 
some time in Iowa, and, in 1883, was at Archer, Florida. Children: 

• This W.1S a part of ihe Van Rensselaer grant, and Mr. Elisha Humphrey, actuateil hy a conviction of right, paid his rent yearly 
to the agent at Albany, N. V'., so long as it was required, even during the .anti-rent troubles, when his life was endangered thereby. 





















Elislia Humphrey,'* b. 27 Nov. 1835; d. 20 Dec. 1S81, x. 46 years. lie resided iii 

Illinois and in Caiifornia. 
Charles Crosby,s b. 27 Apr. 1845; died in Illinois, 23 Oct. i860, a;. 15 years. 
Lydia Adelia.s b. 21 Oct. 1847; married, 7 Dec. 1864, Rev. D. C. AdamS. They 

resided, in 1883, at Archer, Florida. Child: (i) Ebbie Humphrey' (Adams), b. 4 

Mch. 1 87 1. 
' 1). 5 ViAx, 1S17: married Jane A. Stebbins. F.\mily 349. 

li. 28 Mch., 1819; married, 21 Jan., 1838, Horace (son of William and 
Mary Wells) Elsbree, b. 23 Aug., 1816. Child: 

i. Wesley,8 b. lo July, 1842; married, at Preston Hollow, N. Y., 9 July, 1882, Rose (dau. 
of George M. and Bianca Barringer) Teeple. He is Deputy Sheriff of Albany County, 
N. V. Res. (1883) Preston Hollow, N. Y. No children. 
Wesley,' b. 4 Aug., .1821; married ^Margaret Gridley. Family 350. 
John- Milton,' h. 21 Feb., 1824; married Minerva ^Miller. Family 351. 

Hiram,' b. 14 j\lay, 1827; died in boyhood, at Rensselaerville, N. Y. ; and was 
there buried. 

Philip,' b. 7 May, 1829; married Sarah Esther Nelson. Family 352. 

FZliza W.', b. 23 Mch., 1831; married, in Preston Hollow, N. Y., 10 Apr., 1851, 
Isaac S. (son of Calvin and Emeline Stebbins) Beecher, of Rensselaerville, N. Y., 
who was born in that town, 10 Oct., 1827. His parents were also natives of 
Rensselaerville. He is a farmer. Res. (1883) at Owego, Tioga Co., N. Y. Children: 

2353. i. Edgar R.e, b. 25 Apr. 1852; married, in Owego, N. Y., 22 Oct. 1873, Elizabeth (dau. 

of Martin L. and Helen Harder) Wicks. He is a farmer. Res. (1883) Owego, N. Y. 
Child: (I) Fred. W.', b. 16 Aug. 1875. 

2354. ■'• Verna J.s, b. : Apr. 1857; d. 7 Sept. 1S65, a;. 8 years. 

2355. IX. Edgar R.', b. 29 Mch., 1833; married (i) in Broadalbin, Fulton Co., N. Y., 11 

Oct., 1855, Cordelia R. (dau. of James and Sarah) Kasson, who died 7 June, 
1862, at Broadalbin, N. Y. He married (2) in that town, 8 Feb., 1865, 
Helen (dau. of John and Olive) F'orbes. He is a salesman. Res. (1883) at 
Geneva, 111. No children. 

2356. X. Mary,' b. 9 Nov., 1836; married, in Livingstonville, N. Y., 28 Oct., 1861, D. 

Heber (son of John and Clarissa Hulbert) Norwood, b. 27 July, 1832, in 
Broome, Schoharie Co., N. Y. He is a farmer. They res. (1883) on her father's 
homestead at Preston Hollow, Albany Co., N. Y. Children (born in Rensselaer- 
ville, N. v., excepting the eldest): 

2357- i- Lura,8 b. 29 Nov. 1862, Livingstonville, N. Y.: married, in Rensselaerville, N. Y., 23 

Dec. 1880, William A. (son of L. and .Vlaline Wheeler) Van Akin, b. 3 Sept. 1S61. 
He is a farmer. 

2358. ii. I.yff'-i C.8, b. 23 Jan. :865; died in Rensselaerville, N. Y., 8 Sept. 1867, a;. 2 years. 





■X C.8, b. 23 J 

,n. 1865; 


n Rensselaer 


i,s b. 22 Feb. 



a," b. 15 Dec 

1868; d 

ed in 





,'' b. IS Aug. 
" b. 20 June, 




.. S July, 


Aug. 1S70, X. 1 year, and 














FAMILY 152. 

2364. RuSSelP Humphrey, ['038] (Abner,^ niomas,^ Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,' 
Michael,^) was born about 1795, in Bainbridge, Chenango Co., N. Y. He married (i) in that 
town, in 1S16, Harriet" (dau. of Capt. David and Elizabeth 5 Humphrey) Cook, b. 9 Dec, 1798; 
died in 1832.* [Fam. 13 (300), S.^] He married (2) Betsey Wheaton, of Bainbridge, N. Y., 
who had been in the family of Thomas Humphrey for several years. Mr. Russell Humphrey re- 
sided in Bainbridge, N. Y., until about 1839, and then removed to Chatham, Tioga Co., Pa. 
Returning to his old home in Bainbridge on a visit, he received an injury which resulted in his 
death. Mrs. Humphrey res. (1884) Ithaca, N. Y. 

Children : 
2365. I. Abker D.7, b. 12 July, 1817; res. (1S84) Plainfield, Waushara Co., Wis., where he 

settled about 1855. 
Elizabeth G.', b. 19 July, 1S19. 

Mariette,' born in 1821; married Nickerson. P. O. address (1884) Mans- 
field, Tioga Co., Pa. 

IV.. Edward A.', married . Family 358. 

Ira M.', went to Michigan; returned to Flemingsville, N. Y. , where he died. 
George C.^ 
Cynthia. ' 
flly 2d marriage): 

2372. VIII. Robert M.' 

2373. IX. Charlotte,' res. (1884) Ithaca, Tompkins Co., N. Y. 

FAMILY 153. 

2374. Archibald*^ Humphrey, [1045] (Ru/us,^ Thomas,* Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. 
Samuel,- Michael,') was born 8 July, 1792, in Rutland, Vt. He married, in Ogden, Monroe 
Co., N. Y., Rhoda Story, born 29 August, 1791, in Goshen, N. H. ; died at the house of her 
son-in-law, Mr. J. P. Thompson, in Lima, Livingston Co., N. Y., 5 October, 1874, x. 83 years. 
Mr. Humphrey died in the same town, 9 July, 1856, ae. 64 years. 
Children (horn in Ogden, N. Y.): 

2375. I. Adaline Amanda,? b. 27 May, 1820; married, in West Bloomfield, Ontario Co., N. Y., 

29 Oct., 1846, Jasper P. (son of Otis and Betsey) Thompson, b. 14 Oct., 1817, 
West Bloomfield, N. Y. He was a farmer until 1872, since which time he has 
been a flour merchant. Res. (1884) Lima, N. Y. Children (born in West Bloom- 
field, N. Y.): 

2376. i. Louisa Adaline,* b. 12 Aut;. 1S47; died in West Bloomfield, N. Y., 27 Oct. 1847, x. 2 


2377. ii. Ilosmer Humphrey,'* b. 5 June, 1850; married at the residence of her parents in Cohocton, 

Steuben Co., N. Y., 27 Feb. 1875, Maud Nicholson. Lawyer. Res. {1884) Lima, N. Y. 
Child: (I) Carroll A.», b. 5 Apr. 1877, Cohocton, X. Y. 
iii. Frank Jasper,* b. 6 Nov. 1853. Professor of music; res. (1884) Lima, N. Y. 
iv. Lizzie Adaline,* b. 27 May, 1856; res. (1884) Lima, N. Y. 
Edwin,7 b. 19 Sept., 1823; married Sarah Decker. Family 354. 
William,' b. 26 Oct.. 1S25; married Jane Plimpton. Fa.mily 355. 
Albert,' b. 3 May, 1830; married Margaret A. Quick. Family 35G. 









FAMILY 154. 

2383- Harry' Humphrey, [10461 1 Ru/us,'^ Thomas,* Ensign Samuel,' Lieut. Samuel,' 

Michael.') married . He died when under tliirty years of a<(e. 


2384. I. RoxY/ married Vinton Peck. After her death he married again; res. (1884) in 

Bloomfield, N. Y. Children.- 

2385. i. Curtis,'* born about 1851; married . Res. West Bloomfield, N. Y. 

2386. ii. Liwis" born about 1853; res. West Bloomfield, N. Y. 

2387. ill. Nellie,* died x. about 22 years. 

FAMILY 155. 

2388- James ViaP Humphrey, [1053] (Hon. Thomas,^ Thomas,'* Ensign Samuel,^ 
Lieut. Samuel,- Michael.' J was born 7 June, 1799,* in Bainbridge, Chenango Co., N. Y. He 
married, in Coventry, in the same countj-, 28 Jan., 1824, Harriet (dau. of Williaqi and Lucy 
Pollard) Olin, b. 15 Oct., 1804, in South Bainbridge (now Afton), N. Y. Her parents resided 
in Coventry, and afterward in Greene, N. Y. He engaged in farming in Bainbridge, N. Y., until 
1857, at which time his children had reached mature years and left home. He then sold his 
homestead, and went with his wife to live w'ith their eldest son, who had bought a farm near 
Osceola, Tioga Co., Pa. Mrs. Humphrey died at Woodhull, Steuben Co., N. Y., 18 February, 
1875, Be. 70 years. Mr. Humphrey continued to reside with his son, Hon. William T. Humphrey, 
until his death, which occurred 17 Jan., 1883, at the age of 83 years. 

Children (born in Bainbridge, N. F. ): 
2389. I. William Thomas,? b. 22 Dec, 1824: m. (i) Mary Pettis Kelsey; m. (2) Mary 

Barker. Family 357. 

1826: married Olive Eliza Church. Family 358. 

Feb., 1829; married Eunice .\melia (Corbin) Kirby. 

ir., 1831: d. 21 Dec, 1863, cr. 32; was unmarried. 

ne, 1S33: married (i) in 1849, Edwin Benton. No 
) 26 Dec, 1858, Levi Pierce Heath, of Delmar, Tioga 
Co., Pa., who wa.s born 22 ^Ich., 1822, in Cayuga Co., N. \'. ; and died about 
1874. She res. (1884) Delmar, Pa. P. O. address, Wellsborough, Tioga Co., 
Pa. Children (by 2d marriage): 

2394. i. Georgia Anna" (Hcatb), b. 26 Mch. 1S60, Woodhull, N. V.: married, at Wellsborough, 

Pa., 18 July, 1880, William (Oliver Avery, of Bradford Co., Pa. Res. (1884) 
Delmar, Pa. 

2395. ii. Thomas Jefferson* (Heath), b. 19 June, 1862, Delmar, Pa.; married at Wellsborough, Pa., 

19 June, 1881, Clara Jane Lloyd. Res. (1884) Delmar, Pa. Child: (i) Bertha Lorctta' 
(Heath), b. 3 Mch. 1883. Delmar, Pa. 

2396. iii. I->.ink Pierces (Heath), b. 30 Jan. 1869: res. (1SS4), Pa. 

2397- VI. GEORiiK Franki.ix,' b. 18 Aug., 1835; married Anna Parsons. Family 3()0. 

• 6 June, ace. to . iiu record. 



James MAnisoN,' b. 7 Oct., 



Charlks Jackso.n',' b. 13 
Family 8.")'J. 



He.vry Derringer,' b. 3 A 



II.iRRIET .\mELIA," b. 2 J 

children. She married ( 

FAMILY 156. 

2398- Peleg Richmond'^ Humphrey, [1054] (Hun. Thomas,-^ Thomas,^ Etisign 
Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael/ j was born 23 Apr., 1801,* in Bainbridge, Chenango Co., N. Y. 
He removed to Locke, Cayuga Co., N. Y., probably about 1844, and there married, 25 Dec, 
1845, Sally Ann (Wescott) Bennett, dau. of Stephen and Betsey (Peck) Wescott, of Locke, N. Y., 
and widow of Eli Bennett.! She was born 18 Sept., 1816, in Westchester Co., N. Y. ; and died 
in Locke, N. Y., 11 Dec, 1851, ae. 35 jears. Mr. Humphrey was a carpenter; — belonged to 
the order of Free Masons. He died in Locke, N. Y., 24 Mch., 1855, ge. 54 years. 

Child (born in Locke, N. V. ): 
2399. I. William Richmond,' b. 19 Dec, 1847; married Alice Cornelia Jackson. Family 3G1. 

FA:\nLY 157. 

2400. Mason Cook" Humphrey, [1059] (Hon. nomas,'- Thomas,^ Ensign Samuel,^ 
Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael,') was born 5 March, 1807. He married (i) 27 June, 1831, Abigail 
(dau. of Jeremiah and Abigail Bennett) Thurber, of Masonville, Delaware Co., N. Y. Her mother 
formerly resided in Bennettsville, Chenango Co., N. Y. He married (2) 16 Dec, 1846, Sally 
Melondy, of Sanford, Broome Co., N. Y., who is deceased. They resided in Afton, Chenango Co., 
N. Y. Mr. Humphrey died 26 Nov., 1876, a'. 69 years. 

Children (born In Bainbridge, N. Y. ; by 1st marriage) : 

2401. L Franklin Butler,' b. 6 May, 1834; died in Bainbridge, N. Y., 3 Sept., 1835, ;r. 

I year, and 4 months. 

2402. n. Leroy Wallenstein,' b. 12 Apr., 1836; died in Bainbridge, N. Y., 19 July, 1840, 

se. 4 years, and 3 months. 

2403. III. Celia Elizabeth,' b. 25 Dec, 1838: married, at Binghamton, N. Y., 15 Aug., i860, 

Hon. Alfred William (son of William and Patty Rogers) Newman, b. 5 Apr., 
1834, in Durham, Greene Co., N. Y. He graduated at Hamilton College, Clinton, 
N. Y., in 1857; was admitted to the bar, at Albany, N. Y., in December, 1857; 
removed to Trempealeau, Wis., in 1858; was County Judge of Trempealeau 
County, Wisconsin, from i860 to 1867; member of the Assembly in 1863; mem- 
ber of the State Senate in 1868 and 1869; District Attorney from 1867 to 1S76, 
(excepting two years, 1871 and 1872); was elected Circuit Judge of the Sixth 
Wisconsin Circuit in 1876, and re-elected in 1882. Res. (1884) Trempealeau, 
Trempealeau Co., Wis. Children {born In Trempealeau, Wis.): 

2404. i. Mary Johnson,^ b. 3 Apr. 1862. 

2405- ii. AIfred,8 b. 19 Jan. 1868; d. 11 Feb. 1868, x. 3 weeks. 

2406- iii. Fred.s, b. 6 Apr. 1S69: d. 2 Sept. 1870, ae. I year, and 5 months. 

2407- iv. Gal)e,» li. 14 July, 1871; d. 21 .\iig. 1873, a;. 2 years, and i month. 

2408. V. Mark Humphrey," li. 6 Feb. 1878. 
(By 2d marriage): 

2409. IV. Cook,7 b. 21 Aug., 1849; married Miles Parsons. Res. (1883) Aft,.n, X. V. 

* 1806, ace. to one record. 

t Eli Bennett married, 14 June, 1837, Sally Ann Wescott, .ind died 19 Oct. .838, ChiU: (i) Uetsey Lois, b. 5 Nov. 183S; d. lo 
Juno, 1873; m. 17 Feb. 1869, Daniel Mcintosh. 

FAMILY 158. 

2410. Thomas SamueT Humphrey, [1060] (Hon. Thomas,^ Thomas,^ Ensign Samuel,^ 
Lieut. Hamuel,- Michael/ J was born 20 Oct., 181 1. He married Mar)- A. Newell. They resided 
on his father's homestead in Bainbridge, N. Y. He died 27 Jan., 1882, a;. 70 years. 

2411. I. Devereau.x,? died se. 13 years. 

FAMILY 159. 

2412. Samuel Pratt*" Humphrey, [1062] (Esg. fames Hopkins,^ Thomas,^ Ensign 
Saniue/,^ Lieut. Samuel,' Michael,^) was born 13 Oct., 1809, in Bainbridge, X. Y. He married 
(i) Eliza (dau. of Samuel) Corbin, b. 15 Oct., 1808; d. 2 Jan., 1845, a-. 36 years. He married 
(2) 12 Mch., 1848, Laura (Graves) Turner, widow of Robert Turner, of Tompkins, Delaware 
Co., N. Y. She died 30 Sept., 1877. Mr. Humphrey settled in Bainbridge, N. Y. ; and there 
died, 2 Sept., 18S3, a;. 74 years. 

Children (by 1st marriage): 

2413. I. Allen S.uiuel,' b. 13 Aug., 1833; married, 10 Nov., 1881, Hannah (Priest) Newell, 

of Masonville, Delaware Co., N. Y. P. O. address (1883) Bainbridge, Chenango 
County, N. Y. 

2414. II. Sus.\N,' b. 16 Sept., 1835; married, 15 Aug., 1865, Enos C. Medbury, of Bain- 

bridge, N. Y. , where they resided in 1883. 

2415. III. Sabrin.\ E.7, b. 3 June, 1838; married Warwick Rhoades, of New IMadrid, Mo.; 

and resided in Texas. P. O. address (1883) Bainbridge, N. Y. Child- 

2416. i. Imlac,8 b. 16 Aug. 1868. 

2417. IV. Sarah R.?, b. 25 May, 1841; d. 19 Aug., 1848, ». 7 years. 
(By 2d marriage): 

2418. V. Elton R.', b. 14 May, 1850; d. October, 1S51, ce. i year. 

FAMILY 160. 

2419. General RuSSell NA/ilson'" Humphrey, [1066] (Esg. fames Hopkins,^ Thomas,* 
Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,' Jl/ichael,'J was born 8 Feb., 1813, in Bainbridge, Chenango 
Co., N. Y. He married Adeline Electa (dau. of Daniel and Laura Clark) Castle, of New Milford, 
Ct., b. 9 June, 1824, Unadilla, Otsego Co., N. Y. ; d. 23 Oct., 1849, Sanford, Broome Co., N. Y., 
se. 25 years. He is engaged in agricultural pursuits; has served in the army as lieutenant, captain, 
brigade inspector, colonel, and brigadier-general. P. O. address (1S84) Bainbridge, N. Y. 

2420. L Laura A.?, b. 24 Apr., 1844. Bainbridge, N. Y. ; married, in Sanford, N. Y., 16 

Mch., 1863, Hiram Corbin (son of William Lamed and Lydia- Bicknell Corbin^ 
Partridge, of Afton, N. Y., b. 5 June, 1842, Bainbridge, N. Y. Farmer. P. O. 
address (1883) Afton. N. Y. Children: 

2421. 1. Aaclinc,'" b. II Dec, 1S66, lUinbridgc, N. Y. 

2422. ii. Howard Russell," b. 20 July, 1870. 


FAMILY 161. 

2423- Perry Hopkins^ Humphrey, [1069J (Esq. fames Hopkins,^ Tfwmas,* Ensign 
Siimuel,' Lieut. Siimue/,- Michael,\) was born 5 Sept., 1820, in Bainbridgu, N. V. He married, 
y Jan., 1850, Julia (dau. of Oliver D. ) Latimer, of Montville, Ct., b. 10 Oct., 1830. They 
settled in Bainbridge, N. V., where they were residing in 1883.* 

2424. L J.\MES Howard, 7 b. 28 Dec, 1850; married Ann Elizabeth Head. Family 3G2. 

Mary Jane,? b. 17 Jan., 1852; — unmarried. P. O. address (1883) Bcnncttsville, N. Y. 
Frances Ellen, 7 b. 15 Nov., 1854; married, 5 May, 1S75, Walter Simeon Partridge. 
P. O. address (1883) Afton, N. Y. Children: 
i. Julia Maria,* b. 20 Aug. 1876. 
ii. William,* b. 5 Sept. 1877. 
iii. Florence Amelia,*' b. 9 June, 1879. 
iv. Gertrude,* b. 29 June, 1882. 
Florence Amelia, ' b. 22 Aug., 1856; — unmarried. P. O. address (1883) Bain- 
bridge, N. Y 
William Herbert,' b. 11 Jan., 1859; married, 14 Nov., 1882, Ellen A. Newell. 
P. O. address (1883) Bainbridge, N. Y. 

Perry Oliver,? b. 8 Nov., 1861; P. O. address (1883) Bainbridge, N. Y. 
Augusta Dewey,? b. 7 Nov., 1863; — unmarried. P. O. address (1883) Bain- 
bridge, N. Y. 
2435. VHL Arthur Burnham,? b. 23 Feb., 1866. 

















FAMILY 162. 

2436. Selah H." Humphrey, ['078] (Nathaniel,^ Thomas,^ Fnsign Samuel.^ Lieut. 
Samuel," Michael,') was born 30 Sept., 1814, in Chenango County, N. Y. He learned the trade 
of a carriage manufacturer, and removed, about 1835, from the State of New York to Jonesville, 

Hillsdale Co., Mich., where he engaged in that business. He soon after married . In ten 

or fifteen years he sold out and commenced painting, which occupation he followed until his 
death, which occurred in Jonesville, Mich., in the spring of 1870, at the age of 55 years. His 
widow died about one year later. 

2437. I. Charles A.?, married . He is a druggist. Res. (1883) Lewisville, Indiana. 


2438- Charles Milton* Humphrey, [1079] (Nathaniel,-^ Thomas,* Ensign Samue/,3 
Lieut. Samuel,"^ Michael,' J was born 14 June, 18 16, in Coventry, Chenango Co., N. Y. He 
married (i) in Sidney, Delaware Co., N. Y., 28 Dec, 1838, Emeline Salvina (dau. of Josiah) 
Chase, of Sanford, Broome Co., N. Y., b. 23 June, 1816, Maryland, Otsego Co., N. Y. ; d. 18 
May, 1866, Bcnnettsville, Chenango Co., N. Y. She was a sister of tlic second wife of Nathaniels 
Humphrey, her father-in-law. [Fam. 56, S.'] He married (2) in Bcnnettsville, N. Y., 10 Feb., 
1867, ^lary Jane Gardiner, b. 23 Feb., 1847. 


Mr. Humphrey learned the carriage-maker's trade, and carried on the business at Bennetts- 
ville, N. ^■. , until the spring of 1869, when he sold out and removed to Michigan. The climate 
not agreeing with him, he returned to the State of New York in the fall of the same year, and 
settled at Afton, Chenango County, where he continued to reside until his death, which occurred 
in that town, 29 June, 1877, at the age of 61 years. Mrs. Humphrey's P. O. address was (1883) 
Windsor, Broome Co., N. Y. 
Children (by ist marriage): 

2439. I- C.\ssius Selah,7 b. 5 Jan., 1845, Bennettsville, N. Y. ; died there, i Sept., 1849, 

8B. 4 years, and 8 months. 

2440. H. Charles Edwin,^ b. 11 Dec, 1850, Bennettsville, N. Y. ; in 1867, attended the 

Commercial College at Bingham ton, N. Y. In the spring of 1870, he joined the 
Greeley Colony and went to Greeley, Colorado; but sold out shortly after and 
entered Afton (N. Y.) Academy, where he continued his studies until the spring 
of 1872. He then went upon a farm, which he had previously purchased at 
Solomon, Kansas, with the expectation of working it. After a day's trial he 
abandoned the attempt, as he found it was almost impossible for him to raise 
his foot after putting it down on the ground. He had bought what is called 
"gumbo" land; it had rained the day before his arrival, and such soil cannot be 
worked after a rain. 

After occupying several positions of trust in public institutions at Kalamazoo, 
and at Jackson, Michigan, from 1872 to 1879, he bought out the drug store 
which he now owns (1883) at Jackson, Mich. He is unmarried. 

2441. HI. DuANF. Weldon,' b. 24 Apr., 1854; married . Family 363. 

I By 2d ynarriage) : 

2442. IV. Maud Cecil,' b. 22 Aug., 1873, Bennettsville, N. Y. P. O. address (1883) Windsor, 

Broome Co., N. Y. 

FAMILY 164. 

2443- Alfred DightOn* Humphrey, [1084] (Nathaniel^ r/wmas,* Ensign Samuclr- 
Lieu/. Samuel,- Michael,^ ) was born 21 Sept., 1824, in Chenango County, N. Y. He married 

. In 1883, he resided in Binghamton, N. Y. 

Children (besides those who are deceased): 

2444. I. EmiMa,' married . Res. (1883) in Binghamton, N. Y. 

2445. II. Martha," res. (18S3) in Binghamton. X. Y. 

1 AMILY 165. 

2446. Oren Henry' Humphrey, ['0S5I (Xathaniel.^ Thomasy Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. 

Samuel,- Michael,') was born lo N\)v., 1S35, in Chenango County, N. Y. He married . 

P. O. address (1883) Binghamton, N. Y. 

2447. I. Maky," married . Res. (1883) in Bennettsville, N. Y. 

I'A^HLY 166. 

2448. Hun. Obed Marshall' Humphrey, [1090J ( Eliakim Marshall.^ Noahy Ensign 
Samuel,^' Lieut. Samuel,' Michael,' j was born 6 Dec, 1803, in (k)shen, Ct. He married there, 
29 Oct., 1833, I\Iary Ann (dau. of Septimus and Bridget Matilda Palmer) Pooler, a native of 
Stockbridge, Mass., b. 2 Apr., 181 2. They settled in Goshen, Ct. He was well-known as a 

farmer and stock-dealer; represented his town in the Connecticut Legislature, in 1843,44 and '65. 
lie died in Goshen, Ct., 6 June, 1S78, a-. 74 years. Mrs. Humphrey died in that town, 2 Jan., 
1878, K. 65 years. 

Children (horn in Goshen, Ct.): 

2449. I. James Marshall, 7 b. 15 Oct., 1834; married Emily Zeruiah Pendleton. Family 3G4. 

2450. II. George William,' b. 11 Feb., 1836; married Mary Caroline^ Hall. Family 3G5. 

2451. III. Harriet Eliza," b. 29 Nov., 1839; married (i) in Goshen, Ct., 12 Oct., 1859, 

Frederick Baldwin Griswold. She married (2) in Torrington, Ct., 7 May, 1867, 
Jesse B. Rose. No children by the second marriage. Mr. Rose was formerly 
engaged in the woolen business at Torrington, Ct., but after accumulating quitTe 
a fortune retired on account of poor health. He is an influential citizen, having 
represented the town and state in various offices. P. O. address (1884) Torring- 
ton, Ct. Child (by ist marriage): 

2452. i. Frederick Humphrey' (Griswold), b. 4 May, 1861 ;— unmarried. P. O. address (1884) 

Torrington, Ct. 

2453. IV. ;Marian Maria,' b. 11 June, 1851; died in Goshen, Ct., 31 Mch., 1S74, te. 22 

years. She resided, in Goshen, Ct. : was unmarried. 

FAMILY 167. 

2454. Deacon JuliuS' Humphrey, [^092] (Hon. Noah,i Noah,^ Ensign Samuel.^ Lieut. 
Samuel,'^ Michael,^) was born i Apr., 1799, in Goshen, Ct. He married, in the spring of 18 19, 
Rhoda (dau. of Luman) Oviatt, of Goshen; and removed from that town, about 1820, to Rich- 
field, Summit Co., Ohio, where he continued to reside until his death. He was a fruit-grower 
and farmer; — belonged to the whig party. He was a deacon in the Congregational church at 
Richfield, and a useful and influential citizen. His character was distinguished for Christian 
benevolence and enterprise. In 1863 or '64, he went to Kentucky to assist in the care of the sick 
and disabled soldiers, and there contracted a disease of which he died, in the hospital at Louis- 
ville,* after a short illness. Mrs. Humphrey survived her husband, and died in Richfield, O. 

Julius,' born in 821; died in 1822, tr. i year. 

California, where he uwncd a 



Julius,' born in 821; died in 

822, tr 

I year. 



Harriet,'' marrieil I-^ijah Poor. 
vineyard. Children : 

i. Julius,8 is deceased. 




ii. Julian.8 

2459. iii. Lucy Ann.s 

2460. iv. Martha*', is deceased. 

246;,. III. Martha,' is deceased. She married Orlando Carter. Cliildrt 

246:, i. Eunice.^ 

246:. ii. Kilcn.-' 

2464. IV. Phebe,7 married John Carter. Children: 

2465. i. Minerva.^ 

2466. ii. FrankHn A." 

2467. V. Lucia," married L. Dnw Bennett. Child: 

2468. i. Ida.- 

2461}. VI. Maria." niarrictl George Sanborn. 

» He went to Nashville, Tenu., aiul there died, ace. lu Mrs. S. (I. lluinphrey, [Fam. 170, SI 


247°. VII. Julius Augustus,^ married Priscilla Sanborn. Res. (1S84) on the homestead, at 
Richfield, Ohio. 

2471. \'III. Alosia,' is deceased. She married Nathan Butler, 

2472. IX. ^I,\RY,7 is deceased. She married Richard Sheppard.* 

2473. ^- Clakixda,' married Morse; res. Nortiitield, Ct. 

FAMILY 1(58. 

2474. Deacon S'llaS* Humphrey, [1093] {Hon. Xoah,'^ A'uah,* Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. 
Sainuclr Michael,^) was born 27 July, 1800, in Goshen, Ct. He married, 26 Dec, 1S21, Mary 
C. (dau. of Joseph) Bailey, of East Street, Goshen, Ct. She was a sister of Asahel Bailey who 
married Mary" Humphrey, [Fam. 59 (iioo), S.^] They both became members of the Congre- 
gational church in Goshen, 5 Sept., 18 19, two years before their marriage, and transferred their 
church connection to North Goshen, 24 Sept., 1828. Mr. Humphrey was one of the prime 
movers in the organization of this church, and was one of its deacons till he removed to Wolcott- 
ville, Ct, about 1835. In 1836, they were both members of the church in the town last named; 
and he was chosen a deacon, March loth of tliat year.| He was a merchant active in business 
affairs, and an educated, accomplished gentleman of the true Humphrey stamp. In the fall of 
1836, he removed to Richfield, Summit Co., Ohio, where he remained till his death, which 
occurred 10 July, 1838. J His widow married Beach, of Greene Co., N. Y., where they re- 
sided. She died about 1874. 

Children (born in Goshen. Ct.): 

2475. I- Catharine,' b. 17 Feb., 1823; died in Indiana, 19 Jan., 1S53, a». 30 years. She 

married Ezra Osbom ; removed to Indiana. He married again and removed to 
Michigan. Children: 

2476. i. Silas Alkanza,* b. 22 FVb. 1844; tlietl in Michigan. 

2477. ii. Romanzo," b. 3 .Sept. 1845; married . 

2478. ui. Mary," b. 9 Mch. 1848; married . 

2479. II- Silas, 7 b. 17 Feb., 1827; married Mary Jane Hannum. Family 366. 

FAMILY 169. 

2480. Judge Noah Marcus* Humphrey, [noS] (Hon. Noah,^ Noah,* Ensign Samuel,^ 
Lieut. Samuel,'' Michael,'') was born 18 June, 18 10, in Goshen, Ct. He married (i) Velina (dau. 
of Dea. Julius and Martha Lyman) Hannum, of Northampton, Mass., b. 28 Nov., 181 1. He 
removed from Connecticut to Ohio, in 1833; studied law, was admitted to the bar, and continued 
in practice until 1842, when, his health failing, he engaged in agricultural pursuits. Mrs. Hum- 
phrey died in September, 1855, a?. 44 years. He married (2) in 1859, Elizabeth C. (Allen) Young, 
dau. of David Allen, Esq., of Akron, O. At the time of her marriage she was a widow with 
one child, Frank Young, who, in 1884, was Assistant Postmaster at Taylor's Falls, Chisago Co., Minn. 

Judge Humphrey is a public-spirited citizen, and has filled various positions of trust and 
honor; has been Justice of the Peace in Ohio and Minnesota for a period of more than forty 
years, having been first appointed to that office when he was only twenty-three years of age; has been Town Clerk, Trustee, Assessor, County Court Commissioner, etc. He represented 
Summit County in the Ohio Legislature, in 1S52 and 1853; and the six years succeeding was 
Probate Judge of the same county. He has been, for the past eight years (1884), Probate Judge 

♦ Dickson Shepherd, ace. to one record. 

t Htst. 0/ Torrin^tOH, Ct. t Octuber, 1838, ate lo one record. 


of Chisago County, Minnesota, which position he still holds. He is the Postmaster at Taylor's 
Falls, Minnesota. 

Children {by 1st marriage): 

2481. I. Laura ^Maria,' b. 31 Jan., 1S42, Richfield, Summit Co., O. ; m. 12 Nov., 1865, 

David Alonzo (son of David and Maria Stearns) Caneday, of Readsborough, 
Bennington Co., Vt., born there, 18 June, 1832. He is a printer by trade; was 
also for many years pine and mineral land explorer. He was for two years, dur- 
ing the first part of the late war, editor of the St. Croix Monitor, a newspaper 
published at Taylor's Falls, Minn. He enlisted in the 7th Minn. Reg., in 1863, 
and served in the army the last two years of the war for the Union; was taken 
prisoner at the battle of Tupelo, Miss. ; subsequently escaped, and participated 
in the siege of Mobile. He was promoted and, at the end of the war, honor- 
ably discharged. 

He was an assistant on the Wisconsin Geological Survey, during the years 
1876 and 1877; is at present (1884) editing the Dalles of St. Croix, at St. Croix 
Falls, Wis. Res. at Taylor's Falls, Minn. Children: 

2482. i. Velina Maria," b. 20 June, 1867, Taylor's Falls, Minn. 
24S3. ii. Victor David,8 b. 30 Nov. 1871, Osceola Mills, Wis. 

2484. iii. Verner Humphrey,* b. 3 Mch. 1873, Osceola Mills, Wis. 

2485. H. Marcus Furious Camillus,' b. 23 May, 1843; married Helena Baum. Family 3C7. 

FxVISHLY 170. 

2486. Deacon Stephen O." Humphrey, [1109] f^""- ^'oah,-' .Voah,^ Ensign Samuel,' 
Lieut. Samuel,'' Michael,^) was born Z2 Sept., 1811, in Goshen, Ct. He married, 21 !Mch. , 1833, 
Phebe Sophia Robbins, a school-teacher, of Norfolk, Ct., b. 26 Aug., 1S13. She was a grand- 
daughter of Rev. Ammi R. Robbins, of Revolutionary memory, who was the pastor of the 
church in Norfolk, Ct., for sixty years. They removed, in 1837, from Goshen, Ct., to Hinckley, 
Medina Co., Ohio, near two of his brothers, Dea. Julius^ and Dea. Silas" Humphrey, who 
were then residents of Summit County, and there lived for six years. In 1843, they removed, 
with some of their neighbors, to a place near Rockford, Winnebago Co., 111., and thence, after a 
few years, to Beloit, Rock Co., Wisconsin. In this new countiy, surrounded by a thriving New 
England element, I\Ir. Humphrey found an ample field for usefulness, and in promoting the re- 
ligious and educational interests of the neighborhood he was ever earnest and laborious, often 
sacrificing his own time, strength and pecuniary means. His peculiarly pleasant deportment, and 
a certain winning manner of address, gave him great influence, even with those of less breadth 
of views and of more selfish dispositions. Yet he was always consistent, persistent and firm in 
the line of what he deemed to be duty. It is related of him that, while residing near Rockford, 
the lack of a school-house and educational facilities for the children of the numerous families 
setded on the prairies thereabout induced him to open a room in his own house as a school-room. 
He constructed the benches and writing-desks, and made due provision for all whom he thought 
would require to be accommodated; but he had under-estimated the need, and his room and 
house were soon filled with scholars in such numbers as to prove quite inconvenient to himself 
and family. His residence also became the meeting-house of the settlement, in which ministers 
of every denomination officiated, as opportunity offered. Dea. Humphrey's musical abilities added 
largely to the interest of these meetings, and he was generally looked up to as the leader on all 
such occasions, and in all social and public movements, the community showing, both by words 
and deeds, that he possessed their respect and confidence. During seasons of sickness, he was in 
universal requisition, since a natural gift fur nursing the sick, and a knowledge of the action of 


medicines upon the human system (a subject upon which he had been at considerable pains to 
inform himself by observation and study), peculiarly qualified him for such services. In this new 
countrw where physicians were scarce, he was frequently called away from his family and business 
to minister, for weeks at a time, by the beds of the sick and dying. 

In public matters he was also the recipient of repeated tokens of the confidence of his 
fellow-citizens: was frequently Justice of the Peace; Administrator of Estates; three times Treasurer 
of the town of Beloit; and three times Treasurer of the city, after its incorporation, resigning at 
length on account of declining health. Upon his removal to Beloit, he united with the Presby- 
terian church, and was chosen one of its elders, and subsequently, as the town increased, found 
it convenient and in the line of usefulness to join the Congregational church. The following 
notice written by his pastor, and which appeared in the local paper after his death, which occurred 
in 1S63. will best characterize this faithful, earnest man: 

"!Mr. Humphrey had his monument, self-erected in the hearts of those who shared his 
kind offices. For thirteen years, he was known by us only to be loved for his devotion to the happi- 
ness of those about him. In all the walks of life, his cheerful temper and hopeful spirit drew toward 
him those who needed sympathy in the hour of affliction, and in the chamber of sickness and 
death his Christian kindness and fidelity were especially manifest. At the age of sixteen, he 
publicly professed his faith in Christ, and united with the church in Goshen, Ct. It is the testi- 
mony of those who knew him best, that, from that time onward, his religion was the religion of 
principle, made practical in the details of every-day life. His funeral was attended by a large 
concourse of people, at the Second Congregational Church, of which he was a member." 

The widow of Dea. Humphrey continued to reside in Beloit, Wis. She survived her 
husband only a few }-ears. 

2457. I. Noah .'^.', b. 7 June, 1834; married . F.miily 368. 

2458. II. Phebe Soi'hia,' b. 3 Jan., 1838; married, 12 Sept., 1854, George A. Gilman, b. 

23 Oct., 1832, at Walden, Vt. He is a farmer, and owns an elegant residence, 
which is located four miles west of Beloit, Wis. At the age of eighteen years, 
he went across the plains to California, where he remained two years, and then 
went to Australia. He has been successful in business, and is a man of noble 
heart and influence. P. O. address (1884) Beloit, Wis. Children: 

2459. i. All)ert \V.\ b. 20 Nov. 1855. 

Jan. 1858, ;v. 6 months. 


ii. JauK-s S.N b. 22 July, 1857; 


iii. Stella A.», b. 21 Feb. 1859. 


iv. Dexter Wfi, b. 4 Apr. 1865. 


V. Georgie .S.N b. 12 Sept. 186 



IIiRAM W.7. b. 30 June, 1S44: d 



Ellkx M.-, b. 28 Mch., 1850; n 

ly, 1S45, cT. I year. 

. 31 Dec. 1867, Henry S. Barry. He is a 
prosperous farmer, and resides about three miles west of Beloit. P. O. address 
(1884) Beloit, Wis. Child: 
2496. i. Nellie Kva.s b. 9 Dec. 1868. 

FAMILY 171. 

2497- Joseph Smith '■ Humphrey, [m^] (Seth,^ Noah,'' Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. 
Samwlr Michael.' ) was born 12 .Sept., 1805, in Goshen, Ct. He married, 17 Oct., 1842, Elmira 
(dau. of Godfrey and Jerusha) Muchler, of Watertown. O. They resided (1883) in Watertown, O. 

Children (born in Walerlown. O. ) : 
2498. I. Laura Aurf.lia,' b. 20 Aug., 1843; res. (1883) Watertown, O. 


2499- I^- Elisha Orton,' b. 4 Apr., 1S45; married Elmira Jennings. F.\mily 369. 

2500. III. Edward ]Makshall,' b. 29 June, 1847; married Zilpha A. Skipion. Family 370. 

FAMILY 172. 

2501. Deacon JaiTieS WatSOtl" Humphrey, [ms] (Selh,-^ No^ih,-^ Ensign Samue/,' 
Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael,' J was born 14 Jan., 1808, in Olean, N. Y. In 1817, he removed with 
his parents, to Washington Count}-, Ohio; and afterward settled in Monroeville, Huron Co., Ohio, 
where he married (i) 20 Oct., 1835, Mehssa (dau. of John and Betsey) Brown, of Monroeville, 
who died in that town, of consumption, 6 Apr., 1851, leaving no children. He married (2) in 
Oberlin, O., 2 Dec, 1851, Mary Jane (Little) Brown, dau. of William and Deborah Little, and 
widow of Rev. RoUin Brown, of Oberlin, O., a Methodist minister. Her parents also resided in 
Oberlin. After his second marriage he removed to Amherst, Ohio, where he continued to reside 
until his death, which occurred 7 Oct., 1882, at the age of 74 years. 

Dea. Humphrey united with the Presbyterian church when he was about eighteen years 01 
age. He was an earnest student of the Bible, and seemed to have a wonderful insight into its 
truths; had a remarkable memory, and was a fine and ready conversationalist. He was an active 
worker in the church and Sabbath School. While residing in Monroeville, he was chosen a 
deacon, and continued to hold that office for nearly fifty years. 

Children (by 2d marriage): 
2502. I. Melissa Eliza, ? b. 6 Mch., 1853, Monroeville, O. ; — unmarried. Res. (1S83) Ober- 

lin, Ohio. 

LiLLiE Alice,'' b. 28 Apr., 1855, Russia, Lorain Co., O. 

Minnie Louisa,? b. 15 June, 1857, Russia, O. ; died there, 9 July, 1858, tr. i year. 

James W.\TsoN,7 b. 31 Aug., 1859, Russia, O. ; died there, 13 July, 1876, k. 17 years. 

FAMILY 173. 

2506. Elijah Cromwell'' Humphrey, [1119] (Seth:^ Xoah,* Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. 
Samuel,'' Michael,' ) was born 3 May, 1S22, in Watertown, Washington Co., Ohio. He married, 
in that town, 3 Sept., 1846, Sarah (dau. of John Hull and Matilda) Rigg. Res. (1882) in Lee, 
Athens Co., Ohio. 

2507. I. John Alonzo,? b. 6 July, 1847, Watertown, O. ; enlisted, in the spring of 1864, in 

the 36th Ohio Vol. Infantry; was wounded at the battle of Winchester, Va. , and 
left on the field; — nothing further was known by his friends concerning his fate. 

2508. II. Charles Wilber,' b. 3 June, 1849, Albany, Athens Co., O. ; d. 29 May, 1870, 

vc. 2 1 years. 

2509. III. WiLLiA.M Ernest,' b. 23 Oct.. 1S51, Albany, O. ; married Eletha Cheney. Family 371. 

2510. IV. Joseph Ellsworth, ? b. 6 Sept., 1861, Albany, O. 


2511. Hon. George Mortimer' Humphrey, [I'^sJ (Elijah,-^ Noah,* Ensign Samuel.^ 

Lieut. Samuel,- Michael.' ) was burn 6 Jan.. 1820, in Caledonia, Livingston Co., N. Y. In early 
life he resided in White Water, \\iscunsin, where he became a successful miller; from thence he 
went to New Berlin, Waukesha Co., Wis.; and there married (i) 15 Jan., 1846, Mary (dau. of 
George) McWhorter. While at New Berlin he, in the year 1S48, represented his district in the 







Legislature of Wisconsin, at Madison. They removed to Jonesville, Hillsdale Co., Mich., where 
Mrs. Humphrey died in 1856. He then went to Richland, Kalamazoo Co., Mich.; married (2) 
in Kalamazoo, Mich., i Nov., 1857, Susan Maria (dau. of John) Lyons. They settled in Illinois, 
where he engaged in agricultural pursuits. He died in Kankakee City, 111., 11 Nov., 1866, 
se. 46 years. Mrs. Humphrey's P. O. address is (1884) No. 151 Farewell St., East Saginaw, Mich. 

2512. I. Mary,' b. 16 Nov., 1846, New Berlin, Wis.; married, 25 Dec, 1871, Asa G. Warren. 

Childreri : 
2512.1 i. Minnie.8 | | 

2512.* ii. Myrtle.s J ^ 

2513. II. Osc.\R i\IoRTiMER,7 b. 25 July, 1848; married Melinda Thaddcus Sanford. F.amily 372. 

2514. III. WiLLi,\M Lane,7 b. 8 June, 1850, New Berlin, Wis.; d. 10 Jan., 1856, a-. 5 years. 

2515. IV. Lf.lia Ann, 7 b. 16 Jan., 1852, New Berlin, Wis.; d. 4 Mch., 1878, iv. 26 years; 

married, 25 Dec, 1871, Harry Mansfield. 

2516. V. Frances Eliza, ^ b. 4 Mch., 1854, Jonesville, Mich.; married, 18 Aug., 1873, George 

B. Owens. P. O. address (1884) No. 434 North Fourth St., JEast Saginaw, Mich. 

2Si6.a i. Myrtle May.' 

2516.* ii. Gcorge.8 

2516.^ iii. William.s 

(JHy 2d marriage ) : 

2517. VI. Clara Eugenia,' b. 28 Apr., 1859, Richland, Mich.; married, 6 Nov., 1880, Michael 

William Madigan. He is head .mechanic in the machine shop of Wickes 
Brothers. P. O. address (1884) No. 151 Farewell St., East Saginaw, Mich. Oiihh. 
2517.0 i. William Hasel,e b. 7 Mch. 1882. 

2518. VII, Jennie Almira,? b. 27 Sept., 1861, Pilot, Kankakee Co., Ill; married, 7 June, 

1882, John T. Hall, He is a dealer in agricultural implements. P. O. address 
(1884) Eaton Rapids, Mich. Child: 
25l8.<i i. Daughter ,« born in 1SS4. 

2519. VIII. William Stephen,? b. 7 Mch., 1864, Pilot, 111. 

FAMILY 175. 

2520. John William* Humphrey, [1126] (Elijah,^ Noak.* Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. 
Samuel,'-' Mic/iacl,'j was born 9 June, 1S24, in Caledonia, Livingston Co., N. Y. He marricil, 
6 Mch., 1849, Elvira Barlow, of Brockport, Monroe Co., N. Y. He died in Brockport, N. Y., 
12 Nov., 1850, IV. 26 years. 

2521. I. Jennie Elvik.v,? (posthumous), b. 2 Feb., 1851, Brockport, N. Y. 

FAMILY 176. 

2522- Franklin' Humphrey, ["zS) (/ra.^ Daniel,'* Emlgn Samuel.^ Lieut. Samuel." 
Michael,') was born 8 Feb., 1808, in Phelps, N. Y. He married, at Clyde, N. V., 12 Apr., 1832, 
Hannah (dau. of Andrew and Sarah McNcal) Slack, from Carlisle, Pa., born in that town, 9 July, 
181 2. He settled at Clyde, N. Y., where he was engaged in the foundry, and in the manu- 










facture of plows. Mr. Humphrey and his wife both united with the Presbyterian church, and 
they and their children have been known as persons of character and worth in the community. 
He died in Clyde, New York, 25 June, 1877, se. 69 years. Mrs. Humphrey res. (1884) in 
Clyde, New York. 

Children (born in Clyde, K. V.): 
2523. I. S.\R.\H Maria,' b. 24 Mch., 1834; married, at Clyde, N. Y., 24 June, 1875, Lavinas 

D. Marshall, of Port Clinton, O., where he died, 29 Nov., 1881. No children. 
Mrs. Marshall res. (1SS4) at Clyde, N. Y. 
Smith Ely,' b. 3 Aug., 1838; died in Clyde, N. Y., 6 Sept., 1838, ae. i month. 
Luther Ambrose,' b. 8 Apr., 1840; died in Clyde, N. Y., 5 July, 1840, a'. 3 months. 
.\delbert,' b. 16 Dec, 1842; married Minnie H. Stevens. Family 373. 
Charles,' b. 4 June, 1849; died in Clyde, N. Y., 4 Aug., 1866, k. 17 vears. 

FAMILY 177. 

2528. Ebenezer Field* Humphrey, ['129J (Ira,'' Daniel,* Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. 
Samuel,'^ Michael y ) was born 21 June, laio, in Phelps, N. Y. He married (i) at Canandaigua, 
N. Y., 18 Feb., 1837, Margaret Ann (dau. of Jonathan) Parkinson, who was born 7 Apr., 1809, 
at Junius, N. Y. ; and died at Homer, Mich., 27 Jan., 1854, a;. 45 years. He married (2) at 
Homer, Mich., in August, 1854, Sarah Ann Curtiss. 

Mr. Humphrey settled at Homer, Mich., where he was a cabinet-maker. He was an 
Elder in the Presbyterian church in that town, and, in the relations of business, church and 
society, enjoyed the confidence and esteem of his fellow-citizens. He died in Homer, Mich., 14 
Apr., 1855, a\ 45 years. .Several of his children became members of the family of his brother 
Mr. Leonard Humphrey, [Fam. 62 (1131), S.^] 

Child.-en (by 1st jiiarriage; born in Homer, Mich., excepting the eldest, who 7vas born in 
Clyde, N. v.): 

2529. I. Ira Luman,' b. 12 Mch., 1838; m. (i) Susan Savage; m. (2) ]\Iary Dinsmore 

Savage. Family 374. 

2530. II. Algernon Sidney,' b. 2 Dec, 1844; d. 8 Oct., 1874, ce. 30; married Marion Jones. 

Family 375. 


III. Byron Smith,' ) He married Addie S. Caveness. Family 376. 

>- b. 2: Nov., 1847. 

2532. IV. Myron Dougherty,'*^ He enlisted for one year, February 21st, 

1865, in the First Regiment of Illinois Light Artillery, Company G, Capt. R. 
Mollencatt; was honorably discharged July 22d, 1865, having faithfully served his 
country. He returned home with impaired health, induced by the hardships and 
privations of army life. He died at Concord, Mich., 7 Mch., 1868, tr. 20 years, 
and 3 months, much beloved and lamented; was unmarried. 

2533. V. Ida Cornelia,' b. 10 Mch., 1850; was educated at Monroe Female Seminary, and 

has been a very successful teacher. She is a member of the Presbyterian church. 
She resided in Parma, Mich., until 1873, when she went to Colorado with her 
brother Algernon S. Humphrey. Since his death she has resided at Baraboo, 
Wis., with her bmtlicr Ira L. Humphrey. 

FAMILY 178. 

2534. Pliny' Humphrey, ["30] (Ira,^ Daniel,^ Ensigji Samuel' Lieul. Samuel,'' 
Michael,') was born 24 Sept., 1812, at Clyde, N. Y. He married (i) at Springport, Mich., 26 
Feb., 1846, Harriet Newell (dau. of Bostwick and Olive West) Brown, of Aurelius, N. V., who 
was born in that town, 24 June, 1819. Her mother was formerly a resident of Junius, N. Y. 
They settled at Concord, Mich., where he engaged in farming. Mrs. Humphrey died there, 24 
June, i860, BE. 41 years. He married (2) in January, 1862, Sarah Merriman. He died at Con- 
cord, Mich., 7 Apr., 1862, ae. 49 years. He was a man of stable and upright character and, 
with his wife, was a member of the Presbyterian church. After his death his widow removed to 
Ashland. Ohio. His sons had a home with their uncle Leonard Humphrey, [Fam. 62 (1131), S.'] 

Children (by ist marriage; born m Concord. Mich. 1: 
2535. L Emily Augusta, ? b. 22 Jan., 1847; died in Cleveland, O., 3 Feb., 1880, a'. ^^ 

years. She married, at Lorain, Ohio, 12 Dec, 1866, Capt. William Faragher, 
who was born 31 Aug., 1844, at Kirk Andrews, Isle of ]\Ian. He is the captain 
of a boat on Lake Erie. His P. O. address is (1884) No. 81 Dare St., West 
Cleveland, O. Children: 

Bert riiny,» b. 8 Nov. 1S71, Salina, Kansas. 
Maudic Harriet, '^ b. 3 Dec. 1875, Lm'ain, Ohio. 

Frederick Newell,' ] is unmarried. He is (1884) associated with 

his brother Mr. L. W. Humphrey, in the 
b. 29 Oct., 1850; hardware business, at St. Louis, Mich. 

Fr.\nklin Bostwick,' | married Amelia Ann Bartleson. F.vmilv 377. 

Leonard West,' b. 18 Feb., 1853; married Sarah Jane Richards. Family 378. 

FAMILY 179. 

2541. Ira* Humphrey, [1139] ( Ira.'^ Daniel,^ Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael' ) 
was born 2 Feb., 1820, at Clyde, N. Y. He married, at Rives, Mich., 30 Sept., 1852, Ann 
IMaria (dau.. of Kendrick and Jane Brown) Leach, b. 18 Aug., 1825, at Aurelius, N. Y. Her 
mother was formerly a resident of Junius, N. Y. They res. (1884) upon their farm at Brook- 
field, Eaton Co., Mich., respected members of the community, and in fellowship with the 
Presbyterian church. 

Children (born in Concord, Mich.): 

2542. I. Alkori),'' b. 8 August, 1S53; died at Concord, Mich., 21 March. 1854. a;. 7 months. 

2543. II. Mary .\ntoinette,7 b. 17 Feb., 1855: married, in Brookfield, Mich., 24 May, 1873, 

Alonzo L. Moore, b. 7 Feb., 1S43, (Juincy, Branch Co., Mich. Farmer. Res. 
(1884) Quincy, Mich. Children (born in Quincy, Mich. j : 

2544. i. Ward," b. 3 Dec. 1874. 

2545. ii. Fay,» b. ii May, 1877. 

2546. iii. Ida May," b. 9 July, 1880. 
2546a. iv. Cracf." 

2547. III. Jank .\nn;AiL,' 1.. u) Oct., 1856; married, in Brookfield, Mich,, 25 Dec, 1882, 

William Talbot. P. O, address (I S84) Brookfield, :\Iich. [See Additions.] Clnld: 

2548. i. kalpli," li. 23 (kt. 1883, Urookfield, Mich. 

2549. lY. Uakkiit X.?, 1). 21 Oct., 1858; married, at her father's residence in Brookfield, 

Mich., 30 Sc-pL, 1882, -on the thirtieth anniversary of her parcnLs' wedding,— 










William E. (only child ..f William* and Lavina) McCarty, b. 6 Apr., 1858, 
Lebanon, 111. Farmer. P. O. address (1SS4) Urooktield, Mich. 
860; P. U. address (1SS4) Albiun, Mich. 

P. O. address (1SS4) Springpurt, Mich. 




b. 20 May, 




b. 19 Sept., 


She was married, at the same time with her sister 
Harriet, 30 Sept., 1882, tu Alvah E. (son of Nathan and Orvilla) Paine, b. 28 
Sept., 1861, Lee, Mich. P. O. address (1884) Erookfield, Mich. CMd: 
2552.a i. Earl,« b. 21 Sept. 1884. 


2553- Ira Elmore'^ Humphrey, ["48] (Ltman,-^ Daniel,'' Ensign Samue/,'- Lieut. 

Si!Miic/r Muhael,' ) was born 31 Oct., 1 8 18, in Victor, Ontario Co., N. Y. He removed with 
his parents to the township of !Millgrove, Indiana, in 1837; returned, about 1852, to Victor, N. Y. 
He married, in Wardsborough, Windham Co., Vt., i Apr., 1854, Betsey Duncan (dau. of Osmer 
Newton and Eliza Reinhart Mahan) Clark, of East Boylston, Mass., b. 22 July, 1832. She was 
a granddaughter of James and Betsey (Duncan) Clark, of Jamaica, Windham Co., Vt. Mr. Hum- 
phrey has been for many years a member of the Methodist church. He res. (18S4) with his 
family, in Victor, N. Y., — a public-spirited citizen, and an enterprising and successful farmer. 

Children (born in Victor, N. Y.): 
2554. I. Elizabeth Amelia,' b. 20 Feb., 1855; married, in Victor, N. Y., i May, 1879, 

Wilbur (son of Omri and Jemima Boughton) Nelson, b. 15 Jan., 1S50, Victor, 
N. Y. Farmer. Res. (1884) Victor, N. Y. Child: 
i. Gertrude Elizabeth,* b. 18 Nov. 1882, Victor, N. Y. 
Charlotte Eliza,' b. 4 Apr., 1856; attended school in Lima, N. Y., and then en- 
gaged in teaching for a number of _vears, in Victor and the adjoining towns. In 
1882 and 1883, she was a teacher at Jamaica, and Wardsborough, Vt. 
Mary Adeline,' b. 13 Mch., 1858. 
Helen Ursula,' b. 20 Aug., 1859. 
LuMAN Anderson,' b. 19 Mch., 1861. 
Otis Lincoln,' b. 30 Oct., 1862. 
Charles Sumner,' b. 19 Aug., 1864. 
Harriet Beecher,' b. 31 Aug., 1866. 
Ira Elmore,' b. 26 I\Iay, 1871. 
Florence Clark,' b. 18 May, 1873; died in Victor, N. Y., 3 June, 1880, oe. 7 years. 

FAMILY 181. 

2565- Otis Milton'' Humphrey, M. D., [1154J (Luman,^ Daniel.^ Ensign Samuel,^ 
Lieut. Saviuel," Michael,') was born 26 Apr., 1832, in Victor, Ontario Co., N. Y. His early life 
was passed upon the farm, and in attending, during the winters, the common public schools. 
At the age of eighteen, without means or much assistance, he resolved upon a classical collegiate 
education, and by labor during vacations and in term time, and by teaching, supported himself, 
and at East Bloomfield Academy, N. Y., and at Temple Hill Academy, Geneseo, N. Y., prepared 
and intended to enter an advanced class in Williams College, Massachusetts, when, in 1853, failure 
of health interrupteil the plan, .\fter a Kmg period of invalidism, follow-ed by employment for a 
few years as a commercial traveller, successively for Mr. A. W. Harrison and Messrs. H. P. & W. 

His widow removed to Oliio, ;iiul m.irried Edmond Motls. They res. (1S84) in the township of 





















C. Taylor of Philadelphia, carrying with him his text-book and reading medicine during leisure 
time, he afterward applied himself exclusively to the study of that profession under his uncle, 
Dr. Newman Dryer, of Penfield, N. Y., and afterward under Prof. Walter Burnham, M. D., of 
Lowell, Mass., and graduated M. D. at Philadelphia, in i860. After a year of practice at Natick, 
Mass., he attended a course of lectures and graduated from the Long Island College Hospital, 
Brooklyn, N. Y., in 1862, and on the 20th of August of that year was, by Gov. John A. Andrew, 
commissioned Assistant Surgeon of the 6th Reg. Mass. Vol. Infantry, then re-recruiting at Lowell, 
Mass. Here he married, 28 Aug., 1862, Sarah Frances Dennis, youngest daughter of Richard 
and Lucy Ann (Hooper) Dennis, of that city. She was born 8 Feb., 1840, in Lowell, Mass. 
Richard Dennis, now deceased, was son of Jonathan and Hannah (Sherman) Dennis, of Ports- 
mouth, R. I., members of the Society of Friends. Shortly after his marriage. Dr. Humphrey 
proceeded to Washington with the Regiment, which was thence ordered to Suffolk, Va., and there 
and thereabout remained on duty till the expiration of its term of enlistment in 1863. Here he 
was joined by his wife, who shared his camp life (as she also did his subsequent life in the service 
in Louisiana) till, by General Orders, after the approach and threatened attack of the Rebels, the 
presence of ladies was prohibited in the command. At the expiration of this term of service. 
Dr. Humphrey applied for appointment to the medical service of the United States, in the class 
of U. S. Volunteers, — passed his examination before the Examining Board at Washington, and 
was by President Lincoln commissioned Assistant Surgeon U. S. Vols., and ordered to report at 
New Orleans. He was there assigned to the Barracks of the U. S. General Hospital, where he 
remained till the summer of 1864, the latter portion of the time in charge. Late in 1864, at his 
request for field duty, he was successively assigned as Chi^f Medical Officer on the Staffs of Maj.- 
Gen. J. J. Reynolds, commanding at the mouth of White River, Ark., — of Maj.-Gen. F. Steele, 
commanding U. S. forces at Kenner, La. ,— and , later, of Maj.-Gen. Frank Herron, commanding 
at Baton Rouge, and after Lee's surrender, at Shreveport, La. He resigned at the close of the 
war, with the brevet rank of Lieutenant-Colonel, conferred "for faithful and meritorious services"; 
and settled in private practice at Boston, Mass., in October, 1865. Having been, long prior to 
the war, engaged on a collection of Humphrey genealogy, this work was now resumed, and 
Dr. Frederick Humphreys, of New York City, was soon heard of as interested in the same subject, 
and a conference between the two was had, leading to a fresh interest and impulse in the work. 
In 1870, through failing health, it was found necessary for the subject of this sketch to abstain 
from writing, and a change of residence was thought best. The then collected manuscripts of 
this work were accordingly turned over to Dr. Frederick Humphreys for completion and publi- 
cation, and Dr. 0. M. Humphrey removed with his family, in the autumn of 1870, to Minneapolis, 
Minn., where, with recovered health, he still resides (1884), and has since been usefully practicing 
his profession, and in some measure continuing to assist in this collection and compilation. He 
is a member of the various medical societies of his school of practice, and one of the founders 
and Directors of the Homeopathic Hospital of Minneapolis. 

2566. I. LvMAN Otis.7 b. 24 July, 1864. at Lowell, Mass. 

2567. n. Fr.\n-ces Philena,' 1). 19 Dec, 1873. at .Minneapolis, Minn. 

2568. III. Richard Dennis,' b. 28 Dec, 1877, at Minneapolis, Minn. 

FAMILY 182. 

2569. Guy^ Humphreys, [1176] (Hon. Reuben,^ Esq. Oliver,* /onalhan,'^ Lieut. Samuel," 

Michael,') was born in 1779, at Canton. Ct. He married Abby (dau. of Dea. Samuel) Rice, of 
Marcellus, Onnndaga Co., N. Y. He died 2 Dec, 1S07, iv. 27 years;* was a merchant in 
Marcel 1 us, N. Y. 

• According to the inscription on the tombstone in Marcdlu^ Hurying-grounti. 



2570. I. Adeline,' b. 16 Nov., 1806, Marcellus, N. Y. ; died in Bath, Steuben Co., N. Y., 

7 Oct., 1841. She married, at Marcellus, N. Y., 13 Feb., 1828, Judge David 
(son of David and Abigail Smith) McM aster, of Bainbridge, Chenango Co., 
N. Y., b. 21 Apr., 1804, Unadilla, Otsego Co., N. Y. He graduated at Ham- 
ilton College, Clinton, N. Y., in 1824; and entered upon the profession of law. 
He was elected County Judge of Steuben County, N. Y., in 1847 and 185=;. 
Res. (1884) Bath, N. Y. Children: 

2571. i. Judge Guy Humphreys,8 b. 31 Jan. 1829, Clyde, Wayne Co., N. V.; graduated at 

HamUton College, N. Y., in 1847. He married, 18 Oct. 1853, Amanda (dau. of 
Robert W.* and Eunice Mudge) Church, of Bath, N. Y. He became a lawyer at Bath, 
N. Y., where he has resided since the first year of his life. He held the combined 
offices of County Judge and Surrogate 'three terms by election, — 1863, 1867, and 1877. 
At the end of the third term the offices were divided, and he was elected to the office 
of Surrogate, which position he now holds (1884). He has written a local history, 
etc. Children (born in Bath, N. Y.) : (i) Humphrey,' b. 30 Jidy, 1854; graduated 
at Hamilton College, N. Y., in 1874. He married, at Baltimore, Md., 9 June, 1881, 
Laura Hastuigs, daughter of Major D. H. Hastings, U. S. A. (2) Alice,' b. 30 Oct. 
1861; res. (1884) Bath, N. Y. (3) Katharine Amelia,' b. 14 Jan. 1868 

2572. ii. David May," b. 24 Aug. 1830, Bath, N. Y.; married, in Jamestown, Mercer Co., Pa., 

25 June, 1865, Sarah (dau. of James and Maria FuUerf) Gaston, 1). 10 Mch. 1842, 
Andover, Ashtabula Co., Pa. Civil engineer. Res. (1884) Bath, N. Y. Children: (i) 

Clara Gaston,' b. 4 July, 1866, Sharpsville, Mercer Co., Pa. (2) Son ,' born 

and died 25 June, 1870, Bath, N. Y. (3) Florence Fuller,' b. 4 June, 1873, Bath, N. Y. 

2573. iii. Richard, 8 b. 30 May, 1832; died in February, 1833, a:. 9 months. 

2c;74. iv. Julius, 8 ) 

•^ yb. 31 July, 1834; d. 26 Oct. 1834, x. 3 months. 

2575. V. Juliet,9 ) 


2576. Captain Reuben" Humphreys, U. S. a., [1177] (Hon. Reuben,^ Esq. Oliver,^ 
Jonathan,^" Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael.') was born in Canton, Ct. He married Diantha (dau. of 
Colonel Peter) Lawrence, of Marcellus, Onondaga Co., N. Y. He enlisted in the regular army, 
at Buffalo, N. Y., in 1813 or 18 14, and served through the war. After its close he continued 
in the U. S. service, and, in 1816, was Second Lieutenant of the Eighth Reg. Infantry: in 182 1, 
was Captain of the Fourth Reg. Infantry. He was stationed in the South, at Mobile Point, ami 
died there,! in 1822, while in command of the Post. 

2577. I. Emeline Anne,' b. 8 Dec, 1808, Marcellus, N. Y. After her father's death she 

went to reside in the family of her grandfather Hon. Reuben 5 Humphreys, and 
under his direction received a superior education. She married, in Marcellus, 
N. Y., 3 Sept., 1828, Hon. Samuel Haight (son of Lazarus) Hammond, a native 
of Hammondsport, Steuben Co., N. Y. He was a man of great literary ability, 
and was then at the head of the legal profession in Steuben County; was after- 
ward an eminent lawyer and District Attorney at Albany, N. Y., but became 
again a resident of Steuben County, and was State Senator for that district two 

• Robert W. Church was bom 13 Feb. 1801; and his wife, Eunice Mudge, was born 20 Jan. 1801. 

t She was a daughter of Milo Fuller, of Aurora, N. Y. 

X Died in the U. S. service, at Micanopy, Florida, and was there buried, according to Mr. K. H. Farnham, [Fani.Gs, S.] 




terms. He died in 1878, at Watertown, N. Y., where he had resided. Mrs. 
Hammond died in that town, 10 Aug., 1873, ^'- 64 years. Her son, Mr. L. S. 
Hammond, writes concerning her: "She was a person of marked individuality, a 
gentle, kind-hearted Christian lady, respected by all who knew her, and devotedly 
loved by her husband and children." Children: 

i. Lazarus Stewart,* married . Res. (1884) in Watertown, N. Y. 

ii. Reuben Humphreys,* is deceased, 
iii. James Lawrence,* is deceased. 

iv. Hannah Read,* married Cuyler (son of Tunis and Catherine Gansevoort*) Van Vechteil, 
Esq., of Albany, N. Y., born there in 1S32; and died in 1875. Her P. O. address is 
(1884) New Brighton, Staten Island, N. Y. Children (born in Albany. N. VJ: (1) 
Leonard Gansevoort' (Van Vechten); (2) Hammond' (Van Vechten); (3) Cuyler' (Van 
Vechten); (4) Eugene Beekman ' (Van Vechten), who died in 1864; (5) Henry Girard' 
(Van Vechten). 
V. Robert Campbell,* is deceased. 
vi. Kate Baker,* is deceased. 

FA^HLY 184. 

2584. Colonel Gad' Humphreys, U. S. a., [,178] (//on. ReubeK,^ 
Jonathan. i Lieut. Samuel,' Michael,') was born in 1786, at Canton, Ct. He 
Stoddard Lamed, born in Pittsfield, Mass., daughter 
of Sylvester and Eunice Larned, of Pittsfield, and 
sister of Paymaster-General Larned, who died during 
the war for the Union. Mrs. Humphreys died in 
St. Augustine, Florida, 25 Oct., 1879, ce. 82 years. 
She was esteemed as "exceptionally loveh'. " 

Gad* Humphreys was appointed, from the 
State of New York, in 1808, First Lieutenant in the 
Sixth Reg. Infantry, U. S. A. ; was promoted to a 
captaincy in December, 1809; was wounded in the 
capture of York, Upper Canada, April 27th, 1813; 
was promoted to Major in the Fourth Reg. Infantry, 
April 1 8th, 18 14. At the reduction of the army in 
December, 181 5, he was retained as Captain of the 
Sixth Reg. Infantrj-, with brevet of Major; was ap- 
pointed ]Major of the Sixth Reg. Infantry, March 31st, 
1817; and/ Lieutenant-Colonel of the Second Reg. 
Infantry, May 13th, 1820; was disbanded at the 
reduction of the army, June ist, 1821. 

He was afterward appointed U. S. Agent to the 
Seminole Indians.f which position he held from May 20th, 1822 to March 31st, 1830. He 
established himself at Camp King, in the centre of the nation. In the treaty of Fort Moultrie, 
September iSth, 1823, the Indian chiefs and warriors requested, "as an evidence of their grati- 
tude and humane treatment, and brotherly attention to their wants, that one mile square * * 
* be cnnveyctl, in fee simi)le, as a present to Colonel Gad Humphreys. ";{: He was a sugar 

' She was a daughter of General I.eonard Gansevoort. 

The Seminolcs in Florida originally belonged to the Creek nation, and were 3,899 in number, in 1822. 

Sprague's History 0/ the Florida War. In this work are found several letters of Col, Gad Humphreys, which show 
t f«'h by him in the Indians, and his efforts 10 promote their welfare. 


planter near Fort King, East Florida, until the commencement of the Indian hostilities, when he 
was broken up, losing nearly all of his negroes and stock, and having liis houses burned. He 
then removed to St. Augustine, Fla., and there resided till his decease in that town, 31 .\ugust,* 
1859, at the age of 73 years. ^ 204 1 *'''0 

TTic Anierican Phrenological Journal gives the following: — 

"The faculty of language was as signally developed in the character of Col. Humphreys 
as the organ was large in his head. He was one of the very best story-tellers to be found, and 
was almost always talking. In consideration of the ease with which he learned to speak languages 
from hearing them spoken, he was made Government interpreter to the Seminole Indians, whose 
language he learned to speak in four weeks, difficult as it is. With very inferior facilities, he had 
learned to speak several languages, by casually hearing them spoken. So retentive was his mem- 
ory that -he required to hear any word or expression interpreted but once always to remember it. 
He could repeat a sermon verbatim just by hearing it delivered. He had all the elements of a 
truly splendid orator, and would have been one but that he loved his ease too well to make the 
required effort, "f 

From all I have been able to learn from my mother Anna (Landon) Humphreys, and from 
Hugh (the brother of Col. Gad) Humphreys and others, he was a most charming and accomplished 
gentleman, and noted as the finest story-teller and talker, and the finest humorist in the South. 
He was, like his father and ancestors, of large stature and commanding presence, full of inform- 
ation, — charming all who came in contact with him by his gentlemanly bearing and genial humor. 
We are indebted to R. H. Farnham, Esq., for these reminiscences concerning his uncle: — 
"Colonel Gad Humphreys was, beyond question, a man of great native talent, and his 
associates were always among the first of the land, wherever he went. Moreover, there was 
nothing of the snob about him. He was never in Attica but once, and that was probably about 
fifty-five years ago, when he came to visit my father's family. The people here were very much 
taken with him. One day he paid a visit to the late Major Parmenio Adams, whose acquaintance 
he had made at Washington while the latter represented the Genesee district, in Congress. A 
'raising bee' had assembled near by to help a neighbor up with a barn, when word came that 
they were short of help and could not get the frame up. 'Well, Adams,' said Col. Humphreys, 
'I reckon there is a job for you and me,' and the two betook themselves at once to the raising, 
and, throwing off their coats, each with pike in hand, helped on the 'job' until the last heavy 
limber was in place. " 

he following tribute of respect to the memory of Col. Gad Humphreys was printed soon 
after his death: — 

"At a regular communication of St. John's Lodge, No. 12, held on the 6th day of .September, 1859, the 
committee appointed at a previous meeting called on the occasion of the decease of our Worshipful Past Master, 
Gad Humphreys, consisting of Brothers James M. Gould, Ora Howard and William S. Harris, reported the follow- 
ing preamble and Resolutions, which were unanimously adopted: 

"It has pleased the Grand Architect of the Universe to break another link in our ancient and venerable 
Fraternity, and call to his reward and to receive his wages, our worthy, honored, and beloved Past Master, Brother 
Gad Humphreys, after a long and useful life of seventy-four yeai-s, devoted, both for his country and for our Order. 
Our lamented Brother was a native of Connecticut, and entered the United States Army about the year 1808 as a 
Lieutenant, and continued therein until the year 1821; and in all that period he had lx;en regularly advanced and 
])romoted until he had attained the rank of Colonel of his regiment. In this important interval,— in the 'Second 
War of Independence ' he served his country with credit to himself and the approbation of the Government. In the 
year 1821, the United States Army was reduced to the ' Peace eslablishmnit,' and he with many others was disbanded. 

"Shortly after his reduction, our deceased Brother was appointed by President Monroe, Agent for the Seminole 
Indians in Florida, which was in the year 1822. He held and faithfully performed the duties of his office, until 
about the year 1830, when he was removed, during which time he obtained the confidence of the Seminoles, and it 

d.ite as given on page 391. t Vol. XXXV., September, i86a. 


is believed that, had he been continued in office, his influence would have saved his country a very large part oi 
the many millions of money which it has cost the Government of the United States in that devastating Indian War. 

"In the general wreck, on the outbreak of Indian hostilities in 1S35, he, in common with others, lost his all, 
and only until recently has he been enabled to recover a bare portion of that which ought to have been promptly 
remunerated to him; but it is a happy thought that in his latter days comfort and competence surrounded him. 

"For the last ten years he has held the office of Judge of Probate for St. John's County, and for more than 
twenty years he has been our almost daily associate. 

"Such is a brief sketch of the life of our departed Brother, friend, and fellow-citizen; but something more is due. 

" He was a bright and shinmg light, and devoted Apostle of Masonry. For more than forty years he had 
been one of its members, and for more than seventeen years has he been the zealous and active Master of this Lodge, 
the present members of which have almost all been raised by his hand. 

"Our lamented Brother has held and filled the offices of Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge, and also 
that of Grand High Priest of the Royal Arch Chapter of Florida. 

"We deplore liis loss to the Fraternity and can only say, 'the will of God is accomplished.' Therefore be it, 

'■^Resolved, That in the death of our beloved Brother, Gad Humphreys, our Fraternity has lost a bright and 
shining light, the community an upright citizen, and the fi-iend and benefactor of the widow and the orphan. 

" Resolved, That we tender our sympathies and condolence to the widow and family of our deceased Brother, 
and commend them to Him who only knows how to give relief and soothe their sorrow and distress in this their 
time of trouble. 

"Resolved, That a Blank page of the Records of this Lodge be inscribed with the name of our deceased 
Brother and thus endeavor to perpetuate his memory. 

"Resolved, That the members of this Lodge will wear the usual Badge of mouAiing for the space of thirty 
days, and that our Lodge Room be clothed in the habiliments of mourning for the term of six months. 

"Resolved, That this preamble and the Resolutions be spread upon the Record, and a copy of them sent to the 
family of our deceased Brother, and a copy furnished to the St. Augustine Examiner for publication, and that all 
the newspapers in the State be requested to copy the same. 

"A true copy from the minutes. Signed, 

John Lott Phillii's, 

Secretary. ' ' 



How Col. Gad Humphreys Compromised with the Chief of the Seminoles." 

"A notice of the death of Col. Gad Humphreys, late Worshipful Past Master of St. John's Lodge, No. 12, 
which appeared in a recent number of the St. Augustine Examiner, reminds us of a characteristic incident in that 
worthy gentleman's life, which was related to us many years ago, in his presence, by his friend Capt. Graham, at 
that time in command of the troops stationed at Fort King, in Florida. 

" During Major Fagan's Indian Agency, and while he was absent from the nation, we were present at the 
paying of the government annuity to the Seminole Nation, of which Micconopy (Pond King) was then the head 
chief. The entire nation— men, women and children— had assembled, and were encamped romid the fort, waiting to 
receive their money, presents, etc. The important event had also attracted to the cantonment many white persons, 
officials, ex-officials, and others, among whom was Col. Gad Humphreys, who came to pay a visit to the tribe 
among whom he had so long dwelt as the representative and agent of the government. — The chiefs greeted him 
with unusual cordiality, and seemed to esteem it an especial honor to be permitted to shake hands with the ex-agent 
and to drink his good health at the officers' mess table. One old chief, by the name of John Hicks, who had 
formerly been the head chief of the nation, but who, for some cause, like Col. Humphreys, had been removed, or 
broken, as they call it, was very extravagant in his demonstrations of friendship and respect for his fillen Col. 
Humphreys. There seemed to exist between them a peculiar relationship springing fiom some old reminiscence 
alike interesting to both, and to which frequent allusions were made on the part of Hicks, by certain pantomimic 
gesticulations and grimaces, which always ended in a hearty grunt and a ]>roposition to shake hands. 

"Much curiosity having been expressed by the white visitors to know the meaning of all these mysterious 
demonstrations, which seemed to be perfectly understood and heartily enjoyed by the Indian chiefs, Capt. Graham 
promised to give us an account of what he called 'Col. Humphreys' and John Hicks' compromise.' Accordingly 
one night after supper, when Hicks had gone through his pantomime, accompanied as usual with an amount of 
incoherent gibberish and awkward oaths, much grunting and vehement protestations of friendship for Col. Humphreys, 
and had taken his seat on the floor in the corner, where he vainly endeavored to keep the mosquitoes from biting 
his bare legs, occasionally brandishing his fists and shaking his head at the Colonel, om- host, the commandant, 
proceeded to give us the story. 


"Duriii'r tlie first years of Col. Humphreys' agency, the Seminoles had manifested mucli dissatisfaction with 
the treaty by which they had agreed to reUnquish the western portion of the territory to the whites, and to confine 
themselves within the boundaries of their reservation. It was understood that Hicks, the then head chief of the 
nation, had never heartily sanctioned the ti-eaty, and that he had exerted his influence with the nation ^against it. 
The presence, too, of the United States soldiers, sutler, agent, and other whites, at Fort King, within the reservation, 
was very distasteful to the old chief, who regarded it as an encroachment upon the rights of his people, who, by 
the terms of the treaty, were not allowed to go into the settlements or hunting-grounds of the whites without a 
written permit from the agent or commandant. 

"Hicks was too crafty and too prudent to publicly manifest his daily increasing hostility to the whites, but it 
was plainly to be seen that he was exerting his influence to make his people discontented antl to incite them to in- 
subordination. The bearing of the principal chiefs was daily becoming unfriendly and reserved, while the younger 
ones were sometimes insolent and not mifrequently threatened the whites with whom they came in contact. Various 
alarming rumors were in circulation of Indian preparations for hostilities, and considerable uneasiness was beginning 
to be felt among the frontier settlers, who feared that without an augmentation of the military force in the nation, 
the whites could not long remain safe from Indian depredations. 

" Hicks' visits to the Fort or to the agent's house, which stood some half a mile from the cantonment, became 
less frequent, and when he did come his conduct was haughty and his words often insolent, especially if he was a 
little in liquor. 

"Col. Humphreys, who was a brave and resolute man, watched the growing discontent of the Indians, and 
the increasing audacity of Hicks with some anxiety. He knew well the Indian character, and he determined to avail 
himself of the earliest opportunity and most effectual means of checking the rising spirit of revolt. 

"An opportunity soon presented itself.— One day Hicks, with a considerable party of Indians, came to the 
cantonment to trade. At the store they exhibited a very bad spirit, some of them refusing to pay for their purchases, 
and demanding liquor, which being denied them they became very abusive, swearing that the store-keeper should not 
stay in the nation. Leaving the store in a turbulent manner, they mounted their ponies and rode towards the agent's 
house which stood by itself about half a mile distant, surrounded by a few cultivated acres. The Indians, who had 
their rifles with them, halted at a short distance from the house, while their chief. Hicks, who was considerably under 
the influence of liquor, rode boldly up to the gate, dismounted and staggered up the steps to the high piazza of the 
house, calling in a loud voice- for 'Humphreys!' 

"Col. Humphreys, who happened to be entirely alone, promptly made his appearance, extended his hand as 
usual, and invited Hicks to take a seat on a bench. 

"Hicks, haughtily turning from the bench towards the Colonel's large arm-chair, which occupied its usual 
place, said: 

" 'No, Humphreys! Me big cap'n!— my country! — me big Ingin, heap,' and took his scat very majestically in 
the arm-chair. 

"Col. Humphreys saw plainly that his distinguished visitor, who seemed to have dressed himself for the 
occasion in all his gewgaws and feathers, meditated mischief. He was a powerful man, and fearless as he was 
powerful— qualities, however, in which the Colonel was fully his match, with this advantage, that he was cool and 
collected, while the chief was excited with passion and liquor. It would not do to permit the Indian thus to brave 
him ill his own house. He felt that he must resent and punish the insult at all hazards, and his resolution 
was soon taken. 

"'Hicks,' said he, 'get out of that chair,' looking the Indian sternly in the face. 

"'Humphreys,' said Hicks, striking his hand on the arm of the chair, witli an ill-suited oath, 'Mine!— my 
house, my land! my land, my house! AH mine!' 

"'Hicks, if you don't leave that chair and this house, I'll make you!' 

"'Me!' exclaimed Hicks, with a look of savage defiance; 'me big Ingin, heap! -strong, like a jackass! Me 

damn big son of a ' 

"But before he had finished the .sentence. Col. Humphreys grasped him by the neck and the more substantial 
portion of his drapery, and, with one powerful effort raising him from the chair, pitched him headlong over the 
banisters, a distance of ten feet, on to the hard ground, where he lay kicking and senseless in full view of his party. 
"The Indians came running in a body to the house, surprised into comparative silence by the feat they had 
just witnessed. Col. Humphreys stood in his door as they approached. Not a word passed between him and the 
Indians who gathered round their prostrate and insensible chief. After a few words of consultation they took him 
up and bore him to a branch some distance from the house, where they bathed him an<l applied mud and herb 
poultices to his l.niisi<. When "he was sufiiciently recovered they placed him on bis horse and conveyed him 
to his home. 

"For severaldays not an Indian was to be seen about the cantonment. It w.i-; tliougn. tnal they were medi- 
fating plans of revenge, and close watch was kept upon tlieir movements, while quiit priparation «as nuide at the 
fort to be in readiness for them in the event of an attack. 


"Thus matters remained until about two weeks after the affair with Col. Humphreys, when old Hicks, a graver 
if not a wiser man, was seen on his pony alone approaching the house of the agent. Dismounting at the gate, he 
entered the enclosure and walked quietly up on the piazza fiom which he had so recently taken his headlong flight. 
As Col. Humphreys issued from the door, Hicks, with a serious and subdued look, extended his hand in token of 
friendship. It was promptly grasped by Col. Humphreys, who was about to speak, when Hicks interrupted him. 

'* 'Col. Humphreys, how do! how do!' 

"After the usual response from the Colonel,"' Hicks continued, without changing the demure and serious ex- 
pression of his face: 

" 'Col. Humphreys, me big Ingin heap — got sense plenty — get drunk, damn fool too much. Your house, my 
land — your land, my house!' 

" The Colonel, laughing, gave the old chief a hearty shake of the hand and invited him to take a seat in his 
arm-chair, which honor he promptly declined, preferring a less elevated seat, on a cowhide-bottomed chair which 
stood near. 

"A long conversation ensued over a friendly glass and pipes, during which Hicks e.\pressed his deep con- 
trition for his uncivil conduct, for which he confessed that he had been justly punished, and took much pains to 
convince the Colonel of his perfect understanding of the nature of their joint occujiancy of the Reservation. As he 
shook hands at parting he repeated, with marked emphasis —'Col. Humphreys — your house, my land— your land — , 
my house ! ' 

" Hicks lived to be a very old man, his health being very feeble during his latter years. To the day of his 
death he retained his friendship for Col. Gad Humphreys, a feeling which was warmly reciprocated by the Colonel, 
and which found expression in many acts of kindness to the old chief of the Seminoles."* 


2585. I. Mary Jane,? b. 11 May, 1818, Bridgeport, Vt. ; died in Washington, D. C, 5 Jan., 

1876, ce. 57 3-ears. She married, in Detroit, Mich., 10 Nov., 1841, Thomas 
Jefferson Hulbert, of Detroit, b. 8 Nov., 1801, in the State of New York; died 
in Washington, D. C, 23 Mch., 1883, ?p. 81 years. Children: 

2586. i. Frances Allen, » b. 23 .Sept. 1842, St. Augustine, Fla.; married, in Detroit, Mich., I June, 

1863, Henry Prentice (third child of Henry Kirklandf and Caroline Prentice) Sanger, 
b. 21 Nov. 1832, Utica, N. Y. P. O. address (1884) No. 234 East Woodbridge St., 
Detroit, Mich. Children (born in Detroit, Mich., excepting the fifth) : (i) May Larned" 
(Sanger), b. I May, 1864. (2) Henry Hubbell » (Sanger), b. 21 Sept. 1866. (3) Louise 
Annie' (Sanger), b. 28 Aug. 1870; died in Washington, D. C, 5 Mch., 1873, x. 
2 years, and six months. (4) Caroline Frances ' (Sanger), b. 28 Dec. 1872. (5) Annie 
Hulbert' (Sanger), b. 27 Feb. 1875, Cleveland, O.; d. 14 May, 1875, x. 2 months. 
(6) Hulbert Macrae' (Sanger), b. 28 June, 1878. (7) Kate Humphreys' (Sanger), b. 
I Aug. 1880; d. 16 Sept. 1881, a;. I year, and I month. 

2587. ii. Kellogg Humphreys,^ b. 26 Feb. 1847, Detroit, Mich.; died there, in infancy. 

2588. iii. Annie Humphreys,* b. 22 Aug. 1848, Detroit, Mich.; married, in Cleveland, O., 18 Jime, 

1874, Nathaniel Mason Macrae, b. 28 Apr. 1834, at Jefferson Barracks. No children. 
P. O. address (1884) No. 1745 F St., N. \V., Washington, D. C. 

2589. iv. May Larned,' b. 26 June, 1853, Kalamazoo, Mich.; died in Detroit, Mich., in the 

summer of 1854. 

2590. II. Anna Eliza, 7 b. 25 Jan., 1821, Pittsfield, Mass.; — unmarried. Res. (1884) on her 

fttlier's homestead in St. Augustine, Florida. 

2591. III. Frederick Clinton, ' b. 6 Oct., 1822; married Sarah Gates Drysdale. Family 379. 

• Savannah News. 

t Richard Sanger, b. 26 Dec. 1769; d. 8 Aug. 1843. He married, at Whiteslown, Oneida Co., N. V., 31 Dec. 1797, Rach.iel Hutler, 
b. 10 Apr. 1774; d. 2 Mch. 1854. Their second child, Henry Kirkbnd Sanger, was born 11 Nov. 1799, New H.artford, Oneida Co.. N. Y.; 
married, 15 Oct. 1826, Caroline Prentice. They had eight children. He died at Detroit, Mich,, 14 June, 1864, x. 63 years. His widow 
is (1884) with her oldest daughter, Mrs. Benjamin H. Paddock, who is the wife of the Rl. Rev. Bishop of Massachusetts, residing in 
Boston. Mrs. Caroline P. Sanger was the oldest child of Rev. Joseph Prentice, who married at Preston, Ct., in 1815, Sally Morgan. 
He died at Coxsackie, N. Y., in 1836. She died at Charlestown, Mass., 10 May, 1865. 


2592. IV. Franxes Smith,? b. 13 Apr., 1827, St. Augustine, Fla. ; married there, 12 Nov., 
1850, Charles Floyd Hopkins, Passed Midshipman U. S. Navy, afterward ]\Iajor 
of Artillery, and Colonel of the loth Reg. Florida Infantry, in the late Civil war. 
Res. St. Augustine, Fla. and (1884) Jacksonville, Fla. 

^593- V. Catharine Lakned,' b. 10 Jan., 1829, at the Seminole Agency, Fla.; — unmarried. 

Res. (1884) on the homestead, in St. Augustine, Fla. 
2594 VI. Edward Center,' b. 10 Apr., 1836; d. i July, 1862, u: 26; marrietl Mary Ellen 

Byrd. Family 380. 
2595. VII. Charles Downing,' b. 1 May, 1S38; d. 25 Apr., 1877, oc. 39; marrictl Sallie 

Drysdale. Family 381. 

FAMILY 185. 

2596- May*^' Humphreys, ["Si] (//i»!. Raiben,^ Esq. OUva-,* Jimalhau.'' I.icul. Samuel^' 
Michael,') was born 15 July, 1792, in Canton, Ct. He married, in Proviilcnce, R. 1.. 4 Nov., 
1S29, Mary Anne (dau. of George Washington and Mary Kennedy Philbrook) Hoppin, of Provi- 
dence, R. I., born there, in 1803; died in 1873, sc. 70 years. Mr. Humphreys died in New York 
City, 7 Dec, 1866, sc. 74 years. The following appeared in the New York Evening Post, 
December 8th, 1866:— 

"There died yesterday, at his residence in this city, Mr. May Humphreys, whose career 
as a merchant and man of business deserves more than this passing notice. Mr. Humphrej's was 
born in New England, and his father was an officer in the Revolutionary army. At an early 
period of life he entered into business at Baltimore, and was present, as a volunteer, at the battje 
of Bladensburgh in 1814. He subsequently settled in Philadelphia, where he carried on a large 
business, in the course of which he had frequent occasion to visit the West India Islands, and 
particularly in Jamaica; was well known and esteemed by the resident planters and merchants of 
those by-gone days, one of whom, Michael Scott, the author of that well-known book 'Tom 
Cringle's Log,' first published as a serial in BAichvooif, was his intimate frientl. 

"Subsequently, I\tr. Humjihreys married and resided in Philadelphia, becoming one of the 
directors of the L^nited States Bank in its palmy days, and, being most esteemed by its 
president, the well-known Nicholas Biddle, was entrusted by him with the management of the 
large cotton operations of the United States Bank in 1838-39, and, going over to Liverpool, in 
the end of 1837, established the house of Humphreys & Biddle, the junior partner of which was 
a S(m of the then famous financier. 

"At one time in 1838, ^Ir. Humphreys held the enormous stock of two huntlred and fift)- 
thousand bales of cotton for the United States Bank; and in October, 1S3S, having sold one tlay 
si.\ thousand bales to certain speculators, with the agreement that he would sell no more for a 
week or ten days, thS market instantaneously rose so much that the increased value of his stock 
required additional fire insurance in spite of the reduction of the six thousand bales. 

"When Mr. Humphreys arrived in Liverpool, he was regarded with some and 
dislike as an interloper who was taking away the business of the old established iiouses; but he 
had been but a few months there, before he had entirely overcome this feeling by his tact and 
urbanity, and he managed the immense interests committed to his care so ailmirably and with 
such punctilious honor and liberality, that he won golden opinions even from his competitors 
in business. 

"After closing up the cotton operations of the United Slates Bank. Mr. Humphreys re- 

• Remained eleven ycirs. .is .i merchant, in Liverpool, England, ace. lo the irisli>rr ■>/ ^t,\rc^UHI. A'. )'. 


"For one who had occupied so prominent a position in mercantile and social life, Mr. 
Humphreys was singularly modest and retiring, and it was only with old familiar friends that he 
would occasionally revert to some of the enormous mercantile transactions in which he had been 
engaged; — and so far as those in cotton were concerned, it is morally impossible that any one man 
can sell again, or have the control of such a mass of that material. 

"IMr. Humphreys has died in a good old age, respected and loved by all who knew him." 

2597. I. Wary Hoppin,' b. 10 Sept., 1830, Philadelphia, Pa.; married there, 13 Oct., 1853, 

James Boorman Johnston. Director. Res. (1884) No. 14 West Tenth St., 
New York City. Children: 

2598. i. Mary Humphreys,s b. 4 Sept. 1854, London, England. 

2599. ii. Margaret Taylor," b. 24 Sept. 1855, Staten Island, N. Y. 

2600. iii. John,8 b. 2 Nov. 1857, New York City; is engaged in art decorations. Res. (1884) 

No. 14 West Tenth St., New York City. 

2601. II. George Hoppin,^ b. 18 Dec, 1834; married Emilie Julie Barnes. Family 382. 

FAMILY 186. 

2602. Lieutenant Sterne* Humphreys, [1200] (Hon. Reuben,^ Esq. Oliver,'' Jonathan, '^ 
Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael,^) was born 25 December, 1806,* in Marcellus, Onondaga Co., N. Y. 
He married, 11 Nov., 1828, Ann Lawler Bevan, b. 26 Aug., 1807, in Philadelphia, Pa.; died 
suddenly, at Chickies, Pa., 18 July, 1879, te. 72 years. She was a daughter of Matthew Lawler 
and Deborah (Newman) Bevan, of Philadelphia. Mr. M. L. Bevan was a merchant and well 
known in connection %vith the shipping interests of that city, and as a Director of the United 
States Bank, and a prominent member of the Central Presbyterian Church. 

Sterne* Humphreys entered the Naval Academy at Middletown, Ct. , when quite a lad, and 
was thence transferred to active service in the United States Navy, serving his country with dis- 
tinction. He was commissioned Midshipman U. S. N., January ist, 1818, and stationed on the 
Frigate Macedonian; in 1823, was serving on the ship Cyane; was appointed, from the State of 
New York, Lieutenant U. S. N., commission dated March 3d, 1827, and stationed in the Pacific 
Squadron; continued in the navy until about 1832, and resigned with the rank of First Lieutenant. 

He then engaged in the shipping and, subsequently, in the iron business, as a member of 
the firm of Bevan & Humphreys, his father-in-law being his partner; — continued to fill this position 
until his death. In 1838, acting as agents of the United States Bank, they bought the entire 
cotton crop of the South in the interest of the bank, and consigned it to the Liverpool firm of 
Humphreys & Biddle, agents of the bank in selling the cotton.f [See Family 185, S.'] 

Lieut. Sterne Humphreys died in Philadelphia, 18 Feb., 1856. His frank, easy, generous 
manners, and his genial disposition and great goodness of heart, secured him a large circle of 
friends and acquaintances. 

Children (born in Philadelphia, Pa.): 

2603. I. Annie Maria,? b. 16 Aug., 1829; married, m Philadelphia, 20 Dec, 1S58, \Villiam 

Jenks (son of Charles) Morris, o( Philadelphia. He is a stock-broker. P. O. 
address (1884) No. 636 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. Children {burn in Philadelphia): 

2604. Charles Moore," b. 14 Jan. 1861; died in Philadelphia, 30 Dec. 1864, .x. 4 years. 

2605. ii. Aubrey Bevan," b. 18 Nov. 1865; died in riiiladelphia, 26 June, 1867, x. I year, and 

7 months. 

2606. iii. (lertrudo Russell," b. II May, l86S. 

2607. iv. Marianna Martin," li. 20 Nov. 1870. 

• 1805, MC. to one rc-conl. t According to R. H. Fariihaiii, Esq. 






261 1. 





Matthew Bevan,' b. 27 Nov., 1830; sailed for Shanghai, China, in 1861, antl is 

supiposed to have been lost at sea; was unmarried. 
Agnes Bevan,' b. 3 Oct., 1832; — unmarried. Res. (1884) in Philadelphia, Pa. 
Elizabeth Bevan,? b. 7 Jan., 1836; married, in Philadelphia, Pa., 15 Feb., 1869, 

Ridley William Matchitt, formerly of Montreal. Commission merchant. Res. 

(1884) West Philadelphia, Pa. Children (born in Philadelphia): 
i. Ridley William,' b. 24 May, 1S71. 
ii. James Cowing,' b. 31 May, 1875. 
May,7 b. 13 Dec, 183S; married, 14 Nov., 1868,* Elizabeth M. Albertson, of 

Smith's Landing, N. J. Farmer. No children. Res. (1S84) Philadelphia, Pa. 

2614. VI. Nannie Grigg,' b. 20 IMay, 1841; d. 25 Jan., 1866, a\ 24 years. She married, in 

Philadelphia, Pa,, 18 Feb., 1865, f Horace Binney Heilman, of Philadelphia. 
Insurance agent. Res. Philadelphia, Pa. Child: 

2615. i. Namiie Humphreys,' b. 24. 'an. 1866, Philadelphia; was living in 1884. 

FAMILY 187. 

2616. Esquire Oliver^ Humphreys, [1203] (Capt. Asher,^ Esq. Oliver,^ Jonathan,-- 
Lieut. Samuel,'' Michael,') was born 17 April, 1783, in West Simsbury (now Canton), Ct. At 
the age of eighteen he went to sea, returning home in three years. J He married, in 1804, Rhoda 
(dau. of John and Mary Higley) Woodford, of Canton, Ct, born in October, 1786. 

In the war of 181 2, he engaged in the manufacture of cutlery, in New Hartford, Ct. When 
the war ended and the embargo was raised, the company in which he was interested failed, and, 
in 1816, he removed to Ohio, where he settled in Vernon, Trumbull County, and there carried 
on the combined interests of farming and blacksmithing. In 1826, he was appointed one of the 
judges of the District Court of Ohio, which office he declined. He was for four years a Justice 
of the Peace; was a man of extensive historical reading and general information, and, both in 
Connecticut and Ohio, was for several seasons engaged in teaching. He was a large, athletic man 
and, in the prime of life, weighed two hundred and forty pounds. He died in Vernon, O., 12 
Mch., 1 851; se. 68 years. His widow died in Orangeville, O., at the residence of her daughter, 
Mrs. Moffitt, 24 Sept., 1867, ae. 81 years. They were buried in Burgh Hill Cemetery. 

Children (of wlwm the first five were born in Canton, Ct., and the last three in Vernon, O.): 
Helen, 7 born in 1805; died in 18 14, a\ 9 years. 
NoRRis,7 b. 14 Aug., 1806; married Julia Case. Family 383. 

Elvira,' b. 19 Sept., 1809; married (i) at Vernon, O., 22 Apr., 1830, Richard 
(son of Richard) Davis, of Berkeley County, Va., b. 4 Mch., 1804. She married (2) 
9 July, 1857, Robert Ervin, born in Union County, Pa., i May, 1804. They 
resided at Orangeville, O. P. O. address (1884) Garrettsville, Portage Co., O. 
Children (by 1st marriage): 

i. Oliver Humphreys » (Davis), b. 9 Sept. 1832, Delaware, I'a.; married, at Pittsburgh, Pa., 
28 Mch. 1867, Melissa Russell. He died 29 July, 1868, at Omaha, Nebraska, wlieie 
his widow continued to reside. ' 
ii. Julia Henrietta' (Davis), b. 13 Aug. 1834, Vernon, (X; married, in March, 1858, Robert 
Mcllwaine. He died in 1869, at Xenia, 111., where his widow continued to reside. 
'■hilJren: (ii Nellie MMcIlwaine), b. 28 Feb. 1859; (2) George Davis' (Mcllwaine), 







Horn m 

Dec. 1S64, ace. lo one record, t See foot-note to F.nmily i 


2622 iii. RoUin Woodford » (Davis), b. 15 June, 1838; married, at Williamsfield, O., 16 Apr. 1S64, 

Ilattie Bridgmaii. They resided at Williamsfield, O. Child: (i) Walter Humphreys'-' 
(Davis), b. 8 Jan. 1868, Williamsfield, Ohio. 

2623. iv. Ceorije Milton'^ (Davis), b. 15 Nov. 1S45, Dorset, O.; married, at Cinciiuiati, O., iS .\ug. 

1867, Mary Whiting. They res. at Brazil, Ind 

262.',. I\'. Chloe Sophi.\,' born in 1810; died in 1849, ^- 39 y^'irs. She married (as 2d wife) 
Rensselaer (son of Silas) Root,* born in 1803, at Otsego, N. Y. He removed 
to one of the Western States in 1824. They resided at Grt^enville, Pa. He 
married (3) her sister .\nnie7 Humphreys. He died in 1865, at Brazil, Ind., a?. 
62 years. He was a contractor, coal dealer and general merchant; was the first 
man who introduced coal on the Lake Erie steamers, furnishing the supply, and 
taking the responsibility of assuming all loss in case it did not work to satisfaction. 
Children : 

2625. i. Randolph,^ resided at Brazil, Ind. V. O. address (1884) Indianapolis, la. 

2626. ii. Oliver Humplireys,* is a hardware merchant. He resided at Akron, O. P. O. ad<lress 

(1884) Indianapolis, la. 

2627. iii. Daughter ,"* died young. 

2628. V. EzEKiEL,' born in 1812; d. 12 Nov., 1839, ae. 27 years; was unmarried. He vol- 

unteered, at Natchez, Miss., with a hundred others, in a Cavalry Company under 
command of General Quitman, in aid of the independence of Texas from INIexico; 
was engaged in the battles of Alamo and San Jacinto, in which Santa Anna was 
captured. After the separation of Texas from Mexico, he settled at Houston, 
Texas, and became the editor and proprietor of a newspaper called the Morning 
Star. He was regarded as one of the most promising young men in the South; 
was appointed Brigade Inspector of Texas. His death was induced by care and 
exertion for others during a raging epidemic of yellow fever. The Typographical 
Society, of which he was a member, adopted feeling resolutions of condolence, 
and the badge of mourning for thirty days. 

2629. VI. Helen, 7 b. 12 Aug., 1816, in Hanfurd, Trumbull Co., O. ; married, in Vernon, O., 

12 Feb., 1838, Augustus Moffitt, l>. 10 Aug., 1801, at Oppcnhcim, N. Y. 
P. O. address (1884) Orangeville, Trumbull Co., O. Children: 

2630. i. Allen S.*, b. 27 June, 1840; married, in 1859, Marcia Spencer. Farmer. Res. Orange- 

ville, O. Child: (I) Carl .S.», born in 1863. 

2631. ii. Caroline," b. II June. 1843; died ce. 2 years. 

2632. iii. Albert H.s, b. 23 May, 1850. Telegraph operator; res. Orangeville, O. 

2633. VII. Julius,' b. i Oct., 1819; married Harriet Brockway. F.vmily 384. 

2634. VIII. George Woodford,' b. 22 Dec, 1824; d. 11 Sept., 1871, a;. 46; married Frances 

Cornelia^ Salisbury. Family 385. 

2635. IX. Annie,' born in 1825; married (as 3d wife) Rensselaer (son of Silas) Root, 01 Green- 

ville, Pa., born in 1803, at Otsego, N. Y. They resided for a time at Oberlin, 
O. He became extensively engaged in iron manufacturing at Brazil, Ind., where 
he was erecting a blast-furnace at the time of his death, which occurred in that 
town, in the summer of i865.t She married (2) 8 Mch., 1871, W. Harris, of 
Cleveland, O. P. O. address (1884) East Cleveland, O. Child (iv ist marriage): 

2636. i. Ella* (Root), boni in 1850; married, in Jmie, 1872, Everest Talbot. P. O. address 

{1884) East Cleveland, O. Child: (I) I-aura' (Tallwt), boin in July, 1873. 

• Root Cett-'ahgy, No. 4350. 

t Or i.H^7; iind rcmovi-d to Indi.-lnapolis .1 few months previous to his death, ace. to one record. 

FA:\IILY 188. 

2^37- EraStUS- Humphreys, J^I- D., [1204J (Capt. Asher,'' Esq. Olwa-.* Jonaihan,' 
Lii'ut. Samuvl,' Michael,' ) was burn 17 May, 1785, in West Simsbiiry (now Canlnn), Ct. He 
married, in August, 1805, Anna (ciau. of (iiles* and Abigail Loumis) Landon, ui' (.'anion, C't., 
b. 16 Oct., 1785. in Litchfield, Ct. ; died in Rome, Oneida Co., N. V'., ly May, 1866, a-. 80 
years, and 7 months. 

Dr. Humphreys' early youth was passed much after the fashion of the most favored of those 
days, in working on the farm during the busy season and attending school during the winters. 
He enjoyed, also, the training and benefit of the library of his uncle Rev. (popularly called 
"Priest") Hallock; and, at the age of eighteen, was teaching school during the w^inters and pur- 
suing his more advanced studies during the summer, ending in his medical studentship with 
Dr. Solomon Everest, one of the most distinguished practitioners of his day, and from whose 
l)upilage several of the ablest physicians of Connecticut were graduated, and received his diploma 
from the State Medical Society of Connecticut, at Hartford, in 1808. He rode with Dr. Everest 
two years thereafter, and removed to Marcellus, Onondaga County, X. V., in 1810, where he at 
once assumed a prominent position in that county. 

At Marcellus, besides a large practice for some years (prior to 1820) in connection with 
Dr. Bildad Beach, and subsequently alone, he was e.xtensively engaged in business, owning and 
carrying on an oil mill, a flour or grist mill, a drug store, and during the war of 1812 a powder 
mill, besides being at times Justice of the Peace. While there, he was also Clerk of the Board 
of Trustees in the Presbyterian Society, under date of 18 13; and, possessing decided musical abilities, 
served as choir-leader for many years. 

From thence, in 1823, he removed to Auburn, Cayuga County, N. Y. At Auburn he was, 
for over twenty years, in the enjoyment of a large practice, and was regarded as among the most 
influential and skillful medical men of the day. He was several . years President of the Cayuga 
County Medical Society, and was for some years Surgeon of the Auburn State Prison. In 1840, 
he became a convert to the Homeopathic system of medicine, and from that time to his death 
was an unwavering and consistent follower of that method of practice. He very soon introduced 
the practice into the hospital of the Auburn State Prison, of which he was then the surgeon, and 
his report to the State Prison Inspector the following year served to direct public attention still 
farther to the new system. In that report, which is believed to have been the first introduction 
of Homeopathy in any public institution in this country, he showed that the average number of 
deaths in the hospital of some 700 to 750 convicts, from year to year, had been from twelve to 
fifteen. That, for a year, under Homeopathic treatment, the deaths had been but five, and that 
for the last seven months there had been no death, — thus establishing the fact that Homeopathy 
was not only useful among children and nervous women, but ainong convicts and stalwart men, 
as well. While a resident of Auburn, he was much interested in educational matters, ami was, 
for many years, President of the Board of Trustees of the Auburn Academy, School Commissioner, 
Trustee, etc. 

After a brief sojourn at Syracuse he removed to Utica, in 1843, where he was Joined by 
his son. Dr. F. Humphreys, the year following. In 1847, he removed to New York City, where 
he engaged sedulously in the effort of founding a Homeopathic Hospital, and which only suc- 
ceeded thirty years after, and in the course of which he was prostrated by a sunstroke. From this 
shock he never recovered, but lingered in precarious health until the 9th of March following, 
1848, when he died at Utica, NewrYork, in the 63d year of his age. 

• Giles Landon is thought to have been descended from Nathan Landon, who was born about 1664, and cmigmtcd to this country: 
— residing in Soulhold, L. I., in 1688. Some of his descendants settled in Litchfield, Ct. Giles and Abiguil (Loomis) Landon had 
four children besides Anna;— Abigail, John, and others. Abigail Loomis was bom, probably, 27 Nov. 1758, and daughter of Joel Loomis, 
of Windsor, Ct. She died in 1704. 


His influence in introducing and building up Homeopath}- in Central and Western New York 
was wide-Spread and potent. He supplied the deficiency of many of the practitioners of the school 
in that day, — a comprehensive knowledge of the literature and practice of both schools, an experi- 
ence of nearly forty years, a brilliant professional record, and a commanding personal appearance, 
and forensic talents of a high order, and these were fully consecrated to the promotion of the 
cause which had commanded his convictions, his judgment, and his heart. 

He was a man of resources, possessing great versatility of talent, never annoyed or muddled, 
however many things or subjects he had on hand. He was always a great reader, the first in 
everything, acquainted with all subjects, and an authority in all that was new, recondite, or out 
of the every-day lines of thought. As early as 1830, he called attention to the then new disease. 
Cholera, in an address to the Cayuga County ^Medical Societv, which was published and widely 
circulated, in which he traced its march and predicted its appearance in Western Europe and in 
this country. 

A man of fine personal appearance, six feet two in height, and weighing over two hundred 
pounds, of engaging manners, and polished address, a fine conversationalist and ready speaker, 
he was one whose presence and address would naturally command attention in any assembly. 
He was scrupulously neat, almost fastidious, in dress and equipage; and as faultless in expression 
and language. 

He was too versatile and visionary to succeed in making large accumulations, though he 
always maintained his reputable position and honestly paid his debts. In his later years his 
younger son. Dr. Frederick Humphreys, was in practice with him and had often occasion to 
admire his great fertility of resources, coolness and wisdom in emergencies. 

2638. I. Lai-r.\ Ann, 7 b. 17 May, 1806, Canton, Ct. ; died at Auburn. X. V., 20 July, 1828, 

a-. 22 years. She was unmarried. 

2639. II. Julius," b. 30 Mch., 1808, Canton, Ct. : married Eliza Ann L;ithrop. Family 38G. 

2640. III. GuY,7 b. 31 Mch., 1810, Marcellus, N. Y. ; was lost at sea, with the brig Panama, 

Captain Peters, of which Silas E. Burrows, of New York, was the owner. The 
brig left New York, November 4th, 1830, and was spoken in the Straits of Magellan, 
December, 1830; — was never afterward heard from. 

2641. IV. Erastus,? b. 9 Apr., 1812, IMarcellus, N. Y. ; died there, 25 Aug., 1813, a;, i year, 

and 4 months. 

2642. V. George,' b. 15 Mch., 1814, Marcellus, N. Y. ; married Lucia Williams Grosvenor. 

Fajiily 387. 

2643. \'I. Frederick,' b. 11 Mch., 1816, Marcellus, N. Y. ; m. (i) Cornelia Palmer; m. (2) 

Frances Maria Sperry. Family 388. 

2644. VII. Martha Adeline,' 1 \ died at Auburn, N. Y., 23 

Sept., 1842, K. 22 years. 
- b. 30 Nov., 181 9, Marcellus, N. Y, ; - She was unmarried. 

died there, 26 Mch., 1820. 

2645. VIII. :\lAKy Angeline,' | [ a\ 4 months. 

2646. IX. Makv Angeline,' b. 12 Nov., 1821, Marcellus, N. Y. ; died in Nashville, Tenn., 

25 Sept., 1840, x. 18 years. She was married by the Rev. Dr. Wheat, at 
Nashville, Tenn., 27 May, 1840, to Elijah Morton. 

2647. X. Chloe Cornelia,' b. 10 Oct., 1823, Auburn, N. Y. ; died at Benicia, Cal., 9 Nov., 

1861, £e. 38 years. She was married by the Rev. Pierre Alexis Proal, D. 1).. in 
Trinity Church, Utica, N. Y., 28 Sept., 1848, to Charles Wesley Hayden, uf 


Rome, N. Y., then residing in New York Cily. They removed from thence to 
Benicia, California. After the death of his wife Mr. Hayden settled in Georgetown, 
D. C, where he was residing in 1884. Children: 

2648. i. Charles Humphreys,* b. 4 July, 1849, Utica, N. Y.; died at Georgetown, D. C, 23 July, 

1882, a-. 33 years. 

2649. "• Laura Beuicia,* b. 23 Sept. 1852, Benicia, Cal.; married, at Georgetown, D. C, 19 Sept. 

1S77, John S. C. Baileyi Esq., of Rome, N. V. He is a lawyer, practicing in New 
York City, and resides (Oct. 1884) at Bloomfield, N. J. Children: (i) Grace Hayden' 
(Bailey), b. 17 Sept. 1878; (2) John S. C (Bailey), b. 22 Mch. 1880; (3) Alexander 
Hamilton ' (Bailey), b. 2 May, 1882. 

2650. iii. Cornelia Esther.^ b. 18 Aug. 1855, San Francisco, Cal.; died there, 22 Nov. 1855, 

a.'. 3 months. 

2651. iv. Henry Cooke,* b. 30 Nov. 1856, San Francisco, Cal.; married, at Poncho Springs, 

Colorado, in January, 1882, Mollie Fowler. Res. (1884) Brooklyn, N. Y. 

2652. V. Ella Dora,» b. 22 Nov. 1858, Benicia, Cal.; died in San Francisco, Cal., 28 Nov. 1861, 

se. 3 years. 

2653. vi. Daughter ,» b. 29 June, i860, Benicia, Cal.; died there, 13 .\ug. i860, x. i month. 

2654. XL Helen IMar,^ b. 23 Mch., 1826, Auburn, N. Y. ; died at Rome, N. Y., 23 Apr., 

1 88 1, oe. 55 years. She was married by the Rev. Pierre Ale.xis Proal, D. D., in 
Trinity Church, Utica, N. Y., 6 Apr., 1846, to Henry Hayden, Esq., b. 9 Apr., 
1817, Rome, N. Y. ; died there, 3 Dec, 1870, £e. 53 years. He was one of the 
active business men of that city until a year or two previous to his death, when de- 
clining health induced him to seek retirement. When country stores were fashionable 
there, he had a flourishing business. In later years, he was successfully engaged 
in the grocery and provision trade, with the exception of two years in the hard- 
ware business. He was agent for several prominent insurance companies for some 
twenty years. Mr. Hayden was a life-long Democrat. He was not an office- 
seeker, but the party placed him in several positions of public trust, which he 
filled acceptably. Children (born at Rome, N. F.J: 

2655. i. Anna Landon,* b. 14 Jan. 1847; res. (1884} Rome, N. Y. 

2656. ii. Adalyn Esther,* b. 28 Nov. 1849; res. (1884) Rome, N. Y. 

2657. iii. George Morton,* b. II Dec. 1853; died at Rome, N. Y., 17 July, 1878, x. 24 years. 

2658. iv. Frederick Henry,* b. 28 May, 1855; res. (1884) Durango, Colorado. 

2659. V. Henry D. Cooke,* b. 27 Aug. 1864; res. (1884) Rome, N. Y. 

2660. Xn. Laura Serena,' b. 6 Sept., 1830, Auburn, N. Y. ; was married by the Rev. Pierre 

Alexis Proal, D. D., in Trinity Church, Utica, N. Y., Tuesday evening, 21 Aug., 
1849. to Hon. Henry David (youngest son of Hon. Eleutheros and Martha) 
Cooke, of Sandusky, O., where he was born 23 Nov., 1825. 

The limits of these sketches cannot do justice to his varied and distinguished 
career, nor to his eminent capacity and character. The country will recognize 
the man and its obligations to his genius in the brother of Jay Cooke, of Phila- 
delphia, and an enthusiastic and patriotic member of the firm of Jay Cooke & Co. 
in their advocacy and support of the finances of our government during our late 
war of the Rebellion. He graduated with the first honors, at Transylvania L^ni- 
versity, Kentucky, in 1844; pursued the study of law in Philadelphia till 1846-7. 
when, his health becoming impaired by application, he accepted positions as 
attache to the U. S. Consulate at Valparaiso, Chili, and correspondent to several 
leading public journals. On the voyage, the vessel was disabled and driven into 


St. Thomas, where he remained a month, and from a suggestion of Hon. David 
Naar, our commercial agent there, he conceived and developed, and presented in 
his journalistic correspondence, and in Official Reports of the Consular Office to 
Government, the plan of the Chagres route to the Pacific Coast, in pursuance of 
which Mr. Polk, in his ne.xt presidential message, made favorable mention of the 
same; and in about two years the Aspinwall Pacific Mail Steamship Company 
was in operation. 

Mr. H. D. Cooke subsequently engaged successfully in the California trade, 
and, in the schooner Kamahamaha, took out the first register ever issued to an 
American vessel on the Pacific Coast. Afterward, having lost his large property 
by the great fires of San Francisco, he again cheerfully began at the foundation, 
accepting the financial and editorial management of Hon. Morton McMichael's 
newspaper, the North American and United States Gazette, and later, of the 
Sandusky Register, and then the editorial and entire control of the Ohio Slate 
Journal, a leading Republican organ of the West. During his journalistic relations, 
he was deeply interested in railroad enterprises, and in the success of his political 
party, of which he was Presidential Elector for General Fremont. After this 
he was binder for Congress at Washington. In 1861, he accepted a position in 
the banking house of Jay Cooke & Co., assuming the control of the Washington 
Branch, and as President of the first National Bank at Washington, from which 
time, at home and abroad, in energ)-, in patriotism, and in devotion to the 
noble and benevolent enterprises of humanity and Christianity, within his sphere, 
he made his influence felt by society, and the nation; and his character and 
career may be presented for emulation as the pattern of a Christian gentleman. 
He occupied various municipal and official positions with great credit and' popu- 
larity, and his appointment to the chair of Governor of the District of Columbia, 
by General Grant, was at once a tribute to his deserved popularity and his eminent 
and varied abilities. He was the pioneer and leader in the grand development 
of Washington City during the period when it emerged from an unpaved, muddy, 
hilly and unkempt town of magnificent pretensions, to the most beautiful city of 
the Western world. His fine taste and far-reaching views, his social and, subse- 
quently, his official position as the Governor of the District, enabled him to accept 
the suggestions and direct the energies of others to the best advantage, while his 
unsullied integrity and devoted patriotism claimed the admiration of all. The 
debt which the city owes to his untiring efforts in its behalf, in planning its im- 
provements, combating the prejudices of the croakers, struggling with its finances, 
laboring with Senators and Representatives in its behalf, and in numberless ways 
by pen, purse and person, can never be appreciated or repaid. He died in 
Georgetown, D. C, Thursday morning, February 24th, 18S1, at the age of 55 years. 
Mrs. Cooke shared the honors and successes of her husband, and filled her 
position of influence with the native gentleness and grace of her character, illus- 
trating in her exalted domestic and social aims, and in her munificent benefactions, 
the impotence of wealth to stultify or pervert true worth. She res. (18S4) 
No. I Cooke Place, Georgetown, D. C. Children: 

i. Ilemy \).-, b. 16 July, 1850, i:tica, N. V.; manial by the Rev. A. I!. Atkins, 
in St. John's Church, Cieorgetown, U. C, 4 June, 1873, to Ann.i IIowcll (yomitjest 
<lau. of Alexander Hamilton and Anna Howell) Dodge, who was born in C'icorgctown, 
D. C. lie resides (1884) on Georgetown Heights, and has a banking house, Henry 
1). Cooke & Co., in Washington, D. C. C/iUJnn (born in Gcorgdmi'n, D. C): 


(I) Alexander Hamilton,' b. I Nov. 1875; (2) Laura Humphreys,^ li. 20 Oct. 1S77; 
(3) Henry D.', b. 21 Sept. 1879. 

2662. ii. Lizzie Dora," b. 11 Feb. 1852, Utica, N. Y.; died at Sandusky, O., Thursday morning, 

19 Aug. 1852, X. 6 months. 

2663. iii. Kate Moorhead," b. 29 Aug. 1853, Sandusky, O.; was married by the Rev. J. J. Joyce, 

in St. John's Church, Georgetown, D. C, 19 Feb. 1879, to John Rose Fitz Hugh (son 
of Dr. Hezekiah and Mary Eliza) Magruder, who was bom in Georgetown, D. C., 
where his parents resided for many years. They both belonged to old Virginia fam- 
ilies. Mr. Magruder went in early life to New Mexico, where he became interested in 
copper and silver mining. Since that time he has there, and in Colorado and old 
Mexico, been engaged in buying and selling mines. His life has been a very eventful 
one. He was once captured by the Indians, and only two years since w-as one of two, 
out of a party of eight, who escaped an Indian massacre. Res. (1884) in New Mexico. 

2664. iv. Lieut. George Frederick,' U. S. A., b. 3 May, 1856, Sandusky, O.; is (1S84) First 

Lieutenant of Company 1>, 15th Reg. Infantry, U. S. A., and stationed at Fort Pem- 
bina, Dakota. 

2665. v. Pitt," b. 16 June, 1857, Sandusky, O.; was married by the Rev. John Lindsay, D. D., 

in St. John's Church, Georgetown, D. C, 28 Apr. 18S1, to Helen Maria (eldest dau. 
of Commodore Summerville and Hannah M.) Nicholson, who was born in Washington, 
D. C. Her parents res. (1884) at Georgetown, D. C. Mr. Cooke is at present engaged 
in the construction of a coast line canal from St. Augustine, Florida, to the Indian 
river, — an enterprise which he is carrying out in connection with his brothers, Henry 
D. and Jay Cooke. Res. (1884) Georgetown, D. C. Children (born in Gc-orgetown, 
D. C): (I) Mary Blake," b. 3 Feb. 1882; (2) Helen Nicholson,' b. 11 Nov. 1883. 

2666. vi. Jay,s b. 21 May, 1861, Columbus, O.; was married by the Rev. John Lindsay, D. 1)., 

assisted by the Rev. William Leawell, in St. Mark's Church, Berkeley Springs, West 
Virginia, 17 Oct. 1882, to Helen Barton (youngest dau. of Robert Hamilton and Eliza 
Lytle) Campbell, who was born in Philadelphia, Pa. He is a broker in Washington, 
D. C, and res. (1884) No. 1719 De Sales St., in that city. 

2667. vii. Guy, 8 b. 31 July, 1870, Georgetown, D. C; died there, Tuesday morning, 14 Feb. 1871, 

X. 6 months. 

2668. viii. Eleutheros Hugh," b. 26 Dec. 1871, Georgetown, D. C. 

2669. ix. Humphreys Karl," b. 28 Sept. 1S73, Berne, Switzerland. 

FAMILY 189. 

2670. Hiram "^ Humphreys, [1208J (Cupl. Asher,^ Esq. Oliver,'' Jonathans' I.icul. 
Samuel,^ Michael,') was burn 12 July, 1794, in West Simsbury (now Canton), Ct. He married, 
in Williamsfield, O., 16 Mch., 1820, Deborah Veils (dau. of Zopher and Anna Randall) Case, of 
Kinsman, Ashtabula Co., O., b. 3 Apr., 1802, Williamsfield, O. He died in Mineral, Bureau Co., 
111., 19 Apr., 1874, a;. 80 years; was buried in Sheffield, 111. His widow res. (1883) Mineral, 111. 

2671. I. Hiram Franklin," b. 16 Mch., 1S21; died in Ohio, :e. about i year. 

2672. II. Phebe Emeline,' b. 6 INIav, 1S22, Williamsburgh, O. ; married Kdwin Steele' 

Humphrey, [Family 84, J.''] 

2673. Ill- Hiram Franklin,' b. 18 Dec, 1825; married Martha Becker. Family 389. 

2674. IN'- Sarah Elvira," b. 15 Sept., 1828, in Ohio; died of dropsy, 19 Aug., 1883, and 

was buried in the Squires Grave-yard, at ^Mineral, 111. This was the first death 
which occurred amongst the children of Hiram '^ Humphreys for a period of over 
sixty years. She married, at Mineral, 111., i Mch., 1854, Cyrus Wilson (son of 
Paul and Elizabeth Loughery) Riley, b. 10 Apr., 1830, in Licking County, O. 
Farmer. He res. (1883) four miles south of Mineral, and si.x miles south-west of 
Sheffield, 111., which is his Post Office. Children: 

2675. '• Melvin Perry.s born in February, 1856. 

2676. ii. Deborah Elizabeth,* born in Au!»ust, 1858. 

2677. iii. Thomas Wilson,* b. 15 Feb. i860. 

2678. iv. Charles William.s b. 10 Feb. i86i. 
2679 V. Sarah Emeline,* b. 9 Jan. 1863. 

2680. vi. Hiram Franklin,* b. 30 June, 186S. 

2681. vii. Cyrus Le\vis,8 b. 12 Apr. 1S76. 

2682. V. ZoPHER Philemon, 7 b. 13 Oct., 1831; married Mary Marilla Case. Family 390. 

2683. VI. Deborah Louisa,' b. 20 Jan., 1835, in Michigan; married, at INIineral, 111., 14 Dec, 

1854, William (son of Enos* and Polly Carpenter) Campbell, b. 13 Apr., 1826, 
in Crawford County, Ind. Farmer. Res. (1883) near ]\Iineral, 111.; P. O. address, 
Sheffield, 111. Children (born near Sheffield, III., excepting the fifth): 

2684. i. James Edwin,* b. 23 Dec. 1855; died near Sheffield, 111.. 23 Oct. 1857, ;e. i year, and 

10 months. 

2685. ii. Hiram Franklin,* b. 10 Apr. 1857. 

2686. iii. Mary Louisa,* b. 14 May, 1858. 
26S7. iv. Phebe Emeline,* b. 3 Apr. i860. 

2688. V. Anna Laura,* b. 3 Feb. 1864, Marysville, California. 

2689. vi. William Madison,* b. 14 Feb. 1867. 

2690. vii. Frederick Philemon,* I3. 14 Apr. 1S69. 
viii. Clifford Cyrus,* b. 25 July, 1875; died in Mineral, III., 29 July, 1S79, a-. 4 years. 

ix. Cora Lee,* b. 6 June, 1877. 

Henry Perry,? b. 20 Oct., 1837; married Elizabeth Ann Fi.sher. Family 391. 

Chloe Anna," b. 4 Apr., 1842, in Kentucky; married (1) at Mineral. 111., 17 Sept., 
1859, Alexander Dunlap (son of Gilbert Ellsworth and Martha Wright) Case, of 
Kinsman, Ashtabula County, O. He was a brother of Mary INIarilla Case, wife 
of Zopher P. Humphrey. She married (2) Gilbert Ellsworth Case, born in Ohio, 
and brother of her first husband. Farmer. Res. (1883) near ^Mineral, 111.; 
P. O. address, Sheffield, III. Children (by isl marriage): 

2695. i. Charles Edwin,* b. 27 Dec. 1S62: died in Mineral, 111., 26 Dec. 1864, a. 2 years. 
(By 2d marriage): 

2696. ii. Goldic May,* b. 12 .Sept. 1878. 

2697. iii. Minnie Inez," b. 23 Nov. 1880. 

2698 IX. Frederick (iusTAVus,? b. 6 Nov.. 1845, in Kentucky; married, in .^hcflieUl, 111., 
27 Feb., 1881, Kate (dau. of Simon aftd Bridget Ward) ISirney. of Mineral, 111., 
b. 8 May, 1857, Hennepin, Putnam Co., 111. Farmer. Res. (18S3) midway be- 
tween Sheffield and IVIineral, III.; P. O. address, Sheffield, 111. 

2699. X. Charles Edwin, ? I1. 27 Sept., 1S47; married Lydia Fellows. Family 392. 

» linos Campbell was from Nurllj t:.iroliiKi, :iml liis witi:, I'olly Carpcmur, from Virginia. 













FAMILY 190. 

2700. Harry*" Humphreys, [1210] (Capt. Asher,' Esq. OUver,'' Jonathan,' Lieut. Samuel,- 
Michael,') was born 12 March, 1799, in West Simsbury, Ct. He married Ellen M. (dau. of John 
Henry) Baxter, of New York City, b. 20 Jan., 1824. On account of ill health, he was obliged 
to follow the sea. He occupied a responsible but subordinate position on shipboard; had a 
genial, happy disposition; was a good business man of large intelligence and activity, always 
winning the confidence and commanding the respect of his associates and acquaintances. He died 
of yellow fever, as his vessel entered the harbor of New York, 30 Sept., 1848, at the age of 49 years. 

Children : 
2701. I. James Henry,? b. 3 June, 184 1; died in July, 1876, x. 35 years. 

Charles Mills,' b. 4 July, 1844; is living in the far West, — residence unknown. 

George Frederick, ' b. 25 Nov., 1847; resides (1884) in Williamsburgh, N. V. 

Mary Ellen,' b. 29 May, 1849; married, 24 May, 1875, Lieut. William Clinton 
Wise, of the United States Navy. He was for some years first oflicer of the 
U. S. Steamer Tennessee; is now (1884) in command of the U. S. Steamer Ports- 
mouth. Children: 

2705. i. Nellie Virginia,* born in M.irch, 1878. 

2706. ii. William Clinton," born in June, 1SS3. 

FAMILY 191. 

2707. Truman*" Humphreys, [1213] (Capt. Asher,^ Esq. Oliver.^ Jmiathan,^ Lirut. 
Samuel,'^ Michael,' ) was born 14 July, 1805, in West Simsbury, Ct. He married, in Burlington, 
Ct., 24 Apr., 1834, Hannah Birge (dau. of Joshua and Adah Upson) Phelps, of Burlington, Ct., 
born in that town, 22 Sept., 18 10. They settled in Grant County, Ky., in 1834; removed to 
Crawfordsville, Ind. , and from thence, in 1842, to Elmwood, Peoria County, III., where he resided 
until his death, which occurred 24 Mch., 1877, in his 72d year. Mr. Humphreys was active and 
enterprising; was for many years occupied in trading extensively in the Southern States, and after- 
ward in farming, merchandising, and in other branches of business; was at one time largely 
engaged in importing and breeding the French Merino sheep. Mrs. Humphreys' P. O. address 
is (1884) Elmwood, Peoria Co., 111. 

2708. I. Mary Angeline,' b. 7 May, 1835, Williamstown, - Grant Co., Ky. ; graduated at 

Knox Seminar}-, Galesburgh, 111., in 1857. She married, at the West Twenty- 
third Street Presbyterian Church, New York Cit}-, 10 May, 1859, Rev. James 
Dunham (son of Nehemiah and Susanna Bryan) Wyckoff, of Farmington, 111., 
b. II Sept., 1832, Ashland, Ohio. He graduated, in June, 1856, at Knox College, 
Galesburgh, 111., and May 9th, 1859, at the Union Theological Seminary, New 
York City; was licensed at Bloomington, 111., in May, 1859; ^"d ordained at 
Farnwngton, 111., in October, 1859. He was settled, June 25th, 1859, over the 
Congregational church at Rosefield, Peoria Co., 111., and IMarch ist, 1869, over 
the Congregational church at Roseville, Warren Co., 111. In 1884, he was em- 
ployed by the Home Missionary Society as a State Evangelist for Illinois; res. at 
Galesburgh, III. Children: 

2^0^. i. Edwin Dunliam," b. 2 .\usj. i860, Farniinijton, 111.; was olucatcd al Kiuiv Colk-i;!', 111.; 

made nnisic a specialty and, in 1884, was organist ami chorister in llic CongrC!,'atii>nal 
church at Peoria, 111. 

Charles Truman,'- b. l6 Oct. 1861, Farmiiigton, 111. He has engaged in several oratori 
cal contests, delivering a piece entitled "Jmlas Iscariot "— the first time at Knox College, 
for which he was awarded a prize of twenty dollars. This made him the representative 
of the College in the State contest held at Rockford, 111., where nine colleges of Illinois 
took a part. There he was again victorious, winning the prize of seventy-five dollars. 
He thus became the representative in the Inter-State contest held at Iowa City, — Ohio, 
Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Kansas participating. He received 
the first prize of seventy-five dollars, and this gave to Knox and himself the champion- 
ship over seven States, which is quite an honor. At the request of the Faculty he 
delivered his prize oration on Commencement day, in 1S84. 

Helen Grace.s ) 

}b. 28 Dec. 1862, Elmwood, 111. 
Ellen Gertrude,* 

v. Mary Lincoln,* b. 16 Apr. 1865, Elmwood, 111. 

vi. William Nehemiah,» b. 22 Feb. 1867, Elmwood, 111. 
vii. Olivia Susan,8 b. 5 Mch. 1875, Roseville, 111. 
viii. James Luther,* b. 8 Dec. 1881, Galesburgh, III. 

2717. II. Leander Phelps,' b. 4 May, 1837, Williamstown, Ky. ; died at Carthage, Ohio, 13 

Aug., 1838, Be. I year. 

2718. III. Leander Phelps,' b. 27 Dec, 1S39, near Crawfordsville, Indiana; died near Elmwood, 

111., 15 Feb., 1852, ce. 12 years. 

2719. IV. Maria Ada,' b. 9 May, 1843. Elmwood, 111.; married there, 8 Oct., 1866, Henry 

Thomas Dunlap, of Henderson, 111., born about 1840, near Abingdon, Kno.x 
Count}-, 111. He owns a farm near Sterling, Rice Co., Kansas, which he rents, 
living in town and being engaged in the commission business (1S84). Children: 

2720. i. William Warren, s b. 30 June, 1S67, Galesburgh, III. 

2721. ii. Andrew Humphreys,* b. 22 Sept. 1869, Galesburgh, 111. 

2722. iii. Mary Llannah,* b. 14 Sept. 1871. 

2723. iv. Florence Ella," b. 13 Feb. 1875. 

2724. V. Tacitus Truman,' b. 29 Aug., 1846, Elmwood, 111.; d. 14 Aug., 1864, re. 18 j-ears. 

He enlisted for one hundred da)-s, at Elmwood, and was mustered into service, 
31 May, 1864, by Captain Pomeroy, at Chicago; was a member of Company D, 
I32d Reg. 111. Vols. His regiment, after guarding Rebel soldiers at Chicago, was 
sent to Paducah, Ky., where he was taken sick, owing to hard marches and 
exposure. He afterward returned to his home at Elmwood. on furlough, and 
there died. 

2725. VI. Hubert Asher,' b. 14 Nov., 1849, Elmwood, 111.; d. i July, 1873, =*'■ 23 years: 

married Ellen Betsey Wells. Family 303. 

2726. VII. William Joshua,' b. 19 May, 1855, Elmwood, 111.; married Julia Anna Band}-. 

Family 394. 

FAMILY 192. 

2727. Horace' Humphrey, f'215] (Solomon,^ Solnmon,^ Jonathan.'^ Lieut. Samuel," 

Mic/uic/,' I was born 2 Aug., 1773, in West Simsbury, Ct. He married (i) : married 

(2) . It is thought that he removeti to Prattsburgh, Steuben Co., New York, and died 

there, about 1855. 

(Cliililren, whose names have nut been ascertained. 

/^ e t yviy\^ y^ M'-<' 

FAMILY 193. 

2728. Solomon" Humphrey, [1216] (Sulomo>i,'= Solomon,'^ /o7ialha>!,i Lieut. Samuel,- 
Michael,\i was born 23 Sept., 1775, in West Simsbury, Ct. He married Ursula Andrews. He 
is said to have died in the State of New York, in February, 1835.* 

[Children, whose records have not been obtained.] , 

FAMILY 194. 

2729. Rev. Heman^ Humphrey, D. D., [1217] (Solomon,^ Sokmon,* Jonathan,^' Lkut. 
Samuel,^ Michael,^) was born 26 March, 1779, in West Simsbury (now Canton), Ct. His father, 
Solomon Humphrey, was a farmer, and is described as "a man of good common school education, 
of more than ordinary taste for reading, of good common sense and unblemished reputation; 
— temperate, industrious and frugal." He was married twice, and Heman was the oldest child of 
his second wife, Hannah Brown, the daughter of Captain John Brown, of West Simsbury, Ct., 
who died in the service of his country during the war of the Revolution. He was the grandfather 
of the renowned John Brown, of Osawatomie.-f 

Heman Humphrey's mother is represented as a woman of uncommon mental capacity, who 
did what she could for the education of her children, in those days when the books upon the 
shelf at home would hardly number a half-dozen besides the Bible, Assembly's Catechism, and 
Dihvorth's Spelling-Book; and those furnished by the district schools added but very few to the list. 
When Heman was about si.x years old his father removed to Burlington, Ct., where three 
years later the lad attended his first school, which was taught by a farmer in the neighborhood. 
At this time we also often find him bending with eager interest, by the light of pine torches or 
of the kitchen fire, over such books as Robinson Crusoe or the Pilgrim's Progress, furnished him 
from the small library collected by the pastor of the parish; or we see him watching impatiently 
for the post-rider who brought the weekly Hart/ord Courant. This was a very small sheet in those 
days, but the only newspaper that found its way into that retired region, apd no word it con- 
tained escaped the eye of the boy, hungry for wider knowledge than his restricted life aflxirded. 
From this time, during several years, his summers were occupied either on his father's farm 
or that of a neighbor, while in the winter he attended the district school. One of these summers 
was spent upon the farm and in the family of Gov. Treadweil, of Farmington, Ct. , and in allusion 
to this time he says, "I can never be sufficiently thankful for the kind Providence which gave me 
a home in this inestimable family." It was his habit during these seasons of labor to improve in 
study all the time that was his own, while the cattle were "baiting at the noon-spell." He used 
the cart for a shade and the "hind-board" for a desk. At the age of si.\teen he made his first 
attempt at school-teaching, and for several years spent the intervals between the summers of farm 
life in this occupation. 

In considering those early surroundings, which were most powerful in their effect upon his 
character and future course, we should not fail to recognize the decidedly religious character of 
his home. It is thus described: "The influence and savor of Christianity were always in the 
household where Mr. Humphrey was nurtured. His father and mother had both been trained in 
the atmosphere of Puritanism. Daily the father ministered at the family altar. All the outward 
observances of Christianity were rigidly enforced. The sunset of Saturday was the hither bound 
of 'holy time.' Then work ceased, and all were enjoined to lay aside worldly cares, and compose 
themselves for the worship of the following day. All were required to attend public worship with 
the strictest regularity, and the catechising of the afternoon made a Sunday School of the family." 

* 1830, ace. to Judge H. H. Barbour, [Fam. 67 (1229), S.] He died in Western Missouri, ace. to one record, 
t See Family iS U=4). S. 


But, though the bo}' Heman was, by nature and training, reverent and conscientious in his 
attention to these external observances, it was not until the winter of his twentieth year, during a 
powerful revival under the preaching of Rev. Dr. Griffin, then settled in New Hartford, that his 
religious impressions deepened into the personal experience which he recognized as his conversion. 
It was such an experience as was the natural result of the yielding of his strong and earnest 
nature to the power of pungent and searching doctrinal truths, such as were presented in that 
day both from the pulpit and in personal appeals. In allusion to this period of his life he says : 
"If I was then born again, I was born a Calvinist; 'Not of flesh and blood, nor of the will of 
man, but of God, who hath mercy on whom he will have mercy.' I then fully embraced the 
doctrines of the Shorter Catechism, from which I never swerved." Yet though " the strong decrees " 
ever remained to him a bulwark and defense, it is equally true that faith in God's dear Son as 
the Saviour of the world was the vital element which inspired his faith, his preaching ,and his life. 

When he was twenty years old, encouraged by his pastor. Rev. Jonathan Miller, who also 
volunteered to give him some instruction, he determined to advance in his studies beyond the 
point he had previously thought of His biographer thus describes this attempt: "Two months 
in the harvest-field, then to study. Then teaching in the winter. Then once more to Latin; 
again to the harvest-field; and so the process went on in spite of enfeebled health, until, in the 
autumn of 1803, he passed successfully the examination which admitted him to the Junior class 
in Yale College." His earnest desire at this time was to prepare himself to become a minister of 
the Gospel. During the most of his college course he was obliged to replenish his purse by 
teaching, by assuming the duties of Librarian, and by other expedients, but his rank as a student 
was always good. He was diligent, also, with his pen, writing, among other things, articles for 
the New Haven papers over the signature of "Lictor," thrusting his manuscript under the Editor's 
door and hastily retreating. These articles attracted much attention from their ability, and much 
curiosity as to their authorship. In 1805, he was graduated with honor in a class of forty-two. 
Among his classmates were the distinguished Dr. Spring, long the almost unrivalled preacher and 
pastor of New York City, and Thomas H. Gallaudet, who introduced teaching the deaf and dumb 
into the country, and whose biography Dr. Humphrey wrote in after years. 

As there was no Theological Seminary in the country at that time, Mr. Humphrey, accord- 
ing to the custom of the day, studied for the ministry, with four or five other students, in one of 
the small "Schools of the Prophets," conducted by the Rev. Asahel Hooker, of Goshen, Ct. 
Theolog}' seems to have been almost literally the meat and the drink of the young divines, for in refer- 
ring to this time he says: "Some theological question was proposed for discussion at almost every 
meal. " Of the course pursued he says: "In these private schools there was no critical study of 
the original languages of the Scriptures. The period of study, which rarely extended over eighteen 
months, was almost wholly occupied in reading standard English theological authors, such as 
Hopkins, Bellamy, and, above all. President Edwards; also in writing disputations upon a long 
list of questions embracing the whole system of Christian doctrine, drawn from the Word of God, 
and embodied in the Westmimtter Assemhlys Catechism." 

If the truth thus sown though sound and vital was somewhat compact, it must in his case 
have fallen into productive soil, for we have, among many evidences of his theological ability as 
afterwards developed, this testimony from a distinguished New England clergyman: "When in- 
stalled (in 1826) over the church at Amherst College, Dr. Humphrey gave the Council his system 
of theology, w-hich for clearness, for conciseness, comprehensiveness and beauty, they declared 
they had never heard equalled." 

In October, 1806, he was licensed to preach by the Litchfield North Association. He thus 
describes his entrance upon the active iluties of the ministry: "With my license in my pocket, I 
purchased a horse, saddle, bridle and portmanteau, and was ready to enter the field, without 
knowing or conjecturing in what ci>rner of it I was to find emphnmenl. I was 'even with the 


world'; had paid all my bills, and had a few — very few — dollars left for contingent expenses." 
He had defrayed all the cost of his education without aid, excepting that some of his clothing 
had been furnished by his mother. He preached his first sermon at Cornwall, Ct., and before a 
meeting of ministers. A week or two later, he was requested to preach, as a candidate, in the 
Congregational church at Fairfield, Ct. ; and he was shortly after unanimously invited to become 
the pastor of that church and societ)-. When Mr. Humphrey found that the measure knoun as 
"The Half-Way Covenant "--which he regarded as most pernicious because "it gave church mem- 
bership to those who made no pretensions to personal holiness"— had gained a strong footing in 
the Fairfield church, he frankly told the leading members of the parish that he could not accept 
the position as their pastor on such a basis. It was a strong proof of their confidence in the 
young minister and of the earnestness of their desire to secure his services, that they authorized 
him to prepare a Confession of Faith, embracing all the leading orthodox doctrines, doing away 
entirely with the Half-Way Covenant; and that this ecclesiastical basis was adopted unanimously 
in a meeting of the church previous to his ordination, which took place March i6th, 1807. 

The burning of the town of Fairfield during the Revolutionary war (commemorated else- 
where in this work in the poem by General David Humphreys,*) had swept away the old church 
and parsonage. Owing to the poverty of the people they were obliged, in rebuilding these, as 
well as their own houses, to adopt the plainest style consistent with comfort. At the time of 
Mr. Humphrey's settlement among them, enterprise and progress were at a low ebb, and the 
parish was small. Throughout the ten years of his ministry his zeal and labors for the temporal 
and spiritual welfare of the people were untiring. About a year after his settlement Roger Minot 
Sherman came to live in Fairfield, and was ever after a warm friend and an important helper to 
him in his work. 

On the 20th of April, 1808, Mr. Humphrey was married, in Farmington, Ct., by Rev. 
Noah Porter, the brother of the bride, to Sophia Porter, only daughter and youngest child of 
Deacon Noah and Rachel (Merrill) Porter, of Farmington. The family to which she belonged has 
had its abode through successive generations, since 1652, in Farmington Valley. There were three 
sons in the immediate family of Sophia Porter. The oldest was Robert, who was a missionary, 
teacher and preacher in Central New York, as early as 1801, when that part of the State was 
mostly a wilderness. He was also principal of the Oneida Academy at Clinton, N. Y., out of 
which Hamilton College grew. The second son was Edward, who was a teacher and preacher in 
Connecticut; and the third son was Noah, who was the honored and influential pastor of the 
Farmington church for more than sixty years. It was at his house that the first meeting of the 
American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions was held, September loth, 1810. There 
were five members of the committee for organization, previously appointed at Bradford, present : 
Governor Treadwell (the chairman), Samuel Spring, Jonathan Lyman, Samuel Worcester, and 
Calvin Chapin. ISIr. Porter received the committee at his house, by special request of Governor 
Treadwell, and was present at their deliberations. In alluding to it he saj'S that the Board had 
hardly gone from his house when his aged father, who was living with him at the time, pledged 
himself to give five hundred dollars to the new enterprise, though this was probably a fourth or 
fifth of all that he possessed. One of Noah Porter's sons, Noah, is well known as a distinguished 
metaphysician, and as President, fur many years, of Yale College, while others of the family fill 
honored and responsible positions. 

Sophia Porter, who became the wife of Heman Humphrey, was born in Farmington, Ct. , 
December 27th, 1785. She is described as attractive in person, with a gentle dignity and grace 
of manner, and as expressing in her countenance the loveliness and nobility of character which 
distinguished her. She was a woman of transparent sincerity, of warm and tender affections, and 


a generosity of nature which manifested itself not only in ceaseless devotion to her family, but 
overflowed for the good of all with whom she came in contact. She had an unusual capacity 
for distinguishing between the false and the true, between the substantial and the superficial. 
Her mind w^as vigorous and well-balanced, and she was educated in the best schools of her day. 
In the varied duties which devolved upon her, as the mother of ten children, and as a parish min- 
ister's w-ife, in the impulse she gave to the best social, benevolent and religious enterprises, in the 
free and almost unbounded hospitality she exercised, as the head of the President's household, as 
the friend of poor divinity students, whose raiment she often repaired with her own fingers while 
she encouraged them in their efforts to secure an education, in every act of her life she manifested 
her desire to honor God, and to be of use to all whom she could reach. No wife was ever loved 
more truly; no children ever more revered a mother, before whom it was a delight to rise up 
and call her blessed. 

During the period of Mr. Humphrey's ministry in Fairfield special attention was awakened 
in New England to the danger arising from the tide of intemperance which was sweeping over 
the land. It was at this time that he assisted in the organization of what was called the "Con- 
necticut Moral Society." Its object was to secure a better observance of the Sabbath, to check 
intemperance and to encourage whatever would promote good morals. Mr. Humphrey's biographer* 
says of him : " He was one of the earliest and most vigorous pioneers of the temperance movement. 
He assailed the evil with his wonted fearlessness, and, in the winter of 1811-12, preached several 
sermons to his congregation on the subject, filled with strong arguments and glowing appeals. 
His fervid words were not without effect. They were repeated in other places. The subject was 
brought before the Fairfield West Association, with which I\Ir. H"umphrey's church was connected. 
Resolutions were adopted by which the use of spirituous liquors was prohibited at meetings of 
the ministerial association, and pledges were made to discourage, by word and by example, both 
the use and the sale of ardent spirits." In referring to this movement, Mr. Humphrey says: "The 
reports of ministers and delegates at the next annual meeting were exceedingly encouraging. It 
appeared that a great change had been produced in the views and habits of all the more enlight- 
ened classes throughout the district. In some churches and congregations the consumption of 
ardent spirits had been reduced one third, in others, one half, and in others, more than half. In 
nearly all the respectable families within our limits, the decanters and glasses had been swept 
from the sideboards; a great many of our church members and others had adopted the principle 
of total abstinence ; some of our largest farmers carried the principle successfully through haying 
and harvesting; all our ministers had entered heartily into the reformation; and I am confident 
that from that day to this, embracing a period of twenty-two years, no ardent spirits have been 
provided at their stated meetings." 

At the end of ten years of happy and successful labor in Fairfield, the health of Mr. 
Humphrey yielded under the pressure of his work. His salary, also, of six hundred dollars, 
which was at first sufficient, became inadequate for the support of a growing family, as the war 
of 1 8 1 2 occasioned a rapid advance in the prices of the necessaries of life. At length he felt 
forced to request a dismission, and in the face of many protests from his people a meeting of the 
Consociation was called, and after a "full hearing" he was dismissed in May, 18 17. So great was the 
attachment of the people to him that, a few months after his removal, while he was considering 
invitations to serve other churches, he was strongly solicited to return and be resettled over the 
parish in Fairfield. In November of the same year he accepted a call from the Congregational 
church in Pittsfield, Mass., and was installed in his new ministry during that munth. "By the 
then existing laws of Massachusetts the whole population of each inwn was taxable for the sujijioit 
of the pastor excepting such as filed certificates setting forth lliat they belungeil ti) scmic uther 

» Rev. Z. M Humphrey, D. D. 



than the Congregational denomination. Thus the settlement of a pastor was a 'town-meeting 
affair.' Certain lands for his use were set apart b)' the township, and the salary was thus provided 
for by a sort of Puritanical union of Church and State. When Mr. Humphrey was called to take 
charge of the church and parish in Pittsfield, the terms in which the invitation was expressed 
reveal the transition then taking place from the old parish system to that of modern times. The 
change is indicated in the following e.xtract : 

'Voted, That in case the Rev. Heman Humphrey shall conclude to accept the invitation of 
the town to settle over them in the work of the Gospel ministry, they will, and do, hereby agree 
to grant him the sum of nine hundred dollars as his stated salary, so long as he shall continue 
their minister as aforesaid : provided that he shall relinquish to the town all claims that he may 
have to the ministry lands or property belonging to the town.'" 

When he was installed, the whole town of Pittsfield virtually formed his parish. The Con- 
gregational church, however, was in a very divided and critical condition. The church had been 
rent a few years previously by a political convulsion. After seven years of division in separate 
churches, and much bitterness of feeling and recrimination, there was found to be a strong and 
general disposition to reunite. Both pastors resigned, the two congregations came together under 
the old roof, and Mr. Humphrey was invited to undertake the task of promoting organic union. 
This was a difficult work to accomplish. Neighborhoods and families had been involved in the 
long standing and bitter quarrel which had disturbed the peace of the whole town. But under 
the judicious management of Mr. Humphrey, and by the exercise of the benevolent spirit, patient 
energy and M-ise counsels so characteristic of him, the old wounds were healed, the spirit of har- 
mony took the place of discord, and success crowned his labors both as preacher and pastor. 

As illustrating his skill and prudence in winning the disaffected or the indifferent, an 
instance is still repeated in that region of his conquering the heart of a farmer who had steadily 
refused to attend the Sunday services: — " By visiting him in his harvest-field, and, without a word 
of professional exhortation, engaging him in conversacion upon farming, and then taking his cradle 
and cutting a swath of grain as if he had been used only to a farmer's life all his days, Mr. 
Humphrey completely won the respect and admiration of his former opponent, who was known 
thereafter among his neighbors as 'the man whom the minister cradled into the meeting-house.'" 

As a writer and preacher Mr. Humphrey is thus described: "What is most observable in 
his early productions is an intense earnestness and a certain robust quality. The sweep of his 
sentences is like that of the arm which could reap an acre per day in the harvest-field. The 
thought is clear and the manner of expression forcible and vivid. By practice he gained rapid 
improvement, and soon became one of the most attractive preachers of the day. His voice was 
strong and mellow, and his delivery animated, often powerful. His eloquence was never stormy, 
but was frequently impassioned in a high degree. His strain was always dignified and lofty, and 
he would sacrifice nothing to effect. He would make use of effect only so far as it might aid 
him in promoting the triumphs of the Gospel. His ' Invocation ' in the Sanctuary was often as 
solemn as if he expected the departed glories of the Shekinah to burst again into the house of 
God. Though his preaching was in a great measure doctrinal yet he centered all his hopes and 
all the hope of the world upon the Cross. His presentation of truth was designed to promote 
an absolute dependence upon the Triune God as Sovereign, Sanctifier, and Redeemer. He was 
satisfied with nothing less than the rectification of the affections as well as of the will." 

Mr. Humphrey was wont, with devout thanksgivings, to refer whatever success attcniled 
his ministry in Pittsfield to the abundant revivals with which the town was blessed during his 
pastorate. The most remarkable of these occurred in 1S21, when the distinguished evangelist of 
that day, the Rev. Asahel Nettleton, D. D., assisted him in his arduous labors. He gives this 
account of its power: "The revival pervaded all classes, and extended to all parts of the town: 
but principally affected heads of families, and the prominent men of the village. The whole face 

of the community was changed. Religion was the all-absorbing topic of .conversation. The revival 
continued all summer. On the first Sabbath of November the harvest was gathered in to the 
church, and a glorious harvest it was. Between eighty and ninety, the rich and the poor, the 
high and the low, the old and the young, stood up together in the long aisle, and, before angels 
and men, avouched the Lord to be their God, and were received into the church. Never had 
such a scene been witnessed in Pittsfield. The joy of the church overflowed in tears and thanks- 
givings. I am sure there must have been great joy in Heaven." The converts of this revival and 
their children have been among the most faithful members of the church to the present day. The 
experience thus obtained confirmed in j\Ir. Humphrey's heart a love for revivals which he never lost. 
"Mr. Humphrey had at this time become identified with almost ever}- prominent organiza- 
tion of the day for the spread of the Gospel. He enjoyed the honor of preaching the sermon at 
the ordination of the first Missionaries of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign 
Missions to the Sandwich Islands, — Rev. Hiram Bingham and Rev. Asa Thurston. The service 
was held at Goshen, Ct., September 29th, 18 19. He was interested in Asylums and Retreats for 
the unfortunate. He sought the mitigation of unnecessary rigor in prisons and penitentiaries, and 
was alwaj's seeking the wisest and best way to relieve the poor and down-trodden. His sympathy 
for the slave was quick and strong. While recognizing the constitutional difiiculties which em- 
barrassed political action in the matter of American slavery he looked with favor upon all schemes 
which promised a gradual emancipation, and he strenuously opposed all extension of the area of 
slavery by governmental action. He was an earnest friend of colonization so long as that seemed 
to promise most for the relief of the slave." 

In 1823, Dr. Humphrey (who during this year received the degree of Doctor of Divinity 
from Middlebury College) was invited to assume the Presidency of the institution which now bears 
the honored name of Amherst College. He refers to this appointment as occasioning the most 
trying crisis of his pastoral life. His attachment to his people was most ardent, and so great 
was their love for him that when he proposed a council of his ministerial brethren to aid him in 
deciding the question of duty his congregation refused to unite with him in the measure, and he 
was forced to take the step alone. The Council advised him to accept the Presidency, and the 
pastoral bond was severed. 

There was little that could be alluring to an ease-loving nature or to a worldly ambition 
in the task which he now undertook. The Institution was in a rudimentary state. After several 
years of preparatory work it had developed into an Academy with an Act of Incorporation, with 
one Professorship, of Languages, and with a Charity Fund of fifty thousand dollars, designed to 
aid young men in their education who were preparing to enter the Christian ministrv. The work 
of raising up and establishing upon this foundation a new College, which should honorably com- 
pete with older Institutions and become a power for good in the world, was to be the real 
life-work of Dr. Humphrey, and he threw himself into it with his whole soul. "Year after year, 
time after time, saw him calmly asking the State to grant a Charter to the Institution. The 
opposition throughout the State to the establishment of a third college (Harvard and Williams 
being sustained by powerful friends,) had to be overcome. From local jealousies half the town of 
Amherst itself opposed the location, and voted against it. No pen could ever record the long 
conferences, the perplexed thoughts, the fearful apprehensions, the wearying vexations, which ex- 
cited the brain and wore on the nerves of one whose whole heart was given to this enterprise. " 
As we follow the history of the desperate struggle we find the petition for a Charter at Icnjjih 
prevailing in the Senate, but defeated in .the House. We find Dr. Humphrey gathering funds to 
meet the requirements of the Legislature. Then we meet him in contests with unscrupulous 
lawyers in whose hands the scales arc held. His wisdom and skill triumphed over chicanery, his 
patient ])crsistence surmounted unnumbered obstacles, and at length, in 1824. the Charter was 
obtained. But this was only one step gained, though a most important one. Buildings must be 


provided. Recitation rooms, a chapel, library and apparatus were all wanting. Slowly the walls 
went up as did the walls of Jerusalem under Nehemiah. Besides all the outside labors President 
Humphrey was carrying on, he was instructing the Senior Class in more than a half-dozen 
branches, and for two years after the chapel was completed, 1S27-2S, he supplied the pulpit 
regularly. In 1834, his health had become so impaired by incessant toil that friends urged his 
spending some months in Europe, and defrayed his expenses. This journey was of great service 
to him. After his return his official duties were less burdensome, and the College was furnished 
with a full corps of eminent professors. "He was at this time a systematic student, devoting 
much of his leisure to literary composition. He was a regular contributor to the religious 
journals of the day. His public addresses in the pulpit and on the platform were frequent. His 
voice became familiar at all the great centers of benevolent effort. The soundness of his judg- 
ment became as widely known as the mingled wisdom and eloquence of his lips, and far and 
near he was consulted in ecclesiastical matters." 

One of his most vigorous discourses was an address to the students of Amherst College, 
July 4th, 1828, the subject being "A Parallel betxyeen Intemperance and the Slave Trade." This 
address was printed, and gained a wide circulation. He delivered a discourse on "Indian Rights 
and our Duties," in 1829, which was occasioned by the forcible expulsion of the Indians from 
Georgia by a direct act of nullification, by the State, of treaties formed by the Federal Government. 
This address contained words of warning which in the light of to-day seem remarkably prophetic : 
"Do you tell me that there is no possible danger — that no man nor number of men will ever 
dare to assail our free and glorious institutions.' Let the history of past republics, or rather, let 
their tombstones decide between us. So it would have been said, when Washington and Jefferson 
were at the head of affairs, that no one would ever dare to disinherit or enslave the Indians, 
protected as they are by more than a hundred and fifty governmental treaties. And how much 
better are our parchment defenses than theirs.' If such encroachments, acquiesced in, do not pre- 
pare the way for even greater violations of the public faith, our children will have to be protected 
by higher munitions than our vaunted constitutional bulwarks." 

In Dr. Humphrey's personal association with the students under his charge he was peculiarly 
happy in impressing them by the force of his character, and in gaining their confidence and reverent 
affection. By his familiar lectures in the class-room, and by his frequent fatherly counsels to all, 
he manifested his deep interest in whatever concerned their true welfare. None who watched his 
daily life, whether it flowed on in even course or led through peculiar en^ergencies and trials, 
could doubt that the Christian truth he so earnestly proclaimed was his vital inspiration and 
strength. A touching illustration of the spirit with which he met sore personal bereavement is 
given by one of his former students: "In July, 1S40, President Humphrey's son Henry, then a 
member of the Sophomore Class, a young man of fascinating beauty and brilliant promise, was 
seized suddenly, in the midst of robust health, with an acute inflammatory disease, and died in 
a few hours. The next morning we were all surprised to see the President in his accustomed 
place at morning prayers in the chapel. His face was pale, and he had a worn and exhausted 
appearance, but he arose as the college bell ceased its ringing, and calmly, sweetly read, not 
any wail of lamentation and anguish, but the cheering words of the 103d Psalm: 'Bless the 
Lord, O viy soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name,' and so on to the impressive words, 
'He hath not dealt with us after our sins; nor rewarded us according to our iniquities,' closing with 
the words, 'Praise ye the Lord.' Then he offered such a prayer as would be likely to follow such 
a Scripture read under such circumstances — a prayer that was full of tenderness but transparently 
trustful. There was nothing of stoicism or assumed absence of emotion in the service, but there 
was a quiet mastery of faith over feeling by a strength that was borrowed from the unseen 
and eternal." 

In speaking uf President Humphrey's connection with the College his biographer says : "Had 

he no farther honor than this, that he secured the launching and equipment of his ship, and 
piloted it out of a crooked harbor into an open sea, that were enough for one who beholds 
Amherst College as it is now. But his honor is greater than this. He, more than any one else, 
was instrumental in giving the College its character. Under his administration the purpose of its 
founders was realized. They desired it to be a training-school for the Church, a seminary for the 
education especially of ministers and missionaries of the Cross. That this desire might be realized 
was the potent motive which drew him from the pastorate in Pittsfield. He was unceasingly 
solicitous for the religious interests of the institution. In one of- his addresses to the Alumni of 
the College he says : ' It seems to me the richest smile of Heaven upon Amherst College that 
no class has ever graduated without passing, at least once, under the cloud which has so often 
poured out righteousness upon it. If, in its former strait.s, every drop had been fine gold, how 
meagre the blessing compared with these effusions of the Holy Spirit. Let this College be swept 
from under these glorious skies sooner than any other Gospel shall be preached within these walls 
than that which has been made the wisdom of God and the power of God unto salvation.' 
During his connection with the College four hundred and thirty of the eight hundred graduates 
became ministers of the Gospel, and thirty-nine were sent abroad as missionaries. Let any one 
who is anxious to see what order of students has come from this institution study its Triennials, 
see what distinguished names are on its roll, and how many of those names are printed in the 
honored italics which designate ministers of the Gospel." 

When Dr. Humphrey had reached the age of sixty-five, having filled the Presidential office 
twenty-two years, he felt that the time had come to retire from the burdens and responsibilities 
of the position. After his resignation, in April, 1845, he selected Pittsfield, Mass., as his residence 
for the remainder of his life — the town where he had passed the 3-ears of his second pastorate. 
Here he was welcomed with great affection, and his return was regarded as a blessing to the 
community. Says one: "The children of his former parishioners seemed to have brought such 
memories out of their forming years that they regarded him with a reverence as nearly saintly as 
is consistent with Puritan character, and all felt that it was like a benediction simply to see him 
passing through our streets." As the years went on, the position accorded him in the town was 
almost phenomenal. In connection with very many families his relationship was truly patriarchal. 
Their homes, their tables, their gardens with all they contained of beauty or fruitage, were as 
open to him as if each one had been his own. The sick and the dying watched eagerly for his 
coming, and for the comfort of his ministrations, and when some heavy sorrow fell with crushing 
weight upon a household, the most natural cry seemed to be, "Send for Dr. Humphrey." 

He interested himself actively in all village affairs: in the establishment of a public library; 
in the introduction of water and gas; in the " Tree- Planting Association" which bears his name, for 
the shading of the streets; and in the building of a Medical College. "He found the old church 
whose severed parts had been so kindly knit under his ministry had become so large that division 
was as much a duty as reunion had been twenty-eight vears before. A colony was soon formed 
with which he identified himself, although this step involved much self-sacrifice. A new house of 
worship was provided for the colony, largely in consequence of his influence and exertions." Nor 
were his labors confined to the town in which he lived. He went through the State endeavoring 
to arouse new interest in missions; he delivered lectures, and his pen was never idle. His con- 
tributions at this time to the New York Observer, over the signature of "The Old Man of the 
Mountains," were looked for with special interest. His services were in frequent demand to 
supply vacant pulpits, and his discourses to his latest years often glow with the fire which distin- 
guished them in his youth. In an address delivered in Pittsfield, in 1854, (in his seventy-sixth 
year,) when the "Missouri Compromise," prohibiting the extension of Slavery in certain territories, 
was threatened with the repeal called the "Nebraska Bill," he thus poured out his indi,gnant protest: 
"What if that venerable man of God, Rev. Thomas Allen (a former pastor of the Pittsfield church. 


who also served in the Revolutionary army), who sleeps in yonder tomb, could be waked up, 
and have the Nebraska Bill with its black section put into his hands — what would He say? I 
declare to you, I would not for any price go and knock at the door of that tomb, if I knew 
that I could bring him up, except it were in the last extremity of expiring liberty, that he might 
again buckle on his armor and march up to the cannon's mouth. No ! let him sleep, and never 
till the day of judgment know anything of the atrocious conspiracy which has been concocted this 
winter at the seat of Government !" 

Dr. Humphrey's loyal heart was also intensely stirred when, in 1861, the storm of the 
Civil war rose in the sky with its threatening portents. "He was appointed, by the clergymen 
of Pittsfield,' to deliver a sermon at a union meeting on the day of National Fasting and Prayer, 
which was observed January 4th, 1861. He accepted the invitation with all the ardor of youth, 
and the result was a discourse which, for argument, for eloquence, for religious and patriotic fire, 
equalled the best efforts of his meridian days. It was a wonderful discourse to have been pre- 
pared and delivered by a man standing on the edge of his eighty-third year." 

Dr. Humphrey had a strong physical constitution. This enabled him to withstand to a 
remarkable degree the severe strains often made upon it, through the whole course of his life. 
In person, he was above the medium height and well developed. His eye was dark and mild; 
his Shakespearian head, as seen in his portrait, was in earlier life crowned with dark clustering 
hair, and until past middle life his face was full and ruddy. He was at that period a noticeably 
handsome man. His manner combined great dignity with true courtesy and- affability. 

In his home life Dr. Humphrey grew more and more genial and companionable with every 
advancing year. Though a man of rich and deep affections, which were bestowed without measure 
upon his family, yet the custom of the times and of the home in which he was reared, together 
with the degree of reserve always natural to him, made it diflicult for him to "unbend" with his 
children when they were young, and he was not peculiarly demonstrative or familiar in his in- 
tercourse with them. But he grew more free and full in the expression of feeling under the 
mellowing effect of his later and less burdened years, and his companionship was the joy and 
delight of all. His conversation was lighted with the play of humor so characteristic of him, ami 
he was always fond of a harmless joke. His biographer says of him: "He was a man of great 
simplicity and magnanimity of character; guileless and transparent as a child; ever ready to 
apologize for and to forgive an enemy. While always self-respecting in the best sense of the term, 
he united with this quality rare humility. His benevolence was large and systematic. Among 
his papers was a memorandum-book in which he was in the habit of entering each item of his 
income, the payment for a newspaper article or a Sunday's preaching among the rest. Against 
every entry was a cross, followed by the fractional sign which indicated the generous proportion 
he appropriated to benevolence. This was his 'charity fund,' and thus he had always something 
to give from that which ha'd already passed into the Lord's treasury. Outside of this he would, 
in his charities, often 'give upon faith,' as he called it, gifts which might seem extravagant in any 
other light than that which shone upon them from his spirit of implicit confidence that 'the 
Lord will provide.''' 

The Rev. John Todd, of Pittsfield, said of him: "Through Dr. Humphrey humanity was 
taught to the whole community. All the way through life he carried this trait. It sought the 
salvation of a world, the good of his country, and considered the need of the little child as he 
walked without shade to school." His kindly feeling always extended in a marked degree to the 
animals under his care. One of his daughters remembers standing, when a child, by his bedside 
one Thanksgiving morning, with all the usual glory of the day dimmed for her by the severe 
illness which had suddenly prostrated him and cast unwonted pallor over his face. She vividly 
recalls the gleam of relief that dispelled her alarm when she heard him speak in his natural tone 
and caught the glimmer in his eye as he said to her brother, "My son, do not forget that the 


cows have roweti on Thanksgiving day, and as much as they will eat." It had long been his 
custom thus to include even the cattle in the Thanksgiving feast. 

Dr. and Mrs. Humphrey had ten children: Edward, James, Sophia, and John, were born 
in Fairfield, Ct. ; Lucy, the first Mar}', and Henry, in Pittsfield, Mass. ; Zephaniah, the second 
Mary, and Sarah, in Amherst, Mass. 

In 1858, the surviving children and grandchildren of the family had the happiness of cele- 
brating the Golden Wedding of their revered parents. It was an occasion for home gathering of 
all the scattered branches of the household, and of grateful and tender rejoicings. The citizens 
of Pittsfield shared heartily in the festivities, and manifested their interest by gifts which are treasured 
as heir-looms in the family. The children of those friends in Fairfield who had welcomed the 
young bride to her new home, in 1808, came to share the sunset glow of the fiftieth anniversary. 
In the spring of 1861, Dr. Humphrey, after a short illness, during which rapturous gleams 
and anticipations of the Heavenly state broke at intervals through the clouds of delirium, "fell on 
sleep," April 3d. His burial was attended from the Congregational church, and a most apprecia- 
tive sermon was preached by Rev. John Todd, pastor of the church at that time. It was no 
formal tribute, it was but the natural sequel of all that had gone before, that when he was 
borne to the grave, the stores along the line of the procession were closed, all the bells of the 
village were tolled, and those who had abandoned all other duty went in solemn order to the 
place where the revered form was laid. A granite monument now marks the spot where he lies 
in the Pittsfield Cemetery, inscribed with the text upon which he so delighted to dwell, both in 
private meditation and in the pulpit, "Increasing in the knowledge of God."* 

Mrs. Humphrey survived her husband several years, and died in Pittsfield, Mass., on 
Sunday, December 13th, 1868, se. 83 years. 

Among the most important of Dr. Humphrey's published sermons and addresses are : — 

Sermon before the Moral Society of Connecticut. New Haven, 18 15. 

Sermon "On Doing Good to the Poor." Pittsfield, 18 18. 

.Sermon before the Berkshire County Education Society. Lenox, 1818. 

Sermon at the Ordination of the Missionaries destined to the Sandwich Islands. Boston, 1819. 

Address commemorative of the Landing of the Pilgrims. Pittsfield, 1820. Second Centen- 
nial Anniversary. 

6. Address at his Inauguration as President. Amherst, 1823. 

7. Sermon before the Pastoral Association of Massachusetts. " The Good Pastor." Boston, 1826. 

8. Sermon at the Dedication of the Chapel at Amherst College, 1827. 

9. Address. "Parallel between Intemperance and the Slave Trade." Amherst, :S2S. 

10. Sermon on "Indian Rights and our Duties." Amherst, 1829. 

11. Massachusetts Convention Sermon. "The Kingdom of Christ. " Boston, 1830. 

12. Address before Teachers' Convention. Hartford, 1830. 

13. Sermon before the American Sunday School Union. Philadelphia, 1831. 

14. Sermon before the Students of Amherst College. "A Glorious Enterprise." Amherst, 1834. 

15. Sermon on the Sixth Commandment. "Duelling." Amherst, 1838. 

16. The Bible in Public Schools. "American Institute." 1843. 

17. Valedictory Address on leaving the Presidency. Amherst, 1845. 

18. Tribute to the Memory of Rev. Nathan W. Fiske, Professor. Amherst, 1848. 

I think no reflecting mind can fail to notice in the foregoing simple and unaffected narrative of a great and good ma 
indel>ted to his teachers and surroundings, and how thoroughly he was the resultant of hereditary and transmitted ii 
s, and how clearly the latter made him almost indi-pcndent of the former. — Eiiitttr. 


ly. Sermon at' the Funeral of Miss Mary Lyon, South HaJley "The Shining Path." North- 
ampton, 1849. 

20. "The [Missouri Compromise." Pittsfield, 1S54. 

21. Sermon on the Day of National Fast. Pittsfield, 1861. 

His published works, in volumes, are: — 

1. Prize Essa3s on the Sabbath. 1830. 

2. Miscellaneous Discourses and Reviews. 1834. 

3. Christian Memoirs. 1836. 

4. Tour in France, Great Britain and Belgium, 2 vols. 1838. 

5. Domestic Education. 1840. 

6. Revival Conversations. 1844. 

7. Letters to a Son in the Ministry. 1845. 

8. Life and Writings of Prof. N. W. Fiske. 1850. 

9. Life and Writings of Rev. T. H. Gallaudet. 1857. 
[o. Sketches of the History of Revivals. 1859.* 

5730. L Edward Porter,' b. 28 Jan., 1S09; m. (i) Caroline Catherine Prather; m. (2) Martha 

Pope. F.\MiLY 395. 

Jamf.s,7 b. 9 Oct., 181 1; d. 16 June, 1866, a'. 54; m. Urania Battell. Family 391!. 

Sophia,' born in January, 1814, Fairfield, Ct. ; died in Amherst, Mass., 17 Mch., 
1827, K. 13 years, and was there buried. 

John,' b. 17 Mch., 1816; d. 2 Dec, 1854, a-. 38; married Lucy Vose Henderson. 
Family 397. 

Lucy,' b. 19 May, 1818, Pittsfield, Mass.; married, in Amherst, Mass., 12 Aug., 
184 1, Rev. Henry (second son of Dr. Henry and RLartha Rutter Duflield) Neill, 
D. D.,t of Hatfield, Mass., b. 16 Oct., 18 15, Philadelphia, Pa.; and baptized in 
the First Presbyterian Church, by Rev. James P. Wilson, 3 Feb., 1816. Mrs. 
Neill died in Philadelphia, Pa., 20 Apr., 1873, k. 55 years. We can convey no 
better impression of her character than by adding the following tribute to her 
worth, prepared by her husband : — 

"From her childhood she was regarded by her father's friends, and by her 
own, as possessing rare qualities of mind and heart. Her countenance w^as sug- 
gestive of hidden power and resource, reminding one of the vibration and light 
of the sea. Her eyes were dark and full of meaning: and when she spoke, her 
truth was in her words. Thus it was in Pittsfield, in her early youth; thus, when 

* Communicated by Miss Sarah W. Humphrey. 

t John Neill, the first ascertained American ancestor of Dr. Henry Neill, entered upon the practice of the law, in the county of 
Sussex, in the Slate of Delaware, as early as the year 1739. The courts of Sussex were held at Lewes, and at thai town he established 

his residence. He married Elizabeth , who survived him, and died 26 May, 1771. There is a tradition in the family that John 

Neill emigrated from Tyrone, Province of Ulster, Ireland. 

Dr. John Neill, their son, and the grandfather of Dr. Henry Neill, was bom 3 June, 1749, Lewes, Delaware; and died in June, 
1816. He married, 16 June, 1773, Elizabeth Martin, of Snow Hill, Md., where they resided. 

Dr. Henry Neill, their son, and the father of Dr. Henry Neill, was bom 12 Mch. 1783, Snow Hill, Md.; d. 7 Oct. 1845, Belviderc, 
N. J. He was an eminent physician in Philadelphia; was married in that city, in April, 1806, to Martha Rutter Duflield, b. 5 Aug. 1780, 
daughter of Dr. Benjamin and Rebecca i'Pottsj Duflield, of Philadelphia: and granddaughter of Edward and Catherine 'Parry) Duffield, 
of Moreland Manor, Bucks Co., Pa. Catherine Parry was daughter of David and Mary (Humphrey' Parry; and grauddauchter of Owen 
Humphrey. [See the genealogy of the Humphreys of Pennsylvania ] 

For an account of the families of Martin, Duflield, Potts, Handy, Rutter, and Savage, from which Dr. Henry Neill was descend«^d, 
lee his «ork entitled John Neill and his Descendants. 









she received instruction away from home; and thus at Amherst, when, under the 
stimulus of literature, and the influence of her father's house and the college, and 
the admiration which her nature and acquirements commanded, she grew in that 
attractiveness which never left her. She was neither timid nor sad. She received 
the good that came to her, and enjoyed it. * * * Whilst gratified at the 
success of those who were dear to her, her life was in her affections. She loved 
her friends; and all beautiful things; and God. She was rich in trust and in hope. 
There was thai in her which caused people to lean upon her, as she strengthened 
them by what her soul imparted. Her judgment was comprehensive, and seldom 
in error; and it was made generous by the breadth of her charity, and the depth 
of her feeling. Thoroughly educated, ripe in sentiment, profound and discerning 
intellectually, and of a warm heart, she entered the gates of light, beloved, as 
only such a wife, and mother, and sister can be. She received Christ so fully 
that her faith was not dependent upon her emotions. It was in the ' Lord our 

Dr. Neill received instruction in Latin and Greek from Samuel B. \\'ylie, 
and entered the University of Pennsylvania, Freshman class, in 1S29. He united 
with the First Presbyterian Church, under the care of Rev. Albert Barnes, in 1832. 
The following year he went to Amherst College, entering the last term of the 
Junior class, and graduated in 1834. During the years 1835-36, he taught the 
classics in Fayetteville, North Carolina; was at Lane Theological Seminary, 1836- 
39, and at Andover, in 1839. 

He was installed minister of Hatfield, Mass., 16 April, 1840, and there 
remained till 15 April, 1846; was invited to Lenox, Mass., and installed there 
26 Aug., 1846; continued there until 4 Jan., 1854. He was called to the pastorate 
of the Fort Street Church, Detroit, Michigan, in 1853, and installed over that 
congregation 15 Oct., 1854. During his ministry in Detroit, the house of worship 
known as the Fort Street Church was completed, and its membership largely 
increased. He resigned 15 June, 1857. December 6th, 1857, he was installed 
pastor of the Westminster Church, in the same city. This church was organized 
by Mr. Neill in connection with the Old School branch of the Presbyterian Church. 
He remained in Detroit until 24 April, 1861. During the war, he took charge 
of the church at Geneseo, New York, from i Jan., 1862 to i Jan., 1866; served 
the churches of West Stockbridge and Richmond, near Pittsfield, Mass., from 
1867 to 1869. He was afterward installed over the Second Presbyterian Church 
at New Brunswick, continuing there from 1869 to 1871. Mrs. Neill being in 
delicate health, he went to South Carolina for her restoration, and officiated, for 
the winter of 1871-72, in the church at Hopewell, South Carolina; returned to 
Philadelphia in 1872, and organized the church at Bryn Mawr, Montgomerj- Co., 
Pa., in November, of that 3-ear, supplying the pulpit of that church from January 
to November, 1873. He retired from regular duties in 1873, and took up his 
residence in Philadelphia, where he died 21 April, 1879, ve. 63 years. 

The published writings of Dr. Neill are as follows: — "The Atonement;" 
Leno.x, Biblical Repository, 1849. "The Revealing Process;" Lenox, National 
Preacher, 1849. "Memorials for the Dead;" Pittsfield, 1850. "The Sanctuary;' 
Detroit, 1854. "Abolitionism, its Spirit and Fruits;" Detroit, 1858. "The West- 
minster Assembly;" Geneseo, 1865. " INIemoir of Mrs. Sophia Humphrey;" Pittsfield, 
1869. "Memoir and Sermons of Dr. Wm. James;" Pittsfield, 1S69. "The 
Righteousness of God;" New l?runswick. T'rincet..n Review, 1872. "Dr. Isaac 

Nordheimer;" Philadelphia, New Englander, 1S74. "John Neill and his Descend- 
ants;" Philadelphia, 1875. Children. 

2735. i- I'^ev. Heman Humphrey," b. 28 Aug. 1842, Hatfield, Mass.; became a member of the 

church, at Detroit, Mich., in 1858. He graduated at Amherst College, in 1866, and at 
Princeton Seminary, in 1S69; was installed pastor of the church at Fort Edward, New 
York, June 19th, 1869, and there continued until 1874, having been elected Professor 
of Rhetoric, English Literature and Oratory, at Amherst College, November 3d, of 
that year. He married, in Pittsfield, Mass., 22 Dec. 1875, Abby Wilcox (dau. of 
Charles B.) Redfidd, of Pittsfield, born in 1850, at Albany, N. Y. Res. {1884) Am- 
herst, Mas?. 

2736. ii. Rev. Henry, f b. 20 Jan. 1845, Amherst, Mass.; entered Centre College, at Danville, Ky., 

in 1864, and Princeton Seminary, in 1866, where he graduated in 1868. He was installed 
pastor of the church in Schaghticoke, N. Y., June 4th, 1872, continuing there until 
September, 1880. In February, 1881, he became pastor of the Church of Christ 
(Congregational) in Westfield, New Jersey, where he still remains (1884). He married 
(I) in Amherst, Mass., 13 June, 1872, Catherine (dau. of Frederick and Fanny Hosmer) 
Hastings, of Brainard, Rensselaer Co., N. Y. Mrs. Neill died in Amherst, Mass. He 
married (2) in Schaghticoke, N. Y., Eliza Congdon, of that town, who died, Monday, 
19 June, 1882, at Westfield, N. J. Children (by ist marriage}: (i) Henry,' b. 11 
Aug. 1874, Schaghticoke, N. Y, (2) Catherine Hastings,' b. 16 Sept. 1875, Amherst, 
Mass. (By 2d marriage): (3) Mather Humphrey,' born in May, 1882, Westfield, N. J. 

2737. iii. Albert Barnes,* b. 13 Apr. 1847, Lenox, Mass.; united with the Presbyterian church in 

1863; received his academical education in the Synodical Seminary at Geneseo, N. Y. 
He entered the freight ofiice of the New York Central Railroad, in 1S65, and became 
assistant cashier; in 1882, was cashier of the Gilbert Car Works at Buffalo, N. Y. 
Res. (1884) at Buffalo, N. Y.;— unmarried. 

2738. iv. Lucy Humphrey, 8 b. 5 May, 1854, Pittsfield, Mass.; was baptized at Lenox, Mass., in 

September, 1854. Res. (1884) at Buffalo, N. Y.;— unmarried. 

2739. v. John," b. 30 June, 1856, Detroit, Mich.; died 7 Sept. 1857, x. I year, and 2 months. 

He was buried at Pittsfield, Mass. 

2740. VI. Mary,7 b. 6 Oct., 1S20, Pittsfield, Mass.; died in Amherst, Mass., 27 Feb., 1825, 

te. "4 3'ears, and was there buried. 

2741. VII. Henry Martyn,' b. 21 Sept., 1822, Pittsfield, Mass.; died in Amherst, Mass., 4 

July, 1840, a;. 17 years, and was there buried. 

2742. VIII. Zephaniah Moore,? b. 30 Aug., 1S24; d. 13 Nov., i88i, oc. 57; married Harriclta 

L. Sykes. Family 398. 

2743. IX. Mary Elizabeth,' b. 6 Sept., 1826, Amherst, Mass.; pursued her studies at INIount 

Ilolyoke Female Seminary two years, but did not graduate on account of ill 
health. She married, in Pittsfield, I\Iass., 3 Oct., 1848, Rev. David (son of Jason* 

• Jason Torrey was bom 20 June, 1772, at Williamstown, Mass. He went, in 1793, at the age of twenty, to the wilderness of 
North-liastern Pennsylvania, and was very prominent in developing the country. After the death of his first wife, he married, in 1S16, 
Achsah Tyler. 

His earliest ancestor in this country was William Torrey, from Combe St. Nicholas, Somersetshire, England, who was settled at 
Weymouth, Mass., about 1640. Mary, the niece of this William, after the death, at Scituate, Mass., of her father James Torrey, (who 
was progenitor of Charles T. Torrey, the "martyr,") became his ward. She married Samuel (son of Jonas) Humphrey. [See the gen- 
ealogy of the Humphreys of Weymouth, Mass.] 

Samuel Torrey, (son of William,) born in 1632, in England, was pastor in Weymouth, in 1664, and onward. He three times 
preached the annual election sermon, and was twice offered the presidency of Harvard College, where he graduated in very nearly, if 
not quite, the first college class. He died 21 April, 1707, aged about 75 years. He had been in the ministry fifty years, and was an 
able and faithful preacher. His predecessor in the Weymouth pastorate was Rev. Thomas Thacher, who removed from thence to the 

and Achsah Tyler) Torrey, D. D., b. 13 Nov., 1818, Bethany, Wayne Co., I'a. 
She died at Ann Arbor, !Mich., S Apr., 1867, a;. 40 years; was buried in Hones- 
dale, Pa. Dr. Torjey married (2) Mrs. Woseley, of Cazenovia, N. Y. 

He was graduated at Amherst College, Valedictorian in the class of 1843, 
under the Presidency of Rev. Heman Humphrey, D. D. ; and at the Union 
Theological Seminary, New York City, in the class of 1846. He was Tutor at 
Amherst College for one year, 1846-7; commenced his ministry as pastor elect at 
Delhi, Delaware Co., N. Y., in December, 1849, ^^'^ ^^'^s ordained and installed 
there, January 29th, 1850; remained there until March, i860. He was pastor at 
Ithaca, N. Y., from March, i860, until May, 1865; and pastor elect at Ann Arbor, 
Mich., from December, 1865, to April, 1867. He received the degree of D. D., 
from Hamilton College, in 1862; travelled in Europe and Bible lands, 1867-68; 
was pastor at Cazenovia, N. Y. , from December, 1869, until November, 1881, 
when he retired finally from the pastoral office, but has since been almost con- 
stantly preaching. In 1883, he wrote a Memorial Sketch of Rev. Z. M. Humphrey, 
D. D., which was printed, with five of his sermons, by J. B. Lippincott & Co., 
as companion volume with Memorial Sketches of Rev. Heman Humphrey, D. D., 
and his wife Sophia Porter Humphrey, written by Rev. Z. M. Humphrey, D. D., 
and Rev. Henry Neill, D. I). He res. (1884) Cazenovia, N. Y. Children: 

2744. ' i. Sarah," b. 6 Aug. 1849, Honesdale, Pa.; married there, 23 Sept. 1873, WiUiam Delos 

(son of William P. and Mary WelKngton) Wells, of Cazenovia, N. Y., b. 5 Apr. 1845, 
Nelson, N. Y. He was educated at Cazenovia Seminary; and has since been engaged 
in the dry goods business. Res. {1884) Cazenovia, N. Y. Children (born in Cazenovia, 
N. V.J.- (I) Mary A." (Wells), b. 16 July, 1874; (2) Sarah Humphrey » (Wells), b. 19 
Dec. 1875; (3) David Torrey » (Wells), b. 30 May, 1882. 

2745. ii. James Humphrey,* b. 16 June, 1851, Delhi, Delaware Co., N. Y.; married, 10 Dec. 1872, 

Ella Carting (dau. of Douglas H. and Elizabeth Carting) Jay, of Scranton, Pa., born 
there, 18 June, 1854. He entered Amherst College in 1869, class of 1873; left college 
in December, 1871, and went into a law office in Scranton, Pa.; was there admitted to 
the bar, 20 Nov. 1876, and has since practised in that city, where he resides (1884). 
Children (born in Scranton, Pa.): (l) Mary Humphrey,'-' b. 31 Jan. 1874; (2) William 
Jessup," b. 24 June, 1875; (3) Elizabeth Jay,^ b. 18 Mch. 1878. 

2746. X. Sar.\h \Vetmore,7 b. 6 Sept., 1S29, Amherst, Mass.; unmarried; resides (1884) in 

New York City. 

FAMILY 105. 

2747. Charles*" Humphrey, [1254] (Charles,^ Lieut. Charles,'- Charles,^ Lieut. Samuel," 
Michael.') was born 31 Mch., 1785, in West Simsbury (Canton), Ct. He married, in February, 181 1, 
Laura (dau. of Capt. Uriah and Eunice Dill) Case, of Cantnn, Ct.. b. 12 May, 17S8: d. 11 'July, 
1842,* X-. 54 years. Farmer. He resided in Canton, Ct., and there died. 6 July. 1859, ;i\ 75 years.* 

first pastorate of the Old South Church, in Boston. From this Rev. Thomas Thacher descended five Rev. Peter Thachers, in successive 
generations, and the last of the five was grandfather of Achsah Tyler (wife of Jason Torreyi, of Harford, Susquehanna Co.. Pa., who 
was the aunt of Prof William S. Tyler, of Amherst College. 

William Torrey (brother of Rev. S;imuel Torrey, and the ancestor of Jason Torrey,) was born in 1638, in England. He was a 
citizen of Weymouth, Mass., and "his name appears on almost every p.age of the records of that town while he lived." He was a 
mcmhcr of the House of Deputies seven years, and .again for three years, and Clerk of that House, in all, fourteen years He wrote a 
bjok on Futurities, or Things to Come, with a preface by Rev. Mr. Prince, pastor of the Old South Church, Boston A copy of the 
book is in the Roston Library. — Communicated by Rev. David Torrey, D. D. 

* .According to inscription on the gravestone in the Canton Haptist Cemetery. 

Children (born in Canton, Cl. ) : 

2748. I. Hannah, 7 b. 11 Aug., 1812; — unmarried. Res. (1884) in Canton, Ct. 

2749. II. Elizabeth,' b. 30 Jan., 1816; — unmarried. Res. (1884) in Canton, Ct. 

2750. III. Charles,' b. ly Sept., i8i8; d. 14 July, 1864, oe. 46 years;* was unmarried. 

2751. IV. Laura,' b. 31 Mch., 1824; d. 7 Jan., 1829, f se. 4 years. 

FAMILY 196. 

2752. SylvanUS" Humphrey, [1267] (Sylvanus,^ Syhatms,* Charks,^ Lieut. Samuel,'' 
Michael,') was born 19 Feb., 1788, in Simsbury, Ct. He married, at Elba, N. Y., i Jan., 
1 8 15, Sarah (daughter of Joseph) Wheaton, who was born 23 July, 1798, in Vermont; and died 
I Jan., 1855, a;. 56 years. He went to Elba, Genesee Co., N. Y., in 181 1; served as a private 
in the war of 181 2, at Buffalo and Black Rock. He purchased a farm in Elba, where he resided 
till 1836, and then removed to Williamsfield, Ashtabula Co., Ohio. During the latter part of his 
life he resided with his daughter Mrs. Patterson, at West Andover, Ashtabula Co., O., and there 
died, II Mch., 1875, ^- ^7 years. 
Children (born in Elba, N. Y. j : 

2753. I- Caroline Ann,' b. 7 Feb., 1818; married Franklin Patterson, a native of the State 

of New York. He is a farmer. Res. (1884) in West Andover, O. Children: 

2754. i. Sarah Jane," b. iS Nov. 1841; d. 4 Apr. 1882, as. 40 years. She married, 3 Sept. 1S61, 

FrankUn Palmer, a native of Ohio. Children: (l) Carrie Ball' (Palmer), b. 8 Apr. 
1865; married, i Aug. 1882, Charles Lyman. Child: 

(a) Glenn '» (Lyman), b. May, 1883. 
(2) Charles Daniels ' (Palmer), born in August, 1871. 

2755. ii. George Humphrey,* b. 12 Oct. 1855; married, in December, 1877, Emma Ford, of Line- 

ville. Pa. He is a florist and farmer. P. O. address (1884) West Andover, O. 
Child: (I) Duane,' b. i8 Nov. 1881. 

2756. II. George Bissell,' b. i Feb., 1820; d. 25 Aug., 1854, a'. 34; married Sarah J. 

Brooks. Family 399. 

2757. in. Orrin,' b. 10 :May, 1822; died at his father's house in Williamsfield, O., 19 May, 

1849, a'. 27 years. He was unmarried. 

FAMILY 197. 

2758. June James'' Humphrey, [1270] (Sylvanus,^ Sy/vanus,* Charles,^ Lieut. Samuel,' 
Michael,') was born 23 Nov., 1794, in Simsbury, Ct. He married, in Bethany, Genesee Co., 
N. v., I Jan., 18 1 7, Sarah Putnam, of Bethany. They resided in Elba, Genesee Co., N. Y. In 
1836, he removed to Michigan, and settled in Concord, Jackson County, where he bought a large 
tract of land, and remained till his death. He was a farmer. He died in Concord, Mich., 18 
July, 1840, IV. 45 years. Mrs. Humphrey died there, 23 Dec, 1848. 

2759. I. Betsey,' b. 18 Oct., 1817; died in Concord, Mich., 19 Dec, 1838, as. 2i years. 

She was unmarried. 

• According to inscription on tlie gr.ivestone in the Cnnton Baptist Cemetery. He was born 19 Sept. iSjg, and died 24 Nov. 1864, 
ace. to one record. 

t According to inscription on the gravestone in the Canton Baptist Cemetery. 


2760. II. Louise,' (twin), b. 10 May, 1821; died at Madison, Wisconsin, in September, 1855, 

a:-. 34 years. She married, in Concord, Mich., 9 Mch., 1841, Talmadge Stevens, 
of Bridgeport, Ct., a native of Connecticut. They resided in Kalamazoo, Mich. 
He died in Concord, Mich., S July, 1884. Children: 

2761. i. Sarah Lois,« born in 1846; married J. II. Moore, of Lansing, Michigan. Child: 

(I) Josephine' (Moore). 

2762. ii. Mary Humphrey, s born in 1848; married Charles Tucker, of Concord, Mich., where 

they reside (1S84). 

2763. iii. ,* died in infancy. 

2764. III. Lois,' (twin), b. 10 May, 1821; married, at Concord, Mich., 9 January, 1840, 

Dr. David Menzie, who was of Scotch descent. He was born 26 Oct., 180S, at 
Riga, N. Y.; and died in Concord, Mich., 22 Nov., 1853, £P. 45 years. Her 
P. O. address is (1884) Batavia, N. Y. Children (born at Concord, Mich.): 

2765. i. Elizabeth Ann,8 b. 17 Sept. 1843; died at Jackson, Mich., 30 Nov. 1858, x. 15 years. 

2766. ii. Sarah Lois,* b. 12 Dec. 1846; died 2 Aug. 1848, 2t. I year, and 7 months. 

2767. iii. Frances Lois," b. 11 Dec. 1849; married, 11 Apr. 1S69, Allen S. Loomis. P. O. ad- 

dress ( 1S84) Batavia, N. Y. 

2768. IV. James Franklin,' b. 30 Dec, 1828; d. 22 Nov., 1864, ae. 36; married Addie W. 

Carr. Family 400. 

FAMILY 198. 

2769. Ezekiel Nestor*^ Humphrey, ['274] (Svlvanus,^ Sylvanus,'^ Charles,^ Lieut. 
Samuel,- Michael,' J was born 23 April, 1798, in Simsbury, Ct. He married, 27 Mch., 1S24, 
Mary (dau. of Joseph and Mary Shaff) Bryan, of Saratoga, N. Y., born there, 12 June, 1798. 
He went with his parents, in iSoi, from Simsbury, Ct., to Onondaga Hill, N. Y., residing there 
and in Syracuse, N. Y., until 1834, when he bought a farm in Marshall, Mich., on which he 
lived for ten years. He then went to Hillsdale, Mich., and was, for five years, stage agent for 
his brother Bissell Humphrey, [Fam. 70 (1269), S.^] He removed from thence to Racine, Wis., 
and again engaged in agricultural pursuits. He died in that town, 5 Apr., 1853, of injuries re- 
ceived by being thrown from a load of hay. Mrs. Humphrey res. (18S4) in Batavia, N. Y., with 
her daughter Mrs. Wood. 

2770. I. Mary J.^ne,' b. 18 June, 1827, Syracuse, N. Y. ; married, in Hillsdale, Mich., 8 

Aug., 1850, Edward Farmer (son of Elijah and Elizabeth Farmer) Wood, b. 26 
Nov., 1S21, Concord, Mass., where his parents resided. At the time of his 
marriage he was a conductor on the Michigan Central R. R. He removed to 
Genesee County, N. Y., in 1859, and engaged in farming until 1868, when he 
was appointed agent, at Batavia, for the American Express Company, which 
position he still holds (1884). P. O. address, Batavia, N. Y. Children: 

2771. i. Charles Edward,* 1). i8 Dec. 1S51, Detroit, Mich.; died there, 15 June, 1852, a-. 6 months. 

2772. ii. Edward Humphrey,^ b. 2 June, 1853, Detroit, Mich.; died there, 22 Nov. 1854, .x^ I 

year, and 5 months. 

2773. iii. William,* b. 14 May, 1854, Detroit, Mich. Carriage and sign painter; res. (1SS4) 

IJatavia, N. Y. 

2774. iv. Frank Scott," h. 14 Sej)!. 1856, Detroit, Mich.; married, 4 Sept. 1884, Harriett Granger 

Holden, of ISutavia, N. Y. He is a lawyer; was admitted to the bar, 3 Oct. 1878. 
Res. (1884) liatavia, N. Y. 


2775. V. George Frederick.s b. 25 June, 1858, Detroit, Mich.; is in the express business. Res. 

(1884) New York City. 

2776. vi. Mary Elizabeth.^ b. 22 Aug. 1S61, Elba, N. Y.; rt-s. (1S84) Batavia, N. Y. 

2777. vii. John Henry,* b. 21 Oct. 1863, Elba, N. Y.; is postal clerU in the Batavia Post Office (1884). 

2778. viii. Augustus,* b. 29 Jan. 1869, Batavia, N. Y. 

2779. ix. Robert Edward," b. 29 Mch. 1872, Batavia, N. Y. 

FAMILY 199. 

2780. Hector'^ Humphrey, l^izSo] (Sylvanus,^ Sylvanus,* Chartes.,^ Lieut Samuel," 
Michael,^) was born 24 Dec, 1806, in Onondaga, N. Y. He married, 20 Oct., 1838, Hannah 

Maria (dau. of Elnathan and Marshall) Patterson, b. 30 Nov., 18 18, near Schuylersville, 

Saratoga Co., N. Y. They resided in Batavia, N. Y., where he died ^ June, 1855, a>. 48 years. 
Mrs. Humphrey's P. O. address is (1884) Batavia, N. Y. 

Hector Humphrey was associated with his brother Bissell, in the hotel and stage business, 
up to the time the latter removed to Michigan; and he afterwards engaged in the livery business. 
He was much esteemed by his townsmen and a large circle of acquaintances as a good neighbor, 
and a man of probity and honest dealings. He was a born wag and story-teller, — "a tellow of 
infinite jest;" had a keen insight and appreciation of the ludicrous in character and might have 
made his mark on the "boards," as a humorist or comedian. In his last sickness, his numerous 
friends took turns as night-watchers with him, among them the late Mr. Lucas Seaver, a brother 
of the late William A. Seaver, the recent editor of the "Drawer' in Harper's Monlhly, and himself 
a man of many accomplishments. A few days before Mr. Humphreys demise, he e.xpressed his 
regret to Mr Seaver that he should have been so much of a tax on the kindness and patience 
of his friends; but was promptly stopped with, "Mr. Humphrey, these apologies are entirely super- 
fluous and unnecessary. The obligation is upon us. You have entertained us all.' And this 
undoubtedly expressed the general sentiment. There was no sting to our humorist's humor. The 
subject of it, while figuring for the amusement of others, generally acquired, in his involuntary 
role of a laughing-stock, a sort of compensating distinction and popularity that never forsook him. 
Mr. Humphrey had an inexhaustible fund of anecdotes about all sorts of odd customers who had 
been thrown in his way, — many of them his personal acquaintances, — and his good-humored de- 
lineations of their peculiarities, and stories in illustration of them, were inimitable in their way, 
and are still remembered and quoted. Doctor Samuel Johnson remarked to Boswell, that "to be 
a good mimic requires great powers; great acuteness of observation; great retention of what is 
observed; and great pliancy of organs to represent what is observed." This is true without a 
doubt; and notwithstanding Dr. Johnson's accompanying observation that "it is making a very 
mean use of a man's powers," it is a rare power, and the noted possessors of it have generally 
managed to secure their full share of immortality along with other artists.* 

2781 I. George Hector,' b. 19 Oct., 1839; d. 17 June, 1880, £e. 40; married Margaret 

Cornelia Pardee. Family 401. 

2782. II. Frances Elizabeth,' b. 31 Jan., 1841; married Reuben Humphreys' Farnham, 

[Family 65 (1183), S.'] 

2783. III. Charles Bissell,' b. 22 Sept., 1843; died at Batavia, N. Y., in September, 1855, 

a;. 1 2 years. 

" Furnished by R. H. Farnham, Esq. 


FAMILY 200. 

2784. Rufus' Humphrey, [1286] (Ru/us,'= Sylvanus,'^ Charles,^ Lieut. Samuel,'' Michael,^) 
was born 14 Dec, 1794, in Simsbury, Ct. He married, 14 June, 183S,* Harriet (dau. of Elisha 
and Elizabeth) Wilcox, of Simsbury, Ct. He was a farmer. He died in Simsbury. 20 Sept., 
1852, a'. 57 years.f His widow resided at Cases' Farms, in Simsbury, Ct. She is now deceased. 

2785. 1. Harriet Annette,' born about 1842, Simsbury^ Ct. ; married, 27 Apr., 1862,* 
Jairus B. Spring, of Simsbury, Ct., born about 1834, in Ohio. Farmer. Res. 
(1884) West Simsbury, Ct. Children: 
2786 i. Hattie E.s, b. 3 Dec. i868.t 

[Three children whose records have not been obtained.] 

FAMILY 201. 

2787. Drayton* Humphrey, ['^89] (Ru/us,i Sylvunus,* Charles,^ Lieut. Samuel." 
Michael,') was born 13 April, 1804, in Simsbury, Ct. He married (i) 19 Nov., 1839,* Sarah 
Rebecca (dau. of Ozias and Sarah Lonsbury) Wilcox, of S., born 24 Dec, 1809. They settled 
in Simsbury (East Weatogue), Ct. He was a farmer. Mrs. Humphrey died 24 Dec, 1840, 
BC. 31 years.** He married (2) 30 Sept., 1847,* his cousin Lavinia Roxana' (dau. of Moses* 
and Maria* Case) Case, a native and resident of Simsbury, Ct., b. 20 May, 1815. [Fams. 2 (22), 
and 21 (464), S.=] He died 14 Sept., i860, If ce. 56 years. His widow is also deceased. 

Children (by 1st marriage): 

2788. L Daughter ,' born in 1840; died in infancy, — not long before her mother. 

( Bv 2d marriage; born in Simsbury, Ct. ) : 

2789. n. MosES Drayton,' b. 10 Mch., 1849; married Ellen Segur. Family 402. 

2790. in. Franklin ^Merrill,' b. 27 Nov., 1850; — unmarried. He is a student at a Medical 

College in Boston. P. O. address (1884) No. 65 East Newton St., Boston, Mass. 

FAMILY 202. 

2791. TrumbulP Humphrey, ['290] (Ru/us.^ Sylvanus,* Charles,^ Lieut. Samuel.' 
Afichael,' ) v.'as horn 13 Mch., 1808, in Simsbury, Ct. He married there, 25 ]\Ich., 1833, J| Deluna 
(dau. of Friend and Sarah Case) Case, born 2 June, 1809, Simsbury, Ct. ; died there, 2 Nov., 
1880, a'. 71 years. They resided in Simsbury (East Weatogue), Ct. He was a captain in the 
Militia, under (ien. Pratt. Farmer. He died in Simsbury, Ct, , 25 .\pr. , 1864, a-. 56 years.* 
Children (born in Simsbury, Ct. ) : 

2792. I. Scott Bissell,' b. 13 Mch., 1834; married Julia Henrietta Leonard, Family 403. 

2793. II. Elizabeth Maria,' b. 10 May, 1836; died in Simsbury, Ct., 4 April, 1843, 

re. 7 years.*** 

* Simsbury Kcctryth. \ Inscription in //<?/ MradiKi' Huryittg-gvoiinii: and Simsimrv Records. 
X Was the fourth child, ace, to the Simsbury Records. 
*♦ According to the inscription in Hop Meadoiv Buryiti^'grottnd. 

tt 13 Sept, i860, ace, to the inscription in Hop Mendom Burying-sround. and Simshiry Records: bin 74 Septemher is sairl to W- 
the correct date. 

tt 27 Mch, 1833, ace. to .'Hmsbury Records. *** 3 April, 1842, x. 7 years, ace. lo ihe inscriplion in //,./ ,lAvi,/,w Purying-groun.i. 



III. Herbert Case,^ b. 4 Jan., 1844; — unmarried. 
Co., Kansas. 

P. O. address (1S84) Seneca, Nemaha 

Ellen Maria,' b. 14 Feb., 1847; married, in Simsbury, Ct., i Dec., 1S70, Gavette 
Burt (siin of Edmund and Hariett Elizabeth Gavette) Holcombe, of Granby, Ct. , 
born there, 10 Jan., 1845. He entered the Union army at the age of seventeen; 
— enlisted at Simsbury, Ct., August 9th, 1862, in Company E, i6th Reg. Ct. 
Vols. ; was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. He was in the battles of Antietam, 
Fredericksburgh and Suffolk; was taken prisoner at the siege of Plymouth, N. C, 
and imprisoned at Andersonville, nearly a year. He was honorably discharged at 
New Berne, N. C, June 24th, 1865. Farmer. P. O. address (1884) Weatogue, 
Hartford Co., Ct. Child 

Farmer. Res. (1884) Simsbury, Ct. 


i. Grace Elizabeth," b. 7 (Jet. 1877, Simsbury, C 



Chakles Rufus,7 b. ly Aug., 1849;— unmarried 

FARHLY 203. 

2798. Abraham' Humphrey, [^292] (Abraham^ Abraham,'' Charles,'^ Lieut. Saviuel,^ 
Michael,\) wns born 27 Rich,, 17S6, in Simsbury, Ct. He married, in Florence, Oneida Co., N. Y., 
18 Mch., 181S, Harriet (Edgerton) Curtis, born 29 May, 1791, Simsbury, Ct. He was a farmer. 
He died in Nelson, Madison Co., N. Y., 8 Aug., 1864, ae. 78 years. His widow res. (1884) 
Nelson, N. Y. 
Children : 
2799. I- Andrew,' b. 14 Aug., 1819; res. (1884'! Nelson, N. Y. P. O. address, Erieville, 
Madison Co., N. Y. 

[One daughter, whose record has not been obtained.] 

FARHLY 204. 

2800. Eden' Humphrey, [1300] (Abraham, '^ Abraham,* Charles, ^ Lieut. Satnuel,- 
Michacl.' ) was born 5 July, 1800, in Simsbury, Ct. He married, in Pompey, Onondaga Co., 
N. Y., Sally Alcott, born in that town, in 1S13. He was a former. He died in Pompey, N. Y., 
5 Rlay, 1882, a.-. 82 years. His widow was living in 1884. 

{Children: One son and two daughters, whose records have not been obtained.] 

FARHLY 205. 

2S01. \A/illis' Humphrey, ['3°'] (Abraham.^ Abraham,* Charles,'^ Lieut. Samuel.'' 
Michael,') was born 24 Rich., 1804, in Simsbury, Ct. He married (i) in Georgetown, Rhulison 
Co., N. Y. , 28 June, 1828, Achsah (eldest child of Nathan and Zilpha Judd) Benedict,* b. 8 
Dec, 1805, Georgetown, N. Y. ; died in Nelson, N. Y., 11 March, 1868, as. 62 years. He 
married (2) in Simsbury, Ct., Widow RIary Moses. He was a farmer. He died in Simsbury, Ci. 
6 Nov., 1876, fr. 72 years. Rlrs. Humphrey resides (1884) at West Simsburw Ct. 


Two sons and four daughters, whose names have not been asccrtamed.] 

564 - ■ 

FAMILY 206. 

2802. Lyman* Humphrey, [1322] (Loi,^ Abraham,'' Charles,'^ Lieut. Samuel,' Michael,') 
was born 22 Feb., 1792, in Simsbury, Ct. He married, i Jan., 1812, Hannah (dau. of Selah) 
Francis, of West Hartford, Ct, b. 23 Jan., 1794. They settled in Bloomfield, Ct., where they 
resided on the old homestead for many years. He was engaged in agricultural pursuits. 

On the occasion of their Golden Wedding, in 1862, of thirty-nine children and grandchildren 
(by marriage and birth,) thirty-five were living, and present. They are a family of quiet, worthy, 
Christian people, and are respected and esteemed by all who know them. 

The will of Lyman Humphrey, of Bloomfield, Ct., was dated September 4th, 1873. He 
mentions his wife Hannah; daughter Mary Ann; five sons; and other daughters. (Hartford County 
Probate Records). 

Children (born in Bloomfield, Ct.): 

2803. L Trumbull Lyman, ' b. 12 Oct., 1812; married, 4 Mch., 1835, Adah Hamblin. They 

resided in Bloomfield, Ct. He is mentioned on the Hartford County Probate Rec- 
ords, in 1863, as "late of Bloomfield." Mrs. Humphrey died about 1883. No 

2804. n. Chloe,7 b. 18 Dec, 1813; married, 14 Apr., 1835, Moses Cassitt. They resided in 

Amity, III Children: 

2805. i. Alford,8 b. 3 Jan. 1839 

2806. ii. Laura Ada.s b. 7 June, 1848; married, 5 December, 1867, Levi A. Richardson. Child: 

(I) Levi A.9 (Richardson), b. 27 Sept. 1868. 

George, 7 b. 14 Apr., 1816; married Sophronia Hamblin. Family 404. 

Hector F.', b. 28 Dec, 1817; m. (i) Emma Holcomb; m. (2) Eliza Ann Hart. 

Family 405. 
]\L\ry Ann,' b. 3 Dec, 1819; married, about 1882, Calvin Briggs. 
William, 7 b. 15 Feb., 1821; married Roxana A. Pratt. Family 40G. 
Amelia, 7 b. 27 May, 1822; died young. 

Laura Maria,' b. 24 Oct., 1823; d. 24 July, 1847, se. 23 years; was unmarried. 
Goodwin Sheldon,' b. 18 May, 1825; married Charlotte L. Pardee. Family 407. 
Cordelia,' b. 28 Apr., 1827; married, 2 May, 1849, Charles Watkins. Res. (1S84) 
in Bloomfield, Ct. Children : 

i. Charles Henry,"* b. 24 Dec. 1856. 
ii. Emma Josephine,* b. 23 May, 1859. 
iii. Burton Lyman,' b. 4 Apr. 1866. 

Henry ' ) married Cornelia Augusta Hart. Family 408. 

\\i. 19 Nov., 1828; 
Henrietta,' ^ married, in Bloomfield, Ct., 27 Nov., 1845, Wilbert 

(son of Willis and Amorett Moore) Reed, b. 21 Dec, 1826, Granby, Ct., where 
his parents resided. Farmer. Res. (18S4) in North Granby, Ct. Children (born 
in Granby, Ct.): 
2820. i. Ella Janc,^ b. 24 Jan. 1S50; died in Granby, Ct., 30 Jan. 1873, .x>. 23 years. .She 

married, about 1871, Nelson PhelpS. C/iilJ : (i) Walter Nelson » (Phelps), died iu 
Granby, Ct., 18 Feb. 1884, x. 12 years. 

• D.-ites of baptism of the children of Lyn 
M:iy, 1815; George, 25 Aug. iSr6; Hector F., 2 
Cordelia, 28 Oct. 1S27; Henry anil Henrietta, 1: 
























n Humphrey:— from the 

n-i„t«nhury Church Reconis 


unihull l.vman a 

id Chloc. 21 

Juno, ,818; Mary Ann, i 

8 June, 1820; , 6 Oct. 


Laur.-. Mana, 

5 Apr. ,82^; 

July, .829, 


2821. ii. Georgianna,^ b. lo Nov. 1852; d. 6 Mch. 1854, a;. 16 months. 

2S22. iii. Carrie Amoretta,* b. 7 June, 1854; married, about 1875, Arthur Clement HolCOmb. 

Machinist. Res. (1884) TerryviUe, Ct. Child: (i) Arthur Reed-' (Holcomb), born 

about 1S76. 
2823. iv. Hattic Eliza," b. 9 Nov. 1856; died in Granby, Ct., 20 Oct. 1861, a:. 5 years. 

2S24. V. Kate Henrietta,* b. 2 May, 1861; married, 12 Nov. 18S4, J. Duanc Viets. 

2825. XIII. Eliza Emeline,' b. 19 July, 1831; is deceased. She married, i May, 1S62, William 

W. Case. They resided in Canton, Ct. Children: 

2826. i. Nellie Eliza,' b. 12 Mch. 1865;— unmarried. Res. (1884) Bloomfield, Ct. 

2827. ii. Mary Ada,' b. 17 Nov. 1866; -unmarried. Res. (1884) Bloomfield, Ct. 

FAMILY 207. 

2828. Theodore^ Humphrey, [1353] (Capt. Ralph,^ Abrahavi^ Charles,^ Lieut. Saimiel,'' 
Michael,^) was born i Jan., 1794, in West Avon, Ct. He married Fanny Phelps, of Burlington, 
or Harwinton, Ct. He removed to Illinois, and there died, in 1842, a?. 48 years. Mrs. Humphrey 
continued to reside in Illinois after the death of her husband. 

2S29. I. RoY.\L,7 died unmarried. 

2830. II. Hkkry,' died unmarried. 

2831. III. CoRYDON,' died unmarried. 

[Two daughters, whose records have not been obtained.] 

FAMILY 208. 

2832. Ralph Pomeroy' Humphrey, [1354] (Capt. Ralph,^ Abraham,^ Charks,^ Lieut. 
Samuel,' Michael,^) was born 30 Dec, 1795, in West Avon, Ct. He married, in Burlington, Ct., 
22 Nov., 1821, Amy Smith, born in that town, 5 Jan., 1799, daughter of Amos Smith, of Burling- 
ton, Ct., and his wife Rachael (Tuttle), who was a resident of Cheshire, Ct., before her marriage. 
He was a farmer. Mr. Humphrey died in Burlington, 2 Sept., 1837, tv. 41 years. His widow 
married, 29 Apr., 1847, Lewis Churchill, of Wolcott, Ct. She died in Southington, Ct., 4 Nov., 
1870, tp. 71 years. 

2833 I. R.\i.PH,7 b. 15 Aug., 1822; married Nancy Ann Welton. Family 409. 

2834. II. Rebecca,' b. 15 Nov., 1824, New Hartford, Ct. ; married, in Meriden, Ct., 8 Dec, 

1850, Charles William (son of William and Sarah Ann Deangelist) Bradley. He 
is (1882) proprietor of the Florence House, in New Haven, Ct. Children: 

2835. i. Charles William," b. 8 May, 1S52, Wallingford, Ct. 

2836. _ ii. George Washington,* b. 15 Dec. 1867, New Haven, Ct. 

FAMILY 209. 

Charles.^ L; 

2837. Montgomery' Humphrey, [1355 1 (Capi. Ralph,-' Ahmha 

Samuel.' Michael,' J was born 2 Dec, 1797, in West Avon, Ct. He married there, 20 Oct., 
1830, Maria Nancy (dau. of David) Gleason. Hotel keeper. He died in May, 1836, at Unionville, Ct. 

Child (besides three children who died young ) : 
2S38. I. Margaret Lusk,? b. 9 Aug., 1834; m. (i) 17 Nov., 1853, Carl R. Neitzsch, who 

died in the Union army, 17 Apr., 1863. She m. (2) 25 Dec, 1S67, William (son of 
Jacob) Craft. K^s. (1884) Missouri Valley, Iowa. [ children, see Additions.] 










FAMILY 210. 

2839. Merrills'^ Humphrey, [^3'^3] (Cap/. Ralph,^ Abraham,*' Charles,'^ Lieut. Samuel,^ 
Michael,') was l)orn 2 Mch., 1S03, in West Avon, Ct. He married, about 1827, Rachel (dau. of 
Joseph and Rachel) Snath,* of Burlington, Ct. They removed to Pennsylvania, where five of 
their children were born. He died in Orwell, Pa., in 1842, a. 39 years. Mrs. Humphrey's 
P. O. address is (1884) Potterville, Bradford Co., Pa. 

Children (besiiles one who died young): 
2S40. I. Susan, 7 married (i) Seymour Wheatland. She married (2) Major Darling. P. O. 
address (1884) Potterville, Pa. 
RiLEY,7 died in 1870. 
Chester, 7 is deceased. 

Merrills.? P. O. address (1884) Potterville, Pa. 
Henry.7 p. O. address (1SS4) Potterville, Pa. 

FAMILY 211. 

2845. Captain LuciuS^' Humphrey, [1369] (Capt. Ralph,^ Abraham,'' Charles,^ Lieut. 
Samuel,' Michael,') was born 28 Mch., 1808, f in Farmington (now West Avon), Ct. He married 
(i) in Woodbridge (now a part of Bethany), Ct., 21 Feb., 1S27, Mary Emeline (dau. of Asahel 
and Mary Johnson) Judd, of Bethany, Ct., b. 2 Oct., 181 1, Cheshire, Ct. ; died in East Avon, 
Ct, 26 Sept., 1865, te. 54 years. He married (2) in East Avon, Ct., Widow Rhoda Thompson. 
He married (3) in Goshen, Ct., Caroline (Adams) Hubbard, daughter of Asa and Olive Adams, 
of Granby, Ct., and widow of Horace Hubbard, of Hartford, Ct. 

When eighteen years old, Lucius Humphrey took a contract for building a part of the 
Farmington canal, employing about forty men. After his first marriage he seftled in Southington, 
Ct., where he resided two years. He then removed to Farmington, and, in 1835, to Collinsville. 
Late in the fall of 1840, with horses and a wagon to convey himself and family and household 
furniture, he started from Collinsville for Pennsylvania. In Orwell, Bradford County, in that State, 
he bought a farm of one hundred acres, which he cleared, and occupied until 1863, when he 
sold it and returned to East Avon, Ct. He has several times been appointed Assessor, Selectman, 
and Grand Juror; was captain of the Collinsville Rifle Company a number of years. He 
res. (1884) in Unionville, Ct, with his daughter, Mrs. Sanford. 
Children (by 1st marriage): 

2846. I. Edwin,7 b. 2 Oct, 1828, Southington, Ct ; died in Farmington, Ct, 4 Mch., 1S32, 

fe. 3 years, and 5 months. 

2847. II. Delia Ann,' b. 9 Jan., 1830, Farmington, Ct ; married (i) in that town, 31 Mch., 

1853, Newton T. (son of Joseph) Miller, of Avon, Ct, born there. 19 Mch., 
1828; died in Avon, Ct, 19 Feb., 1862, iv. 34 years. He was a farmer. She 
married (2) as second wife, in Avon, Ct, 24 Dec, 1864, John J. Hopper, a 
native of New Jersey, and a carpenter and builder in New York City for several 
years. After his second marriage he resided on the farm in Avon, Ct, where he 
died 21 Sept, 1884. Mrs. Hopper res. (1884) in Avon, Ct Children (by isl 
marriage; born in Aiwi, Ct.): 


2848. i. Daughter '(Miller),) (died in Avon, Ct., jc. 6 months. 

Vb. 25 Nov. 1853; J 

2849. ii. Ida J." (Miller), ) ( married, 16 April, 18S3, Watson K. 

died in Avon 

, Cl 

married, 16 


Avon, Ct., 


Hodge, of Burhngton, Ct. He is a fan- 

2850. iii. Georgia M.8 (Miller), b. 7 Apr. 1856; died 

and 7 months. 

2851. iv. Helens (Miller), b. 12 Sept. 1858; married, 16 May, 1877, Henry W. Sanford, of 

Tariffville, Ct. For the past six years (1884) he has been the Superintendent of the 
New Haven Almshouse. 

2852. V. Annie C.8 (Miller), b. 5 Mch. i860; married, 28 July, 18S0, Anthony J. StokeS, 

of Farmington, Ct. Clerk. Res. (1SS4) Springfield, Mass. 

2553. III. Edwin,' b. 18 Oct., 1834, Farmington, Ct. ; died in Collinsville, Ct., i Sept., 1836, 

a'. I year, and 10 months. 

2554. IV. Helen M.\r,7 b. 18 May, 1841, Orwell, Pa.; married, in East Avon, Ct., 26 Nov., 

1862, Hon. Sherman (son of Jesse and Almira North) Sanford, of West Avon, 
Ct., born there, 18 Mch., 1835. He is a farmer and lumber merchant; has 
held a number of town offices; was a member of the House of Representatives in 
1884. Resides (1884) at Unionville (in Farmington), Ct. Children (bum in 
Unionville, Ct.): 

2855. i. Edwin Melvin," b. 5 Apr. 1865. 

2856. ii. Clara Louise.e b. S Nov. 1870; d. 26 Oct. 1873, je. 3 years. 
2S57. • iii. Willie,8 b. 3 Sept. 1872; d. 3 Oct. 1872, k. i month. 

2858. iv. Bertha May,« b. iS Mch. 1874. 

2859. v. Blanche Almira," b. 5 Apr. 1876. 

2860. V. Mary Elizabeth, 7 b. 5 Apr., 1843,* Orwell, Pa.; was married, in the First Methodist 

p:piscopal Church, Hartford, Ct., 6 Jan., 1870, to John IMelville (son of Malcolm 
Melville and Mary Kent) Conway, b. 27 July, 1845, Philadelphia, Pa. His 
parents res. (1884) Chicopee Falls, Mass. When he was fourteen years of age he 
went to learn his trade in the press room of the Springfield Republican, at Spring- 
field, Mass., and worked there ten years. In 1870, he went to Hartford as 
foreman of the press room of the Hartford Times, where he is (1884) still employed. 
P. O. address. No. 47 Chestnut St., Hartford, Ct. Children (burn in Hartford, Cl.): 

2861. i. Everett Leonell," b. 7 Mch. 1873; died in Hartford, Ct., 25 Nov. 1882, a;. 9 years, and 

8 months. 

2862. ii. Wilbiu- Humphrey," b. 10 Dec. 1877. 

2863. iii. 11a Vivian," b. 17 July, 1884. 

2864. VI. Cornelia Jane,7 b. i l\Ich., 1845, Orwell, Pa.; married, in Avon, Ct., 12 Sept.. 

1866, Linus N. (son of Nahum and Anna K.) Burt, of Southampton, Mas.s., 1>. 
15 Apr., 1839, Montgomery, Hampden Co., Mass. Farmer. P. O. address (1884) 
Farmington, Ct. Children: 

2865. i. Frederick Newton," b. 7 Jime, 1868, Avon, Ct. 

2866. ii. Mabel Emcline," b. 17 Jan. 1879, Farmington, Ct. 

2867. iii. Cora Anil," li. 19 Nov. 1883, Farmington, Ct. 


2868. VII. Lucius Charles,^ b. 7 July, 1847; married Ella** Fuller. Family 410. 
(By jJ marriage) : 

2869. VIII. Thirza,7 b. 10 Aug., 1872, East Avon, Ct. 

FAMILY 212. 

2870. Deacon RuSSell'' Humphrey, [13S8] (Capl. Ralph,'- Abraham,'' Charles,^ Lieut. 
Samuel,'' Michael,^) was born 7 Dec, 18 12, in Farmington, Ct. He was married by Rev. Dr. 
Woodbridge, in Barkhamsted, Ct., 12 Oct., 1841, to Aurelia Driggs, of New Hartford, Ct., b. 6 
Nov., 1820, in Barkhamsted, dau. of Andrew and Rebecca (Burwell) Driggs, of New Hartford; 
and granddaughter of Col. Martin Driggs, of N. H. Her mother was a resident of Old jNIilford, 
Ct., before her marriage. He was a manufacturer of hardware; — firm of R. Humphrey & Co., 
of Unionville, Ct. He was a deacon of the Congregational church in Unionville; and died in 
that town, 28 Dec, 1873, x. 61 years. His widow res. (1884) Unionville, Ct. 

Children (born in Unionville, Ct.): 
2S71. I. Ellen Maria,' b. 22 Aug., 1842; married, in Unionville, Ct., 14 Nov., 1867, 

Albertus Houston (son of Roland and Hancy Ann) Sellew, b. 23 Aug., 1841. 
He is of French Huguenot and English descent, and was born on the ancient 
Sellew homestead in Glastonbury, Ct. He was apprenticed to a jeweler in Hart- 
ford, in whose employ he remained six years. In 1867, he accepted a situation as 
salesman in a wholesale hardware store in the same city, where he remained 
seventeen years, until April, 1884; is still engaged in that business. P. O. ad- 
dress (1884) No. 64 Copen St., Hartford, Ct. Children: 

2872. i. Harry Humphrey,8 b. 25 June, 1869. 

2873. ii. Edith May," b. 27 Aug. 1S71. 

2874. iii. Winifred Chapman, s b. II Aug. 1S73. 

2875. iv. Ernest Burchard,* b. 26 Mch. 1876. 

2876. II. Son .7 \ 

>- b. I Feb., 1844; died aged about 3 months. 

2877. III. Daughter ,-\ 

2878. IV. Louise Adaline,' b. 17 Apr., 1845;— unmarried. P. O. address (18S4) Simsbury, Ct. 

2879. V. Jennie Augusta,? b. 25 Mch., 1847; married, in Unionville, Ct., 17 Apr., 1872, 

George Sanford (son of William A. and Lucy Lines) Knapp> of Gaylordsville, Ct, 
b. 23 Mch., 1840, New INIilford, Ct., where his parents resided. He is (1884) 
treasurer and one of the firm of the Cowles Hardware Co., located at Bridgeport, 
Ct., and formerly at Unionville, Ct. ; — has been in the hardware business for the 
past ten years. Res. Unionville, Ct. P. O. address (1S84) Bridgeport, Ct. Child: 

2880. i. Albert Carlton,^ b. 19 Jan. 1S76, Unionville, Ct. 

2881. Vr. Kate Elizabeth,' b. 18 July, 1849;— unmarried. P- O- address (1884) East 

Hartford, Ct. 

2882. \'II. IIowARn Wilbur,? b. 16 May, 1852; died aged about i year. 

2883. X'lII. Howard Wilhur,' b. 24 Feb., 1854; married Ella Jane Hunt. Family 411. 

2884. IX. Cakkik Adams,7 b. 28 Oct., 1859; married, 22 Aug., 1883, Major Harry N. Starr, 

uf Rockford. 111. P. O. address (1884) No. 606 North Main Street, Rockford, 
111. Child: 

2885. i. Carroll Humphrey.- b. 22 Sent. iSSd. 











FAMILY 213. 
2886. Friend Washington' Humphrey, [141 1] (Dr. GiJeon,^ Noah,^ Capt. Noah,^ 

Lieut. Samuel,- Michael,^) was born 13 Jan., 18 13. He was married (1) by the Rev. Robert 
Kemp, at Chester, Pa., 3 Nov., 1836, to Deborah Ann (dau. of Henry and Jane AlHson) Permar, 
of Delaware County, Pa., b. 30 May, 1817; d. 11 Aug., 1851, a?. 34 years. He was married 
(2) by the Rev. E. R. WiUiams, in Philadelphia, Pa., 24 June, 1852. to Jane Valleau. 

Mr. Humjihrey commenced the study of medicine, but abandoned it after a short time. 
He then became a clerk in the Custom House, later in the Post Office, and afterward in the 
Gas Works, — all in Philadelphia. He died 16 Dec, 1859, a-. 47 years. 

(by isl viarriage) : 

Mary J.\ne,7 b. 11 Feb., 1838; d. 5 May, 1842, se. 4 years, and 3 months. 
George Moore,' b. 12 Aug., 1841; married Virginia Williamson. Family -412. 
Gideon, 7 b. 22 June, 1844; d. 8 Aug., 1848, a?. 4 3-ears, and i month. 

Mary Eliza, ' b. 29 Oct., 1846; was married, in Fagg's Manor church. Pa., 25 
Nov., 1879, to Henry Stites (son of John C* and Esther Haines) Powley, b. 
28 Jan., 1845, at Stickersville, Chester Co., Pa. He is a merchant. P. O. ad- 
dress (1884) Oxford, Chester Co., Pa. 

2891. V. David Hayes, ? b. 25 Apr., 1849; in 1884, was unmarried. 
(By 2d marrmge): 

2892. VI. Henry M.', b. 7 Aug., 1853; d. 17 Apr., 1854, re. 8 months. 

2893. VII. K.\te,7 b. 4 Dec, 1855; d. 3 Oct., 1857, se. i year, and 10 months. 

2894. VIII. Henry.' Resides (1884) in Philadelphia, Pa. 


2895- Henry Moore" Humphrey, m. d., [1413] (Dr. Gideon,^ Noah,* cpi. Noah,^ 

Lieut. Samuel.- Michael,' ) was born ii Sept., 1822, in Philadelphia, Pa. He married Ann Olivia 
(dau. of Azel S. and Mary Walker) Roe, b. 15 Jan., 1822, in New York City, where her 
parents resided. 

Dr. Humphrey graduated at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, in 1842; and practised 
his profession in Philadelphia and New York City. He removed to Stamford, Ct., in 1855; be- 
came cashier of the Stamford Bank, and when the First National Bank of Stamford was established, 
in 1863, he was made its president. He was one of the organizers of the Woodland Cemetery, 
in 1856. His P. O. address, in 1883, was Dresden, Saxony. 

2896. I. Henry Correll,' b. 10 June, 1848; married Florence B. Thurston. Family 413. 

2897. II. Annie Gertrude,' b. 25 Dec, 1850, New York City; died in Stamford, Ct., 10 

Jan., 1879, se- 28 years. She married, in Stamford, Ct., 26 June, 1874, Niccola 
(son of Domenicho and Pauline Hemingway) Altrocchi, b. n Sept., 1S50, in 
New York City. Child: 

2S98. i. Pauline Hemingway,* b. 4 June, 1S75, Stamford, Ct. 

2899. III. Frank Roe,' b. 5 Jan., 1853; married Edith Learoyd. Family 414. 

John C. P.jwley did lo April, 1872. His widow res. (1884:1 in Oxford. Pa. 

FAMILY 215. 

2900. Theodore Friend' Humphrey, [1421] (Hoti. Friend,-^ Noah,^ Capt. Noahi 

Lieut. Samuel,- iMichael,^) was born 20 May, 1829, in Albany, N. Y. He married there, 13 
Sept., 1854, Margaret (dau. of George and Harriet Folsom) McPherson, of that city. They 
resided in Albany, N. Y. 

In 1851, he and his brother, James Hoyt Humphrey, were admitted into partnership with 
their father. At his death, in 1854, they succeeded to the business, a younger Ijrother, Correl.* 
becoming a member of the firm. Friend Humphrey's Sons. In 1866, Mr. T. F. Humphrey was 
one of the Directors of the National Mechanics and Farmers Bank, of Albany, N. Y. In 18S4, 
he was still engaged in the leather trade. P. O. address. No. 240 Congress St., Boston, Mass. 
Children (born in Albanv, A'. 1'.): 

2901. I. Friend, 7 b. 24 May, 1855; — unmarried. Res. (1884) New York City. 

2902. II. Theodore,? b. 28 Apr., 1857; died in Albany, N. Y., 26 May, 1866, x. 9 years. 

2903. III. M.\RG,\RET,' b. 14 Jan., 1859; married, in Boston, Mass., in April, 1884, William 

Henry Yale. He is (18S4) in the dry goods business, in Franklin Street, 
New York City. 

FA:\IILY 216. 

2904. James Hoyt' Humphrey, [1422] (Hon. Friend,= Noah,* Capt. Noah,'i Lieut. 
Samuel," Michael,') was born 21 Feb., 1832, in Albany, N. Y. He married there, 10 Mch., 
1857, Annie Maria (dau. of George and Jane HoUingshead) Olmsted, a native and resident of 
Albany, N. Y., where her parents resided. They settled in Albany, N. Y. Mr. Humphrey was 
in partnership with his father from 1851 until his death, and afterward a member of the firm 
of Friend Humphrey's Sons. In 1884, was Agent of the Wellsboro Leather Co., Limited, at 
No. 55 Frankfort St., New York City. Res. (1884) at South Orange, N. J. 
Children (born in Albanv, N. F. ) : 

Julia," b. 12 Jan., 1858; — unmarried. Res. (1884) South Orange, N. J. 

Jeannie Davchv,7 b. i Dec, 1S59; died in Albany, N. Y., 6 I^Ich., 1861, tr. i year, 
and 3 months. 

Anme,7 b. 7 Apr., 1862; — unmarried. Res. (1884) South Orange, N. J. 

James,? b. 10 July, 1S64; — unmarried. Res. (1SS4) South Orange, N. J. 

Alice,' b. 22 June, 1868. 

Theodore Friend,? b. 22 Jan., 1873. 


2911- Alexander Beebe' Humphrey, [1424] (ffon. Friend,^ Noah,* Capt. Noah.3 

Lieut. Samuel.' Michael.') was born 15 Sept., 1S44, in Albany, N. Y. He married, in Worcester, 
Otsego Co., N. Y., 20 Nov., 1878, Mary Morrison (dau. of George Home and Charlotte Augusta 
Featherly) Charles, b. 4 Mch., 1852, Albany, N. Y. He is engaged in agricultural pursuits; held 
the office of School Trustee at Weavertown, Warren Co., N. Y. P. O. address (1884) Wauwatosa, 
Milwaukee Co., Wis. 

2911,7. I. Alexander Charles,? b. 25 Sept., 1S84,, Wis. 

• A more complete record of Mr. Correl Humphrey been obtained since Family 78 was printed. He was born 10 May, 1838, 
in Albany, N. Y. He married, at Clayville, Oneida C..., N. V., 9 June, iSfKi, Helen ( of David J. and Chrissa) Mill.ard, of Clayville 
No chililrcn P. <). address (1884) No. 55 Frankfort St , New York City;— is in the leather business. 

t The record of this family was received loo late to admit of the usual reference on page 419. 












FAMILY 217. 

2912' Asaph'- Humphrey, [1426J (Aaron,^ Capi. Asaph,'^ Capt. Noah,i Lieut. Savmel,^ 
Michael,') was bom 9 April, 1792, in Norfolk, Ct. He was married by Rev. Dr. Coe, in the 
church at Amsterdam, N. Y., i August, 1816, to Harriet Henrietta (dau. of Capt. Joseph and 
Mary Spears) Garran,* of Newburyport, Mass., b. 3 Dec, 1799, on Ring's Island, Mass. She 
died of paralysis, in N. Y. City, 19 Sept., 1850, se. 50 years; and was buried at Staten Island, N. Y. 
Like several other members of this branch of the family, Asaph Humphrey was of large 
stature, being over six feet in height. At the age of nineteen years he enlisted in the "Trojan 
Greens," of Troy, and served through the war of 181 2, as a private, or sergeant; was a pensioner. 
In 1826, he removed from Troy to New York City; — was a master carpenter. He was also a 
teacher of vocal and instrumental music, in which he delighted; and many of his descendants 
have decided musical tastes, and excel in various departments of that profession. He was for 
many years a member of the Presbyterian church, and was one of its liberal supporters. He died 
in West Haven, Ct, 8 Oct., 1877, te. 85 years, and was there buried. 

Children (0/ whom the first /our were born in Troy, Al F., and the others in New York City): 

2913. I. Joseph Aaron,' b. 29 May, 1817; d. 10 Jan., 1S82, te. 64; married Hester Emily 

Sharrott. Family 415. 

2914. II. Frederick Augustus,'' b. 29 June, 1S19; d. 19 Aug., 1839, x. 20 years. He was 

the first mate of the brig St. ]Mary, and sailed from New York to New Orleans, 
where he was intending to work in the Mint; was stricken down with the 
yellow fever on his arrival there, and died in three days. He was a capable, 
energetic and promising young man. 

2915. III. Eugenia Maria,' b. 10 June, 1822; married, in St. Paul's Church, Tompkinsville, 

Staten Island, N. Y., 18 Sept., 1S42, Albert Gallatin (son of Ezra and Miriam 
Lane) Nettleton, of Killingwonh, Ct., born there, 9 Dec, 1814. He was a 
master carpenter. He was thrown from a wagon on the morning of May 20th, 
1882, and received injuries from which he died, on the 27th of June following, 
a.'. 67 years. In 1884, Mrs. Nettleton was with her daughter, I\Irs. Hyde, in 
West Haven, Ct. Children: 

2916. i. Laura Fidelia,8 b. 8 Mch. 1845, Staten Island, N. V.; married, in West Haven, Ct.,, 22 

Mch. 1863, Edgar Martin, (son of Alvin M. and Fidelia L. Blakesly) Beebe, who 
was born in Bristol, Ct. He is a joiner, and is well and favorably known in New 
Haven, Ct., where he resides (1884), at No. 227 Portsea Street. Children: (i) Dora 
Estelle' (Beebe), b. 15 Feb. 1865, West Haven, Ct.; married, 3 Jmie, 1884, Horatio 
George Kelsey, of West Haven, Ct. They res. (1884) on Howard Avenue, New 
Haven, Ct. (2) Wilson Edgar' (Beebe), b. 24 Apr. 1867, Vineland, N. J. (3) Harry 
Martin ' (Beebe), b. 20 Aug. 1872, West Haven, Ct. (4) EUen Fidelia' (Beebe), b. 7 
May, 1875; died at West Haven, Ct., in August, 1875, ce. 3 months. 

2917. ii. Emily Redfield,s b. 13 July, 1847, New Rochelle, N. Y.; married, in the Congregational 

church, West Haven, Ct., ig June, 1867, Lieut. George Kilborn (son of Alphonso and 
Elizabeth Gardiner) Hyde, b. 19 June, 1842, Middletown, Ct., where his parents 
resided. He died in West Haven, Ct., 7 July, 18S0, x. 38 years. He shipping 
clerk for the West Haven Buckle Company. He served in the war for the Union; 
was Second Lieutenant of Company G, Second Connecticut Heavy Artillery. Mivs. 

* Her great-grandfather Garran was Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Her father, Capt. Joseph Garran, followed the sea, and com- 
manded a letter-of-m,arque during the Revolution. He removed, about 1800, from Ring's Island to Newburyport, Mass. He died of 
yellow fever, in 1807. at St. Domingo, W. I., and was there buried. A few years later, about 1815, his widow .ind daughter Harriet 
removfd from Nuw\)uryporl, Mass., to Amsterdam, N. V., and resided willi Mrs. Garran's eldest daughter, Mrs. Timothy Livingston. 

Hyde res. (1SS4) in West Haven, Ct. Children (born in West Haven, Cl.J : (i) Harry 
Thompson-' (Hyde), b. 2 Apr. 1868. (2) Addie Taylor » (Hyde), b. 9 July, 1870. 
(3) George Kilborn' (Hyde), b. 29 Oct. 1S74. 
2giS. iii. Clarissa Eudora," b. 12 May, 1S50, Killingworth, Ct.; married, at the parsonage of the 

West Haven Congregational church, 17 Oct. 1867, Norman Webster (son of Martin 
and Katharine Bradley) Domkee. . He was a mechanic. On the afternoon of 
September 15th, 1874, as he was riding in his buggy, on the West Haven Shore Road, 
he was shot by an intoxicated person, and wounded so that he died on the next day. 
Mrs. Domkee res. (1884) in West Haven, Ct. Child: (i) Albert Martin' (Domkee), 
b. zo Jan. 1872, West Haven, Ct. 

2919. iv. Susan Elizabeth, « b. 13 July, 1852, Killingworth, Ct.; married, at the parsonage. West 

Haven, Ct., 17 Jan. 1869, Frank Jackson (son of Andrew L. and Mary L. Marble) 
Holt, born in Palmer, Mass., where his parents resided. Machinist. P. O. address 
(1884) West Haven, Ct. Children (born in West Haven, Ct.): (I) Frederick A.' 
(Holt), b. I May, 1870. (2) Mary Estelle » (Holt), b. i Jan. 1872. (3) Howard H.' 
(Holt), b. 14 Nov. 1874. (4) William Luther' (Holt), b. 15 Mch. 1876; died at West 
Haven, Ct., in April, 1877, se. I year, and I month. 

2920. v. Mary Alberta," b. 6 Oct. 1853, Killingworth, Ct.; married, at her father's residence, in 

West Haven, Ct., 12 May, 1873, Adonijah Nathan ThomaS, of New Haven, Ct. 
Carpenter and joiner. Children (born in West Haven, Ct.): (l) Riley Albert' (Thomas), 
b. 24 Sept. 1876. (2) Eva May' (Thomas), b. 20 May, :88o; d. 22 May, iSSo, a;. 2 
days. (3) Percy ' (Thomas), b. 18 Aug. 1883; d. 20 Aug. 1883, x. 2 days. 

2921. vi. Sarah Estelle.s b. 25 Oct. 1855, West Haven, Ct.; married there, 12 Aug. 1874, Wallace 

Andrew (son of Caleb and Susan Andrews) RuSSell, of Bethany, Ct. Blacksmith. 
Res. (1884) Derby, Ct. Children (born in Derby, Ct.): (i) Annie Eliza' (Russell), b. 
9 Nov. 1875. (2) Charles Edgar ' (Russell), b. 15 May, 1878. 

2922. vii. Daughter ,» b. 9 Oct. 1857; died the same date. 

2923. viii. Miriam Eva,8 b. 12 Aug. 1861, West Haven, Ct. ; married, in New Haven, Ct., 14 Dec. 

1880, Purdie (son of David and Elizabeth Hawkes) Ireland, of Matteawan, N. Y. 
Machinist. Res. (1884) New Haven, Ct. Children (born in Ncio Haven, Ct.): 
(I) Bessie Eudora' (Ireland), b. 19 Mch. 1882. (2) Frederick Louis' (Ireland), b. 28 
July, 1883. 

2924. IV. AsAi'H Jerome,' b. 24 Aug., 1824; died in Troy, N. Y., 8 Feb., 1825, k. 5 months, 

and was there buried. 

2925. \'. Charles Edward,' b. 10 Apr., 1S27; d. 11 July, 1870, £e. 43; married CcciHa 

Josephine Sharrolt. Family 41 G. 

2926. VI. Benjamin Franklin,' b. 19 Apr., 1829. During the Me.xican war, he went to 

California with Colonel Stevenson's Regiment, which was soon disbanded. It was 
afterward reported that he was killed in the gold mines, or by the Indians, while 


2928. VIII. Wealthy Anoeline,' b. 19 Dec, 1832; died in New York City, i l\Iay, 1S33, 


traveling in that region. 

Hakkiet Ki.izabeth,' b. 8 Aug., 1S31; died 

in New York City, 8 

Aug. , 

a'. I year, and was there burieti. 

Wealthy Anoeline,' b. 19 Dec, 1832; died 

in New York City, i 


a'. 4 months, and was there buried. 

SrsAN Arnetta,' b. (^ Oct., 1834; was married, 

in New York City, b\ 

Rev. P 

A. Corey, ])astur of the Murray Hill liapiisi 

Churcii, 7 May, 1S51 

, 10 Ric 


Saxton (son of Richard Saxton* and Rachael Woods) Strong, b. 14 Nov., i8iy, 
London, Eng. He, with his father, for forty-two years, had a trunk and bag 
manufactory at the corner of Bleecker St. and the Bowery, New York City. 
Res. (1884) West Ha\'en, Ct. Children (born in New York Cily, excepting the 
youngest two): 

2930. i. Mary Eugenia,* b. 6 Sept. 1852; d. 25 Sept. 1853, x. i year. 

2931. ii. Richard Saxton, * b. 17 Feb. 1854; married, in January, 1878, Emma Berger, of German 

descent, whose parents reside (18S4) in New Haven, Ct. He is a joiner. Res. (1884) 
New Haven, Ct; — is a member of the Governor's Horse-Guards. 

2932. iii. Amcnia .\rnctta,s b. 12 Nov. 1858; d. 20 Apr. i860, re. I year, and 5 months. 

2933. iv. Minnie (.)la,« b. 23 Jan. 1861; married, in West Haven, Ct., 25 Dec. 1878, Samuel 

Hitchcock, a native of West Haven, Ct., and also a resident to the present time 
(1884). He is a farmer. Childrm (horn in West Haven, Ct.): (i) Maud Angeline' 
(Hitchcock), b. 24 Nov. 1879. (2) Frank Wesley" (Hitchcock), b. 6 Feb. 1882. 
(3) Edgar Samuel' (Hitchcock), b. 11 Jan. 18S4. 

2934. v. Mary I.avinia.s b. 24 Dec. 1862; married, in West Haven, Ct., 7 June, 1SS2, Charles 

Hopkins, born in New Haven, Ct. Oyster dealer. Res. (1884) No. loi Kimberly 
Avenue, New Haven, Ct. 

2935. vi. Gertrude Lecompt," b. 13 Oct. 1864. 

2936. vii. Carrie Louisa,* b. 2 Feb. 1866; married, in West Haven, Ct., in June, 1S84, Hii-am 

Bally, of West Haven, Ct. He is the engineer for the New Haven Rattan Company. 
Res. (1884) New Haven, Ct. 

2937. viii. Willie Franklin.s b. 2 Oct. 1872, West Haven, Ct. 

2938. ix. Annie Ilart,s b. 15 Mch. 1875, Wfet Haven, Ct. 

2939. X. Anice Caroline,' b. 27 July, 1836; married, at Staten Island, N. Y., 27 Apr., 1857, 

George Francis (son of William f and Jane Ann Bailey) Brooke, of Brooklyn, 
N. Y., b. 30 Aug., 1834, at Matteawan, Dutchess Co., N. Y. He is a chro- 
■ nometer escapement maker, and has worked for one firm twenty-seven years. 
P. O. address (1884) West Haven, Ct. Children (born in New York City, excepting 
the youngest two): 

2940. i. Jane Frances," b. 27 Feb. 1858; married, in the Congregational church. West Haven, 

Ct., 7 Feb. 1883, William Edward (son of Frederick and Harriet Bradley) Jackson, 
a native and resident of New Haven, Ct. Commercial traveler. Res. (1884) in Pros- 
pect Place, New Haven, Ct. 

2041. ii. Florence Adelaide,* ) 

M-b. I May, 1859; res. (1884) in West Haven, Ct. 

2942. iii. Marion,* I 

2943. iv. George Bailey,* b. 16 Dec. 1S60; died at sea, of Panama fever, 3 June, 18S0, a-. 20 

years. He was buried thirty miles south of the Delaware Capes. He was a graduate 
of the nautical school-ship St. Mary, at New Vork City, and at the time of his death 
was Quartermaster of the Pacific Mail Steamer Clyde, plying between New York and 
Aspinwall. He was a young man of rare promise, a sincere Cln'istian, and beloved by 
aU who knew him. 

2944. v. Wesley Elmer," b. 7 Jan. 1S63; res. (1884) West Haven, Ct. 

♦ Richard Saxton Strong born 6 Sept. 1788, in Farnham, Coiinly Hants, EnglanJ. He married Racliael Wood5, b. 15 Jan. 
1793, London, England; died in New York City, 15 Dec. 1S62. He died in New York City, 23 Aug. 1863. 

t William Brooke was born near Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England; and was a cloth-dresser by trade. His grandfather owned a 
large cloth manufactory at Huddersfield, England. The mdls are still in existence, and are now owned by Mr. G. F. Brooke's cousin, 
who resides at Dalton Grange, England. 


2945- V'- Warner Garran,i^ b. 3 Jan. 1864; is a piano manufacturer. Res. (18S4) West Haven, Ct. 

2946. vii. Lillian Gertniile/ b. 3 Jan. 1S69, West Haven, Ct. 

2947. viii. Edith Ross," I.. 27 Aug. 1S72, West Haven, Ct. 

2948. XI. Jane Nelson,^ b. 7 Jan., 1838; married, in the spring of 1855, her cousin Daniel 

Noyes, who was killed in the war for the Union. She resided in Bangor, Maine, 
until about 1884, when she removed to the West. Childjen: 

2949. i. Joseph Elford,8 who was killed, about 1874, on the Bangor R. R. 

2950. ii. Elfie," married, about 1SS2, ; and settled in one of the Western States. They 

have one child. 

2951. XII. Daughter ,^ b. 9 Dec, 1S41; died the same day. 

FAMILY 218. 

2952. Judge Frederick Augustus- Humphrey, [1429] (Aaron,^ Capi. Asaph,' Copi. 

A\kih,' Lieu/. Sdwiie/,' Michael,') was born 20 May, 1801, in Herkimer, N. Y. He married 

(i) . After her death he married (2) 25 Jan., 1825, Eliza Yates. He is a carpenter; is 

of large stature, as are also several of his children. Res. (1884) in Shopiere, Rock Co., Wis. 

Children ( l/y 2d ?iiarriage): 
2U53. I. JfSTUs," b. I June, 1826; d. 4 June, 1870, fe. 44; married Margaret Hardenburgh. 

Family 417. 

2954. II. Harriet, 7 b. 15 May, 1829, Waterford, N. Y. ; married, in Glen, N. Y., 21 Ajir., 

1847, James Kline. Res. (1SS3) in Kingston, Meeker Co., Minn. Children {born 
in Chicago, III. ): 

2955. i. Preston H.», b. 24 Jan. 1S54; married, in Kingston, Minn., 28 Nov. 1S78, Ada Allen. 

He is a dealer in musical instruments. Res. (1883) Wadena, Minn. 

2956. ii. Ida Helen," b. 25 July, 1859; married, in Kingston, Minn., 3 Dec. iSSi, Wellington D. 

Joubert, editor of the Litchfield Ledger. Res. Litchfield, Minn. Child: (i) Ida 
Ethel ' (Joubert), b. 30 Oct. 1882, Litchfield, Minn. 

2957. iii. Justus F.s, b. 3 June, 1862. 

2958. III. Mary Louise, ' b. 30 June, 1831, Waterford, N. Y. ; died in Berlin, Wis., 17 Dec, 

1S75, f"-'- 44 years. She married, in Shopiere, Wis., 23 Jan., 1S51, Stillman 
Wright. He res. (1883) Berlin, Wis. Children (born in Berlin, Wis.): 

2959. i. Charles H.^ b. 25 July, 1857; married, iii Berlin, Wis., 6 July, 1S82, Sadie Basset. Ik- 

is a miller. 

2960. ii. Frederick Wilkie,*^ b. 17 Ajir. 1S67. 

2961. IV. William, 7 b. 15 Sept., 1834; married Jane Ann Snook. Fajiilv 418. 

2962. V. Helen Jane,' b. 2 June, 1838, Glen, N. Y. ; married, in Shopiere, Wis., 26 Nov., 

1856, James A. Chamberlain. Res. (1884) Tiftany, Rock Co., Wis. Child: 

2963. i. Emma Frances,' b. 2 Jan. i860. La I'rairie, Wis. 

2964. VI. Cornelius,' b. 4 July, 1840, Glen, N. Y. ; died in Shopiere, Wis., 12 Feb., 1S4S, 

;f. 7 years, and 7 months. 

2965. VII. Sarah .\.', b. 28 Oct., 1842, Glen, N. Y.; married, in Shopiere, Wis., 4 July, 1S61, 

RoswcU V>. Thomas. Res. (1883) Irwin, Shelby Co., Iowa. Children: 

2966. i. Electa Jane," b. 15 Oct. 1863, La Prairie, Wis.; married, in Irwin, Iowa, 25 .Vjir. 1S83, 

William D. Gibson. Merchant. Res. (1883) Irwin, Iowa. 

2967. ii. Herbert Alton, « b. 13 Dec. 1871, Rock, Wis. 

2968. VIII. Fredekuk K.\ b. 26 Sept., 1844: married Harriet Warner. Family 419. 

2969. IX. pRANcii: Alfred,' b. 2 Apr., 1852, Shopiere, Wis.; is a carpenter. Res. (1883) 
Hastings, Dakota. 
[Two children, by the first marriage, who are deceased; — names not ascertained.] 

FAMILY 219. 

2970. Horace Jay*^ Humphrey, [1432] (Coi Rmueii,^ Capt. Asaph,^ Capt. Noah,^ 

Lieut. Samuel,'' Michael,^) was born 3 August, 1793, at Norfolk, Litchfield Co., Ct. He married 
Elizabeth Ann McAlpine, of Winchester, Ct. He is said to have resided in Hartland, Ct.^ at the 
time of his marriage. He was a carriage manufacturer; died at Willoughby, O., 8 Oct., 1S46, 
se. 53 years. His widow died in that town, 8 Aug., 1872. 

2971. I. ]M.\RGARET,7 b. 19 I\Ich. , 1820, Willoughby, O. ; married, in September, 1841, Charles 

J. Komer. Child (besides two children who died in infancy): 

2972. i. Charles A.8, married, at Elkhorn, Wis., Jennette Dewing. Res. (1SS3) Emporia, Pa. 

2973. II. Helen Elizabeth,' b. 11 Mch., 1822, Winchester, Ct. ;— unmarried. Res. (18S4) 

Willoughby, O. 

2974. HI. Louisa Rebecca,' b. 24 Apr., 1824, \Mnchester, Ct. ; died in Willoughby, O., 14 

Dec, 1 86 1, a-. 37 years. 
John J.\y,' b. 26 Jan., 1826; married Eliza Blakesley. Family 420. 
Mary Jane,' b. 17 Aug., 1829, Norfolk, Ct. 

William RoswELL,'b. 8 Dec, 1831, Norfolk, Ct. ; — unmarried. Res. (iS83)in Nevada. 
Silas Hurlburt,' b. 14 Apr., 1834, Willoughby, O. ;— unmarried. Res. (1883) in 

Belden, Lorain Co., O. 
James Oscar,' b. 19 Nov., 1836, Willoughby, O. ; was three years in the Artillery 

service, during the war. Res. (1883) Willoughby, O. ; — unmarried. 

FAMILY 220. 

2980. Hiram'' Humphrey, l'433j (Col. Roswell,^ Capt. Asaph,* Capt. Noah,^ Lieut. 
Samuel,- Michael,') was born 17 Aug., 1795, in Norfolk, Ct. He married, at Canton, Ohio, in 
1820, Mary (Blodgett) Foster, daughter of Benjamin and Mary (Riddle) Blodgett,* and widow of 
Jacob Foster.! She i^as born 29 Dec, 1792, Randolph, Vt. ; and died 13 Jan., 1880, se. 87 years. 

Mr. Humphrey emigrated with his father to Ohio, about 18 15, and settled at Chagrin, 
Cuyahoga County, now known as Willoughby, Lake County. After his marriage he removed to 
Middlebury, in the same State; also resided in Chillicothe and Manhattan, Ohio. He was a 
clothier. .He removed to Wisconsin, in June, 1S40, and resided at Elkhorn, where he died 24 
May, 1 88 1, 1 X. 85 years. 

Children (horn in Middlebury, 0. ) : 

2951. I. Mary Elizabeth,' b. 5 May, 1822; died in Geneva, Wis., 22 Mch., 1868, ae. 45 

years. She married, 20 Jan., 1840, Lewis Curtis. He has been for many years 
a merchant in Geneva, Wis. 

[Nine children, oi whom fom- died young, and five were living in 1884.] 

2952. II. Benjamin Blodgett,' b. 23 Nov., 1824; m. (i) ; m. (2) ; m. (3) — . 

Family •421. 

• I'.enj.imin Blodgelt was one of the e.irly settlers of Randolph, Orange Co., Vt. He was from Connecticut, and of Puritan descent. 
He died at the age oi 84 years. 

♦ Not of Mr. Jones, as given on page 420. t This corrects the tl.iKr luund on page 420. 












2933. III. Ann Maria.' b. 12 Feb., 1827; married, at Sugar Creek township, Walworth Co., 

Wis., II Oct., 1849, George W. (.son of Strong* and Weed) Sturges, 

who was born 27 Mch., 1808, in Stamford, Ct., and resided in New York City. 
From thence he removed, in 1844, to Racine, Wis., and returned, in 185 1, to 
the State of New York. P. O. address (1884) Lake Geneva, Walworth Co., 
Wis. Children: 
29S4. i. Sar,ih Barimrd,* b. 5 Aug. 1850- married, 26 Oct. 1S76, John 1'.. SimmonS. Lawyer. 

Res. (1884) Geneva, Wis. 
ii. George Humphrey,'^ b. 25 Oct. 1851, Sugar Creek, Wis. 
iii. Walter Irving,* b. 18 Oct. 1853. 

iv. Alexander,* b. 12 Aug. 1855, Williamsburgh, L. I.; died 5 Sept. 1856, re. i year, 
V. Charles Strong,* b. 15 Sept. 1857, Williamsburgh, L. I. 
vi. Arthur,* b. 25 Aug. i860. Lake Geneva, Wis. 
vii. Mary Elizabeth,* b. 30 July, 1865, Geneva, Wis. 
viii. Benjamin,* b. 27 Nov. 1867, Geneva, Wis. 


FAMILY 221. 

2992. Aaron Norton' Humphrey, [1434] (Coi. Rosivdi^ Capt. Asaph.* dpi. Xoak,^ 

Lieut. Samuel,' Michael.') was born 15 July, 1797, probably in Norfolk, Ct. He married . 

He died in Kentucky. 

2993. I. Ann,' married (i) ; married (2) Walker, who is deceased. 

[Children, whose names have not been ascertained.] 

2994. II. Martha.' 

2995. III. Mary,' married Downing. They resided at Madrid Bend. 

[Children: Seven sons and one ilaughter, whose records have not been obtained.] 

FAMILY 222. 

2996. Georo^e' Humphrey, ['436] fCol. Ros-well.^ Capt. Asaj>h,* Capl. Noah.^^ Lieut. 
Samuel,- Michael.') was born 29 August, 1801, at Norfolk, Ct. He married, in Ohio, 16 Dec, 
1830, Hannah Aldan Blodgett, b. 26 Dec, 1800, Randolph, Vt. ; died m Bloomfield, Wis., 8 
July, i860, vl: 59 years. He died at Sugar Creek, Wis., 7 Dec, 1848, ae. 47 years. 

Children : 
2997. I. Rebecca,' b. 18 Sept., 1832; d. 28 Apr., 1833, x. 7 months. 

2908. II. George Peaslev,' b, 5 Sept., 1834: d. 30 May, 1840, x. 5 years, and 8 months. 
29f,9. III. l-.LizABETH,' b. 10 Aug., 1837: d. 22 Sept., 1839, a'. 2 years, and i munth. 

3000. 1\'. F.LiZABETH,' b. 20 Apr., 1840; married, in Sugar Creek, Wis., 6 June, 1858, George 

W. Frost. Res. (1883) in Beloit, Wis. Child: 

3001. i. Ella,* b. 6 Apr. 1859, Springfield, Wis.; married, in licloit. Wis., 23 Nov. 1S80, William 

B. Biddle. ChUd: (i) George William' (Bi'ldlc), b. 5 Dec. 1881, Emporia, Kansas: 
died in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 30 Jan. 1SS2, a;. 2 months. 

* Strone .Sturges, born in Ridgefield, Ct., was two ye.irs old when that town was burned during the Revolutionary war. He dii-il 
17 Aug. 183s. t+is first wife, Elizabeth Weed, of Stamford, Ct., died early in life, and he then married Martha Weed, of Stamford, who 
died 17 Feb. iS6o, at lirooklyn, N. V. 

FAMILY 223. 

3002. William Norton' Humphrey, [1438J (Coi. RosweU,^ Capt. Asaph,* Capt.Noah,^ 

Lieut. Samuel," Michael,') was born 28 Jlay, 1S06, in Norfolk, Ct. He married, at Willoughby, 
O.. 24 Aug., 1828, Caroline M. Watson, of Herkimer County, N. Y. He removed about the 
time of his marriage to Hampshire, Kane Co., Illinois, where he continued to reside until his 
death, which occurred 3 April, 1852, at the age of 46 years. Mrs. Humphrey died 24 Feb., 1S58. 
Children : 

3003. I. William Watson/ b. 10 July, 1829; is deceased. 

3004. II. Orrilla Maria, 7 b. 11 Feb., 1831; is deceased. 

S005. HI. William,') Res. (1883) Hampshire, Illinois. 

^ ^ M-b. 29 May, 1834. 

3006. IV. Watsox,' ) Res. (1883) Gillett, Yavapai Co., Arizona. 

3007. V. Caroline Maria, ' ) d. 3 Oct., 1863, a: 25 years. 

y h. 10 Dec, 1837; 

3008. VI. Charles Constantine,' ) d. 29 May, 1868, ae. 30 years. 

3009. VII. Adelaide,? b. 5 Dec, 1S40; died in Chatham, Columbia Co., N. Y., 31 Jan., 1872, 

X. 31 years. She married, 18 Feb., 1858, E. N. Garner. They removed to 
Columbia Co., N. Y., about a year after their marriage. His P. O. address is 
(1883) Chatham, N. Y. Children: 

3010. i. Nettie H.s, bom about 1863; P. O. address (1SS3) Chatham, N. Y. 

[Five other children, of whom four were living in 18S4.] 

3011. VIII. Roswell,' b. 27 Apr., 1843; served through the war for the Union; was in the 8th 

Illinois Cavalry. Res. (1883) at Cherry Creek, White Pine Co., Nevada. 

3012. IX. James Oscar,? b. 25 Jan., 1847; enlisted in the Union army when he was sixteen 

years of age, and was killed in December, 1S64, at the battle of Nashville, Tenn. 

FAMILY 224. 

3013- James Oscar" Humphrey, [1440J (Gd. Rosweii,= Capt. Asaph,* Capt. Noah,-' 

Lieut. Samuel," Michael.') was born i8 May, 1811, at Norfolk, Ct. He married, in Chicago, 
111., 4 July, 1843, Delia* Ann (dau. of Simeon and Asenath Miller) Barnum, b. 15 Jan., 1821. 
He was formerly a carriage manufacturer, but has retired from business. Res. (1884) in Willoughby, 
Lake County, Ohio. 

[Four children, who died in infancy.] 

FAMILY 225. 

3014. Lieut. Lemuel' Humphrey, [1457] (Lemuel Gordon,^ Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,* 
Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel," Michael.') was born Tuesday, 9 Sept., 1794, in West Simshury, 
Ct. In 1807, he removed with his parents to Ohio. He inarried, at Worthington, O., 23 Feb., 
18 1 7, Betsey Pinney, of Worthington, who was born 27 Apr., 1795, in Hartford County, Ct. ; and 
died in Bates Count)-, Mo., in the autumn of 1875, x. So years. He died in Johnson County, 
Iowa, 10 Sept., 1846, as. 52 years. 

They at first settled in Liberty, Delaware County, O., where they resided till 1842, when, 
with their family, they removed to Johnson County, Iowa. While a resident of Ohio. Lemuel 
Humphrey served in the War of 1812, under General W. PI. Harrison; — was also Lieutenant in 


the State Militia; and, for many years after his father's death, was Justice of the Peace. He was 
a leading citizen of the County, and a prominent pioneer in building up its educational interests. 
He early, — about 1833 — espoused the cause of the Temperance Reform, and always gave it his 
earnest support. He was a thrifty farmer; was a member of the Protestant Episcopal Church, 
faithfully attending its communion at Worthington, and was active in fostering Sunday Schools. 


3015. I. H.iRRiET Aminda,^ b. 18 Dec, 18 17, in Delaware County, O. ; died in Johnson 

County, Iowa, 12 July, 1854, ae. 36 years. She married, in Delaware Co., O., 

II April, 1838, William B. (son of William and Zerviah Withey) Dunton, born 

near Lake Champlain, in Vermont. His parents removed to Delaware Co., O. , 

when he was six years old. After his marriage, he lived on a farm five miles 

from Worthington, O., until 1849, when he removed to Johnson County, Iowa. 

In 1872, he went to Otoe County, Nebraska, where he resided in 1884. Children: . 

30x6. Harriet Aminda,' b. 26 Jan. 1839; married, 4 Jan. 1859, David Wilson (son of Josiah 

and Phebe Cruthers Wilson) Davis, who was born 15 Dec. 1837, in Washington 

County, Tenn., and went with his parents to Johnson County, Iowa, in April, 1839. 

He is a carpenter and builder. Res. (1884) at Elk Point, Dakota. Children: (l) Harriet 

Phebe" (Davis), b. 24 Oct. i860;— unmarried. P. O. address (1884) Elk Point, Dakota. 

(2) Carl Almoni» (Davis), b. 4 Nov. 1863. (3) Henrietta Jane" (Davis), b. 18 Oct. 1866. 

3017. ii. Adelia Elizabeth,' b. 23 Oct. 1841, Delaware Co., O.; died in August, 1848, a:. 6 years. 

3018. iii. Henrietta Elmina,' b. 27 Sept. 1842; married, Lieutellus Frazee Reckner. P. O. ad- 

dress (1883) Creston, Union Co., Iowa. They have children. 

3019. iv. Almon Solomon,' b. 21 Jan. 1845, Delaware Co., O.; enlisted at the age of seventeen, 

in the 22d Reg. Iowa Vols., and was appointed Second Sergeant of Company I. While 
on the march to Vicksburgh he was taken sick, and died in the hospital at Millikcn's 
Bend, La., in June, 1863. 

3020. V. Marilda Eliza,' b. 16 July, 1847; married David B. Way. Res. Coldwater, Mich. 

P. O. address (1884) Syracuse, Nebraska. They have children. 

3021. vi. William Lemuel,' b. 16 Aug. 1848; married . P. O. address (1S83) Palmyra, Neb. 

They have children. 

3022. vii. Lucian Horace,' b. 24 .Vpr. 1851; married . P. O. address (1S83) Marshalltown, I.t. 

They have children. 

3023. viii, Emily Adelia,' b. 3 June, 1854; married Edwin <'. BettS. P. O. address (1883) Syra- 

cuse, Nebraska. They have children. 

3024. II. Almon Hervev,^ b. 17 Dec, 1818; married Amy Cuppy. Family 422. 

3025. III. Dorcas Adelia,* b. 19 Jan., 1S24, Liberty, O. ; married, 22 Sept., 1845, John (son 

of Enoch and Mourning) Lewis, of West Liberty, Iowa, who was born 4 Aug., 
1820, in Highland County, O. He removed with his parents, in 1841, to JMus- 
catine County, and thence to Johnson County, Iowa, where he was a successful 
farmer. He continued to reside in the last-named county till the death of his 
wife, which occurred 24 May, 1873, at the age of 49 years. To her this is his 
tribute: — "A true wife and devoted mother, who, unselfish, spent the best energies 
of her life for the good of her family." Mr. Lewis afterward removed to West 
Liberty, Iowa, where he now resides (1884'). He married (2) 24 June, 18S0, 
Susan A. (dau. of David and Catherine) Troupe, of Montgomery County, Ohio, 
born there, 20 Oct., 1833. Children: 

3026. i. Eudora Eliza,' b. 31 July, 1849, near West Liberty, Iowa; married there, 18 May, 1875, 

Nathan WindlK-M (son of James and Ann) Ball, b. i July, 1S41, in Carroll Co., U. 


He is a grocer. Res. (1883) at West Liberty, Iowa. Child: (i) John Austin " (Ball), 
b. 21 July, 1876, West Liberty, Iowa. 

3027. ii. Elsie Elizabeth,' b. 15 Mch. 1853, West Liberty, Iowa; died there, i Mch. 1855, 

X. 2 years. 

3028. lii. Lizzie Myrtle,' b. 31 Aug. 1856, in Johnson Co., Iowa; married, 19 July, 1S79, Charles 

Daniel (son of Isaac and Maria) Haldeman, of West Liberty, Iowa, b. 11 Nov. 
1853, Marion, Ohio. He is a farmer. Res. (1883) near West Liberty, Iowa. Children 
(born in West Liberty, Iowa): (i) Homer" (Haldeman), b. 5 Dec. 1880; (2) Hallie 
Adelia " (Haldeman), b. 23 Aug. 1882. 

3029. iv. Lillian Humphrey,' b. 30 June, 1864; was (1883) a student in the Iowa State University, 

at Iowa City. 

3030. IV. Mary Eliza,^ b. 8 June, 1827; married, in Johnson Co., Iowa, 21 July, 1846, 

Marshall Fry; and there died, 30 July, 1846, — nine days after her marriage. 

3031. V. RiTH Emily,^ b. 28 May, 1833; married, at Iowa City, Iowa, i Jan., 1851, George 

Perry (son of George and Sarah J. Wilson) Yoakam, b. 25 June, 1S27, in Knox 
County, O. He served with honor through the Mexican War, under General 
Scott, as a member of a company of mounted riflemen. He is a farmer and 
stockman. Res. (1883) at Harper, Harper Co., Kansas. Children: 

3032. i. George Eugene,' b. 19 Dec. 185 1; married, in Toledo, Tama Co., Iowa, 2 Dec. 1874, 

Olive Louisa Mason, b. 4 Mch. 1861, near Sterling, Whitesides Co., 111. He is a R. R. 
employee, riuining on the Northern Iowa Division of the C. and N. W. R. R. Res. 
(1884) at Garwin, Iowa. Children (born in Tama County, Iowa): (i) Frank Arthur," 
b. 29 Jan. 1876; (2) Luella Gertrude," b. 3 Jan. 1877; (3) Frederick Ernest,'" b. 8 
Mch. 1878; (4) George Ward," b. 28 May, 1881. 

3033. ii. Marion Arthur,' b. 7 Nov. 1853; married, in Bates Co., Mo., 26 July, 1877, Mary M. 

Reese. Farmer. P. O. address (1883) Pleasanton, Linn Co., Kan. Child: (i) Arthur," 
b. 6 Nov. 1882. 

3034. iii. Ada Adelia,' b. 5 Mch. 1856; married, in Bates Co., Mo., 21 July, 1875, Joseph W. 

Preston, b. 15 May, 1S51, in Morgan Comity, O. Res. (1883) Blue Mound, Linn 
Co., Kansas. Children: (i) Emily Mizpah" (Preston), b. 20 Sept. 1876; (2) Linnet" 
(Preston), b. 2 Sept. 1878; (3) Otis Carney" (Preston), b. 12 Oct. iSSo; (4) Mabel" 
(Preston), b. 13 Nov. 1882. 

3035. iv. Ernest Lemuel,' b. 24 Aug. 1857; married, in Winfield, Kansas, 24 Sept. 18S3, Bertha 

Hempey. He is a farmer. Res. (1883) in Kingman County, Kansas. 

3036. V. Luella EUzabeth,' b. i Sept. 1859; married, at Butler, Mu., 27 Oct., 1S81, John T. 

Leabo. Farmer. She died 19 Dec. 1883, leaving an infant son. His P. O. address 
was (18S3) Walnut, Bates Co., Mo. 

3037. vi. Jessie Fremont,' b. 12 Oct. 1862; married, at Winfield, Kansas, 24 Dec. 1883, Benjamin 

Frank Wade. Farmer. P. O. address (1883) Harper, Kansas. 

3038. vii. Frank Arleigh,' b. 26 Nov. 1870. 

3039. viii. Earl Leopold,' b. 13 Nov. 1879. 

3040. VI. Lkmiel Gordon,^ b. 16 May, 1835; died in infancy. 

3.41. \1I. Sakah Elizabeth,^ b. 11 Feb., 1837, in Delaware County, O. ; married, at West 
Liberty, lown, 26 June, i860, James Merrit (son of James and Mchitabel Alcoll) 
Bradley, b. 30 Nov., 18 13, near New Haven, Ct. Farmer. Res. in Cowley 
County, Kansas. P. O. address (1883) Cloverdale, Chautauqua County, Kansas. 
Children (born in Tama County, Imva): 

3042. 1. James Merrit,'' b. 6 Dec. 1861;— unmarried (18S3). 


3043. ii. Charles Lemuel,' b. 23 Apr. 1S66; d. 25 I'eb. 1S67, .c. 10 months. 

3044. iii. Chester Albert,'-' b. 22 June, 1S70. 

3045. iv. Walter Almon,' b. 19 Feb. 1873. 

3046. V. Bessie Belle,' b. 24 Oct. 1875. 

FAMILY 226. 

3047. Rev. Aaron Case' Humphrey, [1465J (Lemuel Gordon,^ Samuel,^JLieut. Samuel,* 
Ensign Samuel,' Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael,' ) was born Sunday, 3 Feb., 1799, in West Sinisbury, 
Ct. He married (i) in Columbus, O. , 12 Dec, 1822, Betsey (dau. of John* and Betsey) Starr, 
b. 30 Aug., 1S02, at Groton, Ct. Her parents removed from that town to Franklin Co., Ohio, 
when she was ten years of age. 

I\Ir. Humphrey at first settled in Liberty Township, Delaware Co., O., where he was a 
mechanic and farmer. Under the ministry and counsel of a Rev. Mr. Bigelow he united with 
the Methodist Episcopal Church, and subsequently was an active local preacher, and served as a 
supply on different circuits in Central Ohio. He afterward became a UniversaHst. He was an 
early leader in the Temperance Reform, and was a popular and effective lecturer in the cause. 
In 1842, he removed to the vicinity of Tipton, Iowa, where he engaged in farming, and acquired 
a comfortable competence. There his wife died, i July, 1849, at the age of 46 years. He 
married (2) in Muscatine, Iowa, 6 June, 1850, Ann Maria (dau. of Levin and Martha Walston) 
Haymon. Her father was of Irish and her mother of English descent. 

His daughter, Mrs. Mary E. Haddock, of Iowa City, writes of him: — "There my father 
toiled and raised his large family. All the severe hardships of pioneer life were his, but he 
worked with a will and perseverance that wins; and was always ready with a sermon as occasion 
offered. Truth, honesty, and a kindly, tender heart were pre-eminently his virtues. He was a 
great Abolitionist, and, both in Ohio and in Iowa, his house was a ' Depot ' on the ' Underground 
Railroad.'" When advanced in life he sold his farm and bought a place in Tipton, where he re- 
sided until his death, which occurred 9 April, 1877, at the age of 78 years. His widow resided, 
in 1S83, on the homestead, at Tipton, Iowa. 
Children ( by 1st marriage) : 

3048. I. SoPHRONiA," b. 20 Sept., 1823, in Liberty, O. ; died in infancy. 

3049. II. LuRENDA,' b. 5 Nov., 1825, in Liberty, O. ; married, near Tipton, Iowa, 26 Aug., 

1845, John Casebeer, b. 2 Oct., 181 2, in Washington Co., Pa. Flis parents 
removed to Wayne County, Ohio, in 181 5, living there till 1839, when, with 
eleven children of whom John was the oldest, they removed to Cedar Co., Iowa. 
There he continued to reside after his marriage, Until the spring of 1854, when 
he and his family settled on their present homestead, a fine farm near Tipton, la. 
Mr. Casebeer was early identified with the Antislavery movement in politics; 
— voted the Free-soil ticket in 1848, with the weak minority of thirty-seven votes; 
and his house has sheltered many a fugitive slave. The family are known as 
staunch Republicans, and practical temperance people and prohibitionists. For 
thirty years the parents have been members and active supporters of the Congre- 
gational church, and liberal givers to its charities. P. O. address (1883) Tipton, 
Iowa. Chilhen: 

3050. i. Sarah Jane,' b. 17 May, 1846, in Cedar County, Iowa; was educated at the Iowa State 

University at Iowa City, an<l at the Normal School at Cedar Kails, Iowa. Slic has 
been a teacher in the public schools of Iowa for nineteen years; is unmanied (1SS3). 

• John St.irr l>om 30 Aug. 177.4: .-^ntl died 30 Oct. 1837, a;. 63 ye.irs. His wife w.-is born 20 Feb. 1783: and died 23 May, 1865, 


3051. ii. Emma Annie-,'-' b. n June, 1848; died at her father's residence, 23 Jan. 1S63, x. 14 

years. She also attended seliool at Iowa City; was of bright temperament, and active 
mind, and showed a natural taste and readiness in music. 

3052. iii. James Albert," b. 5 June, 1850, in Cedar County, Iowa; graduated from Iowa College, 

Grinnell, Iowa, in 1876. He married, at Carson City, Nevada, 20 Ajir. 1S78, Martha 
E. Loughridge, b. 17 Sept. 1851, in Madison County, Arkansas. He was engaged 
in teaching for several years at Dayton, Nevada. Farmer. P. O. address (1883) Iowa 
City, Iowa. Children: (i) Albert Loughridge," b. 2 Apr. 1879, Dayton, Nevada; 
(2) William George,'" b. 22 June, 1882. 
3053- iv. Charles Sumner," b. I Oct. 1852; graduated from Iowa College, at (Jrinnell, Iowa, in 

18S0; has since been employed in teaching, farming, and studying law. Res. (1S83) 
Bradshaw,. Nebraska;— unmarried. 

3054. V. Lemuel Humphrey,' b. 14 Dec. 1854, Tipton, Iowa; married, 19 Mch. 1S7S, I.uclla Yoss. 

Farmer. They removed to York County, Nebraska, where they les. (1SS3). Children: 
(I) Charles Sumner," b. 5 Jan. 1879; (2) Grace Winnifred,"" b. 2 July, 1882. 

3055. vi. William Jay,' b. 21 Oct. 1858, Tipton, Iowa; was educated at the Wilton Academy, 

Wilton, Iowa. Farmer. P. O. address (1883) Tipton, Iowa. 
305'5- vi'- Betsey Starr,' b. 5 May, 1861, Tipton, Iowa; graduated from Wilton Academy, in 1S82; 

is a teacher in the public schools, and also an instructor in music. 
3057. III. I'hilo David, ^ b. 15 Feb., 1S27; married Elizabeth Downing. Family 423. 
305S. IV. John Wilddahn,*^ b. 17 Jan., 1829, in Liberty, O. ; died in infancy. 

3059. V. Chester Case,^ b. 13 July, 1830; married I^lizabeth S. Holt. Family 424. 

3060. VI. Aaron Gordon/ b. ly July, 1832; m. (i) Sarah Ranthill; m. (2) Lovina Swartzen- 

druner. Family 42.5. 

3061. VII. LuciNDA,^ b. 8 Sept. 1834, in Liberty. O. She secured an excellent education, and 

then turned her attention to literary work with both zeal and success, being, 
apart from her avocation of teaching, a contributor to a number of papers and 
magazines. In the war for the Union she responded to a call for nurses, and 
was sent out from Chicago for this work. After serving some time in a hospital 
at Memphis, Tenn., she became deeply affected b\- the ignorance and helplessness 
of the freedmen, and established and conducted a school among them. Here 
she made the acquaintance of Captain Hay, an officer in the Army service, to 
whom she was married in camp, at Memphis, Tenn., 24 Dec, 1863. She still 
continued her work among the freedmen, and while there wrote a book entitled 
"The Unwritten History of the War," giving an accurate account of the condition 
of the freedmen at that time. Arrangements were made for its publication, but 
before its issue she died at Tipton, Iowa, 27 Dec, 1S64, a;. 30 years. Children 
(born in Tipton, Iowa): 

3062. i. Son ,») (was living in 1SS3. 

• b. 27 Dec. 1864; \ 
3063- ii. ,' ) ( (lied at birth. 

3064. VIII. John Wildbahn.** h. 27 June, 1836; married Tamar Gibson. Family 42G. 

3065. IX. Sophronia,^ b. 27 Nov., 1838, Liberty, O.; was reared from early childhood in 

Iowa. She married, at Tipton, Cedar Co., Iowa, 4 Aug., 1858, Jacob Bowers, 
who was born 5 June, 1835, in Germany. He enlisted in the Union army, in 
1862, and died 11 Nov., 1863, while in the service. His widow resides (1883) 
in Clinton, Iowa, with her family, and is known as a lady of consistent Christian 


character and influence. She is a member of the Protestant Methodist Church. 
ChilJren : 

3066. i. Rufus Carvoso,' b. 9 June, 1859, Tipton, Iowa. 

3067. ii. Mary L.', b. 20 Nov. i860, Tipton, Iowa. 

3068. iii. Emma Lucinda,' b. 7 Feb. 1S63. 

3069. X. L.\UKA,* b. 16 Feb., 1842, Libert}-, O. ; graduated from the Normal Department of 

Iowa State University, in 1867; and taught four years in the graded school of 
Sioux Cit)', Iowa, and, in all, eight years in the public schools of that State. 
She was married, 15 Feb., 1872, to George W. (son of R. H. and Almira) 
Randall, who w-as born 8 Mch., 1839. He was for thirteen years engaged in 
mining in California and the Rocky Mountains, but since his marriage has been 
settled as a farmer at Big Rock, Scott Co., Iowa, — their present residence (1883). 

3070. i. Emma J.', b. 20 Jan. 1S73. 

3071. ii. Jessie Inez,' b. II Aug. 1874; was drowned near Big Kock, Iowa, 13 Oct. 187S, 

£e. 4 years. 

3072. iii. Lurenda May,' b. i Feb. 1876. 

3073. iv. Zoe Almira,' b. 18 Mch. 1879. 

3074. V. Esther Joy,« b. 27 Sept. 1881. 

3075. XI. Mary Emma,^ b. 9 Jan., 1844, near Tipton, Iowa. Of her childhood she writes: 

"My father taught his children that the one great secret of success in life was to 
help themselves, — rely upon themselves. I do not know how it impressed the 
others, but to me ,it was the first and most lasting impression I have of all my 
dead father's teachings." So, having improved the opportunities of home schooling, 
at the early age of fourteen she started out, not shrinking from hardship and 
privation, to attain the one aim of her life, — an education. Her father's will and 
perseverance were repeated in his child, and at the age of si.xteen she was qualified 
for teaching. By that means she supported herself, and, at the age of twenty, 
graduated in the State Normal School of Iowa. Shortly afterward, August 2d, 
1865, she was married to Judge William J. Haddock, who was of old Scotch 
Covenanter stock, b. 28 Feb., 1835, in County Antrim, Ireland. He was the 
oldest child of John and Elinor (McBride) Haddock, and, when fifteen years 
old, came with his parents to Philadelphia; subsequently, in 1855, settled at 
Iowa City. He graduated from the Normal Department of the Iowa State 
University, in June, 1861; studied law with Hon. Rush Clark, and became his 
partner in 1866. He was appointed Judge of the Circuit Court in 1872; and 
has been Secretary of the Board of Regents of Iowa University since 1865. 

Mrs. Haddock continued to pursue the avocation of teaching for two years 
after her marriage, and then settled down to domestic life. At the expiration of 
ten years, at her husband's suggestion, she took up the study of law, which 
greatly fascinated her, and graduated, in June, 1875, from the Law Department 
of Iowa State University and, in 1877, received from the same institution a 
certificate for special proficiency in the law, after an advanced course of post- 
graduate study. She is constantly occupied in her husband's law oflSce, doing 
much of the office work, and enjoying it, but avoiding publicity. She has never 
connected herself with any Woman's Rights Society, but believes that woman's 
advancement depends more upon what she does than what she petitions. Res. (18S3) 
in Iowa Cilv, Iowa. No children. 


3076. XII. Sarah Eliza,^ b. 25 Feb., 1846, Tipton, Iowa; married there, 15 Aug., 1862, 

Abraham Pense, who was born 27 Nov., 1835, in Page County, Virginia. They 
resided (1883) on their farm in Roland, Story Co., Iowa, a worthy and esteemed 
family. Children: 

3077. i. Ernest Ellsworth,'-' b. 29 May, 1S65. 

3078. ii. Ada Laura,' b. 19 April, 1867. 

3079. iii. Ettie Virginia,' b. 31 Jan. 1869. 

3080. iv. Seborn Alshire,' b. 5 Sept. 1870. 

3081. V. Mary Emily,' b. 22 Sept. 1872; d. 2 Apr. 1S80, re. 7 years. 

3082. vi. Sarah Lurenda,' b. 14 Dec. 1875. 

3083. vii. LilUan,' b. 11 Apr. 1878; d. 3 Apr. 1880, x. 2 years. 

3084. viii. George William,' b. 11 Sept. 1880. 
(By 2d viarriagi ) : 

3085. XIII. Charlotte,^ b. 16 Oct., 1852, Tipton, Iowa; d. 22 May, 1879, a?. 26 years. She 

was unmarried. 

3086. XIV. Edward Eber,^ b. 20 Oct., 1855; married Julia Hamilton. Family 427. 

30S7. XV. KiTTiE,' b. 5 ^lay, 1859, Tipton, Iowa; is a teacher of music. Resides (1883) at 

Iowa City, Iowa; — unmarried. 
3088. XVI. Anna,^ b. 17 Sept., 1861, Tipton, Iowa; is a teacher. Resides (1883) at Iowa City, 

Iowa; — unmarried. 

FAMILY 227. 

3089. Eber'' Humphrey, [1485] ( Lemuel Gordon,^ Samuel, '^ Lieut. Samuel,* Ensign 
Samuel,^ Lieul. Samuel,- Michael,') was born Friday, 24 August, 18 10, in Liberty, Delaware 
Co., O. He married, at Powell, O. , 11 April, 1839, Laura (dau. of Samuel and Dorothea Clark) 
Gilson, b. 4 Nov., 1819, in Liberty, O. Mr. Humphrey resided all his life on the paternal 
homestead; was a farmer. He died of consumption, at Powell, O., 19 Apr., 1876, a.'. 65 years. 
His widow resides (1883) at Lowe, Kansas. 

Horace W.^, b. 7 June, 1840; d. 5 Feb.. 1S41, re. 8 months. 
Harvey Adelbert,^ b. 24 Oct., 1S41; married Ida Inez Benton. Family 428. 
II. Virgil,^ b. 21 Apr., 1S43; d. 28 June, 1S47, rr. 4 years. 

Uriah Gilson,^ b. 30 Sept., 1S44; enlisted in the Union army, August ist, 1862, 
in Company G, 96th Reg. Ohio Vol. Infantry, and served till his death, which 
occurred at Milliken's Bend, near Vicksburgh, Miss., 27 Jan., 1863, at the age 
of 18 years. He was unmarried. 

3094. V. James Wesley,^ b. 19 Aug., 1846; married Beulah A. Sovy. Family 429. 

3095. VI. Lemuel V.^, b. 25 Oct., 1848; married Flora E. I\Ioses. Family 430. 

3096. VII. Clarissa Elizabeth,^ b. 25 May, 1850; died at Leon, Iowa, 29 Oct., 1876, a-. 26 

years. She was unmarried. 

3097. VIII. Mary Eliza, ^ b. 31 Oct., 1852; married, 5 Aug., 1877, Harry C. (.son of Harry C.*) 

Sanford, b. 24 June, 1856, Montezuma, Iowa. He is a meml>er of the order 

• H.-irry C. S.inford was born 12 .May, 1S20. in Ross County, Ohio: and died 17 Aug. 1S75, at Leon, Iowa. His wife was bom i 
Sept. 1826, at HercuianLum, Missouri: and rcsidtd ,1883; at Leon. l..wa. 










of the Knights of Pythias, Humeston Lodge, No. 61. Druggist. Res. (1883) at 
Humeston, Iowa. Children: 

3098. i. Erma Vivian,' b. 2 June, 1878. 

3099. ii. Harry Ivan,'-" b. 10 Mih. 18S0. 

3100. IX. Charles Bruce,^ b. 10 Oct., 1857; died at Leon, Iowa, 11 Apr., 1878, oc. 20 years. 

He was unmarried. 

3101. X. Ada Maria,^ b. 20 Feb., 1862; married, 14 Sept., 1SS2, George W. Maiden, b. 

20 Mch., 1858, at Montezuma, Iowa. They res. (i8S3).at Lowe, Kansas. Child: 

3102. i. Mabel,' b. 14 Aug. 1883. 

FAMILY 228. 

3I03- Manna' Humphrey, [1496] {Lhabod,^ Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel'- Ensign Samuel,^ 
Lieut. Samuel,- iMichael.' ) was born, probably, in October, 1790, at Barkhamsted, Ct.* When 
he was quite young he went with his parents to reside on the old homestead of his maternal 
grandfather, Daniel Olmstead, Jr.,f which was located in Simsbury (Bushy Hill), Ct. He was 
married by James* Humphrey, Justice of the Peace, [Fam. 88, S.=] in Simsbury, Ct., 26 April, 
1825,1 to Tryphena (dau. of Ephraim** and Keziah Wheaton) Baldwin, of Simsbury, b. 30 Oct., 
17S7, in North Branford, Ct. She was a sister of Isaac Baldwin, who married Widow Marie 
Goodrich, daughter of Theodore and Cynthia (Woodford) Humphrey [Fam. 75, S.^; see Add.]; 
and also a sister of Emeline Baldwin, who married Dwight? Humphrey, Esq., [Fam. 89 (1578), S.^'] 

Mr. Humphrey served as a commissary in the army, in the war of 18 12, and his widow 
received a pension. While stationed at New London, Ct., General David Phelps sent him to 
convey a message to his wife, then living in Granby, Ct. He was noted for his pedestrianism, 
and on this occasion started on his errand early in the morning and walked to Granby, arriving 
there at about eight o'clock in the evening. He afterward received a letter from the General 
commending him for his honest and trustworthy services. 

He was a farmer, and resided in Simsbury, on the paternal homestead: was well-known in 
the community as a man of great integrity. He was also noted for his pleasant jokes and genial 
disposition. He died in Simsbury, 22 May, 1855, ae. 65 years. ff By his industry, and that of 
his wife, he had accumulated a comfortable property, and at his death left to her the sole use of 
half of all his real and personal estate. His widow continued to occupy the farm, her son Charles 
R. Humphrey residing with her. She died in Simsbury, 7 Feb., 1S82, re. 94 )'ears; and was 
buried in Bushy Hill Cemetery. Her granddaughter, Mrs. Marion E. Case, writes concerning 
her: "She was a woman of superior education, considering the early years of the country, anil 
had a remarkable memory; was familiar with ancient history, and frequently told me that she 
began at the age of ten years to read the Bible, and had read it through twenty times. She was 
a member of the Congregational church in West Avon, Ct." 

• M.inna may be derived from Emmanuel, as a member of the Humphrey family, in an earlier generation, bore that name. (See 
Fam. 6 (1651, S.) 

t Daniel Olmstead, Jr., was a descendant of James Olmstead, who came to Hartford, Ct., with the first settlers, in 1636, through 
his son, grandson Thomas, and great-grandson t}aniel Olmstead, who was bom in 1701. 

He was one of the first settlers of Bushy Hill, in the south-western part of Simsbury. He married (i) Anna (dau. of Ashbcl) 
Cadwell, of West Hartford, Ct.; married (2) Rachel Hubbard. Children (by the 1st marringe): (i) Anna, (2) Lydia, (3) Elizabeth, 

(4; Di.adema, (5) D.iniel, (6) Ashbel, {7) Francis, (8) Esther, (9) , who died in infancy. He served as a Corporal, in the Revelution.ary 

war, and two of his sons, Ashbel and Francis, were also in the army. During bis absence his daughters took care of the farm, going 
out into the field to reap the grain, etc. He was a very good and benevolent man. He died in 1809, at Simsbury, Ct., leaving the 
greater part of his property to his youngest daughter, Mrs. Icbabod Humphrey (Fam. 84. S.], with whom his last years were spent, 

X Simsbury Records. 

** F.phraim Baldwin served through the Revolutionary war, and witnessed the surrender of General Burgoyne. 

tt Inscription on the gravestone in Husky llUt Cemetery. 

Children (born al Bushy Hill, Simsbury, Cl. ) : 

3104. I. Eleanor I'hklps,^ b. 22 Sept., 1S26; died in Simsbury, Ct., 12 Oct.. 1845, 

a:. 1 9 years. 

3105. II. Emeline,^ b. 22 Oct., i82y; married, in Canton, Ct., 11 iMch., 1849, Sidney Aurora 

(son of Col. James* and Cynthia Russel) Cornish, b. 6 Oct., 181 9, Simsbury, 
Ct., where his parents were also born. Farmer. She res. (18S4) in Hartford, Ct. 

3106. Marion Eleanor,^ b. 31 Dec. 1849, New Hartford, Ct. ; married, at West Avon, Ct., in 

1869, Ardon Gad* (son of Norton and Electa' Case) CeSS, of Canton, Ct., bom in 
that town, 25 Dec. 1844. His parents res. (1884) at West Avon, Ct. [Fam. 2 (8), S.''] 
He is a farmer and shoemaker. Res. (1884) Simsbury (Weatogue), Ct. Children: 
(I) James Howard" (Case), b. 12 Jime, 1870; d. 30 Mch. 1872, x. I year, and 9 
months. (2) Daisy Marion '° (Case), b. 16 Aug. 1871. 

3107. III. Charles Rollin,^ b. 23 Jan., 1832; married, in Granby, Ct., 20 Apr., 1870, Nancy 

Arthur (dau. of John and Elizabeth More) Ketchen, of Simsbury. Ct., born in 
December, 1852, at Tariffville, Ct, where her parents resided. Mr. Humphrey 
inherited his father's genial temperament; is tall, well-proportioned, and of over 
two hundred pounds weight. Farmer. He resides (1884) on the paternal home- 
stead; P. O. address, Avon, Hartford Co., Ct. No children. 

FAMILY 229. 
3108. Daniel' Humphrey, [1504] (Ichabod,^ Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel* Ensign Samuels 
Lieut. Samuel," Michael,') was born 27 Aug., 1800, in Barkhamsted, Ct. He married, in 1824, 
Rhoda (dau. of Carmi and Rachel Daniels) Messenger, of Canton, Ct., born in that town, 17 
Nov., 1801; died in Canton, 29 Jan., 1882, ae. 80 years, and was buried in the North Canton 

After his marriage Mr. Humphrey removed to Simsbury, and from thence to Canton, Ct. , 
where he died 15 Sept., 1873, oe. 73 years; was buried in the North Canton Cemetery. He was 
a farmer and shoemaker; was a consistent Christian, and a member of the Methotlist church. 

Children (0/ whom the oldest two were born in Simsbury, and the others in Canton, Ct.): 
3109. I. Elizur Nelson,^ born in 1827; died in Canton, Ct., 15 Sept., 1S49, a'. 22 years, 
and was there buried. 
Ashhel Seth,^ b. 16 Feb., 1830; married Harriet F. Atwater. Family 431. 
Nancy,^ b. 25 Nov., 1833; married, in Canton, Ct., 7 Apr., 1857, Horace (son of 
Henry and Mary Richards) Dooiittle, of Canaan, Ct., b. 11 Jan., 1819. Farmer 
and teamster. Res. (1884) Burlington, Ct. Child: 

i. Edgar Horace,' b. 18 Jan. 1S58, Burlington, Ct., where he resides (1884). Farmer. 

Son ,^ born in 1836; died aged 3 days. 

Julina,^ b. 4 Sept., 1838; married, 10 Aug., i8fii, Josiah W. (son of Josiah W.) 
Atwater, Res. (18S3) Barkhamsted, Ct. No children. 

3115. VI. Elizaheth Phebe,5 b. 11 Oct., 1841; married Charles Wright. Res. (1SS3) Burling- 

ton, Ct. Children: 

3116. i. Eva W.', died a;. 3 years. 

31 17. ii. Evangeline.' 

3118. iii. Lewis.' 

• Cnl J.nmes Cnnii^h «:>•. .i eran.l.on of Elisha Comiih. Senior, tFam. 5 ('09). S.) and .1 descendant of G.ibriel Comish of 

31 10. 










FAMILY 230. 

3119. Captain William^ Humphrey, [15''] (WUHam,^ WUliam,^ Limt. Samuel,* Ensign 
Siimuel.' Licul. Samuel,'^ Michael,^) was born y Jan., 1795, in Canton, Ct. He was drafted in 
the war of 18 12, and served until its close, when he returned home. He married, in Connecticut, 
10 August, 1815, Salome Pinney, a native of Connecticut, b. 10 Aug., 1797, and the adopted 
daughter of Dea. Theophilus Humphrey, of Canton. [Fam. 28, S.^] He was a farmer. They 
removed, the same year of their marriage, to Pike (then a part of Wysox tow^nship), Bradford 
County, Pa., being among its first settlers. That portion of Pike where they resided was afterward 
called Le Raysville. In 1832, he was chosen captain of the Volunteer Infantry. He died at 
Le Raysville, Pa., 13 Feb., 1875, re. So years. Mrs. Humphrey also died in that town, 8 Oct., 
1867, a>. 70 years. 
Children : 

3120. I. William -Sherman,^ b. 28 Oct., 1816; married Abi Sophia Allyn. Family 432. 

3121. II. Emily Everett,^ b. 22 Jan., 1819, Pike, Pa.; married there, 4 July, 1S39, Alby 

(son of Joel and Rebecca Pierce) Tuttle, b. 4 Dec, 1S16, in Standing Stone 
Township, Bradford Co., Pa., -svhere his parents resided. They settled in Stand- 
ing Stone; removed, in 1852, to Orwell, in the same county. Farmer. P. O. 
address (1882) North Orwell, Pa. Childreti: 

3122. i. Helen Sophia,' b. 20 Oct. 1840, Standing Stone, Pa.; married, at Le Raysville, Pa., 12 

Mch., 1859, HoUis Theron (son of Abel and Laura AUis) Darling, of Orwell (Potter- 
ville P. O.), Bradford Co., Pa. He was a salesman in a wholesale hardware store; 
resided No. 1810 Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa.; and (1882) Potterville, Pa. Children: 
(i) Roland '" (Darling), b. 3 July, 1861; died in Potterville, Pa., 12 July, 1S62, a;, i 
year. (2) Minnie" (Darling), b. 2 Oct. 1864, Orwell, Pa. (3) Mabel" (Darling), b. 
26 Nov. 1867, Orwell, Pa. (4) Laura '» (Darling), b. 26 Feb. 1871, Philadelphia, Pa.; 
died in Potterville, Pa., 17 July, 1871, x. 5 months. 

3123. ii. Isabel Salome,' b. 2 Apr. 1842, Standing Stone, Pa.; married, in Rome, Bradford Co., 

Pa., 13 Aug. 1863, Charles Edwin (son of Joseph and Julia Jackson) Seely, of 
North Rome,.?a., b. 3 July, 1837, Virgil, Cortland Co., N. Y. Farmer. Res. Rome, 
Pa.; and (1882) Wahoo, Saunders Co., Nebraska. Child: (I) Frank Hily •« (Seely), 
b. 26 Apr. 1869, Rome, Pa. 

3124. iii. Zor.ih Alby,' b. 22 Feb. 1845, East Burlijigton, Bradford Co., Pa.; married, in Windham 

Summit, Pa., 17 Jan. 1869, Amanda (dau. of William and Betsey Hartshorn) Cook, a 
native and resident of that town, b. 11 June, 1850. Farmer. Res. (1882) Windham 
Summit, Bradford Co., Pa. Children (bom in Windham Summit, Pa.): (i) Willard.'" 
b. 29 Oct. 1869; d. I May, 1871, a;. I year, and 6 months. (2) Charles,'" b. 17 Jan. 
1S71; d. 24 Apr. 1871, ;e. 3 months. (3) Isabelle," b. 28 Mch. 1872. (4) Betsey," 
b. 17 Nov. 1874. (5) Cora," b. 22 Aug. 1878. (6) Maud," b. 23 Feb. 1880. 

3125. iv. Frank C, b. 22 Apr. 1847, Standing Stone, Pa.; married, in Windham Centre, Pa., 15 

Aug. 1866, Anson Benjamin (son of Samuel and Louisa Boardman) CaSS, of North 
Orwell, Pa., b. 27 Apr. 1844, Maryland, Otsego Co., N. Y. Wholesale merchant. 
Res. No. 1810 Girard Ave., I'hiladelphia, Pa.; and (1882) in Rome, Pa. No children. 
[They have an adopted daughter, Georgic Cass, b. 18 Aug. 1876.] 

3126. V. Oley De Witt,' b. 15 Aug. 1S55, Orwell, Pa.; married, at Neath, Bradford Co., Pa., 23 

Feb. 1877, Lina Loclla (dau. of Verus Nelson and Eliza Mill) Boardman, of Windham 
Summit, Pa., b. 31 July, 1853, Windham, Pa. Res. (18S2) Orwell, Pa. Child: (i) Anson 
Willard," b. 31 May, 1878, Windham, Pa. 


3127. III. Elizabeth," born 6 August, 1826; died at Pike, Pa., 14 March, 1832, w. 5 years. 

3128. IV. Edwin," b. 7 Aug., 1S33; married Anna Eliza Barnes. Family 433. 

FAMILY 231. 

3129. RoSWelP Humphrey, [1513] (Roswell,^ WUUam,^ Lieut. Samuel,^ Ensign Samuel,^ 
Lieut. Samuel,' Michael,') was born 15 July, 1789, in Canton, Ct. He married there, 14 Jan., 
181 1, Elmira (dau. of Thomas and Asenath Roberts) Gleason, of Canton, Ct., b. 2 Dec, 1796, 
in Hartford, Ct. They resided in Caroline, Tompkins Co., N. Y. ; removed, in 1833, to Milan, 
Erie Co., O. She died in Perkins Township, Erie Co., O., 18 Jan., 1842, ;c. 45 years. In the 
spring of 1862, Mr. Humphrey removed from Milan to Collins, O., where he died 3 Aug., 1862, 
Be. 73 years. He was a Fife-major for many years; and held several town offices. 


(bor7i in Caroline, A'. 

v., excepting the first and ninth): 



Jason Gleason," b. 
Family 434 

31 Oct., 181 1, Hartford, Ct. ; married Mary Ann Bennett. 



Roswell Henry," b. 

30 Sept., 181 5; married Jerusha Taylor. Family 435. 



Eliza Almira," b. i 

Sept., 18 1 7; d. 15 July, 1S42, ee. 24 years. 



Thomas Hiram," b. 

II Sept., 1 81 9; married Lura Jane Hibbard. Family 436. 



AsEN.\TH Elvira," b. 

26 Sept., 1821; died in Sandusky, Erie Co., O., 28 Jan., 1882, 

ce. 60 years. She married (as 2d wife), in Perkins, O. , 27 Jan., 1842, William 
(son of Adoram* and Patience Smith) Everingham, b. 25 July, 1807, Bridge- 
water, Upper Canada. He received a good education, and was a man of steady 
habits. At the age of nineteen years, he shipped on board a man-of-war for a 
three years' cruise, thus visiting many ports in foreign lands. He was afterward 
a recorder. He died in Sandusky, O., 2 Sept., 1875, ae. 68 years. Children: 

3135. i. Eugene,' b. 2 Nov. 1843, Milan, U.; died in Fremont, Sandusky Co., O., 10 July, 1845, 

Ee. I year, and 8 months. 

3136. ii. Eunecia Bidwell,' b. 13 Nov. 1S45, Fremont, O.; married, at Sandusky, U., i July, 

1865, Charles Henry IveS, b. i Nov. 1837, West Troy, N. Y. He served in the 
Union army as a private, in Company D, I22d Reg. N. Y. Vols. P. O. address (1884) 
Cor. Burnet and Catherine Streets, Syracuse, N. Y. Childrai (born in Syracuse, N. Y., 
excfpiing the eldest): (l) Inez Mae '° (Ives), b. 21 May, 1866, Sandusky, O.; died at 
Syracuse, N. Y., 9 Feb. 1877, k. 10 years. (2) Charles Herbert" (Ives), b. 14 Mch. 
1869. (3) Maude June" (Ives), b. 25 June, 1875. (4) Bernard Everingham '" (Ives), 
b. 13 Nov. 1881. (5) Arthur Percival " (Ives), b. 18 May, 1884. 

3137. iii. Eugenie,' b. 27 Aug. 1848, Milan, O.; married T. J. Goodwin. 1>. O. address (18S2 

No. 12 No.xon, cor. Clinton St., Syracuse, N. Y. They have one child. 

3138. iv. William Bradner,' b. 17 Sept. 1850, Milan, O.; married, in Sandusky, O., 8 July, 1872, 

Catherine (dau. of Simon and Margaret Beal) Horn, of Sandusky, born in that city, 
28 Aug. 1858. He is a painter by occupation. P. O. address (1884) No. 151 Frazicr 
St., Toledo, O. Children (born in Sandusky, 0.): (i) Grace Eunecia,'" b. 3 Aug. 
1873. (2) Benjamin Franklin," b. 18 Feb. 1876. (3) William," b. 14 Apr. 1878; died 
in Sandusky, O., II Aug. 1878, oe. 4 months. (4) Herbert," b. 17 Sept. 1881. 

3139. V. Nettie,' died 24 Sept. 1857, in Sandusky, O. 

• Adoram w.-.s born in 1783, M TreiiK.n. N. J. He married, at Niagara Falls, N. Y.. in 1804, Patience Smith, b. 26 
Aug. 1786, i„ Vermont; died in Junius, Seneca Co., N. V., = Nov. .844, a:. 58 years. He died 12 Nov. iS.j, at Niagara Falls, N. V. 

3140. vi. Herbert,' b. 23 Mch. 1S61, Fremont, O.; married . P. (). address (1SS4) Geddes, 

N. Y. They liave one child. 

3141. VI. Orson Franklin,^ b. 17 Mch., 1825; d. 13 Jan., 1S70, x. 44; married Drusilla 

Fowler. Family 437. 

3142. VII. Lai-ra Abigail,^ b. 14 Jan., 182S; d. 23 Sept., 1S28, a: 8 months. 

3143. \'I1I. William Alonzo,^ b. 22 Nov., 1831; married Betsey Mead. Family 438. 

3144. IX. Laira Abigail,' b. 2 Nov., 1836, Ovid, N. Y. ;■ married, at Sandusky, O., 2 Nov., 

1858, Charles Benton Vanvorce, b. 2 July, 1836, in Tompkins County, N. V., 
son of ;Matthe\v and Mary (Vanderpool) Vanvorce, of Lake County, Ohio. He 
is a cooper by trade. P. O. address (1884) Weston, Wood Co., O. CMdren: 

3145. i. Roswell James,' b. 3 Aug. 1859, Erie County, O.; married, 4 July, 1S81, Detroit, Mich., 

Ida May (dau. of Preston and Mary Russell) Condit, b. 17 Oct. 1864, Wood County, 
O. She was formerly a school teacher. He is a farmer. P. O. address (1882) Weston, 
O. Childn-n: (l) MyrP°; (2) Maud May." 

3146. ii. Charles Benton,' b. 28 Nov. 1862, Lake County, O. Farmer. P. O. address (1S82) 

Weston, O. 

3147. iii. Ida May,' b. 13 May, 1S66, Lake County, O.; is a school teacher. P. O. address (1884) 

Weston, O. 


3148. Deacon Hifam' Humphrey, ['533] (Rosivell,^ William,^ Lieut. Samuel.* Eusii^ni 
Samuel,^ Lieut. Samue/,' Michael,'') was born 22 Mch., 1796, in Canton, Ct. He married, in 
Berkshire, 'J'ioga Co., N. Y., 14 Feb., 1827, Huldah F^lvira (dau. of Elisha and Anna King) Jenks, 
of Berkshire, N. Y., b. 25 July, 1799, in Massachusetts. They settled in Caroline (Speedsville P. O.), 
Tompkins Co., N. Y. There Mrs. Humphrey died, 28 Apr., 1868, £e. 68 years. He was chosen 
a deacon of the first Congregational church at Speedsville, and led a life filled with usefulness in 
the church and community. He died in Speedsville, N. Y., at the residence of his son-in-law, 
Mr. Henry S. Akins, 13 Feb., 1877, ce. 81 years. 
Children (horn in Caroline, N. ¥.): 

3149. I. Geokije Washington,* b. 18 June, 1828; married, in Candor, Tioga Co., N. Y., 8 

Jan., 1851, Helen Marian (dau. of Robert and Betsey Haynes) Muir, of Candor, 
N. Y. She died in May, 1880, at Owego, Tioga Co.. N. Y. : and was buried at 
Speedsville, N. Y. They had no children. 

Mr. Humphrey enlisted, in 1862, in Company B, 109th Reg. N. Y. Vols., and 
was honorably discharged at the close of his term of service. Ho was in the 
Military Construction Corps, Department of the Mississippi, at the time of his 
death, which occurred at Chattanooga, Tennessee, 5 May. iSfis, at the age of 
37 years. His remains were brought to Speedsville, N. Y.. fir interment. 

3150. II. Si II. I.MAN Seymour,* b. 22 Sept., 1830; died in Caroline, N. Y., 1 Sept., 1S32, 

:i-. 2 years. 

3151. III. F.Mii.Y Amelia,* b. 3 May, 1833; married (i) in Si)ced.sville, N. Y., 12 Dec, 1855, 

Klizur Goodrich, b. 23 ]\Iay, 1830, Berkshire, N. Y., son of FHizur and Frances 
• (Scrantun) Cuodrich. of Berkshire, afterward of Caroline, N. Y. He fell fighting 
for the I'liiiin, in Ma\, 1S64, at S]n)ll.sylvania Court-House, N'irginia; was a private 
in C.inipany H, 109111 Keg. N. Y. Vol.s.. and a bravo soldier. 


She married (2) in West Newark, Tioga Co., N. Y., 26 June, 1867, Henry 
Seth (son of William Henry* and Eliza Surdam) Akins, b. 8 June, 1828, 
Caneadea, Allegany Co., N. Y. Mechanic. P. 0. address (1884) Speedsville, N. Y. 
No children by the second marriage. [They have two adopted children: (i) Orlo 
Anthony Baker, b. 11 Oct., 1S70, Newfield, Tompkins Co., N. Y. ; (2) IMartha 
Emily Baker, b. 29 Jan., 1873, Newfield, N. Y.] Child (by isl marriage J : 

3152. i. Charles Burdette ' (Goodrich), b. 17 July, 1S57, Caroline, X. Y.; married, at Speedsville, 

N. v., II Jan. 1S77, Jennie R. Aldrich. He is a mechanic. Res. (1882) Binghamton, 
N. V. C/iild: (I) Albert Elizur" (Goodrich), b. 5 Dec. 1879, Speedsville, N. Y. 

3153. I\'. William Henry,* b. 3 Jan., 1836; married Hannah Jacobs. Family 439. 

3154. V. Edward Leroy,* b. 22 Apr., 183S; married INIanette Smith. Family 440. 

[Clarissa Cook, b. i Sept., 1820, was an adopted daughter of Dca. Hiram' 
Humphrey, and took his surname. She married Lebbeus H. Wilbur. She died 
in July, 1875, at the residence of Mr. Henry S. Akins, in Speedsville, N. Y.j 


3'55- Lucius' Humphrey, ['SS+J (Roswell,^ WHHam,^ Lieut. Samuel,* Ensign Samuel,^ 
Lieut. Samuel,- Michael,^) was born 2 July, 17^9, in Canton, Ct. In 1813, he went with his 
parents to reside at Caroline, Tompkins Co., N. Y. He married (i) at Speedsville, N. Y., in the 
latter part of January, 1820, Caroline (dau. of Allen and Caroline Casef) Woodruff, of Farmington, 
Ct., born there, 28 Nov., 1800. She died at Speedsville, N. Y., 12 Mch., 1820, se. 19 years. 
She is said to have been very beautiful. He married (2) at Canton, Ct., in- October, 1821, Lydia 
Cowles (dau. of Timothy and Lydia Cowles|) Chidsey, of Candor, N. Y., b. 8 May, 1801, in 
that part of Farmington which is now Avon, in Hartford Co., Ct. She died at Candor, N. Y., 
II Oct., 1840, ae. 39 years. He married (3) at Owego, N. Y., 17 Apr., 1841, Eliza Maria (dau. 
of William and Rachel Taylor) Bell, of Owego, N. Y., b. 15 Mch., 1803, in Ballston, 
Saratoga County, N. Y. 

Mr. Humphrey, after his second marriage, resided a short time in Ithaca, N. Y. ; removed, 
in 1823, to Speedsville; in the winter of 1829-30, to Candor, Tioga Co., N. Y. ; antl, in November, 

* William Henry Akins was born in lierkshire County, Mass. He married Eliza Surdam who was born in 1799, at Salisbury, Ct., 
and died at Speedsville, N. Y., 18 Jan. 1839, a;- 39 years. 

t Caroline Case was born 26 Nov. 1776, in Simsbury, Ct. She was a daughter of Sylvanus Case and his second wife, Hcpzlbah 
(Merrell) [Humphreyl, widow of William Humphrey, [Family 27, S.) She married Allen WoodruflF, who was bom 29 Aug. 1779, in 
Farmington, Ct.: and died in Berkshire, Tioga Co., N. Y., 18 Apr. 1868, x. 88 years. Mrs. Woodruff died in Caroline, Tompkins Co., 
N. Y.,'9 Feb. 1833, X. 56 years. Children: 

1. Caroline, b. 28 Nov. 1800; married Lucius Humphrey, (3155). 
ii. Savilla, b. 13 Apr. 1805, Farmington, Ct.: d. 9 June, 1820, ae. as years. 

iii. Lorinda, b. 5 Oct. 1808, in Connecticut: d. 19 Nov. 1837, ee. 29: married William Douglass, 
iv. Thomas, b. 27 Nov. 1811, in Connecticut; d. 17 Sept. 1837, a. 25 years. 

V. Laura, b. 10 Jan. 1816, Hamden, Ct.: married, 17 Sept. 1840, William I^wrence. Res. (1884) Owego, N. V. 
vi. Calista, b. 12 Oct. 1818, Caroline, N. Y.;— unmarried. Res. (1884) Owego, N. Y., with her sister Mrs. Lawrence. 
t Lydia Cowles was the hcrome of the story entitled "The Puritan .^pple-Tree," which was published in the Ilarl/ord Courant 
of September 14th, 1S67. It is as follows : 

"Nearly a century ago, in West Avon, formerly called Northington, Ct., two children, on a Sabbath, in the absence of their 
parents, found an apple sprout in the field which they pulled up and set out in the door-yard. The parents on their return, learning 
how the little ones had broken the Sabbath, were righteously indignant. The jdant had not only been pulled up, but set out before sun- 
down ! The children were severely reprimanded, and to make the admonition effectual, according to the custom of the good old times, 
they were also punished, and with the instrument of transgression. The parents — this time, and before sundown — uprooted the fatal 
apple-tree, and gave the children a lively switching with it, and then threw it over the fence into the ditch. The little lolks had now 
obtained a personal interest in that apple sprout, and as soon as the sun went down they again carefully set it out in the yard. It re- 
mained, and grew to be a great and useful tree, which is now two feet through in the trunk, and still yields a fine crop of apples annually." 
Mrs. Lydia (Cowles) Chidsey died in Candor, N. Y., about 1870, aged nearly 100 years. Her husband, Timothy Chidsey, was 
bom in Connecticut: and died at Candor, in May, 1840, a;. 70 years. 


1 868, to Owego, in the same county; was engaged in agricultural pursuits. He was a man of 
active habits, prominent!}- known in business circles for his intelligence, prudence, and success. 
He was honorably and intimately identified with the public interests of Tioga County. In his 
social relations he was eminently practical, open, genial, benevolent and charitable. His upright, 
consistent conduct was a standing rebuke to the equivocal customs current and common among 
business men. Concerning these practices, and in regard to all questions relating to religious truth, 
he maintained a fidelity worthy of imitation. He became a communicant in the Presbyterian church, 
in 1820, and led an exemplary Christian life. His death occurred at Owego, N. Y., 14 April, 
1878, at the age of 78 years. 

Mrs. Humphrey survived her husband several years, and died at the residence of her son- 
in-law. Dr. J. D. Quinlan, in Evanston, 111., 3 Mch., 1884, se. 81 years. We add the following 
sketch of her life, which appeared in T/ie Evanston Index, March 15th, 1884: 

"When she was a child, the parents of INIrs. Humphrey removed to Owego, N. Y. Here the 
young life of this truly noble woman rapidly developed under the tuition of the Christian teachers of 
that day, and she united with the Presbyterian Church, of which she was always a loving, loyal 
member. - She early indicated a love and zeal for thorough knowledge, and subsequently became a 
pupil of Mrs. Emma Willard, at her Seminary in Troy. The relations of teacher and pupil soon 
ripened into the personal friendship of years. The inestimable value of these associations was 
realized and appreciated to the latest days of her life. Returning from school life. Miss Bell, as 
familiarly known to hundreds of the youth of the day, became one of the most successful teachers 
of Western and Central New York. As a Christian teacher, eternity alone will reveal the work, 
well done, upon the minds and hearts of those intrusted to her keeping. 

"In later years, as wife and mother, surrounded by a large family, she exerted an influence 
in the home made beautiful by her grace and ministry which comes to-day as a blessed inherit- 
ance to the loving and afflicted children, who 'rise up and call her blessed.' 

"Hers was that rare character, that none, from the saddest and poorest to the highest and 
most learned, ever came into her presence without feeling that the atmosphere itself was purer 
and sweeter for the words of love and comfort, purity and wisdom, which flowed so naturally 
from her sympathetic, great heart. 

"After the decease of her husband, in 1S78, Mrs. Humphrey visited the home of her daughter, 
Mrs. J. D. Quinlan, where, after repeated journeys East and West, she at length became a loved 
and honored member of the household. Though in many respects it was a great trial to leave 
old associations and friends of the East, Mrs. Humphrey, with her lovely dignity, ease and culti- 
vation, soon made many warm and attached friends, whose kindly courtesies added greatly to her 
happy, peaceful life. 

"When laid aside by reason of failing strength from the former activity of doing greater 
things in the service of her Master, she was lovingly content to serve in humbler ways. Many 
are the deeds of mercy, acts of kindness, and words of strength and encouragement, of which she 
has been the quiet, unknown instrument, in her life among us. 

"She was a firm, stalwart believer in Christianity; loved the house of God, and was often 
found there after her hearing had become impaired; but as this infirmity increased she preferred 
to spend the hours of Divine service in prayer and meditation, thus living in intimate communion 
with her Savior. 

"During the last few months, when a fatal malady had made its appearance, from which 
was anticipated severe and continued sufli"ering, she was enabled through faith to be resigned to 
suffer God's will. She 'set her house in order," antl attended personally to every detail, however mi- 
nute, that could be of any benefit or comfort to her loved children. Forgetful only of self— and 
without a murmur, she calmly and trustfully awaited the coming of the Master. One after another 
cif her devoted children hastened to the bedside of tiieir venerated mother, hastening with burdened 


hearts, only to find her with firm, unfaltering faith, her countenance already illumined with the 
'sufficient grace of God,' and so received the mother's blessing, knowing that naught could befall 
the dear one thus held in the everlasting arms. 'She hath done what she could.' 

"The funeral services were held on Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, at the family residence. 
Rev. Dr. Noyes speaking from the words, 'Blessed in the sight of the Lord is the death of His 
saints.' Rev. W. O. Lattimore followed with words of comfort and inspiration, and feelingly re- 
ferred to interviews of personal communion with the deceased. The quartette rendered 'Nearer, 
my God, to Thee,' and 'Jesus, lover of my soul,' with impressive tenderness. The remains were 
then carried to Graceland Cemetery, where they will rest until the Resurrection Morn." 

Childrc7i (by 2d marriage) : 

3156. I. Adeline Amelia,** b. 8 Dec, 1822, Ithaca, N. Y. ; married, in Candor, N. Y., 8 July, 

1 84 1, Frederick Charles (son of Charles and Harriet Hart) Cridley, b. 28 Fel)., 

1820, in Candor, N. Y. , where his parents resided. They removed to Hudson, 

St. Croi.x Co., Wis., in 1850, and there reside (1884). He is a farmer. Children: 

3157. i. Charles Humphrey,' b. 8 .'^ug. 1842, Candor, N. Y.; died there, 10 Oct. 1S42, 

ae. 2 months. 
315S. ii, Harriet Eliza,' b. 5 Feb. 1846, Oswego, III.; died there, 4 January, 1848, re. i year, 

and II months. 

3159. n. Ji-Li.\ Caroline,^ b. 11 Feb., 1824, Speedsville, N. Y. ; married (as 2d wife) in 

Newark, Tioga Co., N. Y., 18 Aug., 1852, George Washington (son of Samuel 
Sweezy and Mary Jennings) Seward, b. 26 Aug., 1808, Florida, N. Y. He is 
a brother of Hon. William H. Seward, and the last survivor of his father's family, 
also the last of his generation of the Sewards, in this branch. He has been a 
Ruling Elder in the church nearly forty years, and has also been a Trustee of 
the same. Mrs. Seward has been for many years at the head of the popular ami 
flourishing Seward Institute, at Florida, Orange Co., N. Y., and is known as one 
of the most successful educators of the young in our country. P. O. address (1884) 
Florida, N. Y. Children (born in Florida, N. Y.): 

3160. i. Charles Humphrey,' b. 21 Sept. 1853. He, in his youth, gave evidence of a mind of 

more than ordinary ability and activity. At an early age he was attacked by a peculiar 
form of inflammatory rheumatism, which followed him through life, increasing in 
severity as time passed. It was his desire to pursue a collegiate course with a view 
to the legal profession, but again and again the distressing disease foiled his eff'orts 
and disappointed his hopes. In the summer of 1873, having tried in vain all that med- 
ical skill could do, he decided to test a change of climate, and accordingly started, on 
the 2l5t of June, across the continent to California, and thence to China. After spend- 
ing a couple of months in Shanghai he went to Singapore in the East Indies, intending 
to pass the winter there, but, attacked again by his dreaded enemy, a severe illness 
followed. After partially recovering, being warned that a longer stay in that climate 
would be injurious, he decided to go forward, and crossed the Indian Ocean to Ceylon, 
from thence to Calcutta. He remained in India three months, making Allahabad his 
principal stopping-place, and visiting the numerous points of interest in that country. 
During his stay there he gathered much information regarding the people, their customs 
and religions. From Allahabad he went to Bombay, crossed the Arabian sea and 
through the Red sea to Italy, visiting the iiriiicipal cities of Europe. He sailed from 
Liverpool, and reached New York early in June, 1874, having made a complete circuit 
of the globe. 

Flattered by a short respite from illness and hoping he had conquered disease, he 
commenced reading law in Middletown, N. Y., and in 1875 entered the Albany Law- 
School, from which he gradnatc<l in May, 1876. It was during these months of study, 
at times of recreation, he wrote the "Memories of Many Lands," an account of his 
travels, which were pubhshed in the MiddUlmun Press. He also originated and was 
senior editor of the Albany Lara School yournal, a paper devoted to the interests of 
the Law School. At the close of the year he was elected to the office of Class Historian, 
which he filled until his death. In the spring of 1877, he entered into partnership 
with Thorndike Saunders, of New York City. 

The bright anticipations of the future were soon darkened by returning illness, and 
fearing the effects of an Eastern winter, he went to Colorado, where he was again 
seized by an attack of rheumatism which proved too severe for his remaining strength, 
an<l of which he died, at Trinidad, Col., October 22d, 1877. He was unmarried. 

"Such is a meager sketch of the life of Charles H. Seward, which may serve to 
show what achievements his perseverance enabled him to accomplish. In the short 
period of twenty-four years, he had shown this to be the material of his fiber. He 
proved himself, during all his struggle, a man of sterling quality; of principles high 
and noble; of heart a Christian. With a beginning so praiseworthy, while contending 
with such discouraging circumstances, we may well have predicted for him a future in 
which he would nobly have supported the reputation of his family's name." 

3161. ii. Julia Humphrey,') 

\h. 22 July, 1857;— unmarried. Res. (1S84) Florida, N. Y. 

3162. iii. Mary Jennings,' ) 

31^)3. III. Jane Amanda,^ b. 24 Mch. , 1826, Speedsville, N. Y. ; — unmarried. She is a very 
successful teacher; has been engaged in teaching at Owego, N. Y. , at Hudson, in 
the Feinale College at IMihvaukee, and at Madison, all in Wisconsin. About 
1874, she went to California, where she now (1884) has a private school. P. O. 
address, Oakland, Cal. 

31^)4. IV. Hector Seymour,^ b. 14 Jan., 1828, Speedsville, N. Y. ; married Helen J. Fo.v. 
Family 441. 

3165. V. Herman Loin," b. 14 Mch., 1830, Candor, N. Y. ; m. (i) Jennie Ann Cross; m. (2) Kittie 
Elvira (Doty) Door. Family 442. 

1832, Candor, N. Y. ; married Louise G. Lyons. 
31^)7. VII. Arthur Littleton,** b. 9 July, 1836, Candor, N. Y.; — unmarried. Res. (1884) at 


l:cii-s Arnold,* b. 

28 July, 

Family 443. 


RTHUR Littleton,'' 
Owego, N. Y. 

b. 9 Jul 


ILI.IAM Henry, ^ b. 

5 Sept., I 

and, in August, 

1 86 1, enlis 

3168. VIII. William Henry,^ b. 5 Sept., 1840, Candor, N. Y. He relinquished academic study 
enlisted in Company H, 64th Reg. N. Y. Vol. Infantry, 
and exemplified the life and death of an earnest, patriotic. Christian soldier. 
From "Camp 64th Reg., near Willis Meadows, Va., May ist, 1864," he wrote 
to his sister: "Before another week rolls over, the Army of the Potomac will 
be on the move, and perhaps a heavy battle fought, and, if a battle, it will be 
one t)f the bloodiest of the war. What my fate will be time will tell. If I am 
to give up my life for my country, so be it, if it will restore our divided country; 
but we must trust in God, for He doeth all things well.'' On May 14th, again 
he wrote: "We fought the greatest battle of the war, 3-esterday, and were victo- 
rious, as our Corps, the 2d, made one of the bravest charges on record. We 


charged on the rebel works, and captured with them 10,000 prisoners and forty 
pieces of artillery. My regiment was on the front line, and lost a great many 
officers and men. We have fifty men and seven officers left. I was not hurt, 
but saved by the hand of Providence." At the time of his death, June 4th. 1864, 
near the termination of his three years' term of service, he had survived twenty- 
three severe battles and skirmishes, and, in a letter to his brother, Hon. H. L. 
Humphrey, written but a few days prior to his death, describing the seven days 
Wilderness fight, he predicted that he should not be killed in battle; and so it 
proved, as he was instantly killed by the bullet of a rebel sharpshooter, while 
changing the picket lines the day after the battle of Cold Harbor, Va. He was 
First Sergeant of his company; was deeply beloved and lamented by his comrades 
and many friends. His commission of Lieutenant in his regiment was at his 
corps (Second Corps) Head-Quarters at the time of his death. 
(Bv jd marriage ) : 
3169. IX. Joseph Bell,* b. 28 Jan., 1842, Candor, N. Y. ; died in Cortland, N. Y., 24 Sepit., 
1843, ie. 1 year, and 8 months. 

3T70. X. Charles Frederick,^ b. 2 Sept., 1844, Cortland, N. Y. ; married Juanita Da Costa 
Foster. Family 444. 

3171. XI. Joseph Clarence Bell,* b. 12 Apr., 1846, Dryden, N. Y. ; married Helen Louise 

Ladd. Family 445. 

3172. XII. R. Loi-isE,* b. 13 Mch., 1848, Dryden, N. Y. ; married (as 2d wife) in Owego, N. Y., 

2 Aug., 1876, John D. Quinlan M. D., of Chicago, 111. Mrs. Quinlan is a lady 
of culture and elevated tastes, to whose politeness and commendable family spirit 
the compiler of this work is deeply indebted for contributions and aid in collections. 
Dr. Quinlan has retired from the practice of his profession, and their suburban 
home is at Evanston, 111.-, (1884). C/iiM: 

3173. i. John Humphrey,' b. 15 June, 18S2, Evanston, 111. 

FAMILY 234. 

3174. Luke' Humphrey, [1535] (RoszveH," WUliam,^ Lieut. Samuel,* Ensign Samuel.^ 
Lieut. Samuel;' Michael,') was born in 1800, at Canton, Ct. He went with his parents, in 
December, 1813, to reside in Caroline, Tompkins Co., N. Y. He married, in 1824, Eliza (dau. 
of Henry and Sarah) Bishop. They removed, in 1836, to Washington, Tazewell County, Illinois. 
He died prior to 1883. 

Children : 
3175. I. Susan IM.*, b. 8 June, 1825; married, in 1848, Israel Hicks. P. O. address, 

Washington, Tazewell Co.. 111. Child: 

,ry Laurence Crosby. Family 44G. 
854, Watson Lockwood. Farmer. 


i. Julia Ellen,' 1,. 22 Nov. 1850. 



Miles Seymour,* b. 29 July, 1827; married Mai 



Elizabeth L.*, b. 5 Sept., 1829; married, in it 
Res. Panola, Woodford Co., 111. Children: 


i. Charles Seymour,' h. 25 Sept. 1S55; .1. 3 Aug. 


ii. Franklin,' b. 2 July, 1857. 


iii. (lo.rge,' b. 15 May, 1S59. 



Mary, ^ (twin), b. 4 Apr., 1834; married, in 1S59, 
They resided in Washington, 111. P. 0. addrei 
Illinois. Children: 


i. Alonzo F.', b. 30 Aug. i860. 


ii. Mary E.», b. 7 July, 1863. 


iii. Olive E.», b. 16 Feb. 1868. 


iv. Son ,9 was living in 1884. 


3182. iv. .William H.', born 24 July, 1S62; died 5 October, 1863, k. I year, and 2 months. 

3183. V. Ilally Lockwood,' b. 8 Nov. 1864; d. 20 Mcli. 1866, oe. 1 ^ar, and 4 months. 

3184. vi. Elbe,' b. 20 Dec. 1866. 

3185. vii. Laura I!.', b. i Dec. 1S68; d. 3 Sept. i86g, x. 9 months. 

3186. IV. Anna Eliza,** b. 15 Feb., 1832; married, in March, 1853, Johnson Cornwall. 

Farmer. Res. Morton, Tazewell Co., 111. Children: 

3187. i. HatUe,' b. 30 Aug. 1854. 

3188. ii. Mary,' b. 9 Mch. 1859. 

3189. iii. Minnie,' b. 3 Nov. 1862. 

3190. iv. William,' b. 2 Nov. 1864. 

Alonzo P. Goodyear. Merchant. 
is (18S4) Woodland, Iroquois Co., 

3196. VI. Martha,* (twin), b. 4 Apr., 1834; married, 30 May, t86i, Charles Houseman. 

They resided in Pike, Livingston Co., 111. P. (). address (1884) Sedalia, Mo. 
Children : 

3197. i. Sarah J.', b. 28 Feb. 1862. 

3198. ii. Mary Ellen," b. 3 Oct. 1863. 

3199. iii. William H.', b. 26 Sept. 1865. 

3200. iv. George,' b. 18 July, 1868. 

3201. v. Daughter ,'' was living in 1S84. 

3202. VII. Stephen Decatur,* b. 14 Sept., 1837. In August, 1861, he enlisted in the 47th 

Reg. 111. Vols.; was at the siege of Island No. 10, the battle of Farmington 
Cross Roads, and in other engagements; w-as killed at the battle of Corinth, Miss., 
3 Oct., 1862, at the age of 25 years. He was unmarried. 

3203. VIII. Sarah Jane,* b. 9 Aug., 1840; married, in 1S66, George W. Sniffin. Farmer. 

They resided in Morton, Tazewell Co., 111. 

3204. IX. William Henry,* b. 27 July, 1844; enlisted for three years, in the nth Illinois 

Cavalry; was at the battle of Shiloh, Tenn., April 6th, 1862, where his horse was 
killed, and he was slightly wounded in the hand. He served often as scout and 
bearer of dispatches; was captured by Forrest's Cavalry, exchanged, and rejoined 
his company, serving till the end of his term of enlistment. Farmer. Res. (1884) 
Washington, Tazewell Co., 111. 

3205. X. Ulysses,* b. 27 Apr., 1855. 


3206. Erastus Ellsworth' Humphrey, [1545] (Rosweli,^ William,^ Lieut. Samueh 

Ensign Samuel,^ I.irul. Samuel.- Mirluifl' ) was born 5 Jan., 1808, in Canton, Ct. He married, 
in 1829, Anna (dau. of Aricmas and I'ha-be Gilbert) Watkins, of Richford, Tioga Co.. N. Y., 
born 12 Dec, 1811, in Peru, Berkshire Co., Ma.s.s. They settled in Caroline, Tompkins Co., 


N. Y. ; removed, in 1854, to Berkshire, Tioga Co., N. Y. , where they still reside (1884). Mr. 
Humphrey is highly esteemed by his fellow-citizens; has been, for many years, a Justice of the 
Peace. Wagon-maker and builder. 

Children (born in Spcedsville, Tompkins Co. , N. T. ) : 

3207. I. L.4UR.\ J.\NE,* b. 12 Mch., 1832; married, in Owego, Tioga Co., N. Y., 4 Oct., 

1853, Marcus Little (son of William and Julia Chase) Mason, b. 9 Aug., 1829, 
Hamden, Delaware Co., N. Y., where his parents resided. He is a conductor 
on the Pennsylvania R. R. P. O. address (1884) Elmira, Chemung County, N. Y. 

3208. i. Francis Ellsworth,' b. 28 Jan. 1855; d. I Nov. 1S83, x. 28 years. 

3209. ii. Willis,' b. 12 May, 1856; d. 21 Sept. 1856, re. 4 months. 

3210. iii. Stella Frances,' b. 3 Nov. 1858; d. 4 Dec. 1S5S, ce. I month. 

3211. iv. Nellie Ellsworth,' b. 16 Dec. 1864; d. 8 Aug. 1865, k. 7 months. 

3212. V. Will Ellsworth,' b. 15 Oct. 1867. 

3213. H. Frances Louis.\,^ b. 28 Mch., 1834; married, in January, 1856, Albert Jenks. 

They settled in Masonville, Delaware Co., Iowa. P. O. address (1S84) Winthrop, 
Buchanan Co., Iowa. They have children. 

3214. III. Betsey Adelaide,^ b. 15 Nov., 1836; married, in Harford, Cortland Co., N. Y., 

27 Dec, 1854, George Whiteley (son of Larnard and Esther Whiteley) Legg, 
b. 19 Mch., 1 83 1, Berkshire, N. Y. They settled in Candor, Tioga Co., N. Y. 
He is an agriculturist. P. O. address (1SS4) Speedsville, Tompkins Co., N. Y. 
Children (born in Candor, N. i'. ) : 

3214^. i. Otto Larnard,' b. 21 Nov. 1S59. 

3214*. ' ii. Bert Earnest,' b. 28 May, 1863. 

3214,:. iii. Myrtie Adelaide,' b. 14 Mch. 1877. 

3215. IV. Ann Gertrude,^ b. 5 Apr., 1839; married, in 1857, Victor Reed. They settled 

in Masonville, Iowa, which is their P. O. address (1884). Thc\- have children. 

3216. V. Virginia Victoria,^ b. 27 Sept., 1852; married, in September, 1S69, Emery S. Smith. 

Their P. O. address is (1884) Berkshire, Tioga Co., N. Y. No children. 

FAMILY 236. 

32'7- Theron Mills' Humphrey, [iS^+J (Col. Amold Pleiades,^ William,^ Lieut. 
Stimiwl.i A'nsii;n Samuel.^ Lieut. Samuelr Michael.') was born i Oct., 1812, in Canton, Ct. He 
married, at Auburn, N. Y., 28 June, 1834, Charlotte (dau. of Bclden) Caswell, born in 1817. 
He died suddenly, 30 June, 1864, in Syracuse, N. Y., at the house of his sister, Mrs. Shumway, 
where he had stopped to spend the Sabbath. He was a forwarding merchant in New York City, 
where some of his family probably reside (1884). 

3218. I. Mortimer Theron, ^^ born in 1837, Skaneateles. N. Y. 

3219. II. Georck Wai.lach^" l>i)rn in 1842, Brooklyn. X. \', 


3220. III. Eva Charlotte,* born in 1S47, probably in Syracuse, N. V.; died there, in 185!, 

;e. 3 years; was accidentally scalded, and lived but a short time afterward. 

3221. IV. Eva Charlotte,^ born in 1S53, probably in New York City, or Brooklyn. 

FAMILY 237. 

3222. Alvin^ Humphrey, [1573] (^ea. Ahiu,^ Dea. Theophilus,^ Lieut. Samuel,* Ensign 
Samuel,^ Licitt. Samuel^ Michael,^) was born 17 Aug., 1790, in Canton, Ct. He married (i) in 
1808, Betsey Andrus. They removed, the same year of their marriage, to Bradford County, Pa.; 

and from thence to Elkhorn Grove, III., where JNIrs. Humphrey died. He there married (2) ; 

married (3) . He was an early pioneer in the Western country, and an energetic, enter- 
prising citizen; is said to have resided at one time in Exeter, Green Co., Wisconsin. He died 
about 1879, in Knox County, 111., at the residence of his daughter Almira. There his second or 
third wife also died. 

3223. I. Diana, ^ born in July, 1810; died in May, 1880, a?. 69 years. She married Joel 

Griggs, of Plymouth, Ct. He res. (18S4) Knoxville, Knox Co., 111. None of 
their children are living. 

3224. II. Dudley,' born in January, 1812; went to California, about 1849, with his younger 

brothers, Jeremiah and Frederick. From thence he went to Honolulu, Sandwich 

Islands, where he died. 
Lucius,* born in 1S14; died in September, 1848, ee. 34 years. 
NoRRis,** born in June, 1816; died in August, 1S39, -a. 23 years. 

Hector,^ is deceased; married . Family 4J:7. 

Jeremiah,^ married • . Family 448. 

Frederick,* accompanied his brothers, Dudley and Jeremiah, to California, about 

1849. He died in Nevada; was unmarried. 

3230. VIII. Almira,* married (i) as 2d wife, Nevitt; married (2) Wilber; resided 

in Knox County, Illinois. In October, 1879, she removed tu Nebraska; P. O. ad- 
dress (1884) Crete, Saline Co., Neb. Children (by 1st marriage J: 

3231. i. Adrian' (Nevitt), married . P. O. address (1884) Iviioxvillc, III. Tlicy have 


3232. ii. Wilson' (Nevitt), married . Resides (1884) in Gage County, Nebraska. They 

have children. 
[Two married daughters reside (1884) in Crete, Nebraska. They have children.] 

3233. IX. Pheue H.*, died 24 Jan., 1852. She married, 3 June, 1S47, Charles F. Lusk, of 

Albany, Whitesides Co. , 111. After her death he married again; has several children. 
He is a merchant; is a member of the firm of C. F. Lusk & Sons. Res. (1S84) 
Albany, 111. Child: 

3234. i. Mary K.-'. born in October. 1S51; married William Herrold. Res. (1SS4) .Sloan, Wood- 

bury Co., bnva. ChilJrai: (I) Charles'" (Herrold); (2) Roy '» (Herrold). 

3235. X. Alanson," is deceased. 

3236. XI. Anski.,* is deceased. 





















Z,<i.-<i^ ,^A-t^^..-^->^i^^i^^^ . 



H 184:7-49. 

FAMILY 238. 

3237. General Ansel' Humphreys, [1574] {Dea. Alvin,^ Dea. T/ieophilus,^ Lieul. Samuel,* 
Ensign Samue/,^ Lieut. Samuel,' Michael,^) was born i June, 1792, in Canton, Hartford Co., Ct. 
He married (i) in that town, 29 Nov., 1814, Lois (dau. of Benjamin and Esther Woodruff) Jones, 
of Southington, Ct., b. 14 ]May, 1798; died in Canton, Ct., 26 Sept., 1821, ae. 23 years. He 
married (2) in Granby, Ct., 18 Apr., 1822, Sarah (dau. of Ozias and Susan) Higley, of G. 
She died in JMuscatine, Iowa, 28 July, 1S40. He married (3) at Muscatine, Iowa, 16 May, 
184 1, Lura Matthews, who died in that place, 24 Dec, 1863. aged 81 years. 
The following notice appeared in a local paper at the time of his death ; — 

"Gen. Ansel Humphreys, one of our oldest and most respected citizens, died at his resi- 
dence in this city (Muscatine, Iowa,) on the evening of the 21st April, 1873, after a brief illness, 
in the 8isf year of his age. He removed to this city (then Bloomington) in the spring of 1840. 
His life has been one of great activity and energy. Possessed of a vigorous physical constitution, 
large intellectual faculties, high moral attributes, and indomitable resolution, he pre-eminently 
became a leader in the communities in which he lived. His ability and singleness of purpose 
soon won the largest measure of respect, and his warm, generous disposition and open-handed 
charity, never closed to the wants of the needy when in his power to aff'ord relief, secured for 
him attachment, love and esteem. 

"About the year 181 2,, Gen. Humphreys was enrolled in the Hartford County Militia; be- 
came Brigadier-General of the First Brigade of Connecticut Militia. He was discharged in 1840, 
with the rank of 'Major-General commanding, having held every grade of office in the service. 
When about leaving Connecticut he was offered, but declined, the position of Adjutant-General of 
the State. For some fifteen years he severally filled the offices of Deputy-Sheriff", Sheriff", Justice 
of the Peace, and other positions of honor and trust. In 1838, he was elected to and served one 
term in the State Senate. In 1S51, he was appointed United Slates Commissioner for the State of 
Iowa, which position he held until the day of his death. 

"It was as a Mason that Gen. Humphreys was most widely known, and his admirable 
qualities shone most conspicuously. He had been a member of the order for fifty-five years, and 
devoted the larger portion of his life to continued and active labor in its service. He has filled 
the highest positions known to the lodges of Ancient Craft Masonry. He occupied the chair of 
master of a lodge alone for thirty years. Before the admission of Iowa as a State, and while the 
Territory was under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Missouri, he was District Deputy 
Grand Master of that Grand Lodge for this Territory. When, in 1844, the Grand Lodge of Iowa 
was formed, he presided over the convention and drafted the constitution of the present Grand 
Lodge. He was three times elected Grand Master, besides serving as Grand Secretary and Grand 
Senior Warden. He loved the order with an ardent and enduring aflfection, believing, as he often 
asserted, that it inculcated the best code of morals of any existing human organization. Its purest 
principles were deeply implanted in his heart; its cardinal virtues — temperance, fortitude, prudence 
and justice — and its most excellent tenets — brotherly love, charity and morality — truly formed the 
rule and guide to his faith and action. At a ripe old age, full of years and honors, he has been 
gathered to his fathers. His death is deeply deplored by a large circle of friends and acquaint- 
ances in this city, and will strike a chord of sorrow in the hearts of many throughout tiio 
State of Iowa." 

Children (born in Cnnton, Cl., excepting the youngest hvo; by ist marriage): 

323S. ). LtTi.v Anna,'* b. 14 Jan., 1817; married, at Muscatine, Iowa, 30 Oct., 1842, Judge 

Charles Mattoon, a native and resident of Northfield, Mass., born 17 June, 181 6, 

son of Elijah and Hannah (Mattoon) Mattoon, his mother being a daughter of 

Dr. Sanuicl Mattoon, and a distant relative of her husband. lie died 12 Aug., 

1 8/0, at Greenfield, Mass., where he was a counselor-at-law and, at the time of 
his death, Judge of Probate and Insolvency of Franklin Count}-, a member of the 
Board of Trustees of the Worcester Lunatic Hospital, Secretary and Active 
Manager of the Franklin County Mutual Fire Insurance Company, etc. In i860, 
he was one of the Presidential Electors. Mrs. Mattoon has made her home with 
her son-in-law, Rev. Charles A. Humphreys, since the death of her husband. 
Res. (1884) in Framingham, Mass. Child: 

3239. i. Kate J.', b. 13 Aug. 1S45, Muscatine, Iowa; died in Framingham, Mass., 15 Jan. 1879, 

a-. 33 years. She married, in Greenfield, Mass., 15 Apr., 186S, Rev. Charles Alfred 
Humphreys, b. i Apr. 1838, Dorchester, Mass., son of Dea. Henry and Sarah 
Blake (Clapp) Humphreys, of D.; thus allying two families of the lineal descendants 
of two of the immigrant ancestors,— Jonas Humphrey of Dorchester, Mass., and Michael 
Humphrey of Windsor, Ct. 

Rev. C. A. Humphreys graduated at Harvard College, in i860, and at the Divinity 
School, Cambridge, Mass., July 14th, 1863; was ordained Chaplain of the 2d Mass. 
Cavalry, which position he held fion\ July 14th, 1863, the date of his enlistment, to April 
l6th, 1865; was taken prisoner and confined at Macon, Ga., and Charleston, S. C, 
from July 5th to Sept. 2d, 1S64. He was pastor of the Third Congregational (Unitarian) 
Society of Springfield, Mass., £i-om June 15th, 1865 to Jan. loth, 1872; and became 
pastor of the First Parish in Framingham, Mass., Sept. 23d, 1873, where he still re- 
mains (1884).* Children: (I) Charles Mattoon" (Humphreys)r b. 23 Mch. 1869, 
Springfield, Mass.; died in Greenfield, Mass., 2 Sept. 1869, te. 5 months. (2) Sarah 
Blake" (Humphreys), b. 17 Sept. 1870, Springfield, Mass. (3) Catherine Clapp" 
(Humphreys), b. I Aug. 1873, Boston, Mass. (4) Elizabeth ^i" (Humphreys), b. 23 July, 
1875, Framingham, Mass.; died there, 25 May, 1877, ae. I year, and 10 months. 
(By 2(1 marriage) : 

3240. II. James Ansel,' b. 24 Mch., 1824: d. 24 Feb., 1S66, ce. 42; married Frances A. 

Bennett. Family 449. 

3241. III. LucELiA Sally,^ b. II Jan., 1829; married, in Muscatine, Iowa, 24 Oct., 1854, 

Major, Abraham Johns. Merchant. He joined the Union army, in 1861; was 
Major of the 35th Iowa Vol. Infantry, and was killed in the battle of Yellow 
Springs, Arkansas, June 8th, 1864. Mrs. Johns' P. O. address is (1884) Fort 
Dodge, Iowa. Children (besides o?ie child who died in iti/aticy): 

3242. i. Frank," b. 14 Aug. 1855; was drowned 13 Aug. 1867, se. 12 years. 

3243. ii. Charles W.', b. 13 Sept. 1857;— unmarried. Res. (1884) in Michigan. 

3244. iii. Clara," b. 6 Nov. 1862; is deceased. 

3245. IV. Andrew Jackson,' b. 23 May, 1832; married Phebc E. Jenkins. Family 450. 
(By jd marriage): 

3246. V. Alvin,*^ died in infancy. 

3247. VI. Sarah,' died in infancy. 

FAMILY 239. 

3248, Deacon Milton' Humphreys, [1575] (Dea- Ahin,^ Dea. Theophilus,^ Lieut. Samticl,* 
Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael.') was born 23 Feb., 1794, in Canton. Cl. His youth 
was spent upon his father's farm, and, by the aid of the district school and his own industry, he 
obtained a thorough common school education and a practical knowledge of surveying. He 

For a more uxtcodud hist 


married (i) at her father's residence, in Plymouth, Ct., 21 Dec, 1815, Aurelia (dau. of Emblem) 
Barnes, born 15 May, 1794, at Plymouth, Ct. In February, 1816, they removed to a wilderness 
farm in Pike, Bradford Co., Pa., where they remained nine years, clearing up and cultivating the 
land, Mr. Humphreys teaching school in the winter and taking a job of surveying whenever one 
offered. In 1825, they went back to Connecticut, and, for three years, he traveled through the 
Southern States as salesman for Hallock & Case, clock manufacturers. In the autumn of 1828, 
they returned to their Pennsylvania farm. Becoming, however, a member of that firm, as was 
also his brother Gen. Ansel Humphreys, he spent three years more in travel on its account; but 
the firm failed, and his farm was sold to pay its debts. In 1833, he removed to Fosterville, in 
the township of Aurelius, Cayuga Co., N. Y., where he continued until 1835, when he rented a 
farm near Geneva, N. Y.; in the spring of 1836, removed to Le Raysville, Bradford Co., Pa., and, 
for four years, traveled again as salesman for clocks manufactured by his brother-in-law, Philip 
Barnes. He afterward resided in Chili, Monroe Co., N. Y., where his wife died, 7 Mch., 1849, 
se. 55 years. He married (2) in Monroe County, N. Y., Caroline Smith; removed to Gates, in the 
same county; and, in 1853, to Noble, Branch Co., Mich., where he remained until his death, which 
occurred 23 Apr., 1857, at the age of 63 years. He was a member of the Presbyterian church, 
and filled the oflUce of deacon during his residence in Michigan. Having a natural taste for 
music, he was generally chorister in the church where he attended. In politics he was a Whig 
and Republican; in private character, stern and decided, honest, kind-hearted, affectionate, 
and companionable. 

Children (by ist marriage; born in Pike, Pa. , excepting the yoimgest) : 

3249. I. Zenas Nathaniel,^ b. 30 Nov., 181 7; died in February, 1819, se. i year. 

3250. II. Eunice Minerva,^ b. 4 Nov., 18 19; married (i) in Lima, Livingston Co., N. Y., 

23 Aug., 1843, John Wilson, b. 11 May, 1819, at Spring Water, Livingston Co., 
N. Y.; died at Chili, Monroe Co., N. Y., 20 Sept., 1844, ». 25 years. She married 
(2) in Batavia, N. Y., i May, 1853, Asa Danforth Chalker, b. 7 Oct., 1820, 
son of Gideon and Emma (Bignall) Chalker, of Unadilla, Mich. They resided 
in Ann Arbor, Mich. Chi/d (by 2d marriage): 

1. Ulysses Albertine' (Chalker), b. 17 Jan. 1859, Noble, Branch Co., Mich. 
Zenas Dunbar,^ b. 10 July, 1822; died at Fosterville, Cayuga Co., N. V., 9 Feb., 
1S34, te. II years. 

Le Roy,^ b. 10 Apr., 1832; married Sarah Christy. Family 451. 

Chloe,^ b. 10 Sept., 1836, Le Raysville, Bradford Co., Pa.; married, in Mattison, 
Branch Co., Mich., 7 June, 1869, William (son of James* and Eliza Runyan) 
Filkins. P. O. address, .Mattison, Mich. No children. 

FAMILY 240. 

3255. Orrin' Humphreys, [1579J (Dea. Alvin,^ Dea. TheophHus,'^ Lieut. Samuel,* 
Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,'^ 3Iichael,^) was born 28 Aug., iSoi, in Canton, Ct. He married, 
in Burlington, Ct., 14 Sept., 1825, Mary Ann (dau. of Paulf and Betsey Saterlee) Palmiter, of 
Burlington, Ct., where she was born 13 Feb., 1804. 

Mr. Humphreys worked with his father on the farm until he reached mature years, when 
he commenced teaching district schools, during the winters, and also evening singing schools; was 

* J,-imes Filkins was bom 23 Sept. 1S09; m.-irried, 30 Sept. 1832, Eliza Runyan, b. 10 May, 1809. He died i May, i80j, in Cold- 
water. Midi,, where he had resided. 

' . ■ ' .-. ;he Kevoiutiunary war. 









very successful. At the time of his marriage he lived in Canton, Ct., and afterward continued to 
reside there for a few years, on the homestead with his father. He then bought a farm in 
Burlington, Ct., where he was likewise engaged in teaching. He removed from thence to Collins- 
ville, and worked as a carpenter, and on his farm, until a long and severe illness unfitted him 
for hard labor. 

He was a man of good intellect, modest and retiring. Honest and upright himself, he 
looked upon all men as being the same, "believing every man honest until he was proved a rogue." 
Recently, one well acquainted with him remarked, "He was one of the most upright men I ever 
knew." He was gentle but firm, and his word was law in his family. Though slow to anger, he 
was capable of being aroused when occasion demanded. He was an earnest Christian, and patient 
in suffering. He died in Collinsville, Ct, Aug. 5th, 1850, aged 49 years. 

Mrs. Humphrey resides (1884) with her daughter, Jvlrs. Wellon, in Northampton, Mass. 

3256. I. flLizABETH Saterlee,^ b. 20 Apr., 1829, in Canton, Ct.; married (i) in that town, 

I INIch., 1S50, Elizur Thomas (son of Ralph and Climera Phelps) Rice, a native 
and resident of Granby, Ct., where his parents were born and resided. When 
about eighteen years of age, he removed to Canton (Collinsville), Ct., and, until 
his health failed, was in the employ of the Collins Company, being most of the 
time Foreman in the department of a.xes. He then engaged in farming for about 
two years, at Collinsville, where he died 7 Mch., 1857. 

Mrs. Rice married (2) in Northampton, Mass., 10 Nov., 1868, Walter Benoni 
(son of Horatio Nelson* and Anna Arna Treat) Welton, b. 26 Apr., 1825, 
Bridgewater, Ct., where his parents resided. He was a teacher for about fifteen 
years; served in the war for the Union from January, 1863, to its close, as a 
private soldier, but was employed as a clerk in the Quartermaster's Department 
during the whole period. He is now (1884) one of the six E.xecutive Officers 
of the Northampton Lunatic Hospital. P. O. address. No. 75 Elm St., North- 
ampton, Mass. Children (by 1st marriage; born and died in Collinsville, Ct.): 

3257. i. Mary Luella' (Rice), b. 26 May, 1851; d. 11 Apr. 1854, a:. 2 years, and 10 months. 

3258. ii. Emma Almira' (Rice), b. 15 June, 1S53; d. 24 Apr. 1S56, a-. 2 years, and 10 months. 

3259. iii. Dwight Elizur ^ (Rice), b. 9 Nov. 1856; d. 20 Apr. 1S57, ce. 5 months. 

3260. n. Henrietta Susan,^ b. 8 Feb., 1831, Canton, Ct.; married, in Northfield, Mass., at 

the residence of Judge Charles Mattoon, 14 Oct., 1850, Ephraim Bradford (son 
of Calvin and Sarah Crittenden) Hill, b. 15 Jan., 1822, Williamsburgh, Mass., 
where his parents resided. He died in Southampton, Mass., 19 Sept., 1881, 
£e. 59 years. He was a farmer; resided in Collinsville and Burlington, Ct. ; re- 
moved to Leeds, Mass., and, in 1866, to Southampton, Mass., where his widow 
resides (1884). Children: 

3261. i. Orrin Gilbert,' b. 14 Sept. 1851, Burlington, Ct.; married, in Granville, Mass., iS Dec. 

1S77, Sarah (dau. of Harlow and Mary Scoville) Coe, of Granville, Mass. Farmer. 
Res. Avon, Ct., and (1884) on his father's homestead, in Southampton, Mass. Child: 
(I) Frederic Ephraim," b. 24 May, 1880, Avon, Ct. 

3262. ii. Orson Jerome," b. 27 Feb. 1854, Burlington, Ct.; married, at De Land, Fla., in July, 

1881, Addie Hinkle, of I^uisville, Ky. Farmer. He is a large land-owner in Florida. 
Kcs. (18S4) Bcresford, Fla. Child: (i) Orson William," b. 26 June, 1884. South 
ampton, Mass; d. in Feb., 1886, at Berestord, Fla. 

• Gcorsc Wtlton. the father of IKir.iiio Nelson Wdlon, w;.- a KLVoluiionary soldier. 


3263. iii. Carrie Louisa,' b. 11 Mch. 1856, Leeds (in Northampton), Mass.; died in Southampton, 

Mass., 5 Oct. 1883, se. 27 years. "She had a rare and lovely character." She married 
(I) in Southampton, Mass., 20 Dec. 1876, Frederic Searle (son of Dea. Stephen and 
JuHa Searle) Lymatl, b. 31 Dec. 1853, Southampton, Mass., where his parents re- 
sided. He was an earnest, working Christian, and at the time of liis death, 18 M.iy, 
1878, was Superintendent of the Sunday School. 

She married (2) in Southampton, Mass., 15 Jan. 1881, William Stephen Lyman, 
b. 10 Oct. 1850. He was a brother of her first husband, with whom he was associated 
in business, as farmer, merchant, and station agent on the New Haven and North- 
ampton R. R. He res. (1884) at Southampton, Mass. No children. 

3:64. III. I\I.4RY Georgiana,' b. I Feb., 1836, Collinsville, Ct. ; resided there until 1853, when 
.she attended the Normal School in New Britain, Ct. ; and commenced teaching 
in Bethel, Ct., in 1854. At the urgent request of Rev. E. Cook, she taught the 
High School in Haydenville, Mass., during the winter of 1856; and in Leeds the 
remainder of the year, and the year following; then in Florence three years, 
where, according to the testimony of the Superintendent and Committee, she 
"gained a most enviable reputation." Soon afterward she became a teacher in 
the Intermediate Department of the High School in Northampton, Mass., where 
she remained three years. 

She married (as second wife) at her mother's residence, in Collinsville, Ct., 
18 Aug., 1864, Luke Myron (son of John Eddy and Katharine Sprague Turner) 
Kidder, b. 24 June, 1832, Wardsborough, Vt., where his parents were born and 
resided. When he was sixteen years of age, his father apprenticed him to a 
carriage-maker, in Wardsborough. After serving his apprenticeship, he worked at 
his trade in Saxton's River, Vt., for one month, when, the business being very 
distasteful to him and being fond of music and musical instruments, he found 
employment in an organ, or melodeon, shop in Townshend, Vt. He removed 
from thence to Brattleborough, Vt., and worked in the organ shop of Estey & Co.; 
then went to Plymouth, Indiana, where he taught music; and also traveled to 
some extent through Illinois and Wisconsin. After a two j-ears' sojourn at the 
West, he returned to Westfield, Mass., and worked in Johnson's organ shop two 
years; then went to Northampton, Mass., where he has resided twenty-one years; 
is engaged in tuning, repairing, and selling, as well as manufacturing, musical 
instruments. P. O. address (1884) Northampton, Mass. Children (born in North- 
ampton, Mass.): 

3265. i. Anna Laura," b. 2 Nov. 1867. 

3266. ii. Walter Myron," b. 9 Nov. 1869. 

3267. iii. Harry Welton," b. 15 Aug. 1S71. 

3268. IV. Almira Case,^ b. 24 Nov., 1839, Burlington, Ct. : married, in Collinsville, Ct.. at 

her mother's residence, 29 Dec, 1850, David C. Holbrook. Res. (1884) on the 
paternal homestead in Collinsville, Ct. Children: 

3269. i. Emily Luella,' b. 18 Apr. 1855; married, 30 July, 1S79, Richard Lyman, '^^ North- 

ampton, Mass., where she was a teacher several years. He is in a grocery store. 
P. O. address (1884) Northampton, Mass. Child: (I) Allie Theresa'" (Lyman), b. 13 
July, 1880. 

3270. ii. Mary G.', b. i Jan. 1862. 

3271. iii. Grace E.", b. 6 Sept. 1864. 

FAMILY 241. 

3272. Esquire Jeremiah' Humphreys, L'S^^J (Dea. Alvm,^ Dea. Theophilus,'> Lieut. 
Samuel,* Ensign Samue/,' Lieut. Samuel,- Michael.') was born 14 Feb., 1806, in Canton, Ct.* 
He graduated at Yale College; and entered upon the profession of law, in 1831, at Nassau, N. Y. 
He married, in Albany, N. Y., 31 Aug., 1829, Hannah (dau. of Thomasf and Phebe Bedford) 
Swart, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., b. 23 Apr., 1805. They went to Michigan, where Mrs. Humphreys 
died; probably resided in Schoolcraft, in that State. He afterward removed, with his family, to 
Fulton, Illinois, where he died i June, 1845, ^- 39 years. 
Children (born, probably, in Schoolcraft, Mich.): 

3273. I. Eugene,* b. 22 Dec, 1830; went to California: was there taken sick and, it is 

supposed, died in 1852. 

3274. n. Eugenia,* b. 13 Sept., 1832; d. 24 July, 1833, a-. 10 months. 

3275. HI. S.WRiN,^ b. 16 Mch., 1834: died of cholera, in ^luscatine, Iowa, 7 July, 1849, 

£e. 15 years. 

3276. lY. Josephine,* b. 15 Nov., 1835; married, 2 May, 1855, Enos P. White. They re- 

sided in Muscatine, Iowa. He is deceased. INIrs. White's P. O. address is 
(18S3) Plankington, Dakota. 

[Four children, whose records have not been obtained.] 

3277. Y. Franklin Emerson,* b. 27 Sept.. 1839; married Ellen Maria Hawley. Family 452. 

FAMILY 242. 

3278. Lester Hayden' Humphrey, [1593J (D^a. TheophHus,^ Dea. Theopiiiius,-= Lieut. 

Samuel,'^ Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael,') was born 28 Dec, 1799, in ^^'est Simsbury 
(Canton), Ct. He removed with his father's family to Sheldon, N. Y., in 18 18. He married, 5 
July, 1826, Hannah Blakely, of Aurora, Erie Co., N. Y., born 3 Oct., 1807. They lived in 
Sheldon, "Wyoming Co., N. Y., till 1866, when they removed to Warsaw,' in the same county, 
where Mr. Humphrey was engaged" in the leather trade, and also in agricultural pursuits. 

Their five children were present on the occasion of the celebration of their Golden Wedding, 
in 1876. Of their twenty-eight grandchildren, twenty-three were living in 1884; and of their 
seventeen great-grandchildren, twelve were living. 

Mr. Humphrey died at Warsaw, N. Y., 15 Dec, 1884, £e. 85 years. "The past fifteen 
years have been spent by him free from business cares hut in a continual struggle with ill health, 
— for the last six years patiently enduring a total loss of sight. When deprived of active church 
work he still materially aided the cause. Perhaps his strongest characteristic was his power of 
self-denial that he might assist his children and relatives dependent upon him in the practical 
struggle of life. His memory retained its power to the end, and his greatest enjoyment arose 
from his ability to keep pace with the literature and progress of the times, and in retrospect over 
the wonderful strides of civilization during his lifetime. " 

Mrs. Humphrey resides (1884) in Warsaw, N. Y. 
Children (born in Sheldon, A'. }'. j: 

3279. I. Harriet,* b. 14 Nov., 1828; married, 20 July, 1847, Orange L. Tozier. They 

resided in Sheldon, N. Y. P. O. address (1S84) Johnsonsburgh, Wyoming Co., 
N. Y. Children (several of ivhom have families) : 

3280. i. Lester H.», bom in August, 1848; married ■ — . 

• Several of the descendants of Dea. Alvin Humphrey add s to their surname. 

t Thomas (son of Cornelius) Swart was bom 30 Apr. 1763: married, 6 June, 1787. Phebe Bedford, b. i Oct 1769: d 17 June, 1816, 
a-' 4'' years. He died 26 Feb. 1823, se. 59 years. 


3251. ii. Annette,' born in August, 1S50; married . 

3252. iii. Edward V.'->, born in April, 1852; died aged 10 years. 

3253. iv. Alice.' 
3284. V. William.' 

32S5. vi. Charles S.', died in infancy. 

3286. vii. Orange.' 

3287. viii. Charles S.' 

3288. ix. Harriet.' 
32S9. X. Lucian.' 

3290. xi. Hayden H.' 

3291. II. Samuel Bl.\kely,^ b. 5 Feb., 1831: married Percy Elizabeth Dodge. Family 453. 

3292. III. Elf.cta,^ b. 22 Oct., 1S34; married, S Nov., 1S55, Baldwin. P. O. address 

(1884) Lockport, N. Y. Childreti: 

3293. i. Clara Humphrey,' b. 28 Dec. 1857; married, 19 Feb. 1S80, Robert L. CrOCker, 

of Lockport, N. Y. Child: (I) Foster B." (Crocker), b. 13 Dec. 18S3. 

3294. ii. Eleazer,' b. II Nov. 1862. 

3295. iii. Asa,' b. 19 May, 1877. 

3296. IV. Minerva,^ b. 20 Oct., 1840; married, in Warsaw, N. Y., 4 May, 1870, Charles 

Alexis Kellogg, a native and resident of Avon, Ct. He was the third son of 
Bela C. and Mary (Bartlett) Kellogg, of Avon, and the grandson of Rev. Bela 
Kellogg and Rev. John Bartlett, two eminent Congregational ministers of Con- 
necticut. He acquired his education at the village school, and at home from the 
lips and life of a godly grandmother and mother. At an early age he was given 
practical lessons in farming upon his uncle's farm. When he was seventeen years 
old, he enlisted in Colonel (now General) Joseph Hawley's Regiment, the 7th Ct. 
Vols., just after the first defeat of the Union army at Bull Run on the 21st of 
July, 1 86 1. He saw no active service, however, as a few months after his en- 
listment he was taken very ill and sent to the hospital at Annapolis. After a 
long struggle with disease he recovered sufficiently to go home, and was honorably 
discharged. He obtained a position as clerk m the city Post Office in Washington, 
D. C, where he remained until 1866, when he was discharged at his own request. 
He has since been employed in farming in Iowa, and in the leather trade in 
Warsaw, N. Y. ; is at present (1884) again engaged in farming. P. O. address, 
Carthage, Jasper Co. , Mo. Children (born in Warsaw, N. Y. , except the eldest) : 
i. Carl,' b. 7 Mch. 1871, Mitchellville, Iowa; died at Warsaw, N. Y., 29 Mch. 1S73, .-e. 2 years. 

ii. Herbert Humphrey,' b. 14 Sept. 1872. 

iii. Charles Alexis,' b. 5 Sept. 1878. 

iv. Mary Bartlett,' b. 26 Sept. 1879. 
Lester Hayden,* b. 22 Jan., 1850; married Maude Wilton Skinner. Family 454 


FAMILY 243. 

3302. James Edwin' Humphrey, [1610] (Bea. rheopMus,^ Dea. T/ieophHus^ Lieut. 

Sdmiiel,'^ Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael,'-) was born 30 April, 1806, in Canton, Ct. 
He married, in Attica, N. Y., 26 Apr., 1827, Rosamond Buttrick, born in October, 1808, at 
Hawley, Franklin Co., Mass., daughter of Joseph and Polly (Marble) Buttrick, of Strykcrsville, 
Wyoming Co., N. Y. He was a traveling salesman; died in Sheldon, Wyoming Co., N. Y., 20 
Oct., 1833, Vi. 27 years. His widow married Ebenezcr Jones, who is deceased. She res. (1883) 
at Hersey. Osceola Co., Michigan 


CluUren (born in Sheldon, X. V.j: 
3303- I- James Edwin, ^ b. 5 Jan., 1S28; married Harriet Buttrick. Family 455. 

3304. II. Ch.\rles Buttrick,^ b. 18 May, 1829; d. 25 Dec, 1874, a-. 45; married Jane E. 

Cline. F.AMiLY 456. 

3305. III. Isabel,^ b. 21 Aug., 1833; died at Allegany, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., a-. 11 years. 

FAMILY 244. 

_j3o6. Deacon MafCUS CicerO" Humphrey, [1622] (Dea. Theophilus,^ Dca. Theophihis,^ 
Lieut. Samuel,^ Ensign Samuel,' Lieut. Samuel,^ Hfichael,' ) was born 15 Dec, 1808, in Canton, 
Ct. He married, in Sheldon, N. Y., 28 Dec, 1830, Sina Fitch Chipman, born in that town, 12 
Nov., 18 1 2, daughter of Lemuel and Laura (Mead) Chipman, of Sheldon, N. Y., formerly of 
Pawlet and Manchester, Vt. He died in Lake City, Minn., 24 April, 1884, ne. 75 years. 
We add the following from a Lake City newspaper : — 

"When the word was passed from lip to lip on last Saturday morning that Deacon 
Humphrey was dead, the tidings seemed to cast a decided gloom over our little city, in which 
he was held in universal estimation. The funeral, at his late residence on Garden Street, was 
very numerously attended by all classes, who united to pay the last sad tribute of respect to the 
memory of a blameless citizen and consistent Christian, whose virtues will long be held in 
affectionate remembrance. The services were conducted by Rev. J. W. Horner, assisted by Rev. 
J. W. Ray, pastor of the Congregational church of this city, of which the deceased had been an 
officer during most of the time he has resided here. At the close of the exercises the procession, 
under conduct of Major Van Vliet, wended its w^ay to the silent city of the dead, where all that 
is mortal of our old neighbor and friend lies wrapped in the quiet of dreamless repose. 

"From Connecticut, Mr. Humphrey removed with his parents, in 1818, to Sheldon, 
Wyoming Co., N. Y.. then a part of Genesee Co., and there he remained, pursuing his avocation 
as a tanner and currier, with his oldest brother, Mr. Lester H. Humphrey, until he was about 
thirty-five years of age, when they dissolved partnership, and he ceased working at his trade. He 
removed to the town of Java, in the same county, where he was engaged in farming until he 
came to Lake City, in the spring of 1868. After his removal here he was not actively engaged 
in business, save as a Director of the First National Bank of this city, which position he held 
from 1876 to a few weeks before his death, when his failing powers compelled him to retire 
from the Board. 

"Deacon Humphrey was deeply interested in the morals of the city and in the religious 
and secular education of its youth. He was a strong advocate of temperance reform and took 
his seat as one of the city fathers upon the no-license issue; was for several years a live member 
of the city Board of Education, and rendered valuable service to his fellow-citizens in that capacity. 
For thirty-five years before coming to Lake City, he had been a consistent and earnest member 
of the Congregational church, and for thirty-six years prior to his death, had held the office of 
deacon in connection therewith. He remained in the enjoyment of robust health until August, 
1 88 1, when he was attacked with severe hemorrhage of the lungs. From this he speedily recovered, 
and seemed to have fully regained his health; but, in November, 1882, other symptoms of disease 
manifested themselves, and from that time until his death he remained an invalid." 

Mrs. Humphrey resides (1884) in Lake City, Minnesota. 
3307. I. Lui'isA Fannv,s b. II Oct., 1831, Sheldon, N. Y. ; married, at North Java, N. Y., 

7 Feb., 1851, Carlos Delos Warren, b. 30 June, 1825, Sheldon, N. Y., son of 
Ainmi and Clarissa (Ruggles) Warren, of Vermont, and afterward of North Java, 


N. Y. He has been a farmer and merchant; is now a manufacturer of nets and 
hammocks. P. O. address (1884) Lake City, Minn. Cliihi: 
330S. i. Edward Carlton," b. 10 Apr. 1853, Sheldon, N. Y.; married, in North Java, N. Y., 22 

Sept. 1874, Marion F." (dau. of William and Minerva » Merrill) Hewett, b. 12 Oct. 

1855, Ira, St. Clair Co., Mich. [Fam. 90 (1609), S.=] P. O. address (1S84) Lake 

City, Minn. 

3309. II. Marcus Cicero,* b. 7 July, 1834, Sheldon, N. Y. ; m. (i) Jane F. Baldwin; m. (2) 

Frances Lewis. F.\5iily 457. 

3310. III. Alta Arabella,* b. 12 Oct., 1838, Sheldon, N. Y. ; died at North Java, N. Y., 22 

July, 1867, se. 28 years. She married, in North Java, N. Y., 17 Sept., i860, 
John Sill Rogers, b. 29 Mch., 1818, Sheldon, N. Y. He has been a merchant 
for over twenty years; in 1884, was engaged in farming. He has held various 
town and county offices. He married (2) Minerva" (Merrill) Hewett, [Fam. 
90 (1609), S.=] P. O. address (1884) North Java, N. Y. Children (hum in 
North Java, N. Y.): 

331 1. i. John Sill,' b. 8 July, 1861;- unmarried. Res. (1884) North Java, N. Y. 

3312. ii. Louisa Elmira,' b. 25 Oct. 1863; married, 15 Aug. 1883, Clark IL Crawford. Res. 

(1884) North Java, N. Y. 

3313. IV. Laura Chipman,* b. 6 Oct., 1842, Sheldon, N. Y.; was married, by Rev. William 

Hall, at North Java, N. Y., 18 May, 1863, to Marcus Carson, b. 27 Mch., 
1836, North Java, N. Y., son of Stephen Carson and his wife Julina (Grover), 
who was born in Lawrence, Otsego Co., N. Y. Farmer. Res. (1884) Lake City, 
Minn. Children (of whom the oldest two were born in North Java, N. Y., and the 
others in Lake City, Minn.): 

3314. i. Julina,' b. 21 July, 1864; died in North Java, N. Y., 7 Mch. 1871, k. 6 years, 

and 7 months. 

3315. ii. Howard,' b. 17 Jan. 1S69; died in North Java, N. Y., 5 Mch. 1871, x. 2 years, 

and I month. 

3316. iii. Grace Ehza,' b. 10 Dec. 1873. 

3317. iv. Alice Louisa,' b. 23 Jan. 1876. 

3318. V. Ray Fisk,' b. 14 Oct. 1879; is deceased. 

3319. V. Chipman Theophilus,* b. 14 June, 1846, North Java, N. Y. ; died at Lake City, 

Minn., 23 Sept., 1868, be. 22 years. 

3320. VI. SiNA Amand.\,s b. 20 June, 1854, North Java, N. Y. ; died at Lake City, Minn., i 

Nov., 1S75, a.'. 21 years. 

FAMILY 2-15. 

3321. Deacon Homan MonSOn' Humphrey, ['637J (Dea. TheophHus,^ Dea. nieophilus,^ 
Lieut. Samuel,'^ Ensign Samue!,^ Lieut. Samuelr Michael,') was born 24 Sept., 18 19, in Sheldon, 
Wyoming Co., N. y! He married (i) in that town, 19 Mch., 1839, Lydia Case (dau. of James) 
Snow, b. 19 Mch., 1817, Mill Creek, Hamilton Co., Ohio, nine miles from Cincinnati. Her 
father was Sheriff of Hamilton County for three years. In the spring of 1839, Dea. Humphrey 
and his wife removed to Iowa Territory, where they lived until the spring of 1852, when they 
emigrated to Oregon, going thither across the plains with an ox-team, taking provisions for them- 
selves and five children, for the journey of 2,200 miles. Forty miles west of Omaha, Nebraska, 
thev were attacked l)y Indians, who demanded a" cow as the condition on which they would allow 
them to pass. Ten miles farther on this was repealed. The company then called a meeting, at 


which the captain was deposed on account of cowardice, and 'Sh. Humphrey elected in his stead. 
Nothing more of importance occurred on their journey, except that their cattle were all poisoned 
with alkali, and they were compelled to stop a few days until the animals recruited. They arriveil 
in Clackamas County, August 27th, 1852, and, October 3d, settled on a donation land claim* 
of three hundred and sixteen and one-half acres, two and a half miles west of Pordand, Oregon, 
where he now resides (1884). He has been for several years a deacon of the Congregational 
church at Mt. Zion, Oregon. His first wife died at their home near Portland, 23 Jan., 1859, 
se. 41 years. He married (2) at Machias, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., 9 Feb., 1S65, Lemira Mercer 
(dau of Josephf and Phebe Mercer) Andrews, of Sheldon, N. Y, b. 30 Aug., 1823, Attica, 
Genesee Co, N. Y 

In his pioneer life Dea. Humphrey has had some thrilling adventures with wild animals. 
In the winter of 1848, in Jefferson County, Iowa, while riding horseback, he saw a wolf coming 
towards him, which was being chased by a man and dogs. Perceiving that it might escape he 
sprang from his horse, seized the wolf by the tail, swung it against a fence, and then held it by 
the neck until the dogs came up. In 1864, in Washington Territory, ten miles back of Vancouver, 
he treed a bear In 1867, while he and his wife were riding in a sleigh, they saw a large panther 
springing through the snow, whose bounds I^Ir. Humphrey found by measurement to be from 
twenty-four to twentv-seven feet in length. 
Children (by ist mari-iage j : 

3322. I. WoLCOTT Julius,^ b. 13 Apr., 1840, in Henry Count3-, Iowa; married, at Pekin, 

Tazewell Co., 111., 21 Mch., 1876, Margaret Ellen Broadwell, b. 26 Se^t., 1S43, 
Springfield, 111. Her parents afterward resided in Pekin, 111. No children. 

Mr Humphrey went with his father to the Pacific coast, in 1852, anil, 
when he was not attending school, assisted him in clearing up a timber farm 
until he was twenty years of age. He then apprenticed himself to learn the 
printing business, and began to work at his trade the day Fort Sumter was fired 
on, April 12th, 1861. For nearly twenty years he has occupied different positions 
on the leading newspaper of Pordand, The Daily Oregonian. In 1884, he accepted 
an offer to take charge of a newspaper in Oysterville, Washington Territory, 
where he now resides. 

He has an interest in an orchard of forty acres, situated at Yaquina Bay, 
Benton Co., Oregon, which is considered quite valuable. In it are about eight 
thousand fruit and nut bearing trees;— prune, plum, apple, pear, cherry, chestnut, etc. 

Honest, industrious, sympathetic and generous, Mr. Humphrey has often 
given a helping hand to others when their interests could be advanced by his 
timely aid. 

3323. II. Orpha Triphena,' b. 19 Mch., 1842, Lockridge, Jefferson Co., Iowa; married, at 

her father's residence, near Portland, Oregon, 21 Apr., 1858, Isaac Haley Gove, 
b. 2 Nov., 1828, Limington, York Co., ]\Ie. Mechanic. Res. (1884) on a part of 
Dea. H. M. Humphrey's donation land claim. P. O. address, Portland, Oregon. 
Children (born at, or near, Portland, Oregon): 

3324. i. Charles Henry," b. 9 Feb. 1859; is a clerk in the Post Office at Portland, Oregon, (1884). 

He married, 27 Nov. 1884, Alice Clawson, whose family are members of the Society 
of Friends. She has been teaching in Portland, Oreijon, and lecturing on temperance 
for the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, during her vacations. 

• Grants of land were made by the Government to the early settlers of Oregon, the titles twing perfected after four years' residence 

t Joseph Andrews was bom 3 March, 1783, in Canaan, Columbia Co., N. T. His wife, Phebe Mercer, was born in that town, 
11 October. 178a. 



ti. Alice Augusta,' born 17 February, 1861: is a teacher in the East Portland school (1SS4). 

iii. Olive Julia,' b. 19 Oct. 1S63; is a teacher (1S84). 

iv. Leonell,' b. 20 Oct. 1865; died near Portland, Oregon, 3 Apr. 1866, x. 5 months. 

V. Ida May,' b. II July, 1867^ 

vi. Arthur W.', b. 4 Dec. 1870. 

vu. Sumner Medbury,' b. 30 June, 1873. 

viii. Howard Ivan,' b. 12 Mch. 1877. 

ix. Martha Winifred,' b. 22 Feb. 1882. 

333$. III. Eliza Adaline,^ b. 18 Mch., 1845, Brighton, Washington Co., Iowa. In 1859, she 
went to New York, with her father, where she attended school five years; returned 
in 1864 to Oregon, and taught in the pubhc schools of Salem and Portland. 
She married, in the latter place, 6 Sept., 1866, Henry Denlinger, born in 
Pennsylvania. He is a printer; was for a number of years, proprietor of the 
Jacksonville Setititiel, but for some time past has occupied a prominent position on 
the Daily Oregonian. He, with his brother-in-law, Mr. Wolcott J Humphrey, 
has an interest in a prune orchard at Yaquina Bay, Benton Co , Oregon. 

In 1880, Mrs. Denlinger w^ent to Philadelphia, to attend the Woman's Medical 
College, where she stood at the head of a class of seventy-six, graduating in 1883. 
She died at Portland, Oregon, 23 November of the same year, a-. 38 3-ears. 
"She was a most remarkable woman, of great ability, and quick thought, was a 
frequent writer, and a sweet singer." 

Mr. Denlinger's P O. address is (1884) Portland, Oregon. Child. 

3334. i. Harry,' b. 8 Nov. 1868, Salem, Oregon; P. O. address (1884) Portland, Oregon. 

3335- IV. JiLiA Jennette,^ b. 23 Jan., 1848, Sheldon, N. Y , attended, for two years, the 
Willamette University, in Salem, Oregon. She married (i) in the last-named town, 
30 July, 1868, Samuel Leonidas (son of Benjamin and Nancy) Simpson, of 
Portland, Oregon, b. 10 Nov., i84_5, in Missouri. He was a lawyer and poet of 
brilliant promise. From about 1874, Mrs. Simpson was for eight years a success- 
ful teacher in the public schools of Portland, Oregon. She also acted as clerk in 
the Land Office two years. 

She married (2) at Portland, Oregon, 27 Nov., 1883, Judge John (son of 
John and Charity) Briscoe, of Oysterville, Washington Territory, b 21 Aug., 
1812, Newtown, Fairfield Co., Ct., where his parents resided. In 1842, he w'ent 
from Connecticut to Grange County, Indiana; and, in 1848, was elected Sheriff 
for two years. In the spring of 1852, he left Indiana, and arrived in Oregon 
City, Oregon, in August of the same year. In 1853, he located in Washington 
Territory, and was, in 1854, "56, '58, and '60, elected to a seat in its Legislature. 
He has been Postmaster seven years; and has held the office of Probate Judge 
eleven years. He belongs to that peace-loving, law-abiding class of people called 
Friends. P. O. address (1884) Oysterville, W. T, Children (by ist marriage)' 
i. Eugene Humphrey' (Simpson), b. 9 Aug. 1869, Corvallis, Benton Co., Oregon. 
ii. Claud ' (Simpson), b. 26 Dec. 1872, Salem, Oregon. 
Theophilus Cornish,^ b. 2 July, 1S50; married Arminta A. Cox. Family 4.')8. 
Lydia Elizabeth,^ b. 30 Jan.. 1856, near Portland, Oregon; was for five years a 
popular teacher in Washington County, Oregon. She married, in Portland, Oregon, 
30 Jan., 1878, Hon. D. M. C. (eldest son of John* and Lucy Angel McClain) 
Cault, b. 8 May, 1842, in Davis County, Iowa. He emigrated to Oregon with 

w.Hs !iMiii in !!r.mlel)urougli, Vu, .iiiU Iii-> wife in F.ilmouth, Ky. 







his father's family, in 1852; was educated in the public schools and at Willamette 
University, Salem, taking an under-graduate's course; studied law and was admitted 
to practice before the Supreme Court of the State of Oregon in 1868, but gave 
up the profession for newspaper work and teaching in the public schools of the 
State. In 1874, he held the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction in 
Washington County, Oregon. In 1876, as a Republican, he w^as chosen to rep- 
resent that county in the State Legislature. In 1S82, having removed to Portland, 
Multnomah County, he was returned to the House of Representatives. P. O. 
address (1884) Portland, Oregon. Children: 

3340. i. Joliii Homan,° b. 23 Dec. 1S79, Hillsborough, Washington Co., Oregon. 

3341. ii. Harry, ' b. 8 Nov. iSSi, East Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon. 

FAMILY 246. 

3342. Nelson Isaac' Humphrey, [163S] (Dca. TheophUus,'' Dea. TheophUusi Lieut. 

Samuel,^ Ensign Siuniicl,^' Lieut. Samuel,'' Michael,') was born 5 Mch., 1821, at Sheldon, Wyoming 
Co., N. y. He married (i) in that town, 17 Feb., 1842, Ellen M. (dau. of Col. James* and 
Jennette Fox) Case, of Sheldon, N. Y., born there, in March, 1821; died at Java Village, N. Y., 
in May, 1849, ae. 28 years. He married (2) at Strykersville, Wyoming Co., N. Y., 16 Apr., 1851, 
Emily Malvina (dau. of Harry S. and Ermina B.) Turner, of Strykersville, bom there, 22 July, 
1829. Her parents reside (1884)* at Viola, Richland Co., Wis. 

The boyhood of Nelson I. Humphrey was spent in attending school during the winters, 
and in working in the harness shop and tannery and on the farm the rest of the year. Losing 
his mother when he was fifteen years old, and his father retiring from active business, he was 
early thrown upon his own resources. At the age of seventeen he commenced peddling pictures, 
or prints, as they were then called, and continued to follow this occupation for about three years. 
When he was twenty-one he settled in Java Village, Wyoming Co., N. Y., and engaged in the 
saddle and harness trade, to which, in a short time, he added a general assortment of merchandise. 
In the spring of 1861, he removed to Leroy, McLean Co., 111., and settled on a small farm one 
mile from the town. He there successfully continued his former avocation for a number of years. 
In 1867, he sold out to his son, Nelson G. Humphrey, and removed to the city, where he opened 
a grocery store. Two years later, this son became his partner, and the firm of Humphrey & Son 
was widely and favorably known, until 1881, when the senior member sold his interest to his 
third son, Julius Wolcott. In 1882, he went to California and Oregon to visit his brother, 
Dea. Homan M. Humphre_v, and other relatives. 

He is thoroughly respected in the community in which he lives. Those who know him in 
business relations testify to his honor and fair dealing.s. As a citizen he is both in principle and 
practice on the side of sobriety, order and morality, and public virtue with him is also private 
virtue. To this he adds as a neighbor and in his home the grace of a kindly and generous heart. 
P. O. address (1884) Leroy, 111. 
ChilJren (by 1st marriage j: 

3343. I. Orpha Arabelle,^ b. 15 Nov., 1842, Java Village, N. Y. When her lluher removed 

to Illinois, in 1861, she remained with her uncle Hon. Wolcott J. Humphrey, 
[Fam. 90 (1636), S.°] at whose residence she died, 9 Jan., 1864, a'. 21 years. 

3344. II. Nelson Goodrich,^ b. 17 May, 1844; married Emma Malissa Rikc. Family 459. 

» James Case was a colonel in the war of 1812, and was liulJ a iirisuju-r at Halifax for SLVural nionlhs. lie lived in Sheldon, N. Y., 


(By 2d ?narriage): 
3345- in. James Spencer,^ b. 30 Sept., 1852, Java Village, N. Y. ; died at Leroy, 111., 27 Feb., 
1865, a?. 12 3-ears. 

3346. IV. Julius V.'olcott,* b. 18 Sept., 1S55; married Laura Belle Keenan. F.xjhly 4G0. 

3347. V. FLORE^'CE Lillian,^ b. 16 July, 1S5S, Java Village, N. Y. ; — unmarried. Res. (1884) 

at Leroy, 111. 

3348. VI. Erjiina Luella,^ b. 5 June, 1S60, Sheldon, N. Y.; married, in Leroy, 111., 26 Oct.. 

1882, Charles Henry (son of John Cheney and Ellen) Baddeley, b. 13 Dec, 
1859, Champaign, Champaign Co., 111., where his' parents resided. Merchant. 
He is (1884) a member of the firm of Wm. Dodson & Co., Nos. 75 & 77 Neil 
Street, Champaign, 111. 

3349. VII. Theophilus Charles,^ b. 30 Dec, 1862, Leroy, 111.; died there, 30 Mch., 1864, 

PC. I year. 

FAMILY 247. 

3350. Hon. Loin Harmon' Humphrey, [1640] (Hon. Loin,^ Dea. neophHus,^ Lieut. 
Samuel,* Ensign Samuel,'^ Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael,') was born 13 July, 1799, in Canton, Ct. 
He married, 4 Nov., 18 19, Sophia (dau. of Timothy* and Lydia Cowles) Chidsey, b. 15 Dec, 
1798, in Northington (now Avon), Ct. She was a sister of Lydia Cowles Chidsey, the second 
wife of Lucius 7 Humphrey, [Fam. 233, S.^] 

Captain Loin H. Humphrey has lived eighty-six years in Canton, Ct., and, since his marriage 
in 1819, on the farm which he now occupies (1884). During this period of sixty-five years there 
has been no death in the house. In 1828, he joined the Congregational church in Canton Center, 
of which he has since been a consistent member. He has been a retiring man, distrustful of his 
own powers and never seeking office. Yet he has never shrunk from the discharge of such official 
duties as have been assigned him. In 1830, he was chosen Captain of Company 9, in the 17th 
Reg. Ct. Infantry, which position he held for three years, and then resigned. In 1835, he was 
appointed, by the Connecticut Legislature, a Justice of the Peace for his native town, and filled 
that office several years. He has also served as Selectman, and, in 1856, represented his town in 
the lower House of the State Legislature. He has thus done his part in sustaining the welfare 
of the community in which he has lived, and has given freely of his time, influence, and money 
in support of school, church, and the cause of benevolence in general. And during all these 
years he has retained the confidence and respect of -his fellow-citizens as a Christian gentleman, 
as a kind and obliging neighbor, and as an upright, worthy man. P. O. address (1884) 
Canton Center, Ct. 

Children (born in Canton, Ct.): 

3351. I. Sophia Salina,^ b. 20 Nov., 1822; was living in 1884. 

3352. II. Sarah Ellen,* b. 8 July, 1S24; married, 14 Aug., 1848, Rev. David Almerin (son 

of Anson and Ruth Selden) Strong, of Haddam, Ct., born in that town, 6 May, 
1820. He was, for a number of years, pastor of the church in South Deerfield, 
Mass., from which he was dismissed in 1865; in 1866, was a member of the 
Massachusetts Legislature; in June, 1867, was settled as pastor of the Congre- 
gational church in Coleraine, Mass., where he continued until October 7th, 1884, 
when he was dismissed, and became acting pastor of the Congregational church 

* Timothy Chidsey was born in E.isl Haven, Ct., and his wife, Lydia Cowles, in Avon, Ct. 

in East Granby, Ct., which is his P. O. address (1884). Children (born in South 
Deerfield, Mass., excepting the youngest j : 

3353. i. Rev. Charles Bentley,' b. 31 May, 1850; graduated from Amherst College in 1S73, and from 

Hartford Theological Seminary in 1876. He was married, 23 Aug. 1882, to Ella M. 
Beach, of Goshen, Ct. .September 6th, 1S82, he was ordained pastor of the Congre- 
gational church in West Concord, X. H. Res. (1S84) Tilton, N. II. 

3354. ii. Ellen Sophia," b. 10 May, 1853; d. 23 Jiuie, 1S80, at Glencoe, 111., where she had gone 

to visit relatives. She was, for two and a half years, a member of Momit Holyoke 
Seminary, and left that institution with impaired health, which was never fully restored ; 
was unmarried. She was a devout Christian, — generous and self-sacrificing. 

3355. iii. David Humphrey,' b. 7 May, 1856; graduated from Williams College in 1882; and, in 

1SS4, was a member of Hartford Theological Seminary. P. O. address, Hartford, Ct. 

3356. iv. Mary Eliza,' b. 28 Nov. 1858; died at South Deerfield, Mass., 14 Feb. 1S60, ae. i year. 

3357. v. Bertha Fidelia,' b. 31 July, iS62;-unmarried. P. O. address (1SS4) East Granby, Ct. 
335S. vi. Joseph Selden,' b. 31 Mch. 1S6S, Coleraine, Mass. P. O. address (1884) East Granby, Ct. 

3359. III. Emily,^ b. 17 June, 1826; married, i May, 1854, Rev. Edward Warren (son of 

William and Pleiades Williams*) Bentley, D. D., b. 23 July, 1826, Tyringham, 
Mass., where his parents resided. Dr. Bentley graduated af Yale College with 
the class of 1850; and at the Theological Institute of Connecticut, in July, 1854. 
He was ordained pastor of the Reformed (Dutch) Church at Ellenville, Ulster 
Co., N. Y., 4 Oct., 1854, received the degree of D. D. from the University of 
New York in 1877; was dismissed from his pastorate, 16 Oct., 1880, since which 
time he has resided at Canton Center, Ct. Children (born in Ellenville, N. K): 

3360. i. CaroUne Humphrey,' b. 20 May, 1856; d. 27 Aug. 1861, while on a visit in Hamdcn, 

Delaware Co., N. Y. 

3361. ii. Edward Manross,' b. 31 July, 1858; is unmarried (1S84). He graduated at Yale College, 

-in 18S0; was Assistant Examiner in the Patent Office at Washington, D. C, for two 
years, since which time he has been Electrical Engineer and Expert in New York. 

3362. iii. William Harmon,' b. 25 Sept. 1861; is unmarried (1884). He entered Yale College 

with the class of 1S84, but in 18S1 withdrew, and became Superintendent in the factory 
of the Davis Oil Company, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

3363. iv. Evelyn McCurdy,' b. 10 June, 1S63. P. O. address (1884) Canton Center, Ct. 

3364. V. Annie Preston,' b. 28 Sept. 1S66. P. O. address (1884) Canton Center, Ct. 

3365. lY. FiuELi.v,^ b. 2 Aug., 1830; married 3 Sept., 1851, Horatio Nelson Rust, b. 11 

i\Iay, 1828, in Amherst, Mass. They resided for several years at Easthampton, 
Mass. He and his youngest son are engaged in fruit-raising, and Mr. Rust 
also acts as agent in promoting emigration to California. Their P. O. address is 
(1884) Pasadena, Los Angeles Co., Cal. Children: 

3366. i. Frank Nelson,' b. 30 Apr. 1855; married [See Additions.] 

3367. ii. Frederick Harmon,' b. 30 Apr. 1858; d. 17 Nov. 1862, x. 4 years. 

3368. iii. Ellen Fidelia,' b. 3 Mch. 1861; married . 

3369. iv. Edward Humphrey,' b. 24 Dec. 1S63;— unmarried. P. O. address (18S4) Pasadena, Cal. 

3370. V. Elizabeth Emily,' b. 27 Dec. 1870. P. O. address (18S4) Pa.sadena, Cal. 

* PIei:idcs Williams was a resident of Chester, Hampden Co., Mass.. and her family was originally from Marlborongh. Mass. 

FAMILY 248. 

3371. Colonel Austin Nelson' Humphrey, [1641] (Hon. Loin,'' Dea. Theopkilus,^ 
Lieut. Samuel,* Ensign Samuci,' Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael,^) was born lo May, 1801, in Canton, 
Ct. He married in that town, 4 Sept., 1821, Amelia* (dau. of Obed s and Rebecca Mills) Higley, 
a native and resident of Canton, Ct., b. 7 Oct., 1801. [Fam. 4 (99), S.^J After their marriage 
they resided for twenty-eight years in Canton, where Mr. Humphrey was a farmer. In 1836 he, 
with others belonging to that town, built a powder-mill and continued in the manufacture of 
powder several years. In 1835, he was appointed Justice of the Peace; was also Representative 
to the Connecticut Legislature in 1849. He was a Corporal in the Militia and passed through 
all the grades to the rank of Colonel, which position he held in the ,17th Reg. Ct. Infantry. In 
the fall of 1849, he removed with his family to Bainbridge, Chenango Co., N. Y., where he re- 
sided until his death, which occurred in that place, 20 Apr., 1884, at the age of S3 years. His 
widow resides on the homestead with her son, Mr. Nelson A. Humphrey. 
Children (born in Canton, G. ) : 

3372. I. Nelson Austin,' b. 31 Jan., 1823; m. (i) Joanna J. Bacon; m. (2) Olive Blanche 

(Pike) Priest. Family 461. 

3373. II. J.\NE,' b. 16 Feb., 1826; died 30 Apr., 1874, re. 48 years: was buried at Simsbury, 

Ct. She married, at Bainbridge, N. Y., 24 Oct., 1852, Hon. JefTery Orson (son 
of Hon. JefTery Orson) Phelps, of Simsbury, Ct, b. 3 Aug., 1S20.* [Fam. 64 
(1164), S.=] He has been Town Clerk of Simsbury; is Vice-President and one of 
the Directors of the Iowa Mortgage Company, which was incorporated 15 Sept., 
1883; — offices at Muscatine, Iowa, and Hartford, Ct. P. O. address (1S84) 
Simsbury, Ct. Children: 

3374. i. Harriette Humphrey,' b. 14 Aug. 1856; married, 13 Feb. 1874, Aaron L. (son of Salmon 

Chester and Sarah Goodwin) EnO, of Simsbury, Ct., where his parents resided. Farmer. 
Res. (1884) Simsbury (Hop Meadow), Ct. Children (born in Simsbury, Ct., excepting 
the youngest): (i) Jane Humphrey^" (Eno), b. 12 June, 1875; (2) Sarah Goodwin"' 
(Eno), b. 25 Jan. 1877; (3) Harry Phelps" (Eno), b. 10 June, 1879. 

3375. ii. Hon. Jeffery Orson,' b. 30 Aug. 1858; married, 27 Mch. 1883, Bertha Jane (dau. of 

Hiram W. and Jane Griswold) Adams, of Bloomfield, Ct., where her parents resided. 
He graduated from Williston Seminary, Easthampton, Mass., with high honors; is (1884) 
Treasurer of the Iowa Mortgage Company, at Hartford, Ct., where he resides. He was 
a member of the Connecticut Legislature in 1S83. 

3376. iii. Charlotte Wilcox,' b. 27 Dec. i860; graduated, in June, 1882, at Miss Haines' boarding 

school, in Hartford, Ct. She married, 15 Oct. 1884, James Knapp (son of Andrew I. 
and Jennette) Crofut, of South Norwalk, Ct., a native of Danbury, Ct. He is a 
member of the firm of Crofut, Knapp & Co., Hatters. 

3377. iv. Mary Jane,' b. 13 Nov. 1865; is pursuing her studies and expects to graduate in June, 1SS5. 
337S. III. Ann Jan'ett,^ b. 27 Jan., 1828; married, at Canton, Ct., 9 Nov., 1849, Samuel H. 

Fowler, of Hartford, Ct. They resided in Elkhorn City, Douglas Co., Neb. 
He died at Fremont, Dodge Co., Neb., where his widow was living in 1884. 
Children (besides a son and daughter who are deceased): 

3379. i. Jane Maria,' b. 6 Nov. 1853, Canton, Ct.; married William H. Muilger, who is an 

/ eminent lawyer in Nebraska. They have had three daughters, of whom one is deceased. 

3380. ii. Willard H.', born in 1861, in Nebraska;— is xmmarried (1884). 

3381. iii. Frank M.', born in 1864, in Nebraska;— is unmarried (1884). 

» This record corrects some errors concerning names on page 388. 


3382. IV. Susan Maria,^ b. 18 Dec, 1829; married, at Bainbridge, N. Y., 9 Mch., 1856, 
Josiah Woolsey (son of Henry and Clarissa Lyon) Seeiy, Esq., b. 10 Dec, 1S19, 
Bainbridge, N. Y., where his parents resided. He was a lawyer of note; died in 
Waupun, Fond du Lac Co., Wis., 25 May, 1880, se. 60 years. ]\Irs. Seely"s 
P. O. address is (1884) Waupun, Wis. Children: 

3383- i. Henry Austin,' b. 2 June, 1857, Bainbridge, N. Y.; married, 26 Nov. 1879, Emma Moul, 

b. 6 Sept. 1859. He is a farmer. Children: (i) Maryette Maria,'» b. 15 Apr. 1881; 
(2) Charles," b. 6 July, 1S84. 

3384- ii. Clara Maria,' b. 24 Oct. 1859, Marquette, Green Lake Co., Wis.:, married, 5 Sept. 18S3, 

Edwin Byron PattOD, b. 26 Sept. 185S. Druggist. Child: (i) Frederick Wells'" 
(Patton), b. 7 July, 1884. 

3385- iii. Amelia Humphrey,' b. 13 Aug. 1865, Waupun, Wis. 

33S6. iv. Mary Jane,' b. 22 June, 1867, Waupun, Wis.; died 12 Jan. 1869, x. i year. 

3387. V. Amelia Catherine, ^ b. 15 Mch., 1831; married (i) in Bainbridge, N. Y., 15 Mch., 
1855, Henry McClaughry, a native of Delhi, N. Y. He was accidentally killed 
by machinery, 22 Oct., 1S61. She married (2) in Bainbridge, N. Y., 14 May, 
1S63, Ebenezer Barnard Phelps, of Simsbury, Ct, b. 21 Aug., 1817, brother of 
Hon. Jeffery O. Phelps who married her sister Jane. He died 6 Nov., 1863, 
£e. 46 years; was buried in Simsbury, Ct. Mrs. Phelps' P. O. address is (1S84) 
Bainbridge, N. Y. Children (by jst marriage): 
33SS. i. Amelia Giles' (McClaughry), b. 2 June, 1856, Unadilla, N. Y.; was adopted by her uncle 

H. K. Thurber. Res. (1884) No. 146 West 12th St., New York City. 
3389- ii- Anna Thurber' (McClaughry), b. 14 Mch. 1858, Bainbridge, N. Y.; d. 13 July, 1864, 

a;. 6 years. Her death was occasioned by a fail on the sidewalk, while jumping the 
rope, at No. 146 West 12th St., New York City. 

FAAHLY 249. 

3390. Prof Hosea Dayton^ Humphrey, ['653] (Hon. Lnin,^ Dea. Theophilus,^ Lieut. 
Samuel.* Ensign Samuel,i Lieul. Samuel,^ Michael,^ ) was born 3 Aug., 1809, in Canton, Ct. He 
graduated at Amherst College; and afterward studied law for two years with Henry Starr, Esq., 
of Cincinnati, O. He married, in Warren, Ct., 23 Sept., 1835, Caroline (dau. of George and 
Lorain Carter) Starr, of Warren, b. 8 July, 181 1. He settled in the practice of his profession at 
Crawfordsville, Indiana. Two years later he was elected to the Professorship of Mathematics in 
Wabash College, at Crawfordsville, which was founded about 1834. He continued to be engaged 
in the duties of his chair and in legal practice till his death, in Crawfordsville, 18 Sept., 1845, 
at the age of 36 years. Soon after Prof. Humphrey's decease his family returned to Connecticut. 
His widow died at Warren, Ct., 2 May, 1853, a'. 41 years. 
Children (born in Crawfordsville, hid.): 

Henry, '^ b. 19 June, 1836; married Elizabeth Pease. Family 462. 
George Starr, ^ b. 3 Dec, 1837; married Laura E. Gilbert. F.vmily 463. 
Francis Warren,^ b. 17 Apr., 1839; left Connecticut about 1851, and went to 
Waverly, 111., where he was engaged in farming. He enlisted in the Union army, 
September 2d, 1862, in Co. G, loist Reg. 111. Vols.; and was wounded on 
the gun-boat Switzerland, on the Mississippi River, at the siege of Vickshurgh, 
Miss.; died from the effects of the injury a few days later, June 7th, 1863, at 
Young's Point, and was there buried. 








3394. IV. Austin Russell/ born ii August, 1841; married Frances Curtiss. Family 4G4. 

3395. V. Florinda,^ b. 4 Sept., 1843; d. 23 May, 1863, at New Orleans, La., where she 

resided with her aunt, j\Irs. White. She was buried at Warren, Ct. 

3396. \l. HosEA Dayton,^ b. 18 Jan., 1S46; married Harriet C. Loomis. Family 4G5. 

FAMILY 250. 

3397. Rev. Chester" Humphrey, [1675] (Plmy,^ Dea. TheophUus,'^ Lieul. Samuel,* 
Ensign Samuel, ^ Lieut. Samuel," Michael, '^ ) was born 15 Oct., 1802, in West Simsbury, Ct. He 
married Sarah Dart, of Middle Haddam, Ct. He was settled as pastor over the Congregational 
church in Vernon, Ct., at the time of his death, which occurred about 10 Apr., 1843. His widow 
married Rev. Richard De Forest, of Rochester, N. Y. 

3398. I. Edward Payson,^ b. i Nov., 1833; graduated, in 1858, from Williams College, 

Williamstown, Mass. He expected to study for the ministry, but on account of 
the development of a pulmonary complaint was obliged to abandon this intention. 
He married Evelyn Lamberton, Of Westport, Ct. ; removed to Minneapolis, Minn., 
where he resided five years, and apparently recovered his health. On his return 
to the East, he entered into partnership with his stepfather, Rev. Richard De Forest, 
in publishing Bible engravings. He was interested in genealogy and made a 
collection of records of his branch of the Humphrey family. He died at the 
residence of Mr. De Forest, in Rochester, N. Y,, about 1866. 
[Also a younger son, who is deceased; and two daughters, one of whom is said to 
have married a clergyman and the other the son of a clergyman;— both resided 
in Wisconsin.] 

FAMILY 251. 

3399. Hon. Pliny Orestes' Humphrey, [1676] (Pimy,'' Dea. TheophHus.-^ i.i.ui. 

Samuel,* Ensign Samuel,'^ Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael,') was born 7 Apr., 1804, in Canton, Ct. He 
married, 26 Nov., 1826, Fanny Lucretia? (dau. of Lemuel* and Dorothy Bodwell*) Mills, of 
Canton, Ct., born in that town, 18 June, 1805; d. 31 Jan., 1880, te. 74 years. [Fam. 7 (188), S.=] 
He was Representative from Canton, Ct., to the General Assembly, in 1854; was also Justice of 
the Peace. He died at CoUinsville, Ct., 6 Feb., 1858, ce. 53 years. 

3400. I. Rollin Orestes,^ b. 16 Aug., 1S27; m. (i) Henrietta Barbour; m. (2) Caroline 

Emma 7 Mills. Family 4GG. 

FAMILY 252. 

3401. Myron Elmer' Humphrey, [1678] (Pliny,° Dea. Theophilus,-= Lieut. Samuel,* 
Ensign Samuel,i Lieut. Samuel,"- Michael,') was born lo Api., 1819, in Canton, Ct. He married 
(i) in Vernon, Tolland Co., Ct., 20 Sept., 1843, Laura (dau. of Benjamin and Nabby Joanna 
Johns) Tarbox, of Vernon, Ct. She died in Attica, N. Y., 27 Aug., 1845- He married (2) in 
Alexander, Genesee Co., N. Y., 14 Apr., 1846, Caroline (dau. of Abner and Hannah Andrews) 

* Children of Lemuel and Dorothy (Bodwell) Mills; born in Canton, Ct.: 

i. Charlotte Maria, b. 17 Sept. 1801; d. 29 June, i88i, as. 79 years. 

ii. Benjamin Talmadge, b. 15 July. 1803: died in North Carolina, towards the close of the w.Tr for the Union, 
iii. Fanny Lucretia, b. 18 June, 1805: m.arried Hon. Pliny Orestes Humphrey '3399)- 
iv. Lemuel Wyllys, b. 8 July, 1807; d. s Apr. 1824, x. j6 years. 


Chittenden, b. 21 June, 1821, Attica, N. Y. He is a farmer. P. O. address (1884) Scholl's 
Ferry, \\'ashington Co., Oregon. 

Children (born in Attica, K Y. ; by ist 7narriagej: 

3402. I. Sarah C.^ b. 13 Nov., 1S44; married, in IMilford, Riley Co., Kansas, 29 Feb., 

1868, Thomas H. North, born 22 Jan., 1843. Farmer. Res. (1884) in Portland, 
Oregon. Children (born in Kansas, excepting the youngest j: 

3403. i. Laura Minerva,' b. 23 May, 1869. 

3404. ii. Martha Caroline, =■ b. 15 Feb. 1871. 

3405. iii. Myron Alfred,' b. 7 June, 1872. [See Additions.] 

3406. iv. Thomas Ely,' b. 31 Mch. 1878. 

3407. V. Edwin Bryan,' b. 16 Sept. 1S81. 

3408. vi. Eva Jane,' b. 23 May, 1883, Portland, Oregon. 
(By 2d marriage) : 

3409. II. Chester Kidder,^ b. 16 Mch., 1847; d. 4 Nov., 1SS2, ae. 35; married Flora Tuttle. 

Family 467. 

3410. III. RoLLiN Howard," b. 5 Mch., 1849; d. 13 Nov., 1S82, ce. 33; married Jennie Lodema 

Adams. Family 4G8. 

341 1. IV. Louis Emilivs,^ b. 8 Sept., 1850; married, in Chapman, Dickinson Co., Kansas, 27 

May, 1882, Carrie Labelle Jackman. Druggist and music teacher. P. O. ad- 
dress (1884) Chapman, Kansas. 

3412. V. Daughter ■ ,^ b. 12 July, 1852; died 12 Aug., 1852, re. i month. 

3413 VI. Amelia,^ b. 5 Feb., 1855; died 9 ]\Iay, 1855, a?. 3 months. 

3414. VII. Merritt Chittenden,'' b. 21 June, 1856. Farmer. P. O. address (18S4) Port- 

land, Oregon. 

3415. VIII. Carrie Evaline,^ b. 25 Sept., 1859; married, 19 June, 18S3, Walter W. Jaquith, 

born about 1S58. Farmer. P. O. address (1SS4) Scholl's Ferry, Oregon. Chi/d: 

3416. i. Dora Carrie,' b. 24 Aug. 1884, Scholl's Ferry, Oregon. 

FAMILY 2.53. 

3417. Colonel James Dudley'' Humphrey, [1680] (Br. Dudley,^ Dea. Theophihts,'= 
Lieut. Samuel,* Ensign Samuel,'' Lieut. Samuel,- Michael,') was born 20 Jan., 18 13, in Granville, 
Mass. He removed from thence when a child, with his parents, to Orwell, Pa. He married in 
that town, 18 Aug., 1841, Laura (dau. of Abel and Catherine Frisbie) Eastabrook, b. 15 Aug., 
18 18, Orwell, Pa. When she was four years of age her mother died, and she was adopted by 
I\Ir. Ira Bronson and his wife, Laura (Frisbie), who was a sister of Catherine Frisbie. He was a 
tanner, and shoe and harness manufacturer. The latter part of his life was spent in Towanda, Pa., 
where he died, 26 Apr., 1865, ae. 52 years. He was one of the most conspicuous and influential 
citizens of the place; was Colonel of the Pennsylvania Militia, Deacon of the Presbyterian church, 
and a man of fine talents and exalted character. After her husband's death Mrs. Humphrey con- 
tinued to reside in Towanda, and there died, 25 Sept. 1870, a?. 52 years. 
Children (born in Oncell, Pa.): 

3418. I. Ira Bronson,^ b. 15 Sept., 1842; married Esther Julia Rosseel. Family 469. 

3419. II. Charles Dudley,^ b. 22 Aug., 1845; married Henrietta Crafts. Family 470. 

3420. III. Cornelia Eliza,* b. 21 Nov., 1853;— unmarried. Res. (1S83) Towanda, Pa. 

FAMILY 254. 

3421. Colonel TheophiluS'' Humphrey, [1691] (Dr. Dudley,'^ Dea. TheopMus,= Lieut. 
Samuel,^ Ensign Samuel,' Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael,^) was born 6 Feb., 1823, in Orwell, Pa. He 
married there, 4 July, 1843, Cynthia Ann' (dau. of Dr. Samuel S. and Ursula* Humphrey) 
Bronson, b. 10 Jan., 1821. [Fam. 35 (717), S.=] He at first settled in Orwell, Pa., and engaged 
e.xtensively and successfully in mercantile pursuits most of the time till 1862, when he accepted a 
commission as Lieutenant-Colonel of a regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers, and entered the army 
service. He remained on duty in Virginia and North Carolina till the e.xpiration of the term of 
his enlistment, "and escaped with a sound body and an honorable discharge." After the war he 
was engaged in business in the Pennsylvania Oil Districts, and resided in Reno, Pa. 

3422 L Welling Eugene,' b. 13 May, 1849; was drowned at Walnut Bend, Pa., 27 July, 

1S65, ae. 16 years 

3423 H. Annie Eliza,* b. 29 May, 1861; d. i June, 1861, a?. 3 days. 

FAMILY 255. 

3424. Abel Riley ^ Humphrey, [169S] (Abel,° Ozlas,^ Abel,- Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. 
Samuel,- Michael,^) was born i Feb., 1805, in the town of Burke, Caledonia Co., Vt. He 
married Julia Stoddard, of Sutton, Caledonia Co., Vt. He has been Postmaster and Town 
Treasurer. Res. (1883) Arkansaw, Pepin Co., Wisconsin. 

Children : 
3425. I. Ro.iNA,' married Brooks. Res. (1883) Frankfort, Pepin Co., Wisconsin. 

[For full account of this family, received too late for insertion here, see Additions.] 

FAMILY 256. 

3426. OziaS P." Humphrey, [1720] (Ariel,° Ozias,^ Abel,-* Ensign Sainuel,^ Lieut. 
Samue!,^ Michael,'') was born 4 Dec, 18 16, at Burke, Vt. He married, 4 Feb., 1840, Lucy 
G. (dau. of Ira and Martha Esterbrooks) Evans, b. 31 Oct., 1816, a native and resident of 
Sutton, Vt., where her parents resided. Mr. Humphrey is a farmer. He resides (1884) in Burke, 
Vt., where he has always lived, and for the last forty years on the same place; — has held various 
town offices. P. O. address. East Haven, Vt. 
Children (born in Burke, Vt. ) : 

3427. I. George W.', b. 20 Aug., 1842; married Hannah A. Hosford. F.wiily 471. 

34 28. II. Charles P.^ b. 17 May, 1845; enlisted in the Union army, as a private, in the 

9th Reg. Vt. Vols., and served three years; was promoted to be First Sergeant 
in his company; returned home in 1865. He died of consumption, in Burke, Vt., 
7 Apr., 1868, se. 23 years. 

3429. in. Mary E.*, b. 13 Aug., 1847; died of consumption, in Burke, Vt., 4 July, 1S69, 

te. 22 years. 

3430. IV. David O.^ b. 2 June, 1S50; died in Burke, Vt., 3 .Sept., 1864, a;. 14 years. 

3431. V. Clara ].\ h. 18 :\Ich., 1S52: died in Burke, Vt., 29 Aug., 1S64, x. 12 years. 


3432. VI. Lucy A.^ b. 13 Mch., 1855; married, in St. Johnsbury, Vt., 13 June, 1875, Frank 

P. Smith, of Tamworth, N. H. He has been an iron-moulder; is now (1884) 
a farmer. P. O. address, Burke, Vt. Children: 

3433. i. Lillian C, b. 29 Aug. 1S76, Burke, Vt. 

3434. ii. Lamont C, b. 11 Oct. 1S79, St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

3435. iii. Abby M.', b. 22 July, 1882, Burke, Vt. 

3436. iv. Lucy A.'-", b. 13 Aug. 1884, Burke, Vt. 

3437. VII. WiLLARD B.8, b. 23 Mch., 1858; died in Burke, Vt., 5 Sept., 1864, re. 6 years. 

FAMILY 257. 

3438- Ariel' Humphrey, [1721] (Ariel,'' Ozlas,^ Abel,^ Etisign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,'' 

Michael,') married . His P. O. address is (1SS4) West Plattsburgh, Clinton Co., N. Y. 


3439. I. Amasa.8 P. O. address (1884) West Plattsburgh, N. Y. 

3440. IL Jennie. 8 P. O. address (1884) Mooers, Clinton Co., N. Y. 

[For full account of this family, received too late for insertion here, see Additions.] 

FAMILY 258. 

3441. Giles' Humphrey, [1731I (Capt. Erastus,^ Ozias,^ Abel,'' Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. 
Samuel,^ Michael,') was born i Sept., 1826, in Burke, Vt. He married there, 11 Feb., 1S50, 
Mary Jane (dau. of Asa C. and Asenath R. George) Etheridge, of Burke. He was a farmer. 
Mrs. Humphrey died 26 February, 1851, in Burke, Vt. He died in that town, 11 Jan., 1852, 
te. 25 years. 

3442. I. Emily Ohvia,^ b. 21 Nov., 1850, Burke, Vt.; married (i) in that town, 2 Apr., 

1878, Cyrus Rider Bruce, of Burke, b. 28 Oct., 1849, Newark, Vt., son of 
Hollis Bruce, who resided and died in Newark, Vt, and Matilda (Allen), who 
res. (1883) Marshfield, Vt. He was a farmer and speculator. He died in Lyndon, 
Vt., 5 Sept., 1880, ae. 30 years. 

She married (2) in Lyndon, Vt., 17 Jan., 18S2, Densmore (son of William* 
and Rachel Wilcox) Gorham, of Kirby, Vt., where his parents also resided. 
Farmer. P. O. address (1883) East Burke, Vt. Child (by is/ marriage): 

3443. i. Mary EtheP (Bruce), b. 2 May, 1879, Buike, Vt. 

FAMILY 259. 

3444. Hon. Julius Augustus' Humphrey, [1733] (Ca/>t. Eras/us,'- Ozias,^ Abel,* 
Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,' Michael,') was born 3 Nov., 1830, in Burke, Vt. He married, 
in Lyndon, Vt., 25 February, 1856, Lucia (dau. of Benjamin Franklin and Anna Miner) Belden, 
b. 8 Oct., 1832, in Burke, Vt. He is (1883) engaged in agricultural pursuits in his native town; 
has held the office of first selectman for fourteen years. In 1868 and '69, he was a member of 
the State Legislature of Vermont; in 1882, was again elected to serve for two years. P. O. ad- 
dress, East Burke, Vt. 

» William Gorham was born on Cape Cod, Mass., and his wife, Rachel Wilcox, in Puliiey, Vt. 








Children (born in Burke, Vt.): 

5. 1. Wary Helen,'' b. 28 May, 1857; married, in Burke, Vt, 6 Nov., 1879, Sumner 

George (son of George and Julia Quimby) Prescott, of Lyndon, Vt., where he 
was born, 16 Dec, 1S57. He is a farmer. Res. (1883) Lyndon Centre, Vt. 

Fr.\nk Erastus,' b. 6 June, 1S66. 
Annie Olivia,* b. 22 Apr., 1869. 
Lucia Inez,* b. 24 Feb., 1873. 


3449- Aldis Benoni' Humphrey, [1733I (Capt. Eras/us,^' Ozias.^ Ahel.'- Ensign Samuel^ 
Lieut. Samuel,- Michael.') was born 3 Mch., 1843, in Burl^e, Vt. He married, in Hardwick, 
Caledonia Co., Vt. , 24 June, 1875, Elver Annabell Grey, daughter of George and Charlotte 
(Morgan) Grey, of Elmore, Vt., (1883). He is a farmer. P. O. address (1883) East Burke, Vt. 

3430. I. Charles Foster,* b. 25 Oct., 1876, Burke, Vt. 

FAMILY -261. 

3451. William' Humphrey, [1737J (WHUam,^ Ambrose,'^ Abel,'> Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. 
Samuel,'' Michael,'' ) was born 6 Feb., 1815, in Austinburgh, Ashtabula Co., Ohio. He married 
(i) in Ashtabula, O., 26 Apr., 1838, Jennette (dau. of Robert and i\Iary Ferguson) Robertson,* 
born 7 Jan., 18 18, in Genesee County, N. Y. Her parents were natives of Scotland. She died 
in Ashtabula, O., 27 Dec, 1856, se. 39 years. He married (2) 6 Jan., 1858, Emily Lilly, of 
Conneaut, O. There were no children by this marriage. He married (3) in Ashtabula, O. , 18 
Jan., 1863, Jane Taft Wright, of Austinburgh, O., a native of Kingsville, O. 

After his first marriage Mr. Humphrey bought one quarter of North Bass Island, near the 
head of Lake Erie; but, on account of sickness, soon returned from thence to Ashtabula, O., and 
settled at the Harbor, where he engaged in the various mercantile trade of the locality and in 
the lake forwarding business, till 1853, when he removed to Ashtabula Depot, on account of the 
advantages to be there derived from water and railroad facilities. He died of apoplexy, at Ash- 
tabula, 22 Sept., 1879, ae. 64 years. He was a member of the Congregational church in that 
place. "He was well known as a man of sound judgment, who was successful in his business 
transactions, which were somewhat extensive; and was identified with the enterprises and interests 
of the town. Though eccentric in manner, he was always on the side of right and justice, and 
his honesty and integrity were never questioned. He had a kind and sympathetic heart, and 
those in need seldom failed to find in him a generous friend. His departure is a loss to the 

Mrs. Humphrey's P. O. address is (1884) Ashtabula, O. 
Children (born in Ashtabula, O.; by ist 7narriage): 

3452. I. Edwin William,* b. 6 Feb., 1840; went to sea at the age of twenty-four year^, and 

was never heard from afterward by his relatives. 

3453. II. Anna Mary,* b. 9 Nov., 1S42; married Captain Andrew S. Baldwin. He died of 

consumption, in Kingsville, Ashtabula Co., O., 10 Oct., 1S78, x'. 40 years. Mrs. 
Baldwin's P. O. address is (1884) Ashtabula, O. No children. 









Ellen, ^ b. 31 Jan., 1846; died in Ashtabula, Ohio, 20 Oct., 1S61, x. 15 years. 

Alfred,^ b. 11 Feb., 1S4S; married Harriet L. Phelps. Family 472. 

Russell Clark, ^ b. 26 Mch., 1851; married -May Castle. Family 473. 

RuTH,^ b. 15 Oct., 1853; married, at the residence of her father, in Ashtabula, O., 
10 jMch., 1S74, Samuel Anthony (son of Samuel G. * and Mary Gowen) Pancost, 
a native of Savannah, Ga. Dentist. P. O. address (1884) Ashtabula, O. Children 
(born in Ashtabula, O.): 

3458. i. William Humphrey,' b. 5 Sept. 1875. 

3459. ii. Anna,' b. 24 Feb. 1877. 

3460. iii. Robert,' b. 25 Nov. 1S78; died in ,\shtabula, O., S .Sept. 1879, a;. 9 months. 

3461. iv. Son ,' b. II Nov. iSSo; d. lo Apr. iSSi, re. 5 months. 

(By jd viarriage): 

3462. VII. Frederick,* b. 24 Apr., 1S64; married, in Jefferson, O., 6 Sept., 1S82, Laura 

Thompson. P. O. address (1SS4) Ashtabula, O. 

FAMILY 262. 

3463. Henry'' Huinphrey, [1746] (WUHam,'' Ambrose,^ Abel,* Ensign Samuel.^' Lieut. 

Samuet,' Jlfichael,' J Vi-a.s born in 1827, probably in Austinburgh, 0. He married ; removed 

to the western part of Ohio. P. O. address (1884) Locust Point, Ottawa Co., O. 

[Children: Three sons and two daughters who are married and reside in Ottawa County, 
O. (1884); also one son who is unmarried, and lives with his father. There, are several 

FAMILY 263. 

3464. Nelson^ Humphrey, [1747] (WHHam,^ A?iibrosc,'= Abel,* Ensign Samuel.' Lieut. 
Samuel,'' Michael,^) was born 4 Apr., 1832, in Ashtabula County, Ohio. He married, 10 Jan., 
1853, Angeline Simmons, b. 18 Dec, 1834. They reside (1S84) at Ashtabula, Ohio. 


Clara,^ b. 6 Jan., 1854; d. 28 Sept., 1854, a\ 8 months. 

Nelson G.*, b. 13 Apr., 1856; d. i Apr., 1857, k. i year. 

Mary L.«, b. 18 ]Mch., 1858;— is unmarried. P. O. address (1884) Ashtabula, O. 

Jerry Nelson,'^ b. 27 Oct., 1864; — is unmarried. P. O. address (1S84) Ashtabula, O. 

Nelson J.**, b. i Sept., 1868; d. 19 Mch., 1869, x. 7 months. 

FAMILY 264. 

3470. Colonel Elijah Huron' Humphrey, ['779] (^^^U- Allen,^ Capt. Elijah,^ Capt. 
Ezehiel,* Ensign Savmel,^ Lieut. Samuel," Jilichael,^) was born 30 June, 1805, in Canton, Ct. 
He married (i) 26 Aug., 1827, Sybil Sophronia Sweat, b. 6 May, 1810, sister of Leonard Sweat, 
of Burton, O., who married Eliza Helen Humphrey, [Fam. 102 (17S0), S.=] He married (2) 13 
Apr., 1859, Emily Y.Wza. Shayes. In early life he was a saddler and harness-maker; but afterward 
became a lawyer, and was a member of the Ohio bar. He resided for several years in Claridon, 
O. ; removed to Blissfield, Michigan, where he was living in 1884. 

• Mr. Samuel G. Pancost resiJcs (18841 in Paincsvillc. V>. He traces his ancestry back about two hundreil years, to a Lord John 
Pa»cost in England. 







34 68. 






Col. Humphrey served in the war for the Union, enUsting in the 85th Reg. Ohio Vols.; 
was engaged in the defence of Frankfort and Lexington, Ky., and in the pursuit of the notorious 
guerilla, John Morgan, then in the neighborhood of Frankfort. While at the head of a scouting 
party he, unattended, approached the residence of the well-known rebel, Scott, who had just been 
entertaining a dozen of Morgan's men, and by personating a confederate and shouting "Friend 
Scott, the Yanks are upon us,'' decoyed him from the house. He came forward with his gun, 
saying, "We are all right; Morgan's men are not two miles away. They have just been here, 
and I will go with you at once to their camp." Col. Humphrey immediately responded, "You 
are my prisoner, lay down that gun," at the same time leveling his old Belgian rifle at him. 
Scott exclaimed "Don't shoot," and at once surrendered. At a signal from Col. Humphrey his 
men, who were lying on the ground some twenty rods away, came forward at a double-quick and 
marched Scott into the Union camp. From thence he was forwarded to Camp Chase, Ohio, as 
a prisoner of war. 

Children ( 0/ ivhom the first five were born in Chiridon, O.; by ist marriage): 

3471. I. Ji'Li,\ Ann,* b. 27 May, 1829; is deceased. She married (i) Peter Blanchard, who 

died in the war for the Union; married (2) Worth, who was killed on 

a railroad. 

\Childrai: Three sons and one daughter, who survived their mother.] 

3472. II. Erastus D.^, b. S Apr., 1831: married . He is a blacksmith. Res. (1884) 

in Louisiana. 

3473. III. Chloe Ette,* b. 27 May, 1833; married Pierce. He is an artist. Res. (18S4) 

in Cleveland, Ohio. 

[Three children, whose records have not been obtained.] 

3474. IV. Decius E.^, b. 4 Aug., 1S36; d. in Cal. Left a widow and three children. 

3475. V. Rev. BuRDETT F.^, b. 12 Sept., 1838; is a Baptist clergyman in one of the Western 

States (1S84). 

3476. VI. George W.s, b. 4 Mch., 1S41; m. Lawyer (18S4), Toledo, O. Has children. 

3477. VII. Allex,^ b. 16 Apr., 1847; m. Farmer, at Trumbull, O. Has 2 sons and 2 daus. 
(By 2d marriage ) : 

3478. VIII. Polly D. A.^, b. 2 Mch., i860. 

3479. IX. Clariss.v D. O.s, b. I Oct., 1862. 
34S0. X. Frederick H. E.^, b. 30 June, 1865. 
3481. XI. Lily Dale,'^ b. 8 Mch., 1S68. 

FAMILY 2G.'5. 

34S2. George Wilmot' Humphrey, [iSo6] (Harry,^ Capt. Elijah^ Cap. Ezekiei,* 

Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael,'^) was born 13 Apr., 1S17, in Queensbury, N. Y. He 
was married, by Elder Douglass, at Delphi, N. Y., 10 Nov., 1847, to Sylvia Paulina (dau. of 
William and Obedience Stone*) Pease, Pompey, Onondaga Co., N. Y., who was born 11 Dec, 
1S25. at Pompey Hollow, N. Y. 

George W. Humphrey, Mechanical Engineer, Inventor, etc., show'cd marked signs of 
mechanical genius, previous to his eighth year, in making water-wheels and various implements. 
On one occasion he received from his father a severe chastisement for stealthily obtaining his tools, 
with which he made boots for a favorite cat. While yet young he became quite an expert at 

• She was a granclniccc of Ex-Govcriior Chittciulun, nf Vurtiiunt- 

clock and watch work. In the month of March, 1833. at the age of sixteen, in company with 
J. Monroe Taylor, he left the paternal abode to seek his fortune among strangers. He adopted 
the profession of school-teaching for a few years; but, in 1841, commenced selling goods for 
J. Monroe Taylor in Delphi, N. Y., where he continued three years, the last year having charge 
of the store and doing a large country trade; was a merchant in Phoenix, Oswego Co., N. Y., 
from the spring of 1S49 to 1852. In 1854, '55 and '56, was contractor to enlarge four sections 
on the Oswego Canal, N. Y. After this he was for many years General Agent and Commercial 
Traveler for J. Monroe Taylor, for whom he has designed and superintended the building of five 
factories, at different times, for the manufacture of Gold Medal Saleratus, Bicarbonate of Soda, 
Cream Yeast Baking Powder, and other chemicals. He is the inventor of special, valuable pro- 
cesses in the manufacture of these goods, which render them so justly popular throughout 
this country. He has never used ardent spirits or tobacco in any form, and, with the co-oper- 
ation of his good wife, has never found it necessary to house a camphor bottle during thirty-six 
years of married life. 

Mr. Humphrey is deeply interested in astronomical subjects, also in the laws governing 
physical phenomena, and entertains some theories which are the result of his own observations 
and calculations.* Res. (1884) in Delphi. Onondaga Co., X. Y. 

Children : 
3483. I. George Clarence,^ b. 13 Nov., 1848, Pompey Hollow, N. Y. ; married in Delphi, 

N. Y., 12 Nov., 1879, Emma C. (dau. of Archibald and Margaret Brady) Losey, 
of Delphi, who was born in Pompey, N. Y. He entered Cornell University, but 
was obliged to withdraw on account of ill health; is now a farmer. P. O. ad- 
dress (1884) Delphi, N. Y. 
34S4. II. Walter Henry,' b. 16 Feb.. 1852, Phoenix. X. Y. : died there, 6 Sept., 1857, 
te. 5 years. 

3485. III. Florence Viola,' b. 11 June, 1855, Phoenix, N. Y. ; married, at Delphi, X. Y., 25 

June, 1879, Oliver Leverrier (son of Oliver) Bush, of Rose Valley, X. Y. He 
is a farmer. Mrs. Bush is a portrait and landscape painter; is giving instruction 
in her art at Wolcott, N. Y., (1884). They reside in Rose, Wayne Co., N. Y. ChiU: 

3486. i. Humphrey Leverrier,' b. 28 Nov. 18S1, Rose Valley, N. Y. 

• At the age of eighteen he invented a method of finding the time of night, very nearly, without the aid of an instrument, by taking the 
position of the Little Dipper, composed of seven stars in the constellation Ursa Minor. The pole-star named Polaris represents the center 
of the dial, and the farthermost star in the Dipper the pointer. This pointer makes the circuit of this dial once in twenty-four hours, and 
also an additional circuit from east to west once in a year, caused by the earth's annual revolution around the sun. This pointer will be 
found at four quarterly periods during each year as follows: At the winter solstice, December 21st, vertically beneath the star Polaris about 
nine o'clock P. M.; at the spring equinox, March 21st, horizontally east of Polaris about nme o'clock P. M.: at the summer solstice, 
June 22d, vertically above Polaris about nine o'clock P. M.: at the autumnal equinox, September 21st, horizontally west of Polaris at nine 
o'clock P. M. For example ; Suppose the position of the pointer on the night of July 29th was found to be above and 25 degrees west 

of Polaris, what time of night would it be ? If 360 degrees 24 hours, 25 degrees = i hour and 40 minutes t 9 hours == 10 o'clock 

and 40 minutes, which would be the time of night if the position of the pointer had been taken on the 22d of June instead of the jgth 
of July. We therefore deduct ior the time elapsed since the last quarterly period, June 22d, two hours for each month and four minutes 
for each day. because of the earth's annual circuit around the sun, or, to be more e.xaci. deduct for each day elapsed since the last 
quarterly period 3 and 69-73 minutes, thus: From June 22d to July 29th is 37 days x 3 and 69-73 == u6 minutes, or 2 hours and 26 minutes, 
which being subtracted from 10 o'clock and 40 minutes = 8 o'clock and 14 minutes, as the time of night July 29th. Mr. Humphrey 
has several times been called up in the night to test the accuracy of his method, and has never varied more than five to fifteen mmutes 
from the true time. 

He is a firm believer in an open polar sea, a mild climate in the interior of our earth, and in the theory of concentric spheres, 
and that all spheres are formed by the law of our great Architect from concentric rings thrown oft' from the central mass of mailer 
(from which every solar system has been formed) while in a molten, plastic and gaseous state, and rapidly revolving upon their axes, 
thereby exerting a centrifugal force sufiiciently strong in opposition to the law of gravity to prevent condensation to the extent of leavmg 
a hollow center, as in the case of Saturn and its rings. He also believes that the location of several magnetic poles from sixty-eight to 
eighty degrees north prove a vacancy of matter at what we call the pole; that the dipping of the pole-star towards the south from : 
vertical point overhead, while little more than eighty-three degrees north, indicates an cyelet-slfcped 01 
planet, and that explorers in that region were actually rounding over towards the axis of the earth mor< 
the case if the earth was only flattened at the pole. 

3487. IV. Valenxia Odessa,^ b. 25 Sept., 1859, Phcenix, N. Y. Amateur artist. Res. (18S4) 
in Delphi, N. Y. 


3488. Allen' Humphrey, [1S07] (Hany,° Cap/. Elijah,= Capt. Ezekiel,'' Ensign Samuel,^ 
Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael,^) was born 14 July, 1820, in Pompei', Onondaga Co., N. Y. He was 
married (i) by Elder Lawton, at Otselic, N. Y., 31 INIch., 1847, to Ellen Olive Palmer, of Delphi, 
N. Y., b. 17 May, 1821; died in Delphi, 5 Aug.. 1852, n?. 31 years. He was married (2) by 
Elder R. W. Cobb, in Delphi, N. Y., 18 Dec., 1854, to Sarah Palmer, b. 9 Aug., 1816, 
sister of his first wife. She died in Delphi, 13 Mch., 1859, se. 42 years. Mr. Humphrey served 
as Constable and Collector of Taxes. His occupation was blacksmithing, also repairing clocks 
and watches. He traveled for Mr. J. Monroe Taylor, of New York City, for three or four years. 
He died at Delphi, N. Y., 25 Apr., 1870, bb. 49 years. 
Children (by I si marriage): 

3489. I. Sarah Valeria,^ b. 8 Apr., 1848, Delphi, N. Y. ; died at Palmer, Mass., 30 Nov., 

1 87 1, ae. 23 years. She married (i) in Staflbrd Springs, Ct., Patton, of 

that place, who died in a few months. No children by this marriage. She 
married (2) 9 Sept., 1869, Oscar C. Marcy, of Holland, Mass., born there, 9 
Sept., 1842. He is engaged in the livery business at Palmer, Mass., (1S84). 
Child (by 2d marriage) : 

3490. i. David Eugene' (Marcy), b. 11 July, 1871. 

3491. n. Cyril Elijah,^ b. i Dec., 1S49; '■'• '^ Nov., 1852, ye. 3 years. 

3492. HI. Ida Adell,^ b. 20 Sept., 1851; married Phelps. P. O. address (i 884) Staflord 

Springs, Ct. 
(Bv 2d marriage ) : 

3493. IV. Alfred Palmer,' b. 14 May, 1856, Delphi, N. Y. ; — is unmarried. Farmer. He 

resided ten years in Cazenovia, N. Y., and afterward in Fabius, Onondaga Co., 
N. Y, P. O. address {1884) Keeney's Settlement, N. Y. 


3494. David EInathan' Humphrey, [iSoS] (Harry,^ Capt. Elijah;^ dpi. Ezekiei,* 

Ensign Samuel,' Lieut Sa?nue/,^ Michael,') was born 10 Aug., 1823, in Pompey, Onondaga Co., 
N. Y. He married, in Stafford, Ct., 3 Sept., 184S, Phebe Aurelia (dau. of Silas, Jr., and Lydia) 
Dean, b. 20 Jan., 1829, Stafford, Ct., where her parents resided. Mr. Humphrey was a wool- 
carder. He died 23 Feb., 1863, at Stafford Springs, Tolland Co., Ct., se. 39 years. His widow 
married Mr. L. G. Winter, proprietor of the County Hotel, in Tolland, Ct., (1884). He was 
formerly Sheriff of Tolland County. 

3495. I. Emily Jaxett,' b. 24 Oct., 1850, Stafford, Ct. ; died of heart disease, 24 Mch., 

1884, a-. ^^ years. 

3496. II. Mary Teresa,' b. 3 Sept., 1852, VVolcottviUc, Ct. ;— is unmarried. P. O. address 

(1884) Square Pond, Tolland Co., Cl 

3497. III. Ella Virginia,' b. 9 Mch., 1855, Stafford, Ct. ; married, at Stafford Springs, Cl., 

Charles Llewellyn Carder. Farmer. P. O. address (1884) Square Pond, Ct 
Children : 

3498. i. Leo;i Wells,^ b. 13 May, 1878, at .Staflbrd Spriiijis, Ct. 

3499. ii. Louis Herbert,' b. 25 Nov. 1879, at West Staflord, Ct. 

3500. iii. Editli Mabell,' b. 14 Mch. 1883; d. 31 May, 1S83, *. 2 moiuh-s m West Staflbrd, Ct. 















FA:\IILV 2G8. 

3501. Lucien Bidwell^ Humphrey, [i^cyj (Harry,^ Capt. Elijah,-' Capt. Ezehd,* 

Ensign Samuel,'' Lieul. Samuel,- Michael,' j was born 7 Apr., 1826, in Pompcy, Onondaga Co., 
N. Y. He married, at Lancaster, Fairfield Co., O., 5 Oct., 1848, Elizabeth (dau. of John) Cradle- 
baugh, of Clear Creek, O. He was a Commercial Salesman for Mr. J. Monroe Taylor, of New 
York City. He died of typhoid fever, 2 Aug., 1882, at Tiffin, Seneca Co., O., where he 
resided. His widow removed to Carlisle, O., which is her P. O. address (1884). 

3502. I. Hugh Edward,* b. 21 Nov., 1849; is a teacher. 

3503. II. Sylvanus D.s, b. 28 June, 1851; married, 8 Nov., 1883, Abbie Potter, of Joliet, 111. 

He is a portrait painter. Res. (1S84) New Carlisle, O. 
John Cradlebaugh,^ b. 27 June, 1853; d. 13 Mch.. 1879, a-. 25 years. 
George W.*, b. 25 Aug., 1855; married, 26 Mch., 18S4, Comfort BlackwcU, of 

Tiffin, O., where they reside (1884). 

LUCIEN BiDWELL,* b. I3 NoV. , 1857. 

Glennarie D.*, b. 2 June, 1861; res. ^1884) Carlisle, O, 

Cassius M.s, b. 13 May, 1863. 

Elizabeth Clara,* b. 18 Apr., 1868; d. 6 Oct., 1868, x. 5 months. 

Frank A.**, b. 3 July, 1872. 


3511. Captain IsaaC Pitt' Humphrey, [1813] (Frederick,^ Capt. Frederick,^ Capt. 
Ezckicl,^ Ensign Samuel,' Lieut. Samuel,- I\[ichael.^ ) was born 20 Mch., 1797, in Canton, Ct. 
He married, in that town, 18 Jan., 1S18, Matilda (dau. of Rufus* and Matilda Case) Tuller, 
b. 25 Nov., 1796, in Canton, Ct., where her parents resided. They continued to live in Canton 
till 1850, where 'Mr. Humphrey was Captain of a military company in early life. He afterward 
settled at Rockville, Kankakee Co., 111.; filled several public offices, and in a high degree enjoyed 
the confidence and respect of a large acquaintance. 

We add the following extract from a notice in a Wilmington paper : 

"Isaac P. Humphrey, Esq., an old and respected resident of this city, departed this life 
on Monday morning, January 20th, 1879, peacefully and with a bright hope of eternal life. Hail 
he lived until the coming March he would have been eightv-two 3-ears old. He was a man in 
whom the people had confidence. For ten years he held the office of Assessor, and for five years 
that of Supervisor." 

Mrs. Humphrey resides (1884) in Wilmington, 111. 
Children (born in Canton, Ct.): 

3512. L Elizabeth,* b. 18 June, 1822; married, in Canton, Ct., 7 July, 1846, Horace (son 

of Bidwell) Holcomb, a native and resident of Granby, Ct. They left Canton, 
Ct., four years after their marriage, and lived for a few years in New York City, 
where he was engaged in the wholesale grocery business. In 1S58, they re- 
moved to Toledo, O., where they have since resided (1884), and where for the 
past fifteen years IMr. Holcomb has been a banker. Cttild (born in Toledo, O.): 

3513. i. Elizabeth Humphrey,' b. 7 May, i864;-unnianica. V. O. address (1884) Toledo, O. 

• Rufus Tuller was bom in 1767; and died in 1858, x. qo years. He was the youngest s«n of Ensign Isaac and l>htbe (Case) 
Tuller: and his father was the youngest' son of Samuel and Sarah (Mills) Tuller, of Simsbury, Ct.^ Mrs. Sarah Tuller married (2) Francis 
("Jarrett: married (3)^ Capt. Joseph Woodford; and died in 1797, in her loist year. [See Fam. i8, S.] 


35U. 11. Stella Matilda,^ b. 13 Mch., 1828; married, in Canlon, Ct, 22 Oct., 1847,* 
Norman H. (son of Barlholomew and Rachel) Case, a native and resident of 
Simsbury, Ct., born about 181 7. [See Fam. 2 (5), S.=] He was a farmer. They 
resided at Rockville, 111. Mr. Case died about 1879. Her P. O. address is (18S4) 
Wilmington, 111. Children: 

3515. i. Sarah M.', b. 13 Apr. 1849; married, 9 Apr. 1867, Gcori;e W. HayneS, of Willcourt, 

111., son of John Haynes, of Ohio. P. O. address (1S84) Wilmington, 111. They have 
three daughters. 

3516. ii. Howard A.', b. 26 Apr. 1850; married Josephine Iloleomb, of Bloomfield, Ct. They 

have three sons living {1SS4). 

3517. III. CATHERINE, ^ b. 9 Feb., 1831; married, in September, 1861, E. \V. Partnelee. 

They resided at Rockville, 111. 

FA:\IILY 270. 

3518- Frederick' Humphrey, [1814] (Frederick,^ Capt. Frederick,^ Cap/. Ezekiel,^ 
Ensign Samuel,"' Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael,^) was born in 1800, at Canton, Ct. He married, 22 
Dec, 1819, Cesta' (dau. of Dea. Alvin* and Almira Case) Humphrey, of North Canton, Ct., 
b. 7 Sept., 1797. [Fam. 89 (1577), S.=] He died at Elkhorn Grove, Carroll Co., 111., 14 I\Icli., 
1864, 8e. 64 years. Mrs. Humphrey continued to reside in that place after the death of her 
husband. She died in May, 1874, sp. 76 years. 

3519. I. Minerva,* b. 6 Nov., 1820; d. 14 Feb., 1825, ae. 4 years. 

3520. II. Stiles,^ b. 14 Feb., 1823; died in ju'v, 1S77, a;. 54 years. He was unmarried. 

3521. III. ,* died in infancy. 

3522. IV. AvRELiA,'^ b. 4 Aug., 1831; died in October, 1877, a^ 46 years. She married, 16 

Mch., 1852, Burton Fletcher. Children: 

3523. i. Ida,' born in January, 1S53; married, in December, 1874, Charles Johnston. Children: 

(I) Phebc'" (Johnston), born in September, 1878; (2) Clara'" (Johnston), born in 

3524. ii. Emma,' born in November, 1855. 

3525. iii. Linden,' born in September, i860. 

3526. iv. Miron,' born in April, 1862; married, in September, 1882, Estelle Ransom. 

3527. V. Phebe,** born in February, 1834; married, in August, 1854, Henry Smith. Res. 

(1884) Milledgeville, Carroll Co., 111. Children: 
352S. i. Viola,' born in March, 1S56; married, in April, 1875, Simeon Fletcher. 

3529- ii. Gertrude,' born in August, 1857; married, in October, 1876, Andrew Wood. 

FAMILY 271. 

3330- Henry' Humphrey, [1815] (Frederick,''. Cap. Frederi,k,i Capt. Ezekiel,* Ensign 
Samuel,' Lieut. Samuel,- Michael,') was born in 1806, probably in Canton, Ct. He married 

Lucy . He died in April, 1842, ac. 35 years. His widow has since deceased. 

[Children: Four daughters, who resided in Hartford, Ct.] 














FA]\IILY 272. 

3531. General AHond Tully' Humphrey, [1829] (Isaac ° Capt. Frederick,^ Catt. 
Ezekicl,^ Ensign Samuel,' Lieut. Samuel," Michael,'') was born 12 llch., 1S08, in Durham, 
Greene Co., N. Y. He married, 13 Feb., 1838, Eliza Ann (dau. of Richard V. and Hannah) 
Mudge, b. 9 ]Mch., 1821, in Durham, N. Y. He served as an Adjutant-General. He was engaged 
in business in Durham for several years; in 1851, went to California, where he continued to 
reside until a short time before his death, which occurred in Albany, N. Y., 27 Dec, 1875, at 
the age of 67 years. 

Mrs. Humphrey resides (1884) in Albany, N. Y. 
Children : 

3532. I. Rucius V.^, b. 6 Mch., 1839; marriea . He is a conductor on the H. S. R. R. 

P. O. address (1885) Oneonta, Otsego Co., N. Y. No children. 

RiEXZA J.*, b. 6 Sept., 1840; d. 12 May, 1864, £e. 23 years. 

CoRRELL L.^, b. 20 Jan., 1843; married, [See Additions.] 

Elmir.\ F..^, b. 13 Aug., 1846; d. 7 Feb., 1849, se. 2 years. 

Arloxd,^ b. 27 Jan.. 1848; d. 7 Apr., 1848, iv. 2 months. 

Florentine S.^ b. 4 June. 1S49; f'- 4 Oct., 1S53, a?. 4 years. 

Alice E.^, b. 12 I\Ich., 1851; married William Bush. Res. (1S84) in Albany, 
N. Y. Child: 
3538«. i. William.' 


3539. Captain CurtiS Correll' Humphrey, [1830] flsaac,^ Capt. Freaenck,^ Capt. 
Fzekiel,* Ensign Samuel, ^ Lieut. Samuel," Michael.' J was born 14 Mch., 1810, in West Durham, 
Greene Co., N. Y. He married there, 28 Nov., 1837, Caroline Adelia (dau. of Dr. William A. 
and Adeline Fellows) Benedict, b. 27 Sept., 1S20, Otego, N. Y. He died in West Durham, N. Y., 
12 Tan., 1859, se. 48 years. 

"Capt. Curtis C. Humphrey was a man of fine personal appearance, tall and well-pro- 
portioned — a superb specimen of the physical characteristics of the Humphrey family. His mental 
and moral characteristics were in harmony with his physical. Quick in perception, clear in 
understanding, sound in judgment, independent in thought, extremely sensitive of right, energetic, 
fearless and decisive in action, sympathetic and large-hearted, he possessed the strong character 
which fitted him to be a leader among men. Hence it \vas expected of him that he would be 
first and foremost in whatever was calculated to promote the interests of society, and he always was. 

'Recognizing the advantages of the- Catskill Mountain region for sheep husbandry, he 
engaged in it on an extensive scale, and had one of the largest and finest flocks of sheep in the 
State. He at one time owned about seven hundred acres of land; and in the cultivation of the 
soil made use of improved methods, and introduced labor-saving implements. 

"In educational and religious interests he took an active part, and gave with a liberal 
hand for their support. Of an unassuming and retiring disposition, he never sought public office, 
but when oflSce was imposed upon him, his sense of duty was too just to allow him to refuse 
its responsibilities. As Justice of the Peace, as Supervisor of his native town, and as Captain of 
a Militia company, he discharged his official trusts w'ith such scrupulous fidelity as to meet with 
unqualified approval. 

"When smitten down in the full strength of his manhood and the height of his usefulness, 
it was felt that a vacancy had been made — a loss sustained — that could not be filled. He is still 
often s])()kcn of — anil iiis 'memory shall never perish.' 


"His wife, only daughter of William Benedict, M. D., was eminently fitted to be the help- 
meet of such a man, and is equally worthy of mention; for, if he was manly, she was womanly. 
Possessed of all those graces of mind and heart that adorn the female character, she knew her 
sphere, and how to fill it — knew her power, and how to wield it. She ruled without seeming to 
rule. The circle in which she moved was a charmed one, and she was the charm. Her home 
was a most attractive spot, not only to those who called it their own, but also to all that knew 
it throuL;h the hospitable welcome alwavs awaiting the visitor. She survived her husband about 
twenty-live years, dying November loth, 1SS4, leaving a host of friends, and not an enemy."* 

3540. I. Addison Correll,' b. i Oct., 1839; d. 4 Sept., 1841, w. 2 years. 

3541. H. AokLiNE Eliza,' b. 19 Nov., 1846; married, in West Durham, N. Y., 19 Oct., 1866, 

Rev. Albert Payson (son of Rev. Albert f) Worthington, of Vineland, N. J., 
b. 5 July, 1841. He was a graduate of Hamilton College and Auburn Theological 
Seminary; died at West Durham, N. Y., 6 May, 1867, £e. 25 years. Her P. O. 
address is (1884) Durham, N. Y. Child: 

3542. i. Albert Humphrey,' b. I Oct. 1867, West Durham, N. Y.; died there, 16 Apr. 1S69, 

te. I year. 

3543. ni. Louise Benedict,^ b. i ]\Ich., 1850; d. 6 Apr., 1885, at Durham, N. Y. 

3544. IV. Josephine Evadne,^ b. 11 Mch., 1853; '^^'^s married by her uncle, Rev. W. A. 

Benedict, of Sutton, Mass., assisted by her pastor. Rev. E. L. Boing, at her 
mother's residence in West Durham, N. Y., 13 Apr., 1881, to Alfred Newman 
(son of Arthur J and Almira Newman) Waters, Esq., of De Smet, Dakota, 
b. 14 Nov., 1855, Cornwallsville, N. Y. He was a graduate of the Albany 
Law School. P. O. address (1884) De Smet. KingsburyCo., Dakota. Child: 

3545. 1. Daughter ,' b. 25 June, 1SS4: died in infancy. 


3546. Esquire |ra Day' Humphrey. [1S31] (Isaac,'> Capi. Frederick:^ Capt. Ezekiel,* 
Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael,') was born 28 May, 1812, in Durham, N. Y. He 
married, at Potter's Hollow, Albany Co., N. Y., 28 Oct., 1839, Sarah Ann (dau. of Andrew and 
Sarah) Snyder, b. 7 Oct., 18 16, at Rensselaerville, Albany Co., N. Y. After his marriage he 
settled in Conesville (Manor Kill P. O.), Schoharie Co., N. Y., and engaged in farming and lum- 
bering; but soon devoted all his attention to the former occupation, in which he met with 
much success. He held the office of Justice of the Peace twelve years, and of Supervisor one 
year. He removed to Durham, N. Y., in the spring of 1874, where he has also filled the same 
positions for a number of years. P. O. addrejs (1884) Durham, Greene Co., N. Y. 

Children (burn in Conesville, X. V. j : 
3547. 1. Isadora Adaline," b. 7 Sept.. 1S41: married, in Conesville, N. Y., i Sept., 18(12, 

W. Winslow (son of Orra and Rachel Conyes) Burhans, b. 8 Jan., 1S37, Potter's 
Hollow, N. Y. He served as Supervisor of the town of Durham two years; and 
has been a Director in an Insurance Company and a Telegraph Company. 
Merchant. P. O. address (1885) Coxsackie, Greene Co., N. Y. Children: 

wife ditd in 1871. He is preaching (18S4) 

* Communicated by a brother of Mrs. Humphrey. 

t Rev. Albert Worthington iPres. minister: resided in Vineland, 

N. J., 


in Elwood, New Jersey. 

t Mr. Arthur Waters resides ,1884, in New York City 

354S- i- Effie Libbic,' born 19 June, 1S63, Potter's Hollow, New York. 

3549. ii. Luella Addie,' b. 2 March, 1865, Potter's Hollow, N. Y. 

3550. iii. Dora Eliza,' b. 22 Sept. i866, Coxsackie, K. Y. 

^^^'' "' ^'°'^'' b. 30 Xov. 1S6S, Coxsackie, N. Y. 

3552. V. Frank,' I 

3553. vi. George Winslow,' b. 13 .Vpr. 1875, Durham, N. V.; d. 28 Aug. 1S75, re. 4 months. 

3554. vii. Edna May," b. 30 Dec. 1876, Durham, N. Y. 
viii. William Humphrey,' b. 28 Aug. 1S83, Durham, N. Y. 

S.\RAH Eliz.v.* b. 9 Nov., 1S46; died at Conesvillc, N. Y. , 9 June, 1S66. ze. 19 
years; was unmarried. 

George Ir.\,° b. 14 Nov., 1850; d. 23 jMch., 187S, ac. 27; i^iarried Homeria 
Brandon. F.\mily Hi. 

Florexxe Albertixe,* b. 19 Jan., 1S53; married, in Manor Kill, N. Y., 16 Oct., 
1872, Peter Romaine (son of Cornelius and Marinda) Brandon, of Conesville, 
N. Y., a native of Prattsville, N. Y. He is a farmer; has also been engaged in 
teaching. P. O. address (1884) Durham, Greene Co., N. Y. CMd: 

1. Le Roy Humphrey,' born in Manor Kill, N. Y. 








FAMILY 275. 

3560. Orloff Matthew" Humphrey, [1833] {^saac,"- Capt Frederick,^ Cap/. Ezekiel^ 
Ensign Samue/.^ Liciil. Saiuuel.^ ]\IichacI.^ ) was born 20 Jan., 181 7, in Durham, N. Y. He 
married, in Conesville, Schoharie Co, N. Y., 2 Jan., 1844, ]\Ienbah * (dau. of Jacob and JMary 
Molt) Smith, of Conesville, born about 1823; died at Conesville, N. Y., in June, 1879. 

After Mr. Humphrey's marriage he removed to Conesville, N. Y. , where he was a successful 
farmer; was elected Supervisor while residing in that town. Later in life he sold his farm and 
went into the dry goods business in Durham, in partnership with his brother Hon. Oscar T. 
Humphrey; but not long before his death sold out his interest to his brother. He died in 
Durham, N. Y., 31 Jan, 1866, a;. 49 years. 

3561. I. Alvarez O.^, b. 27 Aug., 1S51, in Conesville, N. Y. ; died 14 Apr., 1S56, x. 4 years. 


3562. Hon, Oscar Tompkins' Humphrey, [1834] (Isaac.^ Capt. Frederick,^ Capi. 
Fzekiel,* Ensign Samuel,^ Lienl. Samuel,- Michael,') w-as born 9 Jan., 1819, in Durham, N. Y. 
He married, in Rodman, Jefferson Co., N. Y., 17 Dec, 1843, Mary Amelia (dau. of Thomas 
and Dinah Spraker) Merrill, of Pinckney, Lewis Co., N. Y., born there, 15 Oct., 1824. He was 
a prosperous farmer; afterward became a dry goods merchant in Durham, and later in Catskill, 
N. Y., — from about 1853 to the spring of 1873, — when he retired from the business. In the fall 
of 1876, he was elected a member of the Assembly of New York, and took his seat January ist, 
1877. He resides (1884) in Catskill, N. Y., a well-known and highly respected citizen. 

Children : 
3563. I. Oscar Fi.orentox,^ b. 30 Nov., 1849, Conesville, N. Y. ; married ?tlary Anna Shepard. 

Family 475. 


3564. n. i\Iary Elizabeth,^ b. 11 Dec, 1S54, Durham, N, Y. ; married, in Catskill, N. Y.. 

6 Sept., 1876, Andrew Jackson (son of John and "INIary Wert) Nellis, b. 22 July. 
1852, Palatme, Montgomery Co., N. Y., where his parents resided. He is a 
lawyer; is a member of the firm of Smith & Nellis, in Johnstown, Fulton Co., 
N. Y., (1884). Children {born in Johnstuum. N. V. j . 

3565. 1. Ruth,' b. 24 Oct. iSSo. 

3566. ii. Vida,' b. 17 Apr. 18S3; died 111 Johnstown, N. Y., 24 Apr. 1SS3, le. i week. 

FAMILY 277. 

3567- Lucian" Humphrey, [1839] (Alexander,^ Capt. Fredericks Capi. Ezekiel,* Ensign 
Samuel,' Lieut. Samuel,- Michael,^) was born 7 Mch., 1806, in Durham. Greene Co., N. Y. 
He married, at Strykersville (in Conesville), N, Y., 11 June, 1834, Polly (dau. of Tunis* and 
Mary Shew) Decker, b. 23 May (or June), 1804, of South Gilboa (better kr>own as Blenheim), N. Y. 

In his boyhood, Mr. Humphrey's parents removed from Durham to Manor Kill, Schoharie 
Co., N. Y. , where they had a farm and kept a hotel. He lived on and worked this farm for 
about ten years, and then bought one in the vicinity, on which was a grist-mill, saw-mill, cider- 
mill, blacksmith and shoe shops. Here he remained about three years, when he contracted a 
cold by working in the water while repairing a dam, and died at Manor Kill, 16 Dec, 1S48. a?. 42 
years. His widow married Salmon Elton. She died at anor Kill, 10 jNIch., 18S3, cc. 79 years. 
Children (born at Conesville, Schoharie Co., N. }'. ) : 

3568. I. SoLissA Josephine,'* b. 14 Feb., 1835; d. 25 June, 1863, x. 28 years. She married. 

19 May, 1852, Giles H Phelps, who died at Conesville, N. Y., in February, 1864. 
He was a mechanic. Child: 

3569. i. Giles E.^ b. 6 Feb. 1854; married, 4 Jmie, 1S76, Lora Pease, of Binghamton, X. V 

He is a dealer in upholstered furniture. Res. (1S84) Binghamton, N. Y. ChiU - 
(I) Marzett A", born Tuesday, 20 Sept. 18S1. 

3570. II. Cornelia Estaloe,'* b, 22 Apr., 1837; married (i) 10 Oct., 1855, Winslow Paige 

(son of John and Abigail Stryker) Richtmeyer, b. May 13, 1830, in Conesville, 
N. Y. ; d. August 4, 1874. She married (2) in Stamford, Delaware Co., N. Y., 
25 Nov., 1873, Vernon (son of Stephen J. and Hannah Stryker) Hitchcock, born 
at Gilboa, N. Y., 22 Dec, 1842. Farmer. Res. (1883) Conesville, X. Y. ; P. O. 
address, Manor Kill, N. Y. Children (by ist marriage): 

3571. i. Orvis Julien ' (Richtmeyer), bom 15 May, 1S56; died 12 March, 1S73, .x. 16 years. 

3572. ii. Coral Ellsworth' (Richtmeyer), b. 7 Jan. 1867. 
3573- ill. Floyd De Vere' (Richtmeyer), b. 10 Aug. 1870. 

3574. HI. Lavilla R.*', b. 31 Jan.. 1840; married, I Nov., 1S65, Isaac Frcdenburgh (son of 
\\illiam and Hannah Fredenburgh) Maybie, born at Grand Gorge, Del. Co., 
N. Y., 1S38. He is a farmer; served 2 years and 10 months in the \Var of the 
Civil Rebellion. Res. (1883) Conesville, N. Y.; P. O. address, Manor Kill, N. Y. 
Children ■ 

3.=i7S- i- EJith Cornelia,' b. 13 Mch. 1867. 

■357'5. ii. Myron Evercth,' b. 24 May, 1871. 

* Tunis aoil>' [Shew! Decker, .after iheir m.irriage. resided in Conesvil 
father, and now owned by William Hunter. After their cliildrcn had reached ma 
(m Gilboa), N Y., where they died, both being over ninety years of .age. 




rciA Almeda.'' b. 2 2 June, 1S44, Manor Kill, N. Y. ; married, at West Conesville, 
N. Y., 19 Nov., 1862, Marcus (son of Beri and Amy Scoville) Wade, who was 
born and lived at Toles Hollow (in Conesville), about two miles from Manor Kill 
P. O., on the farm owned by his grandfather and afterward by his father, and 
which is now occupied (1885) by his widow and children. His death occurred 
4 June, 1876. Mrs. Wade's P. 6. address is (1885) Manor Kill, N. Y. Children 
(born in Cmiesville, N. Y.): 

i. Theobelle,' b. 7 Sept. 1864. 

iii. Edwin Luther,' b. 29 Nov, 1870. 
iv. Judson Delos," b. 25 Jlay, 1874. 


b. iS Oct. 

Conesviile, N. Y., 15 Nov. 'i&^(>, oe. i month. 

FAl\nLY 278. 

3383- Iram" Humphrey, [1840] (Alexander,'^ Capt. Frederick,^ Capt. Ezekiel,'' Ensign 
Samuels^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael,'^) was born 12 Oct., iSoS 
Richtmeyer, of Conesville, N. Y., who died 9 Oct., 1855 
He was a hotel proprietor. He died 19 Dec, 1859, 
Guv' Humphrey, [Fam. 279 (3586), S. -] 
Children (by 1st marriage): 

3584. I. WiNSLOw P. 2, b. 30 Nov., 1837; m. (i) Porter; m. (2) Sherman. Family 476. 

3585. H. LusiAN S.^, b. 15 Mch., 1840; died in June, 1863, sp. 23 years. He married Mary 

Porter. No children. 

He married (i) about 1836, Esther 
55. He married (2) IMaria E. Murphy. 
51 years. His widow married his cousin 

FA:\nLY 279. 

358fi. Guy' Humphrey, [1842] (Ru/us,^ Capt. FreJeri.k,^ Capt. Ezekiel.'^ Ensign Samuel,^ 
Lieut. Samuel,- RHchacl,^ ) was born 4 Mch., 1809, in Connecticut. He married (i) at Cairo, 
Greene Co., N. Y., 17 Mch., 1831, Lucina Maria (dau. of Lot and^ Polly Lewis) Touslev, of 
Gilboa, Schoharie Co., N. Y.. born about 1812. She died 19 Feb., 1864; had been an active 
member of the Methodist Episcopal church for many years. Three or four years later he married 
(2) Marie E. (Murphy) Humphrej-, of Conesville, N. Y'., the widow of his cousin Iram Humphrey, 
[Fam. 278, S.=] 

In his younger days i\Ir Humphrey was a school teacher, and afterward a farmer. He 
with his father Rufus Humphrey, built the turnpike from Potter's Hollow to Gilboa, fourteen 
miles in length, and from Prattsville to Gilboa, three miles. He has been a member of the 
M. E. church forty-three years; resided at Conesville, Schoharie Co., N. Y., until, about 1867, 
when he removed to Virginia, and bought a farm at Falls Church, near Fairfax Court-House. 
P. O. address (1884) Falls Church, Fairfax Co., Va. 

Children (by ist marriage): 

3587. I. Elvira,* b. 8 Jan., 1832, Conesville, N. Y. ; finished her education at Ashland 

Seminary, in Greene Co., N. Y., and commenced teaching at the age of eighteen, 

continuing that avocation five years. She then married (i), at the residence of 

her father, in Conesville, Daniel W. (son of Abiatharf and Susan Travis) Smith, 

has also been given 










of Conesville. They lived in Utica, N. Y., then in Beloit, Wis., and in Illinois, 
finally returning to their native place. Five years after their marriage Mr. Smith 
died. They had no children, and she resumed teaching for a time. She married 
(2), at her father's residence, 5 Oct., 1865, Willis A. (son of Elias and Rhoda 
HoUenbeck) Thompson, of Broome, N. Y. P. O. address (1884) Manor Kill, 
Schoharie Co., N. Y. Children (by 2d marriage): 
i. Vira Alice ' (Thompson), I1. 26 June, 1S68. Teacher, 
ii. George Humphrey" (Thompson), h. 29 Jan. 1870. 
iii. l^ucina Esther' (Thompson), b. 10 Sept. 1873. 
iv. Florence Louisa' (Thompson), b. 8 Oct. 1875. 
Newton,^ b. 28 May, 1834; married Sarah C. Decker. Family 477. 
Ellen Celia,^ b. 31 Jan., 1836 ; died about 1S66. In early life she was a teacher. 
She married, about 1S64, David (son of Rufus and Sailie Ann Layman) Adams. 
After his wife's death he' went to Omaha, Neb., and engaged in mining in that 
vicinity. After a time the building where he and his comrade lodged was burned, 
and their remains were found in the ruins. It was supposed that they were 
murdered. Child : 

3594. i. Ella C.,' born about 1866; was only a few hours old when her mother died. She married, 

in October, 1883, Frederick Warner, of PrattsviUe, X. Y. 

3595. IV. Emory Corydox,^ b. 5 Oct., 184c; married Mary Ann Farnsworih. F.oiily 478. 

3596. V. Eugenia A.^, b. 20 May, 1843. ?• O- address (1SS3) Falls Church, Va. 

FAMILY 280. 

3597. Rev. Frederick' Humphrey, [1849] r^"/"^." c^'P- Frederick,^ Capt. Ezekiei,^ 

Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael^) was born 2 July, 1S26, in Conesville, Schoharie Co., 
N. Y. He married, 2 June, 1S55, Adelaide O. Buck, born 28 Feb., 1827, at Potsdam, St. 
Lawrence Co., N. Y., dau. of Lemuel Buck, of Canton, in the same county. They settled in 
Oxford, Chenango Co., N. Y., where he was principal of the Oxford Academy. On resigning 
that position, he went to Iowa, and was Professor of Mathematics in the Iowa State University. 
He was ordained to the Priesthood by the Rt. Rev. Henry W. Lee, Bishop of Iowa, at Lyons, 
Iowa, May 27, 1S64 ; was Chaplain of the i2th Reg. Iowa Infantry, and was with that regiment 
in Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Alabama, being present at 
the battle of Nashville, the fall of Mobile, etc. In eleven months the regiment marched over 
1,400 miles, and was under fire eighteen days and nights. In 1871 he was rector of Trinity 
Church, Muscatine, Iowa. He has also resided at or near Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and at Dundas, 
Rice Co., Minn. 
Children : 

3598. I. Adelaide,^ b. i Sept., 1856; died at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 23 Jan., 1861, x. 4 years. 

3599. II Cornelia,^ b. 22 Dec, i860; died before 1885. She resided in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

3600. III. George F.s, b. 20 Dec, i862; died before 1885. He resided in Cedar Rapfds, Iowa. 

FAMILY 281. 
3601. RiveriuS BidwelP Humphrey, [1853J ( Syfvester,'' Capt. Frederick,^ Caft. 
Ezekiel,^ Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael^) was born 5 Dec, 1812,* m Durham, Greene 
Co., N. Y. He removed to Tennessee, and marrii;d, about 1846, Mary Eliza (Chiansf) Joy, of 

' This corrects the date on page 460. 


Mississippi, b. i Apr., 1824 ; d. 28 Sept., 1S61, £c. 37 years. Her parents resided in Hardeman 
County, Tenn. I\Ir. and ^Irs. Humphrey lived in the same county, about five miles from Sauls- 
bury, on their plantation. He was at one time a merchant. He died 9 Nov., 1857, oc. 45 years. 
Children : 

3602. I. SoLox Frederick,* b. 29 Jan., 1853, in Tennessee; died at the residence of his 

uncle, ]Mr. S. P. Humphrey, in Guilford, N. Y., 27 Aug., 1S65, a?. 12 years. 

3603. H. Laura Augusta,* b. 14 Jan,, 1856; married, in Memphis, Tenn., 17 Feb., 1876, 

Booth Gilbert (son of Gilbert Doctor Taylor* and Louisa Charlotte Guy) Malone, 
b. 26 Nov., 1S50, in Tippah County, JNIiss. He has been engaged in the cotton 
factorage and commission business in Memphis for seven years, and since 1S82 
in", St. Louis. In 1885 was a member of the firm of Humphrey, Malone & Blake, 
No. 103 Walnut St., N. W. cor. of Main, St. Louis, Mo. Children: 

3604. i. Luta Lee,' b. i Dec, 1876, Memphis, Tenn.; d. 3 Aug., 1S77, x. S months. 

3605. ii. Booth Bidwell,' b. 12 Sept., 1S7S, on the old plantation in Hardeman Co., Tenn., during 

the yellow fever epidemic in Memphis. 


3606. Sylvester Pitt' Humphrey, [1854] (Sxlvester,^ dpi. Frederick ^ Capl. Ezehel,^ 
Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuc/,- Michael \) was born 13 Jan., 1813, in Conesville, Schoharie Co., 
N. Y. He married, in Guilford, N. Y., 6 Sept., 1842, Mary Ann (dau. of Iraf and Nancy 
Eddy) Wade, b. 16 Mch., 18 18, in Guilford, N. Y. He is a farmer. For three or four years 
he travelled in the Southern States, being engaged in the sale of clocks. P. O. address (1884) 
Guilford Centre, Chenango Co., N. Y. 
Children (born in Guilford, X. F. j : 

3607. L Lewis Emmons,* b. 12 Dec, 1843 ; d. in Guilford, N. Y., 3 Apr., 1846, oe. 2 years. 

3608. n. Mary Louisa,* b. 4 Apr., 18^7; d. in Guilford, N. Y., 3 Sept., 1S48, ns. i year. 

3609. HL Henry Edward,* b. 20 Apr., 1S50; married Belle Parsons. Family 479. 

FAMHA' 283. 

3610. George Frederick- Humphrey, [1855] (Syivesier,^ Capi. Frederick,^ Capt 

Eseb'el,'' Ensign Sumuel,^ Licit/. Samuel,- Michael') was born ii Feb., 1814, probably in Guilford, 
N. Y. He married Matilda Mahala Osborn, b. 7 Feb., 1836, Cairo, Greene Co., N. Y. They 
resided in Guilford Centre, Chenango Co., N. Y. He was a farmer. P. O. address (1884) South 
New Berlin, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

Children (born in Guilford, N. ¥.): 

3611. L George Miles,* b. 10 Apr., 1857; unmarried. P. O. address (1S84) South New 

Berlin, N. Y. 

3612. H. Lewis Edward,* b. 27 Aug., 1S61 ; unmarried. P. O. address (1SS4) Mount Upton, 

Chenango Co., N. Y. 

3613. HL Minnie Louis.-^,* b. 14 Aug., 1863; unmarried. P. O. address (1SS4) South New 

Berlin, N. Y. 

3614. IV. William Riverius,* b. 26 July, 1S69. 














3615- Edward Orvel' Humphrey, [1859] ( Sylvesler.^ Capt. FreaencL^ Capi. Ezekwl,* 
Ensign Siimue/,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael^) was born 8 Mch. , 1830, in the State of New York. 
He removed to Saulsbury, Tennessee, and there married Juha A. Bunting, who died in that ]il.i< e. 
He was a merchant and planter. He died in Saulsbury, 18 Oct., 1857, se. 27 years. 
[Children: Son and daughter, who both died young, in Saulsbury, Tenn. ] 

FAMILY 28.5. 

3616. John W.' Humphrey, [1873] (Roinanta° dpi. Frederick,^ Capt. Esekiel,'' Ensign 
Samuel,' Lieut. Samuel,- Michael,'' ) \\-2.s born in 1 8 14. He married Lydia Stockwell. He resided 
(18S3) in Cresco, Howard Co., Iowa. 


Laur.v. ^ 


Ruth. 8 


Lorain. ^ 

3623. Norris'' Humphrey, [1S7S] {Romania.'' Capt. Frederick,^ Capt. Ezekiel,* Ensign 

Samuel, i Lieut Samuel,' JMichael,^ ) was born in the year 1817. He married — ■ . He died 

at Cresco, Howard Co., Iowa, in 1S60, ae. 42 years. 
Children (who survived their father ) : 

3624. I. Oscar. ^ 

3625. II. Electa.^ 

FAMILY 287. 

3626. George" Humphrey, [1892] (George,^ Col. George,= Capt. Ezekiel,'^ Ensign 
Samuel,' Lieut. Samuel,- Michael,') was born 14 Aug., 1804, in Canton, Ct. He married (i) 
in Canton Center, Ct., 12 Oct., 1825, Louisa Mills, daughter of Gardner Mills, of that place, and 
Mary (Skinner), of Colchester, Ct. She was born 26 Apr., 1805; and died 19 June, 1839, a;. 34 
years; was buried in Smyrna, N. Y. He married (2) in Otselic, N. Y., 30 Oct., 1839. Louisa 

M. Webb, daughter of Thomas Webb, of Otselic, and (Ellis), of Westmoreland, N. Y. 

She died 31 July, 1877, ae. 65 years; and was buried in Smyrna, N. Y. 

Mr. Humphrey was tall in stature, and inherited some of his father's marked cjiaracteristics; 
had a very retentive memory. He resided at Canton and New Hartford, Ct. ; removed to Smyrna, 
Chenango Co., N. Y., where he died 13 Aug., 1883, cc. 79 years. 
Children (by 1st marriage ; born in Canton, Ct.): 

3627. I. Alfred Franklin," b. 8 Oct., 1826; married Lydia Adams' (Griswold) Mills. 

Family 480. 

3628. II. I.AiREN Elmore," b. 22 Dec, 1828; married Eliza Hooker' Griswold. F.vmilv 481. 

3629. III. Lucy,' b. 4 Oct., 1830; d. 2 Apr., 1874, £c. 43 years. She married, 24 iMay, 1S53, 

William Grant? (son of William Homan<^ and Clarissa Seymour) Hallock, of 
Cant<.n Center, Ct., b. 22 Jan., 1825. [Fam. iS (437). 5.=]. Tiicy resided in 
Canton, Ct. 



Theron,^ b. 23 Apr. 



Hexry,^ b. 3 .Sept., 



Edwin/ b. 29 Aug., 



Fr.\ncis,^ b. I Sept., 



Solon, 8 b. 26 July, 


3630. IV. Anson Walter,^ b. 8 Feo., 1833; d. 31 Dec, 1833, se. 10 months. 

3631. V. Clarissa,^ b. 5 Nov., 1834; d. 20 Dec, 1834, se 6 weeks. 

3632. VI. George Hutton,^ b. 25 May, 1836; married, 14 Mch., 1872, Annie Richards, 

daughter of Thomas W. and Mary Richards, who immigrated from Wales in 
1840, and settled in Schuylkill County, Fenn., but removed to San Jose, Cal., 
about the year 1879. Mr. Humphrey's P. O. address is (1883) San Jose, Cal. 
(Jij' 2d marriage ) : 
1(^2,3. VII. EsTELLA,^ b. 27 July, 1S40; married, (i) 19 May, 1861, Vincent Goodsell, of 
Otselic, N. V. He died 4 ]\Ich., 1867, a;. 28 years. She married, (2) 4 July, 
1869, Lawson Hutchins, of Otselic, N. Y. P. O. address (1883) North Otselic, 
Chenango Co., N. Y. Children (by 1st marriage): 

3634. i. Ira' (Goodsell), born in December, 1S61. 

3635. ii. George' (Goodsell), born in March, 1864. 

1842; married Ellen Fiefield. Family 482. 
1845; married Calcia Mills. Family 483. 

1S47; married Abigail Walrod. Family 4S4. 

1849; d. 28 Oct., 1S52, tv. 3 years. 

85 1 ; married ]\Iary E. Wynn. Family 4b5. 
FA:\IILY 288. 

3641. Sereno' Humphreys, [1900] (Col. Dedus,^ Col. George,^ Capt. Ezckiel,^ Ensign 
Samuel,' Lieut. Samuel,- Michael,') was born 15 Jan., 1810, in Canton, Ct. He married (i) in 
North Canton, Ct, 23 Jan., 1833, Electa (daughter of James and Sophia) Buttles, born 17 Dec, 
181 2. Mr. Humphreys settled in his native town, where he was engaged in agricultural pursuits, 
until, in I\Iay, 1842, he emigrated to Lodi (afterwards Gowanda), Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., where, 
I Aug., 1S44, his wife died, a;. 31 years. He married (2) in Gowanda, N. Y., 6 Aug., 1848, 
]Mary (daughter of Joseph and Phebe Snyder) Rich; and in Oct., 1856, he removed to Lake town- 
ship, Muscatine Co., Iowa, where he died 21 Feb., 1877, from the result of an accident. 

His principal occupation, during his lifetime, was farming. He was a man of fine integrity, 
kind and indulgent in his relations with men ; a good neighbor. Says one who knew him well : 
"His disposition was amiability itself. He was kind and good as man can be." He lived and 
died respected and beloved by all who knew him. His remains were followed to the grave by the 
largest concourse of citizens that the town in which he had lived had ever witnessed. In person, 
Vlx. Humphreys was tall and slender, with dark hair and deep blue eyes, and fair complexion. 
Mrs. Mary (Rich) Humphreys died at Muscatine, Iowa, 11 Jan., 1883. 
Children (the first five were horn in Canton, Ct. ; hy Jst marriage) : 

3642. I. William Samuel,^ b. 16 Dec, 1833; married Susan Baker Gordon. Family 486. 

3643. II. L.uiRA Adams,^ b. 14 Apr., 1836; died at Muscatine, Iowa, 3 Sept., 1855, «•. 19 

3cars. She was unmarried. 

3644. III. Maria Marcia,' b. 28 Sept., 1837; married in Muscatine, Iowa, 28 Sept., 1857, 

George Roland White, a native and resident of Windsor, Vt., son of Henry White 
and Elizabeth (Clark), who was from Boston. Mr. G. R. ^\■hite was born at 
Windsor, Me., 19 IMay, 1831; went to Muscatine, Iowa, in the fall of 1852, and 
was engaged in the lumber business until the war. He then cnlistetl in the Union 
Army, and served until the of the war. Tiieii was engaged in the grain 

and commission business until within a few years, wlien, owing to ill health, he 
was obliged to seek a residence in El Paso, Texas. Children (bom in Muscatine, la.): 

3645. i. Elizabeth Cora," b. :6 June, 1859; married 21 Oct., 1S80, Frederick Julius Mark, 

b. 6 June, 1855. He is a native of and merchant in Muscatine, Iowa (1S85). Chihi : 
(I) Ellen Humphrey '» (Mark), b. 19 Jan., 1882. 

3646. ii. Luther Clark,' b. 5 Nov., 1861 ; d. 26 Jan., 1S63. 

3647. iii. Sarah Emeroy,' b. 18 July, 1863; unmarried. Res. (1885) Muscatine, Iowa. 

3648. iv. Laura Electa," b. 3 Dec, 1S65. Res. (1885) Muscatine, Iowa. 

3649. V. Josephine Ehza,' b. 8 Aug., 1874. 

3650. IV. Imogene Elizabeth,^ b. 11 July, 1S39; d. in Canton, Ct., 19 July, 1840, a^. i year. 

3651. V. Eliza Jane,* b. 8 Nov., 1841; is unmarried. Res. (1885) Bergen Point, N. J. 

3652. VI. Josephine Emory,* b. 17 Feb., 1844; married at Trinity Church, in Bergen Point, 

N. J., 29 Oct., 1876, Henry Baker (son of Elias Baker and Sarah ^Margaret 

-Shang) McClellan, b. lo Oct., 1850, Talladega, Ala. His parents resided (1885) 

in Greensburgh, Pa. He is General Eastern Passenger Agent of the Wabash, St. 

Louis and Pacific Railway. P. O. address (18S5) Bergen Point, N. J. Children: 

3653. i. Ellen Humphreys,' b. II July, 1882. 

3654. ii. Josephine Alice,' b. 20 Jan., 1884. 
( Bv 2d marriage) : 

3655. VII. George Sereno,* b. 27 Dec, 1S50, Gowanda, N. Y. ; died at i\Iuscatine, Iowa, 20 

Oct., 1 8 78, a^. 27 years. 

3656. VIII. Mary Gertrude,^ b. 9 Feb., 1S56, Gowanda, N. Y. ; died at Muscatine, Iowa, 5 

Nov., 1856, le. 9 months. 

3657. IX. Charles De Forest,^ b. 16 Oct., 1857, Muscatine, Iowa; married 6 Nov., 1SS4, 

Joella (dau. of George and P^Iizabeth) Parks, of Muscatine. He is a farmer. 
Res. (1885) on the old homestead farm, jMuscatine, Iowa. 

FA:\IILY 289. 

3658. Solon' Humphreys, [igi-t] (Col. Bedus,^ CoL George,^ Capt. Esekiel,'' Ensign 
Sa7nuel,i Lieut. Samuel," Michael') was born 27 Oct., 1821, in Canton, Ct. He married in St. 
Louis, Mo., 16 Nov., 1847, IMary Ellen (dau. of Edward* and Mary Tucker) Walsh, of St. 
Louis, ]Mo., born 3 Aug., 1824. 

Solon Humphreys attended the district and high school in Canton, and was instructed also 
in part by his brother David, who was a graduate of Union College. Afterwards he attended 
Wright's Acadeiuy, East Hartford, two years, and was in' St. John's College, Annapolis, Maryland, 

* Edward W.ilsli, of St. Louis, died 22 March, 1868, aged 68. He came from Tiperary County, Ireland, in 1818, resided in St. 
Genevieve County, Mo., four or five years, then commenced business in 1825, in St. Louis, with his brother John, under the firm name 
of J. & E. Walsh, which for upward of forty years was one of the most prominent and respected firms in that city. No man ever lived 
in St. Louis who was more universally esteemed, or who possessed more mfluence in the community. He a man of great firmness 
of character and whose integrity was never questioned ; a man of great kindness of heart, charitable in the largest degree. He was the 
friend and counsellor of Col. Thomas H. Benton : was a democrat, and of large mfluence in the political affairs of Missouri. It was said 
of him; "Mr. Walsh's business capacities are second to none in St. Louis; he has a judgment that never errs in its calculations, and an 
industrj- that is untiring in its pursuit of business." (Edward's History of the Great West, i860.) 

Mary Tucker, bom 7 Dec, 1804, wife of Edward Walsh, was the grand-daughter of Joseph and Ellen Eimms Tucker, whose parents 
moved from Maryland to Kentucky in 1785 ; they were married in Kentucky in 1800; they moved to Perry County, Miss., to a place 
called Tucker Settlement; had seven children, Charles, Peter, Elizabeth, Mary, Appolinarius, Joseph and Matilda. Both of her grand- 
fiihcrs were in the War of the Revolution, and in 1812 her grand-father, Joseph Tucker, was Captain of a Cavalry Company. Edward 
W.ilsh and Mary Tucker were married in Perryville, in 1822, by Bishop Rosctta, who was then the Roman Catholic Priest of that 
District, and who was subsequently made Bishop, and afterwards a Cardinal in Rome. 

Mrs. Walsh died 10 Sept , 1826, leaving only Mary Ellen surviving. Mr, Walsh was again married in St. Louis, Feb. 11. .840, to 
Isabella DcMun, daughter of Julius De Mun. She died in 1879, leaving five surviving children, Julius Sylvester, John Amedie, Marie, 
Edward and Daniel. 


one year, under his uncle, Rev. Dr. Hector Humphreys. In 1838 he was clerk in the house of 
William G. Harrison, in Baltimore; from 1839 to 1844 he was clerk in the house of the late 
Gov. E. D. Morgan, of New York ; he then removed to St. Louis to enter into the wholesale 
grocery and commission business with George W. Thatcher, constituting the firm of Humphreys 
& Thatcher, in which business he achieved a wide reputation as an enterprising and honorable 
merchant. He continued to reside at St. Louis till December, 1853, then returned to New York 
and joined the firm of E. D. Morgan & Co., Jan. i, 1854, which firm has continued up to this 
date, 1885. This house was founded in 1837, and has been one of the leading firms in New 
York since that period. It has been, for the, most of the time, largely engaged in the sugar, 
coffee and tea trade, having had relations in its business with all parts of the world where these 
articles are produced. They have also at times been largely engaged in financial negotiations. He 
has resided at Bergen Point, New Jersey, his present home, since 1856. 

Mr. Humphreys was one of the original promoters of the Ohio and Mississippi R. R. in 
Illinois, in 1851, and also of the Iron Mountain R. R. in Missouri, in 1852. After his removal 
to New York, his firm was the agent for the sale of the bonds of the State of Missouri, issued 
to its roads, and was in other ways interested in the roads of that State. In 1871 he was one 
of the active parties in the reorganization of the North Missouri Road into the St. Louis, Kansas 
City and Northern Railway Co. But perhaps the most noteworthy labor of Mr. Solon Humphreys' 
very busy and active life, has been his connection with the Wabash System of railwa3^s . In 1866 
he, in conjunction with Azariah Boody and others, organized the Toledo, Wabash and Western 
Railroad, extending from Lake Erie to the Mississippi river, by the consolidation of six_ original 
companies, in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, comprising some 600 miles, and being one of the first 
consolidations of railroads in different States in this country. Subsequentl_y, after having been dis- 
connected with the company for several years, he was one of the most active members of the 
parties to the foreclosure and reorganization of this property, in 1877, into the Wabash Railway 
Company; and two years later its consolidation with the St. Louis, Kansas City and Northern 
Railway Co., extending west of the Mississippi river to Kansas City and Omaha, into the Wabash, 
St. Louis and Pacific Railway Co., now known as the Wabash System, comprising some 3,500 
miles of railway, in seven of the United States, and with which he has been connected since 
that time, as President in 1880-2, subsequently as Chairman of its Executive Committee, and since 
May, 1884, as one of its Receivers in the U. S. Court. He was one of the original promoters 
of the ' ' great bridge " over the Missouri River at St. Louis, which was constructed at a cost of 
over twelve million dollars, and was Receiver of the Bridge Company in 1877-9. He was Presi- 
dent of the reorganized company of 1879-81. He was one of the principle promoters of the 
"Pittsburgh and Western Railroad" in 1881, and was its_ Vice-president in 1882-4. He was 
Vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce, in New York, in 1873, ^^d has been its Treasurer 
from 1878 to the present time. 

Mr. Humphreys was largely instrumental in the organization of Trinity Protestant Episcopal 
Church, Bergen Point, N. J., in 1859, and has been Warden since its organization. Its church 
edifice at Bergen Point, its grounds and rectory, are amongst the most beautiful in the State of 
New Jersey. In private life, in all its diversified, religious, social and business relations, Mr. 
Humphreys occupies a most conspicuous position, and is only spoken of in terms of the most 
exalted estimation and regard, illustrating, as hi? father and grand-father and remote ancestors 
before him, the best traits of the family character. 

'Mt. Humphreys is a member of the firm of E. D. Morgan & Co., No. 54 Exchange Place, 
New York City. Res. (1885) Bergen Point, N. J. 

CMd : 
3659. I. Ei)w.\Rn W.M.SH," born 15 December, 1848; married Mary Duane. I'amii.y 487. 

/l- ^ < 

FAMILY 290. 

3660. George D.' Humphreys, [1916] (Col. Dedus,^ Col. George,^ Cap/. Ezehcl,^ 
Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael,^) was born 3 Dec, 1S27, in North Canton, Ct. He 
was married by the Rev. Dr. Anderson, at St. Louis, Mo., 13 Oct., 1857, to Sarah Frances 
(dau. of William and Letitia Hegaman) Young, b. 23 July, 1839, New York City, where her 
parents resided before their removal to St. Louis, Mo., where they were living in 1884. Mr. 
Humphreys was much interested in the genealogy of his family, and made a collection of records. 
[See Fam. 1 12 (1913), S.^] He was a commission merchant in St. Louis, Mo., where he succeeded his 
brother, Solon Humphreys, in the wholesale grocery business. He afterwards became President of 
the Mississippi Glass Co., in w'hich office he continued until his death, Aug. 20, 1875, ee. 47 years. 

Mr. Humphreys was a man of great natural ingenuity, and when a boy, together with his 
brother, and with no tools but pocket-knives and a hatchet, they constructed a bass viol and a 
violin, which are still preserved in the family as curiosities. During his lifetime he evinced a great 
love of music and remarkable power as a musician. He had a very kind and gentle disposition, 
being always thoughtful of those in his employ, as well as of those in need; and he was justly 
beloved by all who knew him. In business life his integrity and courtesy were marked features 
of his character. His widow and children reside (18S5) at No. 3412 Lucas Avenue, St. Louis. 
Children (born in St. Louis, Mo.): 

3661. L George Adams, ^ b. 13 July, 1858. I 

3662. n. William Young,^ b. 8 May, 1861 

3663. \\l. M.w,* b. 16 May, 1S69. 

|- Res. (18S5) in St. Louis, Mo.; unmarried. 

3664. IV. Ellen Walsh, ^ b. 15 Jan., 1871. | 

FAMILY 291. 
3665. David' Humphrey, [1943] (Frederick,^ David,^ David,^ Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. 
Samuel.' Mic/iael^ j was born 7 Sept., 18 1 8, in Braceville, O., and married (i) in Bazetta, O., at 
the residence of her parents, 10 Nov., 1847, Elizabeth (dau. of Silas and Abigail Pruden) Leonard, 
b. 28 Feb., 1819; died in Southington, Trumbull Co., O., happy in her Savior, 24 Oct., 1851. 
He married (2) 25 Oct., 1852, Aurilla Leonard, sister of his first wife, b. 14 July, 1823. She 
died 23 Aug., 1S82. He resided on a farm, in Southington, O., from 1847 till i860, most of 
the time, w^hen he sold, in S., and returned to Braceville, where he continued to reside until his 
death, at Braceville, O., 31 May, 1882, Ee. 63 years. He commenced life a poor boy, but w^as 
prosperous, a-nd had a comfortable property in his later years. He and several of his family 
were members of the M. E. Church. 
Children C6y ist marriage): 

3666. I- Sophronia Abigail," b. 28 Sept., 1S48, in Southington, O. ; married iS .\pr., 1S74, 

Wells (son of Lewis J. and Mary A.) Merwin, b. in Braceville, O., 17 Nov., 
1844. Farmer. Res. (18S4) Braceville, Trumbull Co., O. Children (born in 
Braceville, 0. ) : 

3667. i. Alfred David,' b. 23 Apr., 1875. 

3665. ii. Charles Lewis,' b. 14 Oct., 1S76. 
( jBy 2d marriage ) : 

3669. II. Mary ADF.LiA.^b. 20 Dec, 1853, in Southington, O. ; d. in .'Southington, O., 30 Jan., 1S60. 

3670. III. Laura Cornelia," b. 10 Jan., 1858, in Southington, O. : died at B.iaccvillc, O., 

I July, 1880. She married in Braceville, O., 13 Mcli., iS-8, John Barkley. 
Res. (1885) Braceville, O. No- children. 

3671. IV. Son ," b. in Braceville, O. ; d. in July, i860, in inlimcy. 


FAMILY 202. 

3672. Frederick William' Humphrey, [1949] (Frederick,^ David,^ David,* Ensign 

SantucI,'' Lieut. Samuel,"' Michael.' i was born 7 ^lay, 1824. He married in Warren, O., 13 , 

1849,* Lorinda ]Musgrove. He is a farmer, and good Christian man. Res. (1882) Braceville, O. 
Child .■ 

3673. 1. Clara Bell,' b. 2 Jan., 1859; married 25 Dec, 1S81, Cyrus H. North. Res. 

(1882) Braceville, O. C/nld : 

3674. i. Raymond Humphrey,' b. 27 Aug., 1S83. 

FAI\nLY 293. 

3'575- Lucius Franklin' Humphrey, [1951] (Frederifk,^ Da-id'' David,* Ensign 

Saj!!uel,i Lieut. Samuel," Michael' ) was born in 1830; married Lucretia Hillman. 

Mr. Humphreys is General Agent for the Buckeye I\Io\ver and Table Rake, also for the 
Buckeye Harvester and Binder. Res. (18S2) La Porte, Ind. 
Children : 

3676. L Ella C.^; married. 

3677. n. Emmet D. ^; married. 

FA:\riLY 294 

3678- Henry Noah' Humphrey, [1973] (Capt. Thcmn,^ Simeon,-^ Darid,* Ensign 

Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- J/ichael,' J v<'a.s born in Connecticut, i Feb., 1819; was reared in Ohio, 

and removed to Piatt Co., Mo., about 1839. He married 4 May, 1843, Mary F. (daughter of 
William and Fannie Andrews) Favor, of Essex Co., Va., where she was born 11 Nov., 1818. 

Mr. Humphrey received a limited education in the public schools of Trumbull County, Ohio, 

served three years in the War of the Civil Rebellion, in Co. "H," i8th Missouri Vols.; returned 

to Platte Co. at the close of the war, and was engaged in farming and stock-raising until his 
death, 23 Dec, 1884. 

Children (all horn in Weston, Platte Co., Mo.): 

3679. L William H.*, b. 15 April, 1S44. 

3680. n. IMiLTON H.', b. 10 Sept., 1S46; married , is deceased; had one dau., Mary 

Ellen ; resided in Libert}-, Kan. 

3681. HL James S.^, b. 14 Jan., 1849. Farmer. Res. (1SS5) Weston, Platte Co., Mo.; 


3682. IV. Theron M.^, b. 8 Nov., 1S50; brought up on farm; graduated 1S79, from Law- 

School of Missouri State University. Is now located in practice at Albanv, Gentry 
Co., Mo. 

3683. V. Preston ]\I.^, b. 24 Dec, 1853. Brought up on farm; w-as agent and Telegraph 

operator at Elk Creek, Neb., for six years; is now agent for the Missouri Pacific 
R. R., at Raven Den, Ark. He married in Nebraska, Dred Simmons, who has 
since deceased. Lias four children, all young. 

3684. VI. Ethel,8 b. 27 Oct., 1857. Res. (1S85) Weston, Platte Co., Kan. 

FAMILY 295. 

36S5. Preston Miner' Humphrey, [1972] (Capi. Thenm, sww.m,-- Davu,^ E,mgn 

Samuel,' Lieut. Samuel,- Michael') was bom 7 Nov., 1820, Trumbull Co., O. He married m 
June, 1865, Diantha Dibble (dau. of Eli* and Katharine Drum) Hubbell, b. 19 Oct., 1832, in 
Bradford County, Pa. He emigrated to Missouri in 1840. He served as a private in the Me.xican 
war, in 1846 and 1847, under Gen. Kearney, in the Western Division. Moved to Atchison Co., 
Kan., in i860. Since that period he has been engaged in farming, stock raising and merchan- 
dizing. Res. (1884) Larkin, Jackson Co., Kan. 

Children : 
36S6. I. Ch,\rles Preston,^ b. 11 Nov., 1S66. 

3687. n. H.\RRiET Idella,^ b. 18 June, 1S69, in Atchison Co.. Kan. 

FA:\IILY 296. 

36S8. Captain CharleS Beach' Humphrey, [1999] (Charles,'' Simeon,^ David,* 
Ensign Samuel,' Lieut. Samuel,'' Michael') was born at Goshen, Ct. , and raised in Wadsworth, 
Ohio; about 1850, removed to Monroe, Wis. At the breaking out of the War of the Civil 
Rebellion, he enlisted at Monroe, Wis., August, 1861, in the 5th Battery, Wisconsin Light 
Artillery; was commissioned ist Lieutenant, 14 Sept., 1861, and Captain on the 18 Feb., 1863; 
resigned 29 April, 1863. He was in numerous skirmishes and two general engagements, one at 
Perryville, Ky., Oct., 1862, and at Stone River, Tenn., 31 Dec, 1862. He is a jeweler and 
watchmaker by trade, but during the last four years (1866-70) has been one of the members of 
the firm of Titus & Humphrey, druggists, at Monroe, Wis. He was married at Monroe, Wis., 

27 Jan., 1862, to Addie (dau. of John E. and Mclntyre) Jennings, b. 17 Aug., 1842, in 

Canada; died at San Jose, Cal., 24 June, 1874. Her parents reside (1885) in i\Ionroe, Wis. 

He has been a member of the City Council, and of the Territorial Legislative Assembly, and 
is (1885) Master of a Lodge of A. F. & A. ]\L, and Eminent Commander of Knights Templar. 
He is a dealer in watches, clocks, jewelry, etc. P. O. address (1885) Boise City, Ada Co., Idaho. 

Children (born at Monroe, Wis.): 
36S9. I. Harry Dudley, ^b. 4 ]\Ich., 1864: unmarried. IMerchaut. Res. (1885) Boise City, Idaho. 

3690. II. Grace,^ b. 7 Aug., 1865; d. 7 Feb., 1878, a'. 12 years. 

FAMILY 297. 

3691. Virgil Van Rensselaer' Humphrey, [2025J (Joseph Drake, Esq.'; isaiah,^ 

David,* Ensign Samuel.^ Lieiil. Samuel" Michael,') was born 23 Mch., 1832, in Norton township, 
Ohio. He married at Akrun, O., 5 Nov., 1856, Hannah Bullock. Res. (1882) Somerset Centre, 
Hillsdale Co., I\Iich., and (18S4) Addison, Lenawee Co., Mich. 

3692. I. Adelly Irene, ^ b. 5 June, 1858, Grand Rapids, Portage Co., Wis.; married at Hudson, 

Lenawee Co., Mich., 12 Oct., 18S1, Lewis Ellsworth. Res. (1882) Hudson, JMich. 

3693. II. RoM.\N R.^ b. 23 Oct., 1862, Addison, Lenawee Co., Mich. Res. (1882) Somerset 

Centre, Mich. 

3694. III. Arris P.', b. 6 Dec, 1867, Addison, Lenawee Co., Mich. 

3695. lY. Charles Y.^, b, 11 June, 1S74, Addison, Lenawee Co., Mich. 

* Eli Hubbell, b. 29 June. 1786, in Massacbusutts: m. 21 Jan., 1S16, Katbarin 
and emigrated to Missouri in 1838, wbere he died 11 Oct., 1854, a;. 68 years. His 


fa:\iily 20s. 

3696. Esquire JameS Kent' Humphrey, [2029] (Hon. Van Rcnsschw^ haiah^ 
David,* Ensig?i Sa?nuel,^ Lieut. Siwiuel,'' Michael^) was born 28 Apr., 1S25, in Hudson, Ohio. 
He married at St. Paul, Minn., 16 June, 1857, Arabella Gertrude (dau. of ^Michael * and Harriet 
Eloise Dornin) Jones, b. 11 Nov., 1838, in Cincinnati, O. 

James Kent Humphrey was educated at Western Reserve College; was admitted to the bar 
of the Supreme Court of Ohio, at Canton, O., at the December term, 1846, but never practiced law. 

He studied medicine in the office of Dr. George Ashmun, a practicing physician of Hud- 
son, O., during the years 1847 and 1848. He went to St. Paul in 1849, where he has since 
resided. He was appointed Clerk of the District Court for the County of Ramsey, in November, 
1849, ^iid Clerk of the Supreme Court of Minnesota Territory in January following; was in the 
Revenue service from 1861 to 1877, since which he has been dealing in real estate, and is esteemed 
a wealthy man. Res. (1885) St. Paul, Minn. 
Children (born in St. Paul, Mitin.): 

3697. I. Stella Beach, ^ b. 25 Dec, 1S59: d. at St. Paul, Minn., 22 July, 1800, at. 7 months. 

3698. II. Vax Renssklaer,^ b. 14 Oct., 1862. In 18S4, was assistant Inspector of Buildings 

in St. Paul, Minn. 

3699. III. Gertrude Dornin," b. 3 Aug., 1864; died at St. Paul, Minn., 6 June, 1867, 

;v. 2 years. 

3700. IV. Laura Eloise,^ b. 23 July, 1868. 

3701. V. Omar Conger,^ b. 29 Jan., 1875. 

FA:\nLY 299. 

Van Rensse/aer,° Isaiah,^ David, 

3702. Van Rensselaer' Humphrey, [2031] (Ho, 

Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,'^ Michael'^J born 30 Apr., 1831, in Hudson, O. ; died at St. Louis, 
Mo., 8 Jan., 1857, se. 25 years. He married at Calvy, Franklin Co., Mo., in 1855, Eliza A. 

Music, of C, where her parents resided. She married (2) . She died in 1884, or not 

long before. 

He was for several 3'ears engaged as a civil engineer upon the Missouri Pacific R. R., 
probably during the years 1852, 1853, 1854, 1855. 

3703. I. Charles.^ 

FAMILY 300. 

3704. Esquire Calvin PeaSe' Humphrey, [2032] (Hm. Van. Rensselaer," Isaiah.i 
David,* Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,' Michael^ J born 21 June, 1840, in Hudson, O. ; married 
at Hudson, O., 20 Sept., 1864, Delia Chrissa (dau. of Harvey and Harriet Elizabeth Clark) 
Whedon, of Hudson, O., born there 29 Aug., 18 — . 

He graduated at Western Reserve College, and "is a man of more than ordinary ability." 
Lawyer, firm of Humphrey and Stuart, Attorneys at Law and Patent Solicitors, Akron, O. Res. 
(1869) Cuyahoga Falls, Summit Co., O.; (1SS5) Akron, Summit Co., O. 
Children (born in Cuyahoga Falls, O. ) : 

3705. I. Calvin Pease,» b. 20 Feb., 1868; died at Cuyahoga Falls, O., 22 Feb., 186S. 

3706. II. Clarence Edwin,* b. 9 Sept., 1870. . 

3707. III. Helen Whedon,* b. 24 Feb., 1872. 

* Michael Jones was a member of the dry goods house of "Jones Bros.," of Cincinnati, O, where lie died in 1862. His wile w.-is 
the only sister of Commodore Thomas A. Dornin of the U. S. Navy. She died at Newport, Ky , «i 1849. 



37cS. Clarence' Humphrey, [2033] (tlon Van Rensse/ae,-,^ Isamh,i David,^ Ensign 
Samtici,= Lieut. Samuel,- Michael' ) was born 27 Aug., 1846, in Hudson, O. He married al 
Garner, Hancock Co., Iowa, 9 Feb., 1S73, Kate Fay. Telegraph operator. Res. (1869) Warren, 
Trumbull Co., O. ; in Cleveland, O., two or three 3-ears prior to 1884. Removed June, 1884, to 
Mason City, Cerra Gordo Co., Iowa. 

Child?-en (born at Mason City, lama) ; 

3709. I. Laura Grant,^ b. 23 Feb., 1874, 

3710. II. Clarence Lyle,^ b. 5 Aug., 1877. 

FAMILY 302. 

3711- Edwin' Humphrey, ^I- D., [2036] Col. Isaiah,^ Isaiah,^ Da7'i<I,* Ensign Samuel,' 
Lieut. Samuel,'' Michael') was born 29 May, 1836, in Twinsburgh, Summit Co., O. He married 
20 Dec, 1857, Mary Elvira (dau. of Sherlock and Mary Richardson) Holcomb, of Hudson, O., 
b. 7 Oct., 1836, Twinsburgh, O., where her parents lived until their removal to Hudson, O., 
which was their residence at the time of her marriage. Her parents were from New England. 

He received an ordinary common school and academic education, studied the science of 
medicine, and graduated at the old Cleveland Medical College at the close of the term of 1864-5. 

In the spring of 1859 (he was married in 1857) he removed to Boston townshiii, and in 
the spring of 1861, to Peninsula. 

He graduated from the Chautauqua Literary Scientific Circle in the summer of 1S84, after 
a four years' course of study ; is quite busy in the practice of medicine, as he has been for the 
last twenty years. Res. (1S85) Peninsula village, in Boston township, O. 

3712. I. Clarence Merton, INI. D.7, b. 30 Dec, 1858, Hudson, O. He studied medicine 

with his father, and graduated from the Cleveland Medical College" in the term 
of 1881-2. Fle is now (1885) located at Akron, Summit Co., O. 

3713. II. James L.awrence,^ b. 13 Sept., 1S60, Boston township, died zi Peninsula, O., 6 

June, 1 86 1. 

3714. III. Lillian May,^ b. 19 ^'.lay, 1S62; is unmarried; is a fine musician. Ros. (1SS5) 

Peninsula, O. 

3715. IV. Sybil Beulah,^ b. 27 Oct., 1860; is still in school. Res. (1SS5) Peninsula, <). 

FAMILY 303. 

3716. Wallace' Humphrey, [2040] (Col. Lsalah,^ Lsaiah,i David,'' Ensign Samuel,^ 
Lieut. Samuel,'' Michael' ) was born 8 Julv, 1840, in Twinsburgh, O. He married 1 Oct., 1S66, 
Sarah Azette (dau. of William and Mary McCarrol) Smith, b. i Oct., 1S40, in the North of 
Ireland, where her parents resided. She came to this country in early life; d. 5 Sept., 1SS3. 

]\Ir. Humphrey, early in the war for the Union, enlisted in the 2d Ohio Vol. Cav., and 
served until the close of the same. He is a farmer. P. O. address (1884) Peninsula, O. 
Children : 

3717. I. Florence .S.**, b. 7 Nov., 1868. 

3718. II. Paul H.", b. 9 'May, 1S71. 

3719. III. Lawrence I.^, b. 5 Apr., 1873. 

3720. IV. Cicely B.^, b. 10 Mch., iS8c. 















3721. George' Humphrey, [2062] (G7/>/. Hemy,^ Dudky.^ Davu/,-^ Ensign Siimucly 
Lieut. Samite/,- JMichael'^ ) was born 30 Nov., 1836, in Goshen, Litchfield Co., Ct. He married 
in East Townsend, Huron Co., O., 17 Nov., 1863, Frances Cornelia (dau. of Curtis * and Abigail 
Dean) Fairchild, of East Townsend, O., b. 28 Feb., 1841, Waterville, Oneida Co., N. Y. 

He is in the lumber business; has two mills. Res. (1S85) East Townsend, O., and 
Wakeman, Huron Co., O.f 

Children (the first four born in East Townsend, 0., the rest in Wakeman, O. ) : 
Gertrude Leonora,^ b. 21 Sept., 1864; unmarried in 1884. 
George Curtis,^ b. 23 Feb., 1867. Res. (1884) Wakeman, O. 
Jay Deax,'' b. 2 July, 1869. 
Jerome Giy,' b. 30 Jlay, 1872. 
M'lLLiAM Earl,*^ b. 24 INIay, 1876. 
Nellie Lorena,^ b. 24 Jan., 18S1. 

FA]\IILY 305. 

3728. Guy Carlton' Humphrey, [2065] (Capt. Henry,^ Dudley,^ David,^ Ensign 
Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael}) was born 6 Nov., 1840, in Goshen, Lit-chfield Co., Ct. He 
married (i) at East Townsend, Huron Co., O., 16 Mch., 1S65, Nancy L. (dau. of Marcus L. 
and Polly) Ward, of Townsend O. He married (2) at Wakeman, Huron Co., O., 21 July, 1881, 
Malina Ann Knapp, b. 30 Oct., 1857, Bronson, Huron Co., O. 

He enlisted in the Union army, under the first call for troops, in 1861 ; served three years 
and two months in the Army of the Cumberland, in the old 24th Ohio Reg. Vols.; participated 
in the battles of Shiloh, Corinth, Stone River, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, and many heavy 
skirmishes; \\;as honorably discharged 22 June, 1864. He re-enlisted 14 Mch.,. 1865, and served 
thirteen months with Hancock's U. S. Veteran Volunteers ; was honorably discharged at New York 
City, 31 Mch., 1866. In political principle he is a democrat. Farmer. Res. East Townsend, O.; 
P. O. address (1S85) Collin.s, Huron Co., O. 

Children (by jsl marriage ; borti in Wakeman, O. ) : 

3729. I. Alice Lvella,^ b. 2 May, 1S67. R O. address (1885) Norwalk, Huron Co., O. 

3730. II. Guy Henry,8 b. 10 July, 1873; died in Collins, Huron Co., O., 22 Oct., 1884, 

se. 1 1 }-ears. 

3731- James Kirby' Humphrey, [2066] (Capt. Hemy^' Dndley.s David,^ Ensign 
Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,' Michael') was born in March, 1S56, ILast Townsend, O. He married in 
Townsend, O., 1878, Rose Shoup. 

Manufacturer and dealer in whiffletrees and neck yokes. P. O. address (1885) Collins, 
Huron Co., O. 

3732. I. Roscoe Conkling.' 

* Mr. Curtis Fairchild was bom 6 Apr., 1816, in Woodbury, Ct. He married in Hamilton, Madison Co., N. Y., 23 Feb., 1840, 
Abigail Dean, bom 30 July, 1816, in Troy, N. Y. They removed to East Townsend, O., in 1849, where Mr. Fairchild died 4 Apr., 18S3. 
His widow res. (1884) Wakeman, O. 

t Mr. Humphrey writes that his father, Mr. Henry Humphrey [Fam. 122 (2056), S.], was appointed Captain of the ad Company of 
the 3d Reg. Conn. Cavalry, taiing rank from April so, 1841. The certificate given under the public seal of the State of C. 
at Hartford, May 10, 1841, and signed by William W. Ellsworth, Commander-in-Chief. 

He was also sent to the Ohio Legislature at Columbus, from Cuyahoga County, as representative of the democratic party. 


FAMILY 307. 
3733- Henry A.' Humphrey, [2067] (Capt. Henry,^ Dudley,^ David,'' Ensign Samue!,i 
Lieu/. Samuel,^ Michael"^) was born i6 Mch., 1857, East Townsend, O. He married 28 April, 
1878, in Wakeman, O., Wealthy A. (dau. of John S. and "Mary A.) Knapp, born in Ahgonq', 
Branch Co., Mich., 30 ApL, 1854, and residing in Woodbine, Harrison Co., Iowa. Mr. Henry 
A. Humphrey is a railroad conductor. Res. (18S5) No. 95 Professor St., Cleveland, O. 
Children • 

3734. I. IMaude May, 8 b. 7 May, :88o, in Cleveland, O. 

3735. II. Clarence J.^, b. 3 IMch., 18S2, in Wakeman, Huron Co., O. 

FAMILY 308. 

3736. Dudley Sherman^ Humphrey, [2089] (Dudley Sherman,^ Dudley,^ David,* 
Samue/,3 Lieut. Samuel,- Midiael^ ) was born on \\'ednesday, 19 May, 1852. Townsend, Huron 
Co., O. He was married by Rev. Hiram Boyce, at her parents' residence, in Wakeman, O., 
Wednesday, 3 Sept., 1879, to Efifie D. (dau. of Harvey J.* and Wealthy L.) Shannon, b. 25 Aug., 
1858, Buffalo, N. Y. She received her education in Cleveland, O. 

From 1876 to 1879 he was the manager, for his father's estate, of a large saw-mill, bending 
works and stave and barrel factory, carried on by himself and brothers. This was destroyed by 
fire, the estate losing $10,000. 

In 1884 he was a member of the firm of "Humphrey Bros.', in Wakeman, O., seed, 
grain and seed-potato growers, and resided with them on the old homestead. Res. (1884) Town- 
send, Huron Co., O. ; P. O. address Wakeman, O. 
Cluldren : 

3737. I. IMabel Elizabeth,^ b. Saturday, 12 June, iSSo, Wakeman, O. 

3738. II. Harvey John,^ b. Monday, 7 Jan., 1SS4, East Townsend, O. 

FAMILY 309. 
3739- Theron' Humphrey, [2093] (Carletm,^ Malachi,^ Ashhel,'' Ensign Samuel,i Lieut. 
Samuel,^ Michael,^) born 8 May, 1808, in Connecticut. When twelve years old he went to 
Guilford, Chenango Co., N. Y., to reside, and there married 23 Apl., p834, Caroline (dau. of 
Elisha) Porter, of Coventry. 

He was a marble cutter in his younger days, then learned and worked at the cooper's 
trade for a few years after his marriage, and then went to farming on Gospel Hill. About 1864 
he sold his farm and removed to Ouaquaga, Broome Co., N. Y., where he died 25 Oct., i8$6. 
]\Irs. Humphrey's P. O. address (1885) is Allegan, Allegan Co., IMich. 

Nelson Chapman,^ b. 15 Feb., 1836 ; married Helen Augusta Williams. Family i88. 
Orson Wayne,^ b. 22 Oct., 1837; married Anna Josephine Davis. Family 489. 
Charles Leroy,* b. 25 Aug., 1839; married Prudence Lewis. Family 490. 
Carrie Lucinda,^ b. 8 May, 1845; married (i) 22 Mch., 1866, Edwards Watrous. 
She married (2) Elisha O. Perkins. P. O. address (1883) Allegan, Mich. 
Children (by isl marriage): 
3744. i. Lena Sophia,' (Watrous) b. 10 Feb., 1867. 

(By 2d marriage): 
3745- »• Charles' (Perkins). 

3746. iii. Robert' (Perkins). 

resides (1884) in Wakeman, ()., where he holds the pos 









3 7 so- 


ars I- 





FAMILY 310. 
3747- Lewis' Humphrey, [2095] (Cu-/eh>i,^ Mahchi,^ Ashhe/,^ Ensign Samuel,' Lieu/. 
Samuel," Michael') was born in Norfolk, Ct., 29 July, 1811; married December, 1S41, Jane 
Finch, who died 16 Apl., 1856, a?. 35. He died 24 Sept., 1869, a-. 58. 
Children : * 

3748. I. Eliz.\beth,'' b. 6 ^lay, 1S35; married 21 Dec, 1859, • Purdy. Res. Middle- 

town, Orange Co., N. Y. 

3749. II. Lewis L.^, b. i Nov., 1845; is married. Res. (18S5) Allegan, Allegan Co., Mich. 

No children. 
J.vNE E.^ b. 13 Aug., 1863; d. 25 Nov., 1864. 

Froxie,s b. 20 Oct., 1865. R O. address (1885) INIiddletown, Orange Co., N. Y. 
H.\TTiE S.^ b. 8 Mch., 1869; died 1876. 

FAMILY 311. 

3753- Hiram Reynolds' Humphrey, [2100] (Carkion,'' Maiachi,^ Ashbei,^ Ensign 

Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel," Michael\) was born 5 October, 1826, in Fayette (now Guilford), 
Chenango Co., N. Y. He married there (i) 12 Feb., 1850, Betsey Eunice (dau. of Stephen and 
Rosalie) Yale, a native and resident of Guilford, who died there 22 Aug., 1854. He married (2) 
in G., 9 July, 1857, Esther Maria (dau. of Isaac Atwater and Lucretia) Ives, b. 5 Apr., 1S31, 
in G., where her parents resided. 

Mr. Humphrey w^as for some time a painter and paper hanger; later a clerk in Guilford: 
afterward a farmer for several years in that town. He at last sold his farm there and bought a 
place in Bainbridge, N. Y., where he resides (1885). 
Children (by ist marriage): 

3754. I. Franklin Yale,^ b. 21 July, 1852; married Henrietta Paulina Pearsall. Family 491. 
(By 2d marriage): 

3755. II. Bessie Ameli.v,^ b. 17 Oct., i860, Guilford, N. Y. ; married 31 Jan., 1884, John 

Clark Toby, of Guilford, born there 30 June, 1859. 

3756. IIL Mary Lucretia,'^ b. 22 Feb., 1S63, at Guilford, N. Y. R O. address (1885) 

Bainbridge, N. Y. 

3757. IV. Isaac Carleton,'* b. 9 Aug., 1865, at Bainbridge, N. Y. P. O. address (1885) 

Bainbridge, N. Y. 

3758. V. Hupert Ives,^ b. 5 Apl, 1869, at Bainbridge, N. Y. ; is (1S85) attending the 

Bainbridge Union School. 

FA:\IILY 312. 

3759- Charles' Humphrey, [2102] Loyal,^ Malachi,^ Ashbel.* Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. 
Samuel," Michael,' ) probably born in Tolland, Mass., i6 Nov., 1813 ; married (i) 1834, Elizabeth 
Ann Cooper, of Winchester, Ct., who died 1838; (2) 1840, Tryphena Ruple, of Euclid, O. ; (3) 
I Jan., 1847, Jane Clark, of Dover, O. ; (4) Fannie Gibbs, of Bland'ford, Mass. 

When first married he was a peddler of brass clocks in the Western States; after that he 
was a peddler of silverware and jewelry. Then he engaged in the manufacture of Boston rocking- 
chairs, in Euclid, O., and later was proprietor of a hotel in Rockport, O., also of one in Cleve- 
land, O. From the latter place he went to Tolland, Mass., and was a farmer about two years; 
then moved to New Boston, Mass., and worked in a saw mill. He afterwards resided in Norfolk, 
Ct., and thence removed to Winsted, Ct., where he was for two years proprietor of a hotel. 

* Mr. I^wi.s Humphrey seems to have married twice, if not tlirice. but we have been unable to obtain the necessary- information 
on this point. 


After this he settled m Colebrook River, Ct., and worked in a turning shop. One day a stick 

flew irom the lathe at which he was busied, and struck him with such force that it killed him. 

This was on 23 Dec, 1882. 

Children (by 1st marriage): 

3760. I. Jane Elizabeth,** b. 19 Oct., 1836, Winchester, Ct. ; married 25 Feb., 1857, Oliver 

Ellsworth (son of Oliver Ellsworth and Polly Mills) Slocum, of Tolland, Mass., 
born there 9 Feb., 1837. He is a farmer, and dealer in imported stock; and 
chairman of the Selectmen and School Committee. Res. (1884) Tolland, Hampden 
Co., Mass. Children (born in Tolland, Mass.): 

yi(>\. i. Harriet Elizabeth,' b. 8 Dec, 1S57; married in Milton, N. Y., 28 Dec, 1880, Watson 

I. Hale. 

3762. ii. Oliver Ellsworth,' b. 20 June, 1862; married in East Granville, Mass., 25 Aug., 1883, 

Helen G. Hall. 

3763. iii. Marion Amelia' (or Minnie), b. 23 May, 1864. 

3764. iv. Mary Louise,' b. 31 May, 1S66. 

3765. V. Katie Bell,' b. 12 May, 1870. 
( Bv 2d marriage ) : 

3766. II. Loyal Samuel,^ b. 21 Sept., 1842; married Ellen Juliaette Palmer, of Otis Family 492. 
(Bv 3d marriage): 

3767. III. Charles Lauren,* b. 21 Jan., 1848, Euclid, O. ; married 10 Dec, 1873, Victoria 

Meude, of Mobile, Ala. Res. (1884) Mobile, Ala. No children. 

3768. IV. Alice Gertrude,* b. 21 June, 1852, Rockport, O. ; died, a?. 16 years. 

3769. V. Lyman Edward,* b. 1856, Tolland, Mass. Resided in Troy, N. Y. 

3770. VI. Adelaide Louise,* b. 11 July, 1858, New Boston, Mass.; died there 28 Feb., 1864, 

a'. 6 years; was burned to death. 

3771. VII. Calvin Bird,* b. Feb.. 1861, New Boston, Mass.; married i Jul}-, 1S83, Nellie 

Stumpf, of Sandisfield. 

3772. VIII. William Reuben," b. 25 Dec, 1866, Colebrook River, Ct. P. O. address (1884) 

Waterbury, Ct. ; is unmarried. 
(By 4th marriage)' 

3773. IX. MiNxi^E A.*, b. II Aug., 1875, Colebrook River, Ct. 

3774. X. Ada a.*, b. 13 Dec, 1878, Colebrook River, Ct. 

FAMILY 313. 
3775- Hiram' Humphrey, [2108] (Joel," Malachi,^ AsIM,^ Ensign Samuel,i Lieut. 
Samuel,^ AHchael') was born 22 Sept., 1813, in Tolland, Hampden Co., INIass.; married 29 Mch., 
1838, Juha A. Bierce, of Cornwall, Ct., b. 6 Feb., 1820, and who died 5 Aug., 1853. He is a 
sawyer, at Parma, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio (1884). He settled in Parma when he went to Ohio. 

Children (born in Parma, O.): 
3776. I. LuciA Melvina,* b. 29 Apr.. 1S40: m. 14 Aug., 1859, Joseph Blair. P. O. address 

(1885) Middleburg, Cuyahoga Co., O. Children: 
yjTl. i. Ida Hannah,' b. 10 Nov., 1863; m. 10 Jan., 1880, Edwin Goodrich. P. O. address 

(1885) Hinckley, Medina Co., O. Chilclrcn : (I) Celon Sylvester'" (Goodrich), and 
(2) Cecil Eugene" (Goodrich), twins, b. 6 Apr., 1883. 

3778. ii. William Henry,' b. 21 July, 1865. 

3779. iii. John Wesley,' b. 27 Oct., 1868. 

3780. iv. Franklin .Sylvester,' b. 21 Dec, 1873. 











IMalachi George,^ b. 17 May, 1842; married Henrietta J. Price. F.\mily 4C3. 
I\Iary Elizabeth,^ b. 2S Feb., 1844; married 8 :\Ich., 1S67, James Wall, of New 
York State. Child: 

i. Julia Anna,' b. 25 Dec, 1S6S. 

Hannah,^ b. 11 Oct., 1845; married in Parma, O., 11 Aug., 1866, Oscar Nicholas, 
of Parma, born there 18 INIay, 1841. He was in the Union army from 30 Oct., 
1S61, to 1864; was wounded in the right forearm in the charge on Fort Wagner, 
18 July, 1863; and at Weir Bottom Church, Va., 20 Ma)', 1864, a gun-shot in 
the right knee caused a stiff joint. He has been engaged in mercantile business 
since the war. Children (born in Parma, O.): 

i. Harry Levi,' ( . or-, o^o 

' -twins, b. iS Feb., 186S. 

ii. Harriet Lucina,' \ 

iii. Julia Lucinda,' b. 17 Mch., 1870. 
iv. Edward Oscar,' b. 28 July, 1873. 
V. Alfred Charles,' b. 8 Aug., 1879. 

3790. V. Lucinda.^ b. 7 Aug., 1847; died in Cleveland, O., 4 Apr., 1S6S, w. 21; married 

I Dec, 1866, Jerome Eastman, of Cleveland. P. O. address (1885) No. 761 
Lorain St., Cleveland, O. Child: 

3791. i. Herbert,' b. 20 Aug., 1S67, Cleveland, O. 

3792. VI. Wesley,^ b. i May, 1S49; married Alice L. Smith. Family 494. 

3793. VII. Sylvester B.^, b. 24 May, 183 1; d. 22 Aug., i860, a>. 9. 

3794. VIII. Julia Axx,s b. 9 l\Ich., 1S53; d. 22 Mch., 1064, tc. 11. 

FA:MILY 314. 

3795- William' Humphrey, [2109] (Joel,° Maladni Ashhel,^ Ensign Samuel^- Lieut. 
Samuel,'^ Michael^) was born i Nov., 1815, at Tolland, Hampden Co., Mass.; married (i) Elisa 
Jane Becket, of Amherst, Lorain Co., Ohio, 26 Sept., 1842. She died 19 Nov., 1863. He 
married (2) i Nov., 1866, Widow Laura Jane Tinning (Tinker), of Tolland, Hampden Co., 
Mass., 3 Nov., 1866. She was daughter of Edward Lay and Laura Tinker. He went to Ohio 
in 1833, and lived in Parma about ten years; and is a farmer at Middleburgh, Cuyahoga, Co., 
Ohio, in 1884. He bought the place on which he now resides in 1854. 
Children (by l%t marriage): 

3796. I. Elias Becket,* b. 23 July, 1844; married Frankie Bailey. Family 495. 

3797. II. Lydia Ursula,^ b. 30 ]Mch., 1849, Amherst; married 6 June, 1865, Edwin Maynard 

(son of John and Kate) Bailey, of Middleburgh, O. Res. (1S84) Blissfield, 
Mich. Children : 

3798. i. Arthur Maynard,' b. 10 June, 1S68, Berea, O. 

3799. ii. Czar William,' b 29 Mch., 1871, Cleveland, O. 

3800. iii. Mary Elizabeth,' b. 12 Feb., 1876, Cleveland, O. 

3801. iv. Edwin Cadore,' b. 19 Dec, 1879, Blissfield, O. 

3802. v. Iva Ethel,' b. 6 June, 1883, Blissfield, O. 

3803. III. Lowell Loyal,* b. 9 May, 1854; married Christina Nettie Hofl'man. Family 496. 

3804. IV. LeRoy,* b. 5 Dec, 1S57, INIiddleburgh, O. ; died 9 Jan., 1S58. 

FAMILY 315. 

3S05. RufuS Jay^ Humphrey, [2113] (George,^ Malachl,^ Ashbel'' Ensign Samue!,^ 
Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael') was born i6 Feb., 1823, in Guilford Centre, Chenango Co., K Y. 
He married in Marcellus, Onondaga Co., N. Y., Mary Elizabeth (dau. of Newton) Enos, born 
25 Feb., 1826, in Marcellus. Farmer. Res. (1884) Guilford, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

Oiild : 
3806. I. Charles R.^, j\I. D., b. 24 Jan., 1S53; studied medicine, and graduated at the 

Homeopathic College in Philadelphia, after which he jiracticed his profession in Fort 
Plain, N. Y., for six months. He died 28 .Sept., 1S77, lc-. 24 years. Unmarried. 

FA^^HLY 31G. 

3807. Flavel Gaylord' Humphrey, [21 15] (George,^ Maiachi^ Ashbei,'^ Ensign 

Smiue/,' Lieut. Samuel.- Michael') was born in Guilford, N. Y., 28 Nov., 1829. He married 
II Oct., 1S51, at Guilford, N. Y., Harriet Ives, born in 1833. Farmer. P. O. address (1884) 
Guilford Centre, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

Children (born in Guil/orJ, N. Y.): 

380S. I. WiLL.\RD Allex,^ b. 30 July, 1852; married Jan. 5, 1S75, Ellen Carrie Isaac; has 

two children. 

Hexry L.^, b. 18 .Sept., 1854; married Feb. 7, iSSo, Amelia Firus; has two children. 

George Orrin,^ b. 15 ]\Ich., 1857. 

Nettie L.°, b. 21 Sept., 185S; married Jlar. 2, iSSi, George Benedict; has one child. 

Freddie Volnev,^ b. 30 Dec, i860; married 2 Feb., 1884, Julia De F. Mack. 


3Si3- Henry Chester- Humphrey, [2124] {Chester,^ Maiachi^ Ashbei.* Ensign 

Samuel. i Lieut. Samuel,- Michael') was born i8 Apr., 1830, in Winchester, Ct., and died in Polo, 
Ogle Co., 111., 30 June, 1866, ae. 36 years. He was a commission merchant. He married (i) 
Delphi, Ind., 12 Mch., 1852, Martha Depard. He married (2) St. Louis, Mo., 7 Dec, 1858, 
Rosa Newell. She res. (1882) Chicago, 111. 

Children (by ist marriage)) 

3514. I. Huldah,^ b. in St. Louis, Mo., 23 Sept., 185S; married in Polo, 111., 29 Aug., 

1882, Charles S. (son of G. W. and Mary A.) Wolfe, b. 16 Apr., 1858, in 
Hollidaysburgh, Pa. Grocer. Res. (18S5) Polo, III. 
[C7„7,/.- ', b. at Tolo, III., 4 Feb., 1885.] 

(By 2d marriage J : 

3515. II. Albert Chester,^ b. 20 Feb., i860, Polo, 111; married in Chicago, 111., 20 Feb., 

1880, Julia S. McAulay, b. 25 Feb., 1862, in Chicago, dau. of John and Julia E. 
(Dickson) McAulay, of C. He is a book-keeper for the Western Union Telegraph 
Company. Res. (1882) Chicago, 111. Chikh 
3815'J. i. Freddie,' b. 20 Mch., 1883. 

3516. in. Kittie Ella,3 b. 20 June, 1862. Res. (1885) Polo, 111. 










FAMILY 318. 
3S17. Georo-e' Humphrey, [2134] (Horace,^ Mi/ac/i/,' AsMc/,-* Ens/n-n Samuc/.i Lieut. 
Samuel,^ Michael^) was born 21 Aug., 1838, in Norfolk, Ct. He married in Torrington, Ct., 
I Jan., 1861, Mary (dau. of Harmon* and Laura Beardsley) Wilson, of Torrington, born there 
1842. He has lived in Winsted the greater part of the time since he was married. Res. (1884) 
\Mnsted, Ct. 

38 1 S. L IMyrtle Eola,s b. 3 Mch., 1867, Winsted, Ct. 

FA^^HLY 319. 

3819. John Lathrop' Humphrey, [2153] (Timothy,^ Lein;^ AsMcI^ Ensign Samud,^ 

Lieut. Samuel,^ MichaeP ) was born at Goshen, Ct. He married (i) ]Martha Lee. He married (2) 
Maria Grant Farmer. Res. (1884) Burrville, Ct. 

Children (by 1st marriage j : 
3820. I. Sylvia.^ 

3S21. IL Annie.^ 

(By 2d marriage): 
3822. in. Daughter ^ a few months old; d. in Feb., 18S4. 

FAMILY 320. 

3823. Timothy Herman' Humphrey, [2155] (Timothy," Levi,^ Ashbci.^ Ensign 

Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael \) was born 13 Jan., 1S30, in Norfolk, Ct. He marricil 15 Jan., 
1864, Ehza (dau. of Hiram and Honora) Griffen, b. 17 Mch., 1S41, County Clare, Ireland. 
Farmer. Res. (1884) Canton, Ct. 



Franklin Lewis, ^ b. 15 Jan., 1S65; d. 15 Sept., 1S65. 




L— ^'^ [twins, b. 13JUIV, 1867; d. 13 Aug., 1867. 
Katy,« \ 



Alice, == b. 21 May, 1S68. 





g' [-twins, b. 10 Jan., 1870; dicii the same day. 



Elizabeth, •■' b. 10 Mch., 1872. 



John, 8 b. 21 Apr., 1874. 

William,^ b. i July, 1879; died in Feb., 1880. 

3833. X. Timothy William,^ b. 18 Apr., 1S81. 

[Minnie, an adopted daughter, b. 4 IMay, 1S67.] 

FAMILY 321. 
3S34. Lewis Skinner^ Humphrey, [2156] (Timothy,'- Levi^ Ashbel* Ensign Samuel,^ 
Lieul. Samuel,^ Michael') "was born lo June, 1832, Eric, Pa. He married in Winsted, Ct., 6 
Dec, 1858, Mary Keefe. Removed with his parents to Connecticut when two years old. Farmer. 
Res. (1884) West Winsted, Ct. 

• Harmon Wilson was born in Torriiiglon, Ct , and Jicd tln;rc in 185.^. His wifc, I,aur.i Bradley, was bom in Kent, and died in 
1881, Torrington. 


Children (Imrn w Xor/M, Ct.): 

3835. I. Li.oYD,'' h. 23 Sept., 1859 ; unmarried (1884). 

3S36. II. Levi/ b. 8 Apr., 1S62; unmarried (18S4). 

3837. III. A.N-xiE,8 b. S June, 1S64; unmarried (1S84). 

FAMILY 322. 

3838. Morris' Humphrey, [2176] (Asahel° Ashbd,i AMcU^ Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. 
Samuel,'' ^fichacl') was born 2 Jan., 1818, and married in Harrisburgh, N. Y., 15 Apr., 1845, 
Ahiiira J. (daughter of Joel) Kelsey, of Harrisburgh, N. Y., where she was born. Res. (1884) 
Harrisburgh, Lewis Co., N. Y. P. O. address (1884) Copenhagen, Lewis Co., N. Y. 

Child : 
3S39. I. Pameli.\,^ b. 1850, Harrisburgh, N. Y. ; married in Lowville, 19 Feb.. 1S67, her 

cousin, Loren Allen ' Humphrey. [See Fam. 329, S.=] 

FA:\riLY 323. 

3S40. Jeremiah' Humphrey, [2 I77]('^-5<Z'^^''/ Ashbel,= Ashbel,* Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. 
Samuel,^ Michael,' ) \\as born 5 July, 1S21. He married 23 June, 1842, Ruth (dau. of John and 
Parnal Keen) Goodenough, born in Lewis Co., N. Y., 9 Mch., 1822. He was a farmer; and 
died at Carthage, Jefierson Co., N. Y., 5 Oct., 1878; his widow still resides (1885) at that place. 

Children (horn at Harrisburgh, Lewis Co., N. F. ) : 
3841. I. \V.\YNE A.^, b. 8 May, 1843; married 10 Dec, 1872, Mary L. (dau. of Alphonse and 

Lucina Carter) Loomis, of Champion, N. Y., where he res. 1885. Farmer. Chill: 

3542. i. Sanford C, b. 20 June, 1878. 

3543. II. Francelia A.^ b. 9 Jan., 1850; married 26 Nov., 1866, George Terry. Child: 

3544. i. W. Adelbert' (Terry), b. 19 Sept., 1867. 

3845. III. Ophelia A.', b. 28 Dec, 1852; she died 22 Jan., 1859. 

FA]\IILY 324 
3S46. Hezekiah' Humphrey, [2179] (Asahel,'^ AsIM,' Ashhel,* Ensign Samuel,' Lieut. 
Samuel,- MichaeC ) was born 7 Nov., 1829, in Harrisburgh, N. Y. He removed to Rochester, 
N. Y., in 1844, and there married 18 Feb., 1851, Mary (dau. of James and JIary Anna Garl) 
Williams. She was born 17 I\Iar., 1826, in Belfast, Ireland. They resided (1SS4) in Rochester, 
N. Y., where all their children were born. He is a stair-builder. 
Children : 

George Hezekiah,' b. 11 Dec, 1S51; married Ida A. Book. I^'amily 497. 
AVashington G.*,8 b. 2 Jan., 1854; married Olivia Augusta Dakc Family 45)8. 
Axgeline,' b. 22 Jan., 1856; d. 19 Jan., 1857, a;, i year. 

Ge.n-eral Vine,^ b. 29 Nov., 1857; unmarried. Res. (18S5) Rochester, N. \. 
Levi,8 b. 21 Feb., i860; unmarried. Res. (1885) Rochester, N. Y. 

FAiNIILY 325. 
3852. Leonard' Humphrey, [2181J (Asahel,'' Ashbel,^ Ashbel,* Ensign S.muel,^ Lieut. 
Samuel,' Michael') was born 14 Aug., 1835, in Harrisburgh, Lewis Co., N. Y. He removed to 
Rochester, N. Y., in 1854, ami married Anna (dau. of James and Mary Anna Garl) Williams, 






















b. 22 Feb., 1S57. She was born in Belfast, Ireland, in 1S3S. Her sister i\Iary married Hezekiah' 
Humphrey, brother of Leonard.'' [See Fam. 324.] Their children were all born in Rochester. 
They resided in that city in 1884; address, 24 Bolivar St. He is a stair-builder. 
Children : 

Emily Valeria,^ b. 22 Oct., 1S61. 

Amelia Lulu,^ b. 8 May, 1863. 

Irvixg Asahel,^ b. 22 Oct., 1S66. 

Flora Angelixe,^ b. 24 June, 1868. 

EuRT,* b. 1872. 

FAMILY 326. 

3858. Spencer William' Humphrey, [21S5] (Levi,^ Ashbel,'' AsMel,^ Ensign Samuel,^ 
Lieut. Samuel,- Michael,^) was born 31 Oct., 1828,* Harrisburgh, Lewis Co., N. Y. He married 
(i) at Fond du Lac, Wis., 23 Nov., 1850, Melissa Ruth (dau. of Harper) Adams, of Fond du 
Lac, Wis., b. 3 Oct., 1829, Lowville, Lewis Co., N. Y. ; d. in Fond du Lac, Wis., pf Mch., 
1S57, re. 27. He married (2) at Canon City, Col., 15 Dec, 1879, Harriet Baker ;\Iorse, widow 
of Dr. Amos Morse, of New Orleans, La. 

He went to Fond du Lac, Wis., when quite young, and engaged in lumbering for some 
time, and afterward in general merchandizing. In 1858 he removed to Spirit Lake, Iowa, tem- 
porarily. About this time, however, the Pike's Peak gold excitement arose, and he returned to 
Fond du Lac, settled up his affairs and started for Pike's Peak in the fall of that }'ear. He 
spent about seventeen years in the different gold and silver mines of Colorado. His health failed 
him while mining, and he went to New Mexico. After his return to Colorado, he engaged in the 
wholesale grocery business, which he has followed to the present time (1S85), at Canon City, Col 

Children (by is/ marriage J: 
3S59. I. Francis Eva,^ b. 17 Nov., 1851, Fond du Lac, Wis. At the age of seven, when 

her father went to Pike's Peak, she became a member of the family of Mr. J. C. 
Wedge, of Fond du Lac, and afterward lived there until her marriage in that 
town, 17 Oct., 1872, to Frank A. (son of Dr. Franklin and Minerva) Blackmer, 
M. D., b. 16 Jan., 1847, Amherst, Lorain Co., O. His parents moved to Albert 
Lea, Minn., when he was ten years old. He enlisted in Co. C, 5th Minn. Vols., 
in February, 1862, at the age of fifteen. He was wounded 22 August, 1862, by 
the Sioux Indians, during the Indian massacre in Minnesota. He graduated from 
Charity Hospital Medical College, Cleveland, O., in February, 1868, and has 
been practicing his profession constantly ever since. Res. 1S73-4, at Jackson, 
Jackson Co., INIinn., and from that date until the present (1885), at Albert Lea, 
Freeborn Co., Minn. Child: 

3860. i. Rac,' b. II Nov., 1873, Jackson, Minn. 

3861. II. T'lorence,^ b. 14 Dec, 1854; died 16 Aug., 1855, a;. 7 months. 

FAMILY 327. 

3862. Henry L.+' Humphrey, [2193] (Cd Henry,'' Ashbel,^ Ashbel,* Ensign Samuel,i 
Lieut. Samuel,'^ Michael^) was born 17 Mch., 1835, Harrisburgh, Lewis Co., N. Y. He married 
in Martinsburgh, N. Y., 19 Jan., i860, Lydia (dau. of William and Catherine Denison) Allen, of 

* 1829, according to his daughter, Mrs. Blackmer. t "4," according to the same autlioriiy. 
\ This is simply an initial letter. 








Copenhagen, N. Y., b. 2 Feb., 1837, Harrisburgh, N. Y. Mr. Humphrey was a successful 
school teacher before his marriage, after which he settled on a farm in Rutland, N. Y. He died 
in Rutland, Jefferson Co., N. Y., 12 Mch., 1876, a,\ 41 years. He was a quiet, retiring christian, 
and was greatl}' missed in his home and society. Farmer. His widow res. (1884) Copenhagen, 
Lewis Co., N. Y. 

Children (the first horn in Lowville, N. Y., the rest in Rutland, N. F. ) : 
3S63. I. Jennie Catherine,* b. 17 Nov., 1S61; married in the Baptist Church, in Copenhagen ' 

8 May, 1884, Austin H. (son of Henry A. and Jane M. ) Wilber, of Knowers- 
ville, b. 8 Sept., i860. Big Spring, Wis. He is a carriage maker. P. O. address 
(1885) Knowersville, Albany Co., N. Y. 
Lizzie Eunice,^ b. 11 Sept., 1866. P. O. address (1884) Copenhagen, N. Y. 
Henry J.w,* b. 28 Aug., 1S68. Clerk and student. 
George Wilfred,^ b. 18 June, 1872. 

F A:\IILY 328. 

3S67. Ashbel Sydney' Humphrey, [2194] (Coi. Henrv,^ AshM:= Ashbei^ Ensign 

SamuclJ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael,^) was born 4 June, 1837, in Harrisburgh, Lewis Co., N. Y. 
He married in Denmark, N. Y., 10 Apr., 1S63, Mary (dau. of Harvey and Louisa Clark) Whiting, 
b. 13 Apr., 1843, Copenhagen, N. Y., where her parents reside. Farmer. Res. with his family 
(18S5), Harrisburgh, N. Y. P. O. address, Copenhagen, N. Y. 

Children (horn in Harrisburgh, N. I'. J : 
3S68. I. Frances,^ b. 29 Apr., 1864. P. O. address (1885) Potsdam Normal School, 

Jefferson Co. , N. Y. 

3869. II. Henry Grant.s b. 2 July, 1S66. P. O. address (1885) Copenhagen, N. Y. 

3870. HI. Harvey,** b. 23 Mch., 1869. 

3871. IV. Bessie,* b. 7 June, 1872. 

FAMILY 329. 

3872. Loren Allen' Humphrey, [2195] (Col. Henry,^ Ashbel,^ Ashbel,'- Etisign Samuel,'^ 
Lieut. Samuel.- Michael') was born 30 July, 1839. He married in Lowville, N. Y., 19 Feb., 
1S67, Permelia* (dau. of jMorris? and Almira J. Kelsey) Humphrey [see Fam. 322, S.''], b. 1850, 
Harrisburgh, N. Y. Freight carrier. P. O. address (1884) Copenhagen, Lewis Co., N. Y. 
Children : 

3873. I. Minnie Joanna,* b. 19 Nov., 1867; d. 15 Oct., 1868. 

3874. II. Ocran M.*, b. 13 Nov., 1S71. 

FAiAHLY 330. 

3875- Charles Horace' Humphrey, [2208] (Horace,^ Ashber^ Ashbei,^ Ensign 

Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,^- Michael') was born lo Oct., 185 1, in Denmark, Lewis Co., N. Y. He 
married in Milledgeville, Carroll Co., 111.. 8 Oct., 1874, Charlotte Marie (youngest dau. of Simon* 
and Catherine) Hayes, of Milledgeville, b. 18 June, 1849, near St. John, in the province of 
New Brunswick. 

• Simon Hayes and Ins wife, Catherine, moved to Milledgeville, 111., about 1855. He is a hotel keeper. They have, in 1884, four 

In the spring of 1857 he removed, with his parents, to Milledgeville, Carroll Co., 111. He 
pursued his education until he was of age, when he became a farmer. In 1S81, with his family, 
he removed from Illinois to Vinton, Iowa, where he is now located on an excellent stock-farm, 
which he is managing with skill and success. He is an energetic business man, and an upright 
citizen. Farmer. Res. (1S84) Vinton, Benton Co., Iowa. 

Cluhl : 
3S76. I. Fred H.^, b. 7 Aug., 1875, Milledgeville, 111. 

FAMILY 331. 

3877. JoSephuS' Humphrey, [2210] (Samuel,^ Samuel^ Isaac,'* Ensign Samuel,^ 
Lieut. Samuel, '^ Michael^) was born 8 May, 1826, in Orwell, Vt. He married (i) 27 June, 
1848, at Girard, Branch Co., INIich., Martha Malinda Shaffer, born 23 Sept., 1835, in Clarkson, 
N. Y., dau. of Andrew and Semantha (Richards) Shaffer, of Coldwater, Mich. She died 13 Dec, 
1879, in San Buenaventura, Cal. He married (2) 18 Apr., i860, in Lyons, Walworth Co., Wis., 
Artemisia Shaffer, born 4 Apr., 1837, in Clarkson, N. Y., sister of his first wife. In 1849 ^l^r. 
Humphrey turned his attention to the veterinary department of medicine, in Cincinnati, and in 
1850 commenced practice as a farrier. He has held various town and county offices. Res. (1882) 
Colon, St. Joseph Co., Mich. 
Children (by isl marriage): 

3878. I. Sem.^ntha,^ b. 5 Apr., 1850; d. 14 Oct., 1852; born and died in Spring Arbor, Mich. 

3879. II. Semantha Tahmaroo,^ b. i Jan., 1S53, in Sherwood, Branch Co., Mich.; married 

at Jonesville, Hillsdale Co., Mich., February, 1871, Frank Andrus, son of Frank 
Andrus, a native of Oberlin, Ohio. Res. (1881) Council Bluffs, Iowa; is foreman 
in the gas works. Child: 

3880. i. Ethel," b. 7 Aug., 1874, Council Bluffs, Iowa. 

38S1. in. Isaac Josephus,^ b. iS Sept., 1856, in Spring Arbor, Mich.; married Springport, 
Jackson Co., Mich., 25 Dec, 1880, Lydia Pailin, b. at Sherwood, Branch Co., 
Mich., dau. of Joseph Pailin, a native of Fredonia, Mich., and Lavinia (Rickner) 
who resided (1881) Sherwood, Mich. Res. (1881) Colon, St. Joseph Co., I\lich. 
Is a gas man. 

3882. IV. Ada ^Iay,^ b. i May, 1S61, in Quincy, Branch Co. Mich.; married at Pine Grove, 
Mich., 25 Dec, 1879, Frank B. Markle, b. 23 Apr., 1854, Springport, JNIich., 
son of Abraham B. Markle, a native of Ithica, N. Y., and Mary Jane (Stute), 
born Uh-sses, N. Y.* Res. (1881) Springport, Jackson Co., Mich. He is a 
farmer. Child: 

38S3. i. Everett," b. 17 Feb., 18S1. 

3884. Y. Lizzie Pauline,^ b. 5 Feb., 1869, at Otsego, Allegan Co., I\Iich. 

FAMILY 332. 

3885. Wilson Spencer' Humphrey, [221 1] (Samuel.^ Samuel,-= Isaac,* Ensign 
Samuel,^ Lieul. Saviuel,^ Michael' ) was born 26 Nov., 1829, in Orwell, Vt. He married Eleanor 
Welch, 3 Aug., 1 85 1, at Spring Arbor, Mich. She was born 2 Mch., 1S34, Onondaga, N. Y., 
daughter of Nelson and Sarah (Olds) Welch, of Jackson Co., Mich. He is engaged in agricul- 
tural pursuits. Res. (1882) Spring Arbor, Jackson Co., Mich. 

* .^br.■lha^l B. Markle died lo Sept., 1855, Springport, Mich ; Mary Jane (Stute), born 6 Apr., 1815; died 4 Dec, i860 











Hexry Wilson,^ b. 2 Mch., 1852, in Athens, Calhoun Co., Mich.; married 20 Sept., 
iSSi, Jennie Russell, of Anrelius, l\Iich., born in Livingston Co., N. Y. He is 
a farmer. P. O. address (1SS5) Kalamo, Mich. Children: 
i. Ethel E.', b. 24 May, 1SS2. 
ii. Daughter «, b. 9 Apr., 1S85. 

Leonard Eugene,^ b. 6 Jan., 1S55, in .Spring Arbor, Mich. Is a stone mason. 
Res. (1S85) Spring Arbor, Mich. 

Timothy Clarence,^ b. 29 Nov., 1S56, in Spring Arbor, Mich.; married Caddie 
(dau. of John and Mercy Wyman) Zimmerman, born in Parma, Jackson Co., 
Mich. He is a stone mason. Res. (1885) Concord, Mich. 

3891. IV. Simeon Josephus,^ b. 20 July, 1858; d. 12 Sept., i860, Ee. 2 years; born and died 

in Spring Arbor, IMich. 

3892. Y. LuRA Adell,^ b. 12 July, 1S60, in Spring Arbor; res. (1S85) Spring Arbor, Mich. 

3893. YI. Ella May,*^ b. 18 Apr., 1866; d. 8 July, 1880, a-. 14 years; born and died in Spring 

Arbor, Mich. 

FAMILY 333. 

3894. Edgar' Hurnphrey, [2222] (Satnuel,^ Samuel,^ Isaac,* Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. 
Samuel,- Michael') was born 26 May, 1836, in Spring Arbor, Mich. He married Mary Dolbee, 
of Olena, Huron Co., O. Farmer. Res. (1885) Otisville, Genessee Co., Mich. 
Children : 

3895. I. Luna^; deceased. 

3896. II. Jabez^; unmarried. 

3897. III. Luna^; deceased. 

FAMILY 334. 

3898. Edwin' Humphrey, [2223] (Samuel,^ Sarmiel,^ Isaac,'' Ensign Samnel,' Lieut. 
Samuel,- Alichael' ) was born 26 May, 1836, -in Spring Arbot, Jackson Co., Mich. He married 
in that town, 9 Oct., 1856, Jane Ann Fitzgerald, b. 11 June, 1837, at Spring Arbor, dau. of John 
and Abigail (Burroughs) Fitzgerald, of that place. She died 24 July, 1880, at Spring Arbor. He is 
a farmer. Res. (1885) Moscow, Hillsdale Co., Mich. 

Children : 
3899. I. Carlton Job,^ b. 19 July, 1857, in Spring Arbor, Mich.; d. 10 Feb., 1859, in 

Aurelius, Ingham Co., Mich., se. 18 months. 
Carlton Job,^ b. 11 Mch., 1859, in Aurelius, Mich. 
Grace Maria, ^ b. 4 June, 1861, in Spring Arbor; married Frank E. Roberts, of 

Millville, Grant Co., Dakota; a school teacher and farmer. 
Harriett Eliza,^ b. 12 Aug., 1863, in Spring Arbor. 
John Samuel,** b. 23 July, 1865, in Spring Arbor. 
Guv De Forest,^ b. 26 July, 1867, in Hanover, Jackson Co., Mich. 
Anna,** b. 13 July, 1869, in Pulaski, Jack-son Co., JMich. 













FAMILY 335. 

3906. Pixley MarcellUS^ Humphrey, [2231] (WnUam Marccllus,^ Dr. Isaac,^ Isaac,^ 
Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Sa??iue/,- A/icAae/,' J was born i Sept., 1818, in Orwell, Vt., and married 
in Royalton, Niagara Co., N. Y., 6 Nov., 1859, Sarah (dau. of Johnson and Rachel Pease) 
Aldrich, of Somerset, N. Y. At the time of her marriage to Mr. Humphrey she was Widow 
Bugbee. R O. address (1884) Olcott, Niagara Co., N. Y. 

3907. I. John Pixley Marcellus,^ b. 13 Aug., 1861, at Somerset, Niagara Co., N. Y. He 

was educated in the common schools with a few terms at the Lockport Union 
School, and at the Business College in Rochester. Since 1881 he has been book- 
keeper for Barr & Creelman, No. 4 South St. Paul Street. 

FA^NHLY 336. 

3908. William Pitt' Humphrey, [2255! fWa/iam Marcellus,^ Dr. Isaac,i Isaac,* 
Ensign Sa7niiel,i Lieu/. Samuel,- JMichael^ ) was born 28 Mch., 1826, in Hopkinton, N. Y. He 
married at East Gaines, Orleans Co., N. Y., 3 Feb., i860, IMary J. (dau. of Frederic and Sally 
Rowley) Bowman, born at Lockport, N. Y., 13 Dec, 1840, and died 16 Mch., 1883. Farmer. 
Res. (1884) Somerset, Niagara Co., N. Y. 

\ViLLiAM ]\L^, b. 5 Aug., 1 86 1, in Somerset, N. Y. 

Melvia May,5 b. 27 Feb., 1S63, in Somerset^ N. Y. ; married 29 May, 1S83, John 
O. Purdy, of Schuylerville, N. Y. Child: 
i. Henry,' b. 5 Feb., 1885; d. 22 Mch., 18S5. 
Frederick C.^, b. 28 Nov., 1S64, in Somerset, N. Y. 
George E.^, b. 31 Aug., 1866, in Somerset, N. Y. 
Albert O.^ b. 21 Dec, 1868, in Hartland, N. Y. 
Charles Guy,^ b. 21 Apr., 1S71, in Somerset, N. Y. 
Frank Rufus,^ b. i June, 1874, in Somerset, N. Y. 
3Qi6. VHL Ellen Maria,** b. 29 Jan., 1S7S, in Somerset, N. Y. 

FAMILY 337. 

3917- Edgar R.' Humphrey, [2269] (Isaac Carlos,^ Dr. Isaac, ^ Isaac,* Ensign Samuel.^ 
Lieut. Samuel,- Michael,') was born 17 Nov., 1829, in Hopkinton, N. Y. He married in Barre, 
N. Y., II Dec, 1858, Lydia A. Bancroft. Blacksmith. P. O. address (1SS4) Millville, Orleans 
Co., N. Y. 
Children : 

3918. I. Osdorxe Dibble,^ b. 2 Sept., 1859, Barre, N. Y. ; married 5 Nov., 1SS4, Cora (dau. 

of L. E.) Andrews, of Brockport, N. Y. 

3919. II. Margaret Beatrice,' b. 2 Oct., 1864; married 4 Nov., 1884, Fred L. (son of William) 

Rice, of Barre, N. Y. 

3920. III. Frank Carlton.^ 

















FAMILY 338. 

3921- Isaac Carlos' Humphrey, [2275] (Isaac Carhs,^ Dr. Isaac^ Isaac,'' Ensign 
Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael') was born 22 Nov., 1838, Barre, N. Y. He married in Barre, 

N. Y., Sept., 1866, Julia E. Green. Res. (1884) , Oliio. 

3922. I. \\'iLLi.\M B.*^, b. 22 Feb., 1869. 

FAMILY 839. 

3923- Oliver Edwards' Humphrey, [2285] (Ru/us,^ Capt. Abraham,^ Isaac,* Ensign 
Samuel,^ Lieut. Samiui.' JMichael'^ ) was born i December, 1829, at Victor, N. Y. In 1882 he 
was an inmate of the Willard Asylum. He married (i) in Victor, N. Y., 28 Jan., 1850, Delilah 
Ferguson. He married (2) in Adrian, Mich., 8 Aug., 1864, Eveline Delano. Mr. Humphrey is 
a mechanic. 

Children (5y 1st marriage J: 

3924. I. AuGfSTINE A. R.' 

3925. II. Frank E.^ 

3926. III. Mary A.*; married Baker, of Hudson, Mich. 

(By 2d marriage) : 

3927. IV. Charles.* 

3928. V. Jl'LIAN.' 

FAMILY 340. 

3929- Hiram Hezekiah' Humphrey, [22S8] fHu/us," Capt. Abraham,^ Isaac,* Ensign 
Samuel, i Lieut. Samuel,- Michael') was born 2 Feb., 1834, at Victor, N. Y. He married in 
Victor, 7 Nov., 1S66, Sarah Abigail (dau. of Orrin and Abigail Thompson) Miller, of V., b. 7 
Dec, 1833, sister of Luman Phelps Miller. He is engaged in agricultural pursuits. Res. (1882) 
Victor, N. Y. 

3930. I. Stella Miller,'^ b. 29 Aug., 1S69, at Victor, N. Y. 

FAMILY 341. 

3931- Franklin EuStatius' Humphrey, [2289] (Rufus,^ Capt. Abraham,^ Isaac,* 
Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel.- Michael,' ) was born 30 Jan., 1836, at Victor, N. Y. He married 
in East Bloomfield, N. Y., 13 Oct., 1858, Alida Van Denburg. Traveling agent. Res. (1884) 
Canandaigua, N. Y. 

Child : 
3932. I. Seward Lincoln," b. 24 Jan., i860. East Bloomfield, Ontario Co., N. Y. ; married 

25 Sept., 1883, Carrie B. (dau. of Cornelius and Helen) Tozer, of Canandaigua, 
N. Y. Res. (1884) Canandaigua, N. Y. 

FAMILY 342. 
3933- George Harvey' Humphrey, [2308J (Hon. Harvey," Jonathan,^ Isaac,* Ensign 

Samuel, i Lieut. Samuel,' Michael') was born 21 Mch., 1830, in Rochester, N. Y.; married there 
15 May, i860, Elizabeth Wells (dau of Gen. Lansmg B. and Elizabeth Sill Wells) Swan, of R., 
b, 24 July, 1834 m Rochester. They reside (icS2j Rochester, N. V., where he is attorney and 


counsellor; office, 112 Powers Block. He, like his father, is the author of many sketches, poems, 
addresses, lectures, club papers, etc. 

Children (born in Rochester, N. I'.j: 

3934. * I. Lansing Swan,' b. 17 Apr., 1S61; is (1S85) a student in General Theological Semi- 

nary, New York City. 

3935. 11. Elizabeth,^ b. 11 Mch., 1862; d. i Apr., 1862. 

3936. III. George Perkins,' b. 3 Mch., 1864. 

3937. IV. Lilian,' b. 26 Feb., 1868. 

3938. V. Bertha, ° b. 25 Sept., 1870. 

3939. VI. Joseph Lee,' b. 20 Oct., 1872. 

3940. VII. Mary,' b. 13 Feb., 1875. 

3941. VIII. Ethel,' b. 18 IMay, 1878. 

3942. IX. ,' b. and d. same day. 

FAMILY 343. 

3943- John Perkins" Humphrey, [2309] f^<>"- Harvey,^ Jonalhan,^ Isaac,* Ensign 
Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael"^ ) was born 3 Aug., 1836. He married in Rochester, N. Y., 
12 Jan., 1864, Frances (dau. of Henry and Sarah Dewey) Churchill, b. 7 Aug., 1839, in Stock- 
bridge, Mass. Res. (1881) Rochester, N. Y. ; is in the hardware business, firm of Humphrey, 
Percy & Co. 

Children (born in Rochester, X. 1'. j : 

3944. I- Maud,' b. 30 Mch., 1S68. 

3945. 11. Mabel,' b. 24 Nov., 1873. 

fa:\iily 344. 

3946. Rev. Henry Augustine' Humphrey, [2312] (Augustine,^ Jonalhan,^ Isaac,'- 
Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Safiiuel," Michael^) was born i6 July, 1832; married Emeline Field. 

Rev. Mr. Humphrey was a clergyman of the Presbyterian Church. He died in Hudson, 
Wis., where he had been preaching a short time. 

3947. 1. Augusta'; married . 

FAMILY 345. 

3948. George Woodbridge' Humphrey, [2313] (Augustijw.^ jonatim,,,-^ Isaac,* 

Ensign Samuel,' Lieut. Samuel,- Dlichael^ ) was born lo Jan., 1S35; died iS Jan., 1863, te. 28. 
He married 30 June, 1852, Sabrina L. Bathburn, and settled as a former in Winfield, Lake Co., Ind. 

Child : 
3949. I. Harriet jM.', b. 20 Jan., i860. 

FA^NIILY 346. 

3950. Charles Samuel' Humphrey, [2315] (Augustine,^ Jonathan,^ Isaac,* Ensign 
Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael') was born i8 Oct., 1840, and married (i) 9 Nov., 1862, 
Phebe Ellen Lee, who died 23 Mch., 1866. He married (2) 29 Jan., 1S68, Letitia .'^milev 
Farmer. He lesided at Winfield, Lake Co., Ind. .\ letter sent to his address June, 1SS5, was 
returned with statement that li^' wa.s deceased. 

Children {by is/ marriage): 

3951. I. Rosa A.^ b. iS Aug., 1S64. 
(By 2d marriage) : 

3952. II. Bertha IMay,^ b. 14 Nov., 1S68. 

FAMILY 347. 

3953- Harvey Julian" Humphrey, [2317] (7o^» Dowd,^ Jonathan,-^ Isam-,'^ Emign 
Samue/,^ Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael^) was born 4 Feb., 1828, -in East Bloomfield, N. Y. He 
married (i) in Ma_vfield, O., in 1848, Jane Lander, born 26 Aug., 1827, in Marcellus, Onondaga 
Co., N. Y. She died in Will Co., 111., 15 May, 1856. He married (2) at Gates' Mills, Mayfield, 
Cuyahoga Co., O., 9 Oct., 1856, Amanda Malvina (dau. of Orrin and Lucy Abbott) Chase, b. 3 
Mch., 1835, Newburgh, Cuyahoga Co., O. He died in Iroquois Co., 111., 28 Aug., 1877, a.-. 49 
years. His widow res. (1884) Oilman, Iroquois Co., 111. 

Children (by I si marriage): 

3954. I. Jonathan Julian,^ born at INIayfield, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, 26 Aug., 1849; married 

Melinda Scott. Family 499. 

3955. II. William Dowd,* born at Winfield, Lake Co., Ind., 6 IMay, 1S53; unmarried. 

Farmer. P. O. address (1S84) White City, Morris Co., Kansas. 
(By 2d marriage) : 

3956. III. GuY,^ born at Dupage, Will Co., 111., 24 July, 1857; married Estella Salter. 

Family 500. 

3957. IV. Ella Lavinia,^ born at Dupage, Will Co., 111., 20 Sept., 1S62; married 21 Feb., 

1884, Charles Pixley. He is in the employ of the Railroad Co. R O. address 
(1884) Oilman, 111. 

3958. V. Adella Caroline,^ born at Dupage, Will Co., 111., 29 iNIch., 1865; married Oliver 

Robinett. Farmer. P. O. address (1884) McCook, Red Willow Co., Neb. 
3939. VI. Seraph Refella,^ born at Dupage, Will Co., 111., 9 Oct., 1S66. 

3960. VII. Oliver, ** born at Douglass, Iroquois Co., 111., 15 ^May, 1868. 

3961. VIII. Orrin H.^, born at Douglass, Iroquois Co., 111., 26 Aug., 1S73. 

3962. IX. Charles H.", born at Douglass, Iroquois Co., 111., 11 I\Ich., 1S76. 

FAMILY 348. 

3963. RoSWell Pembroke' Humphrey, [2332] (Eraslus,^ Roswelli Isaac,^ Ensign 
Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel," Michael') was born 29 July, 1832, in East Bloomfield, Ontario Co., 
N. Y. He married 29 Sept., 1857, Harriett A. Griswold. He died in Lyons, Wis., i Feb., 
1S74, X. 41 years; was a large farmer and land-holder. Res. Lyons, Walworth Co., Wis. 

His widow married (2) Ezra Miller, and res. (1884) Spring Prairie, Walworth Co., Wis. 
Children (born in Lyons, Wis.): 

3964. L Mary Amelia,^ b. 13 Aug., 1863; married Homer Costock.* Res. (18S4) Lyons, 

Wis., on her father's old homestead. 

3965. II. George Pembroke,* b. 8 June, 1S65. Res. (1884) Spring Prairie, Wis. 

3966. III. Hattie AuzoRvV,** b. 13 June, 1870. Res. (1884) Spring Prairie, Wis. 


FAMILY 349, 

3967. Russell' Humphrey, [2345] (Ellsha,^ Russell,= Thomas,^ Ensign Samuel,'^ Lieut. 
Samuel,' Michael') was born 5 May, 1817, in Rensellaerville, N. Y. ; married at Broome, Scho- 
harie Co., N. Y., 25 Oct., 1840, Jane A. (dau. of Isaac and Sarah) Stebbins, who was born 4 
Aug., 1819, in Broome, N. Y. Resides (18S3) at Geneva, Kane Co., 111. He has led the life 
of a farmer, though not lately engaged in active business. i 

Children : 

3968. I. Orphelia S.^, b. 24 June, 1S44, at Rensellaerville, N. Y. ; married 9 Feb., 1865, 

J. C. Van Wert. Railroad conductor. She died 9 Aug., 1S71 ; no children. 

3969. II. Horace,^ b. 5 Sept., 1846, Renselaerville, N. Y. ; d. 26 Dec, 1847. 

3970. III. Ki.MBALL E.^, b. 16 May, 1848, at Rensellaerville, N. Y. ; married 4 July, 1873, to 

Nellie Carter, at Maquoketa, Iowa; died 29 Mch. , 1877, without issue, at Black- 
berry Station, 111. 

3971. IV. William,^ b. 27 Dec, 1S51, at Owego, N. Y.; married 20 Mch., 1878, Nettie 

(dau. of John W. and Matilda) Wilson, in St. Charles, 111. She was born in 
1855, in St. Charles, 111., where they resided in 1883. He is a farnrer. Child : 

3972. i. Jessie Lcverne,' b. 14 July, 1S83. 

FAMILY 350. 

3973- Wesley' Humphrey, M- I^-. [2348J (EUsha,^ Russell,' Thomas,^ Ensign 
Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,^ MiJiacl' ) was born in Rensellaerville, N. Y., 4 Aug., 1S21. He married 
at Claverack, N. Y., 7 Sept., 1847, Margaret, dau. of John and Margaret (Stufflebeen) Gridley, 
of Middleburgh, Schoharie Co., N. Y. She was born in Schoharie Co., N. Y., 28 June, 1823. 
Dr. Humphrey's early career was that usual \o farmers' sons of the region and time — such 
schooling during the winter as the country afforded, and "working hard during the summer 
months on the rough and stony farm, laying stone-wall many times till my fingers have bled.'' 
At the age of eighteen he left the farm and began his literary and classical preparations for the 
study of medicine and surgery, and in June, 1844, graduated with the degree of M. D., at 
Castleton, Vt. ; since which he has continued in the constant and enthusiastic practice of his pro- 
fession. He early entered the medical service of the Union Army during the Rebellion, first 
commissioned as Asst.- Surgeon 52d 111. V. I., in April, 1862. In May, 1863, he was commis- 
sioned Surgeon 55th U. S. Vols. After active service in the field the first year, he was in charge 
of general hospitals till the close of the war. He res. (18S3) at Moberl}-, i\Io., in general 
practice, with a preference for surgery, and is Surgeon of the Chicago and Alton and Wabash 
R. R. ; U. S. Pension Surgeon, and Examining Surgeon for several Life and Accident Insurance 
Companies, and member of City, County and State Medical Societies, and of the American Medical 
Association. Has been President of the County Medical Society, and served on several State 
Society committees. He is a contributor to the current periodical medical literature of the day. 
A short sketch of his career is to be found in The Physicians and Surgeons of the United States. 

Children : 
3974. I. Philena Er.iZA,^ b. 2 Sept., 1848, in Fulton Co., N. Y. ; married Hon. Milton F. 

Simmons, in Mexico, Mo., 11 Nov., 1867. He was born in Schoharie Co., 
N. Y., 21 Dec, 1842. 

Mr. Simmons represented Audrain Co., IMo., in the State Legislature in 
1869-70. He is a lawyer by profession; editor and proprietor of the Illinois 
State Journal, also of the Post, of Springfield, 111., both strong and infiueniial 


Republican papers. He is also actively interested in Colorado mining. They 
resided (1883) in Springfield, 111. Children: 

3975. i. Anna Maggie,' b. 29 Aug., 1868. 

3976. ii. Ida May,' b. 18 Mch., 1871. 

3977. iii. Minnie Maud,' b. 10 May, 1873. 
397S. iv. Katie,' b. 17 Nov., 1S77. 

3979. II. John Wesley,^ b. 20 Mch., 1852, at Broadalbin, Fulton Co., N. Y. ; married (i) 
Ida (dau. of R. C. and Lovina) Blood, of Decatur, 111., 13 Mch., 1S76. She 
died 5 Mch., 1877, leaving one son. She was born in August, 1857. He married 
(2) in Boulder City, CoL, 12 May, 1881, Ella C. (dau. of George C. and Ealinor 
Landel) Bear, of Boulder City, Col. Res. in Denver, Colorado. Engaged in 
mining operations. Child (by ist marriage): 

3980- '• Robert Wesley,' b. 25 Feb., 1877. Adopted by his grand-parents. Dr. Wesley and Mrs. 

Margaret Humphrey, as their own. 

FAMILY 351. 

39S1. John Milton' Humphrey, [2349] (EUska,^ Russell^ Thomas,* Ensig^i Samuel,^ 
Lieut. Samuel,- j\lichael^ ) was born 21 Feb., 1824, Rensellaerville, N. Y. ; married there 18 Mch., 

1852, Minerva (dau. of Elisha and • Cartwright) Miller, of Rensellaerville, b. 24 June, 1830, at 

Rensellaerville. They removed, about 1857, to Illinois. She died 23 May, 1879, at Blackberry, 
Station, Kane Co., 111. Farmer. Res. (1883) Blackberry Station, Kane Co., III. 

3982. I. Emm.i Josephine,^ b. 30 Jan., 1855, ^t Preston Hollow, N. Y. ; married 28 Mch., 

1878, Samuel Edwin, son of Samuel and Almira (Hitchcock) Pouley, at Black- 
* berry Station, 111. He was born 27 Nov., 1851, at Blackberry Station. Farmer. 

Res. (1883) Blackberry Station, 111. Children: 

3983. i. Edna May,' b. 15 Apr., 1879. 

3984. ii. Edwin Arthur,' b. 29 Aug., 1880. 

3985. iii. Minerva Avis,' b. 24 Aug., 1883. 

3986. II. Elisha Miller,^ b. 15 July, 1856, at Preston Hollow, N. Y. ; married i Nov., 

1882, Mary Frost, dau. of Edward E. and Erances (Wing) Garfield, in La Fo.x, 
111. She was born 5 Apr., 1862, in La Fox, 111. Farmer. Res. (1883) Black- 
berry Station, 111. 

3987. III. Edwin Arthur,^ b. 7 Feb., 1859, at Geneva, 111.; married in La Fox, III, 12 Nov., 

1S79, P'lorence A., dau. of Moses and Susan (Garfield) Richmond, born in 
Campton, 111., 17 Mch., i860. Farmer. Res. (1S83) Blackberry Station. 111. Child: 

39SS. i. Inez Merle,' b. 6 June, 18S2. 

FAMILY 352. 

39S9. Judge Philip" Humphrey, L2351] (EUsha,^ Russell,^ Thomas,'* Ensign Samuel,^ 
Lieut. Samuel,'' Michael^) was born in Rensellaerville, Albany Co., N. Y., 7 May, 1829. He married 
Sarah Esther., dau. of Carpenter and Sarah Ann (Northrup) Nelson, in Berne, Albany Co., N. Y., 
16 May, 1849. She was born 16 July, 1832, in Berne, N. Y. He engaged in mercantile busi- 
ness in 1849, and continued it for twenty-five years; is now mainly engaged in fanning. He was 
elected Justice of the Peace in 1859, and with the exception of one year, has filled that position 
to the present time; in 1883 was reelected for a term of four )'ears. Has served two terms as 
Associate Judge. Res. (1883) Middleburgh, Schoharie Co., N. Y. 

Childreti : 

3990. I. Wary Melissa," b. 17 Oct., 1S50, in Berne, N. Y.; d. 9 Nov., 1869, in Middleburgh, 

Schoharie Co., N. Y.; unmarried. 

3991. II. Y1V1.A.N Arlington," M. D., b. 10 July, 1859, in IMiddleburgh, N. Y. ; married 

Clara Belle Stahl, 12 Jan., 18S2, at Auburn, DeKalb Co., Ind. She was born 
6 Aug., 1 86 1, at Auburn, Ind. 

He graduated from the Fort Wayne (Ind.) College of IMedicine in 1880, and 
settled in Auburn. Ind., in the practice of his profession; also engaged in the 
drug trade, till August, 1883, when, his health requiring change, he went to the 
Pacific Coast. Res. (1883) Portland, Oregon. 


3992. Edward A.' Humphrey, [2368] (Russell,^ Abner,^ Thomas,* Ensign Samuel,^ 

Lieut. Samuelr Michael,' > married . Res. (1883) near Tomahawk Station, Powhatan Co., Va. 

3993. I. Oncelia"; married Chappie. Res. (1883) Academy Corners, Tioga Co., Pa. 


3994- Edwin' Humphrey, [23S0] (Archibald,^ Ru/us,^ Thomas,* Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. 
Samuel,' Michael') was born 19 Sept., 1823, at Ogden, Monroe Co., N. Y. He married 12 
Nov., 1854, at West Bloomfield, Ontario Co., N. Y., Sarah (dau. of John and Phebe) Decker, 
of Lima, N. Y., born 9 Aug., 1S37. Res. with their family (1884) North Bloomfield, Ontario 
Co., N. Y. 

Francis Edwin," b. 29 July, 1855: married 10 July, 1S81, Laura Smith. Res. (1SS5) 

Romeo, Mich. 
Alice Cerell," b. 4 Dec, 1S56, 

Emma Delphine," b. 29 Apr., 1859; d. 17 Apr., 1S63. 
Fannie Adeline," b. 10 Apr., 1862; d. 18 Dec, 1873. 
John Archibald," b. in Oct., 1867. 
Josephine Decker," b. 25 Jan., 1870. 

FAMILY 355. 

4001. William' Humphrey, [2381] (Archibald,^ Ru/us,^ nomas,* Ensign Samuel,-^ 
Lieut. Samuel,'^ Michael,') was born 26 Oct., 1825. He married Jane Plimpton, of West Bloom- 
field, N. Y. He died at Bloomfield 9 Jan., 1873, se. 47 years. She resides (1885) Honeoye, 
Ontario Co., N. Y. 

4002. L Harriet"; married . Had three daughters in 1884. Res. (18S5) West 

Bloomfield, Ontario Co., N. Y. 

4003. IL Ada L."; married • ; no children. Res. (1885) Honeoye Lake, Ontario Co., N. Y. 

4004. III. Lewis"; unmarried in 1884. Res. (1885) Honeoye Lake, N. Y. 












FAMILY 356. 

4005. Albert' Humphrey, [2382] (Archibald,^ Ru/us,^ Thomas,^ Ensign Samue/,^ Lieul. 
Samuel,- Michael^) was born 3 May, 1830. He married Margaret A. Quick. He and his family 
resided (1884) Battle Creek, Mich. 
Children : 

4006. I. Elmer,® b. about 1852; in 18S4 was unmarried. 

4007. n. Clellie,® b. about 1862; in 1884 was unmarried. 

4008. HI. Cassie Bell,^ b. about 1870. 

FAMILY 357. 

4009. Hon. William Thomas' Humphrey, m. d., [2389] (james vm,^ Hon. 

Tlwmas,^ TJiomas,* Ensign Samuel' Lieul. Samuel,^ Michael,^) was born 22 Dec, 1824, Bain- 
bridge, N. Y. He married (i) 11 May, 1848, Mary Pettis (dau. of Heman and Cynthia) Kelsey, 
of Bainbridge, born there 16 Nov., 1824; d. 3 Mch., 1883. Dr. Humphrey married (2) 12 Mch., 
1884, Mary Barker, of Osceola, Pa., born there 30 June, 1845; 's a graduate of the seminary at 
Kingston, Pa. 

William Thomas' Humphrey lived at home and attended district school and worked on 
the farm until 18 Apr., 1842, when, seventeen years of age, he left home and worked by the 
month on a farm in Steuben County, N. Y., for seven dollars per month. The following autumn 
he taught a winter school in the same county, and attended the Franklin Academy at Prattsburg, 
in said county, two terms, during the following spring and summer. He taught again the next 
winter, in the same district, when he returned home to Bainbridge, and entered the office of Dr. 
B. S. Sill, of B., as a medical student. He continued his studies and taught school two winters, 
when, in April, 1848, he finished his medical course in the Albany Medical College. In May 
following he married and located in Addison, N. Y., where he practiced his profession until 
January, 1849, when he removed to Elkland, Pa. (one and one-half miles from Osceola), where 
he remained until 1857, when he finally settled in the town where he now lives. 

In April, 1861, he was mustered in the "Buck Tail" Regt. as Assistant Surgeon; promoted 
12 Sept., 1862, to Surgeon of the 149th Regt., Pa. Vols. In the spring of 1863 he was 
appointed Surgeon-in-Chief of the Brigade, and two months after was assigned to the Third 
Division of the First Army Corps, as Surgeon-in-Chief of said Division; was mustered out in Jan., 
1865, after serving with distinction for nearly four years. 

In the fall of 1865 he was elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, and again 
in 1S66; also again in 1874 and 1875. Since then he has continued in the practice of his pro- 
fession, and in looking after his farming interests. Res. (1884) Osceola, Tioga Co., Pa. 

4010. I. Gertrude M.\rv,* b. 14 Nov., 1849. in Elkland, Tioga Co., Pa.; married in Osceola, 

Pa., 13 Oct., 1869, Chester White (son of William and F'unice) Corbin, of 
Afton (now Bainbridge), N. Y., born there about 1844. Farmer. Res. (18S4) 
on his father's homestead, in Bainbridge, N. Y. ; P. O. address, Bennettsville, 
Chenango Co., N. Y. Child: 

401 1. i. Mabel,' b. 12 Nov., 1883. 

4012 II. WiLJiOT Grow,^ b. 21 Dec, 1856, at Elkland, Tioga Co., Pa.; married 24 Sept., 
1879, Sarah E. (dau. of Volcut Carlton and Diantha C. Smith) Phelps, born at 
Osceola, Pa., 31 May, 1859. In June, 1877, he graduated at the State Normal 
School, at Mansfield, Pa., and immediately was tendered and accepted the position 
of Pnncipal of the High School at Osceola, Pa,, which he held for one school 

year. He studied medicine with his father, and took two courses of lectures at 
the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore, Md., where he graduated in 
Mch., iSSo. He is now (1885) engaged in active practice at Osceola, Pa. Child: 

40121. i. Harold Phelps,' b. 29 June, 18S1. 

4013. ni. Jennie Gerry*,* b. 4 Feb., 1S62, in Osceola, Pa.; married 11 Mch., 1S84, Albert 
Leroy Baker. Res. (1884) Osceola, Tioga Co., Pa. 

4013a. i. S.arah Gertrude,' b. 25 Mch., 18S5; d. 22 May, 1S85. 

FA:M1LY 358. 

4014. James Madison" Humphrey, [2390] (James Vial,^ Hon. Thomas,= Thomas,* 
Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael') was born 7 Oct., 1826, in Bainbridge, Chenango Co., 
N. Y. He married 22 Feb., 1857, Olive Eliza (dau. of Ezra Pratt and Laura) Church, of Bain- 
bridge, N. Y., born there 17 June, 1836. 

.Mr. Humphrey had the "gold fever" in 1854, and went around the Horn to California, 
where he remained but a short time, ill health compelling him to return to his native State. He 
lived a short time in Pennsylvania, and fourteen months in Michigan. Thence he removed, in 
1868, to Otsego, Wright Co., ]Minn., where he resided six years, then settled in Anoka, Anoka 
Co., in the same State, where he resided in 18S4. 

4015. I. Frank Leslie,^ b. 4 Nov., 1858, Woodhull, Steuben Co., N. Y. : urmarricd. Is in 

the lumber business. Res. (1884) Anoka, Minn. 

4016. n. Celi.^ May,^ b. 23 May, 1863, Binghamton, Broome Co., N. Y. ; married 3 Oct., 

1882, Fred H. Douglas, of Anoka. Minn. Res (18S4) Anoka, Minn. Child: 

4017. i. Carl Ernest,' b. 11 Dec., 1883; d. 13 Aug., 1884. 


4018. Charles Jackson" Humphrey, [2391] (James viai/^ Hon. Thomas,-^ nomas,* 

Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,'^ Michael^) was born 13 Feb., 1829, in Bainbridge, N. Y. ; married 
at the residence of her father, in Bainbridge, N. Y'., 11 Oct., 1S53, Eunice Amelia (Corbin) 
Kirby, widow of George W. Kirby, and dau. of Ezra W. and Pamelia Corbin, of Bainbridge, 
N. Y. She was born there 7 Oct., 1828. Mr. Humphrey has been a teacher, musician and 
miller. Res. IMiddlebur}-, Tioga Co., Pa., and (1884) Bennettsville, N. Y. 
Children : 

4019. I. Charles Burr,* b. 31 Jan., 1856; unmarried. Res. (1884) Bradford, McKean Co., Pa. 

4020. n. Minnie Amelia,* b. 9 Apr., i860; unmarried in 1884.' 


4021. George Franklin^ Humphrey, [2397] (James Vial,'' Hon. Thomas,^ Thomas,* 
Ensign Samuel,"' Lieut. Samuel,- Michael') was born at Bainbridge, N. Y., 18 Aug., 1835; married 
7 Sept., 1857, Anna (dau. of William and Mary) Parsons, of Middletown, Orange Co., N. Y. 
Jeweler. Res. and P. O. address (1884) Elkland, Tioga Co., Pa. 
Children : 

4022. I. Olin p.*, b. 22 Dec, 185S; d. 7 Feb., 1859. 

4023. H. Louis M.^ b. 16 Jan., i860; d. 30 Sept., 1862. 

4024. HL Carrie L.*, b. 9 Mch., 1867; married 17 June, 1S85, Eugene E. Hyers, of K. Y. 


4025. William Richmond' Humphrey, [2399] (Peicg RMmofid,'' Hon. Thomas.^ 

Thomas,'' Ensigti Samuel,' Lieut. Samuel,- j\lichae/'j was born 19 Dec, 1847, in Locke, Cayuga 
Co., N. Y. He married there 10 Nov., 1S69, Alice Cornelia (dau. of ^^'illiam and Catherine) 
Jackson, of Locke, N. Y., born there 30 Mch., 1852. 

His parents having died when he was j'oung, he lived with his grandfather Wescott, fifteen 
years, then married and returned to his old home. Farmer. Res. (1884) Locke, N. Y., on his 
father's homestead. 

Child : 
4026. L Elvern Peleg,* b. 25 Sept., 1872, Locke, N. Y. 

FAIHLY 362. 

4027. James Howard' Humphrey, [2424] (Perry Hopkins,^ Esq. fames Hopkins,-- 
Thomas,^ Ensign Samuel,' Lieut. Sanmcl,- liLichael') was born 28 Dec, 1850; married 6 Sept., 
1877, Ann Elizabeth Head, of Afton, N. Y. P. O. address (1883) Afton, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

4028. L Agxes Opheli.a,^ b. i Apr., 1879. 

FA^HLY 363. 

4029. Duane Weldon' Humphrey, [2441] (Charles Milton,'= Nathaniel,^ Thomas,* 
Ensign Samuel,' Lieut. Sa/nuel,- Michael' ) was born 24 Apr., 1854, Bennettsville, Chenango Co., 
N. Y. He married 18 Dec, 1877, in Carbondale, Pa., Emma J. (dau. of William and Isabella) 
Smith, born in C, 21 July, 1S55. He is a grocer. Res. (1885) Carbondale, Pa. 
Children (6orn at Carbondale, Pa.): 

4030. I. Grace, ^ b. 11 Jan., 1879. 

4031. II. Charles \V.^, b. 5 Aug., 1881. 

FAMILY 364. 

4032. James Marshall' Humphrey, [2449J (Ifo>i. Obed Marshall,'' EUakim Marshall,^ 
A'oah,* Ensign Samuel,' Lieut. Samuel,'' Michael') was born 15 Oct., 1834, at Goshen, Ct. Ho 
married in Torrington, Ct., 18 Dec, 1862, Emily Zeruiah (dau. of Abel H. and Zeruiah Eggleston 
Pendleton, 'of Norfolk, Ct., born there, 11 July, 1841. Mr. Humphrey has always resided in 
Goshen, Ct. Farmer and drover. Res. (1884) Goshen, Ct. ; P. O. address South Norfolk, Litch- 
field Co., Ct. 

Children (born in Goshen, Ct.): 

4033. I. Alice Eliza, ^ b. 16 Feb., 1864; d. in Goshen, Ct., 31 May, 1875. 

4034. II. Lemuel Pal.mer,^ b. 24 Oct., 1866. 

4035. III. Mi.n-xie Rose,^ b. 28 Apr., 187S. 

FA:\IILY 365. 

4036. Hon. George William' Humphrey, [2450] (ff""- obed Marshall.'' EUakim 

]\farshall,i Noah,^ Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,' Michael') was born ii Feb., 1836, in Goshen, 
Ct. ; married there, 8 Oct., 1857, Mary Caroline' Hall, of Goshen, Ct., born 30 Mch., 1S37, in 
Goshen, Ct. She was dau. of Asaph and Hannah Clarissa (Palmer) Hall, and grand-daughter of 
Robert and Kunice" (Humphrey) Palmer. | Fam, 44 (328), S.=J 


They settled in Goshen, Ct,, which town he represented in the State Legislature in 1861, 
and has held various town offices since — Selectman, Grand Juror, Justice of the Peace, and 
member of the Board of Relief Farmer and dairyman. Res. (1884) in the northern part of 
Goshen, Ct.; P. O. address. West Torrington, Ct. 

Children (born in Goshen, Ct.): 
4037. I. Jennie Elizabeth,*^ b. II Mch., 1S59; d. in Goshen. Ct., i Aug., 1S61. 
40^8. II. Edward Lyman,^ b. 28 Nov., 1862. Farmer. Res. (1S84) Goshen, Ct. 

FAMILY 366. 

4039- Silas' Humphrey, [2479] T-Oca. SHas,'' Hon. Amh,^ A'ouA,* Ensign Samuel,^ 
Lieut. Samuel.^ Michael^) was born 17 Feb., 1827, in Goshen, Ct. ; married in Ohio, 10 Oct., 
1849, Mary Jane (dau. of Deacon Julius and Martha Lyman) Hannum, of Northampton, Mass., 
born 6 Aug., 1830. She was a sister of Velina Hannum, the first wife of Hon. Noah Marcus* 
Humphrey. [Fam. 169, S.=] He is a man of fine business capacity, and of a generous nature; 
has all his life been engaged in mercantile pursuits, and has enjoyed the confidence and esteem 
of all the community. He was for some time associated with " his uncle, Hon. Noah Marcus 
Humphrey, in business. Merchant. Res. Taylor's Falls, Minn. P. O. address (1885) Stillman 
Valley, Ogle Co., 111. 

4040. I. Mary Frances,' b. 12 Aug., 1854; d. 10 July, 1855, in Ohio. 

4041. II. Eva,** b. 4 Sept., 1855; married 29 Oct., 1878, Horace Hurd, of Stillman Valley, 

111. Has three children (1884). Res. (1884) near her father, in Stillman Valley, 111. 

FAMILY 367. 

4042. Marcus Furious Camillus' Humphrey, [2485] (Hon. Noah Marais,^ Hon. 

Noah,^ Noah,'' Ensign Samuel.:- Lieut. Samue/,- Michdel^J was born 23 jNIay, '1843. He married 
at Taylor's Falls, Minn., 19 Oct., 1865, Helena Baum, (of German nativity) born 5 Aug., 1844, 
Antwerp, Belgium. 

Mr. Humphrey, in 1861, enlisted for three months in the 19th Ohio Regiment, and made 
the memorable West Virginia campaign. At the expiration of his time, he re-enlisted, in August, 
1 86 1, for three years in the 29th Ohio Regiment, and with it fought at the batdes of Winchester, 
Port Republic and Cedar Mountain. In Sept., 1862, he was detailed as a clerk in the Quarter- 
master's Department, at Frederick, Md. ; afterwards transferred to Nashville, Tenn., where he w-as 
honorably discharged from the service at the close of the war. Book-keeper. Res. Taylor's Falls, 
Minn., and (1S84) Fergus Falls, Otter Tail Co., Minn. 

4043. I. Silas Wyman,' b. 12 July, 1866, at Taylor's Falls, Minn.; was drowned 3 July, 

1877, while learning to swim, with other boys, in the St. Croi.x River, at Taylor's 

Falls. He was a "fine, promising little fellow." 

FAMILY 368. 
4044. Noah S.' Humphrey, [2487] (Deacon Stephen C", Hon. Xoah.^ Noah,'* Ensign 

Samuel,'^ Lieut. Samuel,' Michael') was born 7 June, 1834; married . He died after his 

parents, leaving a widow and one child. Machinist. Res. Chicago, 111. 

4045. L Ida L.'', b. i Oct., 1856. 

FAMILY 369. 

4046. Elisha OrtOn' Humphrey, [2499] (Joseph Smith,^ Sethi Noah,'' Ensign Samuel,-^' 
Lieut. Samuclr Michael^) was born 4 Apr., 1845. in Watertown, Washington Co., Ohio. He 
married 10 Rich., 1S68, Elmira (dau. of Daniel and Rosanna Stellar) Jennings, born in Wash- 
ington Co., Pa., 8 Oct., 1 85 1. Farmer. Res. (1883) Watertown, Ohio. 
Children : 

4047. I. Fannie RIay,^ b. 10 Feb., 1869. 

4048. II. Bertha Child,^ b. 4 Dec, 1872. 

4049. III. Edna Clare,^ b. 12 Nov., 187S. 

FA:\IILY 370. 

4050. Edward Marshall' Humphrey, [2500] (Joseph Smith,^ Se/h,^ Noah,^ Ensign 

Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,'' iMuluiel') was born 29 June, 1847, in ^^'atertown, Washington Co., Ohio. 
He married 19 Oct., 1876, Zilpha A. Skipton, of Palmer, O. They res. (1883) in Watertown, O. 

4051. I. JNIiLDRED Orena,** b. 15 Jan., 1877. 

4052. II. Joseph Dane,^ b. 17 Oct., 18S0. 

FAMILY 371. 

4053. William Ernest' Humphrey, [2509] (Ehjah Cromweii,^ Seth,^ Noah,'' Ensign 

Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael,') was born 23 Oct., 1851, in Albany, Athens Co., Ohio. He 
married in that town, 16 May, 1875, Eletha (dau. of John and Sarah) Cheney, of Columbia, 
Meigs Co., O. Res. Albany, O. 
Children (born in Albany, O.J: 

4054. I. Frank Rigg.^ b. 20 Feb., 1876. 

4055. II. Gl'y Lindley,^ b. 12 Feb., 18S0. 

FA:\IILY .372. 

4056. Oscar Mortimer' Humphrey, [2513J (^^n. George Mortimer,'' Elijah,^ Noah,* 
Ensign Samuel, i Lieut. Samuel,- Michael') was born 25 July, 1848. He married 15 Nov., 1S77, 
Meiinda Thaddeus Sanford, of Obion Station, Tenn. Res. (1884) Obion Station, Obion Co., Tenn. 

Clara Thaddeus,^ b. 25 Sept., 1878; d. 30 Sept., 1S78, x. five days. 
Lewis David,^ b. 12 Oct., 1879; d. 17 Jan., 1S80, ac. three months. 
Oscar Thaddeus,' b. 30 Nov., 1880. 
4060. IV. Claris Cornelius,' b. 5 Feb., 1883. 

FAMILY 373. 

4061. Adelbert' Humphrey, [2526J (Franklin,^ Ira,^ Damel,* Ensign Samuel,'^ Lieut. 
Samuel,' Michael,' ) was born i6 Dec, 1S42. at Clyde, N. Y. He married at Lyons, N. Y., 27 
Dec, 1866, Minnie H. (dau. of • — — — and Louisa McCrackin) Stevens, of Lyons, N. Y., born 
at Fort Ann, N. Y. Machinist. P. O. address (1884) 19 Delafield Street, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

4062. I. JosiE,' b. 19 Oct., 1877, Clyde, N. Y. 









4063. Ira Luman' Humphrey, [2529] (Ebenezer FieM,^ Ira^ Daniel'' Ensign Samuel,^ 
Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael') was born 12 Mch., 1838, in Clyde, N. Y. He married (i) at Baraboo, 
Wis., in May, 1866, Susan (dau. of Harper T., d. 1883, and Abbie Ladd, both of Yermont) 
Savage, who died 14 June, 1872. No children. He married (2) 24 Nov., 1S81, IMary Dinsmore 
Savage, the second daughter of his first wife's parents. 

After a fair academic course of education at Albion, Mich., in the spring of t86o, in early 
manhood, Mr. Humphrey reached' Baraboo, Sauk Co., Wis., without money, but not without a 
good name and a good trade, acquired by a previous three years faithful service. He has been 
a citizen of that city twenty-three years, during which time he has taken an active part in its 
manufacturing, mercantile and municipal interests, and has also been identified with the history 
and growth of its First Presbyterian Church, in the oflicial capacity of Trustee and Elder. 
Hardware merchant. Res. (1884) Baraboo, Wis. 

Child (by 2d marriage) : 
4064. I. Eva L.^, b. 19 Jan., 1883, at Baraboo, Wis, 

FA]\IILY 375. 

4065. Algernon Sidney^ Humphrey, [2530] (Ebenezer FleU,^ Ira,^ Daniel,'' Ensign 

Savmel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- ]\Iuhacl' ) was born 2 Dec, 1844, in Homer, Mich. He died suddenly 
of hemorrhage of the lungs, 8 Oct., 1874, at Greeley, Col., and was buried in that place; was a 
member of the Congregational Church. He married 27 Dec, 1872, Marion Jones, of Evansville, 
Wis., sister of Burr Jones, of Madison, Wis., and member-elect of the next House of Representatives 
to Congress. His widow married Justin Pettigrew. She died at Yermillion, Dakota, 26 Apr., 1879. 
Mr. Humphrey was a tinsmith, and engaged in the hardware business at Evansville, Wis. 

/1066. I. Lyle Sidney,^ b. 23 Dec, 1873, ^t Evansville, Wis., where he now resides with 

his grand-parents. 


4067. Byron Smith' Humphrey, [2531] (Ebenezer Field.'' Ira,^ Daniel,^ Ensign 
Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael') was born 21 Nov., 1847, in Homer, Mich.; learned the trade 
of a printer; went South about 1867-8; has been in the offices of the Avalanche, also of the 
Appeal, and published a newspaper. The Metropolis Times, on the steamer Richmond, running 
between Louisville and New Orleans. This is said to be the first enterprise of the kind attempted 
on a steamboat, and it gained considerable celebrity. 

He married at Metropolis, 111., 10 Mch., 1870, Addie S. (dau. of William and Araminta) 
Caveness, b. 22 Nov., 1852, near Wadesborough, Ky. Res. (1883) Memphis, Teini. 

Children : 













Percy Lee,^ b. 14 Apr., 1871, at Bolivar, Tenn. 

Mamie Elizabeth,** b. 25 July, 1873, at Memphis, Tenn. 

Willie Lamar,'* b. 2 Nov., 1875, at Memphis, Tenn.; died there 10 Dec, 1875. 

Byron Ross,^ b. 5 May, 1877, at Memphis, Tenn. 

Ira Sidney,^ b. 8 Dec, 1880, at Memphis, Tenn. 

D.MGHTKR ,* b. 20 May, 1S83, at Memphis, Tenn. 

FAMILY 377. 

4074. Franklin BoStwick^ Humphrey, [3339] (PUnv,^ Im,^ Daniel,* Ensign Samue!,-' 
Lieut. Samuel,- Michael^) was born 29 Oct., 1S50, in Concord, Mich.; married in Clarendon, 
Mich., 26 Nov., 1S73, Amelia Ann (dau. of Philip and Maria Leavitt Eeals) Bartleson, of Con- 
way, Mass. He is a farmer, and the family reside on the homestead adjoining Mr. Leonard 
Humphre.v, at Concord, INIich. P. O. address (1883) Parma, Mich. 
Chihircn : 

4075. L Ralph Myron,^ b. 13 Sept., 1874, at Concord, Mich. 

4076. IL Mabel Emma,* b. 23 Sept., 1881. 

FA:\IILY 378. 

4077. Leonard West' Humphrey, [2540] (PUnv,^ Ira,^ Daniel,* Ensign Samuel^ 
Lieut. Samuel,- Michael') was born i8 Feb., 1S53, at Concord, Mich. He married in Albion, 
Mich., 15 Nov., 1878, Sarah Jane Richards, b. 4 Nov., 1856, at Rochester, N. Y., dau. of 
Richard and Anne (Clowson) Richards, of Tinwell, Rutlandshire, Eng. Hardware merchant. 
Res. (1884) St. Louis, Gratiot Co., Mich. 

4078. L Lyle Pliny,^ b. 22 Aug., 1883, at St. Louis, IMich. 


4079. Major Frederick Clinton' Humphreys, [2591] (Coi. Gad,^ Hon. Reuben,^ 

Esq. Oliver,* Jonathan,^ Lieut. Samuel,^- Michael') was born 6 Oct., 1822, in Pittsfield, Mass. He 
married in St. Augustine, Fla., 8 June, 1847, Sarah Gates (dau. of John and Lois) Drysdale, of 
St. Augustine, Fla., born there, 13 Feb., 1830. They have had nine children — six were surviving 
and residing, in 1867, with their parents in Pensacola, Fla. 

Maj. Humphreys was in the U. S. Army at the breaking ou.t of the Rebellion, as Military 
Store-keeper of Ordnance, having been appointed 30 Jan., 1855; was in command of the U. S. 
Arsenal, at Charleston, S. C, and surrendered the same to the S. C. troops, 30 Dec, i860. He 
did so, however, under protest, having but nine enlisted men for the defence, against some eight 
hundred armed men. He demanded the right to salute his flag before lowering it, and the 
privilege of taking it with him, which was allowed; all of which is on record in the Ordnance 
Office at Washington. He resigned after the fall of Fort Sumter, and accepted the same position 
under the Confederate Government. He was in command of the Augusta, Ga., Arsenal about 
six months; was thence ordered to the command of Baton Rouge Arsenal. Was there at the fall 
of New Orleans; got away with machinery and stores, and established the Arsenal and Ordnance 
Works at Columbus, Ga., where he remained to the close of the war, then holding the rank of 
Major of Artillery, C. S. A. Since the war he has been Mayor of Pensacola, by popular vote, 
and Postmaster and Collector, by appointment. P. O. address (1884) Pensacola, Fla. 

4080. L John K.^ b. 10 Apr., 1S48, in St. Augustine, Fla.; married at Pensacola. Fla., 

where he resided in 1884, Pauline Kelly. They had (in 18S4) two children. 

4081. H. Frank Earned, '^ b. 16 Jan., 1851, St. Augustine, Fla.; d. in Columbus, Ga., 10 

Dec, 1S62, as. 11 years. 

4082. HL Gad,» b. 19 July, 1S52, in St. Augustine, Fla.; married at Pensacola, Fla., where 

he resided in 1884, Felicie Maura. They had (in 1884) four children. 

4083. IV. Ann Drysdale,^ b. 11 July, 1854, at St. Augustine, Fla.; d. at Pensacola, Fla., 14 

Jan., 1SS2; married at Pensacola. W. A. D'Alemberte. {Children: Two sons.] 


40S4. V. Mary Loitsa/ b. 24 Nov., 1856, at Little Rock, Ark.; married at Pensacola, Fla., 
W. A. D'Alemberte. P. O. address (18S4) Pensacola, Fla. Has one child. 

40S3. VI. Florida,^ b. 24 Mch., 1S59, at St. Augustine, Fla.; d. at IMarietta, Ga., 16 Aug.. 
1S61, pp. 2 years. 

4086. VII. J. Blake, 5 b. 24 Mch.. 1S61, at St. Augustine, Fla.; d, at Columbus, Ga., 24 Oct., 
1 86 2, pp. I year. 

40S7. VIII. Frederick C.\ b. 9 Dec, 1S62, at Columbus, Ga. P. 0. address (1S84) Pensa- 
cola, Fla. 

4088. IX. William Hekry Walker," b. 23 Jan., 1S65, at Columbus, Ga. P. O. address 
(1SS4) Pensacola, Fla. 

FA:\riLV 8S0. 

4089. Lieut. Edward Center' Humphreys, [2594] (Co/. Gad,^ Hon. Reuben,^ Esq. 

Oliver,* Jonathan,^ Lieut. Sa7niicl,~ Michael^) was born 10 Apr., 1S36, at Pittsfield, IMass. He 
married at Little Rock, Ark., 13 Apr., 1857, ]\Iary Ellen Byrd. 

He was residing at Pensacola, Fla., at the commencement of the Rebellion, and he left as 
Lieutenant of a volunteer company, and was killed i July, 1S62, in the battle of Malvern Hill, 
Va., while in command of his company. 

4090. I. IVIary Fannie,^ b. 14 ]\Ich., 1858, at St. Augustine, Fla.; married in Jacksonville, 

Fla., Thomas Roby. Res. (1884) Jacksonville, Fla. 

4091. II. LiLY^; died in infancy. 

FA:\IILY 381. 

4092. Lieut. Charles Downing' Humphreys, [2595] (Coi Gad,'' Hon. Reuben,^ 

Esq. Oliver,'' Jonathan,^ Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael' ) was born i iNIay, 1838, in Pittsfield, Mass. He 
married in Savannah, Ga., since the war, Sallie (dau. of Judge Alexander) Drysdale, of Savannah. 
He volunteered as a Confederate private, and was promoted to color-bearer, with the rank 
of lieutenant, for gallantry in the field during the fight around Richmond. He died at St. 
Augustine, Fla., 25 Apr., 1877, se. 39 years. Had one child, which died in infancy. 

FAMILY 382. 

4093. Dr. George Hoppin' Humphreys, [2601] (May,^ Hon. Reuben,^ Esq. Oliver,* 
Jonathan,^ Lieut. Samuel,'^ Michael^) was born iS Dec, 1834. He married 16 Dec, 1868, Emilie 
Julie (dau. of ]\Iajor-Gen. James* and ) Barnes, of Springfield, INIass. 

At an early age he went with the family to Europe, at first to England and afterwards to 
Germany, and various points of interest on the Continent, where he received his preliminary edu- 
cation, returning in his seventeenth year to Philadelphia. He was there for several years, engaged 
in the study of his profession, as private pupil of the celebrated Dr. Mutter, of the Jefferson 
Medical College. He spent also much of his time abroad in Paris and Germany, prosecuting his 
studies; and having a competence, devoted himself to such branches of inquiry as suited his tastes. 

When the war for the Union broke out, in 1861, he became the surgeon of the celebrated 
regiment of Hawkins' Zouaves, and with them early went to the front; and it is recorded ©f him 
that in a very few weeks he so signalized his fitness for his position as to have became the best 
known and most trusted officer of the regiment. His fertility of resources and prompt yet engaging 

nes, U. S. A., of Springfield, M.iss., .t West Point officer, retired Irom the army, but served through 











manners and readiness of access, made him the confident of all, and won for him universal praise 
and admiration. 

Dr. Humphreys, however, is best known both in England and in this country as the 
translator of Niemeyer, and the profession in both hemispheres are loud in their acknowledg- 
ments to him for having presented this new standard medical authority in an English dress, and 
for having enriched it with his extensive annotations and additions. The force, clearness and 
style with which the author's ofttimes obscure sentences has been rendered, is worthy of note, and 
has received high praise from professional critics. He is now engaged in private practice in New 
York Cit}', and is also one of the staff of consulting physicians of the Bellvue Medical Hospital, 
and holds other positions of professional preferment. Res. (1885) 23 E. 47th St., New York Cit\-.* 
Children (born in A'cio York, N. J', except the si.xih }: 

4094. I. May,^ b. 18 Dec, 1869. 

4095. II. Ch.\rlotte Barnes,^ h. 30 Sept., 1871; d. at Ridgefield, Conn., i Aug., 1885, se. 

13 years and 10 months. 
Ja.mes Barxes,^ b. 9 Oct., 1S73. 
JoH.v .Sanford,^ b. 21 May, 1875. 
George Hoppin," b. 16 Mch., 1877. 
Frederick Brown, ^ b. 10 July, 18 78. 
Alexander Francis,*^ b. iSSi; d. 18 May, 1882, x. 5 months. 

FAMILY 383. 

4101. Major Norris' Humphreys, [2618] (Esg. OHver,'^ Capt. Asher,'> Esq. Oliver,'' 
Jonathan,'' Lieut. Samuel,- Michael^) was born 14 Aug., 1S06, in Canton, Ct. He removed with 
his father's family, in 1816, to Vernon, Trumbull Co., O. ; married there, 10 Feb., 1S31, Julia 
(dau. of Ira and Ursula Hyde) Case, of Vernon, O., born there 10 Aug., 1808. 

In early life he worked at blacksmithing, but afterward became a farmer, and settled in Rich- 
field, Summit Co., O. In 1832 he was commissioned Captain of Light Infantry of State Militia, 
by D. McArthur, then Governor; in 1834 he was commissioned Major of Battalion of Light 
Infantry, by Robert Lucas, Governor. Res. (1884) Richfield, Summit Co., O. ; P. O. address. 
Peninsula, Summit Co., O. 
Children : 

4102. I. Homer Austin, ** b. 17 Feb., 1S32; married S. Maria Howell. Family 501. 

4103. II. Almina,'^ b. in Dec, 1833; d. in Mch., 1834, se. 4 months. 

4104. IIL Cora Sophia,** b. in Mch., 1836: married 16 Oct., 1861. R. C. (son of E. T.) 

Ellsworth. P. O. address (1884) Richfield, O. Children: 

4105. i. Elmer R.', b. I Dec, 1862. 

4106. ii. Clarence C, b. 4 June, 1864. 

4107. iii. Ralph H.', b. 18 Sept., 1868. 

4108. IV. Stella E.^, b. 7 Mch., 1839; d. 9 Mch., 1856, ce. 17. 

4109. V. Oliver Norris,^ b. 26 Nov., 1840; married Abbie E. Nellis. Family 502. 

4110. VI. LuciAN EzEKiEL,* b. 30 Aug. , 1842; married Martha J. Viall. Family 503. 

41 1 1. VII. Decivs,^ b. in Apr., 1845; d. in Apr., 1868, x. 23 years. 

41 12. VIII. Tri-man,** b. II Apr.. 1S49; married Alida Hale. Family 504. 

41 13. IX. Harrv,^ b. in July, 1852; d. in Oct., i860, oc. 8 years. 

« It is much to be regretted that Dr. G. H. Humphreys has not been pursuaded to furnish the material for a much more extended 
and interesting sketch of his life than the above meagre incidents afford. 

FAMILY 384. 

41 14- Julius'' Humphreys, [2633J (Esq. Oliver,'' Capt. Asher,^ Esq. Oliver,'' Jonathan,^ 
Lieu/. Samuel," Michael^) was born i Oct., 1819, at 'Vernon, Trumbull Co., O. He married 15 
Oct., 1839, Harriet (dau. of Jesse and Nancy) Brockway, b. 28 June, 1819. Retired coal 
merchant. Res. (1882) Akron, Summit Co., O. 

4115. I. I\I.\RY E.^ b. 17 Oct., 1S4C; marrietl 24 Dec, 1S57, William B. Coletnan, born 

in 1832. Res. (18S5) 79 Whitman St., Cleveland, O. Children: 

4116. i. Frankie,' b. 8 May, 1S59: d. 23 Aug., 1862. 

41 17. ii. Susan,' b. 24 June, i860. 

4118. iii. Frank II.', b. 27 Sept., 1S64. 

41 19. II. Fr.-vnklin,^ b. 3 Oct., 1842: d. 23 Aug., 1S54. 

FA:MILY 385. 

4120. George Woodford' Humphreys, M- D-, [2634] (Esq. Oliver,'' Capi. Asher,^ 

Esq. Oliver,'' Jonathan,' Lieut. Samuel,' I\Iichael' ) was born 22 Dec, 1824, in Vernon, Trumbull 
Co., O. He married in Jamestown, Chautauqua Co., N. Y., 28 June, 1S50, Frances Cornelia* 
(dau. of John Abram, M. D., and Elmena^ Humphre_v) Salisbury, born 26 Aug., 1832, at 
Victory, N. Y. [Fam. 109, S.=] 

Dr. Humphrey resided in Gustavus, Trumbull Co., O. , and practiced medicine in Cleve- 
land, O. He died in Cleveland, of asthma, 11 Sept., 1S71, a-. 46 years. His widow res. (1884) 
No. 33 Mandrake Street, Cleveland, O. 

Children (born in Jamestown, A\ i^-J- 
4121. I. Ellena E.', b. 19 Mch., 1853; married in Cleveland, O., 14 Feb., 1883, J. B. 

McCrea, of Carlisle, Pa. 
4T22. II. E.MMETT G. ^, b. 9 Feb., 1855; d. at French Woman's Station, Deer Lodge Co., 
Montana Territory, 5 Aug., 1882. He was struck by lightning while attending 
to his business as superintendent and inspector of telegraph line building. 
4123. III. Emerson E.^, b. 26 Oct., 1S61. 

FA:\IILY 38G. 

4124. Julius' Humphreys, [2639] { Dr. Erastus,'' Capt. Asher,^ Esq. Oliver,'' Jonathan,^ 
Lieut. Samuel," Michael') was born in Canton, Ct., 30 Mch., 1808. He removed with the family 
to Auburn, N. Y., in 1823, and in 1830 went to New York and was there and on the North 
River engaged in business. Returning during the cholera of that season (1832) he entered the 
office of Miller & Seward, and was for a time a law student. In 1833 he \vent west and south 
in connection, at first, with the firm of Humphreys & Benedict, and later forming the firm of 
Aldrich & Humphreys, in the clock business at Nashville, Tenn. He was married by the Rev. 
Mr. Edgar, 29 June, 1836, in Nashville, Tenn., to Eliza Ann (dau. of Gurdon and Elizabeth Rudd) 
Lathrop. She was born in Charleston, 9 July, 1808. After some years and varying fortunes he 
removed to Clarksville, Tenn., where he continued business for some years on his own account. 
In 185 1 he took the "gold fever," and went to California by way of the Isthmus, and after some 
experience in the mines, located at Benicia, Cal., whence, after some 3ears, he removed to San 
Francisco. He was there some time in the Custom House; and thence to his present residence, at 
Brentwood, Contra Costa Co., Cal., where he is engaged in farming. 


Children ; 

4125. I. William Henry/ b. 28 Apr., 1837, at Nashville, Tenn. ; d. 11 Aug., 1837, oc. 4 mos. 

4126. II. Anne Elizabeth,^ b. 29 June, 1S38, at Nashville, Tenn.; d. 11 Aug., iSjS, k. i mo. 

4127. III. William Henry, ^ b. 18 Apr., 1840, at Nashville, Tenn.; d. at Aaburn, N. Y., 10 

Oct., 1S40, ae. 6 months. 
412S. IV. Mary Angeline,^ b. 21 June, 1841. Has been a teacher from girlhood. Res. 
Brentwood, Cal. 

4129. Y. Laura Adeline,^ b. 26 July, 1843, at Clarksville, Tenn. Has been a teacher from 

girlhood. Res. Brentwood, Cal. 

4130. YI. Alfred Lathrop,'' b. 5 Dec., 1846, at Clarksville. Has been a clerk. Res. 

Brentwood, Cal. 

4 13 1. ^TI. George Frederick,' b. i Nov., 1848, at Clarksville; d. 1S50. 

FAMILY 387. 

4132. Hon. George' Humphreys, [2642J (Br. Eras/us,^ Capt. Asher,^ Esq. Oliver,* 
Jonal/ian,i Lieut. Samuel,- Michael^) was born 15 Mch., 1814, in Marcellus, Onondaga Co., N. Y. 
He removed with the family to Auburn, N. Y., in October, 1823, received his education at the 
Auburn Academy, under the tuition of Noble D. Strong and Rev. John C. Rudd, D. D. ; entered 
Amherst College under the presidency of Rev. Heman Humphrey, D. D. , in 1833, '34 and '35. 
His health failing, he returned home, and subsequently entered the office of Governor and after- 
wards Senator and Secretary William H. Seward. He remained with Governor Seward through 
all the labors and somewhat exciting scenes of the Governor's Agency of the Holland Land Com- 
pan3' at Mayville and Westfield, Chautauqua Co., and until his admission to the bar 13 July, 
183S. He was married by the Rev. IMr. Putnam, in Sheldon, Genesee (now Wyoming) Co., 
N. Y., 28 May, 1840 [see Fam. 90, S-.], to Lucia Williams, youngest dau. of Godfrey and 
Deborah (Lobdel) Grosvenor. She was born at Minot, Cumberland Co., Me., 28 June, 1S21; 
died at Buffalo, N. Y., 7 Mch., 1877, se. 55 years. 

He settled as a lawyer in Cato, Cayuga Co., in 1840. He was elected first Judge of 
Cayuga County in 1S51, and reelected in 1853 and in 1S59, making his twelve years of uninter- 
rupted service on the bench. He removed to Auburn in 1852, and was IMayor of the city there 
three successive terms, in 1861, '62 and '63. 

When he settled in his profession as a lawyer, in Cato, Cayuga Co., he was the only 
lawyer on the north side of the Seneca River in the County, and the people were emerging from 
the rudeness of their woods and stumps to the more cultivated form and style of advanced and 
refined rural life. Judge Humphreys entered into all the labors, sports and improvements of their 
life with a keenness and relish born of ancestral traits. He was the friend of everybody, the 
genial, kind-hearted, patient advisor and counsellor of all, and when nominated as first Judge of 
the County, he \vas elected by a larger majority than any other man, before or since, ever received 
in the County. On the bench he was patient, reserved, dignified and painstaking to a fault; the 
friend of the oppressed, and yet severe enough to persistent evil-doers, whether of high or low 
degree. His decisions were rarely called in question. One very remarkable case came before 
him, which will bear repetition. A convict in the Auburn State Prison, Francis S. Edemoine, 
alias John y\. Coss, who had been convicted of forgery and allowed many privileges, obtained 
from Gov. Horatio Seymour, a pardon through fraud. He was a fine penman, and was put to 
keeping t"lie account of one of the contractors, and when any of the officers of the prison or 
contractors wished their cards written, they gave him their signatures, and he would write them 
in fine style. In this way he obtained the signature of the keeper, Mr. Pomeroy, the warden, 

the doctor, Alanson Briggs, the contractor, the chaplain, and indeed <ill of the officials connected 
with the prison. Armed with these, he drew up a petition in well worded terms, stating that he 
was a most exemplar)' man, deeply penitent and reformed, and moreover in poor health, suffering 
from consumption and likely to- live but a little time, and that it would be an act of well-merited 
executive clemency to grant him a pardon. Added to this was a special letter from Dr. Briggs, 
the physician, and another from the chaplain, setting forth the state of his health as above (all a- 
lie), and his very comforting spiritual condition. These petitions he contrived to smuggle out of 
the prison, and into the hands of a confederate, by whom they were duly presented to the 
Governor at Albany. Such overwhelming and unanimous petitions in favor of a poor penitent, 
d^ing convict, could not for a day be delayed, and his pardon was promptly issued. The keeper 
received the pardon in due course of mail, with much surprise, and was still more surprised that 
the convict affected none at all, and blandly informed him that he expected the pardon, as he 
had power and influence at work for him outside, and taking it as a matter of course, was duly 
clothed and discharged with his pardon in his pocket. 

Some daj'S after, the keeper, Charles Pomeroy, called on the Governor in Albany, and in 
the course of conversation casually asked what had induced the Governor to pardon Edemoine. 
' ' VVh}-, " replied the Governor, ' ' I remember he had one of the most touching, strong and 
unanimously signed petitions I ever received, and I think your name headed it. You mean the 
man in the hospital, who is dying of consumption.?" "Nonsense," said Pomeroy, "he is no 
consumptive, but the fattest, burliest knave in the whole prison." "Well," said the Governor, 
"I will look it up, and I think your name headed the petition." The next day Governor Seymour 
handed to Pomeroy the petition, and with serene triumph said: "It is as I told you, your name 
stands at the head of the list." Pomeroy looked over the petition in amazement. "That," he 
said, "is my signature as well or better than I could have written it, but I'll swear I never 

wrote it, and I'll be if the whole thing is not a forgery from beginning to end, and now 

that I think it over 1 know the secret of Edemoine's getting the signatures." 

It was ascertained that the forger was in Albany having a good time with his pardon in 
his pocket. Two detectives were put upon his track, who hired a woman, with whom the culprit 
was living, to persuade him to leave his pardon in her bureau drawer, whence it was conveyed 
to the officers, who laid in wait, and when he appeared arrested and ironed him. "By what 
authority do you arrest me," said Edemoin. "We arrest you as an escaped convict," they replied. 
"I am not a convict," he said, "I was pardoned by the Governor." "Where is }our pardon .''" 
"You may know better than I do, but I am no convict," were his words. They put him on the 
train and took him back to the prison. When there he demanded to see a lawyer, in answer to 
which they put on his convict clothes and set him again to work. James R. Cox, Esq., of 
Auburn, hearing of the case, took out a writ of habeas corpus and, associated with Clarence A. 
Seward, defended the man, and the case was brought before Judge Humphreys for adjudication.* 

* In the course of the trial it became known that several of the Governors had been imposed upon and had issued pardons to 
convicts by mistake or fraud. An instance occurring under Gov. Seward's administration is worth repeating. In one of the counties on 
the Mohawk, a couple of emigrants, Swedish or Dutch, had moved in— simple, ignorant people— and a gang of burglars in their neigh- 
borhood had broken open a store and robbed it, among other things, of a bolt of cloth. This cloth they brought to the house of these 
people, by whom it was secreted and kept from its owners. In due lime they were detected, tried and sent to prison lor receiving 
stolen goods. No great time had elapsed after their incarceration before the prison authorities learned that they might soon e.vpect an 
addition to their number quite out of the regular way of the Courts. In this dilemma they appealed to the Governor, as they had no 
focilities lor a lying-in asylum. The Governor at once saw the necessity of providing for the woman, and directed the clerk to make 
out a pardon. The clerk, cither failing to comprehend the situation, or through inability to distinguish the sex of the foreign names, 
filled in the name of the husband instead of that of the wile, and the pardon was duly signed by the Governor and forwarded to the 
prison. The keeper thought it a little singtdar, but concluded that the Governor had thought best to let the husband go free first in 
order to provide a for his wife, .an* would soon follow with a pardon for her, and so sent the man oflT. They waited a few days 
for the Governor's pardon for the woman, but none came until the crisis grew imminent, when they wrote to the Governor for the meaning 
of the delay and their urgent demand for relief when the denoumcnt occurred. Of course the Governor at once issued the pardon for the 
woman, which he had mtended to have done at the first. But he did nut publish his mistake by seeking again 
whom he had set free in error. 


He was, says Cox, one of the most adroit scoundrels ever heard of, futile of expedients, and 
without moral sense, and so always in trouble. The case is reported in one of the earlier volumes 
of Howard's Practice Reports, about 1855. Seward kept the run of him for quite a time, and 
the last report was a letter from Edemoin dated at Moyamensing prison, Philadelphia, Pa. 

The case excited much interest, not only in legal circles, but among the people generally. 
The keeper of the prison, the Governor, and the State Attorney-General felt themselves compro- 
mised, and the latter appeared- at the trial on behalf of the State. All the facts as heretofore 
shown were clearly elicited, and the Attorney-General maintained that the previous fraud had vitiated 
the pardon, and that the culprit had of right been returned to prison as an escaped convict, etc. 

The Judge took several days to consider the subject, and decided that the issue of a pardon 
by the Executive was such a judicial act as did not admit of traverse. That whether well or ill- 
advised, the issue of a pardon w-as an act of Executive clemency, and was such an exercise of 
the supreme power as did not admit of review or traverse, and however underserved in its affect, 
and however reluctant he might feel in its issue or consequences, he had no power to annul it, 
and he felt himself obliged to confirm it by discharging the prisoner. The culprit, however, did 
not get off, but was immediately taken on a w-rit by a sheriff of another county to answer for a 
crime therein committed, and after trial and conviction was again sent back to his old quarters at 
Auburn prison. The Judge's decision was never disturbed, though threatened by the Attorney-General. 

In 1870 the interest of a large landed estate in Buffalo left to Mrs. Humphreys and her 
two brothers by the Grosvenor estate, required his removal to Buffalo, and required his entire 
attention to the close of his life, and doubtless in its many vexatious delays and embarrassments 
hastened his decline. In 1885 he moved to Cambridge, Mass., to be near his son Llewellyn, at 
Harvartl, and to be with his daughter, Mrs. Kendall, "at which place he died. 

Judge Humphreys has been all his life a whig and republican, but at the close of the war 
for the Union the cause of the administration did not meet his approval. He believed that the 
north and south should at once strike hands and seek to obliterate the moral and material 
wounds of the war. That our taxes should at once be reduced, the war debt funded, and that 
twenty years should be given to our recuperation, north and south, before the people should be 
called upon by taxation to pay the war debt. That the southern States should be rehabilitated 
in the Union and our federal expenses reduced to the minimum; and in consonance with these 
views he was a delegate and attended the noted "love feast" or Union Convention held at Phila- 
delphia after the close of the war. These views did not meet those of the party, and he was , 
induced to offer his name as the candidate of the Democratic party as Congressional Representative 
of his district. The Judge made no special effort and was defeated, though polling the largest 
democratic vote ever received by any candidate of that party in his county. 

Judge Humphreys was a most estimable man. In all the relations of life he might almost 
be said to have been a model man. Modest and reserved, high-minded, considerate of the rights, 
the wants and needs of others, kind-hearted and benevolent to a fault, he had no enemies, but 
all who knew him were his friends, and he was never so happy as when engaged in some 
unselfish work for the public, the poor, the distressed, or some friend. There was not a coarse 
fibre in his nature, nor a coarse act or word in his life. His later days were overshadowed by 
pecuniary cares and embarrassments brought about by the recklessness of others, and perhaps by 
his business mistakes, so that his and his wife's last days were by no means their best days; but 
no one ever called in question his integrity, his virtue or sterling worth of character. 

4133. I. ]Makv Angeline,8 b. 13 June, 1841, at Cato, N. Y. ; married at Auburn, N. V., 

13 Dec, 1864, Frederick M. (son of William H. and Harriet Seward) Brown, 
of Chicago, 111. IManufaLiurcr, Buffalo, N. N'. ChiUren: 



4134. ^ i. Frederick Hunter,' b. 26 Mch., 1866, in Auburn, N. Y. 

4135. ii. Lutie,' b. in May, 1869; d. in infancy. 

4136. iii. George Humphreys,' b. 26 April, 1873, at Greenport, L. I. 

4137. iv. Seward,' b. in May, 1S81, at Buffalo, N. Y. 

4138. II. Lucia Grosvenor,^ b. in Aug., 1843, at Cato, N. Y. ; married at Buffalo, N. Y., 

12 June, 1873, Olindus F. Kendall, of New York City, son of Daniel and Mary 
Kendall, of Springfield, Mass. Merchant, Boston, Mass. Children: 

4139. i. Louise Humplireys,' b. 17 Aug., 1875, at Buffalo, N. Y. 

4140. ii. Grosvenor,' b. 16 May, 1878, at Bergen Point, N. J. 

4141. iii. Eugene Worthington,' b. in June, 1880, at Bergen Point, N. J. 

4142. iv. Alexander,' b. 23 Aug., 1882, at Cambridge. 

4143. V. Cornelia Brush,' b. 24 May, 1885, at Great Head, Mass. 

4144. III. Godfrey Grosvenor,^ b. 2 Sept., 1845, at Cato, N. Y. ; married Mary E. Wood. 

F.\MILY 505. 

4145. IV. Emma Virginia,'* b. 10 Sept., 1847, at Cato, N. Y. Res. (1S86) Cambridge, Mass. 

4146. V. Ida Fr.«ces,^ b. 12 Nov., 1S51, at Cato, N. Y. Res. (1886) Cambridge, Mass. 

4147. VI. Georgianna,^ b. 10 Jan., 1S56, at Auburn, N. Y. Teacher, ISIontreal, Canada. 

4148. VII. Guy Landon.^ b. 25 Sept., 1S61, at Auburn, N. Y. ; married Lillian Esther Gibbons. 

Family 508. 

4149. VIII. Llewellyn,^ b. 7 July, 1S65, at Auburn, N. Y. Student at Harvard Law School. 


4150- Frederick' Humphreys, M- D-. [2643] (Dr. Emstus,^ dp/. Asher,^ Esq. 

Oliver,* JunalhaTi,^ LieiU. Samuel,- Michael') was born ii Mch., 1816, in INIarcellus, Onondaga 
Co., N. Y. He was married (i) in Auburn, Cayuga Co., N. Y., 14 Feb., 1837, by the Rev. J. 
Chamberlayne, to Cornelia (dau. of William and Hester E.) Palmer. She died 4 June, 1840, at 
Chillicothe, Ohio, se. 23 years. He was married (2) in Ludlowville, Tompkins Co., N. Y., 
I Aug., 1843, by the Rev. A. Wood, to Frances Maria (daughter of Alvah Jefferson and ^Maria 
Polly Tuttle) Sperry, of Ludlowville.* 

fa.milv 1. 

- the " Sperry Farms," in New Haven, Ct. He married . -A. few years after his marriage 

s., his son Enoch, supposed to be the oldest child, being then two years of age. The last 

years of his life were spent at the residence of his son Moses, and there he died. Children: 

(i.) Enoch, b. 1761; married Anna (Bush) P.tlmer. Family 2. (2.) Elijah; married Barrett; had one son, Eleazer. (3.) Nathan: 

married Mary Johns. (4.I Moses; married, aged 16, a lady aged 25 or 30; after his father's death he removed to near Rochester, N. Y. 

Cktltlren : Joy: Moses; Charles; [also anoth r son and se\eral daughters]. (5.) Phoebe; married Bush; probably died childless. 

(6.) Dinah; d. 1816 [?); unmarried. 


Capt. Enoch Sperry (■) (son of Aaron) was bom in New Haven, Ct. He married (i) Anna (Bush) Palmer, dau. of Bush, 

of Sheffield, Mass. Children: 

(i.) Clakissa, b. in 1783; married in 1800, William Hamlin. Children: Caroline; marned Heman Treat. Horace; married ; 

died childless. Fanny; unmarried. Lonnira; married James Worden. Clarissa; married Phillips. Harriet: married Richard 

Turner. William; married Julia Joslin; had one son. (2.) Ira, b. 1785; married Lydia Chamberlin. Children: William; married Salina 

Stoddart. Lewis; married Davis; had two sons and three daughters. Louisa; married Willard Carpenter. Clarissa: married 

; she died childless. (3.) Fanny, b. in 1786; married Philander Kellogg. They resided in Blenham, N. Y.: removed thence to near 

Jackson, Mich., and there died. Chiltlren: John; Enoch; Edward: AVilliam: Mary Ann; Clarissa Betsey: Pamelia and Cynthia Cordelia 
(twins). (4.) Betsey, b. in 1788; married Ebenezer Andrews. Children: Harriet: Louisa; Alvah; Mortimer. (5.) Philo, b. in 1790: 
married Polly Worster. Resided m Alford, Mass., and there died. Children: Cyrus; married Olive Coe. Hannah: married William 

Nichols. Piatt: married (i) Husted; (2) Storms; (3) Strong. Cynthia; married Priest. Ira; married . 

Polly Ann; married Near: had two children— a son died. (6.) Pameua, b. in 1793: married (i) Patrick Fitz Gibbons; (2) Israel 

Horton. Children (by 1st marriage): John (Fitz Gibbons). (By zd marriage}: Frances (Horton). (7.) John, b. in 1795; died in 
infancy. (8.) Alvah Jefferson, b. 3 July, 1797; married Maria Polly Tuitle. Family 3. 

He removed with his father's family to Auburn, N. Y., in 1823. His youth was s'jMwt-in-- 
his father's office, and at the district and in private schools, and at the Auburn Academy, under 
the tuition of Josiah Underbill, a Quaker teacher, who probably did more to mould his character 
than any other agency. From the age of fourteen to sixteen he was clerking in a store, and then 
went south with his brother Julius and uncle Truman, in the clock business, his father having an 
idea that every boy should early push out and make his way in the world. Returning after a 
three years' experience, he managed a farm which his father had purchased. He again went 
south, and after a year returned to find his father-in-law's affairs in confusion, and to save the 


Alvah Jefferson [8] (Capt. Enoch, Aaron) was born at AUord, Berkshire Co., Mass. He married 4 Sept., 1816, Maria Polly 
(dau. of Capt. Isaac) Tuttle, of Alford, b. 6 Muh., 1799; died at Ludlowville, N. Y., 17 May, 1876, s. 83 years. He died 6 Mch., 1884. 

After living some six years at Alford, they removed to the town of Brutus, near .iuburn, Cayuga Co., N. Y., from whence, after 
four years' residence, they removed to the homestead on the hill north of Ludlowville, Tompkins Co., N. Y., where they purchased the 
farm until then owned and occupied by Jonah Tooker, Esq., at which place they lived in family state for a period of fifty years, and 
where three of their six children were born to them. 

Bringing with them, from Massachusetts, a fair start in life, and those sterling, puritanic habits of economy and integrity, and a 
hearty faith in the covenant of works, they were prospered. Wealth and abundance flowed m upon them, but only to increase their 
persistent energy and patient industry. Their house became the resting place and temporary home of nearly two generations of Methodist 
and other Clergymen, who always found a generous welcome, a bounteous table, and a hearty furtherance in every earnest evangelical 
or religious work. Mother Sperry's life was an exemplification of her faith. From early dawn until long after all other lights in the 
neighborhood were out, and all households asleep, she was cheerful and busy in her round of household duties. Never unemployed, 
never triflingly employed, was her practice if not her life-long motto. 

In her early days she was a remarkably fine singer, possessing not only a good but well-trained voice, and all through life, up to 
a late period, an exceptionably good one. Sacred music, usually led by the father, and united in by every member of the family, was 
the refrain of daily life, as it was the joy of every recreation. At the Church, Prayer and Social Meetings, for more than sixty years 
Father Sperry was the chorister or leader, and Mother Sperry his always able and efficient assistant. 

In the days of anti-slavery, when the slave and his cause had few friends, and when it cost something to be known as such, the 
"House on the Hill" and the "Home of the Sperrys' " were known far and wide as the abode of staunch friends and firm supporters of 
that maligned cause, and none were more outspoken in their denunciation of the evil, or more earnest and liberal in efforts for its 
suppression than Mrs. Sperry. *^ 

Every branch of Church work felt the influence of her contributions and zeal. Her hand was ever ready, her purse was ever open, 
and whoever else might fail or falter, she could always be counted upon as a liberal contributor and an earnest helper. 

Asa mother and manager of her household ^he had few equals, and she brought to her aid a well-stored mmd and rare practical 
good sense. Although not given to warm or frequent manifestations of afliection, yet her children were her idols, and for them no toil 
was too long, no sacrifice too great. Her economy and neatness were remarkable. Nothing was wasted— nothing mislaid or lost; and 
often, long years after an article or garment had been used and forgotten by others, if wanted, it was produced front some secure resting 
place as fresh and as useful as ever. 

Her memory of names, dates and circumstances was wonderful. As from intuition and without effort, the names, dates, births, 
marriages and deaths of her relations, ancestors, connections, friends, or even casual acquaintances, could be given on the instant and in 
the course of ordinary conversation— a gift which she had inherited from her mother, and which has descended to some of her d.-iughters 
and grand-daughters. 

She had always and almost stoical contempt for physical pain or suffering, and all through lite, and even during the terribly severe 
agony of her last illness, from one of the most painlul diseases known, she was never heard to murmur or complain. 

That she was not perfect is but to acknowledge the frailty and imperfection of our common humanity. But that she m.-uiifesled, 
through a long and useful life, those qualities of mind and heart which make life a success and religion a service, is the conviction of all 
who knew her, and the cherished memory of those to whom she was most near and dear. 
I. Adelia Olive, b. 17 Aug., 1817; married Caleb B. Sweaiey. Child (besides two sons who died in infancy): 

i. Marshall Edwin Sperry: married Elizabeth Carr. Reside (1885) Ludlowville, N. Y. Children: (i) Helen Frances, 
b. 31 Jan., 1872. (2) Claude Edwm, b. 19 Aug., 1874; d. 16 Apr., 1882. (3) Charles Clayton, b. in Dec, 1876. 
(4) Olive Edna, b. 6 Aug., 1878. 
II. Ruth Adeuza, b. 22 Mch., 1819; died in infancy. 

III, Fekdinand C, b, 2 Jan., 1824: married (i) 4 Oct., 1848, Elizabeth Bowers; she died 7 Mch., 1861. He married (2) Delia (dau. of 

James and Sophronia) Carman, in July, 1863. Children (by jst marriage): 

i. Eva Adelia, b. 5 Aug., 1854; married 16 Aug., 1875, Leroy Beckwith. Children: (1) Frederick, b. in Feb., 1880. 

{2) Lena Sperry, b. in Aug., 1881. 
ii. Alvah J., b. 26 Nov., i860; married in Oct., 1882, Flora Teeter. Res. Ludlowville, N. Y. 

IV. Frances Maria, b. 21 June, 1826; married i Aug., 1843, Frederick Humphreys, M. D. [Family 388, S.«] 

v. Charlotte Harkietta, b. 8 Nov., 1828; d. 27 Mch., 1S56, a;. 27 years; married 3 July, 1850, Lorenzo Myers. Children: 
i. Polly Maria; died young, 
ii. Frances Almira; died young, 
iii. Hattie Charlotte; died young. 
VI. Anne, b. 25 Aug., 1832; d. 6 June, 1879, x. 46 years; married 24 Nov., 1858, Walter H. Ticknor. No children. 


wreck of his property went with him to Chillicothe, Ohio, where he remained some three years 
engaged in teaching, and where he entered the ministry of the M. E. Church. His wife dying at 
Chillicothe, he returned to Auburn in 1S41, bringing his infant son with him. His first intinerant 
year in the ministry was at Worthington, Ohio, his second at Cayuga, N. Y,., his third at Cort- 
landville, N. Y., his fourth at Cayuga, N. Y., and his fifth at New Hartford, N. Y. He was 
ordained as Deacon at Wilksburg in 1843, and as Elder at Utica, N. Y., in 1845; located as a 
minister in 1846. He is credited with having been a ready speaker of engaging manner and 
address, alwa3-s popular with the people, and the work of the church always prospering in his 
hands. Yet the trammels of the itinerancy were irksome, the pay was meagre and the outlook 
forbidding. His entire five years' work in the ministry did not return him, in all, $500 in money, 
and his living was eked out by his medical practice ainong the people. Such practice was 
constantly exciting the comments and evil criticism of his ministeral brethren. His itinerant 
experience in practice and preaching was often singular, and many interesting details could be 
given did space permit. 

In 1S44 he removed to Utica, N. Y., and united with his father, Dr. Erastus Humphreys, 
in the practice of medicine. At Utica he devoted himself afresh to the study of medicine, under 
the direction of his father. Since 1S40 he had been pushing his investigations in the then new 
system of Homeopathy; to this end, first learning the French and then the German language. At 
that period there was almost literally nothing in the English language on the subject. His knowl- 
edge of the subject in those languages gave him great advantages, and his practice of nine years 
at Utica made him literally master of the situation, having at its close the most extensive and 
lucrative practice in the city. The winters of 1848, '49 and '50 were passed in Philadelphia, at 
the Pennsylvania Homeopathic Medical College, and in very intimate relations with the renowned 
Dr. Constantine Hering, from whom he received that personal instruction, encouragement and 
direction which were in many ways of inestimable value to mm. He received his degree of 
Doctor of Medicine, and as Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine in 1850, from the college above 

At Utica his labors were characteristic, besides a large practice, he was constantly engaged 
dn literary and medical writing. He issued, in connection with his father, a series of " Tracts for 
the Times," elucidating the new doctrine of homeopathy. He wrote while there his "Cholera 
and its Homeopathic Treatment," and a monograph on Dysentery, and other small works. But 
perhaps his most important labor was the "Proving of the Apis INIelliffica, or poison of theHoney 
Bee." This work occupied his spare time and attention from 1848 to 1852. There was nothing 
tefore known of the Therapeutic value of this poison. He procured the living bees through his 
office-assistant, George Washburn, extracted the poison by putting them in a wide mouth bottle, 
shaking them until enraged, and then pouring alcohol over them, and so forming the mother 
tincture of the virus, and with this preparation, both in its original form and in dilutions, insti- 
tuted a series of experiments upon himself, his wik, students and partners in his office, and upon 
friends, for two years, and then, at a meeting of the Central New York Homeopathic Medical 
Society, gave an address upon the subject and the importance and mode of medical provings. 
He distributed the medicine to the physicians present, and subsequently gathered from them and 
from all sources, both the symptoms elicited and the cures made, and finally published the 
monograph in 1852, under the title of "Proving of the Apis Mellifiica, or poison of the Honey 
Eee." Dr. Hering afterwards enlarged the work by adding the recorded results of "Bee Stings," 
and published the whole as a most important addition to the " Americanische Artzneiprufengen." 

Dr. Humphreys' original proving, giving the profession one of its most valuable remedies 
for dropsies, diphtheria, angina, malignant scarlet fever, and varied forms of kidney diseases, 
ophthalmias, cerebral and pulmonary congestions, is perhaps the most important contribution 
made to the Homeopathic Materia Medica in America in the Homeopathic school, and is entirely 

"^ Mt092^l^£l€^J 9?I.^, 

due to the genius and labor of our subject. He also brought to the attention of the profession 
his preparation of "nux cum sale," as a valuable remedy in intermittents. He three years later 
proved, with the aiti of his class, at the Homeopathic Medical College at Philadelphia, the 
Plantago Major, thus adding another proved remedy to the Materia IMedica. He assisted in 
forming and was prominent in the Central New York Homeopathic Medical Societ}', and in 
transforming the same into the present New York State Homeopathic Medical Society. Later he 
was Chairman of the " Bureau for the Augmentation and Improvement of the Materia Medica,'' 
of the American Institute of Homeopathy, the highest compliment which could be paid him by 
his school of medicine. 

In 1S53, under advice of professional friends, he removed to New York, but had hardly 
settled there when he received a spontaneous call to the chair of "Homeopathic Institutes and 
Practice of Medicine " in his old college. This he accepted, making a brilliant record as a 
lecturer for three years, when he resigned, from complications growing out of his new discovery 
and practice of homeopathic combinations, termed by him Homeopathic Specifics. This step 
produced a rupture between him and the college, and his professional friends and associates. 
The question presented to Dr. Humphreys was, whether he would smother .the light which he 
believed he had received on this subject, or whether he should buffet the waves and strike out in 
a course which he thought he could see as full of benefit to the profession and the race. Painful 
as was the alternative, he chose the latter, and with true family grit gave to the winds his fears 
and launched out, trusting only that the light he had received would pilot him through, and that 
however bitter or long the struggle, he was in the pathway of duty. The result was for a long 
time doubtful, many of his professional friends and school of practice deserted him or could not 
understand him. He met with intrigue, rascality and fraud in his business associates, and not an 
over-S3™pathizing press, trade and public. But twenty-five years of persistent effort have changed 
all that. His old professional associates now see that he has done more for their cause than he 
could possibly have done as a simple teacher or practitioner. The business frauds that for so 
many years embittered his life and embarrassed his work have one by one gone down to the sleep 
that knows no waking, and our subject at the ripe age of seventy finds himself "at ease in his 
possessions" and successful in the work of his life, with the consciousness of having "stood in 
his lot," worked faithfully in the place appointed him, and of having in no small degree con- 
tributed to the welfare and happiness of our common humanity. 

His writings in connection with his business and profession have been extensive. His little 
INIanual has had a circulation of several million copies in the English, German, French, Spanish 
and Portuguese languages, and is yet being issued at the rate of a million a year. His Mentor 
is issued in the above languages and has a large circulation, as also his Veterinary Manual, and 
charts. The trade also finds in him an active, willing and efficient worker in all that pertains to 
its e.xtension, welfare and defense, and reports and communications on trade problems and legis- 
lation are frequent and well received. 

In the Church he has always been active. He organized the M. E. Church in West Utica, 
buying the edifice, making the first payment and securing the pastor. He was most efficient in 
building Trinity Church, at Asbury Park, and has rendered efficient service in placing the Church 
of the Heavenly Rest, New York Cit_v, upon its present satisfactory basis, and of which he has 
been warden for seven years. 

He has always been active in literary work, contributing to various periodicals and papers. 
His "Humphreys' Family" was commenced some si.xteen 3'ears ago, and though the mass of the 
details has been done by friends and paid assistants, the care, superversion and expense of the 
whole has devolved upon him. His poetic temperament, from a child, has found relief in occa- 
sional production of verses upon all subjects, from gay to grave. But he is far too modest to 
seek renown in that ficUl, ur even I., favur more than semi-occasi.>nall.v llie public with them. 


He has been for some years a constant contributor to Our Animal Friends, Mr. Henry Berg's 
paper, where his contributions in behalf of considerate kindness towards all animal nature are 
always welcome. His domestic, social and church relations have always been most happy. Res. 
(1885) 22 W. 39th Street, New York City; office 109 Fulton Street, New York. 

Children ( by is/ ?narriage) : 
4151- I. George,'' h. 14 Oct., 1S39, at Chillicothe, Ohio; died at the residence of his father, 

in New York City, 3 Dec, 1868, te. 29 years. He received his education at the 
Auburn Academy, and at Cazenovia Seminary; was in business for his father in 
New York. When the war broke out, he enlisted in the 19th N. Y. L. Infantry, 
which was changed to the 3d N. Y. Heavy Artillery. He was with Banks in 
the Shenandoah Valley, and in the battles of Newburn, N. C, until his discharge. 
After a service of two years as commissary and as hospital sergeant, without 
bounty, he returned broken in health, and finally, after a succession of pulmonary 
hemorrhages, and fighting the disease for five years, he died, 3 Dec, 1868. 

(By 2d marriage) : 
4152. n. Helen Frances,'' b. 13 May, 1844, at Ludlowville, N. Y. Res. (18S5) with her father. 

4153. HI. Frederick Hahnemann,^ b. 7 Sept., 1847, at Utica, N. Y. He married in Washington, 

D. C. . Jan. 15, 1880, Louise Alfrelta (dau. of Henry and Augusta Hipkins) Parker, 
born in that city, 13 Jan., 1852. 

Dr. Fred. H. Humphreys received his education at the Auburn Academv, 
from whence he entered the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he remained 
two years. He was then two years at Columbia College School of Mines, taking 
a course of analytical chemistry ; studied medicine at Bellevue Hospital Medical 
College, and attended lectures in medicine at Paris, Berlin and London, complet- 
ing his course at the University of Vienna, in 1872. He has since been engaged 
in the business with his father, as Secretary and Treasurer of the company. His 
health has not been assured, and much of his time has been spent in travel in 
various parts of foreign countries and the far south and west of our own country. 
He is a gentleman of special parts and wide scientific learning, and finds his 
pleasure and time largely engrossed by such pursuits. P. O. address 109 Fulton 
Street, New York City. Cliild .- 

4154. i. Frances Augusta," h. in New York City, Doc. 19 iSSo. 

4155. IV. Jay," b. 12 April, 1S51, at Utica, N. Y. ; d. 27 November, 1883, in New York 

City. He removed with his father's family to Auburn, N. Y., in 1854; received 
his preliminary education at the High School and Academy in that city, and at 
Mt. Washington Institution, New York, and graduated with honors from Columbia 
College in 1874, and two years later received his degree of M. A. from his Alma 
Mater. He married 26 Sept., 1877, Fannie (daughter of John I. and Elizabeth) 
Smith, and niece and adopted daughter of Charles E. and Phoebe Brush, of 
Babylon, L. I., N. Y., who was born at Lockport, N. Y., 3 Apr., 1858. In 1879 
he removed to Summit, N. J., purchasing and rebuilding on the property where 
his family now reside. He was a fine classical scholar, but early devoted himself 
to music under Demonville and other masters, becoming a fine violinist, giving 
all his spare time and energy to this avocation. He was in business with his 
father and brother, and entered as a student at the College of Physicians and 
. Surgeons, New York, and was attending his second course at the time of his death. 


He died in New York City, 27 Nov., 1S83. oe. 32 years. His widow resides 
at Summit, N. J. Children: 

4156. i. Jayta," b. 6 Nov., 1881, at Summit, N. J. 

4157. ii. Fredrick Erastus,' b. 16 Sept., 1883, at Summit, N. J. 

4158. V. Rev. Frank Landon,' b. 16 June, 1858, at Auburn, N. Y. He married in New York 

City, 25 Oct., 1881, Edith Elizabeth (dau. of Andrew J. and Harriet Octavia 
Malcomson) Todd. Rev. Mr. Humphreys received his education mainly from private 
tutors; was admitted to the Diaconate June 29, 1879, and ordained Priest Nov. 12, 
1882; received degree of ]\J. A. from St. Stephen's College, N. Y., in June, 1883. 
He organized the parish at Short Hills, N. Y., from which he resigned after the death 
of his wife, 7 Jan., 1884. Afterwards spent some time in travelling and pursuing 
his studies, in England. Res. (1886) Garden City, L. I., where he is Precentor 
of the Cathedral of the Incarnation. Child: 

4159. i. Edith Landon,' b. 7 Jan., 1S8I; d. 31 Mdi., 1S85. 

FA?*IILY 389. 

4160. Hiram Franklin' Humphreys, [2673] (Hiram,^ Capt. Asher,^ Esq. Oliver,'- 

Jonalhan,"^ Lieut. Hamuel,- Michael^) was born iS Dec, 1825, in Ohio. He married at Houghton, 
Canada West, 21 Sept., 1856, Martha Becker, of Canada \\'est, dau. of Philip and Lancy (Barrett) 
Becker, a native of New York State. 

Mr. Humphreys is an extensive farmer, tilling over three hundred acres; also makes a 
specialty of breeding fine horses and cattle, especially the former. Res. (1S83) Annawan, Henry 
Co., 111., ten miles west of Shefiield, 111. 
Children (horn in Henry Co., III.): 

I. John Albert,^ b. 21 Sept., 1S57. 
Mary Emeline,' b. 18 July, 1859. 
Franklin Grant,^ b. 16 Sept., 1865. 
Jennie May,^ b. 26 May, 1S70. 
Charles Albert,^ b. 21 Feb., 1875. 

FA:\nLY 390. 

4166. Zopher Philemon' Humphreys, [26S2] (Himm,'' Capi. Asher,^ Esq. Oliver,* 

Jonathan,^' Lieut. Samuel.- Miehael' ) was born 13 Oct., 1831, in Michigan. He married at 
Princeton, Bureau Co., 111., 13 Dec, i860, Mary Marilla Case, born i Mch., 1844, at Williams- 
field, Trumbull Co., Ohio, dau. of Gilbert Ellsworth and Martha (Wright) Case, and sister of 
Alexander Dunlap and Gilbert Ellsworth Case, who married Chloe Anna^ Humphrey [Fam. 189 
(2694), S.=], sister of Z. V.^ Huinphre3-s. 

Mr. Humphreys is largely engaged in agricultural pursuits, tilling over three hundred acres; 
is also a stock-raiser, breeding fine horses and cattle, horses especially. He res. midway between 
.Sheffield and Mineral, 111; R O. address (1883) Sheffield, 111. 

William Walter,^ b. 5 Jan., 1863, near Sheffield, 111. 

Charles Edwix,^ b. 25 Jan., 1867, near Sheffield. 111. 

Dora M.\v,' b. i Aug., 1870. 

Effie E.melixe,^ b. 5 July, 1872. 

Frederick Lee,^ b. 25 June, 1S77. 

Herbert Pearl,* b. 25 July, 1879. 









167. . 













FAMILY 391. 

4173- Henry Perry' Humphreys, [2693] (Hiram,'' Capi. Ashei-;^ Esq. Oliver^ 

Jonalhan,^^ Lieut. Samue/,- A/tc/iae/' J \\a.s born 20 Oct., 1S37, in Indiana. He married at ^Mineral, 
Bureau Co., Ill, 30 I\Ich., 1858, Elizabeth Ann, dau. of David and Elizabeth (Hankins) Fisher, 
of Virginia,, b. 11 Oct., 184.0, in Virginia. 

He enlisted at Sheffield, Bureau Co., 111., as a private in Company C ("Western Sharp- 
shooters"), 66th Regt. 111. Vol. Infantry, i Sept., 1862; took part in the battle of Corinth, Oct. 
3d and 4th, 1862, and was slightly wounded; and participated in nearly all the campaigns of the 
Army of the Tennessee until after the fall of Atlanta. He was detailed at headquarters i6th 
Army Corps, Major-General Grenville ]\I. Dodge commanding, and remained with General Dodge, 
as clerk, until he v%-as commissioned, 5 April, 1864, as First Lieutenant, and mustered in as 
Adjutant of the 5th U. S. Infantry Vols., Colonel Henry Maynadier commanding. Just before 
receiving his commission, he accompanied Major-General James Pope down the ]\Iississippi as far 
as the mouth of the White River on an inspection tour of the military posts m the Military 
Division of the Mississippi, doing duty as his clerk. 

After being mustered in as an officer, he proceeded with the regiment to Fort Riley, Kan., 
where he served as Adjutant and Post Adjutant; thence to Fort Kearney, Neb., and thence to 
Fort Laramie, Wyoming, where he remained about one year and a half, performing the duties of 
an Adjutant and Acting-Assistant Adjutant-General, District of the Platte. He was honorably dis- 
charged from the service in the fall of 1866, and returned to his home. 

While at Fort Laramie, in 1866, he was presented with a sword, sash and belt, and a 
series of very complimentary resolutions, by the officers of the nth Ohio Vol. Cavalry. 

Lieut. Humphreys had applied, in August, 1866, for a captaincy m one of the new 
regiments about to be organized under the "Army Bill" passed by Congress, with a view to the 
enlargement of the regular U. S. Armv. This application was favorably endorsed by Maj. 
James Van Voast, Maj. iSth U. S. A.; Brevet-Col. and A. Q. IM. G. B. Danby, U. S. A.; Maj. 
Elmer Otis, ist U. S. Cavalry, Brevet-Col. U. S. A. and Special Inspector; and forwarded with a 
letter from his Col., Henry E. Maynadier, in which he speaks of Adj. Humphreys thus: "As 
an officer, he is diligent, intelligent and active, thoroughly acquainted with the details of an Adj. 
or Adj. -Gen. He is also competent to perform these duties with his own hands, and has done 
most of the office work of his regiment and district. He was well versed in the other duties of 
an Infantry officer, and has age and experience sufficient for the position of captain. His moral 
character is above reproach, and he has uniformly conducted himself so as to win the esteem and 
friendship of his brother officers, and my own warm personal attachment," etc. These documents 
were approved and recommended by W. T. Sherman, Lieut. -Gen. Commanding. 

Mr. Humphreys has been elected police magistrate of the village of Sheffield for three 
terms of four years each; has also been commissioned notary public for the same number of terms 
and years; and was, in 1883, serving his third term in both capacities. He is a merchant, and 
agent of the U. S. Express Company; also a farmer. P. O. address, Sheffield, III. 

Children (born at, or near, Sheffield, III): 
4174. I. Mary Maud Adelaide," b. 23 Sept., 1859; unmarried. P. O. address (1883) Sheffield, 

111., where she is teaching in the High School for a second term of eight months. 
4173. II. David Franklin,^ b. 15 Mch., i860; unmarried; is in partnership with his father, 
P. O. address (1883) Sheffield, 111. 
Charles IIenry.^ b. 25 Dec, 1S62: unmarried. Res. (1883) Sheffield, 111. 
Chloe Bertha Irene," b. 7 Jan., 1S69. 
KvA BlaiN-che," b. 7 June, 1^74. 








F.UriLY 392. 

4179- Charles Edwin' Humphreys, [2699] (Hiram,^ Capi. Ashcr,^ e^. oifvo-,* 

Jonathan,^ Lieut. Samuel," Michael^) was born 27 Sept., 1847, in Kentucky. He married in 
]\Iineral, 111., 25 Nov., 1869, Lydia Fellows, b. 7 Apr., 1S46, at Andover, N. H., daughter of 
William Fessenden and Eliza Jane (Rowqll) Fellows, of Ainlo\er, N. H., afterward of Mineral, 
111. Farmer. Res. (1SS3) Mineral, 111.; P. O. address Sheflield, 111. 

41S0. I. IIiK.\.-\i Clyde.^ 

4 181. II. LoL.v Jane.8 

4 1 82. III. ' Macey Veits.s 

4 1 S3. IV. Fessexdex Ray.^ 


41S4. Hubert Asher' Humphreys, [2725] (Truman,'^ Capi. Asher,^ Esq. oiwer,* 

Jonathan^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael') was born 14 Nov., 1S49, at Elmwood, Peoria Co., 111. He 
married in Granby, Esse.x Co., Vt., 17 Nov., 1870, Ellen Betsey (dau. of Loomis and Adeline) 
Wells, of G., born 5 IMch., 1846, at Granby, Vt. They settled in" Elmwood, 111., where he was 
a farmer. He died in that town i July, 1873, tc. 23 years. His widow res. (1884) in Galva, 111. 

Child (born in EhtmonJ, III.): 
4185. I. Hubert Wells,^ b. 24 Sept., 1S72. 


4186. William Joshua' Humphreys, [2726] (Truman,^ Capt. Asher,^ Esq. onver,* 

Jonathan,^ Lieut, Samuel," Michael^) was born 19 May, 1S55, at Elmwood, Peoria Co., 111. He 
married in that town 3 Aug., 1882, Julia Anna Bandy, of Sparta, White Co., Tenn. He was 
(1883) proprietor of the Elmwood Creamery, wholesale dealer and shipper of butter and eggs. 
Res. Elmwood, III. 

Child (born in Ehmvood,. Ill): 
4187. I. Florence Olivia, « b. Wednesday, 16 May, 1883. 

FAMILY 395. 

4188. Rev. Edward Porter' Humphrey, D- D-. ll- r>., [2730] {Rev. Neman, 

D. D^, Solomon,^ Solomon,'' Jonathan, T: Lieut. Samuel,- Michael') was born at Fau-field, Ct., 28 Jan., 
1809. He married (i) 3 Mch., 1841, at Louisville, Ky., Caroline Catherine (d.uL of Thomas) 
Prather, who was born 28 Sept., 1816, and died 28 Sept., 1844. He married (2) at Louisville, 
Ky., 13 (or 3d) Apr., 1847, Martha (daughter of Alexander) Pope. 

He was prepared for college at the academy in Amherst, Mass., and was graduated with 
honor at Amherst College in 1828. In 1831-32 he was Principal of the Academy in Plainfield, 
Ct. During this time he was also pursuing his theological studies, and in 1833 was graduated at 
Andover Theological Seminary. His inclinations led him to begin his ministry in the southwest, 
and during the year 1834 he labored in connection with the Presbyterian Church in JofTcrsonville, 
Ind. In 1835 he became the Pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church in Louisville, K}-. For 
eighteen years he gave himself to the interests of this church, and his influence was felt not only 
in its rapid and iK-rmanent growth, but also, in a marked degree, throughout the city in wliich 
he lived, and in liic denomination to \vhii.h he belonged. So early as 1S52 he was elected 

Moderator of the General Assembly of the then Old School Presbyterian Church, and his sermon, 
called "Our Theology,"' preached at that time, is still circulated by the Presbyterian Board of 
Publication. During this year he received the degree of Doctor of Divinity from Hanover College, 
Ind. In 1853 he was appointed by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, Professor 
in Princeton Theological Seminary. This he declined, but soon after accepted the Professorship 
of Church History in the Theological Seminary in Danville, Ky. It was during the later years of 
his residence in Danville, 1861-66, that the exigences occasioned by bitter and disastrous civil strife 
called into prominence many of his distinguishing characteristics. Among these Vere his unwaver- 
ing loyalty to the National Government, together with a magnanimity and conciliation of spirit, 
which were potent influences in hastening the return of concord and amit}-, both in society and 
in the church. In 1866, in response to an urgent appeal, he returned to Louisville and gathered 
together a remnant of his old church, which he had left in so prosperous a condition, but which 
had been rent and nearly destroyed by the differences engendered by the war. This new organi- 
zation was called the College Street Church, and under his ministry became one of the largest 
and most influential churches in the city. He continued his labors as pastor and preacher until 
1880, when he retired from the active duties of the ministry. Since that time he has been 
engaged in literary and theological pursuits, and still resides (1885) among the people to whom 
he has devoted so mnch of his life. In 1S71 his Alma Mater, Amherst College, conferred upon 
him the degree of L.L. D. 

It will be noticed that the positions which Dr. Humphrey has occupied during these years 
have demanded rare qualities and gifts. With these he was peculiarly endowed. His preaching, 
so distinctive as a simple and earnest presentation of the Gospel, enhanced in attractiveness by 
convincing argument and impassioned eloquence, has made him distinguished as an ambassador 
of Christ. None who have enjoyed the privilege of listening to him could doubt that his com- 
mission was received from the Master's hand, and that his eloquence was inspired by the Holy 
Spirit. Thus the effect of his preaching has always been not only to move and convince his 
hearers, but to arouse them to high enthusiasm for the truth, asserted as with the power of God. 
As a theological teacher, his knowledge of Sacred History and his unique methods of imparting 
truth' not only stimulated the imagination of his pupils, but gave them the philosophy of the 
subject and stores of definite information. Dr. Humphrey's public life covered a period in the 
Presbyterian Church in which great questions of polity and theology were considered; and his 
power in the discussion of vital subjects, together with the clear and calm judgment he brought 
to bear upon them, impressed itself with controlling influence upon the great Assemblies of the 
Church. His gifts as a leader among men could not fail to be recognized, as with commanding 
presence and persuasive eloquence he thrilled and convinced his hearers. His power over these 
Assemblies was all the greater because always modestly and courteously exercised in the spirit of 
love. In advocating measures which seemed to him of great importance, all felt that his fervor 
was inspired by the strength and courage of his convictions rather than by any personal considera- 
tions. He has always been a man greatly beloved by his ministerial brethren, and in all the 
relations of life. While Dr. Humphrey was loyally devoted to the interests of the Presbyterian 
organization of his early association, designated as "Old School," so long as it remained a 
separate organization, he has been no less zealous in laboring for the unity of the whole Presby- 
terian Church throughout the land, and was foremost in promoting it in special crises of its 
history. His theology has always been conservative, and with unwavering belief in the truths of 
God's revealed world, he has, throughout the whole course of his ministry, "earnestly contended 
for the faith which was, once for all, delivered to the saints." 

In considering the laws of heredity, it is interesting to observe with what striking similarity 
the qualities and traits that distinguished Dr. Ileman Humphrey appear in this his eldest son. 
Res. (1885) Louisville, Ky. 

4IS9, I. 

4190. II. 








Children (by ist marriage): 

Julia Clay,^ b. 2S Jan., 1S42; d, 21 Nov., 1S43. 

Edward William Cornelius,"- b. 23 May, 1844; married at Danville, K}-., 20 Oct., 
1S67, Jessamine Barkley. He is a lawyer. Res. (1S84) Louisville, Ky. Cliildren : 

i. Kati; Prathcr,' b. 24 June, 1S69. 
ii. Sally Green," b. 24 Feb., 1871. 
iii. Edward Porter,' b. iS Feb., 1873, 
iv. Lewis Craig,' b. 18 .'^ept., 1875. 
V. Ileman,' b. 15 Mch., iSSo. 
vi. Jessamine,' b. 29 Nov., 1882. 
{By 2d marriage) : 
4197. III. Alexander Pope.s b. 26 Jan., 184S; married 3 Apr., 1879, Mary ]\Ioss Churchill. 

He is a lawyer. Res. (1882) Louisville, Ky. Children: 
419S, i. Ethel Churchill,' b. 24 Feb., 1880. 

4199. ii. Edward Porter,' b. 13 Nov., 1881. 

4200. iii. Alexander Pope,' b. 23 Oct., 1883. 

FA?>HLY 396. 

4201. Hon. James' Humphrey, [2731! (Rn'- Heman, D. D.,'^ Solomon,'> Solflmon.* 
Jonalhan,^ Lieu/. Samuel,'' ]\fichacl' ) was born at Fairfield, Conn., 9 Oct., 1811. He graduated 
at Amherst College, of which his father was president, in 1831; was Professor of Oratory and 
Rhetoric in his Alma Mater, in 1833. He studied law at the Yale Law School, at New Haven. 
Shortly after his admission to the bar, he married at Norfolk, Ct., 9 Oct., 1836, Urania Battell, 
of Norfolk, Ct., daughter of Hon. Joseph and Sarah (Robbins) Battell, of Norfolk, Conn., belong- 
ing to an old and honored Connecticut family. In 1849 she was received into the Church of the 
Pilgrims, Brooklyn, R. S. Storrs, D. D., pastor. He removed the same year to Louisville, Ky., 
where he practiced until 1838. In that year he came to Brooklyn, where he established his 
residence, commencing the practice of his profession in the city of New York, in the office of 
Seth B. Staples, Esq. H6re he soon acquired a large and eminently respectable clientage, being 
peculiarly successful as a commercial lawyer, and enjoying the confidence of some of the most 
extensive and best known mercantile houses in New York, and in the country. In Brooklyn, an 
oration, which he delivered shortly after his arrival there, first directed public attention to him; 
and he soon developed an active interest in local politics, apparently actuated by no special 
ambition, but by a genuine love of and interest in public afl["airs, natural to him, and which he 
always insisted should be felt by every good citizen. He represented the First Ward (in which he 
resided) in the Board of Aldermen in the years 1844, '45 and '46, and, in 1850-51, held the 
position of City Counsellor, provmg himself always a vigorous and efi"ective worker. He went 
over, with the majority of the Free-Soil Whigs, to Republicanism, in 1856, and in 1858 was 
elected to represent the Second Congressional District in the Thirty-Si.\th Congress. He had at 
this time been obliged, by declining health, to abandon the pursuit of his profession, but having 
recovered somewhat during the recess, took his seat in Congress and served one term. During 
the exciting scenes which preceded the outbreak of the Civil Rebellion, Mr. Humphrey was firm, 
calm, temperate and uncompromising, and his action as a member of the lamous Committee of 
Thirty-three, as well as the few words which he spoke when fit occasion offered, betokenetl the 
spirit of true patriotism and devotion to the National Government. In i860 and 1S62 he was 
again the candidate of his party for Congress (the latter time as representative of the Third District), 

• Rev, Edward W. C. I). s8 Mny, 1844: ni.irricd aa Oct.. 1S67, Jessie Kucklcy, .iccordmg 10 Umnis (Irn. 


but was defeated by the late Hon. Moses F. Odell, whose personal popularity was aided by 
the fact that many Republicans voted for him to help hold the Democratic party to the lo3'alty 
which he represented. This defeat was, however, somewhat compensated by a lucrative and 
responsible position as keeper of the .public stores, and by the opportunity which he enjoyed of a 
European trip, in the interest of his impaired health. In 1863 he returned home, and in 1864 
was again elected to Congress, winning an easy victory over his Democratic opponent. During 
this last term of service, ending with his death, he affiliated with the moderate radicals of his 
party; was a strongly pronounced upholder of the Government; active and useful as a member of 
the Committee on Commerce, and as chairman of the important Committee on Naval Affairs. In 
his routine labors and attention to the varied affairs of his large district, he fought patiently 
against the progress of a disease which sapped his strength, inflicted great suffering and hampered 
his energies in every way. The quiet Christian heroism of his character shone conspicuously in 
this ten years' battle with a disease "that made every e.xertion doubly hard, that took the joys 
from almost all the ordinary pleasures of life, and that made him constantly aware of the contrast 
between what he would do if he had physical power and what he was compelled to do." But 
the unequal strife was at length ended by his death, in Brooklyn, on the i6th of June, t866, and 
Brooklyn mourned a pure, faithful and spirited representative, a high-minded and intelligent 
citizen, and a man of great and unusual private worth. All classes of his fellow-citizens, without 
regard to political lines, joined in manifestations of respect to his memory; the Bar of Brooklyn, 
the Board of Aldermen, the Kings County Union League Club, the United States District Court 
of Brooklyn, and the House of Representatives of the United States (represented by seven New 
York delegates and the door-keeper of the House), both by appropriate resolutions of respect and 
attendance at his funeral, at the Church of the Pilgrims (Rev. Dr. R. S. Storrs), on the 20th of 
June, gave fit and sincere testimony to the true nobility of James ' Humphrey's life and character. 

As a lawyer Mr. Humphrey^ was distinguished, even while a student in the law school, as 
possessing, in a high degree, the faculty of distinct statement of legal questions. In subsequent 
life his judgment was esteemed as mature, deliberate and thorough, and his reading as unusual 
in e.xtent and in its availability. In the presence of judge and jury he was calm, unimpassioned, 
clear and convincing; his manner urbane and considerate towards others, and his style as a 
speaker, graceful and attractive. "He dreiw his principles of law, and of the ethics that were to 
be applied to causes before the courts, not only from tekt-books and adjudged cases, but from 
that Higher Law to which he acknowledged his obligations, and to which he was never ashamed 
to appeal." He was a model of gentlemanly manner, and of a Christian spirit in the pursuit of 
his profession, and it was justly said of him by a client that "he never sought to press, beyond 
what was right and just, the interest of his client, to the injury of his opponent's client." 

As a politician he was remarkable for fidelity to principle, devotion to his party, and for 
the great strength of his personal attachments; and he was a rare instance of a lawyer and poli- 
tician who never mingled the asperities of professional or official contests with the social interests 
of private life. This, perhaps, was owing to the fact that, to a naturally sensitive mind, he added 
refined and scholarly tastes, well-disciplined reasoning and reflective powers, acute perception, 
a delicate appreciation of the beauty of intellectual truth and the attractions of study, as well as 
an untiring industry in its pursuits — qualities which the burdens of public life never crushed out, 
and the friction of politics never wore away. 

Says one who knew him intimately: "What one would have noticed in him first, perhaps, 
was his scholarly taste, the fineness of his mind, his natural and aflfcctionate sympathy with all 
that was beautiful in literature, with all that was exquisite in art, with all that was noble in 
eloquence and reason. The literary instinct was natural and strong in him. In college he was 
called the "Edward Everett" of his class?. He dearly loved to collect choice books; to surround 
himself with representatives of the fine arts. His library was always a blessed place to him. * * 


But at the same time that he was thus scholarly and refined, with this beautiful aptitude for 
whatever is noble in literary attainment and investigation, he was a man of the most steadfast 
attachment to principle; of great practical skill and energy, when in health, in accomplishing the 
plans which were necessary to carry his convictions into practice; a constant worker for that which 
he believed in; an earnest believer in principles that commended themselves to his judgment and 
conscience as reasonable and right. All the delicacy of his nature, all the fineness of his sensibility 
to literature and cultivation, never interfered for an instant with the steadfastness of conviction 
which he inherited from his ancestors, and which had been cultivated and unfolded in him by 
the religious influences that were thrown around him m his childhood and youth, and which he 
had cultivated in himself as a necessary element of excellence and power. Everyone must have 
been struck with the kindness of disposition which was native in him, and was the source of that 
beautiful courtesy of manner which is so rare in our society — so rare in any society — and which, 
to him, was native as the song is to the bird, as brilliancy of color is to the wing of the butterfly. 
He could not be otherwise than courteous, one might almost say, if he tried. * * It enabled 
him to overcome, to a degree, the reserve that was natural to him, and to mingle with men with 
far more of heartiness and cheerful response to their greetings than, except for such natural kind- 
ness, he would have been likely to have shown." For, despite his public life, he was modest, 
yet modesty was allied to a sincerity and frankness of thought, speech and action that, in some 
circumstances, was absolute fearlessness. 

The portrait of Chief Justice Marshall, by Rembrandt Peale, painted in Washington in 1834, 
and purchased by Hon. James Humphrey from the artist in 1847, was presented to the Long 
Island Historical Society in 1866, by Mrs. Urani-a B. Humphrey, in accordance with the expressed 
desire of her husband, who was a member of that society. [P. 383 Dawson's Hist. Magazine for 
1866; December; Vol. X.] 

4202. I. J.\5jES,^ b. 3 Dec, 1837, at Norfolk, Ct. ; d. 9 Nov., 1868, a?. 31; married 17 June, 

1863, Charlotte C. (dau. of William and Charlotte Bull) Deming, of Litchfield, 
Ct., b. 20 Sept., 1840. His wid. married (2) E. Le Roy Ferry. Res. (1885) 65 
W. 50th St., New York City. [See Additions, for biographical notice. J Child: 

4203. i. James,' b. 11 Aug., 1864; married Augusta V. (dau. of Samuel B. and Martha V.) 

Newton. Res. (1885) 131 E. 86th Street, New York City. 

4204. II. Henry Martyn,^ b. 22 Jan., 1841, at Brooklyn, N. Y. ; died there 15 Feb., 1842, 

te. I year. 

4205. III. Ellen,^ b. 17 Apr., 1844, at Brooklyn, N. Y. ; died there 25 Feb., 1S74, ne. 29 

years. She married in Brooklyn, N. Y. , 17 Jan., 1872, Prof. Charles Upham 
(son of Prof Charles Upham and Harriet Taylor) Shepard, M. D., Ph. D. His 
parents reside at New Haven, Ct. He graduated at Yale College, class of 1S63; 
in medicine at Gottingen University, in 1867. He was afterward Professor of 
Chemistry in the Medical College of South Carolina, at Charleston. Chemist. 
P. O. address (1S84) Laboratory for Anal\-tical Chemistry, 46 Meeting Street, 
Charleston, S. C. (P. O. box 362.) No children. 

4206. IV. Anna Battell,'' b. 15 Mch., 1846, at Brooklyn, N. Y.; died there 3 Dec, 18S0, 

a;. 34 years. She married in Brooklyn, N. Y., 20 Nov., 1879, Clarence (son of 
William and Charlotte Bull*) Deming, of New York City, born i Oct., 1S48, 
at Litchfield, Ct. Journalist. Editor of the New Haven (Conn.) Morning News. 
P. O. address (1884) New Haven House, New Haven, Ct. No children. 

» William Deming was ol Litclificld. Ct , and CharlottL- Bull ol Hartford, Conn. 

FAMILY 397. 

4207. Rev. John' Humphrey, [2733] (R<^- Hemaii, D. D.^, Solomon,^ Sohmon,* Jona- 
than,' Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael') was born in Fairfield, Ct, 17 Mch., 1816. He married Lucy 
Vose, dau. of William Henderson, of Thomaston, Me., 2 July, 1S45. She died in Pittsfield, Mass. 

He graduated at Amherst College in 1835; spent a year as principal of the academy at 
Prattsburgh, N. Y. ; entered the junior class of the Andover Theological Seminary in the fall of 
1836; passed the following summer at East Windsor Hill (Conn.) Theological Seminary; was, 
during the next year, a resident of his father's house and tutor in his Alma Mater; in the autumn 
of 1839 resumed his professional studies at Andover, and graduated from that institution in the 
autumn of 184 1. Upon leaving the Seminary, he went to South Berwick, Me., to take charge of 
a Church there, just left vacant by the death of its pastor, Rev. Bradford Homer, an intimate 
friend and fellow-student. After a year spent there in faithful and acceptable ministrations, he 
was called to, and, in Nov., 1842, ordained over the Winthrop Church, at Charlestown, Mass., 
a youthful but prosperous congregation, to which he soon became warmly attached. Increasing 
ill-health compelled his resignation of this charge in 1847, and after repeated alternations of pro- 
gression and retrogression, he gradually recovered sufficiently to warrant him, as he thought, in 
resuming his pastoral labors. In October, 1848, he was installed over the Presbyterian Church 
at Binghamton, N. Y., where he labored assiduously and effectually until April, 1854, when the 
alarming condition of his health compelled him to resign his ministerial duties, and to seek relief 
in a voyage to England. He had, about this time, been appointed Professor of Moral Philosophy 
in Hamilton College, to which professorship was to be attached the pastoral care of the students, 
and his active mind dwelt with fond anticipations upon the field thus ready for him when he 
should return to his native land, refreshed and strengthened by this sea voyage. He returned from 
England, however, in extreme prostration of both mind and body, and the few months that 
elapsed before his death, which occurred 2 Dec, 1854, at Pittsfield, Mass., were months of 
weakness and pain, but still of triumphant faith — triumphing over the power of death and disease. 

His character was distinguished by many points of resemblance to that of his father; and 
"the warmth of his heart, his loveliness of fancy, his playfulness of spirit, the amenity of his 
manners, and the beauty of his expression," rendered him a most agreeable companion, and 
justified the appellation by which he was known while in College as "The Apostle John." Child- 
like in disposition, and manly withal; docile and teachable, yet rarely accomplished, his life 
was lovely and useful, and his memory is sweet to those who knew him or were brought under 
his influence. 

A volume of selections from his sermons, edited by his father. Rev. Heman*" Humphrey, 
D. D., with an introductory memoir by his friend. Rev. Wm. I. Buddington, published in 1S56, 
preserves an interesting collection of his letters and specimens of his literary style. 


4208. I. Henry Martyx,^ b. 28 May, 1846, in Charlestown, Mass.; married in Nov., 1868, 

Alice M. (dau. of Enos V., a native of Oswego Co., N. Y., and Paulina Fowler) 
Robbins, of Chicago, 111. Tea merchant. Res. (18S5) New York City. Children: 

4209. i. Lucy Henderson," b. 27 Aug., 1869. 

4210. ii. Pauline Fowler,' b. 20 July, 1871. 

4211. iii. John," b. 20 Oct., 1872; A. 2 Feb., 1878. 

4212. iv. Harriet,' b. in June, J878; d. in July, 1878, oe. 6 weeks. 

4213. V. Henry Martyn, 1>. 12 Aut;., 1880; d. in Mch., 1881. 

4214. II. William Henderson,^ b. 14 July, 1848, in Andover, Mass.; married in New York 

Cit}-, 7 Dec, 1875, Louisa N. (dau. of Henry King and Eliza Ludlow) Bull, of 

TP^}^^^}^^^ ^ 


New York City. Firm of BuUard & Co., leather merchants, 14 Ferry St., N. Y. 
Res. (1884) 128 W. 2ist Street, New York City. Child: 

4215. i. Ludlow Henderson'; deceased; lived two days. 

4216. III. Alfred Skelton,^ b. in 1850; d. in 1852, be. 2 years. 

FAMILY 398. 

4217. Rev. Zephaniah Moore' Humphrey, d. d., [2742] (Rev. Neman, d. d.^, 

Solomon,'' Solomon, i Jonaihan,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael^) was born in Amherst, Mass., 30 Aug., 
1824, the year succeeding that in which his father entered upon his important duties as president 
of the college located in that town. He married 20 Apr., 1853, Harriette L. Sykes, of Westfield, N. Y. 

Dr. Humphrey graduated at Amherst College, under the presidency of his father, in 1S43, 
and then spent some two years in teaching, that being the regimen prescribed by the president 
for all his sons, and recommended for all young men. He then became a tutor in Amherst 
College, from whence he entered Andover Theological Seminary and graduated there in 1S49. 
Dr. Humphrey wisely chose what was then "the West" as his field of future labor, and in 1850 
became pastor of the church in Racine, Wis. In 1856 he was invited and became the pastor of 
a more important church in Milwaukee, where he labored till 1859, when he was called to a still 
more important pastorate in the First Presbyterian Church in Chicago, then, as now, one of the 
leading congregations of that denomination in the Northwest. Here he labored with much accept- 
ance, and with a steadily widening influence, until 1868, when he deemed it wise to seek a 
change of climate and the stimulus of new associations and labors, by accepting a call to the 
Calvary Church of Philadelphia, an influential position, which he filled most worthily until he was 
elected, in May, 1875, by the unanimous and cordial vote of the Board of Trustees, to the Pro- 
fessorship of Ecclesiastical History and Church Polity in Lane Theological Seminary, Cincinnati, 
Ohio; and in the following September he was transferred from the pastorate of the Calvary Church 
to this new position. His formal inauguration occurred October 27th, when he delivered an able 
and suggestive inaugural on "History as a Record of Thought." In 1S71 he was Moderator of 
the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church. 

"To- his work he brought, if not that complete furnishing which a life-long devotion to 
the special study of church history would have supplied, a general knowledge both of history and 
of related subjects, a practical acquaintance with life and aff"airs, a large and pure sagacity, a 
philosophic wisdom, and a high faith in the sovereign and beneficent purpose of God as regulating 
all human events, which together constituted a very rare preparation for the service to which the 
remamder of his days were to be given. With great care and conscientiousness he took up his 
particular duties, prosecuting each inquiry diligently, carefully summing up the results Ol every 
fresh investigation, increasing steadily both in the amount of his instruction and m his capacity 
to stimulate and enrich the minds committed to his training, and so justilying more and more, 
even to the end, the wisdom of his election to that somewhat difficult post of service." 

"His general mfluence over the students, as exerted in various ways, and especially as 
realized through his religious ministrations, was in a high degree effective, hallowing, elevated. 
They saw in him a man whose natural gifts the grace of God had sanctified, and in whom the 
glow of a holy purpose was always apparent — a man who was true to himself, and true always 
to Christ, and who, by the necessities of the case, was ever a bright example, deterrmg from 
evil, inspiring toward all good."* 

" Dr. Humphrey was a man who presented in a striking degree, in his character and hie. 
the uncommon combination of gentleness and force. To a character possessing great natural 

• I'loiH the funeral uddri-ss by Kcv. E, V. WonU, D. U., oi Lane Theological Seminary, dclivereJ Nov. i6, 1881. 


sweetness was added the higher charm of that wisdom which is from above — 'First pure and then 
peaceable, gentle and easy to be entreated.' 

"With few faults himself, he was always patient and charitable towards the faults of others. 

"He was a man of extraordinary acquirements, not only in the line of his own profession^ 
but in almost every department of learning, and yet was without anything like pretension oi 
pedantry, seeming, in his intercourse with his fellow men, to be seeking rather to learn than id 

"Faithful and conscientious in the discharge of every dut}', whether personal or official, he 
was always tenderly considerate of the feelings of others, never wounding even those he was 
compelled to reprove, and manifesting always a kind and ready sympathy with all who were in 
trouble or distress. 

"Clear in his convictions, pure in his life, noble and exalted in his purposes, unswerving 
in his devotion to truth, his career has been a fine example of all that is admirable in a Christian 
gentleman and faithful Minister of the Gospel. " * 

"If I were going to characterize dear Dr. Humphrey in any way, it would be to say that 
he was marked by great fineness of structure everywhere — in the physical realm, m the affectionate 
realm, and in the realm of thought and volition. He was beautifully wrought, and of fine mold 
and temper. I would say the fineness of the fibre rather than the strength of fibre characterized 
the man. He had strength, but it was willowy rather than oak like. It could bend, but it \yas 
not the bending of pliancy — not the bending of the wavering. It showed that it had root and 
anchorage; that it was great strength with beautiful pliancy, that enabled him to adopt himself to 
every condition with which he met. He had that rare adjustability of mind that Paul possessed^ 
so that he could be, as Paul was, all things to all men, if he could win anythmg. He had a 
rare sweet courtesy. His sweetness was his strength. His lips must always have gone to school 
to his heart, for they ever coined the most golden speech. It was here that he put a sentinel at 
the door, and so was always on guard. If I should say anything special about his thought-life^ 
it would be to say that it was characterized by thoroughness. He had an antipathy against slip- 
shod service. He made chips, but he always made them in his workshop. All he did in public 
was a structure in breadth and organization, complete in itself and finished — like the man. In 
his spiritual life the chief thing was consecration. He had laid all en God's altar, and without 
reservation dedicated himself to his Master's work. He was a fine spirit in a fine body I'l-'ing a 
fine life. Thus his life was rounded into a beautiful and holy completeness." j 

In his home life, and indeed everywhere, he was remarkable ior his fine vein of socia) 
liumor, which bubbled up and shone and sparkled in all his hours, and which made him the 
central joy of every social or family circle cheered by his presence. The same sweetness of 
manner, ready repartee and elevated sentiment so well known as family traits were eminent in 
him, throwing out on every side a genial mellow radiance which endeared him to all. A memorial 
of him, edited by his brother-in-law. Rev. Dr. David Torrey, is full of these genial reminiscenses. 
Not tliat Dr. Humphrey was trivial, but he had the rare faculty of seeing the bright and humorous 
side of common things, and so making them sources ot enjoyment and instruction as well. 

His death occurred at Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio, 13 Nov., 1881. 

His funeral services were held Nov. i6th, in the old Lane Seminary Chapel. Rev. Dr. E. 
D. Morris preached a sermon on the occasion. His remains were then taken to Chicago, 111., 
where they were interred in Graceland Cemetery, beside those of two of his children. The funeral 
services held in Chicago, at the home of Mr. Charles M. Henderson, were of a very interesting character. 

His widow res. (1882) Walnut HiUs, Cincinnati, Ohio, and in 1884. at Lake Forest, 111. 

• From the resolutions adopted by the Board of Trustees of Cincinnati College, of which Dr. Humphrey was president. 
1 From the address at the funeral services in Chicago, Hi , by Rev. Dr. Heirlrk |,ilinson. 
















Charlotte W.s, b. 21 Apr., 1854; married Prof. Edward P. Morris, 2 Jan., 1879; 

son of Rev, Edward D. Morris, D. D. (Professor in Lane Theological Seminary, 

1881), and Frances Elizabeth (Parmelee), formerly resident at Columbus, Ohio. 

Prof. Morris graduated at Yale College in 1874; is professor of Latin in Williams 

College, Mass., in 1885. Child: 

i. Frances Humphrey,' b. 26 Sept., 18S0, at Springfield, Mo. 
Mary E.'*, b. 11 Jan., 1856; d. 21 Sept., 1856, te. 8 months.. 
Elizabeth H.^ b. 3 July, 1S57. Res. (1S81) Cincinnati, Ohio.. 
Caroline H.^, b. 6 Sept., 1S60; d. 23 Nov., 1867, a;. 7 years. 
John, 8 b. 9 Aug., 1862; d. 21 Aug., 1862. 
Lucy B.^ b. 23 Aug., 1868, d. 20 Sept., 1868. 
Harriette Z.^, b. 15 Dec, 1874. 

FA:\IILY 399. 


George Bissell' Humphrey, [2756] (Sylvanus,^ Syhanus,^ Sylvanus,^ Charles,^ 
Lieut. Scwiuel,' Michael') was born I Feb., 1820, at Elba, Genessee Co., N. Y., and died 25 
Aug., 1854, 86. 34 )-ears. He married in Williamsfield, O., 29 Dec, 1842, Sarah J. (dau. of 
Charles) Brooks, of W., born 3 Jan., 1824, in Ohio. He resided in Williamsfield, 0., the latter 
part of his life, on his father's homestead. Agriculturists, and a family of social position and 
influence. His widow's P. 0. address (1S84) West Williamsfield, Ashtabula Co., O. 
Children (born in Ohio): 

4227. I. Orrin Bissell,^ b. 17 Dec, 1843; married 20 Dec, 1865, Jennie (dau. of Miranda 

and Sophia) Loomis, of Williamsfield, Ohio, born at Cherry Valley, Ashtabula 
Co., Ohio, 6 July, 1844. Res. (1885) on the old farm at South New Lyme, 
Ashtabula Co., O. , which his grandfather Humphrey bought when he emigrated 
to Ohio. Children: 

4228. i. George Sylvanus,' b. 7 Nov., 1S66. 

4229. ii. Carl Humphrey,' b. 16 Sept., 1869. 
4230- iii. Milhe H.', b. 28 Mch., 1875. 

4231. II. Charles Austin,^ b. 26 Oct., 1845; d. 14 Feb., 1848. 

4232. III. Carrie Isabel,^ b. 18 Sept., 1847; d. 10 Apr., 1868. 

4233. IV. Flora Elizabeth,^ b. 12 Jan., 1850; married 23 Oct., 1872, Dr. E. J. Tidd. 

P. O. address (1884) Clark, Mercer Co., Pa. Children: 

4234- i- Clyde," b. iS Apr., 1S75. 

4235- u- Ralph,' b. 9 Jan., 1877. 

4236. iii. Nellie, b. 16 Mcli., 1882. 

4237. V. Charles,^ b. 2 Jan., 1852; d. 9 Aug., 1854. 

4238. James Franklin' Humphrey, [2768] (June James,'' Sylvanus^^ :Sylvanus.* 
Cltarles,^ Lieut. Samuel" Michael') wa.3 born 30 Dec, 1828. He died 22 Nov., 1864, ae. 36 
years. He married in Jackson, ]\Iich. , 5 Nov., 1836, Addic W. Carr, of Boston. Mr. Humphrey 
was a stage proprietor in Michigan. Res. Jackson, Mich. His widow res. (1S84) No. 2213 
Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Children (born in Jackson, Mick.): 

4239. I. BissELL James,^ b. 5 Nov., 1857. Res. (1884) No. 2213 Michigan Ave, Chicago, 

III; is unmarried. 

4240. II. Fr.\nk E.^ b. 29 Jan., 1859. 

4241. III. Child ^ ; deceased. 

4242. IV. Child ^ 

FAMILY 401. 

4243. George Hector' Humphrey, [2781] (Hector,'^ Syhanus,^ Sjlvanus,-^ Charles,^ 
Lieut. Samuel," Michael') was born 19 Oct., 1839, at Batavia, N. Y. He married in Batavia, 
N. Y., 9 Jan., .1862, Margaret Cornelia (dau. of Tracy and Nancy Ann) Pardee, of B. He died 
at Batavia, N. Y., 17 June, 1880, se. 40 years. Hardware merchant. Res. Batavia, N. Y. 

Mrs. Humphrey married (2) in January, 1882, Jerome Rowan, of Batavia, N. Y., her 
husband's former partner in the hardware business. Res. (1884) Batavia, N. Y. 
Children (born in Batavia, N. K): 

4244. 1. Daughter ^ b. 13 Mch., 1S72; died when five months old. 

4245. II. George Hector,*^ b. 4 Mch., 18S0; died in November, 1S81. 

FAMILY 402. 

4246. Moses Drayton' Humphrey, [2789] (i)>qvio,i,'' Ru/us,^ Syivanus,* Charles,^ 

Lieut. Samuel,- Michael') was born lo Mch., 1849, at Simsbury, Ct. He married at Weatogue, 
Ct., 3 Apr., 1873, Ellen Jane (dau. of Orlean and Annet Dean) Segar, born North Canton, Ct., 
29 Sept., 1849. Res. (18S4) Simsbury, Ct. P. O. address Weatogue, Ct. 

4247. L Birdie,^ b. 29 IMay, 1880; d. 3 Sept., 1880. 

FAMILY 403. 
4248. Scott BiSSell' Humphrey, [2792] ("Ca//. Trumbull,^ Ru/us,^ Svlvamis,-^ Charles,^ 
Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael') was born 13 Mch., 1S34, at Simsbury, Ct. He married at Feeding 
Hills, Mass., 25 Dec, 1867, Julia Henrietta (dau. of Dwight and Cyrena) Leonard, of Agawam, 
Mass., born 24 Aug., 184 1. 

He went to Centralia, Nemaha Co., Kan., in 1861, and freighted from St. Joseph to 
Denver, until the Indians became troublesome, in 1S65; then returned to his native place. In 
April, 1869, he removed to Seneca, Kan., and bought a farm two miles southeast of that place. 
Farmer and stock-raiser. P. O. address (1884) Seneca, Nemaha Co., Kan. 

4249. 1. DwiGHT Trumbull,^ b. 30 Oct., 1868, at Simsbury, Ct. 

4250. 11. Carrie Lucy,^ b. 22 Jan., 1873, ^t Seneca, Kan. 

FA:\riLY 404. 
4251- George' Humphrey, [2S07] (T.yman,^ Lot,^ Abraham,'' Charles,^ Lieut. Samuel," 
Michael') Vi2& born 14 Ajir., 1816, at Bloomfield, Ct. He married in Avon, Ct., 11 Sept., 1837, 
Sophronia (dau. of Levi and Agnes Hoskins) Hamblin, of Hinsdale, Mass., born 22 July, 1818, 
at Becket, Mass. They reside in Bloomfield, Ct., where he is engaged in farming and in the 
manufacture of doors, sashes and blinds. 


C/uTdren : 

4252. I. Edward George,^ b. 23 Sept., 1838, at Hartford, Ct. ; married in Granby, Ct., 28 

Dec, 1869, Semantha G. (dau. of Chauncey and Semantha Goddard) Holcomb, 
born in G., 10 Aug., 1841. Mechanic. Res. (1885) 807 Eighteenth St., Omaha, 

Neb. Children (born at Omaha, Neb.): 

4253. i. Isabella Anna,' b. 17 May, 1871. 

4254. ii. Kate Luriette,' b. 14 Oct., 1873. 

4255. iii. George Edward,' b. 22 Jan., 1879. 

4256. iv. Daughter ', b. I Nov., 1SS4; d. 24 Nov., 18S4. 

4257. II. LuRiETTE SoPHRONiA,* b. 31 Mch. , 1849; married in Bloomfield, Ct, 16 June, 1S75, 

John Elam Case, of Simsbury, Ct. He is a musician. Child : 

4258. i. John Elam,= b. 21 Dec, 1S77, at Fair Haven, Ct. 

4259. HI. Harriet Marion,' b. 3 Feb., 1853; married in Bloomfield, Ct., 4 July, 1875, 

Chester Francis Goodwin. Farmer. Children (born in Bloomfield, Ct. ) : 

4260. i. Hattie Louise,' b. in Aug., 1876. 

4261. ii. Nellie Frances,' b. in Dec, 1S79. 

4262. iii. Nettie Belle,' b. in Feb., 1882. 

4263. iv. Chester Francis,' b. 13 Oct., 1SS3. 

4264. IV. Franklin Waldo,^ b. 11 Apr., 1859; married in Hartford, Ct, 28 Nov., 1882, 

Minnie Fenn, of H. ]\Iechanic. Res. (1884) New Britain, Ct. Child: 

4265. i. Edward George,' b. in Sept., 18S3, at New Britain, Ct. 

FAMILY 405. 
4266. Hector F.' Humphrey, [2808] (Lyman,'' Lot,^ Abraham,* Charles,'^ Lieut. Samucl,- 
Mithael') was born 28 Dec, 1817, at Bloomfield, Ct He married (i) (Simsbury Rec) 17 Oct, 
1843, Emma Holcomb, of Simsbury, Ct. She died 7 Dec, 1844, £e. 26 }-ears.* He married (2) 
5 Sept., 1850, Eliza Ann (dau. of Elijah and Louisa Warner) Hart, of New Britain, Ct, born 
12 July, 1828. Farmer. Res. Bolton, Ct 

Children (by ist marriage): 
4267. I. Mary,** b. 7 Dec, 1844. 

(By 2d rnarriage) : 
426S. II. Lilian Emma,** b. 28 Nov., 1852. 

4269. III. Clarina H.^ b. 4 Aug., 1854; d. 8 Aug., 1854. 

4270. IV. Alice L.^, b. 26 Aug., 1855. 

4271. V. Theodore H.', b. 4 Jan., 1862; d. 16 Sept., 18^2. 

FAMILY 406. 
4272. William^ Humphrey, [2810] (Lyman,^ Lot,^ Abraham,*' Charles i Lieut. Samuel," 

Michael') was bi>rn 15 Feb., 182 1, at Bloomfield, Ct; married 6 Apr., 1842, Roxana A. Pratt 
Res. Granby, Ct. 

4273. I. W.\dsworth Pratt,' b. 9 Mch., 1843; married 15 Mch., 1S63. Loui.'^a A. Holcomb. 

4274. II. Abbie Hannah,' b. 28 May, 1848; married 9 Jan., 1866, Lucicn O. Daniels. 

4275. III. Charles Lyman,' b. 22 Apr., 1853. 

• According to inscription in Hop Meadow Bur>-ing-ground. 


FAMILY 407. 

4276. Goodwin Sheldon' Humphrey, [2813] (Lman,^ Lot,^ Abraham,''' Charles,^ 
Liei(t. Samuel,^ Michael,^) was born i8 ]\Iay, 1825, at Bloomfield, Ct. He married 8 Sept., 
1850, Charlotte L. (dau. of Ebenezer Heaton and Laura Maria) Pardee, born 21 jNIch., 1835, at 
Avon Conn. Building contractor and lumber dealer. Res. (1884) Hornellsville, N. Y. 

4277. L Goodwin Pardee,^ b. 22 Dec, 1869, at Hornellsville, Steuben Co., N. Y. 

FAiNHLY 408. 
4278. Henry' Humphrey [281S] (Zi7«(7«,* Zo/,5 Abraham,'' Charles,"' Lieut. Samuel,'' 
Michael^) was born 19 Nov., 1828, at Bloomfield, Ct. ; married 5 Sept., 1850, Cornelia Augusta 
(dau. of Elijah and Louisa Warner) Hart, of New Britain, Ct. , born there, 12 May, 1830. 

Mr. Humphrey resided in Bloomfield, Ct., until 1873, when he built a house in New 
Britain and removed there, and has carried on the door, blind and sash business under the name 
and firm of H. Humphrey & Son. He is also one of the firm of the Railroad Block Company" 
in New Britain, one of the finest pieces of real estate in that town. He still owns the farm in 
Bloomfield, on which he used to reside. 

"He never smokes, drinks nor chews," and has been prosperous in all he has undertaken. 
Dealer in building materials, in Bloomfield, Ct. P. O. address (1SS4) Box 710, New Britain, Ct. 

4279. L Frederick Henry,* b. 22 Oct., 1851, in Bloomfield, Ct. ; married at New Britain, 

Ct., 24 June, 1879, Susan E. (dau. of John Harrison and Elizabeth) Hanchett, 
of Glastonbury, Ct., born 17 Sept., 1856. 

Mr. Humphrey pursued a course of business study in Hartford, Ct. ; was in 
the office of Russel & Erwin, in New Britain, five years; removed to Waterbury, 
Ct., about 1881, where he is a member of the Waterbury Lumber and Coal Co., 
and has built a number of houses. He is also in business with his father — a 
member of the firm of H. Humphrey & Son, New Britain, Ct. 

"He is strictly a business man; has no bad habits whatever; does not drink, 
smoke or chew, and is getting along very nicely." Child: 

4280. i. William Henry,9 b. 17 July, 1882, at New Britain, Ct. 

FARHLY 409. 
4281. Major Ralph' Humphrey, [2S33] (Ralph Pomeroy,^ Ralph,i Abraham,'' Charles,^' 
Lieut Samuel,'' Michael') was born 15 Aug., 1822, in Farmington, Ct. He married in Ansonia, 
Ct., 6 Nov., 1853, Nancy Ann (dau. of Miles and Nancy Graves) Welton, of Harwinton, Ct., 
born in that town, 25 Jan., 1830. He is a farmer. Has held several town and military ofl!ices. 
Res. (1884) Burlington, Ct. 

42S2. L Mary Alice,* b. 29 Oct., 1855, in Waterbury, Ct. ; married in Unionville, Ct., 21 

Dec, 1876, Frederic Mills Russel, born 19 Jan., 1850, in Burlington, Ct., son 
of Samuel and Catherine (Merrill) Russel, of Burlington, Ct. Farmer. Res. (1882) 
Burlington, Ct. Children: 

i. Adele Louise,' b. 5 Nov., 1S77, at Burlington, Ct. 

ii. Maurice Lyle,' b. 16 Octs, 1S80, at r.urlington, Ct. 

Arthur Ralph,* b. 11 Sept., 1862, in Plymouth, Ct. 

Robert Miles,* b. 26 July, 1S74, in Burlington, Ct. 







FAMILY 410. 

4287. Hon. Lucius Charles' Humphrey, [2868] (Capt. Ludus,^ Capi. Raipk,^ 

Abraham,* Charles,'^ Lieut. Samuel,'' Michael') was born 7 July, 1847, at Orwell, Bradford Co., 
Pa. He married at Avon, Ct, 30 Sept., 1875, Ella^ (dau. of George Henry' and Emma Upson) 
Fuller [Fam. 74 (1349), S.=], born 14 Dec, 1854, at Unionville, Ct. 

He w^ent to Connecticut in the fall of 1862, and has since remained there. He is a 
mechanic; has been a contractor of the Union Nut Company of Unionville, Ct., for fourteen years, 
and is still (1884) in their employ. He has held various town offices, and been a member of 
the Republican Town Committee for a number of years. At the November election in 1881, he 
was elected a member of the House of Representatives of Connecticut for 1882, by the largest 
majority that a Representative from Farmington ever received; was also a member of the Legisla- 
ture in 1883. P. O. address (1884) Unionville, Ct. 

Childreti (born in Unionville, Ct.): 
428S. L Harry Dudley,* b. 5 July, 1876. 
42S9, n. Clayton Winthrop,' b. 15 Feb., 1878. 

4290. III. Lucius Edwin,* b. 8 Feb., 1882. 

4291. IV. Wilfred Kingsley,* b. 28 June, 1884. 


4292. Howard Wilbur' Humphrey, [2SS3] (Dea. Russei/,'' Capt. Ralph,'- Abraham,* 

Charles,^ Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael,') was born 24 Feb., 1854, at Unionville, Ct. He married 24 
May, 1882, Ella Jane Hunt, of Simsbury, Ct. He carries on the business of the firm R. Humphrey 
& Co., manufacturers of hardware, under the old name. Res. (1884) Unionville, Ct. 

4293. I. Norma Louise,* b. 24 Oct., 1S83, at Unionville, Ct. 

FA:\IILY 412. 

4294. George IVIoore' Humphrey, [2888] (Friend Washington,'^ Dr. Gideon,^ Noah,* 

Capt. Noah,'^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael') was born 12 Aug., 1841. He married at Williamsport, 
Pa., 6 "Slch., 1875, Virginia (dau. of George and Sarah Grove) Williamson, born at Perryville, 
Pa., 7 Sept., 1853. House painter. P. O. address (1884) Newberry, Lycoming Co., Pa. 
Children : 

4295. I. Sara Alice,* b. 28 Jan., 1876; d. 20 Feb., 1885. 

4296. II. Mary Eliza,* b. 6 Sept., 1S79. 

FAMILY 413. 

4297. Henry Correll' Humphrey, [2896] (Dr. Henry Moore,'' Dr. Gideon,^ Noah,* 
Capt. N'oah,i Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael') was born lo June, 1848, at East Windsor Hill, Ct.; 
entered Amherst College in 1865; graduated at Yale College in Sheffield Scientific School, in 1870, 
and studied, at the University of Berlin in 1870-72. He married at Bridgeport, Ct., 7 Mch., 
1S70, Florence B. (dau. of Richard Bowers and Jane Pierce) Thurston, born 3 Mch., 1S49, at 
Waterville, Me. P. O. address (1SS4) No. 34 Dey 'Street, New York City. 

4298. I. Mary,* b. 11 Aug., 1871, Dresden, Saxony, Germany. 


FAMILY 414. 
4299. Frank Roe' Humphrey, [2899] (Dr. Henrv Moore,'' Dr. Gideon,^ Noah.* 
Capt. Noah,^ Lieut. Samuel," Michael^) was born 5 Jan., 1853, in New' York City. He married 
there, 19 July, 1882, Edith (dau. of Joe and Isabella Ann Ronald) Learoyd, born 4 Apr., i860, 
at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Bank clerk. Res. (1885) 36 E. 62d St., New York City. 

4300. I. Frederic,' b. 28 June, 1883, in New York City. 

FA]\IILY 415. 
4301. Joseph Aaron' Humphrey, [2913] (Asaph,^ Aaron,i Capt. Asaph,* Capt. Noah,^ 
Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael^) was born 29 May, 181 7, in Troy, N. Y. He married in the Moravian 
Church, at Port Richmond, Staten Island, 19 July, 1842, Hester Emily (dau. of Abraham and 
Sarah Jane Arnold) Sharrott, of New York City, born 7 June, 1823, at Staten Island, N. Y. 
She died at West Haven, Ct., 11 July, 1875, a;. 51 years and i month. He died at West Haven, 
Ct., 10 Jan., 1882, X. 64 years and 7 months, of pneumonia, and was buried at West Haven, Ct. 
Children (born on Staten Island, N. Y., excepting the youngest three): 

4302. I. Harriet Louisa,^ b. 23 Oct., 1843; died in West Haven, Ct, 7 Oct., 1874, cc. 31 

years; married in Christ Church, West Haven, Ct., 8 Sept., 1S69, Hugh Caldwell, 
born 16 Oct., 1843, Ayrshire, Scotland. Jeweler. 

4303. II. Henrietta,^ b. 30 Sept., 1844," married 6 May, 1872, Richard Hentz, of Balti- 

more, Md. Child: 

4304. i. Helen Irene,' b. 20 Jan., 1S74. "Full of music." 

4305. III. Anna Maria, ^ b. 9 Jan., 1846; married 7 Apr., 1864, George L. Austin. Has 

had eight sons, seven of whom are living (1884). 

4306. IV. Frederick Augustus,' b. 17 Nov., 1S48; d. 17 Dec, 1848, at Staten Island, and 

was there interred. 

4307. V. Asaph,' b. 17 Sept., 1849; d. 4 July, 1851, te. i year and 10 months, at Staten 

Island, and was there buried. 

4308. VI. Emma Josephine,' b. 17 Oct., 1S51; married 31 Dec, 1872, Albert F. Sawe. 

They have, or had (in 1884), four daughters. They have lost one, Hester E.", 
died in Apr., 1883, ae. 7 years. 

4309. VII. Charles Baxter,' b. 4 Apr., 1853; married 10 June, 18S1, Addie Sawe. In 1S84 

he was leader of the West Haven Brass Band, and played the cornet in the West 
Haven Congregational Sunday School. He and his three younger brothers are 
members of the Second Connecticut Regiment, the New Haven Grays. No children. 

4310. VIII. GtOKGiANNA,' b. 21 June, 1855; married 16 Feb., 1876, Hugh Caldwell. Children: 

431 1. i. Son ', b. 14 Dec, 1S77. 

4312. ii. Daughter ', b. 13 Oct., 1S78. 

4313. IX. Raymond Tompkins,' b. 20 Sept., 1S56; unmarried in 1S84. In 18S4 was a member 

of the West Haven Brass Band, and leader of the choir in Christ Episcopal 
Church, West Haven, Ct. 

4314. X. Albert Gallatin,' b. 26 June, i860, at West Haven, Ct. Played on the snare 

drum (in 1884) in the West Haven Brass Band; unmarried in 1884. 

4315. XI. Eliza .'Vdelaide,' b. 8 Mch,, 1862, at West Haven, Ct.; unmarried in 1884. 

4316. XII. Daniel Webster,' b. 7 Sept., 1863, at West Haven, Ct. IMember of the West 

Haven Brass Band; plays the large bass tuber horn; unmarried in 1884. 

FAMILY 416. 

4317- Charles Edward^ Humphrey, [2925] (Asaph,^ Aaron,^ Capt. Asaph,'' Capi. 

Noah,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael "^ ) was born lo Ajir., 1S27, in Troy, N. Y. He married 5 Sept., 
1S50, Cecilia Josephine (dau. of Abraham and Sarah Jane Arnold) Sharrott, sister of his brother 
Joseph's wife. 

He was for seven years a member of the Tompkins Cadets, a military company on Staten 
Island. He enlisted for service in the Union Army in December, 1861; was Sergeant in Co. K., 
13th Reg. Conn. Vols.; was at the siege of Port Hudson. After three years of army life he was 
taken sick, and sent to the hospital at Thibeaudeau.x, La., where he remained over six months, 
and was finally honorably discharged from the army and sent home more dead than alive, to 
linger on in agony for seven years, and then die of paralysis and dropsy — all brought on by 
exposure in the army. He died in West Haven, Ct, 11 July, 1S70, ic. 45 years and 3 months, 
and was buried at West Haven, Ct. His comrades remarked at his funeral, that he was as brave 
a soldier as ever shouldered a musket. His widow res. (1884) West Haven, Ct. 
Children (lorn on Staten Island, N. Y., excepting the youngest) : 

4318. I. Benjamin Franklin,^ b. 22 May, 1851, on Staten Island, N. Y. He married at 

Bridgeport, Conn., 2 Dec, 1872, Jennie A. (dau. of Curtis W.* and Sarah F.) 
Rich, born in Oct., 1849, at Milford, Ct. He is a carpenter and builder. Res. 
(1SS4) West Haven, Ct. Children: 

4319. i. Nettie Frances,' b. 27 Oct., 1S72, at West Haven, Ct. 

4320. ii. Mabel Adelaide,' 1 

... ,. , , „ „ \ twins; b. 5 Sept., 1S75. 

4321. m. May Isabel!,' ) 

4322. iv. Benjamin Franklin,' b. 2 June, 1S7S. 

4323. V. Charles Curtis,' b. 27 Sept., :SSo. 

4324. II. Alonzo^; deceased. 

4325. III. Ella Olivia,^ b. 14 Sept., 1857; married Edwin Smith, of New York City. Ship 

carpenter. They have had six children, three sons and three daughters — lost two. 
Res. (1884) West Haven, Ct. 

4326. lY. George Washington,'' b. 24 May, 1S61, at Staten Island, N. Y. He married 3 

Jan., 1883, Lina (dau. of Samuel and Angeline Smith) Hitchcock, of West 
Haven, Ct. Res. (1884) West Haven, Ct. Child: 

4327. i. Florence Ruby,' b..4 Oct., 18S3. 

4328. V. Charles Edward,^ b. 2 Aug., 1865. Res. (1S84) West Haven, Ct. 

4329. YI. Arnetta,^ b. 20 Aug., 1873, at West Haven, Ct.; d. 24 Sept., 1S74. 

FAMILY 417. 
4330. Justus' Humphrey, [2953] ('/««&■« Frederic Augustus,'' Aaron,'' Capt. Asaph,* 
Capt. A'oaA,i Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael') was born i June, 1826, at Waterford, N. Y. He married 
in Fultonville, N. Y., 17 May, 1849, Margaret Hardenburgh. He died in Napanock, N. Y., 
4 June, 1870, a\ 44 years. Carpenter. His widow res. (1883) Napanock, N. Y. 

Children : 
4331. I. KiTTiE E.^ b. 6 Mch., 1832, at Shopiere, Wis.; married in Napanock, N. Y., 13 

Dec, 1SS2, Edgar Bevier. Merchant. Res. (1883) Ellenville, N. Y. 
Sarah Jane,^ b. 22 Dec, 1856, at Chicago. 111. 
Dillon Beebe,'' b. 30 Sept., 1859, at Chicago, 111. 
Maggie,^ b. 6 Feb., 1868, at Napanock, N. Y. 

KiJi »;.;. U.r.i in Uri,lg<iK.rt, Cl., .iiij li.^ ».le in Milfurd, CI. 








FAMILY 418. 
4335- William" Humphrey, [2961] (Judge Frederic Augustus,^ Aaron,^ Capt. Asaph,* 
Capt. Noah,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael^) was born 15 Sept., 1834, at Waterford, N. Y. He 
married in Sharon, Walworth Co., Wis., 20 Oct., 1S58, Jane Ann Snook. Carpenter. Res. 
(1883) Sharon, Wis. 

4336. I. Armelia Ad.\,*' b. 3 Oct., 1859, at Shopiere, Wis. Res. (1SS3) Sharon, Wis. ; 


FAMILY 419. 

4337- Frederick A.' Humphrey, [2968] (Judge Frederic Augustus,'' Aaron,-=^ Capt. 
Asaph,'' Capt. A''oah,i Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael^) was born 26 Sept., 1844, at Glen, N. Y. He 
married in Shopiere, Wis., 10 Dec, 1867, Harriet Warner. Carpenter. Res. (1884) Shopiere, Wis. 

Child : 
4338. I. Lottie Eliza, ^ b. 26 Sept., 1S72, at Shopiere, Wis. 

FAMILY 420. 
4339- John Jay^ Humphrey, L2975J (Horace J,v,<' Cl. Roswdl.^ Cpt. Asaph,* Capl. 
Noah,^ Lieut. Samuel," Ulichael') was bom 26 Jan., 1826, at Norfolk, Ct. He married at Browns- 
ville, Cal., in May, 1862, Eliza Blakesley. Res. (1883) in California. 
[Chidren: Six, whose names have not been ascertained.] 

FA:\nLY 42L 

4340. Benjamin Blodgett' Humphrey, [2982] (Hiram,^ Coi. Rosweii,^ Capt. Asaph,* 

Capt. Koah,'i Lieut. Samuel,' Michael^) was born 23 Nov., 1824, in Middlebury, O. He married 

(i) in April, 1849; married (2) ; married (3) — . Res. (1870) Geneva, Walworth Co., 

Wis. P. O. address (1883) Elkhorn, Wis. 
Children : 

4341. I. Jenny LiND,8 b. 28 Sept., 1850; d. 10 Feb., 1882. 

4342. II. Louis Benjamin,* b. 4 Oct., 1S52; d. 15 Dec., 1881. 

4343. III. Harriet Walling,^ b. 2 Aug., 1865. 

4344. IV. David Walling,*^ b. in Nov., 1S67. 

FAMILY 422. 

4345- Almon Hervey' Humphrey, [3024] (Lieut. Lemuel,-' Lemuel Gordon,^ Samuel,^ 
Lieut. Sa?/iHel,* Fnsign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel," Michael') was born 17 Dec, 1818, in Liberty, 
Delaware Co., Ohio. He removed to Johnson Co., Iowa, in 1842; married 21 Sept., 1845, Amy, 
dau. of Thomas (born in Cincinnati, O.) and Jemima Ward (born in Salem, N. C.) Cuppy, of 
Muscatine Co., Iowa. She was born 9 Mch., 1823, at Richmond, Ind. Mr. Humphrey was 
reared a farmer; and in early life for several years pursued teaching in Ohio, Illinois and Iowa. 
He joined the Washingtonian Temperance Society when about twelve years old, and has ever 
remained a strict adherent to its pledge and its principles. In Iowa, where he located near Iowa 
City, about 1842, he was a member of the Board of Supervisors of Johnson County for two 
terms. In 1868 he removed to near Butler, Bates Co., Mo., where he resided (1883) and was 
known as an excellent citizen, a noted breeder of fine farm stock, and a large landed proprietor. 



4346. I. Sarah Eliza,? b. 27 Sept., 1846; married at West Liberty, Iowa, 18 May, 1875, to 

Antony Henry, Esq., attorney-at-law. He was born 22 Dec, 1S41. Res. (1883) 
at Butler, Bates Co., Mo., in the practice of his profession, having for the past 
fourteen years practiced in the Supreme, District and Circuit Courts of Missouri. 
Mrs. Henry was educated in the Iowa State University, and in Perkins' Musical 
Academy, and previous to her marriage had been a teacher of music, and also a 
teacher in the graded schools. Children (born in Missouri): 

4347. i. Harry H.", b. 14 Oct., 1876. 

4348. ii. Carl J.'°, b. i Feb., 18S0. 

4349. II. Albert Lemuel,' b. in Johnson Co., Iowa, 21 Aug., 1848. He married there in 

1 87 1, Jennie (dau. of Edward R. and Jane) Ricord, of Johnson Co., Iowa. She 
was born 16 Sept., 1S51, in Iowa Co., Iowa. He is engaged in stock raising 
in Linn Co., Kan. P. O. address (1883) Pleasanton, Linn Co., Kan. Children: 

4350. i. Veriier," b. 14 Sept., 1872, in Linn Co., Kan. 

4351. ii. Nettie,'" b. 19 Aug., 1875, in Linn Co., Kan. 

4352. III. Silas Richardson,? b. 17 Aug., 1851, in Johnson Co., Iowa; married 21 Oct., 

1873, in Muscatine, Iowa, Fannelia Elizabeth (youngest dau. of Oliver P. and 
Mary Elizabeth) Connor, of Muscatine, Iowa. She was born 27 Jan., 1853, in 
Orange Co., N. Y. They resided (1883) in Windham, Johnson Co., Iowa, on 
the paternal homestead, where he is a farmer and stock-raiser. Children (born in 
Windham, Iowa) : 

4353. i. Oliver Berton,'" b. 16 Sept., 1874. 

4354. ii. Jessie Amy," b. 9 Mch., 1876. 

4355. iii. Almon Eugene,^" b. 11 Mch., 1878. 

4356. iv. Chester Silas," b. 3 Oct., iSSi. 

4357 IV. Ida Janette,9 b. 9 Feb., 1855, in Johnson Co., Iowa; married 20 June, 1S77, in 
Butler, Mo., Dr. T. C. Boulware, of Butler, Mo. He was born 4 Feb., 1843, 
in Calloway Co., Mo., son of Stephen G. and Mary (Ratekin) Boulware (both 
born in Kentucky). Fie graduated as M. D. at the Missouri Medical College, 
St. Louis, Mo., in 1868. Resided (1883) in Butler, Mo,, in general practice, 
and is surgeon of the Missouri Pacific R. R. Mrs. Boulware died 2 Aug., 1882, 
in Butler, Mo. Child: 

4358. i. Nellie Mabel,'" b. 28 Apr., 1878; d. 5 Sept., 187S. 

4359. V. Jessie May,9 b. 26 Sept., 1862, in Johnson Co., Iowa. Graduated from Baker 

University, Kan., in June, 1S83, unmarried. 

FA:\IILY 423. 
4360. Philo David' Humphrey, [3057] (J^ev- A<"on Case,i Lemuel Gordon,^ Samuel,^ 
Lieut. Samuel,^ Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,' Michael^) was born 15 Feb., 1827, in Liberty, 
Delaware Co., Ohio, and removed with his parents to Tipton, Iowa, in 1842. Ha married 
Elizabeth, daughter of Preston and Martha (Perringer) Downing, at Tipton, Iowa, 19 Oct., 1852. 
She was born in Washington Co., Ind., 29 July, 1829, and removed with her parents to Iowa in 
1841. She died at Tipton, Iowa, 7 July, 1868. I\Ir. Humphrey, in 1870, removed from Tipton 
to Nevada, Story Co., Iowa, where he res. (1883), engaged in the nursery and fruit business, 
under the style of "P. D. and A. A. Humphrey, Proprietors of the Story County Nursery and 
Fruit Farm." 
















Avery Austin',5 b. 16 Dec, 1S53; married Anna Phebe Frary, iS July, 1S83, at 
Mapleton, Monona Co., Iowa. Associated in business witii his fatlier. Res. 
Nevada, Iowa. 

William Harvey,' b. 31 July, 1S53; married in Tipton, Iowa, 19 Jan., 1S81, 
Lucinda Wliitman. Child: 

i. David Austin," b. 17 June, 1 882. 

Amy Eriox,9 b. 9 July, 1S57. 

Martha Ada,? ) d. 13 July, i860. 

\ twins: b. 19 Apr., 1859; 

George Addison, 5 \ 

Melva Luresda," b. 6 Apr., 1S61; married 16 Aug., 1SS2, in Nevada, Iowa, 
Edward N. Cook. 

FA:MILY 424 

4368. Rev. Chester Case^ Humphrey, [3059] (^^v. Aaron Case,'' Lemuel Gordon,^ 
Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,^ Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,'' Michael' ) was born in Liberty, Delaware 
Co., Ohio, 13 July, 1S30, and went with his parents to Cedar Co., Iowa, in 1842. He w^as 
married by Rev. H. B. Elliott, at Columbus, O., 29 Sept., 1859, to Elizabeth S., dau. of Thomas 
and Ruth (Beard) Holt, of Andover, Mass. She was born at Andover Mass., 11 Apr., 1S32. 
Immediately after graduating from Iowa College, at Davenport, Iowa, in 1S57, he entered Andover 
Theological Seminary, and remained a student there for one year. During the ensuing year he 
taught in Columbus, O. Afterward pursuing his studies for two years in Chicago Theological 
Seminar}^, he thence graduated in 1861, and immediately entered upon ministerial work — first at 
Austin, Minn. — thence going, after two years, to Jones Co., Iowa, where he remained four years. 
In 1871 he removed to Nebraska, on the very frontier, where he took charge of a church at 
Camp Creek, Otoe Co., until July, 1872, thence removing to Polk Co., and organizing the first 
Congregational Churcn in that county; thence to Boone Co. in 1873. His work has been full of" 
the hardships and privations of missionary life. He entered, as a wild government claim, his 
present comfortable, prosperous and beautiful homestead, Section 18, Osceola Precinct, on which 
he settled in 1878. He had two cows and a horse, but not the money to pay the fare of his 
wife and children thence from Lincoln. To obtain a team for the necessary beginning there, he was 
compelled to himself labor one day in exchange for the labor of another horse for two days — to work 
with his horse. He resolved to do this no longer, and so purchasing a yoke and chain and cart, 
hitched in his cows, and with his horse ahead, made them do the work — "hauled all our wood 
seven miles; went to church on Sundays, and made some of my pastoral calls with this 'rig.' 
My wagon — the only one to be had — was an old circus-wagon with the sides partly broken off. 
In this purely western-frontier 'rig' some of the aristocracy of Osceola have been out to make 
calls with myself and wife. We bore also the discouragements of that terrible 'grasshopper raid' of 
1875, and came off victorious over all." One hundred of the one hundred and sixty acres com- 
prising his homestead are (1883) under cultivation, on which are set out thirty-six thousand trees, 
besides a fine young orchard, where formerly there was not a shrub. He is a nurseryman and 
farmer at Osceola, Neb. P. O. address Tipton, Cedar Co., Iowa. 

Children : 

4369. L Louis Elliott,' b. 27 Sept., i860, at Tipton, Cedar Co., Iowa. He was married 

9 Aug., 1883, at Osceola, Neb., to Comora Virginia (dau. of Charles and Nancy 

Ann Holbrook) Kingsolver, who removed from Illinois to Nebraska in 1882. He 

has been associated with his father in the nursery business since iSSo. The 














present name of the firm is "L. E. Humphrey tt Co."; dealers and growers of 

nursery stock. P. O. address (1883) Osceola, Neb. 
LiLLA Belle,9 b. 14 Nov., 1862, at Austin, Mower Co., Minn.; d. i Oct., 1864. 
Alvin Chester,? b. 18 Mch., 1865, at Cass Center, Jones Co., Iowa. 
Frankie,9 b. 26 Mch., 1866, at Cass Center, Iowa; d. 13 May, 1866. 
Ruth Beard,? b. 21 Nov., 1S68, at Amity, Page Co., Iowa. 

Emma Jane,? b. 19 Sept., 1S71, at Camp Creek, Otoe Co., Neb.; d. 30 Oct., 1871. 
Eldridge Manning,? b. 19 July, 1S75, at Osceola, Pope Co., Neb. 

FAMILY 425. 

4376. Aaron Gordon^ Humphrey, ^^- D-, [3060] fJ?ev. Aaron Case,'' Lemuel Gordon,^ 
Samuc!,'= Lieut. Samuel,'' Ensign Samuel,' Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael^) was born in Liberty, Dela- 
ware Co., O., 19 July, 1832, and at the age of ten removed with his parents to Tipton, Iowa. 
He was a student of Iowa College (then located at Davenport, now at Grinnell), in 1854, and in 
1856-7 of Mt. Carroll Seminary in Illinois. He married (i) 15 Oct., 1857, Sarah (dau. of'R. H. 
and A.) Randall, of Big Rock, Iowa, and with his wife graduated with honors from the " Hygeio 
Therapeutic Medical College," New York City, in 1858. They conducted a Health Institution at 
Lancaster, Ohio, Moline, 111., and St. Anthon}', Minn., and in 1866 settled at Galesburgh, 111., 
where she died in 1867, se. 35 years. He married (2) in 1868, Lovina (dau. of Christian and 
Catharine) Swartzendruner, of Germany. Previous Christian faith he professes, at about the age 
of thirty years, to have disavowed, and to have discarded all belief in the supernatural, and to 
have embraced "Scientific materialism." He has been interested in and a considerable writer on 
scientific and hygienic subjects. He was for several years vice-president, and in 1878 president 
of the Illinois State Horticultural Society, and a .'ree and varied contributor to its published trans- 
actions from 1870 to 1883. He was an oflScer under the City Government of Galesburgh for 
several years, and in 1881-2 was a member of its City Council. He is a member of several 
benevolent organizations. Res. (1883) Galesburgh, III. 

Child (by 2d marriage) : 
4377. I. Albert S.?, b. 20 Jan., 1869, at Galesburgh, 111. 

FAMILY 426. 

4378. John Wildbahn' Humphrey, M. D., [3064] (Rev. Aaron Case,' Lemuel 
Gordon,'' Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,'^ Ensign Samuel, ^ Lieut. Samuel,- 3Lichael' ) ^v&s horn m Delaware 
Co., Ohio, 27 June, 1836; removed with his parents to Tipton, Iowa, passed his boyhood upon 
the farm, and at the age of nineteen entered Mt. Carroll Seminary, Carroll Co., 111., and there 
prepared for teaching, which avocation he pursued for about five years. He married 10 July, 
1S60, Tanear, dau. of Samuel and Ann (Votaw), Gibson, of Mahoning Co. O., where she was born. 
He, with his wife, graduated at the New York Hygeio Therapeutic Medical College, 5 Apr., 
1864; after a few years' practice in the Hydropathic system, they took up the study of Homeo- 
pathy, of which school of medicine he is (18S3) a practitioner in Elmandoah, Iowa. 
Children (all unmarried in 1S83): 

4379. I. Sylvia Lorilla,? b. 26 Mch., 1S61, near Tipton, Iowa. A student (18S3) in the 

medical department of the State University of Nebraska, at Lincoln. 

4380. II. Emma Romanta,? b. 19 Dec, 1862, at Winooski, Sheboygan Co., Wis.; d. 19 Apr., 1S64 

4381. III. Ella Rosa,? b. 21 Apr., 1S68, at Galesburgh, 111. 

4382. IV. Arthur Cassius,? b. 5 Jan., 1S70. at Fort Dodge, Iowa. 

FAMILY 427. 

4383. Edward Eber' Humphrey, [3086] (Ra'. Aaron Case,'' Lemuel Gordon,^ SamueL^ 
Lieut. Samuel,-^ Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,'^ Michael^) was born 20 Oct., 1S55, at Tipton, 
Iowa. He married 30 Nov., 1880, at Iowa City, Iowa, Julia, (dau. of Edward and Julia Kelley), 
Hamilton, of Iowa City, Iowa. House painter. Res. (1S83) West Branch, Iowa. 

4384. I. Frederick W.\yxe,9 b. 26 Jul_v, 1S82, at Tipton, Iowa; d. 7 June, 1SS3, at West 

Branch, Iowa. 

FA^iIILY 428. 

4385- Harvey Adelbert" Humphrey, [3091] (Eher^ Lemuel Gordon,^ Samuels Lieut. 
Samuel,'^ Ensign Samue!,^ Lieut. Smnuel,- Alichael') -was born 24 Oct., 1841; married 2 Apr., 
1867, at Powell, O., Ida Inez Benton, who was born 2 Apr., 1850. l!arly in the War of the 
Rebellion he enlisted in Co. I, S2d Reg. Ohio Vol. Inf, on 7 Dec, 1S61. Discharged 12 Sept., 
1862. Re-enlisted in Co. K, 145th Reg. Ohio Vol. Inf., as ist Sergeant, 2 INIay, 1864. Dis- 
charged 24 Aug., 1864. Res. (18S3) Lowe, Chautauqua Co., Kan. 
Children : 

Cyrus Eugene,? b. 29 Oct., 1868. 

Laura Elizabeth, 5 b. 16 Aug., 1871; d. iS Sept., 1875. 

Clara Emma,9 b. 25 June, 1873. 

Amy May,9 b. 25 July, 1876; d. 10 Sept., 1S77. 

Arthur Eber,? b. 16 June, 1878. 

Flora Myrtle,? b. 21 Jan., 1880. 

Charles Franklin,? b. 24 Aug., 1881. 

FAMILY 429. 

4393- James Wesley^ Humphrey, [3094] (Eber,7 Lemuel Gordon,^ Samuel,^ Lieut. 
Samuel,^ Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel," Michael^) was born 19 Aug., 1846. He married 13 
Oct., 1869, at Wayland, Mich., Beulah A. Sovy. She was born 27 Feb., 1845. 

At the age of eighteen years he enlisted in Co. C, 26th Reg. Ohio Vol. Inf, on 27 Feb., 
1864, and at the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, 18 June, 1864, was severely wounded in the 
hand. After his discharge he completed his education at the Ohio Weslyan University, and since 
1869 has been engaged in teaching in Michigan — si.x years in Dorr and the remainder of the time 
in Wayland. He is (1S83) principal of Wayland Union Schools, and has been for the past four 
years a member of the County Board of School Examiners. 

4394. I. Ada M.9, b. 20 June, 1870; d. 5 July, 1S80. 

4395. II. Clara E.?, b. 27 Jan., 1875. 

4396. III. James Alton,? b. 12 Sept., 1882. 

FAMILY 430. 

4397- Lemuel V." Humphrey, [3095] (Ebcr,^ Lemuel Gordon,^ Samuel,^ LJeut. Samuel,'' 
Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael') was born 25 Oct., 1848; married at Powell, O., 10 
Apr., 1873, Flora E. Moses, born 16 Jan., 1849. Res. (1883) Lowe, Chautauqua Co. Kan. 



















9 Apr. 

, 1S70. 


3 Oct., 



439S. I. Lilly Adel,' b. 14 Sept., 1874. 

4399. II. Henry Ernest,? b. 15 Nov., 1878. 

4400. III. Oliver Ray,? b. i Nov., 1882. 

FAMILY 431. 

4401. Ashbel Seth" Humphrey, [311°] ( Daniel t Ichabod,^ Samuel;^ Lieut. SoTiiuel,^ 
Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael^) was born i6 Feb., 1830, in Simsbury, Ct. He married 
17 Dec, 1854, Harriet F. Atwater, b. 7 Mch., 1S39. Res. (1883) Barkhampstead, Ct. 

Janette,9 b. 26 Nov., 1855; d. 2->, July, 1864. 

Emeline,9 b. 17 Feb., 1858; d. 3 July, 1S64. 

Walter F.?, b. 23 Apr., i860. 

Lowell S.9 b. 15 July, 1862. 

Sheridan,9 b. 28 Sept., 1864. 

Franklin, 9 b. 29 Oct., 1866; d. 

Bertie W.9, b. 8 Dec, 1868. 

Freddie A.?, b. 28 Mch., 1870; 

Ettie R.9, b. 25 Nov., 1S73. 

Hattie a. 9, b. 18 Jan., 1876; d. 

Eber,9 b. 12 Oct., 1878. 

Arthur E.9, b. 8 Sept., 1880. 

AxGELiNE J. 9, b. 13 Jan., 1882. 

FA:MILY 432. 

4415- William Sherman'' Humphrey, [3120] (Capt. WiUiam,i wnuam," Wiiiiam,s 

Lieut. Samuel,* Ensign Samuel^ Lieut. Samuel,'' Michael') was born 28 Oct., 1S16, in Orwell, Pa.; 
died 21 Jan., 1883. He married in Warren, 24 Feb., 1836, Abi Sophia (dau. of Alfred and 
Lucinda) Albyn, born in Warren, 19 Feb., 1818. She died n July, 1S66, ce. 48 years. Res. 
(1882) Le Raysville, Pike Township, Bradford Co., Pa. 

4416. I. Adaline E.9, b. 18 Dec, 1836, in Warren; married in June, 1859, Lorenzo Pennay. 

Res. (1S85) Leroysville, Pa. Children: 

4417. i, .\lice Sophia,'" b. 13 Feb., i860, in Pike, Pa.; married 31 Aug., 1879, Le Roy Long. 

4418. ii. Ediey Gerletta,"" b. 22 July, 1863, in Pike, Pa. 

Seymour A. 9, b. 18 Dec, 1838; d. 31 Aug., 1851, a\ 12 years. 

Mary H.9, b. 26 Oct., 1840. 

George H.9, b. 26 Mch., 1843; married 4 July, 1867, Clara A. Bosworth. She died 
17 Dec, 1876. Mr. Humphrey enlisted in the Union Army in Aug., 1S62, and 
was wounded at the Battle of Gettysburg, 2 July, 1863. He died ai Le Raysville, 
Pa., 4 July, 1876, a\ ^^^ years. 

4422. i. Seymour J.'", b. 26 May, 1868. 

4423. V. Gertrude E.9, b. 31 IMch., 1852. 


































FAMILY 433. 

4424. Edwin" Humphrey, [3128] (Capt. WHHam,-! WH/iam,'^ WHHam,^ Lieut. SamJie!,* 
Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael^) was born 7 Aug., 1S33, in Pike, Bradford Co., Pa.; 
married Anna Eliza Barnes, of Herrick, Bradford Co., Pa. Res. (18S2) Le Raysville, Pike 
Township, Pa. 
Children : 

4425. I. William K.5, b. in 1853. 

4426. II. Frederick?; is deceased. 


4427. Jason Gleason' Humphrey, [313°] (Ros^veiij Rosiveii,'' Wiiiiam,^ Lieut. 

Samuel,* Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,' Mh/iael' J was born 31 Oct., 181 1, at Hartford, Ct. He 
married Mary Ann Bennett. Farmer. P. O. address (1882) Neenah, Winnebago Co., Wis. 
CMdren (liiwg in 18S4): 

4428. I. Charles.9 

4429. II. Levi. 9 

4430. III. Sarah. 9 

4431. IV. Mary.9 

FAMILY 435. 

4432- Roswell Henry' Humphrey, [3131] (Rosiveii,-' Rosweii," w,iiiam,^ Lieut. 

Samuel,* Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- il/u/iael'J was born 30 Sept., 1815, in Caroline, Tomp- 
kins Co., N. Y. He married in Ovid, Seneca Co., N. Y., 8 Apr., 1837, Jerusha (dau. of David 
Leavitt and Catherine Demond) Taylor, b. 10 Feb., 1821, at Bedminster, Somerset Co., N. J. 
Her parents resided in Ovid, N. Y. Painter. P. O. address (1882) Adrian, Mich. 

4433. L Thaddeus Henry,9 b. 27 Jan., 1838, in Ovid, N. Y.; married (i) at Sandusky, O., 

16 Aug., 1861, Sarah Nuttle, born in 1838, at New Haven, Allen Co., Ind. ; he 
was divorced from her, and married (2) at Oak Harbor, O., 29 Apr., 1868, Ella 

(dau. of and Ellen Cavendish) Samson, born in 1846, at Chicago, 111., 

and died 5 Feb., 1869. He married (3) at Blissfield, Lenawee Co., Mich., 12 

Dec, 1873, Ella (dau. of and King) Waldron, born in Apr., 1853, 

at Clarksfield, O., where her parents resided. Painter. Res. (1882) Blissfield, Mich. 
Children (by ist marriage): 

4434. i. Elmer Spencer,'" b. 3 Sept., 1862. 

4435. ii. Cora,'" b. in May, 1S64. 
(Py 2d marriage): 

4436. iii. L . T '», b. 28 Jan., 1869. 

4437. II. Hikam Montgomery,' b. 29 Dec, 1839, '" Caroline, N. Y.; d. i July, 1841, in 

Farmersville, N. Y. 

4438. III. Mary Amelia,^ b. 13 Apr., 1S42, in Farmersville, N. Y. ; d. 8 Oct., 1843, '" 

Milan, Ohio. 

4439. IV. MoxTGOMERY DuMORNA,' b. 7 Nov. , 1844, in Milan, Ohio; d. 20 Mch., 1S46, in 

Milan, Ohio. 

4440. V. George Edward,? b. 17 Oct., 1846, in Milan, Ohio; d. 30 Mch., 1847, ^- 5 n^os., 

in Milan, Ohio. 








Herman Levkrett,' h. 22 Jan., 1S4S, in IMilan, Ohio; married in Blissfield, Mich., 

14 May, 1S70, Marietta Snedil^er, b. 9 Jan., 1S52, in New York Cit_v, dau. of 

William and Rosannah (Kavanagh) Snediker, of Detroit, Mich. Painter. Res. 

(1882) Adrian, Mich. Children: 

i. Harry Seymour,^" b. 25 Jan., 1S71; d. in Feb., 1S71. 
ii. Hattie Jerusha,'" b. 25 Jan., 1S72, at Adrian, Mich. 
Jerusha Louisa, 9 b. 2 May, 1852, in Milan, Ohio; d. 29 July, 1868, tc. 16 years, 

in Adrian, Mich. 
Emery D.\vid,9 b. 16 Nov., 1854, in Milan, Ohio; d. 22 Sept., 1856, in Milan, O. 
Emma Elizabeth,? b. 21 Dec, 1856, in Milan, Ohio; married in Adrian, Mich., 

7 Sept., 18S0, Henry E. Potter. Farmer. Res. (1882) Tontogany, Wood Co., 

Ohio. Child: 

i. Jennie Jernsha," b. 10 Jan., 18S2. 
Charlie ELiMER,9 b. 5 May, 1S59, in Milan, Ohio. Cigar maker; unmarried. Res. 

(1882) Adrian, Mich. 

FAMILY 436. 

4449- Thomas Hiram '^ Humphrey, [3133] (Rosti'di,-' Ros7vcii,'' Wdiiam,^ Lieut. 

Samuel,'' Ensign Samuel, ^^ Lieut. Samuel,' Michael^) was born ii Sept., 1819, in Caroline, Tomp- 
kins Co., N. Y. He married Laura Jane Hibbard. Farmer. P. O. address Iowa City, Iowa. 
Res. (1S82) ■ , Iowa. Has children, whose records have not been ascertained. 

FAMILY 437. 

4450. Orson Franklin' Humphrey, r3'4i] (Ros^veii,^ Ros-weii," Wiiiiam,^ Lieut. 

Samuel,* Enzign Sanmel,^ Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael^) was born 17 Mch., 1825, at Caroline, Tomp- 
kins Co., N. Y., and died 13 Jan., 1870, ae. 44 years, at Weston, Wood Co., Ohio. He married 
Drusilla Fowler, who died about 1S74. Farmer. 
Children : 

Green, Wood Co., Ohio. 


FAMILY 438. 
446.. Rev. William AlonZO^ Humphrey, [3U3] (Roswell,-> Rom^ell,^ WHUam,^ Lieut. 
Samuel,* Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,'' Michael^) was born in Caroline, Tompkins Co., N. \. 
He married in Berlin, Erie Co., Ohio, 22 Jan., 1854, Betsey (dau. of Sanford and Mary Freeman) 
Mead, born 11 May, 1837, in Fairfield Township, Huron Co., Ohio. Her parents resided (1882) 
Tontogany, Wood Co., Ohio. Mr. Humphrey has been engaged in ministerial labors in Ohio 
for a number of years, having preached in Tontogany, Plain and Liberty townships, besides olhers. 
Res. (1882) Weston, Wood Co., Ohio. 



Ada 9; married Bamber. Res. (18S4) 

Children (living in 1SS4): 



i. Gertie.'" 


ii. Jennie." 


iii. Vernon." 



Olive 9; died in 1880; married George Lindley. 



i. Josie." 


ii. Addie." 


iii. Frank." 


iv. Archie." 



Julia 9; died in 18S1. 











4462. 1. Mary Amira,? b. 12 Nov., 1855, in Milan, Erie Co., O. ; married there, 28 Feb., 
1878, Charles Henry Kellogg, son of Anson and Mary Jane (Odell) Kellogg, of 
Milan, O. Artist and photographer. P. O. address (18S2) Norwalk, Huron Co., 
Ohio. Child: 

i. Bertie E.*»", b. 18 June, 1881, in Norwalk, O. 
Eliza Jane,9 b. 17 Feb., 1859, in Milan, O. ; married at Weston, O., 9 Dec., 1880, 
John Thomas McVetta, son of William and Ellen (Little) McVetta. Farmer. 
Res. (1882) Weston, O. Child: 

i. Earnest B.* i", b. 7 Sept., 1881, in Weston, O. 

Charles Dayton,^ b. 27 Sept., 1869, in Weston, O. 

Myrta B.*9, b. I Sept., 1873, in Weston, O.; d. 18 .Sept., 1874, in Weston, O. 

Arthur Bird,? b. 31 July, 1877, in Weston, O. 

FAMILY 439. 

4469. William Henry' Humphrey, [3153J (Hiram,-! Rosweii,^ Wiiiiam,^ Lieut. 

Samuel,'^ Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. .Samuel,- jMichael^ ) was born 3 Jan., 1836, in Caroline, N. Y. 
He was married at Harford, Cortland Co., N. Y., by the Rev. Isaiah Lord, pastor of the M. E. 
Church in that place, i Jan., 1858, to Hannah (dau. of John and Elizabeth Betsey Westfall) 
Jacobs, b. 8 June, 1838, in Candor, Tioga Co., N. Y., where her parents resided. She died 16 
Nov., 1874, in Caroline, Tompkins Co., N. Y. He is a tin peddler, in the employ of F. Fill- 
ingham, No. 40 West State St., Ithaca, N. Y. Resided in Candor and Caroline, and (1882) 
Ithaca, N. Y. 
Children : 
4470. I. Sabin Jenks,9 b. 10 Nov., 1858, at Candor, N. Y. ; married 15 Apr., 1877, in 

Ithaca, N. Y., by Rev. M. S. Hard, pastor of the Aurora Street Church in that 
place, to Mary Ann Norton, of Ithaca, N. Y. He is head clerk and bookkeeper 
for F. Fillingham, dealer in tinware and glass, 40 \V. State St., Ithaca, N. Y. 
II. Hiram,9 b. 20 June, 1861, at Candor, N. Y. ; is employed by F. Fillingham, No. 
40 West State St., Ithaca, N. Y. P. O. address (1882) Ithaca, N. Y. 

III. Eli Jacors,? b. 27 Apr., 1863, in Candor, N. Y. Farmer. P. O. address (1882) 
Mott's Corners, N. Y. 

IV. Edward George,? b. 9 Mch., 1865, at Candor, N. Y. Farmer. P. O. address 
(1882) Speedsville, N. Y. 

V. Clarissa WiLber,? b. 20 .Sept., 1867, in Caroline, N. Y. Is a school teacher. 
P. O. address (1882) Jenksville, Tioga Co., N. Y. 
VI. Emily Lomelia,? b. 28 Mch., 1874, at Caroline, N. Y. ; was adopted in 1874, soon 
after the death of her mother, by Philemon and Kate Blinn, of Candor, N. Y., 
and her name changed to Carrie E. H. Blinn. 

FATdlLY 440. 

4476- Edward Leroy' Humphrey, [3154] {Hiram,! lioszveii," Wiiiiam,^ Lieut. 

Samuel,^ Ensign Samuel,3 Lieut. Samuel," Michael') was born 22 Apr., 1838, in Caroline, Tomp- 
kins Co., N. Y.; married in Harford, Cortland Co., N. Y.-, i Jan., 1858, Manetle (eldest' child 
of William Whiting and Elvira Payne) Smith. Her parents were natives of Massachusetts, and 






4 4 So. 

















were both school teachers in early Hfe; were married in Speedsville, N. Y., where they resided; 
removed from that town to Iroquois County, 111., and there died, about 1855. 

Mr. Humphrey was born on the farm and in the same house where he now lives; always 
lived there; inherited the homestead farm by his father's will. Was always a farmer; always has 
lived and worked on the same farm. * * * Devotes his efforts to the benefit of his family 
and his immediate neighbors; is much respected and esteemed by his acquaintances. * * * He 
is raising a fine family of children, above the average in intelligence and aptitude for acquiring 
learning. Farmer. Res. (1882) Speedsville, Tompkins Co., N. Y. 

Children (bom in Speedsville, N. Y.): 
4477. I. Edward Elwyn,9 b. 3 Nov., 185S; was a school teacher in 1882. P. O. address 

Sioux Falls, Dakota. 

HuLDAH Elvira,? b. 20 ]\Iay, i860. 

Emma Manette,? b. 5 May, 1862, d. 29 Sept., 1875, in Speedsville, N. Y. 

George Elizur,? b. 6 Apr., 1864. 

Burt Jay,9 b. 23 Apr., 1866. 

Herman Grant,? b. 24 Apr., 1869. 

Albert Ray,? b. 24 Sept., 1S71. 

Nellie Cornelia,^ b. 4 June, 1874. 

Alice Manette,? b. 14 Oct., 1876. 

Leslie Smith,? b. 8 Se'pt, 1880. 

Ella Rose,? b. 26 Dec, 1883. 

FA:MILY 441. 

4488. Hector Seymour* Humphrey, [3164] (Ludusj Rosweii,'' Wiiiiwi,^ Lieut. 

Samuel,'' Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael^) was born 14 Jan., 1828, in Speedsville, Tomj)- 
kins Co., N. Y.; married 22 May, 1851, Helen J. (dau. of Charles N. and Catharine J.) Fox, of 
of Napierville, 111. 

He moved to Illinois in 1848, and was first editor and proprietor of the Kendall County 
Free Press. A man of exalted integrity and character, he enjoys the utmost respect of a large 
circle of friends and acquaintances. Mr. Humphrey is the postmaster at Vandalia, 111., and 
editor and publisher of the Vandalia Union. Res. (1885) Vandalia, 111. 

4489. I. Julia Seward,? b. 15 Jul}-, 1853; d. 13 Dec, 1863, ac. 10 years. 

4490. II. Frederick C.?, b. 31 Oct., 1857. 


4491. Hon. Herman Loin' Humphrey, [3165] (Lucius,! Rosweii,^ wniiam,^ Lieut. 

Samuel,^ Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael' ) was born 20 Mch., 1830, at Canclor, Tioga 
Co., N. Y.; married (i) at Dixon, 111., 18 July, 1855, Jennie Ann (dau. of John * and Sophronia 
B. Hewitt) Cross, of Binghamton, N. Y., born at Saratoga, N. Y., 25 Jan., 1830; died 31 Jan., 
1880, at Chicago, 111. He married (2) 4 Oct., 1881, Widow Kittic Elvira (Doty) Door, of 
Oswego, N. Y. Her first husband's name was Maxwell B. Doty. 

• John Cross, son of Nalhnniel, ol Keenc, N. H., was bom in that town in iSoo, and died 36 Sept., 1869, at llic residence of his 
son, Frederick J. Cross, of Chicago, IIL Sophronia a (Hewitt) Cross was born in .810. at Jay, Essex Co., N. Y.. and w:ui daughter o( 
Josiah W. Hewitt, of Jay, who died there in August, 1S59, in his 76th year 

Mr. Humphrey's education was obtained in the pubHc schools and at the Cortland Academ}-. 
At the early age of sixteen he commenced the business of life as a merchant's clerk, in Ithaca, 
New York, in which employment he remained several years. Developing with mature years a 
preference for professional life, he left mercantile pursuits and entered upon the study of law in 
the office of Walbridge & Finch, at Ithaca, where he remained until he was admitted to the bar, 
lo July, 1854, at Delhi, N. Y. Thinking that the new western country offered a better field for 
a youthful practitioner, he selected Hudson, Wis., for a location, and settled there in January, 
1855, where he has ever since remained. He soon entered upon the tide of successful business. 
Not long after this auspicious beginning, a vacancy occurred in the office of District Attorney of 
that county, and Mr. Humphrey received an appointment to the position, holding this office 
during such vacancy. In the fall of i860 he was appointed, by the Governor, County Judge for 
St. Croix County, to fill a vacancy, and was elected to the same office at the regular election the 
ensuing spring for the full term of four years, commencing i January, 1862. In the meantime, 
having been elected State Senator in the fall of 1S61, he resigned his office of County Judge in 
Feb., 1862, having taken his seat in the Senate. This was in the height of the Civil War, and 
Senator Humphrey was found conspicuously acting with those who, with voice and vote, were 
endeavoring to maintain the Union soldiers in the field and to uphold the hands of the President. 

After the fall of Fort Donelson, a bill was introduced and passed the Assembly to repeal 
the law of 1861, which gave $3 a month to the wives of soldiers who enlisted in the infantrj'. 
The bill, on going to the Senate, immediately passed to a third reading. At this juncture. Senator 
Humphrey, although a new member, strongly objected to it, holding that such action would be an 
unjust violation of good faith, and would drive the men of Wisconsin to enlist in States holding out 
better inducements; and he enforced these views with such pointed language that the question 
resulted in increasing the amount to $5 per month, and including every arm of the service. To 
meet the payment of the large sum of money this bill would call for, the use of the school fund was 
resorted to. Objections to so using these funds were made by democrats, who claimed that the State 
might, at some future time, repudiate the debt. Senator Humphrey took the floor, and among 
other things said, "Let her repudiate"; adding that as trustee of the school fund the State would 
be compelled to make the fund good in any contingency, and that this measure would make the 
war bonds of the State good; which proved true. He also introduced an amendment to the State 
Constitution, to add, after the word "State," occurring in section seven, article eight, "and the 
United States," so that no further discredit could be brought on the bonds on the ground that 
they had been issued to defend the United States, and not the State, in time of war, the adoption 
of which would have saved the State much trouble in providing for its bonds in 1865. He like- 
wise made a speech in favor of the proposition to permit soldiers in the field to vote, which 
received high commendation at the time, both by those who heard it and by the press. 

Mr. Humphrey's speech in the U. S. House of Representatives, delivered 10 May, 1882, 
upon the Geneva Award, has been somewhat commended for the position therein taken, viz. : 
that the underwriters could not be subrogated! to %ie rights of ship-owners insured, who suffered 
loss by Confederate cruisers and abandoned lo the underwriters, and paid their losses; for the 
reason that the underwriters insured against the acts of the Confederate States, or their cruisers, 
and not against the United States, in not using due diligence in preventing Confederate cruisers 
to leave her shores and destroy our mercantile marine, a position then first taken by him; an 
ingenious argument — which has but recently been confirmed by a decision of the U. S. Court of 
Claims, that the Government is not a trustee of the fund, or money, awarded this Government by 
the Geneva Court of Arbitration. 

In 1865 Judge Humphrey was elected and served one year as Mayor of Hudson, and in 
the spring of 1866 was chosen Judge of the Eighth Judicial Circuit, lo which he was re-elected in 
1S72, and resigned in March, 1877, having served in the office from J.uuuiry. 1S67, to March, 

1 877- Although not strictly a politician, the Judge has always taken a lively and wcll-inrormed 
interest in the political affairs of the country, and has wielded a large and healthful influence in 
the republican party; consequently, when a successor to Congressman J. M. Rusk was to be 
chosen, in 1876, the republicans of the Seventh Congressional District, with notable unanimity, 
called upon Judge Humphrey to accept a nomination for member of Congress. He accepted the 
nomination, and was elected by a handsome majority. Having served with satisfaction to his 
constituents for one term, he was readily re-elected to the second, at the close of which he 
expected to return to private life; but his many friends, otherwise disposed, kept his name in the 
field, and on the assembling of the Congressional Convention, in 1880, he was nominated on the 
first ballot, notwithstanding two very strong competitors were candidates for the nomination. His 
re-election resulted by a majority larger than has ever been given to any member of Congress in 
his State. Unobstrusive and conservative in his ways of life, the purity of Judge Humphrey's 
character is justly appreciated by those who know him. The soundness of his political views has 
made him a reliable and valued member of the republican party, while his irreproachable moral 
principle and wide statesmanlike range of thought have rendered his career in the councils of the 
nation of enduring benefit to the country, reflecting honor upon his immediate constituents and 
enduring credit to his public career. 

In religious matters Mr. Humphrey is a consistent member of the Presbyterian Communion. 
Res. (18S5) Hudson, Wis. 

Children (by 1st inarriage, all born in Hudson, Wis.): 

Herman Loin, 9 b. 22 Aug-., 1S57. 

Fannie Seward, 9 b. 5 May, i860; married 23 Nov., 1881, at Hudson, Wis., Wilbur 
Virgil (son of Vance and Eliza Sherard) Stewart, of Greenville, Pa., who died 29 
Aug., 1S83. Child: 
i. Jennie Stuart.''' 

Mary Adaline,' b. 4 I\Iay, 1S66. 

William Hexry,9 b. 25 IMch., 186S. 

Grace Jennie," b. 14 Jan., 1874. 

FAAHLY 443. 

4498. Lucius Arnold' Humphrey, [3166] (Lucius,-' Ros-mcU,'' WdUam^ Lieut. 

Samuel,'' Ensign Samuel,'^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael^) was, born 28 July, 1832, at Candor, Tioga 

Co., N. Y. He married in Mch., 1858, Louisa G. Lyons, of Ithaca, N. Y. He is an energetic, 

capable and reliable bu,siness man, in the service of a ^stal Railway Co. Ros. (18S3) ChicaL'o. 111. 

4499- I- John Lvcius,? b. in 1859. 

4500. II. Anna Bell,? b. in 1862. 

FAMILY 444. 

4501. Captain Charles Frederick' Humphrey, [3170] (L-.ucius,i liosweii,'- Wiiiiam,^ 

Lieut. Samuel,^ Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel.^ Muhael') was born 2 Sept., 1844, at Cortland, 
Cortland Co., N. Y. ; and married at Washington, D. C, 17 June, 1874, Juanita Da Costa (dau. 
of Edward Shepard and Julia Da Costa*) Foster, born 8 Aug., 1854, at Aricibo, Island of Puerto 
Rico, West Indies. 

« Edward Shepard Foster was bom 28 Mch., 1816, in London, Eng.: died at Aricibo, Island of Puerto Rico, 58 Feb., 1859; he w.n 
thoroughly educated, both .is a civil engineer and architect, in Edinburgh, Scotland; built many, of the public buildings on the Island 
of St. Croix; built the Sunday school house of St. Paul's Church, of Fredericksladt, St. Croix, a-uiish West Indies: rebuilt many of the 
principal buildings of the City of Basseterre, Capitol of Guada Loupe, and in the town of Point a Pitre, on the same Island, after the 
earthquake o( 1842. He was widely known and greatly esteemed in the Danish West Indies. He married Julia Da Co»ta, bom 10 Oct . 













Capt. Humphrey lived on the paternal farm, attending public school, until about the close 
of i860, when he was sent to the Academy at Oswego, N. Y., where he remained until 1862. 
He was then sent to the male department of the Seward Institute, at Florida, Orange Co., N. Y., 
which school he subsequently left to enter the army, as he then supposed for the war only. But 
circumstances changed his mind; his superiors thought him adapted to the profession of arms, 
which opinion has been fully justified by his subsequent career. 

He was appointed from Army: Private, Corporal, Sergeant, and ist Sergeant, Battery E, 
5th U. S. Artillery, 17 Mch., 1S63, to 28 June, 1866; 2d Lieut. 5th U. S. Ardllery, 8 May; 
accepted 28 June; transferred to 4th U. S. Artillery, 23 Oct.; ist Lieut. 21 May, 186S; Captain 
and Assistant-Quartermaster 23 June; 1879; accepted 9 July, 1879. 

Was furloughed "for soldierly conduct" during the campaign of 1864, of the Army of the 
Potomac, on recommendation of Brev. Maj. W. A. Horn, commanding Artillery Brigade; Brev. 
Maj. Gen. Commanding Geo. W. Getty, approved by Maj. Gen. Parke, headquarters Army of 
the Potomac; and was about' that time recommended, through the regular channels, for com- 
mission in the Artillery. Was slightly wounded at the battle of Sailors Creek, Va., 6 Apr., 1865; 
and was present, with his corps, at Appomattox Court House, at the surrender of General 
Lee, 9 Apr., 1865. On the disbanding of the Army of die Potomac, was in camp near Wash- 
ington, D. C, with regular light artillery batteries of that army, to Aug., 1865; then ordered 
south, serving at Fort Moultrie, Port Royal, Beaufort, Key West and Barranca's Barracks, to 
May, 1866. Ordered, i Mch., 1866, to Annapolis, Md'., for examination for commission; com- 
plied with order in May, and returned to Barranca's Barracks. Ordered to Fort Monroe, head- 
quarters 5th U. S. Artillery, in Jaly, and subsequently ordered back to Barranca's Barracks. 

Having been transferred, by the War Department, to the 4th Regiment of Ardllery, joined 
that regiment at Fort McHenry, Md., in Mch., 1867; ordered to Fort Whipple, Va.; on garrison 
duty at that place to May. Adjutant of the Sub-district of Alexandria, ist Military District, to 
July, 1 868; on duty with his regiment at Fort JilcHenry, Md., to Jan., 1869; at Fort Wayne, 
Mich., to Mch., 1870; at Fort Johnston, N. C, to July, 1870; at Fort IMonroe, Va. (Field 
Adjutant of the Artillery School), to May, 1871; at Fort Johnston, N. C, to Nov., 1S72; at Fort 
Point, San Jose, Cal., to Apr., 1873; at Artillery SctteSlj^Sbi-t Monroe, Va., to May, 1874; at 
Fort Point, San Jose, Cal., to June, 1876; at Sitka," Alaska, to October, 1876; at Fort Wrangel, 
Alaska, to June, 1877; with Gen. Howard's column, operating against hostile Nez Perces under 
Chief Joseph, in Idaho, Montana and Dakota Territories, to Oct., 1S77. 

Was engaged in the batde of Clear Water, Idaho Territorv, 11 and 12 July, being slightly 
wounded, and in the skirmish at Kamia, Idaho, 13 July; with the cavalry in tlie affair at Camas 
Meadows, Idaho, 20 Aug. Was specially commended in Gen. Howard's report of Nez Perces 

1815, at Frederickstadt, Island of Santa Craz, Danish West Indies, (dau. of Joseph Da Costa, Jr., born in Aug., 1766, in Boston, Mass., 
and died 8 Apr., 1837, at Frederickstadt, pnd Sarah Smith, bom in 1783. at Santa Cruz, Danish West Indies) and sister of John Da 
Costa, of Philadelphia, Pa., and died there 7 Apr., 1836. She was dau. of William and Mary Eliz.abeth (White) Smith, both natives of 
the Island of Santa Cruz. Joseph' Da Costa, Jr , was son of Joseph Da Costa, Sr., bom in Boston, Mass.: died in 1782: and his wife, 
Catherine Andrews, of Nova Scotia. 

Edw.ard Shepard Foster was son of Edward Samuel Foster, bora on the Island of Santa Cruz, Dan. W. I., and Eliz.abeth Shepard, 
a native of London, Eng.; and grandson ot Edward Samuel Foster, bom in London, Eng., and Eliza Farrington Smith, bom on Island of 
Santa Cruz, W. I. 


Portland, Oregon, December ai, 1879. 
To the Assistant Adjutant-General, Military Division of the Pacific, San Francisco, Cal.: 

Sir. — I wish to make special mention of the following officers who served under my command dunng the late expedition against 
hostile NezPerces. 

First Lieut. Charles F. Humphrey, 4th Artillerj'.— He commanded Co. E, 4th Artillery, at the battle of the Clear Water, on the 
iilh of July, and Company A on the 12th of July. His batt.allion commander says of him: "He exposed himself on so m '-- 

that I will not attempt to enumerate them. A hint 10 him was sufficient, no matter what the danger. He and his comprtu, »w.<; 
most exposed of any of the battalion. - Nothing daunted him. Throughout the campaign he continued to display his soldierly quahtii 

Very rcspectlully, your obedient servant, 
(Signed) O. O. HOWARD, liri^. G.-n.. If. S. A., Commanding Deft. 0/ Columbia. 













Commanded Battery A, 4tli Artillery, during the campaign subsequently, to July 11; 
en route to Fort Townsend, Washington Territory, from Bears Paw Mountain, Montana, by way of 
Omaha and San Francisco, to Nov., 1877; at Fort Townsend, Washington Territory, to Dec, 1877; 
with Light Battery B, 4th Artiller)-, at the Presidio, San' Francisco, to July, 1879, being engaged 
with the battery in the campaign against the Snake and Bannock Indians, in Nevada and Idaho. 
Depot Quartermaster, Headquarters Military Division of the Pacific, and Dept. of California, 
Presidio of San Francisco, from 30 Sept., 1S79, to 25 June, 1885. Depot Quartermaster, in 
charge of Quartermaster's Dept., Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory, since i July, 1885. P. O. address 
(18S5) Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory.* 

Ev.\N Harris,' b. 5 Mch., 1875, at Fort Point, San Jose, San Francisco, Cal. 

Ch.vrles Frederick, 9 b. 11 Aug., 1876, at Washington, D. C. 

JvAXiTA Da Costa, 9 b. 25 Sept., 187S, at the Presidio of San Francisco, Cal. 

Herman William, 9 b. 21 Mch., 18S0, at the Presidio of San Francisco, Cal.; died 
3 Feb., 1S82, at that post. 

IIelen Louise,9 b. 27 July, 1S81, at the Presidio of San Francisco, Cal. 

Julian Foster,? b. 10 Jan., 1884, at the Presidio of San Francisco, Cal. 

FAi\IILV 44.J. 

450S. Joseph Clarence Beir Humphrey, \.l^l^^ (Ltinus,^ j?os7t>e//,° WiiUam,^ 

Lieut. Samuel,'* Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel," Michael"- ) was born 12 Apr., 1S46, at Dryden. 
Tompkins Co., N. Y. He married in Evanston, III., 21 June, 1S72, Helen Louise (dau. of 
Merril and Helen Louise Litchfield) Ladd, of Evanston, 111. 

Mr. Humphrey is in the banking business, connected with Merril Ladd & Ca, Evanston 
and Chicago, 111., and with the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company's coal department, and is 
a gentleman of excellent character and capacity. Res. (18S5) Chicago, 111. P. O. address (1884) 
No. 3455 Prairie Ave, Chicago, 111. ^r^- -^..^ 
Children (born in Evanston, III. )7: 

4509. I. Merril Lucius,' b. 18 Apr., 1874: d. 4 Oct., 1S82, at Chicago, 111. 

4510. II. Frederick William Litchfield," b. 2 Apr., 1876. 

FAMILY 440. 

4511. Miles Seymour' Humphrey, [3177] (Luke,- Roswell," WHliam,^ Lieut. Samuel,* 

Ensign Samuel,} Lieut. Sumucl,' A/iclmcl' ) was born 29 July, 1827, in Tompkins Co., N. Y. ; 
married 23 Oct., 1862, Mary Laurence (dau. of Uriah and Margaret) Crosby, of Morton, Taze- 
well Co., III., born 28 Dec, 1842. Farmer. Res. (1885) Cruger, Woodford Co., 111. 

Louisa, 9 b. 30 Julv, 1S64. 

Charles Seymour,'' b. 8 Feb., 1867. 

Uriah PL 9, b. 31 I^Ich., 1870. 

Olive M.9, b. 12 July, 1873; d. 4 Nov., 1874. 

Edw.\rd M.?, b. 8 Mch., 1876. 

Edith Evaline,9 b. 3 Apr., 1879. 

Hammersley's "Living Officers of tb.e Army." 














FAMILY 447. 

4518. Hector' Humphrey [3227J (A'-'»i"^' Deacon Alvin,^ Deacon TJieophilus,^ Lieut. 
Samuel,^ Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,'^ Michael^). He married three wives; was a preacher 
(known as "Heck" Humphrey) in Henry County, 111. He died in Kansas "a number of years 
ago," leaving a wife and two children. 

[Children : Two, whose records have not been obtained] 

F.\MILY 448. 

4519- Jeremiah Theophilus'^ Humphrey, [3228] (Akin,-* Deacon Abin,'= Deacon 
Theophilus,'^ Lieut. Samuel,'^ Emign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael'^) was born in Green Co., 
Wis., II Dec, 1820. He married 21 Oct., 1848, Martha Jane d'Corza, dau. of Pierre d'Corza, 
of French birth, and his wife, Hannah Bellows, an Englishwoman. She was born in Green Co., 
Wis., 17 Sept., 1826, and died i Oct., 1S68. 

I\Ir. Humphrey went to California in 1850, with his brothers Dudley and Frederick, and 
commenced mining. In the winter of 1S50-51, he, with seven others, took up a claim in the 
head of Grain's Gulch, near Georgetown, Eldorado Co. On this claim of 400 feet, which covered 
the entire flat, they sank three shafts, near a large quartz vein, and in one of these shafts they 
got a good prospect, but could not reach the bedrock on account of water. Mr. Humphrey 
urged the necessity of tunnelling at the lower end of the shaft, but could not get his companions 
to adopt his plans, and the place was abandoned. Some years after, other miners tunneled the 
old shaft, drifted out over half a million dollars worth of ore, and sold out to one of their 
number, who ultimately took out three times as much as they had taken. This is "the nearest" 
which Mr. Humphrey has "ever been to a big strike," though he now has a claim at Forest 
Hill, of which he has "great expectations." In 1865 and '66 he was prominent in organizing a 
Miners' Protection League (as an offset to the influx of Chinese labor in California), of which he 
was elected president; and was chosen as a delegate to the Anti-Cooley League of San Francisco. 
P. O. address (1884) Forest Hill, Placer Co., Cal. 

Children : 
4520. I. Alice jNIay,' b. at Albany, Green Co., Wis., 31 July, 1849; married at Forest Hill, 

Placer Co., Cal., 23 Oct, 1864, John George (son of Joseph Gregory and Louisa) 
Garrison, of Cumberland Co., Maine, where he was born 15 Mch., 1832. 
Children (all lorn at Forest Hill, Cal): 
i. John Albert," b. 30 Nov., 1S67. 
ii. Ernest Avon,'" b. 13 Sept., 1869. 
iii. Alice Azona," b. 20 Nov., 1871. 
iv. George Howard," b. 3 Sept., 1873. 
V. Lillian May," b. 17 Apr., 18S3. 

Omar Gleason,9 b. at Albany, Green Co., Wis., 1 Jan., 1831. 

Gfokoe Washington,9 b. at Grey Eagle, El Dorado Co., Cal., 22 Feb.,- 1S59; died 
15 Jan., 1883. 
4528. IV. Charles Ernest,? b. at Volcanoe Bar, El Dorado Co., Cal, 15 Feb., 1862. 









• It may be well, in this connection, to give a few corrections and additions to the family of Alvin Humphrey (p. 596), g.ithered 
from letters received from his son Jeremiah Theophilus, since that family rccprd was printed, viz.: 

Frederic [3229] died about 1867 or 1868. Dudley [3224], bom 1812; married three times; was last heard of, m ill-health, at Hono- 
lulu, Sandwich Islands. AJanson [3235] and Ansel 3236J died very young. 

FAjMILY 449. 

4529- James Ansel ^ Humphrey, [3240] (Gen. Ansd,-' Deacon Alvin,^ Deacon Tlieo- 

phUus,^ Lieut. Samuel,"^ Ensign Samuel,' Lieut. Satnuel," Michael') was born 24 Mch., 1824, at 
Canton, Ct. ; died 24 Feb., 1866, se. 42 years, at Fort Dodge, Iowa. He married in Muscatine, 
Iowa, 12 Apr., 185 1, Frances A. (dau. of Archelaus and Deborah Wheeler) Bennett, of Muscatine, 
Iowa, born at Townsend, Mass. Mr. Humphrey was in the book and stationery business at 
Muscatine, Iowa. She res. (1884) at Fort Dodge, Iowa. 

Children (born in Fort Dodge, Lowa, excepting the eldest): 

4530. I. Frank, 9 b. 12 Apr., 1853, at Muscatine, Iowa; married. Res. (1885) Lake City, Iowa. 

4531. II. Kate,5 b. 23 Jan., 1S55; married C. P. Berrian. Res. (1884) Fort Dodge, Iowa. 

4532. III. Annie B.'?, b. 5 Jan., 1S66; unmarried. Res. (1S84) Fort Dodge, Iowa. 
4 533- ^^- Fred. 5; died. 

4534. V. C.\rrie9; died. 

4535. VI. SallieS; died. 

FAMILY 4.50. 

4336- Andrew Jackson' Humphreys, [3245] (Gen. Ansel,-! Deacon Ahin,^ Deacon 
Thcophilus,' Lieut. Samuel,'^ Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael') was born 23 INIay, 1832, 
at Canton, Ct. ; and married 17 May, i860, Phebe E. Jenkins, of Fort Dodge, Iowa, born in 
Bucks Co., Pa. Res. (1884) Fort Dodge, Iowa. 
Children (born at Fort Dodge, Lowa); 
James S.9, b. 6 Apr., 1S61. 
Ansel,? b. 4 Nov., 1S62. 
Frederic, 5 b. 19 May, 1S63. 

\VlNNIFRED,9 b. II Mch. , 1867. 

FAMILY 451. 
4541. Le Roy'' Humphrey, [3253] (Deacon MUton,-' Deacon Alvin,^ Deacon Theophilus,^ 
LJeut. Samuel,^ Ensign Samuel,'' Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael') was born lo Apr., 1832, in Pike, 
Bradford Co., Pa.; and married at Batavia, Branch Co., Mich., 29 Dec, 1858, Sarah (dau. of 
John and Ohve Jackson) Christy. Res. Mattison, Branch Co., Mich.; P. O. address Bronson s 
Prairie, Branch Co., Mich. 
Children: . 

Edwin Jay,9 b. 27 Nov., 1859, at Noble, Branch Co., I\Iich. 
Alta Estelle,9 b. 17 July, 1S62, at Noble, Mich. 
Blanche C.*, b. 19 Oct., 1868, at Ann Arbor, Mich. 

FAMILY 452. 

4545- Franklin Emerson'' Humphreys, [3277] (Esq. Jeremiah,-' Deacon Akin,^ Deacon 
Theophilus,^ Lieut. Samuel,-^ Ensign Samuel.^ Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael') was born 27 Sept., 1839, 
probably in Schoolcraft, Mich. He married in Goderich, Canada, 19 Jan., 1S65, Ellen Maria 
(dau. of Cyrus and Martha Wilson) Hawlcy, born 5 Dec, 1839, in Louisville, Ky. Her father 
was from Connecticut. 

They resided the first two years after their marriage in Goderich, Canada, where Mr. Hum- 
phreys engaged in school-teaching. The next eleven years were spent in Muscatine, Iowa; removed 
to Mason City, Iowa, where the family were residing in 18^3. 





















4 5 so. 



He is a real estate dealer and an attorncy-at-law; is located (1883) in Kansas City, Mo. 
He Avrites: "I put in the 'E' in my name when eighteen years old, it being the initial of 
Emerson, the gentleman who took care of me for several years after my father died." 

Children (born in Muscatine, Iowa, excepting the eldest): 
4546. I. William Eugene,^ b. 14 Mch., 1866, in Maitlandville (one mile from Goderich"), 

Canada; graduated from the Mason City High School, in the class of 1882, and 
then honorably completed the course of study in the Freshman year, at the State 
University of Iowa, where he hopes to continue for a year or two longer. 
Charles Underwood, ' b. 16 Dec, 1867. 
Anna,9 b. 2 Mch., 1870; d. 23 Mch., 1870. 
Ellen Hawley,'^ b. 26 Feb., 1872. 
Eva Maria,9 b. 22 Mch., 1875. 

FA.]\IILY 453. 
4551- Samuel Blakely^ Humphrey, [3291] (Lester Hayden,'' Deacon rneophilus," 
Deacon T/.eophilus,^ Lieut. Samuel,'^ Ensign Samuel,' Lieut. Samuel,'' Michael^) was born 5 Feb., 
1831. He married in Sheldon, N. Y., 23 Feb., 1854, Percy Elizabeth (dau. of James F. and 
Sally A. Jud.son) Dodge, born 19 Dec, 1831, at Delhi, Delaware Co., N. Y. He is a farmer 
and wool-dealer. - P. O. address (1884) Warsaw, N. Y. 
Children (all residing in Warsaw, N. J', in 1884): 
4552. I. George Willis,? b. 23 Dec, 1854; married 17 (or 22) Feb., 1881, Flora .Silver, 

of Perry, N. Y. Farmer. Children: 

i. Laura Estelle,>» b. 6 July (or June), 1882. 
ii. Albert Silver," b. 25 May, 18S4. 

Carrie ]\Iav,9 b. 14 May, 1857. Has been a teacher. 

Samuel Blakely,? b. 6 Aug., 1858; unmarried. Farmer. 

Mary,9 b. 13 Apr., 1859; d. 5 Jan., 1864. 

Fred. James,' b. 2 Mch., 1862. Assistant cashier in National Bank, Warsaw, N. Y. 

Minerva, 9 b. 29 May, 1864. 

Robert William,? b. 18 Jan., 1869. Is (18S4) attending school. 

Lester Hayden,9 b. 19 Nov., 1870. Is (1S84) attending school. 

FAMILY 454. 
4562. Lester Hayden" Humphrey, {11°"^] (Lester Hayden,7 Deacon T/ieophilus,'' 
Deacon Theophilus,'' Lieut. Samuel,'^ Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel," Michael^) was born 22 Jan., 
1850. He married 17 (or 18) May, 1S75, Maude Wilton (dau. of Judge Onias C.) Skinner, of 
Quincy (or Galesburg), 111. P. O. address (1884) Warsaw, N. Y. 

4563. I. Onias Skinner,? b. 27 Aug., 1S76. 

4564. II. Elizabeth,? (or Mary E.) b. 21 Nov., 1878. 


4565- James Edwin' Humphrey, (3303] (">«« Edivin,-: Deacon TheophUus," Deacon 

Theophilus,i Lieut. Samuel,* Ensign Samttel,^ Lieut. Sanniel," Michael') was born 5 Jan., 1S28, in 

Sheldon, Wyoming Co., N. Y. He married at Ada, Kent Co., Mich., 19 Sept., i860, Harriet 

Buttrick, born 12 Dec, 1841, near Strykersville, Sheldon Township, Wyoming Co. (formerly part 

















of Genesee Co.), N. Y., dau. of Charles Baker and Paulina (Richardson) Buttrick, who reside 
near Ada, Kent Co., Mich. ]\Ir. and :\Irs. Humphrey are cousins, his mother being a sister of 
her father. [Fam. 243, S.'] 

He commenced business at Allegany, N. Y., where he had a general store, connected with 
lumbering. In the spring of 1854 he removed to Bloomington, 111., where he was a merchant 
from 1S58 to 1865, when he went to Big Rapids, Mich., and engaged in farming and lumbering 
until 1869, and then resumed his mercantile pursuits in that town. In 1877 he moved to Wichita, 
Kan., where he was a farmer and stock-raiser four years, and then became a real estate and loan 
agent, firm of J. E. Humphrey & Son. Res. (1SS3) Wichita, Kan. 

4566. I. J.\MF.s Elmer,3 b. 10 Aug., 1S63, in Bloomington, 111. II? v\as admltied to the 

Bar, as a lawyer, in August, 1SS3. Is associated with hia fadier in the real estate 

business. Res. (1883) Wichita, Kan. 


4567. Esquire CharleS Buttrick^ Humphrey, [3304] (Jayncs Edwini Deacon Tfico- 

philiis,^ Deacon Theoplnlus,^ Lieut. Samuel,'- Ensign Samuel,^ Lieiif. Samuel,'' Michael') was born 
18 May, 1829, in Sheldon,' \\'yoming Co., N. Y. He married in Cuba, N. Y., 4 July, 1853, 
Jane E. Cline, of Franklinville, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y. 

Mr. Humphrey removed to Michigan the year of his marriage, and was one of the pioneer 
farmers of Big Rapids, Mecosta County. He was universally respected and esteemed, and was 
chosen to fill positions of trust; was, at various times. Supervisor, Treasurer and Justice of the 
Peace. He died at his farm, near Big Rapids, 25 Dec, 1874, £e. 45 years. His widow married 

Haight. Res. (1883) Big Rapids, ]Mich. 

456S. I. RosAM0ND,9 b. 12 Sept., 1855; married 4 May, 1S76, J. K. Montague, of Paris, 
Mecosta Co., Mich. P. O. address (1883) Paris, Mich. Children: 
i. Charles J.", b. about 1877. 
li. Alice,'" b. about iSSl. 
Theophilus C.9, b. I Sept., 1S57; li. 27 Jan., 1875, a'. 17 years. 
Eliz.v J. 9, b. 17 Feb., 1859; married at the homestead. 3 July, 1878. Frank 
Campbell, of Big Rapids, INIich. Res. (1S83) Big Rapids, Mich. Child: 

i. Earl K."\ b. 20 Jan., 1S81. 

George E.?, b. 7 Jan., 1861. 
John C.9, b. 22 Jan., 1863. 
VI. WoLCOTT J. 9, b. iS Aug., 1864; d. 14 Oct., 1865. 

E.ARNEST J. 9, b, 27 Aug., 1868. 

Myron E.9, b. 9 June, 1873. 

4579- Marcus Cicero' Humphrey, [3309] (Deacon Marcus Cicero,-' Deacon Tluc^ 

phihis.^ Deacon TheophilusJ Lieut. Samuel.^ Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,' Michael') was born 
7 July, 1834, in Sheldon, N. Y. He married (0 J^nc F- Baldwin; she died. He married (2) 
Frances Lewis. Res. (18S4) Marshall, T.von Co., Minn. 
















Children (by I si marriage): 

4550. . I. IMyron B.9 Res. (1883) Marshall, Minn. 

4551. II. Gertrude M.s Res. (1883) Lake Gity, Minn. 
4582. III. Harry C. 9 Res. (1883)- Warsaw, N. Y. 

(By 2d marriage) : 
4383. ' IV. Julius W.9 
4 5 84. V. Lewis. 9 

FAMILY 458. 

4585- TheophiluS Cornish^ Humphrey, [33S^] (Deacon Homan Monson,y Deacon 
Theophilus,^ Deacon Theophilus,^ Lieut. Samuel,* Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,'^ Michael^) was 
born 2 July, 1850, at Lockridge, Jefferson Co., Iowa. He married at Vancouver, Washington 
Ter., :4 Jul)', 1881, Arminta Atwood (dau. of Hiram and Martha Ann) Cox, of Vancouver, 
W. T., born 17 Dec, 1861, at Brooklyn, Morgan Co., Ind. She was a teacher. 

Mr. Humphrey for several years was a printer, afterward a teacher. In 1879 he was 
employed by Gen. O. O. Howard to take charge of a select school at the Vancouver Barracks, 
W. T., consisting of the officers' children. This position he occupied for two years. He then 
".•ent to Portland, Oregon, where he held a situation in the post office for two years and a half, 
until he resigned 10 complete his studies in the medical department of the Willamette University. 
P. O. address (1884) No. 302 Thirteenth Street, Portland, Oregon. 

4386. I. Clara May,9 b. 12 May, 1882, at Portland, Oregon. 

FAMILY 4.59. 

4587- Nelson Goodrich^ Humphrey, \ZZ\^'].( Nelson Isaac,^ Deacon TheophHus,^ 
Deacon TheophiluS^ Lieut. Samuel,'' Ensign Samuel,'^ Lieut. Samuel,'' Michael "^ ) was born 17 May, 
1844, at Java Village, Wyoming Co., N. Y. He married at Le Roy, McLean Co., 111., 17 Oct., 
1S72, Eriima Malissa (dau. of Martica H. and Mary) Rike, born 14 Aug., 1850, near Dayton, O. 

"He is a self-made man, having begun life in western New York, at the age of ten years, 
dri ing cows at twelve and a half cents per week, and working later at odd jobs whenever they 
could be found, at very small wages. When he removed to Illinois he was able to command 
thirteen dollars and twenty-six cents. 

He accompanied his father to Le Roy, McLean Co., III., in the spring of 1861; worked 
on a farm two years, and then learned the harness trade at Le Roy. In 1867 he purchased the 
harness shop from his father, and continued the business two years. His father then took him as 
a partner in the grocery trade, under the firm name of Humphrey & Son, until 18S1, when the 
senior member sold his interest to his second son, Julius Wolcott. About two years later Nelson 
G. purchased Julius W.'s interest in the store, to which other lines of goods had been added, 
and carries on the business alone (1884). 

In the winter of 1884 he placed on the market one thousand copies of an illustrated book 
of verses, of seventy-six pages, entitled "Random Shots." They were written during the year, 
"as a relaxation from the cares, duties and responsibilities of every-day life," and published by 
the Pantagraph Printing Company, of Bloomington, 111. Res. and P. O. add. (18S4) Le Roy, 111. 

Children (born in Le J?oy, Lll): 
4588. I. George Steadman,9 b. 7 Aug., 1873. At one year and two months of age he could 
sing the scale correctly. He died in Le Roy, 111., 19 Feb., 1876, re. two years 
and six months. 

4389. H. Frank Bliss,9 b. 16 Jan., 1877. 

4390. in. Charles Ralph,' b. 6 July, 1881. 
4?V'- IV. Hakkv Nklsox,9 b. 10 Jan , 1884. 

FAMILY 460. 
4592- Julius WolcOtt** Humphrey, [3346J (Nelson Isaac ^ Deacon Tlieoplnlus,^ Deacon 
philus,^ Lieut. Saimtel,'' Etisign Samuel,' Lieut. Sajnuel,' Michael') was born i8. Sept., 1855, 
lava Village, Wyoming Co., N. Y. He married at Le Roy, McLean Co., 111., 16 Sept., 1879, 
jra Belle Keenan, dau. of Henry Keenan, of Blanchester, O., who died in the Union army, 
-e is engaged in selling hardware, farming implements and lumber. Res. (1884) Raymond, 
Clark Co., Dakota. 
Children : 

4593. I. Arlie Orph..\,5 b. 19 Aug., 1880, at Le Roy, 111. 

4594. II. Ev.\ Berenice,? b. 6 ]May, 18S2, at Le Roy, 111. 

4595. III. Lulu Blanche,? b. 3 Apr., 1SS4, at Raymond, Dakota. 

FAMILY 461. 
4596. Nelson Austin^ Humphrey, [3372] (Col. Austin Nelson,-' Hon. Loin,^ Deacon 
Theophilus,^ Lieut. Samuel,^ Enzign Samuel, '^ Lieut. Samuel,'' Michael') was born 31 Jan., 1823, in 
Canton, Ct. He married (i) in Simsbur}-, Ct. ( Simsbury Rec. ), 16 Oct., 1844, Joanna J. (dau. 
of Benoni B.) Bacon, of Simsbury, Ct: He married (2) in New Hartford, Ct., Olive Blanche 
(Pike) Priest, of that town, dau. of Hiram Pike, of Canton, Ct., and widow of Scott Priest. He 
has held several town offices. Proprietor of "Maple Grove Stock Farm" — his occupation is 
farming, stock-raising and dairying. Res. Canton, Ct, and (1884) Bainbridge, Chenango Co., 
N, Y., on the homestead. 

Children (born in ^ainhridge, N. V.): 

4597. I. Austin Nelson,? b. 18 Apr., 1853; married jMinnie (dau. of Hiram) Utter, of Bain- 

bridge, N. Y. Farmer. P. O. address (1884) Bainbridge, N. Y. No children. 

4598. II. Mary B.^cOiN,? b. 17 May, 1859; married William Sands, of Bainbridge, N. V. 

Farmer. P. O. address (1S84) Bainbridge, N. Y. No children. 

FAMILY 462. 
4599- Henry^ Humphrey, [3391] (Pf-of- Hosea Daytmi,'' Hon. Loin,'' Deacon Theophilus,^ 
Lieut. Samuel,'* Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael') was born 19 June, 1836, at Craw- 
fordsville, Ind. ; married Elizabeth Pease, of Mankato, Minn.' He served in the Union army 
about four years, and was in many severe battles. Was in a Minnesota Vol. Regiment. Farmer. 
Res. (1884) Lake Crystal, Blue Earth Co., Minn. 

{Children: Two, whose records have not been obtained.] 

FAMILY 463. 
4600. Deacon Qeorge Starr* Humphrey, [3392] (P>'o/- ^"^^^ Dayton,-' Hon. Loin,'- 
Deacon Theophilus,^ Lieut. Samuel,* Ensign Samuel.^ Lieut. Samuel,' Michael') was born 3 Dec, 
1837, at Crawfordsville, Ind.; married 4 Nov., 1863, Laura E. (dau. of Burton and Maria Stone) 
Gilbert, of Warren, Ct., born there, 9 Mch., 1841. Member of the Connecticut Legislature, from 
Washington, Ct., in 1877. Farmer. Res. (1884) Washington, Litchfield Co., Ct., and (Nov., 
1884) Romford, Ct. 

4601. I. Frank Warren,9 b. 25 Sept., 1864, at North East, N. Y. 

4602. II. Flora,? b. 20 June, 1867, at North East, N. Y.; d. 30 May, 1873. 

4603. III. Burton Gilbert,? b. 27 Oct., 1872, at New Preston, Ct. Res. (1SS5) Romford, Ct. 

4604. IV. Alice Maria,? b. 2 Sept., 1875, at New Preston, Ct. Res. (1SS5) Romford, Ct. 


4605. Austin Russell" Humphrey, [3394] (Prof. Hosea Day/on,-! Hon. Loin,^ Deacon 
T/ieophilus,^ Lieut. Samuel,'^ Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,'' Michael,') was born ii Aug., 1841, 
at Crawfordsville, Ind. He married in Warren, Ct., 8 Feb., 1S66, Frances (dau. of Erastus and 
Joanna Sturtevant) Curtiss, born 23 Nov., 1844, in Warren, Ct., where her parents were born and 
resided. Representative of Warren, Ct., in iS7|j 

On his twenty-first b'rthday, 11 Aug., 1862, he enlisted, at Warren, Ct., in the 19th Ct. 
Infantry (afterwards the 2d Ct. Heavy Artiller; , which, in the following September, moved to 
Alexandria, Va., doing duty at that place for a time as Provost Guard, and afterward as garrison 
in several forts in the defences south of the Potomac; joined the Army of the Potomac in the 
spring of 1864, and participated in the battles of North Anna, Cold Harbor and Petersburgh, Va.; 
then in the Shenandoah Valley campaign, under Gen. Sheridan, in the battles of Winchester, 
Fisher Hill and Cedar Creek, Va., and numerous skirmishes. Again in front of Petersburgh in 
the spring of 1865, at its evacuation, Sailors Creek, and finally at Appomattox, at Lee's surrender. 
Mustered out of U. S. service at Fort Ethan Allen, Va., 7 July, 1865. Farmer. Res. (1884) 
Warren, Ct. 

Children (born in Warren, Ct.): 

4606. I. Frank Hewitt,? b. i Feb., 1S67. 

4607. II. Charles White,? b. 25 Jan., 1S72. 
460S. III. Fannie Rishne.s b. 19 June, 1874. 
4609. IV. Ralph CuRTits,? b. 17 Dec, 1880. 

FAMILY 465. 

4610. Hosea Dayton^ Humphrey, [3396] (Prof. Hosea Dayton,^ Hon. Loin,'' Deacon 
TJieophilus,^ Lieut. Samtiel,-^ Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,'' Michael' ) was born i8 Jan., 1846, 
at Crawfordsville, Ind. He married 4 Oct., 1871, Harriet C. Loomis, of New Britain, Ct., born 
there, 14 Feb., 1847. Merchant — member of the firm of F. Whittlesey & Co., No. 203 Main St., 
New Britain, Ct., in 1884. , 

Children (born in Nei^' Britain, Ct.).- 

461 1. I. Howard Starr,? b. 6 Oct., 1875. 

4612. II. Flora Loomis,9 b. 20 June, 1882. 

FAMILY 466. 

4613. Hon. Rollin Orestes** Humphrey, [3400] (Hon. PUny Orestes,'' Pliny,^ Deacon 
Theophilus,^ Lieut. Samuel,'^ Ensign Samuel, ^ Lieut. Samuel,' Michael,') was born i6 Aug., 1827; 
married (i) 13 June, 1855, Henrietta (only dau. of Harvey and Lorinda Case) Barbour, of 
CoUinsville, Ct. ; who died in CoUinsville, 8 I\Iay, 1857. He married (2) 19 Aug., 1859, Caroline 
Emma? (dau. of Ephraim ^ and Emma TuUer) Mills [Fam. 4 (102), S.^], of Canton, born 14 
May, 1840. 

Mr. Humphrey was a member, from Canton, of the Connecticut Legislature during the 
session of 1857. From the formation of that town, in 1806, to 1884, it had been represented in 
the Legislature forty-eight times by the descendants of Michael Humphrey, and nine times by 
those who married his descendants.* He was Postmaster of CoUinsville, Ct., from 1861 to 1870 
inclusive; Assessor of Internal Revenue from 1861 to 1870. Res. (1884) CoUinsville, Ct. 

• According to M. S. Dyer, Esq 

ChUJren (hy I si mnrrwge): 

4614. I. Daughter 9; died in Apr., 1S56. 

4615. II. Henry,' b. 28 Apr., 1S57; d. 24 Sept., 1S57. 
(By 2d marriage ) : 

4616. III. Emma Henrietta,? b. 19 June, 1S60. Graduated at Ivlt. Holyoke Female Seminary 
in class of 1S83. 

IV. Alice Fanny,? b. 17 Apr., 1862. Member of Hartford, Ct., High School, class of '84. 
V. Amelia Dorothy,? b. 12 Feb., iS65;,d. 31 May, 1865. 


VI. Son 9; d. 12 Sept., 1866. 

VII. RoLLiN Orestes,? b. 14 Nov., 1868. 
VIII. Caroline Amelia,? b. 24 Apr., 1871 

FAMILY 467. 
4622. Chester Kidder^ Humphrey, [3409] (Myron Elmer,-' PUny,^ Deacon Theo- 

philus,^ Lieut. Samuel,* Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael^) was born i6 Mch., 1847, in 
Attica, W^voming Co., N. Y. He married there, 21 Sept., 1873, Flora Tuttle. He died 'at 
Portland, Oregon, 4 Nov., 1S82,* se. 35.- years. Farmer. 

4623. I. Florence,? b. 3 Apr., 1S78, in Kansas. 

FAMILY 468. ' 
4624. Rollin Howard" Humphrey, [3410J (Mvron Elmer,-' PUny,^ Deacon Theophilus.i 

Lieut. Samuel,* Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut Samuel,' Michael^) was born 5 iMch., 1849, in Attica, 
Wyoming Co., N. Y. He married there, 21 Sept., 1873 (=it 'he same time and place of the 
marriage- of his brother Chester), Jennie Lodema Adams. He died at Portland, Oreg., 13 Nov., 
1882,* £e. 33 years. Farmer. 

Children (born m Milford, Kan. , excepting the youngest) : 

Ella May,? b. 5 Sept., 1874. 

Herbert Chittenden,? b. 8 Feb., 1876. 

Gracie Mindwell,? b. 19 Sept., 1S78. 

Louis Emiluis,? b. 4 Jan., 1882; d. 4 Jan., 1884, at Portland, Oreg. 

FA]\IILY 469. 
4629. Ira BronSOn' Humphrey, [341S] (Col. fames Dudley,-' Dr. Dudley,^ Deacon 
Theophilus,= Lieut. Samuel,* Ensign Samuel,- Lieut. Samuel,' Michael') was born 15 Sept., 1842, 
in Orwell, Pa., and married there, 21 Oct., 1863, Esther Julia (dau. of Joseph Alexander and 
Sarah Anna Doty) Rosseel, born 30 Aug., 1844, at Ogdensburgh, N. Y. Boot and shoe manu- 
facturer and jobber. Res. (1883) Towanda, Pa. 

Josephine Rosseel,? b. 5 Jan., 1865, at Sterling, 111. 

James Dudley,? b. 26 May, 1S67, at Towanda, Pa. 

Colette Rosseel,? b. 31 May, 1870; d. 13 Oct., 1870. 

Eugene Gaylord,? b. 19 Sept., 1S72. ^ 

Cornelia,? b. 18 Oct., 1876. 

rapine from a broken sewer in the found.ilion of .t house upon 






























FAMILY 470. 
4635. Charles Dudley Humphrey, [3419I (Col. James Dudley,-' Dr. Dudley,'' Deacon 
Theophilus,^ Lieut. Samuel,^ Ensign Samuel,' Lieul. Samuel,^ Michael') was born 22 Aug., 1845. 
in Orwell, Pa.; married in Williamsport, Pa., 20 Nov., 1870, Henrietta (dau. of Hiram and 
Miranda Tapley) Crafts, born 14 Apr., 1846, at Elmira, N. Y. Manufacturer and jobber of 
boots and shoes. Res. (1883) Towanda, Pa. 
Children (born in Tmvanda, Pa.): 

Edith,9 b. 23 Mch., 1872. 

^V.\LTER Francis,' b. 27 Nov., 1S73. 

Dudley,? b. 2 Dec, 1875. * 

Ch.\rles Lauranxe,'' b. 19 Sept., 1877. 

Helen Louise, ? b. 23 July, 1882. 

FAMILY 471. 
4641 Hon. George W/ Humphrey, [3427] (Ozlas P.t, Ariel,'' Ozias,^ Aiel,* Ensign 
Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael' ) was born 20 Aug., 1842, in Burke, Vt. He was married by 
Rev. George H. Pinkham, Pastor of the Freewill Baptist Church, in Whitefield, N. H., 10 Aug., 

1864, to Hannah A. (dau. of Russell and Almira Walter) Hosford, born i May, 1S45, in East 
Haven. Yt. 

He w^as in the Union Army, a private in Co. E, 15th Reg. Vt. Vols., serving one year, 
and re-enlisting in 1864, in Co. F, 9th Reg. Vt. Vols. He served until the close of the war, in 

1865, and was among the first white troops to enter the city of Richmond, Va., 3 Apr., 1S65; 
was there when President Lincoln first came to that city. 

He has resided in Burke, Sutton and East Haven, Vt., since Jiis marriage, and has held 
places of trust and honor in said towns; was selectman in 1867, '68 and '69, and a member of 
the Legislature of Vermont in 1884, from East Haven, Vt., where his home is. He is foreman 
in a sawmill. P. O. address (1SS4) East Haven, Vt. 

4642. I. WiLLARD M.?, b. II Apr., 1S66, in East Haven, Yt. 

4643. II. Hattie F.9, b. 6 Apr., 1S68, in East Haven, Yt. 

4644. III. Son 9, b. 4 Feb., 1870, at Burke, Yt. ; d. there, 9 Apr., 1870, se, 2 months. 

4645. lY. Warner 1.9, b. 8 Mch., 1872, in Burke, Yt. 

4646. V. Minnie M.?, b. 14 Feb., 1875, in Burke, Yt. 

4647. YI. Wallace N.?, b. 8 Feb., 1877, in Sutton, Yt. 

4648. YII. Wesley 0.9, b. 14 Dec, 1878, in Sutton, Vt. 

4649. YIII. Critie M.9, b. 21 Sept., 1881, in East Haven, Vt. 

FAMILY 472. 
4650. Alfred "^ Humphrey, [3455] (WHHam,'' WHHam,^ Ambrose.^ am.* Ensign Samuel.^ 
Lieut. Samuel," Michael') was born ii Feb., 1848, in Ashtabula, O. He married in Avon, 
Lorain Co., O., 17 Oct., 1870, Harriet L. Phelps. 

Children (the first tivo born in Ashtabula, 0., the others in Plymouth, O.j; 
46:;i. L George,9 ) il- 6 Jan., 1872. 

Wwins; b. 26 Dec, 1S71: 

4652. H. ^^ILLIAM,9 ^ ^, ^j j^^,^,^ jg^j_ 

4653. III. Mary B.9, b. 24 Aug., 1873. 

4654. IV. Harriet,' b. 20 Mch., 1877. 



Ellen F." 



Ruth,!' b. 



Alice," b. 








b. 17 Jan., 1S79. 
12 Sept., 1881. 
17 July, 1882. 

FAMILY 473. 
4658. Russell Clark" Humphrey, [345''] (Wimam^ WHliam,^ Ambrose,^ Aiel,* Ensign 
Samuel,' Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael^) was born 26 Mch., 185 1, in Ashtabula, O. He married 18 
Feb., 1874, May Castle, of Ashtabula, O. 

Children (born in Ashtabula, 0.): 
4659. I. Je.\nette,9 b. 13 Jan., 1875. 

William, 9 b. 28 Feb., 1878. 
Edwin, 9 b. 25 July, 1880. 
RussEL,9 b. 5 Aug., 1882. 

f.\:mily 474. 

4663. George Ira" Humphrey, [3557] (Esq. Im Day,^ Isaac," Capt. Frederick,^ Capt. 
Ezekiel,* Ensign Samuel,^' Lieut. Samuel,- Michael^) was born 14 Nov., 1850, at Conesville, N. Y. ; 
died there, 23 Mch., 187S, a?. 27 years. He married in Conesville, N. Y., Homeria (or Mittie) 
(dau. of Cornelius and Marinda) Brandon, born in Prattsville, N. Y. She was a sister of the 
husband of Florence A. Humphrey fFam. 274 (3558), S.-J Her P. O. address (1S84) is Cones- 
ville, Schoharie Co., N. Y. 

4664. I. George Erwin,"? b. in Manor Kill, N. Y. 

FAMILY 475. 
4665. Oscar Florenton** Humphrey, [3563] (f^on. Oscar Tompkins,^ Isaac," Capt. 
Frederick,^ Capt. Esekiel,"^ Ensign Samuel, ^ Lieut. Samuel," Michael') was born 30 Nov., 1849, ^^ 
Conesville, Schoharie Co., N. Y. He married in Catskill, N. Y., 10 May, 1869, Mary Anna 
(dau. of John and Mary D. Harford) Shepard, of Catskill, N. Y., born there, 2i June, 1851; 
and there died, 12 Oct., 1880, x. 29 years. Druggist. Res. (1884) Catskill, N. Y. 

4666. I. Willie Wey,^ b. 14 Sept., 1S70, at Catskill, N. Y. 


4667. WinsloW P." Humphrey, [3584] (Iram,^ Alexander," Capt. Frederick,' Capt. 
Ezekiel,* Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Saiiiuel,^ Michael') was born 30 Nov., 1837. He married (i) 
Porter; married (2) Sherman. Veterinary surgeon. Res. (1883) Rahway, N. J. 

[Children: Two — one by ist and one by 2d marriage — whose records have not been obtained. J 

FAMILY 477. 

4668. Newton' Humphrey, [3592] (G^y,' Ru/us," dpt. Frederick,^ Capt. Ezekiel,* 
Ensign Samuel.i Lieut. Samuel," Michael') was born 28 May, 1834, at Hunter, Greene Co., 
N. Y. He married at Conesville, Schoharie Co., N. Y., 30 Nov., 1865, Sarah C. (dau. of Dan 
and Catharine M. Brandon) Decker, ofCairo, Greene Co., N. Y. He has been a teacher, farmer 
and mechanic, .and lived in many different States. P, O, address (1SS4) No, 1542 North Capiiol 
Street, Washington, D. C. 

4669. L Kaij;,.' b, iS Feb,, 1869, 



FAMILY 478. 

4670. Emory Corydon' Humphrey, [3595] (Guy,^ Ru/us,^ Cap/. Frederick,-^ Cap/. 

Ezekiel,* Ensign Samuel,' Lieu/. Samuel,- Michaef^ ) was born 5 Oct., 1840, in Conesville, Scho- 
harie Co., N. Y. He married about 1869, Mary Ann (dau. of Samuel) Farnsworth, of Falls 
Church, Va. He has traveled much in the Western States, and was for many years a teacher; is 
a mechanic and farmer. P. O. address (1S84) Falls Church, Fairfax Co., Va. 

4671. I. Mary Catharine,? b. 2 Dec, 1871; living in 1S84. 

4672. II. Guy Humphrey,? b. 25 Oct., 1873; d. in Jan., 1879. 

4673. III. Lydia Elizabeth,? b. 14 Oct., 1S80; d., ae. three or four years. 

FAMILY 479. 

4674. Henry Edward' Humphrey, [3609] (Syheskr Pi//,i Syives/er,^ Cap/. Frederick,^ 

Cap/. Ezekiel,^ Ensign Samuel^ Lieu/. Samuel,- Michael^) was born 20 Apr., 1850, in Guilford, 
Chenango Co., N. Y. He married in Unadilla, Otsego Co., N. Y., 29 Nov.. 1871, Belle (d 
of George and Julia Ann) Parsons, born 5 Jan., 185 1, at Unadilla, N. Y., where her pare 
resided. Farmer. Res. (1884) Guilford, N. Y. 

4675. L Julia May,? b. 2 Sept., 1874. 

FAMILY 480. 

4676. Alfred Franklin' Humphrey, [3627] (George,-' George," Col. George,^ Cap/. 
Ezekiel,* Ensign Samuel,' Lieu/. Samuel,^ Miihael') was born 8 Oct., 1826, in Canton, Ct. He 
married at Canton Centre, Ct., 12 Oct., 1S53, Lydia Adams ? (dau. of Chauncey G. and Ruth* 

Mills) Griswold, and widow of Mills. She was born 14 Nov., 1825. [See Fam. 4 (102), 

S.'] He represented Canton in the State Legislature in 1876. Proprietor and manufacturer of 
C. G. Griswolds Family Salve. Res. (18S3) Canton Centre, Ct. 

Children (born in Can/on Cen/re, C/.): 
4677. L George F.?, b. 31 Dec, 1854; married in Mch., iSSo, Ida J. (dau. of Ambrose 
and Lucia Stratton) Burr, of Bloomfield, Ct. C/iild: 
i. Alfred .\.'°, b. in Mch., 1881, at Bloomfield, Ct. 
Frederic G.?, b. 2 Sept, 1S36; married in Mch., 1S78, Emma W. (dau. of 
Sherman and Betsey Wilco.x) Bidwell, of Canton, Ct. Betsey Wilcox was from 
New Hartford, Ct. Children: 

i. Bessie Ruth,'" b. in July, 1879. 
ii. Emma Louise,'" b. in Apr., 1881. 

William G.?, b. 31 May, i860. 
H.\TTiE L.9, b. 17 Feb., 1864. 

FAMILY 481. 

4684. Lauren Elmore' Humphrey, [362S] (Georgc,y George,^ Col. George,-' Cap/. 

Esekiel,* Ensign Samuel,^ Lieul. Samuel,^ Michael,') was born 22 Dec, 1828, in Canton, Ct. He 
married 17 Feb., 1S57, Eliza Hooker? (dau. of Chauncey G. and Ruth* Mills) Griswold, of 
Canton Centre, Ct. [Sec Fam. 4 (102), S.^J They removed to California in 1858. P. O. address 
(1883) San Jose, Cai. 




















Chihlren (horn m Cali/ormaj: 
46S5. I. Nellie Ruth, 9 b. 3 Dec, 1S5S; married in San Jose, Cal., 9 June, 1878, Charles 

Edward (son of Albert and Atwood) Case, of San Jose, Cal., where they 

resided in 1S83. Children: 

i. Leroy Atwood,'" b. 3 June, 1S79, at San Jose, Cal. 

ii. Walter Noel," b. 22 Sept., 1S80, at San Leandro, Cal.; d. there, 22 Nov., iSSi. 
Hattie Griswold,? b. 17 Mch., i860; d. 17 Nov., 1862, a\ two years and eight 

months; was buried in Todd's Valley, Placer Co., Cal. 
Alice Louise, 9 b. 4 Mch., 1862. 
Id.\ Griswold,' b. 17 Feb., 1S64. 
George Chaunxey,' b. 4 Dec, 1876. 

FAMILY 482. 

4692. Theron^ Humphrey, h^l^ (George^ George,^ Col. George,^ Capt. Ezekiel,* 
Ensign Samuel,'^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael,') was born 23 Apr., 1842. He married 22 Feb., 1S65, 
Ellen (dan. of Ira and Irena Allen) Fiefield, of Otselic, N. Y. P. O. address (1S83) North 
Otselic, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

4693. I. Willie, 9 b. 31 July, 1874. . 

FAMILY 483. 

4694. Henry ^ Humphrey, [3637] (George,-' George,"" Col. George,^ Capt. Ezekiel.* 

Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Muhael' ) was born 3 Sept., 1S45: married 27 Jan., 1869, Calcia 
(dau. of Elizur and Betsey Case) IMills, of Canton Centre, Ct. Res. (1883) Canton Centre, Ct. 

4693. I. SoM 9, b. 13 Nov., 18S3; d. 16 Nov., 1883. 

FA^MILY 484. 
4696. Edwin Humphrey, [3638] (George,-' George,'' Col. George,^ Capt. Ezekiel,* Ensign 

Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- J/i<hael'j was born 29 Aug., 1847. He married 27 May, 1865, Abigail 
(dau. of Jacob and Lydia Ann Calkins) Walrod, of Otselic, N. Y. P. O. address (1883) North 
Otselic, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

4697. I. Carrie M.9, b. i l\Iay, 1874. 

4698. II. Freddie, 9 b. 3 .Sept., 1878. 

FAMILY 485. 
4699. Solon ^ Humphrey, [3640] (George,' George,'^ Col. George,^ Capt. Ezekiel,* Ensign 
Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,'' Michael') was born 26 July, 1851. He married 10 Sept., 1872, l\Iary 
E. (dau. of David and Elizabeth P. Land) Wynn, of Lebanon, IMadison Co., N. Y. P. O. address 
(1883) North Otselic, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

4700. I. Charles W.9, b. 12 June, 1874. 

4701. II. Sarah E.", b. 20 June, 1877. 

4702. III. llK.NRY F.", b. 31 Aug., 1S81; d. 4 Eeb., 1SS2, n-. five months. 


4703. William SamueP Humphreys, [3642] (Sereno,-' Coi. Dedus,^ Coi. George,'^ 

Cap/. Ezekiel,* Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel," Michael^) was born i6 Dec, 1833, in North 
Canton, Ct. He married at Muscatine, Iowa, 10 May, 1864, Susan Baker (dau. of Gen. John 
Gardner* and Sarah Reinhard) Gordon, of Muscatine, Iowa. She was born in Louisville, Ky., 
8 May, 1839; was educated and graduated at St. Mary's Hall, Burlington, N. J. 

Mr. Humphrey emigrated with his parents in 1842 to Lodi (afterwards Gowanda) Catta- 
raugus Co., N. Y. Removed, in 1854, to Muscatine, Iowa, and engaged there in the wholesale 
grocery business. Removed, in 1864, to St. Louis, Mo. Since 1854 he has been engaged in 
active business; is thoroughly identified in the grain trade of the Mississippi Valley; enjoys a large 
acquaintance throughout the entire West, and is prominent in those affairs which go to make up 
the useful citizen. He is yet considered a young man. Grain commission merchant. Res. (1883) 
St. Louis, Mo.; office and P. O. address No. 411 Chamber Commerce, St. Louis, Mo. 
Children (born in St. Louis, ]\[o.): 

4704. I. Susie Ella,? b. 20 Apr., 1865. 

4705. II. \ViLLi.\M S.9, b. 2 Oct., 1866; d. 16 Sept., 1867. 

4706. III. Laur.a Adams, 9 b. 19 Nov., 1S72. 

4707. IV. Florence Gordon,? b. 8 Jan., 1S75. 

4708. V. John Gordon,? b. 13 Jan., 1SS2; d. i July, 1S82. 

FAMILY 487. 

4709- Edward Walsh' Humphreys, [3659] (Soion,-' Col. Decius,'> Col George,^ Capt. 

Ezekiel,'' Ensign Samuel, ^ Lieut. Samuel," Michael^) M'as born in Dec, 184S. He married at 
Bergen Point, N. J., 8 June, 1881, Mary Duane, dau. of Rev. Richard Bache Duane, D. D., of 
Bergen Point. Coffee importer. New York City. 

4710. I. Richard Duane,? b. 8 Apr., 1882. 

FAMILY 488. 

4711- Nelson Chapman^ Humphrey, [3740] (Theron,-' Carleton,^ Malachi,^ Ashbel,^ 
Ensign Samuel,^' Lieul. Samuel,- Michael^) was born 15 Feb., 1836, in Guilford, Chenango Co., 
N. Y. He married in Bainbridge, Chenango Co., N. Y., 26 Jan., 1859, Helen Augusta (dau. of 
Russell Davis) Williams, of Bainbridge, who was born i Sept., 1837, at Westford, Otsego Co., 
N. Y. They settled in Centre Village, N. Y., after marriage, where he has since resided. He is 
a manufacturer of carriages, wagons, &c. Res. (1885) Centre Village, Broome Co., N. Y. 

4712. L Mabel Luella,? b. 27 Apr., 1861, at Guilford, N. Y.; married 2 Mch., 1882, 

Clarence Alvord, of Harpersville. Artesian-well borer. P. O. address (18S5) No. 
203 State St., Binghamton, N. Y. 

4713. IL Glenn Malax,? b. 4 July, 1865, at Colesvillc, Broome Co., N. Y. ; unmarried. 

P. O. address. ( 1 88 5) Centre Village, N. Y. 

jni 18 Feb , 1810. at Baltimore, Md., and died ^ Jan., 1877, at Muscatine, Iowa. S;ir.ih Rein- 

FAMILY 489. 

4714. OfSOn Wayne^ Humphrey, [3741] (Thernn^ Carklon,^ Maldchi,^ Ashbel,* 
Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael' ) was born 22 Oct., 1837, at Coventn', Chenango Co., 
N. Y. He married at Gilbertsville, Otsego Co., N. Y., i Nov., 1879, Anna Josephine (dau. of 
Timothy and Louisa Chandler) Davis, b. 22 June, 1844, at Bainbridge, N. Y. Painter. P. O. 

address (1S85) No. %i South St., Binghamton, Broome Co., N. Y. 

4715- !■ Flora Ann.\,9 b. 24 Apr., 1881, at Binghamton, N. Y. 

FAMILY 490. 

4716. Charles Leroy^ Humphrey, [3742] (Themn,-' Carle/on,'' Malachi,^ Ashbel,* 
Ensign Samuel,"' Lieut. Samuel,' Michael') was born 25 Aug., .1839; married I July, 1863, Pru- 
dence Eliza (dau. of Ira Wilcox and Catherine Pennelia) Lewis, born at Preston, Chenango Co., 
N. Y., II May, 1842. Mr. Humphrey was formerly an engineer; is now in the employ of the 
Del.,& Hudson R. R. Co. Res. (1885) Binghamton, Broome Co., N. Y. 

4717. I. Carleton Wayne,9 b. II Apr., 1864, at Colesville, Broome Co., N. Y. ; is an 

ornamental painter. 

4718. II. Ida Permeli.\,9 b. 22 Oct., 1865, at Colesville, Broome Co., N. Y. 

4719. III. Ira Bradford,? b. 2 May, 1876, at Smithville, Chenango Co., N. Y. ; d. at Smith- 

ville, 3 Sept., 1877. 

FAMILY 491. 

4720. Franklin Yale' Humphrey, [3754] (Hiram r.\ Carkton,'' Maiachi,^ Ashbei,* 

Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samtiel,'' Michael') was born 21 July, 1852, at Guilford, Chenango Co., 
N. Y. He married at Bainbridge, N. Y., 27 Feb., 1878, Henrietta Paulina (dau. of Robert and 
Flavia) Pearsall, born 22 Mch., 1856, at Bainbridge, N. Y., where her parents resided. He 
resides in Bainbridge Yillage, and also owns a farm in Afton. Farmer. P. O. address (1885) 
Bainbridge, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

Child: ' 
4721. I. Clara Sophia,? b. 2 Dec, 1879, at Afton, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

FAMILY 492. 

4722. Loyal Samuel ** Humphrey, [3766J (Charles,'' Loyal,^ Malacht,^ Ashbel,* Ensign 
Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,'' Michael') was born 21 Sept., 1842, in Euclid, Ohio. He married in 
Otis, Mass., 25 Dec, 1865, Ellen Juliaette (dau. of Henry* and Abigail Bailey) Palmer, of Otis, 
Mass., born there, 23 June, 1845. He served three years in the Union Army, and was honorably 
discharged 3 July, 1865. Was a farmer for about fifteen years, until 18S3. Truckman. P. O. 
address (1884) West Winsted, Ct. 
Children : 

4723. I. Edwin Correll,9 b. 22 Oct., 1867, at Colebrook River, Ct. 

4724. II. Addie Gertrude,? b. 4 May, 1869, at Monterey, Mass. 

4725. III. ChXrles Henry,9 b. 30 Dec, 1870, at New Boston, Mass. 

• Henry Palmer was born in Stoninglon, Ct.; died in Otis, Mass., 23 Dec, 1876, a: 76 years. His wife, Abigail Bailey, w.u bom 
in Colebrook. Ct.; died in Otis, i May, 1869, a;. 76 years. 

4726. IV. IIattik Isabell,9 b. 26 May, 1872, at New IJoStnn, Mass, 

4727. V. Alice Cora,9 b. 7 Mch., 1874, at Tolland, Mass. 
472S. VI. Lillian Mabel,' b. 13 July, 1S77, at Tolland, Mass. 

4729. VII. Freddie Loyal,' b. 29 July, 1879, at Otis, Mass. 

4730. VIII. Burton Willard,' b. in 1881, at Otis, Mass. 

FAMILY 493. 

4731- Malachi George^ Humphrey, [3781] ( Hiram t joei,'' MalaM,^ Ashhei,^ Ensign 

Siimuel,^ Lieu/. S,viiuc!,' Mic/uiel' ) was born 17 i\Iay, 1842, in Parma, Cuyahoga Co., O. He 
married 12 Sept., 1867, Henrietta J. Price, of Berea, O. Res. (1885) Pear St., Cleveland, O. 

4732. L George Malachi,' b. 20 Feb., 1869. 

4733. H. Lull; Grace,' b. 2 May, 1881. 

4734- Wesley^ Humphrey, [3792] ( Hiram t Joel,'' Malachi^ Ashbel,^ Ensign Samuel,^ 
Lieut. Samuel,^ Michael') was born i May, 1849, in Parma, Cuyahoga Co., O. He married at 
Berea, O., 6 Apr., 1873, Alice Lillie (dau. of Dwight and Sarah Lillie) Smith, born in Middle- 
bury. Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, 9 Aug., 1849. Has been engaged mostly in machinery, saw-mills, 
etc.; is now a farmer. Res. (1885) Middlebury, Cuyahoga Co., O. 

4735. L Harry Burdett,' b. 22 Aug., 1874. 

4736. H. Forest Wesley,' b. 18 Dec, 1879; d. 20 Apr., iSSo. 

4737. III. Maud Alice, b. 17 May, 1S81. 

4738. IV. Blanche Ethel, b. 20 July, 18S3. 

fa:\iily 495. 

4739- EliaS Becket' Humphrey, [3796] (^VUliam.i Jod.'' Malachi, ^ Ashbel,^ Ensign 
Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel," Michael') was born 23 July, 1844, in Parma, Cuyahoga Co., O. ; married 
14 Feb., 1865, Frances Viola (dau. of John and Kate) Bailey, of Middlebury, Cuyahoga Co., O. 

4740. L Albert George,' b. 15 June, 1867. 

4741. n. Elida May,' b. 13 Nov., 1869. 

FAMILY 496. 
4742. Lowell Loyal' Humphrey, [3803] (WHHam,-' /oel,<> Malachi,^ Ashbel,* Ensign 
Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- Michael,') was born 9 May, 1854, at Middlebury, Cuyahoga Co., O. 
He married 3 July, 1877, Christina Nettie (dau. of Jacob and Catherine) Hoffman, born 29 Oct., 
1858. Res. (1884) with his father in Middlebury, Cuyahoga Co., O. 

4743. L SoELLA Jena,' b. 29 Apr., 1878. 

4744. n. Nellie Igna,' b. 23 Oct., 1879. 

4745. HL Katie Dora,' b. 14 May, 1881. 

4746. IV. Otto Lowell,' b. 4 Aug., 1883. 


4747. George Hezekiah^ Humphrey, [3847! (Hezekiah,T Asahel,^ Ashbel.^ Ashbel,* 
Ensig?i Samuel,' Licul. Samuel,- Michael,^) was born ii Dec, 1851. He married Ida A. (dau. 
of James and Mary*) Sook, born in 1S51, at Rochester, N. Y. Traveling agent. Res. (1S84) 
Rochester, N. Y. 

Children (born in Rochester, N. F.J: 

4748. I. Edith May, 9 b. in 1S73. 

4749. II. George Washington,9 b. in 1876. 

FAMILY 498. 

4730- Washington C Humphrey, [3848] (Hezekiah,-' Asahel,^ Ashbel,^ Ashbel.^ 
Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel,- 3Iichael') was born 2 Jan., 1854. He married in Rochester, 
N. Y., 16 Sept., iSSo, OHvia Augusta (dau. of Jabez and Mar)- Ward) Dake, born 27 Apr.. 
1853, at Nunda, N. Y. Stair-case builder, with his father. Res. (1884) No. 12 Tyler Street, 
Rochester, N. Y. 

4751. I. \Vard,9 b. 7 Oct., 1883, at Rochester, N. Y. 

FAMILY 499. 

4752- Jonathan Julian' Humphrey, [3954] (Harvey Julian,-' John Dowd,'' Jonathan,^ 

Isaac,'' Ensign Samuel,^ Lieut. Samuel," Michael') was born m Cayuga Co., Ohio, 26 Aug., 1849. 

He married at Oilman, III, 27 Oct., 1869, Alice (dau. of William and Catherine) Scott, born at 

Oilman, 111., in 1850. Conductor of a freight train. P. O. address (1884) Oilman, Iroquois Co., 111. 

Children (born at Gilman, III.): 

4753. I. Harry Jlliax,9 b. 15 Dec, 1S70, 

4754. II. Nellie Oertrude,' b. 25 July, 1872. 

FAMILY 500. 
4755- Guy' Humphrey, [3956] (Harvey JuUan,' John Dowd,'' Jonathan,^ Isaac.* Ensign 
Sa?)iuel,i Lieut. Samuel,- D/ichael') was born at Naperville, Du Page Co., 111., 24 July, 1857. 
He married at Crescent, Iroquois Co., 111., 15 Aug., 1880, Estella (dau. of Jacob and Elizabeth 
Oriffith) Salter, born at Lacon, Marshall Co., Ill, 19 Apr., 1S63. Works in marble shop. P. O. 
address (1S85) Melvin, Ford Co., 111. 
Children : 

4756. I. Mabel,9 b. 25 Sept., 1881, at Oilman, 111.; d. 11 Oct., 1881. 

4757. II. Madge, 9 b. i May, 1883, at Oilman, 111. 

4758. HI. Dave,9 b. II Feb., 1885, at Melvin, Ford Co., 111. 

FAMILY 501. 
4759- Austin** Humphrey, [4102J (Korns,^ Oliver,^ Capi. Asher,^ Esq. Olwer,* Jonathan. ^ 
Lieut. Samuel,- Michael'} was born 17 Feb., 1832. He married at Otoe Co., Nebraska, i May. 
1 86 1, S. Maria (dau. of James S. and Eliza Jane) Howell, born 6 June, 1844. i" Orange Co., 
N. Y. Is a merchant. Res. (1882) Lincoln, Neb. 

• James and iMnry Sook wt-re natives ol Rochester. N Y. 



4760. I. Julia, 9 b. 9 Feb., 1862; married 9 Jan., 1884. 

4761. II. Cora S.s, b. 30 June, 1S64. 

4762. III. NoRRis,9 b. 22 Nov., 1866. 

4763. IV. Harry,9 b. 13 Oct., 1876; d. 6 Dec, 1883. 

FAMILY 502. 

4764. Oliver Norris^ Humphrey, [+'09] (Norris,^ Oliver,^ Capt. Asher,^ Esq. Oliver,* 
Jonaihan,^' Lieut. Samuel,' Michael^) was born 26 Nov., 1840, at Richfield, Summit Co., Ohio. 
He married 16 Apr., 1873, at Nebraska Cit}', Neb., Abbie E. (dau. of Christopher and ]\Iargaret 
Myers) Nelhs, born at Little Falls, N. Y., 29 Apr., 1857. Is a wholesale and retail hardware 
merchant. Res. (1882) Lincoln, Neb. 

4765. I. Oliver Austin, 9 b. 26 Feb., 1875; d. 3 Jan., 1878. 

4766. II. Fred Blaine, 9 b. 30 Oct., 1876, at Lincoln. Neb. 

FAMILY 503. 

4767- Lucian Ezekiel' Humphrey, [41 lo] (Norns,^ Oliver,^ dpi. Asher^ Esq. Oliver.* 
Jonalha7i.i Lieut. Samuel,- Michael') was born 30 Aug., 1S42, at Richfield, Summit Co., Ohio. 
He married at Boston, Summit Co., Ohio, 25 Dec, 1865, Martha J. (dau. of Burrill and Jane 
W. White) Viall, born at Peninsula, Summit Co., Ohio, 25 Oct., 1846. 

Mr. Humphrey enlisted as a musician at Massillon, Ohio, 22 Aug., 1862, in Capt. J. A. 
Meares' Company "C" of the 115th Reg. Ohio Vol. Infantry, and was honorably discharged from 
the U. S. service, 22 June, 1865, at Murfreesboro, Tenn., with his regiment, which was a portion of 
the Army of the Cumberland, under Gen. Thomas. Farmer. Res. (1882) Richfield, Summit Co., O. 

4768. I. Howard Bernice,9 b. 16 Nov., 1S72, in Richfield, Summit Co., O. 


4769. Truman^ Humphrey, [4112] (Norris,^ Oliver,^ Capt. Asker,^ Esq. Oliver,* 

Jonathan,^ Lieut. Samuel,'' Michael') was born ii Apr., 1849, at Richfield, Summit Co., Ohio; 

married at Bath, Summit Co., O., 4 Feb., 1874, Alida (dau. of Andrew and Jane Mather) Hale, 

born at Bath, Summit Co., Ohio, 27 Oct., 1854. Farmer. Res. (1882) Richfield, Summit Co., O. 

Children : 

I. Stella A.?, b. 18 Dec, 1875. 
Celia a. 9, b. 4 Feb., 1877. 
Pauline L.9, b. 22 June, 1878. 
Nina S.9, b. 18 Nov., 1880. 
DwiGHT E.9, b. 28 Feb., 1884. 










Michael Humphrey, the Emigrant, according to the Genealogy given in the previous pages (243 to 741), 
has had, in the line of (and including) his youngest son Samuel, 2,331 descendants, born by the name of Humphr,y. 
In the second generation, one son (Samuel-); in the third, four sons and four daughters,— total 8. In the J'ourih, 
twenty-six sons and seventeen daughters,— total 43. In 'Cast fifth, eighty sons and sixty-seven daughters,— total 147. 
in the sixth, 213 sons and 179 daughters,— total 392. In the seventh, 405 sons and 373 daughters,— total 778. In 
the eighth, 490 sons and 459 daughters,— total 949. In the ninth (as far as recorded), seven sons and six daughters, 
—total 13. Grand total, 1,226 sons and 1,105 daughters, bom Humphreys. 

Of these, thirty-three have represented their respective towns in the Legislature of Connecticut, or of the States 
where they lived; two were Members of U. S. Congress; three State Senators; four were County Court Judges; four 
were Judges of Probate Coiu-ts (one for twelve years); one Clerk of the Supreme Court of his State; tweuty -eight were 
Justices of the Peace (twenty, twenty-four, thirty and forty years being the longest terms of service); eight were 
selectmen (one for fourteen years); five were Town Clerks; two Mayors of Cities; six Church Elders; seventeen 
Deacons (one for fifty years); sixteen Clergymen; twelve Lawyers; twenty-six Graduates ot College (four of Yale); 
two College Presidents; six College Professors; three bore the title of D. D. ; fourteen Physicians; three Inventors; 
three Authors; one Presidential Elector; nine Musicians; one Poet; foiu- Sea-Captains. 

There were fifty-seven having military titles; among whom were one Major-General; t\vo Generals; two 
Adjutant-Generals; fifteen Colonels; three Lieut. -Colonels; six Majors; eighteen Captains; nine Lieutenants; one Ensign. 
Of these, three served in the old Colonial wars; ten in the Revolutionary war; thirteen in the War of 1812; one in 
the Mexican w-ar, and twenty-one in the war of the Civil Rebellion. 

There were also, in the hue of Samuel- Humphrey, descendants who were the children of the daughters of 
the family, and born by other names than that of Humphrey. In the fourth generation there were thiiteen sons and 
twelve daughters,— total 25. In ihe fifth, eighty-seven sons and eighty-three daughters,— total 170. In the sixth, 
240 sons and 229 doughters,— total 469. In the seventh, 401 sons and 416 daughters,— total 817; in the eighth, 688 
sons and 686 daughters, — total 1,374. In the ninth, 513 sons and 471 daughters, — total 984. In the tenth (as far 
as recorded) 109 sons and seventy-six daughters, — total 185. Grand total, 2,051 male and 1,973 female descendants 
born by other names. 

Of these descendants in the female line were recorded three State Senators; five State Representatives; one 
Judge of County Court; four Judges of Probate; one Town Clerk; four Justices of the Peace; one Church Deacon; 
thirteen Physicians; fourteen Clergymen; thfrty Graduates of College (five from Yale); four College Professors; eight 
Lawyers; two Editors; one Author; foiu- Inventors; one Artist; one Architect; five Musicians. 

Of these, also, one served in the Revolutionary war and twenty -eight in the war of the Civil Rebellion; among 
those were one General; three Colonels; one Major; thirteen Captains, and five Lieutenants. 

Adding to the 2,331 descendants of the name of Humphrey, the 4,024 descendants of female Humphreys, we 
have a total of 6,355 (recorded) descendants from Michael Humphrey, the Emigrant, in the hne of his youngest 
son Samuel.^ 

There are other descendants of Samuel ^ Humphrey (descended fi-om some of those who have intermarried 
with the descendants of Sergt. John* Humphrey, his brother), who are not included in this enumeration of SamuePs ' 
line, but in that of yohn,^ for which, see page 242". 


In concluding this line of the Humphreys' F.amily in America, the editor feels like making an apology to 
the female members of the family. While some four or six hundred of the sons have had their names and memories 
preserved, and their virtues and merits extolled, scarcely nothing has been said of the daughters — fully their equals 
in all that should commend them to the love, the reverence and the memory of all connected; and this in the face 
of the fact, that from the time " whereunto the memory of man runneth not to the contrary" (see pp. 18 and 
Chart I.), the Humphreys' women have been noted as models of feminine wit, beauty and versatility of character, 
aptitude in belle lettres, refinement and womanly qualities. From earliest youth, and all along through life, I have 
hoard and have had occasion to notice the general prevalence of these most lovable traits of character. And in a 
remarkable degree they have transmitted these aptitudes to their children, so that the issue of the daughters, as 
noted in the tables of position in life, fairly if not fully equal that of the sons in natural talent or success in life. 
The author feels like making this amende honorable, and of putting on record this testimony, as a feeble expression 
of his observation on this point, and to express his regret that the plan of the work has excluded so much on this 
lichalf, that is tiuly valuable and so well worthy of record. 




Tossiblc descendants of Dositheus^ [Fam. 5 (58), J.=] 

(P. 120.) Capt. Joseph Humphrey, married Abigail Seymour, born 24 Jan., 1742, at 
Hartford, Ct., dau. of Zebulon and Keziah (Bull) Seymour, of H. Her father, in his will, dated 
7 Dec, 1764, mentions his daughter, "Abigail, the wife of Joseph Humphrey." "Sept. 13, 1788, 
the wife of Joseph Humphries, 47," in the Centre Church Record of Burials, Hartford. The 
burials of two children are also recorded: "Oct. 24, 17S4, child of Joseph Humphrey, 9 mos"; 
"July 8, 1785, son of Joseph Humphrey, 17." 

Will of Joseph Humphrey admitted- to probate 11 Sept., 1S21. — Ha r (ford Co. Prob. Rec. 
Inventory of the estate of Joseph Humphrey dated 25 IMch., 1824. — Hartford Co. Prob. Rec. 

(P. 120.) Elizabeth Humphrey, born 4 Apr., 1745; married Charles Seymour, of Hartford, 
Ct., born 9 June, 1742; died i Dec, 1793. He was son of Daniel and Mabel (Bigelow) Seymour, 
of H.; grand-son of John and Elizabeth (Webster) Seymour. She died 20 Dec, 18 14. Children: 

i. Nathaniel (Seymour), b. in 1769. 

ii. Melinda (Seymour), b. in 1774. 

iii. Charles (Seymour), b. in 1776. 

iv. Elizabeth (Seymour), b. in 1777. 

V. Susannah (Seymour) b. in 1782. 








4, 1 







(P. 120, Fam. 5.) Nov. 27, 1737, Dositheus, the son of Dositheus Humphry. 
Jan. 16, 1739-40, Joseph, ye son of Dositheus Humphreys; [m. Abigail Seymour.] 
Feb. 21, 1 74 1-2, Nathaniel, ye son of Dositheus Humphrvs. 

Apr. 29, 1744, Elizabeth, ye daughter of Dositheus Humphrys; [m. Chas. Deymond; and 
Dec. 20, 1 8 14, Be. 70.] 

Oct. 19, 1746, James, the son of Dositheus Humphrys. 

1748-9, Sarah, ye daughter of Dositheus Humphrys. 
1 750-1, Abigail, daughter to Dositheus Humphrys. 
1754, Hannah, daughter to Dositheus Humphrys. 
[735, Anne, ye daughter of Dositheus Humphry, was baptized. 
1759, Isaac Barnard and Anna Humphreys were married. 
1763, Dositheus Humphrey died. 
1761, Dositheus Humphreys, Jr., died. 
1766, April 26, Sarah, dau. of Widow Anne Humphrey (widow of Dositheus), died. 

(From Records of First Church, Hartford. ) 
Dec. 14, 1779, Benjamin Payne, admr. on the estate of Dositheus Humphrey, late of 
Hartford, deed., for the sum of /loo, deeds to Joseph Humphry, of Hartford, one acre of land 
and 3 rods, with the dwelling-house, being the homestead of the late Dositheus Humphry — 
bounded north on the South Green, so-called, and partly on the road leading to Farmington, 
east on the road leading to Weathersfield, south on the ye Joseph's own land and on land belong- 
ing to Horace Hooker — said lot being in a triangular form — reserving unto Ann Humphrey, 
widow fsd. deed., the use and improvement of the dwelling-house and home-lot for the term of 
her natural life. 

There are other deeds to and from Joseph Humphreys, and one Dec 17, 1773, from Samuel 
Talcott to Joscjih Humphreys and James Humphreys, of land in the same vicinity. 

( Furnished by J/iss M. K. Talcott, of Hartford, Ct. j 


(P. 122.) The bible of James Hillyer, who married Makv^ Humphrey [Fam. 6 (66), J.=], 
conlains the record of births of their children, viz. : 

'■Capt. James Hillyer was born in January, 1712-13. Children: 

i. Lucy= (Hillyer) was born 7 Apr., 1736; [(67) married Isaac Booker, b. in 1731, d. at Washington, 

Mass., 20 Nov., 1804. She died 27 Feb., 1S26.] 
ii. Asa= (Hillyer) was born 21 Aug., 1738; [(68) married (i) Rhoda Smith; married (2) Sarah Taylor; died 

II Dec., 1820.] 
iii. Mary 5 (Hillyer) was born 17 Nov., 1740; [(69) married Michael Holcomb; died 6 Aug., 1798.] 
iv. Andrew^ (Hillyer) was born 5 June, 1743; [(69a) married (i) Elizabeth Guy; married (2) Lucy Tudor; 

died 2 Feb., 1828.] 
V. James= (Hillyer) was born 6 Oct., 1746; [(693) married (l) Ruth Holcomb; married (2) Hannah Wads- 
worth (wid. of John Bigelow and James Tiley); married (3) Dorcas Eldredge; married (4) Penelope 
Holcomb (wid. of Daniel Goodrich and Elisha Hubbard.] 
vi. Pliny '^ (HUlyer) was born 12 May, 1749; [(69^) married Jane Pelletrean; died ii May, 1826.] 
vii. AfEa" (Hillyer) was born 2 Feb., 1752; i[(x^) married Isaac Miller; d. at Washington, Mass., in Jan., 1S34.] 
viii. Theodora' (Hillyer), Jr., was born 10 July, 1754; [(69^) married James Lewis.l 
INlARY.'t my wife, died 6 day of Dec, 1797, in her Szd year." 

(Communicated by Gvorge E. Hoadlcj, of Hartford, Ct.) 

(P. 143.) The Martha T. who became (see 1. 13 from bottom of page) the wife of Dr. E. 
D. Hudson, was the daughlcr, not the widow, of Isaac Turner. (See Hist. Torringlon, Ct.. pp. 
510 and 7211.) Their children were in the following order: Romulus Fowler; Daniel Wyatt; 
Erasmus Darwin, M. D., who now (1SS5) resides at No. 227 W. 22d St., his father's old home, 
in New York Citv. 

(P. 182.) [Fam. 32, J.^J Children here given should be: 

(a.) Ellens (Richards), b. 15 Dec, 1S65. (b.) Tilden Filley? (Richards), b. 8 Dec, 
1868; d. 5 Jan., 1869. (c.) Thomas Tildex? (Richards), b. 15 Dec, 1870. (d.) Oliver 
FilleV (Richards), b. 29 Apr., 1871. 

(P. 189.) HoYT IM.s Hayes [Fam. 41, J."], married 27 Sept., 1858, Almira (dau. of 
Benjamin) Giddings, of Hartland, Ct., second cousin of Hon. Joshua R. Giddings, of Ohio. 

(P. 199.) Marianne? (Humphreys) Pease [Fam. 49 (581), J.=], died at Buffalo, N. Y., 
14 Dec, 1883. In Mrs. Pease many rare gifts were united — a fine personal appearance, dignified, 
refined and graceful manners, a well-cultivated mind, an appreciative taste for literature, poetry, 
music and the fine arts. While these gifts embellished her life, it was in the atmosphere of her 
own home that the excellences of her character shone brightest. Her- affectionate nature, her 
amiable disposition, her cordial hospitality, blended with fine conversational powers, made a 
pleasing and lasting impression upon those who came within their influence. 

Sheldon Pease was born in Derby, New Haven County, Conn., 26 Aug., 1809. In 1S17 he left Derby and 
went to Black Rock, Erie County, N. Y., to reside with his uncle, Sheldon Thompson. While residing in Black 
Rock, in the year 1818, he witnessed the building of the steamboat Walk-in-the- Water, and was on her deck when 
she was launched into the Niagara River at Black Rock. The Walk-in-theVVater made an excursion from Black 
Rock to Point Abino, on the 14 September, 1818, and Sheldon Pease witnessed it as an attachee of the " Horn 
Breeze Brigade." After navigating Lake Erie until 1821, she encountered a severe gale and was driven ashore in 
Buffalo Bay, a complete wreck; he assisted in taking care of a portion of the cargo shipped by S. Thompson & Co., 
as it came ashore. He al.^o witnessed the launching of the steamboat Superior, the immediate successor of the Walk- 
m-liie- Water, into the Bufialo Creek, at the foot ol Main sU-eet, Buffalo, 16 Apr., 1S22. 


For a number of years subsequent to 1817, Robert Hunter and associates at Albany, managed a trans- 
portation line from Albany to Black Rock, composed of freight wagons drawn by five or six horses, trans- 
porting light and valuable goods to the latter point, and returning loaded principally with furs belonging to 
the American Fur Company, which were collected at Green Bay and Mackinac and vicinity, and brought to 
Black Rock by water. 

Sheldon Thompson contracted to excavate a portion of the channel for the Erie Canal, between Black Rock 
and Buffalo; this was the first movement of earth in the construction of the canal between those points, and the 
first day's work thereon was performed by Cui-tis Thompson and Sheldon Pease. 

In 1822 Mr. Pease left Black Rock and went to Oswego to reside, where he entered the employment of 
Alvin Bronson, who was engaged in the transportation business. While in Mr. Bronson's employ he discharged the 
canal boat Carnarvon, Captain P. F. Parsons, at Oswego, she being the first canal boat that went from Troy to 
Oswego with merchandise. WTiile in the same employ he assisted in loading the schooner Winnebago, Captain V. 
R. Bill, of Oswego, being the first vessel that passed through the Welland Canal with a cargo of merchandise, 
destined to Cleveland, Ohio. Her cargo each way did not exceed fifty tons. In the year 1832, while a member of 
the firm of Gidings, Baldwin, Pease & Co., he loaded the canal boat Cleveland, Captain W. T. Mather, at Cleve- 
land, with merchandise tor Portsmouth, Ohio, being. the first canal boat that reached the Ohio River from the lakes. 
In the year 1837, while a member of the firm of Griffith, Pease & Co., they toadod the schooner 0/tio, owned by 
Sheldon Pease, with a cargo of flour, provisions, etc., and disposed of the same at the ports of Chicago, Michigan 
City, St. Joseph and Racine, for the wants of emigrants. 

The firm of Gidings, Baldwin, Pease & Co. was dissolved at the end of the year- 1836, and was succeeded 
by the firm of Griffith, Pease & Co., who built the steamboat Cleveland, at Huron, in 1835 or :836, intended for 
carrying passengers exclusively between Cleveland and Buffalo, and one of the finest passenger steamers then afloat. 

The firm of Griffith, Pease and Co. was dissolved in 1838, and was succeeded by the firm of Pease & Allen 
in the same year. This firm did a large and successful business for many years, building propellers, sailing vessels 
and canal boats, and fiom-ing mills at Buffalo and Oswego. The firm built the propeller Emigrant at Cleveland, it 
being the third built on this continent. The firm also built the Fhcenix propeller, which burned at .Sheboygan Pier. 
The next propeller built by them was the Oneida. All of the above were built at Cleveland, in the years 1S41-42-43. 
They also built the brigs Ashland and Fashion, and the schooners Trident and Andover. The above sailing vessels 
were buiit between the years 1 841 and 1845. 

In 1843 Sheldon Pease planned and caused to be built for the propeller Oneida, then building at Cleveland, 
Ohio, the first horizontal tubular boiler used in America. Had he patented it, he could have realized millions of 
dollars from it, as it is in general use in America and Europe, and no essential improvement has been made in it 
up to the present time. 

About 1838 Professor Ericsson came to the United States and made the acquaintance of Captain Van Cleve, 
at Oswego, where he exhibited to him his submerged propeller-wheel to propel steam vessels. Captain Van Cleve 
called on Mr. Doolittle, a vessel-builder at Oswego, and induced him to buUd a vessel on his principle, which he 
did; she was named the Vandalia. The second was built at Buffalo and named the Hercules. The Emigrant was 
the third, and was built at Cleveland. The fourth was built at Buffalo, and was named the Samson. 

In 1853 Mr. Pease was appointed General Western Freight Agent of the Erie Railroad, located at Cleveland, 
and occupied that position until 1857. During the period of his agency of the railroad he contracted and built the 
following propellers at Cleveland: Olean, Elmira; and the Nl'm York at Buffalo. These propellers operated and ran 
between Cleveland and Dunkirk. In 1857, in connection with Dean Richmond, the New York Central Railroad 
and the Cleveland and Pittsbiu-gh Railroad, a line of propellers was established between Buffalo, Cleveland and 
Chicago, under the management of Mr. Pease, who was part owner of tbe propellers Galena, MenJota, Winona and 
Dakota. The propeller Idaho was built at Cleveland in 1861, by Dean Richmond, Sheldon Pease, Henry A. Rich- 
mond and J. M. Richmond. In 1860-61 Dean Richmond and Sheldon Pease purchased the following propellers: 
Fountain City, Evergreen City, Chicago and Cuyahoga. The propeller Fountain City was rebuilt at Buffalo in 1865, 
and made the finest passenger propeller running between Buffalo and Chicago. About 1842 the schooner Acorn and 
another schooner collided about two and a half miles from the piers at Cleveland, and sank in eighty-two feet of 
water; she was believed to be an entire loss. At that time Pease & Allen owned the steamboat United States, and 
with her and the aid of a vessel on each side of the wreck, the Acorn was raised and taken into harbor; the vessel 
was saved and the cargo in a damaged condition. 

In the month of February, 1870, John Allen, President of the Western Transportation Company, purchased 
of the Buffalo, Cleveland and Chicago line, the propellers Idaho, Fountain City and Chicago, of Sheldon Pease, then 
retired from the late transportation business. 

Nothing need be added to the above to indicate that Sheldon Pease has been one of the most prominent men 
in P>ufTalo, in connection with the lake marine. Duiing his long life his character has been fully established as one 
reflecting honor upon himself and his associates. 

(P. 250.) Ruth Cases [line 27, fam. 2, S.=], born 10 June, 1754, sixth child of Noah, 
the second child of John and Abigail (Humphrey) Case; married 3 Apr., 1778, .Stephen Gillet, 
who was bap. at Wintonbury (now Bloomfield), Conn., 13 May, 1753, son of Jonathan, Jr., and 
Abigail (Hubbard) Gillet. They settled at Kingsborough, in Johnstown, Fulton Co , N. Y. 

I. RuTH*^ (Gillet), bap. at Wintonbury, Conn., 7 June, 1779; died young, 
n. Rachel"^ (Gillet), bap. at Wintonbury, Conn., 23 Sept., 1781. 
HI. Stephen^ (Gillet), bap. at Wintonbury, Conn., 31 Aug., 17S3. 
IV. AuRiLL^ '' (Gillet); married Benedict Clark. 
V. HuLDAH* (Gillet); married Amos Beach, of Kingsborough, N. Y, 
VI. Abby* (Gillet); died; unmarried. 
VII. Lemuel 6 (Gillet). 
VIII. Ruth* (Gillet), b. at Kingsborough, N. Y., about Oct., 1797; she married Ellis Clisbe, 
of Amsterdam, N. Y., where they died; he died 13 Dec, 1876; she died many years 
previous. Children : 
i. Celia' (Clizbe); married Prof. Charles Bartlett, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Is now a widow with 

two daughters, 
ii. Ellen' (Clizbe); married Asa French, 
iii. Robert Hall" (Clizbe), b. at Amsterdam, N. V., 13 June, 1832; married Ellen B. Fitch; he died, 

leaving one dau., Ruth Ellen Clizbe. His wid. m. (2) Homer Merriam, of Springfield, Mass. 
iv. ■ Ira Jay' (Clizbe), twin, b. at Amsterdam, N. Y., 16 June, 1836; graduated at Union College; 
married 28 Feb., 1866, Mary Eliza Hills, of Amherst, Mass. Has been Pastor of Congrega- 
tional Church, at Newark Valley, N. Y., since Jan., 1872. 
V. Eliza Matilda' (Clizbe), twin, b. at Amsterdam, N. Y., 16 June, 1836; died, unmarried, at Syra- 
cuse, N. Y., 22 Dec, 1875. 
IX. Chester* (Gillet), b. at Kingsborough, N. Y. 

(Communicati-d by D. Williams Patterson, of Newark Valley, Tioga Co., N. Y.) 

(P. 478-) Calista Abigail,? b. 15 Oct., 1815. 1 

MiRANj)A,7 b. 15 Apr., 1S17. S-Fam. 118 (2004, 2005, 2007), 8.= 

LucRETiA 0.7, b. 8 Jan., 1819. J 

S. Abigail^ [Fam. iiS (2006), S.=]; married McGrew, who died soon after her. 

Children (all living in 1883): 

i. Milford H.«, b. in Apr., 1862. 
ii. Ellen AUhea,' b. in June, 1S64- 
iii- Elsie Abigail,' b. i Jan-, 1S67. 

(P. 574, line 4-) Jane Nelson? Humphrey [Fam. 217 (294S), S.=], born in 1837 instead 
of 1838; husband's name Daniel D. Noyes; married in Bangor, Me., 22 May, 1856. Name of 
son should be Joseph Willard, born 15 July, 1858. Daughter's name Effie Maria, b. at Brewer, 
Me., 12 Jan., 1861; married at Bangor, 24 May, 1883, Fred. E. Dudley, of Milford, Me. They 
now (1885) reside in Minneapolis, Minn. Have one daughter, Maria Noyes (Dudley), born in 
Minneapolis, 26 Feb., 1884. 

Daniel D. Noyes was a sea-captain in the merchant service, but enlisted in U. S. service 
in the War of the Civil Rebellion, and died at Mound City, 111., on board the gun-boat Caron- 
dckt, on which he was Acting Master's-mate, 15 Aug,, 1862, His widow survives him. Res. 
(18S5) 203 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 


(P. 266.) Hepzibah'* Humphrey [Fain, 5 (109), S."], who married Elisha Cornish, had 
also another daughter, Dorcas, who married Abijah (son of Jonathan) Pettibone. 

j\lrs. Hepzibah-t (Humphrey) Cornish's tombstone, erected by the widower, bears this 
inscription: "This monument I do erect to show my true sincere respect for a kind wife, a 
loving mother. In love we lived full fourteen years." Nevertheless, in si.\ months he took a new 
wife; and finally a third. (Letter 0/ Marion E. Case, of Simsbiiry, Ct. ) 

(P. 283.) Lorenzo Hopkins* Cook [Fam. 13 (305), S.-]. (Additional information furnished 
by Mrs. Sabina Cook, Upper Sandusi^y, Ohio.) He went to Ohio in company with his brother 
Russell, in 1830. He returned to Vermont, and married Eliza Cudwith, of Shoreham, Vt., and 
then went to Hardin Co., Ohio, w^here his wife died about six months after marriage. He married 
(2) in Little Sandusky, Wyandot Co., Ohio, in 1838, Sabina Adams, born 11 June, 1817, in 
Cumberland Co., Pa. He lived about five years in Crawford Co., Ohio, when he bought a farm 
of 120 acres, in Wyandot Co., Ohio, built a house, and cleared his farm, with the help of his 
children. He was a kind and affectionate husband and father; a consistent member of the J\L E. 
Church for about thirty years. He died 8 Apr., 1874, aged 64 years. Children: 

i. Mary Lewesa," b. 10 Aug., 1839; married 12 June, 1S61, Jesse Mitchell McCracken, born in 
Xenia, Greene Co., O., S May, 1852. Cliildren: 

(a) Hattie Belles (McCracken), b. 23 Mch., (f) Anna May" (McCracken), b. 8 May, 
1S62. 1S72. 

(b) Frank Hopkins » (McCracken)', b. 12 (!^) Mary Grace* (McCracken), b. 23 
Jan., 1S64. Mch., 1S74. 

(c) Clara Sabina" (McCracken), b. 2 Dec, (h) Arthur Marshall » (McCracken), b. 22 
1865. Sept., 1S76. 

(d) William Henry 8 (McCracken), b. 9 (i) Maggie Laura' (McCracken), b. 20 
Mch., 186S. June, 1S79. 

(c) Jay Cooke i* (McCracken), b. 20 July, (j) George Ralphs (McCrackan), b. 3 
1S70. Aug., 1S83. 

ii. Stephen Russell' Cook, b. 8 Feb., 1841, in Crawford Co., Ohio; removed with his parents to 
Wyandot Co., Ohio, where he worked on his father's farm until 1862, when he enlisted as 
private in Company F, 123d Regiment, O. V. I. He was appointed orderly to the regimental 
surgeons. He served with his regiment three years and was in the following battles: Winches- 
ter, New Market, Piedmont, Lynchburg, Snickersford, Berry villa, Opequan, Fishershill, Cedar 
Creek, Petersburg and Hatchers Run. At the battle of Cedar Creek he was badly hurt by his 
horse running with him, fi-om which he has never recovered. At the close of the war he 
resumed farming with his father. He resides (1884) on the old homestead: He married 17 
June, 1869, Ann Elizabeth Bowman, born 26 Jan., 1847. Children: 

(a) George Bowman,8 b. 24 May, 1S75. (b) Helen Eliza," b. 29 Mch., 187S. 

iii. William Darwin' Cook, b. 19 Apr., 1844, m. (I) in 1870, Loretta Ann Lombard, born 6 May, 
1849; m. (2) Alice Gipson, born 18 Jan., 1854. Child (by isl 'tarriagej: (a) William Floyd,* 
born 28 Mch., 1871. fBy 2d marriage): (b) Perry.s born II Feb., 1882. 
iv. Cynthia Caroline,' b. 29 Sept., 1849; d. 8 Oct., 1852. 
V. George Hopkins,' b. 3 Aug., 1853; m. in Sept., 1877, Bertha E. Myers. Cliildren: 

(a) Viola Pearl,8 b. 20 Aug., 1879. (b) Walter Hopkins,* b. 9 June, 1SS3. 

(P. 295.) CvRVS E.* OviATT [Fam. 15 (383), S.=]. Children: (i) Clarence H.?; married 

Vials; lives in Ohio. (2) Albert C; married Comslock; lives in Colorado, 

(3) Cyris E. 

73 > 

(P. 297.) (i) Mary Viola' Scoville [Fam. 16, S.-], born 27 Oct., 1847; married 27 Aug., 
1S65, Caleb A., son of Francis and Marica (Dings), Palmatin. He was born 19 Apr., 1844, in 
Binghampton, N. Y. Farmer. Res. (1885) Colesburg, Pa. CMdren.- (a) Francis A.* (Palmatin), 
b. 7 Apr., 1868. (6J Annie R.^ (Palmatin), b. 29 May, 1870. (c) Carrie M.^ (Palmatin), b. 28 
May, 1873. (dj Viola^ (Palmatin), b. 22 Feb., 1880. fe) Gilbert A.^ (Palmatin), b. 3 Aug., 
1882. (2) William Herbert' Scoville, b. 4 Aug., 1849; "i- 3° Dec, 1869, at Whitesville, Alle- 
gany Co., N. Y., Julia, dau. of Theodore and Charity (Cuatt) Carpenter, and a lineal descendant 
of John Paulding. She was b. 8 Apr., 1850. He is Postmaster and general merchant at Coles- 
burg, Pa. ChUdrc7i: (a) Esca G.^ (Scoville), b. 11 May, 1872, in Bingham, Pa. (b) Hattie'' 
(Scoville), b. 16 Aug., 1881, in Harrison, Pa. (3) Harry Austin' Scoville, b. 10 Mch., 1851, 
in Harrison, Pa.; m. (i) 14 Nov., 1877, Frances May, dau. of Willkinson W. and Elizabeth 
(Cahil) Johnson. She was b. 15 Apr., 1857, at Woodhull, Steuben Co., N. Y., and d. 16 Aug., 
1878, at Coudersport, Pa. He m. (2) 28 Sept., 1882, Milla, dau. of Sheldon and Eunice (Wood), 
Armstrong, who was b. 4 Oct., 1859, at Coudersport, Pa. He is an attorney-at-law, admitted to 
the bar at Coudersport, Pa., 5 Mch., 1879; and there resides. Child (by 2d m.): (a) De Forest 
Armstrong 8 (Scoville), b. 21 Feb., 1884, in Coudersport, Pa. (4) Perry Eugene' Scoville, b. 
22 June, 1857; m. m West Union Township, Steuben Co., N. Y., 28 Sept., 1882, Ida Miller. 
Farmer. Resides upon the paternal homestead, in Harrison, Potter Co., Pa. 

(P. 298.) Marys Humphrey [Fam. 16 (398), S.=]. Since printing the meagre account of 
Mary 5 Humphrey, lirst wife of Rev. Joseph Fairbank, given on page 298, his oldest daughter 
(by his third marriage), Mary Dian, now Mrs. A. B. Price, of No. 4 Wauchusett St., Worcester, 
Mass. (who was named conjointly after her father's first wife and her friend Diana Cook, of whom 
presently), has kindly forwarded to us an interesting old original manuscript auto-biographical 
sketch of her, relating to her religious life and experience. This was, evidently, toward the end 
of her life, after her health and vision had failed, dictated to her intimate friend and amanuensis 
Diana Cook,* of Marlborough, Mass., who, after her death, appended also to the same sketch, in 
the same hand and over her own signature, and dated at Marlborough, Mass., Aug. 7, 1812, the 
loving tribute of a graphic narative of the later events of Mrs. Fairbanks life, and a pen picture 
of her character and person. This brochure consisted of forty-nine closely written quarto pages — 
the auto-biography occupying the first twenty-eight. The first three and most of the fourth and 
fifth pages, apparently relating to her childhood, are unfortunately lost. The remaining continuous 
account proceeds from the age of fifteen years, and relates her solemn vivid spiritual convictions, 
and her particular and varied exercises of mind, under Methodist teaching and fellowship. It 
reveals a tender conscience, great consistency of faith and purpose, and a complete Christian 
consecration. She died 29 June, 1812, aged 27 years. 

Rev. Joseph Fairbank is said to have been born in Union, Ct. The name of his second 
wife, who is said to have been buried in the State of New York, is not ascertained. He married 
(3), as her third husband, about 181 5, Widow Hannah Russell, whose maiden sur-narae was 
Willber, in North Adams, Mass., and there resided a few years. In 1S29 and for several years 
afterward, he was settled on a farm in Fitch ville, Vt. He afterward removed to Springfield, Vt., 

* DiAXA Cook was bom in RLirlborough, M.iss.. 5 June, 1785, the oldest child of Ananias Cook. He was son of Rev. Nathaniel 
Cook, of Cumberland, R. I , and brother ol Nathaniel Cook, who served under John Paul Jones "on the ship Alfred, of 32 guns," and 
died in 1846, aged 99 years. Ananias Cook died in Marlborough, Mass., 15 Apr., 1852, aged 91 years. This family claims descent from 
Francis Cook, ol the Mayflower. They have been of notable character, vigor and longevity, and were allied by marriage to the Bellows, 
of R. I, of whom was the mother of President Garfield. Diana Cook was an early and devoted convert to Methodism, studied at the 
then famous Leicester Academy, and was subsequently a teacher, till her marriage to Deacon John Lyscom, ol Lynn, in 1822, whom she 
survived many years, and died at the home of her only surviving child, Caroline M., widow of George Ross, deceased, of Springfield, 
Mass., 21 Oct., 1873, aged 88 years, retaining her (acuities and habits of social and intellectual culture and enjoyment to the end. 


where his wife died in 1839. He died in Fitchville, Vt., in Feb., 1859, leaving two daughters, 
IMary Dian, as before mentioned, born in 181 7, in North Adams, Mass., and Eunice, who married 
P. B. Wolcott, and died in May, 1859, leaving a family residing at Fitchville, Vt. 

Sacred to the memory 

Mr^!, Mary Fairbank: 
Consort of the Rev. Joseph Fairbank : 

who departed this life June 29th, 1812, 
Aged 27 years. 
My mould'rmg clay in silence slumbers here; 
But my triumphant soul has soared away 
On wings of faith, to blissful paradise: 
But when the dreadfu 
To bid the graves open 
My soul and body sha 
And to the third hea 
My other self, my fr 

(P. 300.) Lodamas Hvmphrey [Fam. 17 (406), S.=], b. 26 Jan., 1754; m. 3 Nov., 1779; 
18 Sept., i8z6. Her husband was born 10 July, 1854; d. 10 May, 1838. Children: 

i. Theodore^ (Hillyer), b. 25 Aug., 1780; m. 5 Apr., 1804, Hannah Atwood; d. 30 Mch., 1845. 
ii. Deziah' (Hillyer), b. i Aug., 1782: d. 15 Dec, 1853; m. Daniel Hayes, 
iii. Decius« (Hillyer), b. 6 May, 1785; d. 8 Oct., 1786. 

iv. Minerva'' (Hillyer), b. 12 July, 17S7; m. 19 Feb., 1809, James Lewis; d. 20 July, 1829. 
V. Lodema" (Hillyer), b. 6 July, 1793; m. 22 Dec., 1814, Calvin Dibble; d. 17 Aug., 1876. 
vi. Emily" (Hillyer), b. 27 Dec, 1796; m. I May, 1821, Nathaniel Eggleston; d. 27 Dec, 1874. 

(Communicated by George E. Hoadley, oj Hartford, Ct. , compiler of a Hillyer Genealogy.) 

(P- 33°-) Lloyd" Humphrey [Fam. 42 (843), S.=], b. i June, 1798; d. at Winchester, 
Ct. , in Jan., 1S83; unmarried. 

(P. 392.) MouLTON Guy' Farnham [Fam. 65 (1184), S.'], resided at Attica, N. Y., until 
1857, when he removed to Kansas, remaining there twelve years, until June, 1869, when he 
returned to Attica and resided there until Apr., 1873, when he sailed with his family for Samtiago, 
Chili, where he resided until Jan., 1874; then returned to N. Y. State. At present he resides at 
Buffalo. The parents of his wife (to whom he was m. 7 Nov., 1861) were Woodin and Harriet 
Elizabeth (Gould) Foster. His wife was born at Antwerp, Jefferson Co., N. Y., 22 Oct., 1842. 
Children, (i.) Moulton Gould, ^ b. 19 Sept., 1862. (2.) Freddie Emmett,* b. 24 July, 18 — ; d. 
24 Jan., 1871, at Attica, N. Y. (3.) Minnie Adelaide, ** b. i May, 1S6S. (4.) Charles Foster,^ 
b. 6 Nov., 1872. 

Mr. M. G. Farnham also states that he remembers that his grandfather, Hon. Reuben 
Humphreys, presented to his grandson, Reuben Humphreys Farnham, a silver watch with the 
initials R. H. engraved on its back, and on the inside of the case an engraving of Masonic 
emblems, with his name as a member of the fraternitv. This watch has since been lost. 

(P. 419.) Cokrf.l'' Humphrey [Fam. 78 (1423), S.=], m. Helen Millard, of Claysville, 
N. Y.; no issue; P. O. address (18S5) 58 Frankfort St., N. Y. Cit\-. 

(P. 430.) Lemuel Gordo.v'' Wilson's [Fam. S3 (1487), S.=] wife Maria was dau. of Jacob 
Henry and Mary (Wcin) Alt. 

(P. 430.) John Clinton^ Wilson's [Fam. 83 (1488), S.'] wife's mother was Nancy Hayden. 
Their adopted daughter's parents were Charles S. and Sarah E. Myers. 

(P. 430.) Ann Eliza' Wilson's [Fam. S3 (1490), S.=] husband's name was John Wesley 
(son of James and Matilda Young) Wilson, b. Rush Co., Ind., 3 Oct., 1840. 

(P. 430.) Laura Aminda' Wilson [Fam. S3 (1491), S.'J, m. James Traer (son of John M. 
and Eliza Parnthenn) March, b. at W. Liberty, Iowa, 6 Sept., 1846. 

(P. 431.) Mary Elizabeth ^ Wilson's [Fam. 83 (1493), S.'] husband's name was Frank 
Alexander (son of Alexander Ferguson and Elizabeth McCune) Charles, b. in Noble Co., Ind., 
17 Aug., 1S49. 

(P. 437-) Julia Adaline? Humphrey [Fam. S7 (1559), S.=], married 12 July, 1834, Rev. 
Orsemus Allen, b. in 1804, and who died 27 I\Iay, 1870. She still lives (1885) in Columbus, 
Ohio. Children: 

i. Harvey Case 8 (1560), b. 31 Dec, 1836; m. at Columbus, O., in May, 1855, Agnes Burr. Had 

issue, Imogene,' b. in 1S56; d. same year. Harvey Case and his wife died in 1859. 
ii. Amelia ."Adelaides (1561), b. 17 Dec, 1840; m. 16 May, 1861, Woodward (son of Dr. William) 
Awl. Left one child, Florence McClay ' (.\wl), b. 31 Aug., 1862; unmarried; res. {1S85) 
Columbus, O. 
iii. Georgiana Imogenes (1562), b. in Bristol, 6 June, 1843; m. 2 July, 1863, Luther (son of Erastus) 
Williams, of Norwich, Ct. ChilJrat: (I.) Winthrop,' b. 22 Aug., 1S66. (2.) Minnie Louise,* 
b. 21 June, 186S. Both res. (1885) at Columbus, O. The parents are both deceased. 

(P. 439.) Jared Dwight^ Humphrey's [Fam. 89 (1578), S.'] wife died 19 Aug., 18S4, x. 
86 — "as good and faithful a wife as any man ever had." Mr. Humphrey's name should be 
simply Dwight, instead of Jared Dwight. 

Maria7 Humphrey [Fam. 90 (1611), S.=], b. 15 July, 1807; d. in Avon, Ct., 25 Aug., 
18S2, a?. 75 years. She married 10 Sept., 1827, Deacon Harry (son of Bartholomew and Asenath) 
Chidsey, of Avon, Ct., b. 19 Dec, 1803. He was a miller and farmer; was elected a member 
of the State Legislature one term; served as Assessor, and on the Board of Relief several years, 
and was Deacon in the Congregational Church for about twenty years. He died 11 May, 18S2, 
ae. 78 }ears. Resided in Avon, Ct. (Children (born in Avon, Ct.): 

1612. i. Nancy Maria,' b. 26 .\pr., 1828; d. 26 Sept., 1870, a;. 42 years. She m. (i) in Apr., 1S51, 

Seth Moses, of Avon, Ct., who died two years later. No Children. She m. (2) 17 May, 
1859, Henry Bartlett, of Avon, Ct. They had one child, who died aged two years. 
ii. Flora,9 b. 24 Aug., 1829; d. II June, 1831, x. two years, 
iii. Flora Annette.s b. 3 Jan., 1831; d. 10 May, 1855, te. 24 years; unmarried, 
iv. Lucia,8 b. 26 Oct., 1832; d. 22 May, 1842, ae. 9 years. 

V. Charlotte Marion, 8 b. 20 Mch., 1834; d. 25 Mch., 1850, se. 16 years; unmarried, 
vi. Sarah, 8 b. 10 Sept., 1835; d. 9 June, 1864, x. 28 years. She married 15 June, 1859, Samuel 
Woodford, of Avon, Ct., who died in July, 1863. They had one child who died aged 
ten months. 
vii. Liician Harry,* b. 29 Nov., 1837; m. 15 June, 1859, Julia Caroline (dau. of Elam and Ruth) 
Case, of Simsbury, b. 17 Aug., 1836, at Simsbury, Ct. Mr. Chidsey is a miller and farmer; 
was elected Representative of Avon in 1865, and has held the office of Grand Juror and 
Constable. Res. (18S4) Avon, Ct. Children: (I) Charles Harry,' b. 22 July, i860; d. 24 
June, 1862, a;. 2 years. (2) Clayton Howard,' b. 27 Jan., 1S62; m. 14 Feb., 1883, Ida 
Webster, of Bloomfield, Ct. Res. (1884) Orange, Ct. Child: (a) Lucian Henry,'" b. 26 
Oct., 1S83. (3) Frederic Lucian,' b. 15 Oct., 1865; d. l8 Dec, 1866, x. I year. (4) Willis 

Case,' b. 21 Mch., 1868. (5) Marion Ruth,' b. 28 May, 1872; d. 15 Oct., 1S73, se. I year. 
(6) Mabel Abby,' b. 8 Nov., 1880. 

1619. viii. Milton Hayden,' b. I Feb., 1840; d. 30 Jan., 1861, ve. 21 years. He married 23 Jan., 1861, 

Nancy E. Case, of Simsbury, Ct. 

1620. ix. Helen Lucia.^^b. 18 Apr., 1843; d. 3 June, 186S, oe. 25 years. 

1621. X. Willis Humphrey, 8 b. 11 Jan., 1847; d. i .May, 1869, a:. 22 years; immarried. Res. Avon., Ct. 

(P. 449-) Nancy? (Humphrey) Redway [Fam. 94 (1695), S.=], d. in Barnston, P. Q., 20 
Jan., 1S69, a.\ 66 years, 9 mos., 19 days. David Redway d, at B. 15 Nov., 1876, sc. 81 years. 
(P. 449, 1. 16.) Solomon Bowker, b. in Eaton, P. Q., 12 Feb., 1812; hiswife, EmUy Redway.s b. in Barnston, 
P. Q., 5 Sept., 1814; m. at B. 25 Dec, 1835. Children (all born in Bamslon, P. Q.): (i) Cynthia,' b. 27 Nov., 
1836. (2) Marilla,' b. 1 Apr., 1838; d. 29 Jan., 1858. (3) Beaman A.', b. 24 Nov., 1844. (4 and 5) Aminda' 
and Clarinda' (twins), b. 27 Oct., 1S46. (6) David F.', b. at Bloonifield, Vt., 25 Sept., 1849. (7) Josephine N.', 
b. 27 Sept., 1852. (8) Estella L.', b. 28 Sept., 1854. (9) William Harvey,' b. 7 Feb., 1857. (10) Edith Lilla,' 
b. 31 July, 1859. All living, and all farmers, or farmers' wives, except Beaman A., who is a house-carpenter and 
carriage-maker; married, and res. (1884) at Bloonifield, Vt. 

(P. 461.) Frederick^ Roberts [Fam. 109 (iSSo), S.=] is a dealer m crude petroleum. He 
was the first man who enlisted in the war of the Civil Rebellion, in 1S61, from the town of 
Gustavus, O. ; served two years, was discharged on account of ill-health, and has never been an 
able-bodied man since. 

(P. 461.) Lorin^ Roberts' [Fam. 109 (1882), S.'] wife was born at Brighton, Cuyahoga 
Co., O., 22 Feb., 1847, was dau. of Remsen F. and Finetta Stevens, of Byron Centre, Mich. 
INIr. Roberts enlisted in Dec, 1861, and served through the war of the Civil Rebellion; graduated 
at Oberlin College in 1871; taught school for a year at Benzonia, Mich.; then was principal of 
Traverse City Public Schools for eight years; then admitted to the bar, and has since practiced 
his profession. Has been Prosecuting Attorney and Circuit Court Commissioner for past four years. 

(P. 477-) Charles'' Humphrey [^^^a. 117 (1986), S.=] was a wagon-maker by trade, 
but followed farming for most of his life. Ives was his wife's middle name. Rachel Louisa was 
the name of their third child, and Beach the middle name of their fourth child. 

Lois Eliza i' (Kelley) and Charles Beach? Humphrey res. (1884) at Boise City, Idaho Ter. 

Mrs. Kelley 's dau. Ellen'' married Bush, and has two daughters; her dau. Kate^ married 

■ Perrault, and has two daughters and a son. Charles Beach? Humphrey is a jeweler; 

he has one son. 

Milton Kelley & Son (Homer) are proprietors and publishers of The Idaho Stalcsman, at 
Boise City. 

Gilbert Post and wife, Louisa? Humphrey, have had, in addition to five sons mentioned 
on p. 477, Francis Gilbert* b. 21 Oct., 1847; d. 8 Mar., 1849. Their second son, George, has 
a middle name, Humphrey; Owen has a middle name, Charles; Oren has a middle name, Gilbert; 
Albert has a middle name, Beach; Frank has a middle name, August. 

George H.* Post is m.; has sons Delbert, Harry and Albert. Is a farmer at Ireton, Sioux 
Co., Iowa. Owen* and Oren* Post are both m. — no issue — and are farmers at Ireton, Iowa. 
Albert B.* is a photographer at Ottumwa, Iowa; unmarried. Mr. Gilbert? Post resides (1884) at 
Le Mars, Iowa. 

(P. 494.) Lucy Ann? (Humrhrkv) Buck removed to Polo. 111., in 1856, ami. with her 
husband, w-ere prominent in every good word and work in that place; were connected with the 
M. E. Church. She died 24 Feb., 1S85. 


(P. 5C0, 1. 9 and 10 from bottom of page.) Gaylanc! should be Galen. 

(P. 501, bottom line.) Stephen Haight was son of Jacob and Katie Haight. 

(P. 502.) Middle names of the Haight family [Fam. 141 (2233-39), S.''] are as follows: 
William Hcnry,^ Ann Eliza,^ Charles Edivard,^ Joshua Jacob,^ Albert Humphrey,^ Maria Lotiisa,^ 
Mary Ellen.^ 

Joshua Jacobs Haight (2236) m. I Nov., 1S71, Emily V. Huntington, at Somerset, N. Y. Cinhlren (all horn in 
Somrrsel, N. V) : (i) Eleanor Dorcas,' b. 2 Aug., 1S72; d. 23 Aug., 1S73. (2) Stephen Joshua,' b. 30 Mch., 1875. 
(3) Rebena Cecilia,' b. 19 Mch., 1S77. {4) Frederick William,' b. 16 Apr., iSSo. (5) Lewis George,' b. 25 July, 1SS2. 

Albert Humphreys Haight {2237) m. at Somerset, N. Y., 9 Aug., 1880, Hattie E. Lum. Cliildrm: (i) Harry 
Albert,' b. lo Sept., iSSi. (2) Hattie May,' b. 20 May, 1S83. 

Mary Ellen » Haight (2239) i". at Somerset, K. Y., 5 Apr., 1SS3, Edwin Carney, i.f Lockport, N. Y. Child: 
(i) Grace Elva,' b. 23 Aug., 1884, at Lockport, N. Y. 

(P. 516.) Alfred Dighton* Humphrey's [ram. 164 (10S4), s.=] wife was Esther 

Stannard, now living at 37 Virginia St., Binghamton, N. Y. They had also a son Charles,'' who 
died aged nine years. The eldest daughter, Emma,' married J. A. Boardman, i^f Binghamton, 
N. Y., 35 Lydia St. 

(P. 516.) Oren Henry*^ Humphrey [Fam. 165 (2446), s.=] man-icd — — Bradstrcct. 

Their dau. IMary? m. Eletcher Neff, and has a dau. Res. (1S85) Chenango St., Binghamton, N. Y. 

(P. 524.) Ira*^ Humphrey [Fam. 179 (1139), S.=] was bom at Galen, Wayne County, 
N. Y.; went to Michigan in 1S36, settling at Concord, Jackson Co. After living there thirty 
years, he removed to Brook field. 

(P. 524.) Jane Abigail? Humphrey's [Fam. 179 (2547), S.=] husband, William Talbot, 
was born 19 July, 1854, in Witnedge, Uploman, Somersetshire, England; joined (1874) and served 
in the British Army four years and seven months; went to Michigan in 1879. 

(P. 528.) Mary Stoddard Larked, wife of Col. Gad* Humphreys, '^- S- -^ tFam. 1.4 
(117S), S.=], was a dau. of Eunice Marsh, of Pittsfiekl, Mass., and was born there 11 Apr., 1797. 

(P- 565) Montgomery* Humphrey's [Fam. 209 (1335;). s.^] wife (dau. of David 

and Isabel Gleason) was born at Southampton, Mass., in 1802. From letters of Mrs. IMarcakkt 
Li-SK,7 dated at Missouri Valley, Iowa, we have the following: 

"In the spring of 1883 Montgomery and his brother-in-law, Asahcl Gleason, built a tavern 
at Unionville, Ct., which, in consequence of Mr. H.'s poor health, was rented, in 1836, and lu' 
removed to his father-in-law's near Vermont, where he died in the spring of that year. His wiii. 
m. (2) Sylvester Hawley, of Avon, Ct. She d. 30 July, 1849, tc. 46 years and 9 mos. 
Children : 

I. Margaret 7 b. in July, 1S31; d. in spring of 1S83. 

II. Son ', d. a few hours old. 

III. Margaret Lusk ? (2838, see p. 565); m. at Hartford, Ct., 17 Nov., 1833, Carl Rudolph 
Neitzsch. b. at Leipzig, Germany, 7 Jan., 1830, who came to America in 1S49. 
Cabinet-maker. In Apr., 1855, they removed to a farm at Strawberry Point, 
Clayton Co., Iowa, but shortly removed to Little Sioux, Iowa. In Feb., 1857, 
Mr. N., on account of ill-health, gave up farming and went into the furniture 
business, with a partner named Patch. Was aiijiuinted Poslniislcr iu 1862; enlisted 

same year in Co. C, 29th Io^va Vols., in the war of the Civil Rebellion; died in 
the hospital at Memphis, Tenn., in 1863. In June, 1865, Mrs. Neitzsch was 
appointed Postmaster, which position she held until her second marriage, 25 Dec, 
1S67, to William Craft. She has since resided at ]\Iissouri Valley. jNIr. Craft 
was born in Virginia, 12 Feb., 1822, son of Jacob Craft and Catherine Zimmer- 
man. Children (hy ist marriage): 

i. Arthur Jlontgomery,^ b. II Jan., 1S55; d. 17 Mch., 1S59. 
ii. Charles Rudolph,^ b. 26 Feb., 1S57; m. i Sept., iSSi, Jennie Brainerd. Is an artist; 

Postmaster at Missoxu-i Valley, 
iii. William \Varren,» b. 13 June, 1859; d. in July, i860. 

iv. Arthur 'William,^ b. 23 Dec, i860; m. 20 May, 1S84, Carrie; employed in 
Freight Auditors' office of Sioux City and Pacific R. R., at Cliicago, 111. 

V. Son 8, b. I Mch., 1S63; d. a few days old. 

(By 2(1 marriage): 

vi. William Philips (Craft), b. II Aug., 1S69; d. 22 Nov., 1S7S. 
IV. Charles Montgomery," b. 20 July, 1S36; d. from being accidentally scalded, 20 Oct., 1842. 

(P. 577.) Adelaide!' PIumphrey [Fam. 223 (3009), S.=] was born in Hampshire, Kane Co., 
Ill; married in Geneva, 111.; died in Brunswick, Renssalaer Co., N. V., 30 Jan., 1872. Her 
husband, Elliott Nooney (son of Thaddeus Reed and Louisa) Garner, was born at Hiiildale, 
Columbia Co., N. Y., 24 Sept., 1834. Was a farmer and miller. Children: ' "^ 

i. Adaline Louisa.s b. at Osawatomfe, Kan., 6 Oct., 1S59; d. at Hillsdale, N. Y., 6 Jan., 1S61. 
•. ii. Carrie Louise,* b. at Hillsdale, X. Y., 17, 1862; d. 26 Aug., 1862. 
iii. Henrietta IIumphreys,s b. at Hillsdale, K. Y., 2 Apr., 1S63. Res. (18S5) Chatham, N. Y. 
iv. Mary Birdella,8 b. at Hillsdale, N. Y., 30 Oct., 1864. Res. {1885) Chatham, N. Y. 
V. Kittle Louisc,8 b. at Hillsdale, N. Y., 15 June, 1866. Res. (1885) Chatham, N. Y. 
vi. Thaddeus WiUiam.s b. at Chatham, N. Y., 11 Aug., 1870. Res. (18S5) Chatham, N. Y. 

(P. 594.) Mary^ Humphrey [Fam. 234 (3191), S.'] m. 22 Dec, 1859. Her husband was 
the son of Marks and Eliza Goodyear, and was born near Bennington Centre, Wyoming Co., N. Y., 
23 Oct., 1836; removed with his parents, in 1837, to Illinois; was a farmer in early life. In 1867 
he became a merchant at Washington, until 1S71, when ill-health compelled him to seek farm 
life. Full names of children: Alonzo Franklin,'^ Mary Eliza 9 Olive Elisabeth,^ Charles Seymour,' 
b. 19 Mch., 1870. 

(P. 596.) Dudley^ Humphrey [F^m- 237 il^n), S.=] was thrice married. Frederick « 
(3229) died in 1867 or '68. 

(P. 610.) Horatio Nelson Rust, husband of Fedelia^ Humphrey [Fam. 247 (3365), S.^j, 
was son of Nelson Rust and his wife, Elizabeth Clapp. In 1841 his father removed to Collinsville, 
Conn., where he died in 1847. Horatio N. Rust reached his majority while living in Collinsville, 
his last school days being spent in Amherst Academy. After his father's death he was employed 
in the Collins Company's a.xe factory for about two years, when he took charge of the "Village 
Drug Store," which he afterwards purchased and conducted for about eight years, gaining some 
knowledge of medicine and surgery. In-door confinement not being congenial, he travelled as a 
salesman for a New York house for many years. 

His father was an early Abolitionist, and having been raised in the anti-slavery faith, young 
Rust vfas in full sympathy with all Anti-Slavery movements. He was deeply interested in the 
New England efforts which made Kansas a free State; was in full sympathy with John Brown, the 
American "JMartyr of Freedom," enjoying his confidence, aiding him .ill in iiis power, and often 

entertaining him at his house, in Connecticut, during the Kansas struggles, and he thanks God 
that he was "permitted to help those noble men who made it a free State." 

During the war JNIr. Rust endeavored to do his duty in caring for the wounded as sur- 
geon's assistant, principally at Antietam and before Petersburg. 

Later he removed to Chicago, where he conducted the Central Warehouse for nine years, 
living at Glencoe, 111., twenty miles north of Chicago. While warehousing he was interested in 
the northward movement of the ex-slaves, known as "The Exodus." At the request of Gov. St. 
John, of Kansas, he solicited, through the Press and by circulars, contributions of money and 
supplies for their relief, and was influential in organizing, Feb. 8, 1880, in Chicago, an associa- 
tion, the "Southern Refugee Relief Association," of which he was secretary and member of its 
executive committee. He received from the Eastern and Northwestern States large quantities of 
supplies, and re-shipped them in car-loads to Topeka, Kan., where they were . distributed by 
direction of Mrs. Elizabeth Comstock and Mrs. Laura Haviland — two noble women. 

Much of his leisure time, from a boy, has been speni studying American antiquities, and 
the customs of the Indian. When a boy there were few helps in such studies; later, being a 
member of the American Association for Advancement of Science, and of the Chicago Academy 
of Sciences, he has enjoyed such helps. He has visited most of the States and Territories, Canada 
and Mexico, in this interest. While in Mexico City he was elected a member of the Mexican 
Historical Societ3\ He has made large collections of pre-historic implements, opening the mounds 
and ancient graves in the Middle and Western States; has gathered both ancient and modern 
implements from the wild Tribes of Dakota, New Mexico and Arizona, including the cliff and 
cave dwellings of Arizona; has explored the Pyramids and the ancient grave and antiquities of Old 
Mexico, securing a large collection of Aztec implements and idols. 

In 18S2 he removed, with his entire family, to Pasadena, Los Angeles County, Cal., where 
he is now busy making a new home and planting an orange grove in that most beautiful country. 

i. Frank Nelson' (Rust) [3366], born at South Decrfield, Mass.; married at Princeton, N. J., 17 
Nov., 1880, Clarissa Butler (dau. of Dr. James V. Z. and Clarissa Butler) Blaney, born at 
Evanston, 111., 24 May, 1859. Child: (a.) Edward Butler •» (Rust), b. 8 May, "1883. 
ii. Frederick Harmon' (Rust) [3367], b. in Collinsvitle, Ct.; d. at Easthampton, Mass. 
iii. Ellen Fidelia' (Rust) [336S], b. at Easthampton, Mass.; married 25 Oct., 1SS3, Ernest Herbert 

(son of Samuel T.) Lockwood of Chicago, 111. 
iv. Edward Humphrey' (Rust), b. at Springfield, Mass. 
V. Elizabeth Emily' (Rust), b. at Easthampton, Mass. 

(P. 614.) Thomas Hastings North [Fam. 252 (3402), S.^] was born at Singapore, India, 
22 Jan., 1843. He was the son of missionary parents, of New England origin. His mother, 
Minerva (Bryan) North, died of cholera at Singapore, India, and himself, a brother and two sisters 
were sent to relatives in New York State. His father. Rev. Alfred North, returned in two or 
three years after, and served as pastor of Congregational and Presbyterian Churches in Trenton, 
Middlefield, Pittsford, Utica and Le Roy, N. Y. ; and died while serving as a home missionary in 
Wisconsin. He married (2) his first wife's sister, by whom he had two children. Thomas H. 
North served a short apprenticeship at printing, in Marietta, Ohio; enlisted at President Lincoln's 
first call for three-months troops, in 18th Ohio Vol. Inf ; re-enlisted in 36th Ohio Vol.; re-enlisted, 
as veteran, in 36th Ohio Vol. Veterans. After the close of the war he resided in Kansas for fifteen 
years, then removed to Oregon. Laura Minerva 9 (3405) should be Minerva Laura; Myron Alfred' 
(3405) should be Alfred Myron; between Alfred Myron? and Thomas Ely 9 should be recorded 
the birth of William Melvin,9 b. 12 May, 1875; d- 16 Sept., 1875; and Anna Theresa, b. at Mil- 
ford, Kan., 2 Aug., 1876; d. 23 Apr., 1877. 


(P. 613.) Julia Stoddard, wife of Abel R.' Humphrey [Fam. 255 (3424), S.=], was 

born 26 Aug., 1S04, at Waterford, Vt. ; m. in 1S27. 


I. RosAXA," b. at Burke, Vt., 31 July, 1830; m. in Auburn, N. Y., 11 Aug., 1852, 

George Brooks. Children: 

i. George Edward,' b. in Aubiu-n, N. Y., 19 Apr., 1S56. 

ii. Ida May,' b. in Auburn, K Y., 12 Feb., i860; d. 5 Aug., i860. 

iii. Charles Elmer,' b. at Waterville, Wis., 21 July, 1862. 

iv. Frank Riley,' b. at Waterville, Wis., 16 Nov., 1864; d. 30 July, 1868. 

V. Ida May,' b. at Waterville, Wis., 30 Oct., 1866; d. 25 Feb., 1867. 

vi. Mary Evelyn,' \ i 

' ' \ twins; b. II Feb., 1870. \ 

vii. Maud Evangeline,' ) ( d. 27 July, 1870. 

viii. Oscar Willie,' b. at Waterville, Wis., 24 Apr., 1871; d. 17 Oct., 1S72. 
i.x. Roane Belle.' b. at Waterville, Wis., 24 .Mch., 1874; d. 24 Mch., 1S74. 
II. Rosaline,^ b. at Burke, Vt., i Oct., 1831; m. John Ronald, who is deceased. She 
lives at Eau Claire, Wis. 

III. Ellen,^ b. at Burke, Vt., 26 Apr., 1833; m. George Kirk, in 1S67. P. O. address 

(1885) Arkansaw, Pepin Co., Wis. She died in 1S67. 

IV. Sarah, ^ b. at Burke, Vt., 9 Apr., 1835; m. Daniel Cornell, in 1857. P. O. address 

(1885) Shortsville, Ontario Co., N. Y. 

V. S ,s b. at Burke, Vt., 22 Jan., 1837; d. 22 Dec, 1837. 

VI. Ejieline,^ b. at Hammond, St. Lawrence Co., X. Y., 2 Feb., 1839; m. Henry Overing, 

in i860. P. O. address (18S5) Arkansaw, Pepin Co., Wis. 
VII. Lafayette,^ b. at Hammond, N. Y., 5 Apr., 1S41; m. Amanda Parker. P. O. address 
(18S5) Pepin, Pepin Co., Wis. 
VIII. D.\viD,>* b. at Hammond, X. Y., 12 Jan., 1S44; m. Melinda Ballard. P. O. address 
(1885) Arkansaw, Pepin Co., Wis. 
IX. Abel,^ b. at Hammond, X. Y., 26 Mch., 1845: d. in 1868. 

(P. 616.) Ariel' Humphrey [Fam. 257 (1721), S.'] was born in Burke, Vt., 20 May, 
1824; removed to Moocrs, X. Y., in 1850; married 15 Mch., 1854, iMary (dau. of Chauncey and 
Mary A.) Sperry, born 7 Feb., 1836, in Mooers, N. Y. She died 14 Mch., 1861. He married 
(2) 3 Mch., 1862, ]\Iary E. (dau. of Samuel) Brown, born at Kirby, Vt., 26 Oct., 1837; died 30 
Aug., 1877. 

Children (by ist marriage): 

I. Chavkcv Harold,* b. 4 Jan., 1857: unmarried; druggist (1885) in Port Henry, N. Y. 
II. Jennie .M.^, b. 25 Aug., 1859; unmarried. 
(By 2d marriage; all unmarried) : 

III. Eliza M.*, b. 18 Apr., 1863. 

IV. Amasa B.8, b. 23 Mch., 1S65. 

V. Samuel,* b. 3 Dec, 1866; d. 14 Sept., 1867. 
VI. Nellie L.*, b. 22 Sept., 1868. 
VII. Frederick O.*, b. 24 Aug., 1872. 


(P. 621.) Ella V.^ Humphrky [Fani. 267 (3497), S.=] married 31 Dec, 1876; her husband 
was born in Killingly, Ct.. 29 Dec, 1851. 

(P. 624.) Correll L.^ Humphrey, M. D. [Fam. 272 (3534), S.=], graduated at Geneva 
Medical College, and was a surgeon in the army during the war of the Civil Rebellion. In 1866 
he was practicing his profession in East Durham, N. Y. ; has also practiced in Rockland County, 
N. Y. In 18S4 he was a dentist in New York City. Is married and (in 1884) had a son. 

(P. 683.) James" Humphrey [Fam. 396 (4202), S.^] pursued his collegiate studies at 
Amherst College; early manifested an aptitude for the pen and the press; was for several )-ears 
editor and proprietor of the Litchfield Inquirer. He died after a lingering illness, somewhat like 
that of his father. 

The following tribute to his memory was taken from the Brooklyn Daily Union, of Nov. 
loth, 1868: 

"The death of Mr James Humphrey, son of the late Hon. James Humphrey, member of 
Congress from this city, has been already announced in our columns. The funeral services were 
held at the house of his mother, in Columbia street. They were conducted by the Rev. Drs. 
Storrs and Budington, and were attended by a large number of the friends of the deceased. He 
now rests at Greenwood, by the side of the father, whom he loved and honored, and from whom 
he has not long been separated. A suflerer from the same insidious and deadly disease by which 
his father was stricken down, Mr. Humphrey had borne for years a heavy burden of infirmity 
and pain. But such was the elasticity of his spirit, that, in the intervals of comparative comfort 
and precarious health, he seemed as bright and blithe of temper as if suffering and debility had 
been to him unknown experiences. Compelled, long since, to forego the literary and editorial 
labors which he greatly enjoyed, and finally to retire from all forms of regular occupation, he 
retained, to the end, the sprightliness of mind, the wit and mirthfulness, the relish for society, the 
constant hopefulness and the cheerful amiability, which, from early life, had attracted the interest 
ol all who knew him, and had engaged to him. closely the affections of his friends. Richer and 
nobler elements than these came out, too, in his character, especially in the later months of his 
sore conflict. Thoughtfulness for others, a new depth and tenderness of affection, submissiveness 
to God's will, a heroic patience in the midst of almost unendurable pain, a tranquil trust con- 
cerning the future, in the face of death — such as these were the powers of moral life which the 
ever-increasing severity of disease brought to development, as the heat of fire brings out to the 
light invisible writings. He greatly enjoyed life on the earth, and would gladly have had it pro- 
longed, if it might be, for others' sakes as well as for his own. He was ready to die, if that 
was God's will, and not with rapture, but with penitent faith, awaiting the great awards of the 
future. After a summer full of sickness and pain, which yet could not overbear his cheerful and 
enduring fortitude, he died at Norfolk, Ct., early on the morning of November the 9th, 1868, 
surrounded by all whom he loved best. 

In the Cabinet of the Massachusetts Historical Society, at Boston, Mass., are preserved the 
epaulets worn by General Washington, at Yorktown, Ya., and presented by him to Col. David 
Humphreys [Fam. 28 (149), J.^], who was then his aide, and who was deputed to convey to 
the Continental Congress the British flags, captured on that occasion by the American army. 
The epaulets were subsequently presented to the Massachusetts Historical Society by Hon. Daniel 

(P. 527.) Judge Guy Humphreys McMastf.r [2571] spent his early life in Bath, N. Y., 
whither his parents removed when he was six months old. At the age of eighteen (1847) he was 
graduated from Hamilton College, in his native State, in class with Gen. Joseph R. Hawley and 
Charles Dudley Warner. Two years after graduation he wrote "Carmen Bellicosum," which he 
contributed to the Knickerbocker Magazine the same year. In the following year (1850) he wrote 
a history of Steuben County, of which Bath is a part. He soon engaged in the study of the law, 
and after practicing several years, was elected "(in 1863) County Judge and Surrogate, which office 
he has held ever since, except for a period of six years. 

Mr. McMaster's poetical work, besides the poem named, consists of "A Dream of Thanks- 
giving Eve," written in 1863, and contributed to the Hartford Courant; a historical piece delivered 
at the centennial celebration of the Battle of Newtown (N. Y.) m 1879; a poem read before the 
alumni of Hamilton College in 1880; "The Professor's Guest-Chamber," a midsummer-night idyl; 
and several campaign songs. He possesses fine ability as an essayist, as well as a verse-writer; 
but he rarely sets himself seriously to work in either direction. His versatility, as also the extent 
and thoroughness of his reading of ancient and current literature, distinguish him among the 
educated men of his section. A life-long acquaintance speaks of the grasp of his mind as 
' ' something appalling. " 

Although mainly occupied with the duties of his position, he has in the last thirty years, 
besides writing the poems mentioned, written many able political editorials and some graphic and 
entertaining letters of travel for the Steuben Courier, published at Bath. 

By his neighbors he is said to be more universally respected and esteemed in the com- 
munity than any other citizen, while the worthiest people of the State pay tribute to his moral 

OziaS Humphrey. ^^ have been unable to secure any definite information as to the 
parentage of this Ozias. His descendants say that he had no brothers or sisters; that he was a 
man who said but little about his early life; and that they never knew that Ozias was a peculiarly 
"family" name. Mrs. Euphrasia Baird {nee. Humphrey), of Holly, Mich., says that she thinks 
that the name of the father of Ozias Humphrey was also Ozias, for she remembers about a 
stranger from Connecticut inquiring fpr Ozias Humphrey's son, meaning her father. 

The following is a part of a history which was read at a reunion of the Humphrey family, 
at Hemlock Lake, in 1881: 

"OziAS Humphrey was born in the town of Simsbury, Conn., in the year 1789. His 
mother's maiden name was Anna Andruss. He married Parnal Douglass, one of a numerous 
family living in the town of New Hartford. She was born in that town, 3 May, 1793. Her grand- 
father Douglass was one of four brothers who came from Scotland, and perhaps was a descendant 
of old Archibald Bell-the-cat. At any rate, from one of these brothers is descended the Hon. 
Stephen A. Douglass, the great war-democrat of Illinois. 

Shortly after their marriage, Ozias and his wife removed to Otsego Co., N. Y. : thence they 
removed to Madison County. In 1817 they removed to Owasco, Cayuga County, and lived there 
five years. At this time came a desire to see their native land once more, and ihey returned to 

While living in Simsbury, Ozias Humphrey followed for a short time the vocation of tin- 
pcddler. He traveled to Boston and back on a peddling tour, .but either the business was not 
congenial to him, or else he did not possess the requisite qualities to make it a success, and soon 
the peddler-wagon knew him no more. In 1826 he served a year as keeper of the State prison, 
at Wethersfield. He was a member of the Connecticut Militia; was a musician in a regiment in 
the war of 181 2, which regiment was stationed at New London at the time of the attempted 
descent on the coast by the British llect. He had learned the trade of a cooper, and had also 


worked at the carpenter and joiner trade, but, after removing to New York, his principal business 
was farming and teaming. 

About 1S29 he is remembered to have said that wood was too scarce in Connecticut, he 
was going where there was more timber. He moved to Cortland County, N. Y. ; from there to 
the town of Owasco, Cayuga County, and again, to the town of Sennet. 

Once more the spirit of emigration took possession of the family, and this time the family 
ark rested on the sterile and snow-bound hills of Springwater, Livingston Co., N. Y. At that 
time Springwater was but little settled. On the farm where they lived only about ten acres were 
cleared, and between that place and Springwater Valley there was hardly enough cleared to make 
a good-sized farm. The deer had not given up possession of the forest, and could still be 
occasionally seen. 

It is but a few years since that the log house in which the family lived for five years, stood 
by the road on the Brewer farm. In this house was born, in 1839, Charles, the youngest, but 
not least, of the family. 

After living on this farm five years, he moved to the farm owned by Edward Totten, and 
lived there five years. In 1S47 he moved to the farm now owned by C. M. Humphrey. 

Throughout most of the pilgrimage of the family, Anna, the mother of Ozias, had made 
her home with him. She died in 1842, aged seventy-six years. In 1852, Mary, the youngest 
daughter in the family, died. In 1856, Ozias Humphrey departed this life, three years before the 
death of his wife, which occurred at Springwater, N. Y., 30 Apr., 1859. Since then the family 
have twice been called to mourn the loss of its members — in 1868, Lucy Ann, wife of Willis Clark, 
of Sparta, and in 1876, Aranda, of Allegany Co. 

There are now living thirty-eight lineal descendants (43 in 1883) of Ozias and Parnal Hum- 
phrey, and fifty-two (62 in 1883) descendants including those direcdy related by marriage. 

Of those who bear the name of Humphrey in the second generation, and on whom it 
rests to perpetuate the name of tne family, there are nine boys — two sons of Aranda, Hem an and 
Harvey; four sons of Correll, William, Edwin. Herbert and Wilson; three sons of Charles, Ray, 
Charles, Jr., and Arthur." — Communicated by C. 31. Humphrey. 

I. Leora p., b. in Georgetown, Otsego Co., N. Y., 2 June, 18 15; m. 23 Apr., 1843, 
John Wilhelm, of Springwater, N. Y. P. O. address Webster's Crossing, N. Y. 

i. Emily, b. in Springwater, N. Y., 19 June, 1S46; m. James Hulburt, of Livonia, N. Y. 

Child: (I) Sidney (Hulburt). 
ii. Siilney Sweet, b. 16 June, 1S49; m. Josephine Axford, of Holly, Mich. P. O. address 

Holly, Mich. C7ii/d: (t) Harry Anderson (Wilhelm). 
iii. Elsie Jane, b. 14 May, 1851; m. 12 Jan., 1876, William H. Kiehle, of Sparta, N. Y. 

Childrm: (i) John Wilhelm (Kiehle). (2) Herbert (Kiehle). (3) Bertha (Kiehle). 
iv. Solon Humphrey, b. 21 Dec, 1853; m. 21 Oct., 18S0, Ella V. A.xford, of Holly, Mich. 

Resides in Milford, Mich. 
V. Eugene Bailey, b. 12 Feb., 1856; m. Carrie Patchin, of Wayland, N. Y. Resides in 

Milford, Mich. 
vi. Martin, b. 23 May, 1S59; died, 
vii. Martha, b. 23 May, 1S59. 
II. Harvey Doigla.s, b. in Nelson, N. Y.. 10 Dec, 1S17; m. 12 Apr., 1841, Mary 
Odcll, of Auburn, N. Y. Res. at Webster's Crossing, N. V. Child: 

i. Helen, b. in Springwater, N. Y., i8 May, 1846; m. 18 May, 1863, Charles Odell, 

of Kalamazoo, Mich. Res. at Webster's Crossing, N. Y. Children: (i) Harvey 

Billings (Odcll), b. 2 Nov., 1870. (2) May (Odell), b. 30 Jan., 1873. (3) Douglass 
(Odell), b. 31 Jan., 1S7S. 

III. Ar.\nd,\ Kellog, b. in Owasco, Cayuga Co., N. Y., 22 Feb., 1821; m. i Feb., 1S49, 

Elizabeth Artman, of Sparta, N. Y. ; d. 14 Sept., 1877. Children: 
I. Heman W., b. 28 Apr., 1850. 
n. Eva C, b. 25 Jan., 1856. 
iii. Harvey A., b. l6 May, 1S58. 

IV. Lucy Ann, b. in Owasco, Cayuga Co., N. Y., 3 May, 1823; m. 6 Nov., 1845, Willis 

Clark, of Sparta, N. Y.; d. 30 Aug., 1868. Child: 

i. Corrinne, b. 26 Sept., 1846; m. 13 July, 1872, Isaac Baird, of Holly, Mich. V. O. 
address Dansville, N. Y. Children: (i) Walter (Baii'd), b. 27 Jan., 1S74. (2) Pearl 
(Baird), b. 17 Sept., 1875. (3) Louise (Baii'd), b. I July, 1S7S. (4) Garfield (Baird), 
b. 16 Nov., 1S80. 

V. Esther M., b. in Simsbury, Ct., 21 Oct., 1825; m. 16 Apr., 1S57, David Crittle. 
Res. in Holly, .Mich. Child: 

1. Alice, b. in Holly, Mich., 15 Mch., 1858; m. 14 Dec, 18S2, John Mackey. 

VI. CoRRELL Myron, b. in Simsbury, Conn., 10 Apr., 1827; m. 24 Oct., 1850, Emily 
Jane Erwin, of Springwater, N. Y. Children: 

i. WilUam Erwin, b. in Springwater, N. Y., 15 Oct., 1851; m. 31 Dec, 1879, Carrie Eva 

Robinson. Res. in Springwater, N. Y. Child: (i) Nellie, b. I June, 1881. 
ii. Edwin Douglas, b. in Springwater, N. Y., 17 Mch., 1S55. Removed to Abilene, Kan., in 

18S1, and m. 4 Jan., 1883, Emma C. Embick. 
iii. Edith Amelia, b. in Springwater, N. Y., 28 July, 1857; m. 24 Nov., 18S1, Charles E. 

Swick, of Sparta, N. Y. Child: (I) Edwin Humphrey (Swick), b. 31 Dec, 18S2. 
iv. Herbert Lincoln, b. in Springwater, N. Y., 26 May, i860. 
V. Henry Wilson, b. in Springwater, N. Y., 24 May, 1869. 

VII. Ei'PHR.vsi.v, b. in Truxton, Cortland Co., N. Y., 20 July, 1829; m. 29 Dec, 1858, 
John Baird. Res. in Holly, Mich. Children: 
1. Bertha (Baird), b. 6 Apr., 1861; deceased, 
ii. John E. (Baird), b. I July, 1863. 
iii. Charles H. (Baird), b. 9 Sept., 1865. 
iv. Grace (Baird), b. 12 July, 1867; deceased, 
v. Bertie (Baird), b. 6 July, 186S; deceased, 
vi. Anabel (Baird), b. 16 Aug., 1870. 

VIII. M.\RY LuciNA, b. in Sennet, Cayuga Co., N. Y., 19 July, 1S33; d. 26 Sept., 1S52. 

IX. Ch.\rles, b. in Springwater, N. Y., 23 May, 1839. Enlisted 14 Dec, 1861, in the 
85th New York Vols.; taken prisoner at Plymouth, N. C, 20 Apr., 1864. Was 
a guest at Andersonville, Charleston and Florence, until 26 Feb., 1865; m. 4 July, 
1868, Cornelia Rowley, of Cowlesvillc, N. Y. Children: 
I. Ray, b. 24 Mch., 1870. 
ii. Charles Grant, b. 19 May, 1878. 
iii. Arthur Kno.x, b. 24 Apr., 1882. 


(p. 100, 1. 4.) This statement that no trace exists in the registers of Lvme Regis of the 
name of Flumphrey is not quite correct, as Mrs. Minima (Anw\-1) Harmon, who has made 
subsequent extensive researches in regard to the matter, sends us the following excerpt from the 
Parish Church Registers of that town: "5 July, 1655, Thomas Wise and Susanna Humphry, of 
Lime, were published three several Lord's days, and were married by Mr. John Davy, J. P., in 
presence of Thomas Wise, William Courtney and Francis Wells. Reg." 

If this Susanna was the wife of Samuel Humphrey, it proves that she was still at Lyme 
Regis in 1655, and that Samuel must have died betw^een 1648 and the date of her second marriage; 
and, therefore, that they could not have gone to live at St. Malo, as conjectured by Col. Chester. 

"It is, however, somewhat remarkable," remarks Mrs. Harmon, "that the marriage of 
Susanna Humphrey should be the only entry of the name found from earliest date i:p to 1700." 

(Page 97, and note; pages 106, 199, et al.) Land Grants, etc., to Michael Humphrey, from 
the old "Red Book" in the Simsbury (Conn.) Town Records: 

Michall Humphry of Windsor on Conecticutt who with some othei's now divers years past were encoraged 
by the Court to set- about making tarr out of candlle wood as likely to redound to a publique Benefite as well as 
their owne privat that should put it in practice and after they had tranesenaded in their worke to the laying out of 
manny pounds in labour and cost that went with it. some ill disposed Indians fireing their candle wood and being 
persued to make satisfaction; and having no better way in their hands, resigned up all their Indian right in the 
land within the limmits of Masaco and after the Court had taken the matter into consideration did alow the sd 
Michall free liberty to tak up fiftie Accres of medow land for his part within the aforesd Masacos MTiere it might 
be beneficial to him and now have got upon the bounding of-it & begins at the lower end of a slipp of meadow 
that lyes next below that called mantoes meadow and where he begins it is in breadth from the side of a swamp to 
the river Twentie four rods and runnes away a straight line South Southwest eighty rodds to a pinne Tree & 
bounds on the East by the Swamp in part and in part by a kind of upland and takes in all fair meadow bettween 
the said lyne and the river that bounds it West in account of Sixten accres and at the foresd pinne it is in breadth 
thirtie foure rodds and from the pinne he turnnes and goeth South South East to an ocke then from the ocke 
Southeast by east to an other ocke marked by a swamp side that heads that nouk against south east by east. In 
this parcell he takes in all the land between the sd marked trees & the swamp next to mantoe meadow and bounds 
by the river, at the higher end of the slipp to where it joines to the first sixteen accres — then is accomited fifteen 
accres— then passeth over into Mantoe meadow, and begins at his first enttering and runnes southward up the 
meadow one hundred and two rods and there turned a head lyne across the Meadow from the poynt of a swamp 
that runnes from the uper end of the meadow near to the river unto an other swamp neare to the Mountaine 
bounded South by the remaynder of tlie meadow or Josiah Hull west by the river east by the swamp in (juantitie 
Ninten accres this meassured and bounded out. 
March 23, 55 Mathew Grant 


Thes Presants testifie that I Michall Humphries of Windsor in tlie country of hartford do hereby allienat 
assigne and set over all my right tittle & Interest which I have heitherto had in the parcell of land at Massaco as 
is exprest on the other sid with all the appurtinances thereunto belongmg I say I Michall Humphries do hereby 
mak it over to Mr. Henery Rose his heirs and assignes for ever upon the account of the Agreement made in Court 
may the 8th 68 bettween me Michall Humphries and Mr. Henery Rose, in Wittnesse hereof I have hereunto set my 
hand this year 166S Juen 18 delvired in the presence and witness of us 

Michall Hc.mphkie 
Mathew Grant— recorder 
John ffyller 

I Benjamin Newbery Agent and Attorney for Mr. Henery Rose do allienate assigne and hereby passe over 
for ever to John Moore Junr of Windsor his heirs and assignes all the right tittle & Interest that Mr. Henery Rose 
hath had or might have to the lands and all the appurtenances spesified and Intended in this coppy of records on 
the other side and in this assignement above Written and Signed by Michall Humphries as Witnesse my hand this 
28ih of December 1668 

Benjamin Newbery 
Signed and delivered in the 

presence of us 
Daniel Clarke 

JnllN D l-FOLI.EV 

his mark 



"One parcel! given to ye said M. H. by the Inhabitants of Simsbury, when the lands was disposed of by the 
Inhabitants of Simsbury to these who were accepted by said Inhabitants; ye grant was to said Humphries Twenty 
Accres at Samon Brook; and to lyem Division with the rest of ye lots and bound to ye same articles as the rest; 
onely he was exempted from buildinge or living on ye sd land if he go cause, else the said M. H. is bound to cary 
one his part of fenceing with ye rest and his first Division in the first meadow was the Third Lott according to his 
choice a butt on Northwesterly on George Sandrs his Meadow Lott and Northeasty on Nathaniel Holcomb his lot 
Northerly and Southerly ends of said lot abutteth-at the upland and being not squar at either end; it was deemed 
something above forty rods in length the breadth of said pearcles of land is Thirty rodd; the said land by estimation 
is seveen accres & Three Rood be it more or less. 

viz. one parcle more of land in Malacakes Meadow which is tlie sd Michall Humphries second division; which was 
in length 40 perches in Breadth thirty Rodds; aboutts North Westerly on Georg Sandsrs lot easterly on Nathaniell 
Holcomb his lot Alias now is by exchang of lotts Thomas Griffin Northerly and southerly on the Comons; which 
sd land is by estimation seveen acres and an halfe, be it more or less. 

One parcell of land more— in the five Accre medow belonging to Michall Humphries his Heyrs and assignes 
for ever, abutts Northwesterly one daniell Adams his Five Accres lot eastwardly on Nathaniell Holcomb his lot; 
Northerly and Southerly on the commons, the said lot in Breadth is tweenty eight rods and in length Thirty perches 
and the porche is Five Accres Twenty eight perches, be it more or less — coppyd out, June 7. 1687 

Mrs. Sarah M. Churchill, one of the assistant editors of this work, was born August 18, 1836, in East. 
hampton, Mass. Her father. Dr. Atherton Clark, was a lineal descendant, in the sixth generation, of Thonias Clarke, 
master's mate of the Mayflower. Her mother, Harriet Smith, was the daughter of Dr. Enos Smith, of Ashfield, 
Mass., who traced his ancestry to Lieut. Samuel Smith, who, with his wife and four children, came to New England 
in 1634; was one of the early settlers of Wethersfield, Ct. ; and in 1659 removed to Hadley, Mass. 

In girlhood Sarah was guileless, truthful, and of a loving, happy nature. She early became a Christian, and 
at the age of fifteen united with the Congregational Church. 

She graduated from the Classical Department of AVilliston Seminary in 1855, in a class of over forty students, 
among whom she ranked among the foremost. 

In May, 1869, she came to this city, at the invitation of the late Dr. D. P. Holton, to assist in his extensive 
genealogical researches, and remained several years in his employ. Here she developed that aptitude for, and skill 
in the prosecution of genealogical studies, which have so markedly contributed to thg perfection of the present work. 

She was married December 9th, 1S74, to Capt. William B. Churchill, then in the service of the American 
Tract Society, in this city. He died January 4th, 1883, aged fifty -four years. He was a member of the Church of 
the Strangers, and she joined the same in June, 1875, continuing in its fellowship and communion until her decease 
on the morning of May 27, 1885. 

Her dying confession of faith was m these words: "Jesus is my hope and righteousness." 

On May 29th, with Christian services and burial, she was laid to rest beside her husband and parents, in 
West Side Cemetery, at Guilford, Ct. It was the blossoming time of the lilies of the valley, and loving friends 
placed their pure, fragrant flowers in her casket and on her newly.made grave. 

The chief feature of Mrs. Churchill's character was conscientiousness. It pervaded her whole life, and her 
whole life-work. Especially in this genealogy, which occupied several of the later years of her life, was this trait 
prominently brought to the notice of those who were associated with it. Had she belonged to the Humphreys 
family, she could not have been more enthusiastic and devoted, more exact and painstaking than she was in unravel- 
ing its tangled webs. Especially noticeable was this conscientiousness in the loving care and exactness with which— 
in the last days of her life, when she saw, but with unfaltering heart, the approach of death — she "placed her 
(genealogical) house in order," arranging, docketing and annotating the whole vast amount of accumulated m.aterial, 
so that, at her death, it became not only possible, but easy, for her assocuites to carry on the work which she had 
so well commenced. 





Born. ■b3r tHe ^^Tarjae of :E3:-cri^:E=I^ISE-^. 

EXPLANATION.— An Asterisk (*) affixed to the name signifies tliat tlie individual is a descendant of John. = 
In case of double numbers prefixed to the name, the first indicates the individual's number, giving his birth 
the regular family series; and the second gives his number (also in the series) as the head of a family. 
A single number prefixed to the name, indicates his (or her) place in the series. 
The small number at right hand of names, indicates the gate-ration to which they belong. 








Aaron '■ 323 

Aaron = 419 

Aaron B.^ 419 

3047 Aaron C (Rev.) 425, 580 
4376 AaronG.s, (M. D.)58r,697 

2992 Aaron N.* 420, 576 

A. Sophia ' 492 

196 AbeP 126, 255, 274 

1692 Abel« 334. 448 

Abel' 738 

3424 Abel R. ". . . .449, 615, 73S 

Abbie H.e 6S9 

Abigail 323, 726, 729 

AbigaU' 496 

*AbigaiP 17s. 250 

♦AbigaU^ 112 

* Abigail' II4> "5 

*Abigail ' 195 

* Abigail ' I40 

*Abigail ° 145 

*Abigail = 134 

*Abigail Amanda » 214 

1036 Abner" 281, 375 

*Abner« 139 

Abner D." 511 

1291 Abraham'^ 319, 407 

2798 Abraham " 407, 563 

2301 Abraham " 364, 505 

927 Abraham' (Capt.).279, 364 

478 Abraham • 268, 319 

•Abraham 125 

Abraham « (Capt.) 357 

♦Abraham Lincoln ^ 227 

*Achsah 188 

Achsah" 408 

*Achsah- , 187 

Ada' 701 

Ada A.8 643 

Ada L.8 658 

Ada M.8 584 

Ada M.8 650 

Ada M.» 698 

Adaline A.'' 511 

Adaline E." 699 

AdellaC' 655 

Adelaide' 577. 73^ 

Adelaide' 629 

1399 Adelaide J." 415 

Adelaide L.'* 643 

4061 Adelbert' 523, 663 

Adelia" 510 

Adeline' 527 

Adeline A.« 591 

Adeline E.8 625 

Adelly 1.8 637 

Addie G.' 721 

Addis E.' 478 

Addison C.8 625 

*Adnah' 212 

*Adnah' 186 

*Agnes 121 

Agnes B.' 535 

Agnes O.' 661 

757 Aikins " 352 

3235 Alanson 8 596 

2382, 4005 Albert' 511, 659 

660 * Albert Anson 8 2 10 

3815 Albert €.« 645 

4314 Albert G.' 692 

4740 Albert G.' 722 

738 *Albert JarvisS z\6, 242 

4349 Albert L." 695 

2254 Albert O.' 502 

3913 Albert O.s 652 

749 * Albert Phelps 8 217 

4483 Albert P.» 703 

4377 Albert S.' 697 

4554 Albert S.'» 710 

1735. 3449 Aldis B.' 45". 6i7 

1760 Allen " (Maj.) 452 

642 Allen 337 

1807, 3488 Allen ' 456, 621 

3477 Allen8 619 

1007 *Allen Beaumont '" 240 

2413 Aliens.' 514 

480 * Alexander Campbell* — 1S8 

64S, 1S3S Alexander" 33S, 459 

Alexander 302, 33S 

482, 704 *Alexander' 1S9, 213 

705 *Alexander Albert' 214 

1424, 291 1 Alexander B.«.... 419. 57° 

279 */Uexandcr C.^' 143 

29iin Alexander C 570 

41CX) Alexander F.* 667 

4197 Alexander P.* 6S1 



4200 Alexander P.' 681 

2542 Alford ' 524 

25SoAlford' 525 

2171 Alfred ' 497 

3455, 4650 Alfred" 618, 716 

4678 Alfred A. i» 718 

663, 888 *AIfred Benajah^.. 

210, 230, 242a 

1084, 2443 Alfred D.e. .378, 516, 735 

893 'Alfred Earnest ■'' 230 

3627, 4676 Alfred F.s 631, 718 

890 * Alfred Franklin ' 230 

4130 Alfred L.^ .669 

3493 Alfred P.* 621 

4216 Alfred S.'- 685 

Algernon S.' . . 383 

2^30, 4065 Algernon S.' 523, 664 

2909 Alice ' 570 

3827 Alice f 646 

4657 Alice? 717 

748 *Alice Carolines 217 

3996 .,\lice C.'^ 658 

4727 Alice C.9 722 

2206 Alice E. ■ 500 

4033 Alice E.« 66i 

3538 Alice E.» 624 

354 *Alice Facelia* 227 

4617 Alice F.9 7,5 

3768 Alice GA. 643 

2300 Alice L.' 504 

4270 Alice L.'^ 689 

3729 Alice L.s 640 

4689 Alice L.» 719 

913 *Alice Marys 232 

4485 Alice M.9 703 

4520 Alice M.3 708 

4604 Alice M.9 713 

159 *AIijahs 134 

661 *AIhsonS 210 

1973 Alma S.' 476 

810 Almira <> 354 

298 *Almira6 144 

Almira « 379 

Almira ' 339 

2042 Almira ' 485 

1576 Almira • 439 

4103 Almira » 667 

3230 Almira" 596 

3268 Almira C.s 601 

1 121 Almira H.e 381 

4355 Almon E.>» 695 

3024, 4345 Almon H." 578, 694 

4324 Alonzo 8 693 

2471 Alosia' 518 

3310 Alta A." 60s 

4543 Alta E.s 709 

4155 Alvah Jay » 676 

3561 Alvarez O.* 626 

572, 1572 Alvinc 332, 333, 438 

1573, 3222 Alvin ' 438, 596, 602 

3246 Alvin* S98 

4371 Alvin C. 9 697 

337 Apamy » 286 

91 Apphia * 260 

Apphia* 316 

1377 Amanda 6 412 

612 Amanda 6 335 

449 *Amanda ' 186 

774 *Amanda Clarissa*. ..... 220 

*Amaryllis 5 143, 251 

463 Amaryllis * 318, 439 

959 Amaryllis 6 365 

1 74, 348 * Amasa * 

134- "35. 174. 175. 180, 252 

360 *Amasa ' 167 

* Amasa 176 

362 *Amasa ' 177 

3439 Amasa * 6l5 

421 *Amaziah « (Capt.) 184 

217 *Amaziah « 138, 139 

430 *Amaziah' 185 

198, 604 Ambrose 6 274, 335 

Amelia 267, 279, 301 

506 Amelia* 321 

507 Amelia * 321 

935 Amelia ^ 364 

574 Amelia 6 332.333 

745 Amelia « 351 

2811 Amelia ' 564 

459 *Amelia ' 181 

548 *Amelia ' 193 

1548 Amelia ' 435 

1755 Amelia' 452 

3413 Amelia^ 614 

693 *Amelia* 213 

801 *Amelia * 222 

3387 Amelia C* 611 

4618 Amelia D.9 715 

3S54 Amelia L.s 648 

Amesa B.' 738 

1453 Aminda ' 423 

1443 Amoret "i 420 

535 *Amorette ' 193 

786 *Amorette Jane * 221 

*Amy 134 

166 *Amy 5 134 

370 *Amy6 178 

4364 Amy E.' .- 696 

4389 Amy \r.9 69S 

2799 Andrew ' 563 

954, 1006 * Andrew Beaumont' 

235, 240 

3245, 4536 Andrew J.* 598, 709 

3849 Angeline « 647 

2282 Angeline E.' 504 

4414 Angeline J.' 699 





Anice C 573 

Ann 314 

Ann 5 275 

Ann 6 391 

Ann' 576 

Ann A.' 475 

Ann D.* 665 

Ann E.' 447 

Ann H.6 363 

Ann J." 611 

Ann Matilda* 382 

Ann M.' 576 

*Anna 139 

*Anna 123, 124, 260 

Anna 726 

^Anna 149 

*Anna s 133 

*Anna s 2S4 

* Anna * 1 24 

Anna * 322 

Anna* 391 

Anna* 350 

*Anna * 149 

*Anna * 140 

*Anna* 147 

Anna 5 389 

*Anna'' 204 

*Anna' 190 

Anna' 432 

Anna"* 651 

Annas 5S3 

Anna ' 710 

Anna B 705 

Anna B.» 6S3 

Anna E.' 532 

Anna E." 594 

Anna M.s 692 

Anna M.^ 617 

*Anna SelbyS 217 

Anne 726 

Anne E.* 66g 

Annie ' 536 

Annie' 570 

Annie* 646 

Annie* 647 

Annie B.' 709 

Annie E.s 615 

Annie G.' 569 

Annie M.' 534 

Annie O.' 617 

*Annis 180 

Annis* 356 

Annis'^ 410 

*Annis " 207 

*Annis Fidelia » 227 

*Annis Florilla 8 228 

32-7 Ansel' (Gen.)..,. 438, 597 

An el« 596 



4538 Ansel ' 709 

439, 659 *Anson ' 185, 210 

3630 Anson W.* 632 

Apphia' 330 

Arad 408 

1045, 2374 Archibald" 376, 511 

601, 1719 Ariel « 335' 45° 

369*Ariel6 178 

1721, 3438 Ariel' 450, 616 

616 Ariel' 738 

4593 ArUeO.' 713 

3536 Arlond » 624 

1829, 3530 Arlond TuUy' (Gen.) 

458, 624 

4336 Armelia A.« 694 

1817 Armenia E.' 458 

Arnetta 693 

1565 Arnold ' 437 

1549 Arnold ' 435 

559. '547 Arnold Pleiades" 

(Col.) 261-2, 267,331,435 

3694 Arris P.** , 637 

2435 Arthur B.' 515 

4468 Arthur B.s 702 

43S2 Arthur C.-" 697 

894 * Arthur Edmund » 230 

4390 Arthur E.s 698 

4413 Arthur E.9 699 

3167 Arthur L.8 592 

4285 Arthur R.» 690 

1725 Arvilla A.' 450 

Asa 252 

*Asa 17s 

Asa 5 329 

175, 365 *Asa5 135, 177 

366, 607 *Asa'= 178, 204 

140, 285 *Asahel » 127, 143 

291, 565 ♦Asahel" 144, 195 

846, 2175 Asahel" 356, 497 

151, 520 Asaph'' (Capt.).. .271, 323 

1426, 2912 Asaph" 419, 571 

4307 Asaphs 692 

2924 Asaph J.' 572 

*Asenath 137 

*Asenath« 124 

*Asenath ' 136, 300, 405 

189 *Asenath " 137 

3:34 Asenath E.» 587 

368 *Asenath M.6 178 

844 Ashbel « 356 

Ashbel 365 

Ashbel < 357 

59, 241 AshbeH 256, 276 

248 Ashbel 5 277 

1505 Ashbel ' 431 

2194, 3867 Ashbel S.' 498, 649 

31 10, 4401 Ashbel S.s 585, 699 

Asher (Capt.) 390 

433, 1201 Asher» (Capt) 300, 315, 396 

Asher 462 

3947 Augusta 8 654 

2270 Augusta A.' 503 

963, 2311 Augustine" 365, 507 

3924 Augustine A. R.s 653 

456 Augustus 5 316 

281, 508 *Augustus6. .142, 143, 191 

Augustus 217, 317 

2434 Augustus D.' 515 

761 *Augustus Loyal ' 219 

509 *Augustu3 L.i> 191 

937 *Augustus Phelps 8 234 

765 *Augustus Phelps 8 219 

3522 Aurelia s 623 

781 *Aurella Ann 8 221 

4759 Austin 8 723 

1641, 3371 Austin N.' (Col.) 

388, 443, 611 

4597 Austin M.9 713 

3394, 4605 Austin R.* 613, 714 

4361 Avery A.^ 696 

905 Avis Taylor « 363 

Azubah 256, 457 

167 Azubah^ 272, 341 


*Bathsheba. 121, 249-52-60, 421 

73 *Bathsheba < 122 

112 *Benajah.ii6, 120, 125, 250, 268 

Benajah" (Sgt.) 317 

41, III *Benajah< (Sgt-)--ll8. 125 
461, 1256 Benajah* 318, 404 

214 *Benajah5 117, 138 

215 *Benajah" 139 

440, 662 *Benajah'' 185, 210 

2982, 4340 Benjamin B.'. ...575, 694 

2926 Benjamin F.' 572 

4318 Benjamin F.8 693 

4322 Benjamin F.9 693 

120 *Benoni 125 

Bcnoni' 319 

234 *Ben&ni *. . . 140 

235, 445 *Benoni " 140, 186 

2330 Bcrcy A.' 50S 

3938 Bertha 8 579> 654 

4048 Bertha C.s 663 

3952 Bertha M.* 655 

440S Bertie W.9 699 

3871 Bessie8 649 

3755 Bessie A. 8 642 

4680 Bessie R.i» 718 

Betsy" 319 

♦Betsy 19s, 405 

218 Betsey* 275 

2759 Betsey' 559 

2140 Betsey ' 495 

997 Betsey " 3^7 

♦Betsey 6 150 

Betsey A.s 595 

*Betsey Amelia '^ 227 

*BetsyVose' 150 

Birdie" 688 

Bissell" 405, 560 

Bissell J." 688 

Blanche C.9 709 

Blanche E.' ' 722 

Bm-dette F.s (Rev.) 619 

Bm-t 8 648 

Burt J.9 703 

Burton G.s 713 

Burton W.s 722 

*Byron Philander 8 218 

Byron R.8 664 

4067 Byron S.' 523, 664 


Cadwells 355 

Calista A.' 478, 729 

Calvin B.s 643 

, 3704 Calvin P.' (Esq.). .484, 638 

Calvin P.8 638 

Camelia " 342 

♦Campbell 184, 189 

709 Campbell ' 189, 214 

Candace « 400 

♦Candace 178 

Canilda C.^ 458 

2092 Carleton « 354, 49« 

Carleton W.' 721 

Carlos '^ 284 

Carl H.' 687 

966 *Carlton Frederick » 

220, 236 

Carlton J. 8 651 

Carlton J. 8 651 

♦Caroline < 125, 138 

Caroline^ 247, 268 

♦Caroline 6 139 

♦Caroline ' 195 

♦Caroline ' 149 

♦Caroline/ 184 

Caroline A.9 715 

Caroline A.' 559 

Caroline A.' 493 

♦Caroline A.' 193 

Caroline Elizabeth e 354 

♦Caroline E.8 149 

Caroline H." 687 

♦Caroline Justine « 221 

Caroline M.' 577 

♦Caroline Selby ' 19° 

Carrie * 660 

Carrie « 7°9 

Carrie A.' 5^ 

Carrie E.« 614 






185 1 



. '35. 






Carrie I.e 6S7 

Carrie L." 641 

Carrie L.8 688 

Carrie M.9 710 

Carrie W.' 719 

Cassie B.8 659 

Cassius M.8 622 

Cassius S.' 515 

Catharine' 518 

Catherine 8 623 

Catherine C.'0 598 

Catherine E. ' 460 

Catherine L.' 533 

Celilia* 320, 322 

Cecilia A.' 501 

Celia 252 

*Celia6 178, 180 

Celia A.9 724 

Celia E.' 513 

Celia M.s 660 

Cesta' 439 

Cesta 457, 623 

♦Charles 125 

Charles 249, 432 

Charles'" (Lieut.) 125 

322 Charles ■< 257, 2S4 

457 Charles ■• 268, 317 

108 Charles '. 252, 266 

♦Charles 3 136, 138 

1252 Charles s. .. .317, 318, 404 

1087 Charles 5 284, 378 

19S6 Charles e.... 351, 477, 734 

♦Charles 6 146 

Charles 5 285 

Charles « 420 

2747 Charles « 404, 558 

♦Charles' 195 

Charles ' 735 

3759 Charles ' 492, 642 

Charles' 523 

Charles ' 559 

Charles * 223 

Charles 8 638 

Charles « 653 

Charles 8 687 

Charles ' . . . . 700 

Charles A.' 515 

Charles A.8 677 

Charles A.e 687 

♦Charles Albro 9 239 

♦Charles Alfred » 237 

3688 Chas. B.' (Capt.) 477, 637 

Charles B.' 561 

Charles B.s 660 

Charles B.s 692 

4567 Charles B.» (Esq.) 604, 711 

Charles B." 584 

Charles C 577 


♦Charles Canda* 224 

Charles C ■. 693 

4092 Chas. D.' (Lieut.) 533, 666 

4635 Charles D.e 614, 716 

Charles D.s 633 

Charles D.' 702 

4179 Charles E.' 542, 679 

Charles E.' 515 

4317 Charles E.' 572, 693 

Charles E.s 677 

Charles E.8 693 

♦Charles Edwin 8 224 

Charles E.9 708 

4501 Charles Frederick 8 

(Capt.) 593, 705 

Charles F.s 617 

♦Charles French 8 218 

Charles F.9 698 

Charles F.9 707 

♦Charles Granville 8 213 

Charles G.8 652 

♦Charles G.' 149 

3875 Charles H.' 500, 649 

Charles H.6 67S 

Charles H.s 655 

Charles H.9 721 

Charles I.' 504 

4018 Charles J.' 512, 660 

♦Charles Jcwett" 230 

Charles K." 508 

Charles L.» 689 

Charles L.s 643 

4716 Charles L.* 641, 721 

Charles L.s 716 

2438 Charles M.s 37S, 515 

Charles M 543 

Charles U.'O 598 

Charles M.' 735 

♦Charles Marks 239 

Charles O.' 509 

Charles P. 8 615 

Charles P.* 637 

Charles R.' 563 

Charles R." 585 

Charles R.» (M. U.) 645 

Charles R.s 712 

Charles S.' 525 

3950 Charles S. ' 507, 654 

Charles S.' 707 

Charles U.9 710 

Charles V.8 637 

Charles W.' 521 

999 ♦Charles WesleyS.. 229, 239 

Charles W.s 661 

Charles W.o 714 

Charles W.s 719 

Charlie E.' 701 

Charlotte' 511 


♦Charlotte' 191 

Charlotte 8 583 

Charlotte A.' 5Q4 

Charlotte B.9 667 

Charlotte D.G 3S5 

Charlotte E.' 525 

Charlotte L.' 495 

Charlotte P.' 454 

Charlotte \\.« 687 

Chauncey • 320, 321 

526 ♦Chauncey 6 (Col.) 

142, 143, 192 

♦Chauncey Dean8 221, 242« 

1390 Chauncey^ (Gen.) 321, 413 

♦Chauncy Daniel 8 221 

Chauncy H.8 738 

Cherry A.' 497 

2117 Chestere 355, 493 

3397 Chester' (Rev.).. 446, 613 

Chester' 566 

436S Chester C.8 (Rev). 581, 696 

4622 Chester R.8 614, 715 

Chester S. '" 695 

Chipman L.8 605 

♦Chloe 125, 315 

Chloe 337 

♦Chloe« 135 

Chloe 5 27s 

Chloe 5 396 

♦Chloes 175 

♦Chloe ' 140 

♦Chloe 8 177 

♦Chloe' 186 

Chloe ' 564 

Chloe ' 449 

Chloe 8 599 

Chloe A.' 503, 677 

Chloe A.' 542 

Chloe B. I.» 67S 

Chloe B.8 363 

Chloe C 53S 

Chloe E.8 619 

Chloe S.' 536 

Chloe S.'. 452 

Chloe S.' 456 

Cicely B.8 639 

Clara« 335 

Clara8 618 

♦Clara Anna 8 224 

♦Clara Anna' 237 

Clara B.' 4S7 

Clara B." 636 

Clara E.' 522 

Clara E.9 698 

Clara E.9 698 

Clara J.8 615 

Clara M.s 712 

Clara S.9 721 









1 868 



Clara T.e 663 

3708 Clarence' 484, 639 

*Clarence Alfred ^ 23S 

Clarence E.s 638 

*Clarence Edward s 224 

Clarence J. « 641 

Clarence L." 639 

Clarence M.» (M. D.).... 639 

*Clarence Masons 223 

Clarina H.s 689 

Clarinda 262 

Clarinda ' 435 

Clarinda' 51S 

Clarinda ^ 400 

Clarissa 272, 285, 362, 589 

Clarissa^, 285 

Clarissa ^ 329 

*Clarissa * 135 

Clarissa " 341 

Clarissa ^ 341 

Clarissa « 366 

Clarissa * , 366 

Clarissa ' 495 

Clarissa * 632 

Claris C.8 663 

Clarissa D. O.s 619 

Clarissa E.6 583 

Clarissa R.' 509 

Clarissa W.s 702 

Clayton W.» 691 

Clellies 659 

Colette R.9 7:5 

Cora'o 700 

*Cora Abby 9 235, 242a 

Cora S.8 667 

Cora S.o 724 

Cordelia' 564 

Cornelia 341 

Cornelia' 461 

Cornelia * 629 

Cornelia ^ 715 

Cornelia E.s 614 

Cornelia E.» 627 

Cornelia J.' 567 

Cornelius ' 574 

, 1886 Correl 6 339, 461 

, 1323 Correlo 419, 732 

Correl 338, 439, 570 

Correl ' 436 

Correl ' 450 

Correll' (M. D.) 413 

Correll L.s (M. D.)....624, 739 

Cory don ' 565 

Critic M.9 716 

, 3539 Curtis C 458, 624 

Cynthia 584 

Cynthia «. 334 

*Cynthi.i'. 189 

2371 Cynthia' 511 

"595 Cynthia' 44° 

3491 Cyril E.* 621 

486 *Cyrus ' 189 

4386 Cyrus E.9 698 

707 * Cyrus Leveretf* 214 

764 *Cyrus Millers 219, 242 


Daisy 328 

47 *Damaris-' 119, 318 

Daniel (Hon.) 250 

Daniel (Col.) 739 

43, 144 *DanieM (Rev.) 

95, 116, 118, 127-132, 
133. 134, 14S, 150, 197 

Daniel 384 

75, 386 DanieH 257,296 

387 Daniel 5 296 

123 *Daniel * 126 

164 *Daniel * 134 

145, 304 *Daniel " 130, 145 

♦Daniel » (Esq.) 197 

262 *Daniel« 142 

328 *Daniel6 147 

305, 568 *Daniel « 145, 195 

1504, 3108 Daniel ' 431, 585 

542 *Daniel Chauncey ' 193 

278, 473 *Damel G.«. .142, 143, 188 
475, 694 *Daniei Granville'. 188, 213 
505, 755 *Daniel' (Judge). .190, 217 

4316 Daniel W.s 692 

1942 Darius ' 474 

502, 750 *Dar\vin'. . .190, 191, 217 

4758 Daves 723 

David (Hon.) 739 

*David 136 

56, 219 David ■< 256,275 

149, 347 *David^ (Gen.) 

93, 94, 95, 132, 133, 
148-175, 197- 

221, 721 Davids 276, 350, 351 

333 *David « 147 

346 *David6 151 

420, 655 *David' 184, 210 

585,' 82S *David ' 202, 224 

541, 8cx3 *David ' 193, 222 

1943, 3665 David ' 474, 635 

451 *David' 186 

1907 David ' 465 

2090 David ' 491 

David 8 738 

4363 David A.'» 696 

1808, 3494 David E.' 457, 621 

4175 David F.8 67S 

525 *David G.' 192 

2891 David H.' 569 

3430 David 0.» 615 


897 David Wellss 212, 230 

David W.8 694 

Deborah L.' 542 

*Deborah Veits 224 

1899 Deciuss (Col.) 341, 344, 463 

Decius * 667 

Decius E.s 619 

Delia A.' 566 

Delia C 502 

Delia L.' 489 

Delia L.' 486 

Delia M.' 455 

Deliverance-' 257 

Denceyc 375 

Desire * 299, 300 

Desire^ 419 

Devereaux ' 514 

DeWittC 437 

Diana' '. . 441 

Diana « 596 

*Dianthe' 117 

*Dianthe ' 185 

Dillon B.s 693 

Dora M.9 .677 


247, 250, 265, 273, 422, 435, 730 

*Dorcas 138 

Dorcas * 266 

Dorcas 6 419 

*Dorcas6 139 

*Dorcas ' 185 

Dorcas ' 42 1 

Dorcas A.* 578 

Dorothea » 320, 322 

Dorothy " 330 

♦Dosa* 119 

*Dositheus 184 

*Dositheus ^ 120, 726 

437 *Dositheus«..i36, 139, 185 

Dositheus, Jr 726 

2787 Drayton« 407, 562 

531 *Dudley (Judge)... 

142, 143, 188, 192 

Dudley (Dr.) 341 

Dudley ^ 34" 

Dudley (Lieut.) 435 

775 Dudleys 276, 352 

*DudleyS 126 

549 •Dudley" 143, '93 

1679 Dudley 6 (Dr.).. .. 

334, 350, 447 

Dudleys 596, 736 

Dudleys 716 

2085 Dudley S.« 354, 4S9 

3736 Dudley S.' 491, 641 

4029 Duane \V.' 515. 661 

♦Duiand Rachel I4t> 

♦Dwight 14S 

;dex to HUMPHREY 

Dwight 584 

rJwight ' 733 

4774 Dwight E.9 724 

4249 Dwight S.s 685 


4577 Earnest J." 711 

1129 2528 Ebenezer Field e. . . . 

3S2, 3S3, 523 
Eber 420 

554 EberS 331 

1485 30S9 Eber ' 429, 583 

4412 Eber 9 699 

2132 Eber B. ■ 495 

1300, 2S00 Eden ^ 408, 563 

2222, 3894 Edgar' 501, 651 

2355 Edgar R.' 510 

2269, 3917 Edgar R.' 503, 652 

4636 Edith' 716 

4517 Edith E.9 707 

4159 Edith L.5 677 

4748 Edith M.' 723 

4049 Edna C.« 663 

4038 Edward 662 

1083 Edward 6.. . : 378 

*Edward 8 149 

1012 Edward 'o 240 

2368, 3992 Edward A." 511, 658 

992 *Ed\vard Burton » 238 

2594, 4089 Edward C (Lieut.) 

533. 666 

917 *Edward Dennis' 232 

600 *Edward E.' 20d 

3086, 4383 Edward E.s 583, 698 

4477 Edward E.' 703 

708, 916 *Edward Frankhn" 

214, 232 

606 *Ed\vard F.* 204 

4252 Edward G.8 689 

4473 Edward G.9 702 

4265 Edward G.« 689 

839 *Edward Henry >* 227 

813 *Edward James ' 223 

3154, 4476 Edward L.» 589, 702 

2136 Edward M. ' 495 

2500, 4050 Edward M." 521, 663 

4516 Edward M.» 707 

1859, 3615 Edward ().'.... .460, 631 
2730, 418S Edward I'.' (Rev., 

D.D., L. L. D.)555, 679 

3398 Edward P.' 613 

4193 Edward P.' 681 

4199 Edward P.» 681 

566 *Edward S.' 195 

*Edward Thompson ". . . . 150 

4190 Edward W. C.» 681 

3659, 4709 Edward W,' 634, 720 

371 1 Edwin' (M. D.) 639 

2223, 3898 Edwin' 501, 651 

2853 Edwin' 567 

2S46 Ed\yin ' 566 

2380, 3994 Edwin ' 511, 658 

312S, 4424 Edwins 586, 700 

3638, 4696 Edwin 1 632, 719 

746 *EdwinS 217 

4661 Edwin ' 717 

602 *Edwin A.', 204 

3987 Edwin A.8 657 

2256 Edwin C. ' 502 

4723 Edwin C.» 721 

4542 Edwin J.9 709 

994 * Edwin Jonathan 9 238 

969 * Edwin Moore ' 236 

567, 81S *Edwin Steele'.... 

143. 192. 195. 224 

1563 Edwin S.' 437 

Edwin S 541 

3452 Edwin W.s 617 

4170 Effie E.s 677 

974, 2324 Egbert 6 366, 50S 

*Eldridge Maria 150 

4375 Eldridge M.9 697 

278 Electa 5 280 

1250 Electa" ; 404 

1030 Electa" 375 

1879 Electa' 461 

3625 Electa* 631 

3292 Electa* 603 

1635 Electa A.' 442 

3104 Eleanor P.« 558 

4472 EH J.9 702 

355, 1088 Eliakim M.5 

2SS, 359. 378, 379 

237 *Elias'' 140 

3796, 4739 Elias B.* 644, 722 

4741 Elida M.9 722 

107, 188 *Elihu5.(Maj.) 

124, 136, 137, 300, 381 

197 *Elihu6 138 

147. 335 *Elijah (Maj.) 

130, 146, 14S, 149 
Elijah 33S 

203, 640 Elijah i (Capt.) .... 

275. 336; 454 

385, 1120 Elijah* 295, 381 

343. 597 "Elijah 6 .... 150, 197, 203 

589 *Elijah ' 203 

1 119, 2506 Elijah C.« 381, 521 

1771 Elijah H.' 453 

1779. 3470 Elijah H.' 453, 618 

1124 Elijah 0.6 (Hon.) 381 

115 *Elisha 125 

113 *Elisha 125 

*Elisha 195 

*Elisha< 124 

3S4 Elishas ' 295 

*Elisha5 138 

*Elisha5 139 

2340 Elisbae. . .■ 375, 509 

*Elisha« 139 

Elisha' 371 

Elisha M.8 657 

EUsha 0.6 381 

4046 Elisha O.' 521, 663 

*Eh2a 221 

Eliza 377 

Eliza* 419 

Eliza^ 394 

Eliza «.. .. 341 

Eliza 8 :;5i 

Eli^a" 335 

*Eliza6. . ,-S 

Eliza ' . . . . 45 1 

Eliza " 426 

*Eliza' 1S7 

*Eliza' 190 

Eliza ' 4S6 

Eliza A.' 437 

Eliza A.' 5S7 

Eliza A.s 607 

Eliza A.* 692 

Eliza E.' 565 

Eliza H." 3S0 

Eliza H 61S 

Eliza H.' 453 

Eliza J-.' 476 

Eliza J.s 633 

Eliza J.9 702 

Eliza J.9 711 

Eliza L.« ' 415 

Eliza L.' 446 

Eliza M.« 365 

Eliza M.'.. 471 

Eliza M.'.. 471 

Eliza M.'.. 501 

Eliza M.8 73S 

Eliza W.' 510 


120, 249, 256, 267, 279, 405 

447, 511, 726. 

Elizabeth'" 598 

♦Elizabeth 1S4 

♦Elizabeth 123 

Elizabeth ' 249 

Elizabeth ■• 255 

Elizabeth^ 280 

Elizabeth* 281 

Elizabeth * 320 

Elizabeth * 275 

Elizabeth " 420 

Elizabeth " 406 

Elizabetho 334, 341 

Elizabeth" 351 

Elizabeth « 349 


999 Elizabeth « 

730 Elizabeth « 350 

817 Elizabeths 355 

2094 Elizabeth ' 492 

2999 Elizabeth ■ 576 

3000 Elizabeth ' 576 

2 169 Elizabeth ' 497 

2749 Elizabeth ' 559 

1568 Elizabeth" 437 

1514 Elizabeth ' 432 

422 *EIizabeth ' 184 

3830 Elizabeth » 646 

3935 Elizabeth " 654 

3127 Elizabeths 586 

3748 Elizabeth 8 642 

3512 Elizabeths 622 

4564 Ehzabeth ' 710 

2554 Elizabeth A.' 525 

947 Elizabeth A.« 364 

802 *Elizabeth Amorettes. . . , 222 

2610 Ehzabeth B." 535 

3509 Elizabeth C* 622 

2366 Elizabeth G.' 511 

4221 Elizabeth H.s 687 

3178 Elizabeth L.s 593 

2189 Elizabeth M.' 498 

2793 Elizabeth M.' 562 

31 15 Ehzabeth P.s 585 

3256 Elizabeth S.s 600 

3109 Elizur U.s 585 

2551 Ella" 525 

758 *EIIaS 219 

36-6 Ella C.8 636 

3957 Ella L.s 655 

3893 Ella M.8 651 

4625 EllaM.9 715 

4325 Ella O.s 693 

4381 Ella R.9 697 

4487 Ella R.9 703 

3497 Ella V.s 621, 73S 

2030 Ellen ' 484 

1888 Ellen ' 462 

3454 Ellen 8 61S 

4205 "Ellen 8 683 

Ellens 738 

1 1 17 Ellen A/' 381 

791 *Ellen AurelliaS 221 

3593 Ellen C.s 629 

4655 Ellen F.3 717 

4549 Ellen H. 9 710 

2257 Ellen M.' 502 

2302 Ellen M.' 505 

2495 Ellen M." 519 

2795 Ellen M.' 563 

2871 Ellen M.' 568 

3916 Ellen M.s 652 

3664 Ellen W.s 635 

4121 Ellena E.» 668 


1 132 

Elmcna" 460 

Elmena 668 

Elmer » 659 

*Elmer Ellsworths 23S 

Elmer S. '" 700 

Elmira E.s 624 

*Elmore "> 240 

*Elon Dwight^ 216, 242 

Elton R.' 514 

Elvern P.f 661 

Elvirac 383 

Elvira" 628 

Elvira' 535 

Elwin ■> 485 

Emeline 328 


Emeline' 451 

Emeline s - 585 

Emeline s 738 

Emeline ' 699 

Emeline A.' 527 

Emerson E.s 668 

Emery D.» 701 

Emily 341 

Emily 6 345 

Emily « 413 

*Emily ' 1S8 

Emily ' 451 

Emily s 610 

Emily A.' 524 

Emily A.' 447 

Emily A.s 588 

Emily B." 475 

Emily E.s 586 

Emily J.' 456 

Emily J.s 621 

*Emily Lam-a ' 236 

Emily L.!> 702 

Emily M.' 499 

Emily O.s 616 

Emily S." 504 

Emily V.s 648 

Emma' 525 

Emma' 735 

Emma' 516 

Emma A. G.s 595 

Emma C 513 

Emma D.s 658 

Emma E.^ 701 

Emma H.' 715 

Emma J. 9 697 

Emma J. 8 657 

Emma J.s 692 

*Emma Josephine ' 235 

Emma L. ' 488 

Emma L. i" 718 

Emma M.' 499 

Emma M.^ 703 

43S0 Emma R.' 697 

936 *Emma Staunton ' 234 

4145 Emma V.s 672 

165 EmmanueH 271 

3677 Emmet D.s 636 

4122 Emmett G.s 668 

3595, 4670 Emory C.s 629, 718 

573 Enochs 320, 321, 322 

2172 Ephraim' 497 

867 *Erasmus Darwin « 22S 

871 *Erasmus Norman' 229 

Erastus 136, 334 

430 Erastus 5 314 

603, 1730 Erastus = (Capt.). .335, 451 
985, 2331 Erastus « 363, 366, 509 

1204, 2637 Erastus* (M. D.).. . 

396, 397- 537 

953 Erastus « 366 

2641 Erastus ' 538 

419 *Erastus ' 184 

3472 Erastus D.s 619 

1545, 3206 Erastus E.' 434, 594 

3348 Ermina L.s 609 

3633 Estellas 632 

*Estelle9 149 

Esther 247, 250 

So Esther ■• 258 

*Estheri', . . . .' 134 

439 Esther 5 300, 315 

454 Esther 5 317 

455 Esther^ 317 

264 Esther ^ 279 

244 *Esther6 140 

989 Esther 6 367 

954 Esther 8 365 

976 Esthers 366 

263 Ethan * 279 

3941 Ethel 8 654 

3684 Ethels 636 

4198 Ethel C.9 681 

3887 Ethel E.!> 651 

4410 Ettie R.9 699 

3273 Eugene s 602 

671 * Eugene Columbus s 211 

4633 Eugene G.9 715 

2915 Eugene M.' 571 

3274 Eugenia" 602 

3596 Eugenia A.s 629 

1887 Dunetia ' 462 

70 Eunice * 257 

272 Eunice * 279 

S75 Eunices 35S 

1 1 56 Eunice « 3S7 

485 'Eunice ' 189 

Eunice D 261 

1642 Eunice D.' 443 

3250 Eunice M.s 590 

4041 Eva " 605 


4178 Eva B.s 67S 

4594 Eva B.» 713 

3220 Eva C.s 595 

3221 Eva C.3 596 

4064 Eva L.'^ 664 

4550 Eva M.' 710 

4502 Evan H.» 707 

2012 Evelina ' 478 

Ezekiel 331, 338, 397 

34, 201 Ezekiel ■■ (Capt.) .... 

t26, 255, 274, 389, 396 
405. 454. 466 

202, 627 Ezekiel » (Capt.). .275, 336 

628 Ezekiel ' 336 

262S Ezekiel ' 536 

1S4S Ezekiel' 459 

1274, 2769 Ezekiel Nestor^. .406, 560 

2139 Ezra' 495 


399S Fannie A.'^ 658 

99S *Fannie Louise '■>... 239 

4047 Fannie M.s 663 

4608 Fannie R.s 714 

4493 Fannie S.s 705 

Fanny 338 

666 Fanny ^ 339 

1202 Fanny « 397 

797 Fanny 6 354 

3S4 * Fanny' 178 

1 299 Fanny ' 40S 

F-inny« 552 

1846 Fanny ' 459 

1592 Fanny ' 440 

Fedelia ' 736 

4183 Fessenden R.« 679 

3365 Fidelia * 610 

2115, 3807 Flavel G.' 493, 645 

853 *Flavia Onelia' 227 

Flora 320 

1364 Flora' 412 

1334 Florae 409 

Flora' 319 

1 586 Flora ' 439 

4602 Flora* 713 

3856 Flora A.s 648 

4715 Flora A.» 721 

1275 Flora E.' 406 

4233 Flora E.» 687 

4612 Flora L.' 714 

4391 Flora M.9 698 

3861 Florence 8 648 

4623 Florence » 715 

2431 Florence A.' 515 

3558 Florence A.* 626 

2564 Florence C 525 

4707 Florence G.». 720 

3347 Florence L.'- 609 

35 "o 
1 128, 


Florence O.' 

Florence R.' 

Florence .S." 

Florence V.8 

Florentine » 

Florenton I.' 

Florida f 

Florinda " 

Forest W.o 

Francelia A." 

Frances s 

Frances A.' 

Frances A." 

Frances E.' 

Frances E.' 

Frances E.' 

Frances L.^ 

Frances M." 

'Frances Marion* 221, : 

* Frances Maria - 

Frances P." 

Frances ?.' 

Frances \V.* 


Francis A.' 

Francis £.*• 

Francis E.* 

* Francis Jane ' 


Frank <" 

Frank A.* 

Frank B.' 

Frank B.9 

Frank C." 

Frank E.*. 

Frank E.? 

Frank E.". 

Frank H.' 

Frank L.* (Rev.) 

Frank L." 

Frank L.'^ 

4299 Frank Roe ' 569, 

Frank R.8 

Frank R.s 

933 Frank Selby 8. . , .219, 

Frank W.9 


2522 Franklin 382, 

Franklin * 

Franklin 9 

Franklin B 

Franklin B.' 

4074 Franklin B.' 524, 

3931 Franklin E.' 504, 

4545 Franklin E.* 602, 

Franklin G.8 

Franklin I.." 

Franklin M.' 

526 1814, 
5-33 : 4300 







709 I 2968, 

240 I 2914 

622 j 4306 

712 2591, 

39' I 
653 4490 


513 i 45«o 
665 I 519, 
653 I '393 
709 i 2901 
677 i 1411, 
646 I 578 
562 ! 375' 

Franklin'W.s 689 

4720 Franklin Y.* 642, 721 

Fred ^ 709 

Fred B.s 724 

Fred H.s 650 

Fred J.' 710 

Freddie ' 645 

Freddies 719 

Freddie A.' 699 

Freddie L.9 722 

Freddie V.s 645 

* Frederic C.s 231 

Frederick (Judge) 323 

645 Frederick 5 (Capt.). 

251, 272, 275, 337, 338 
339. 340, 439 

1810 Frederick*. .272, 338, 457 

1941 Frederick *■ 350, 474 

4150 Frederick '(M.D.) 538, 672 

3597 Frederick' (Rev.). 459, 629 

3518 Frederick ' 457, 623 

Frederick « 692 

Frederick 8 596, 736 

Frederick 8 618 

Frederick " 709 

Frederick » 700 

2952 Frederick A.s 

(Judge) 419, 574 

4337 Frederick A.'. . . .574, 694 

Frederick A.' 571 

Frederick A." 692 

Frederick B.« 667 

4079 Frederick C 

(Maj.) 532, 665 

Frederick C." 666 

Frederick C." 652 

Frederick C." 703 

Frederick E.' 677 

Frederick G.' 542 

* Frederick Garfield « 223 

Frederick G.» 718 

Frederick II.s 676 

Frederick H.s 690 

Frederick H. E.» 619 

* Frederick Hovey ' 236 

Frederick L.8 677 

Frederick M.' 473 

Frederick N.' 524 

Frederick 0.8 738 

3672 Frederick W.'... 474, 636 

Frederick W." 698 

Frederick W L.' 707 

1414 Friends (Hon). 320, 322, 417 

Friend".... 413 

Friend' 570 

2S86 Friend VV." 416, 569 

*Frisby' 191 

Fronie' 642 








25S4 Ga<l« (Col.)..39i, 528, 735 

Gad- 665 

George 3:8, 338, 341, 462 

George 377 

*Gcorge 126, 140 

*George' i86 

*George'' 140 

*George' 146 

*George8 146 

668 George" (Col.).... 

184, 264, 272, 275, 314, 

320, 339, 396, 447, 464 

George fi 354 

2112 George's 355, 4^3 

2996 George s 420, 576 

1891 George" 341, 462 

4132 George' (Hon.) .538, 669 

425 1 George " 564, 6SS 

3817 George" 495, 646 

*George ' 202 

3626 George ■ 462, 631 

3721 George ' 486, 640 

George ' 497 

George ' 45 1 

Georges 676 

Georges 631 

George ' 716 

George A.* 635 

983 George Asa* 224, 237 

George A.s 696 

4226 George B." 559, 687 

George C. ■ 511 

George C.8 640 

George C.s 620 

George C." 719 

George D 389, 396 

3660 George D.' 466, 635 

972 George Dudley 8.. 221, 236 

George E.* 652 

George E.' 700 

George E.» 717 

George E. 9 6S9 

George E.9 711 

George E.' 703 

* George Emery » 236 

George F.' 505 

3610 George F.' 460, 630 

4021 George F." 512, 660 

George F.' 543 

George F. 8 629 

George F.* 669 

George F.' 718 

3933 George H.' 507, 653 

4093 George H.' (Dr.). 534, 666 

4243 George H.' 561, 688 

4747 George H.s 647, 723 

George H." 667 


3632 George H.8 632 

4245 George H.s 688 

4421 George H.s 699 

3557, 4663 George !.» 626, 717 

834 *George Lyman* 225 

1123, 2511 George M.6 (Hon.) 381, 521 

2888, 4294 George M." 569, 691 

361 1 George M.s 630 

4732 George M. 9 722 

3810 George O.s 645 

2998 George P.'. 576 

3936 George P.s 654 

3965 George P.s 655 

1930 George S.' (Lieut.) 471 

3392, 4600 George S.8 (Dea.). 612, 713 

3655 George S.» 633 

4228 George S.9 6S7 

4588 George S.9 712 

*George T.s 150 

George Wilmot 337 

George W.' 359 

2450, 4036 George William' 

(Hon.) 517, 661 

2313, 3948 George W.' 507, 654 

1806, 3482 George W.' 456, 619 

2634, 4120 George W.' (M. D.) 

461, 536, 668 

622, 830 * George Washing- 
ton ' 206, 224 

3427, 4641 George W.*' (Hon). 615, 716 

3476 George W.s 6ig 

3505 George W.s 622 

3219 George W.8 595 

3149 George W.s 588 

3866 George W.e , 649 

4326 George W.8 693 

4527 George W.9 70S 

4552 George W.9 710 

4749 George W.^ 723 

4310 Georgiannas 692 

4147 Georgianna ^ 672 

909 *Gertrude9 231 

3699 Gertrude D.s 638 

4423 Gertrude E.9 699 

3722 Gertrude L.* 640 

4010 Gertrude M.' 659 

891 *Gcrtrude May ' 230 

4581 Gertrude M.o 712 

514, 1397 Gideon* (M. D.)... 

321, 322, 413 

1415 Gideon « 418 

2889 Gideon ' 569 

•Griffith 152 

Giles 338 

215 707 *Giles= (Capt.) 

249, 275, 349 

1731, 3441 Giles' 451, 616 

4713 Glenn M.s 720 

3507 Glennarie D.e 622 

4144 Godfrey G.^ 672 

Goodwin 115 

4277 Goodwin VJ 690 

2813, 4276 Goodwin S." 564, 690 

3690 Grace 8 637 

4030 Grace* 661 

4497 Grace J.s 705 

3901 Grace M." 65 1 

993 * Grace Mildred ' 238 

4627 Gracie M.s 715 

560, 8o7-*Griswold ' 195,222 

246, 455 *Gurdon6 140, 187 

2276 Gustavus O.' 503 

Guy C. (Hon.) 502 

290, 986 Guy 5 280, 366 

1176, 2569 Guy« 391, 526 

626, 1749 Guyc 336, 452 

184k, 3586 Guy ' 459, 628 

2646 Guy ' 538 

3956-, 4755 Guy 8 655, 723 

2065, 3728 Guy C 487, 640 

987 Guy Carlton ^ 367 

3904 Guy D.8 651 

3730 Guy H.8 640 

4672 Guy H.» 718 

4148 Guy L.» 672 

4055 Guy L.» 663 



246, 249, 251, 255, 262, 267 
268, 321, 404, 498, 726 

20 Hannah 2 112 

26 Hannah ' 252 

142 Hannah ■• 270 

*Hannah •" 185 

Hannah ■■ 332 

49 *Hannah ■< 119 

31 •Hannah-' 116 

179 Hannah s 273 

Hannahs 317 

*Hannah« 116 

1237 Hannah « 403 

922 Hannah " 363 

453 Hannah' 186 

1901 Hannah ' 464 

2748 Hannah ' 559 

3784 Hannah » 644 

1732 Hannah O.' 45' 

2258 Hannah R.' 5°- 

:8ii Hansoa R.' 457 

38S *Harlowi: 179 

776, 2049 Harlow 6 352, 486 

20S8 Harlow ' 49' 

40121 Harold P. 9 660 

550 *Harriet 194 

883 Harriet' 360 


389 *Harriet« 179 

125 1 Harriet '. . . 404 

1324 Harriet « 409 

1S93 Harriet ' 462 

1566 Harriet' 437 

2954 Harriet' 574 

2456 Harriet' 517 

2451 Harriet' 517 

1757 Harriet ' 452 

500 *Harriet ' igo 

717 *Harriets 215 

3279 Harriet -' 602 

4002 Harriet * 658 

'Harriet' 242 

4654 Harriet ' 716 

4212 Harriet 9 684 

2098 Harriet A.' 492 

2785 Harriet A.' 562 

2393 Harriet A.' 512 

3015 Harriet A.s 578 

2562 Harriet B.' 525 

1970 Harriet E.' 476 

2927 Harriet E.' 572 

3902 Harriet E.s 65 1 

3687 Harriet I.» 637 

Harriet L 389 

4302 Harriet L.^ 692 

466 *Harriet Lydia" 210, 241 

1416 Harriet L.s 419 

621 *Harriet M.'. 206 

4259 Harriet M.f 689 

3949 Harriet M.9 654 

2549 Harriet N.' 524 

831 *Harriet Rosalia * 225 

4343 Harriet W.* 694 

4225 Harriette Z> 687 

1756 Harrison ' 452 

2199 Harrison '. . . . 499 

641 Harry 337 

643, 1786 Harry 6 337, 454 

1210, 2700 Harrys 397, 543 

1046, 2383 Harry « 376, 512 

1800 Harry ' 456 

4113 Harrys 667 

4763 Harry 9 724 

4735 Harry B.s 722 

4582 Harry C 712 

3689 Harry D.8 637 

4753 Harry J.' 723 

4591 Harry N.s 712 

4442 Harry S.'o 701 

862 Hart* 357 

257 Hart* 279 

962, 2307 Harvey » (Hon.). .365, 50C 

1752 Harvey' 452 

3870 Harvey * 649 

3091, 4385 Harvey A.* 583, 698 

428S Harvey D.* 691 

* Harvey Hiram 9 233 771 

3953 Harvey J.' 508, 655 4615 

Harvey J.s 641 2067, 

Hattie A.9 699 2312, 

Hattie A." 655 703, 

Hattie F.i> 716 

Hattie G. 9 719 2896, 

Hattie I." 722 2124, 

Hattie ].«> 701 2392 

Hattie L.' 718 2229 

Hattie S.»' 642 3609, 

Hector 341 4399 

Hector " 420 4702 

2780 Hector* 406, 561 3869 

1928 Hector" (Rev., 3865 

D- n.) 349, 467 9°" 

45 iS Hector* 596, 708 1 2193, 

4266 Hector F.' 564, 689 i 3809 

4488 Hector S.'' 592, 703 ! 1413, 

Helen' 392 j 

Helen' 535 j 2284 

Helen' 536! 2287 

•Helen ^ 21 1 I 2741 

Helen A.' '. 503 ■ 2892 

*Helena Adell ' 237 I 4204 

Helen E.' 575 ! 4208 

Helen F.* 676 | 4213 

Helen J.' 5741 i97». 

Helen L.a 716 | 2693, 

Helen L.' 707 j 

Helen M.' 539 | 654 

Helen M.' 567 926 

*Helen Maria' 211, 241 3SS6 

*Helen Maria » 216 

•Helen Statira* ,216, 242 

Helen U.' 525 

Helen W.s 63S 71 

2729 H e m a n ' (Rev., 109 

D. D.)...3io, 311, 319, 219 
399> 545 562 

Heman' 681 43' 

Henrietta ' 456 1580 

Henrietta ' 564 2327 

Henrietta* 692 2329 

Henrietta S." 600 2794 

Henry (Dea.) [Mass. Fam.] 598 4626 
Henry <• 378 4172 

2056 Henry 6 354, 486 964 

2190 Henry « (Col.) 356, 498 4482 

3463 Henry' 451, 618 3165, 

Henry' , 456 

Henry' 457 4492 

4278 Henry ' 564, 690 4441 

Henry ' 566 4505 

Henry' 569 907 

Henry' 565 1751 

4599 Henrys 612, 713 

, 4694 Henry" 632, 716 

*Henry8 220 

Henry 9 715 

3733 Henry A.' 487, 641 

3946 Henry A.' (Rev. (.507, 654 
914 *Henry Brewster 

Stanton* 213, 232 

4297 Henry C 569, 691 

3813 Henry C 494, 645 

Henry D.' 512 

Henry E.' 501 

4674 Henry E.* 630, 718 

Henry E.9 699 

Henry F.' 719 

Henry G.* 649 

Henry J.* 649 

*Henry King » 230 

3862 Henry L.' 498, 648 

Henry L.s 645 

2895 Henry Moore« 

(M. D.) 416, 569 

Henry M.' 504 

Henry M.' 504 

Henry M.' 557 

Henry M.' 569 

Henry M.s 683 

Henry M.* 684 

Henry M.S.. 684 

3678 Henry N.' 476, 636 

4173 Henry P.' 542, 678 

Henry S 324 

*Henry S.* 210 

*Henry Selby 9 233 

Henry W.* 651 

*Hepzibah 136, 138 

Hepzibah 270, 342, 407, 408 

Hepzibah Merrill 268, 589 

*Hepzibah< 122 

Hepzibah ■> 266, 730 

•Hepzibah 6 139 

Hepzibah 332 

*Hepzibah' 185 

Hepzibah ' 439 

Herbert A.' 508 

Herbert A.' 508 

Herbert C.' 563 

Herbert C.' 715 

Herbert P.* 677 

* Herbert Van Ness' 236 

Herman 0.9 703 

449: Herman L.8 (Hon.) 

592, 703 

Herman L.9 705 

Herman L.9 701 

Herman Wm.* 707 

Hermione ^ 363 

Hester A.' 452 

♦Hezekiah 121, 125 

*Hezekiah * 185 








461 1 

165 *Hezekiah4 122, 134 

Hezekiah ■• (Esq.) 329 

*Hezekiah 5 134 

* Hezekiah ' 150 

3846 Hezekiah ' 497, 647 

Hileann" 377, 378 

*Hiram 224 

2146 Hiram 6 355, 495 

2980 Hiram" 420, 575 

2670 Hiram ^ 397, 541 

*Hiram " 1S9 

Hiram " 474 

*Hiram ■ 215, 242 

*Hiiam ' . 192 

Hiram ' 495 

Hiram ' 459 

3775 Hiram" 493, 643 

Hii-am' 510 

3148 Hiram' (Dea.). . .434, 588 

Hiram 9 702 

* Hiram Asahel^ 224 

Hiram C.« 679 

4160 Hiram F.' 541, 677 

Hiram F." 541 

3929 Hiram H.' 504, 653 

Hiram JVI.' 700 

3753 Hiram R." 492, 642 

Hiram W.' 520 

Hiram W.' 441 

918 * Hiram Watson «... 

215, 232, 242 

*Hoer 187 

3321 Homan M.' (Dea.).443, 605 

Homer A.8 667 

*Horace 140 

Horace * 329 

2201 Horace 8 356, 499 

2131 Horaces 355^ 4^5 

Horace « 376 

2727 Horace « 399, 544 

Horace^ 452 

Horace s , 656 

Horace A.- 498 

*Horace Burt >■' 229 

'Horace Dudley s 223 

2970 Horace Jay <> 420, 575 

* Horace James' 239 

SS3 *Horace Weston '.209, 229 

Horace W.s 583 

Horatio 6 356 

297 Hosea= 127, 144 

*Hosea Dudley ' 193 

3390 Hosea D.' (Prof.). 444, 612 

4610 Hosea D.8 613, 714 

Hosea S.' 444 

Howard B.s 724 

Howard S^a 714 

Howard W.' 568 

2883, 4292 Howard W.'.... 568, G91 

752. 930 *Hoyt8 217,233 

745, 922 *Hubert8 217, 233 

923 *Huberf-> 233 

2725, 4184 Hubert A.' 544, 679 

995 *Hubert Benjamin 238 

3758 Hubert I." 642 

41S5 Hubert W.* 679 

1 199 Hughe 396 

3502 Hugh E.« 622 

2200 Hudson W.' 499 

1874 Huldah " 461 

3S14 Huldah s 645 

447S Huldah E.» 703 

3092 H. Virgil' 5S3 

Ichabod (Mrs.) 584 

552, 1495 Ichabod ^ 330, 431 

3492 Ida A." 621 

2533 Ida C.- 523 

IdaC 383 

4146 Ida r.8 672 

4690 Ida G.9 719 

4357 WaJ.» 695 

4045 Ida L.8 662 

4718 Ida P.8 721 

3650 Imogene E.» 633 

657 *Increasei 210 

3988 Inez M.9 657 

388, 1127 Ira^ 297, 382 

1139, 2541 Iia'* 3S3, 524, 735 

1 148 Ira Elmone « 3S6 

596, 1715 Ira« 334, 450 

Ira ' 384 

1037 Ira6 375 

1717 Ira ■ 450 

3418, 4629 Ira B.9 614, 715 

4719 Ira B.n 721 

1831, 3546 IJ-a D.' (Esq.).... 458, 625 

2563 Ira E.' 525 

2553 Ira E.«i 525 

2529, 4063 Ira L.' 523, 664 

2369 Ira M.' 511 

4072 Ira S.8 664 

3583 Iram ' 628 

3855 Irving H.* 648 

3305 Isabel *• 604 

4253 Isabella A.k 689 

Isaac 338 

68, 259 Isaac* 257, 279 

58 Isaac « 256 

261, 906 Isaac' (Dr.) 279, 363 

889 Isaac 6 361 

647, 1816 Isaac" 338, 457 

926, 2268 Isaac Carlos" 363, 503 

2275, 3921 Isaac C 503, 653 

3757 Isaac €.>• 642 

3881 Isaac J.« 650 

1813, 3511 Isaac Pitt '(Capt.).457, 622 

3547 Isadore A.*. 625 

223, 755 Isaiahs 276, 351 

774. 2034 Isaiah" (Col.). .. .352, 484 

2041 Isaiah ' 485 


3896 Jabcz' 651 

Jabez 24S 

2306 Jacob L.' 506 

James 726 

562, 812 *James' (Dea.).. 195, 223 

*James (Rev.) 149 

James (Hon.) 464 

James (Hon.) 739 

294 *James " 144 

561, 1570 James" (Hon.). . .332, 43S 

842, 2157 James " 356, 496 

2731, 4201 James' (Hon.). . ,555, 681 

1571 James ^ 438 

2908 James ' 570 

2135 James' 495 

540 *James ' 193 

2170 James ' 497 

4202 James '> 683, 739 

3240, 4529 James A.s 598, 709 

4396 James A. 9 69S 

2310 James B.' 507 

4096 James B.'* 667 

86l, 996 'James Bird" 

(Judge) 228, 238 

*James D . , 188 

1680, 3417 James Dudley' 

(Col.) 447, 614 

702, 911 *James Daniels. .213, 232 

4631 James D.' 715 

James E. (Esq.) 1S4 

1610, 3302 James E.' 441, 603 

3303, 4565 James E.s 604, 710 

4566 James E.' 711 

2768, 4238 James F.' 560, 6S7 

2328 James G.' 50S 

310, 1061 James H.* (Esq.). .284, 377 

1422, 2904 James Hoyt" . . . .419, 570 

1937 James H.' 473 

2701 James H.' 543 

1782 James H.' 454 

2424, 4027 James H.' 515, 661 

2066, 3731 James K.' 487. 640 

2029, 3696 James K.' (Esq.). .483, 638 

3713 James L.* 639 

338 *James M.' 150 

2449, 4032 James M.' 517, 6C1 

2390, 4014 James M.' 512, 660 

979 *Jamcs Mills s 237 

1440, 3013 James Oscar" 420, 577 

1439 James O." 4^0 




2979 James O.- 575 

3012 James O. ' 577 

3345 James S.s 609 

3681 James S.s 636 

4537 James S." 709 

*JamesT.« 149 

1053, 2388 James Vialc 512, 376 

1113, 2501 James W." (Dca.).. 

380, 521 

2505 James \V." 521 

3094, 4393 James W.» 5S3, 698 

323jane5 2S5 

68i *Jane8 212 

3373 Jane « 611 

603 *Jane A.' 204 

2547 Jane A.' 524, 735 

3163 Jane A.s 592 

902 Jane E.'' 362 

8S4 *Jane Elizabeth s 229 

695 *Jane Elizabeths 213 

Jane EmeUne 287 

3760 Jane E.3 643 

3750 Jane E.« 642 

Jane H.« 3S8 

2191 Jane M.' 49S 

2948 Jane N.' 574, 729 

574 *Janettc' 197 

4402 Janette ^ 699 

1578 Jared D.' 439 

534, 788 *Jarvis ' . . . .138, 193, 221 

783 *Jarvi3 Owen « 221 

798 *Jarvis Scotts 222 

2I1CXS Jason " 493 

3130, 4427 Jason G.s 587, 700 

3724 Jay D.x 640 

910 *Jay Phelps 9 231 

4i56Jayta9 677 

4659 Jeanette' 717 

2906 Jeannie D.' 570 

2068 Jefferson D. " 487 

472 'Jeffrey' 188 

2180 Jemima' 497 

Jenettc A.* 392 

1282 Jennette A." 407 

*Jeimie !) 149 

3440 Jennie s 6i6 

2879 Jennie A.' 568 

2518 Jennie A.' 522 

3863 Jennie C.s 649 

2521 Jennie E.' 522 

4037 Jennie E.8 662 

4013 Jennie G.8 660 

4164 Jennie M.» 677 

Jennie M." 73S 

915 *Jennie Rogers'-' 232 

4341 Jenny L." 694 

847 Jeremiah " 356 

1582, 3272 Jeremiah ' (Escj.).. 439, 6o3 


2177, 3840 Jeremiah ' 497, 647 

3228, 4519 Jeremiah T.8 596, 708 

1392 Jerome B." 413 

3725 Jerome G.' 640 

635 *Jerry' 207 

3468 Jerry N.8 618 

859, 986 *Jerry Orson8....228, 237 

674 Jerusha 6 341 

1750 Jerusha ' 452 

4444 Jerusha L." 701 

4196 Jessamine' 681 

824 Jesse 6 355 

837 Jesses 355 

1 140 Jesse 6 383 

236 *Jesse " 140 

920 *Jes5ie ' 233 

4354 Jessie A. 10 695 

3972 Jessie L.9 656 

4359 Jessie M.-'' 695 

1836 Joanna E.' 458 

150 Joel^ 271 

247 JoeU 277 

503 Joels 321 

809, 2107 Joelo 354, 493 

*John 221 

John 407 

324 *John5 146, 147 

*John(Gov.) 95, 96 

2, 21 *Johu 2 

96, 109, III, 112, 113, 

114, 115, 116, 118, 119, 
120, 121, 122, 199 

22 *John3 115 

30, 92 *John-' (Esq.) 

116, 123, 124, 139 

146, 324 *John ' 130, 146 

105, iSi *John» 124, 136 

325. 572 *John« (Hon.)...i47, 196 

182 *Johne 136 

1209 John « 397 

551, 803 *John ' 194, 222 

503 *John ' 190 

2733. 4207 John ' (Rev.) . . . .555, 6S4 

2103 John ' 492 

1758 John ' 452 

2143 John ' 495 

836 *John 227 

806 *John8 222 

4223 John 8 687 

3831 John * 646 

4499 John 9 705 

421 1 John 9 684 

2507 John A.' 521 

4161 John A.» 677 

3999 J"l>n A.6 65S 

90S, 1004 *Jolm Ames" 231, 239 

2320 John B.' (Sersjt.) 508 

573 *John C' 196 


673, 892 *John Calvin Ed- 
mund »...2t I, 230, 2421 

3504 John C.s 622 

4575 John Cs 711 

964, 2316 John D.6 365, 50S 

815, 980 *John Dudley 8.. .223, 237 

929 *John D." 233 

624 *John Everhart ' 206 

4708 John G.9 720 

*John(Hon.) 137 

895 *John Howard 230 

2975. 4339 John Jay ' 575, 694 

751, 924 *John Jay s 217, 233 

4080 John K.* 665 

2153, 3S19 John L.' 496, 646 

2349, 3981 John M.' 510, 657 

*John M.3 149 

2309, 3943 John P.' 507, 654 

3907 John P. M.* 652 

4097 John S.8 667 

3903 John S.8 651 

*John T.s 150 

1873, 3616 John W.' 461, 631 

1126, 2520 John Wm.6 382, 522 

3979 John W.8 657 

3058 John W.8 581 

3064, 4378 John W.8 (M. D.).58i, 697 

Jonas 557, 59S 

Jonathan 300, 323, 389 

♦Jonathan (Jr.) 137 

I5> 76 Jonathan ^ 249, 257 

Jonathan ^ 317 

77, 399 Jonathan ■" (Col.)... 

136, 258, 299 

273, 958 Jonathan * 279, 368 

404, 115s Jonathan » (Col.)... 

299, 300, 387 

3954. 4752 Jonathan J.* 655, 723 

Joseph 726 

28, 87 *Joseph3. . . .114, 115, 123 

90, 177 ♦Joseph* 123, 135 

Joseph* 320 

89 'Joseph* 123 

391 'Joseph » (Capt.)..i20, 179, 726 

178 'Joseph ' 135 

397 'Joseph ^ iSo 

399, 626 'Joseph s 180, 207 

2913, 4301 Joseph A.' 571, 692 

3169 Joseph B.8 593 

3171, 4508 Joseph C. B.»....S93, 707 

756, 2001 Joseph D.e 352, 477 

4052 Joseph D.8 663 

2510 Joseph E.' 521 

3939 Joseph L.8 654 

990 'Joseph Orson ' 238 

1 1 12, 2497 Joseph S.e 380, 520 

3276 Josephine ' 602 

769 'Josephine 8 219 


832 *Josephine8 225 

4000 Josephine D.8 658 

3652 Josephine E.s 633 

3544 Josephine E.s 625 

2013 Josephine P.' 478 

4630 Josephine R.' 715 

Josephus 361 

2210, 3877 Josephus " 500, 650 

*Joshua 165 

505 Joshua » 321 

162 *Josiah s 134 

4062 Josie s 663 

4504 Juanita D.9 707 

Judith 249, 270 

126 Judith < 268 

381 *Julia6 178 

1S60 Julia ' 460 

1559 J"li^' 437, 733 

2174 Julia' 497 

2905 Julia ■ 570 

1963 Julia ' 475 

4460 Julia 8 701 

4760 Julia 9 724 

1279 Julia A.e 406 

3794 Julia A.8 644 

3471 Julia A.s 619 

4086 J. Blake* 666 

904 Julia Caroline e 363 

4189 Julia C.8 681 

3159 Julia C.« 591 

2273 Julia H.- 503 

3335 Julia J--* 607 

4675 Julia M.9 718 

4489 Julia S.!> 703 

3928Julians 653 

4507 Julian F.9 707 

3114 JuHna* 585 

1205 juJiuse 397 

1092, 2454 Juliuse(Dea.).... 379, 5'7 

2633, 41 14 Julius' 536, 668 

2455 Julius' 517 

2639, 4124 Julius ' 538, 668 

1733. 3444 Julius A.' (Hon.) 451. 616 

2470 Julius A.' 51S 

3346, 4592 Julius W.8 6og, 713 

4583 Julius VV.» 712 

1270, 2758 June JamesO 406, 559 

2953, 4330 Justus ' 574, 693 


2893 Kate ' 569 

759 * Kate » 219 

4531 Kate 9 709 

4745 Kate D.S" 722 

830 Kate E." 355 

2881 Kate E.' 568 

4254 Kate L." 689 

4O69 Kak- L.' 717 

419I Kate P.' 681 

*Kate T.s 150 

3826 Katy 8 646 

590 Keziah c 334 

292 *Keziah « 144 

115s Kezia Dryer" 386 

3970 Kimball E.s 656 

3087 Kittie* 583 

4331 Kittie E.» 693 

3816 Kittie E.8 645 


1086 Lafancy E.« 378 

Lafayettes 738 

3934 Lansing S.» 654 

446 *Latimer Lester ' 1S6 

Laura 264, 341 

739 Lauras 351 

697 Laura « 346, 347 

444 *Laura ■ 1S6 

1915 Laura' 466 

2751 Laura' 559 

1458 Laura ' 424 

1552 Laura ' 436 

1917 Laura ' 466 

3069 Laura » 582 

3618 Lauras 631 

1857 Laura A.' 460 

1964 Laura A.' 475 

2096 Laura A.' 492 

249S Laura A.' 520 

2420 Laura A.' 514 

2638 Laura A.' 538 

3603 Laura A." 630 

3144 Laura A.'. 588 

4129 Laiu-a A.8 669 

3643 Laura A.s 632 

3142 Laura A.s 58S 

4706 Laura A.". 720 

3313 Laura C.» 605 

3670 Laura €.« 635 

37CX) Laura E.s 63S 

43S7 Laura E.s 69S 

4553 Laura E.'" 710 

1 165 Laui-a G.c 3SS 

3709 Laura G.9 639 

3207 Laura J.« S95 

2481 Laura M.' S'9 

2812 Laura M.' 564 

2660 Laura S.' ; 539 

3628, 4684 Lauren E.« 631, 718 

3574 Lavilla R.e 627 

Lavinia 454 

440 Lavinia ^ 300, 315 

509 Lavinia* 320, 321 

3719 Lawrence Ls 639 

2717 Leander P.' 544 

271S U-andcT 1" .544 

934 *Lella Amelia ' 234 

2515 Leiia A.' 522 

1457. 3014 Lemuel (Lieut.). .424, 577 

547, 1448 Lemuel G." 330, 421 

3040 Lemuel G.' 579 

4034 Lemuel P.s 661 

309s, 4397 Lemuel V.s 583, 698 

1 13 J Leonard « 382 

528, 770 *Leonard ' 192, 220 

2181, 3852 Leonard' 497, 647 

3889 Leonard E.s 651 

1005 *Leonard Hemstead i" 240 

Leonard W.' 383 

2540, 4077 Leonard W.' 524, 665 

3825 Leonora s 646 

3253, 4541 Le Roy « 599, 709 

2402 Leroy W.' 513 

978 *l£roy Edward » 237 

3804 Le Roy * .• . 644 

4486 Leslie S.9 703 

Lester 604 

510 *Lester ' 191 

763 *Lester ' 219, 242 

965 *Lester Cornelius 9 236 

'593- 3278 Lester Haydcn '. .440, 602 

3301, 4562 Lester H.s 603, 710 

4561 Lester H." 710 

973 *Lettie May' 236 

♦Levi 6 187 

246, 839 Levis 277, 355 

849, 2184 Levi« (Capt.)....3s6, 497 

245, 447 *Levi« 140, 186 

3836 Levis 647 

3851 Levi" 647 

4429 Levi 9 700 

450, 674 'Levi Wooster' 

(M. D.) 186, 2ti 

527 *Lewis ' 192 

2095, 3747 Lewis ' 642, 492 

4004 Lewis 8 658 

4584 Lewiss 712 

4194 Lewis C.9 681 

4058 Lewis D.8 663 

3612 Lewis E.s 630 

3607 Lewis E.8 630 

3749 Lewis L.8 642 

2156, 3834 Lewis S.' 496. 646 

3937 Lilians 654 

4268 Lilian E.' 689 

4370 Lilla B." 697 

3714 Lillian M.8 639 

4728 Lillian M.' 722 

2503 Lillie A.' 52' 

439S Lilly A.9 699 

4091 Lilys 666 

34S1 Lily D.« 619 

947 *Livonia Antoinette" 234 

3S64 UiiK E- 649 


;dex to HUMPHREY 


976 *Lizzie Martha ' 237 

3884 Lizzie P.!* 650 

4149 Llewellyn » 672 

843 L'oyd 356. 732 

406 Lodama ' 299, 300, 732 

*Lodamy 241 

2iS6 Lodewick R.' 497 

580, 1639 Loin" (Hon.) 

249, 261, 321, 334, 3SS 

1640, 3350 Loin H.' (Hon.). .443, 609 

Lois 256, 462 

72 Lois' 257 

400 Lois - 300, 301 

Loiss 334 

109 *Lois-" 124 

*Loi3 125 

no *Loi35 124 

485 Ix)is ' 320 

1094 Lois 6 379 

2764 Lois ' 560 

1977 Lois A." 476 

865 Lois C." 357 

Lois C.6 379 

1988 Lois E.' 477 

4181 Lola J. 8 679 

927 *Lona ' 233 

448 *Lorain ■ 186 

3622 Lorain 8 63 1 

767 Loranda 352 

*Lorany 186 

2195, 3872 Loren A.".. .498, 647, 649 

1845 Loreston K.' 459 

517, 767 *Lorin' (M. D.)..i9i, 219 

820 Lorinda <> 355 

139 Lot'' 26S 

483, 1303 Lot* 319, 408 

4338 Lottie E.* 694 

4023 Louis *■ 660 

4342 Louis B.* 694 

341 1 Louis E.* 614 

4369 Louis E.» 696 

4628 Louis E.9 715 

1047 Louisa <= 376 

913 Louisa ' 363 

1993 Louisa ■ 477 

Louisa ' 734 

4512 Louisa' 707 

2253 Louisa E.' 502 

3307 Louisa E.s 604 

2974 Ix)uisa R.' 575 

935 *Louisa Staunton ' 234 

Louise E.' 367 

2760 Louise ' 560 

1938 Louise' 473 

3172 Louise* 593 

2878 Louise A.' 568 

3543 Louise B.f 625 


Lovina ' 496 

Lovioas 370 

4742 Lowell L.' 644, 722 

Lowell S.9 699 

2101 Loyal 6 354, 492 

4722 Loyal S.« 643, 721 

Loyds 647 

Lucelia Augusta ^ 354 

Lucelia S.» 598 

Lucia' 517 

Lucia A.s 597 

Lucia A." 628 

Lucia I.' 617 

Lucia C* 672 

Lucia M." 643 

3567 Lucian ' 459, 627 

4767 Lucian E.s 667, 724 

Lucian S.' 504 

3501 Lucien B.' 457, 622 

Lucien B.' 622 

Lucien V.' 454 

Lucina ^ 335 

Lucina ' '. 449 

Lucinda ' 459 

Lucinda ^ 5S1 

Lucinda * 644 

*Lucius 140 

Lucius' 411 

2845 Lucius « (Capt.). ..412, 566 
773 *Lucius • 192, 220 

3155 Lucius" 434, 589, 609 

Lucius 8 596 

4498 Lucius A.* 592, 705 

42S7 Lucius Charles ' 

(Hon.) 56S, 691 

Lucius E.8 691 

3675 Lucius F." 474, 636 

*Lucretia 136 

Lucretia '■ 420 

*Lucretia " 184 

*Lucretia Philena ' 188 

*Lucretiae 210 

Lucretia O.' 729 

Lucretia O.' 478 

*LueUa 9 233 

*Lucy 217 

Lucy 315 

Lucy ■• 122 

Lucy » 276 

*Lucys 134 

Lucys 399 

*Lucy« 179 

*Lucy " 176 

Lucy« 350 

^Lucyo 136 

*Lucy " 144 

Lucy ' 407 

*Lucy ' 191 

Lucy' 555 

Lucy ■ 495 

Lucy * 631 

LucyA.' 497 

Lucy A.' 474 

Lucy A." 494 

Lucy A.8 616 

Lucy B.8 687 

*Lucy Goodman « 217 

Lucy H.3 684 

Ludlow H.9 685 

648 *Luke6 181, 209 

Luke 6 405 

3174 Luke' 434, 593 

Lulu 6.9 713 

Lulu G.9 722 

1142 Luman * 297, 384 

Luman A.' 525 

Luman O.' 526 

Luman S.^ 62S 

Luna 8 651 

Luna ' 651 

*Liu-a ' 1S6 

LuraA.8 651 

Lurana * 27S 

LuranaS 278 

Lurenda " 425 

Lurenda « 580 

Luriette S.s 6S9 

Luther« (Rev.) 310, 311, 399 

*Luther8 216 

Luther A.' 523 

Lydia 337 

Lydia' 255 

*Lydia5 125, 139 

*Lydia^ 124 

*Lydia5 135 

Lydias 275 

Lydia * 276 

Lydia« 349 

*Lydia* 139 

Lydia ' 485 

Lydia AnnS 377, 37S 

Lydia E.8 607 

Lydia E.9 718 

Lydia G 387 

Lydia Harriet «.... 259 3S7, 38S 

Lydia \J.» 644 

Lyle P.8 665 

Lyle S.8 664 

608 *Lyman« (Col.).. 179, 205 

Lyman « 349 

2802 Lyman " 409, 564 

Lyman E.s 643 

*Lyman Leonard *> 227 

835 * L y m a n Under- 
wood ' (Hon.)... 

205, 207, 2J5 




3945 Mabel" 654 

932 *Mabdi' 233 

4756 Mabel » 723 

4320 Mabel A.' 693 

3737 Mabel E.? 641 

4076 Mabel E.? 665 

4712 Mabel L.s. 720 

4182 Macey V.' 679 

4757 Madges 723 

4334 Maggies 693 

1309 Mahala ^ 409 

243, 806 Malachi' 277, 354 

2 1 10 Malaclii ' 493 

37S1, 4731 Malachi G.*.. . .644, 722 

Malvina « 356 

338 Malvina^ 355 

Malvina E 498 

4069 Mamie E.s 664 

1496 Manna' 431 

3 103 Manna ' 5S4 

1912 Marcia M.' 466 

1622, 3306 Marcus C (Dea.).44l, 604 

3309. 4579 Marcus C." 605, 711 

2485, 4042 Marcus F. C.~ 519, 662 

Margaret 269 

Margaret ^ 320 

Margaret ' 735 

2903 Margaret ' 570 

2971 Margaret ' 575 

3919 Margaret B.^ 652 

Margaret L.' 735 

2838 Margaret L.' 565 

785 *Margaret M." 221 

1412 Margaretta ^ 416 

*Maria 203 

*Maria< 124, 136 

137 Maria < 268 

477 Marias 31S, 319 

184 *Maria6 136 

1287 Maria 5 407 

1370 Maria" 412 

Maria' 733 

1536 Maria ' 434 

161 1 Maria' 441 

2469 Maria' 517 

2719 Maria A.' 544 

1772 Maria C 453 

3644 Maria M.» 632 

2453 Marian M.' 517 

581 *Marianne ' 199 

Marie E 628 

928 *Marietta » 233 

*Mariette 217 

520 *Marictte ' 191 

2367 Marictte' 511 

3619 Maricttc8 631 

1S56 Marictle E.' 460 

76S *Marilla'* 219 

511 *Marilla B 191 

1727 Marilla C 450 

Marion 276 

7go *Marion Catherine * 221 

39S *Mark6 180 

400 *Mark « 180 

647, 860 *Mark ' 209, 228 

88l, 1002 *Mark Newton 8 .. 229, 239 

*Martha 113, 259 

iS *Martha2 1:2 

50 *Martha ■• 120 

* Martha ■" X79 

143 *Martha ^ 127 

287 *Martha « 143, 727 

1956 Martha ' 474 

1759 Martha- 452 

2445 Martha ' 516 

2461 Martha" 517 

2994 Martha ■ 576 

686 *Martha» 212 

3196 Martha^ 594 

2644 Martha A.' 53S 

4365 Martha A." 696 

904 *Martha King 9 231 

700 * Martha LucretiaS 213 

*MarUn^ 133, 134, 178 

152, 525 Martin'' 271,323 

534, 1441 Martin^ 329, 420 

382 *Martin N.6 178 


116, 126, 140, 247, 248, 249, 

260, 267, 268, 279, 295, 420, 

Mary 555 

119 *Mary 125 

552 *Mary 194 

3 *Mary'-! 112 

23 *Mary3 114, 115 

*Mary3 122 

3 Mary ' 246 

66 *Mary 122, 241 

43 Mary < 256 

Mary" 300 

160 *Mary * 134 

*Mary^ 179 

*Mary5 1S5 

199 Mary ^ 274 

178 Mary 5 273 

177 Marys 273 

195 Mary » 274 

245 Mary =■ 277 

369 Marys 294 

398 Marys (or Polly) 298, 731 

Mary* 3°° 

459 Mary^- 3>S 

Mary^ 357 

1100 Mary'' 380 


169 * Mary s 135 

593 Mary « 334 

293 *Mary e 144 

318 *Mary8 146 

327 *Mary6 147 

553 Mary « 330 

1035 Mary« 375 

1 100 Mary « 380 

121 1 Mary G 397 

1253 Mary 6 404 

569 *Mary ' 195 

609 *Mai-y ' 205 

1693 Mary ' 448 

1924 Mary ' 466 

1952 Mary' 474 

2164 Mary ' 496 

2356 Mary ' 510 

2447 Mary ' 516 

2472 Mary ' 518 

2512 Mary ' 522 

2740 Mary' 557 

2995 Mary' 576 

Mary' 735 

772 *Mary 8 220 

804 *Mary8 222 

3191 Mary 8 594, 736 

3940 Mary 8 654 

4267 Mary 8 6S9 

4298 Mary » 691 

443 1 Mary s 700 

4557 Marys 710 

1396 Mary A." 413 

1546 Mary A.' 434 

1718 Mary A.' 450 

1781 Mary A. E.' 453 

2104 Mary A.' 492 

2274 Mary A.' 503 

2543 Mary A.' 524 

2557 Mary A.' 525 

2645 Mary A.' 538 

2645 Mary A.' 538 

2708 Mary A.' 543 

2809 Mary A.' 564 

833 'Mary Ann s 225 

3669 Mary A.8 635 

3926 Mary A.8 653 

3964 Mary A.* 655 

4128 Mary A.8 669 

4133 Mary A.8 671 

42S2 Mary A.8 690 

443S Mary A.s 7°° 

4462 Mary A.' 702 

4495 Mary A.' 705 

799 *Mary Barbers 222 

4598 M.ary B.» 713 

4653 Mary B.^" 7'f' 

2305 ^^ary C 506 

4671 Mary C.i 71S 











Mary D.' 501 

Mary Ellen 636 

Mary E.« 381 

Mary E.s 4'9 

*MaryE.- 188 

Mary E.' 494 

Mary E.' 498 

Mary E.' 543 

Mary E.' 557 

Mary E.' 567 

Mary E.' 569 

Mary E.' 575 

*Mary Emcline * 224 

Mary E.« 579 

Mary E.** 5S2 

Mary E.*' 583 

Mary E.x 615 

Mary E.s 627 

Mary E.* 644 

Mary E.« 668 

Mary E.* 677 

Mary E.' 687 

Mary E.* 691 

*Mai-y Elizabeths 23S 

*Mary Emeline ' 237 

Mary F.* 662 

Mary F.« 666 

Mary G.^ 601 

Mary G." 633 

Mary H.' 534 

*Mary Hannahs 212 

Mary U.i> 617 

*Mary Helen » 230 

Mary H.9 699 

Mary I.s 693 

Mary J/ 515 

Mary J.' 532 

Mary J.' 560 

Mary J.' 569 

Mary J.' 575 

*Mary JaneS 215 

*Mary Jane * 242 

*Mary King 9 230 

Mary L.'. 492 

Mary L.- 574 

*Mary Louisa* 228 

Mary !,.*> 618 

Mary L.* 630 

Mary L." 642 

Mary L.' 666 

Mary M. 6 3S3 

Mary M.' 491 

Mary M.' 504 

Mary M.s 658 

Mary M. A.» 678 

Mary Primrose ' 353 

Mary T.s 621 

Mary W.' 450 

1729 Mary W.' 450 

1059, 2400 Mason C." 377, 513 

825 Matilda 6 355 

1558 Matilda' 437 

977 *Mattie Jewell » 237 

491 *Matthew ' 189 

733 *Matthew ' 215, 242 

2608 Matthew B.' 535 

3944 Maud s 654 

4737 Maud A.9 722 

2442 Maud C' 515 

3734 Maude M.s 641 

May 469 

nSi, 2596 May« 391, 533 

2613 May' 535 

3663 May » 635 

4094 May ^ 667 

179 *Margaret5 135 

777 Melinda « 353 

1327 Melissa <• 409 

452 *Melissa ' 186 

496 *Melissa ' 190 

2502 Melissa E.' 521 

658 * Melissa s 210 

3621 Melissa" 631 

931 *MeIita 9 233 

4367 Melva L.9 696 

3910 Melvia M.s 652 

*Mercy 126 

*Mercy < 118, 125 

78 Mercy * 258 

125 *Mercy = 126 

i960 Mercy A.' 475 

561, 810 *Merrell ' 195, 223 

4509 Merril 'L:-' 707 

1363, 2839 Merrills c 412, 566 

2S43 Merrills ■ 566 

3414 Merritt C.8 614 

1S62 Merwin C 460 

244 Micah I' 277 

819 Micah 5 355 

823 Micah 6 355 

S27, 2138 Micah* 355, 495 

Micah 498 

I Michael ' (Emigrant An- 
cestor) .93-116, 725, 740, 741 
42, 121 *Michael* (Dea.).. . 

118, 125, 258 

122 *Michael * 125, 126 

242 *Michael * 140 

4051 Mildred 0.» 663 

1544 Miles S.' 434 

3177, 4511 Miles S.» 593, 707 

4230 Millie H.» 687 

1723 Milo A.' 450 

1302 Milton « (Judge) 408 

1739 Milton ' 451 

'575. 3248 Milton' (Dea.). .439, 598 

Milton H.8 636 

Mina S.' 491 

Minerva ' 440 

Minerva L.' 504 

Minerva 8 603 

Minerva^ 623 

Minerva' 710 

Minnie A.* 643 

Minnie A.s 660 

Minnie J.^ 649 

Minnie L.' 521 

Minnie I-.^ 630 

*Minnie Louise ' 239 

Minnie M.9 716 

Minnie R.s 661 

Minnie (Adopted) 646 

Miranda '• 729 

Miranda ' 478 

Montgomery 6 565, 735 

Montgomery « 411 

Montgomery D.' 700 

3838 Morris' 497, 647, 649 

Moses' 451 

4246 Moses D.' 562, 688 

*Moses 8 213 

Mortimer T.s 595 

Mylos 285, 287 

Myron * 279 

Myron B.s 712 

Myron D.' 383, 523 

3401 Myron E.' 446, 613 

Myron E.' 711 

Myrta B.9 702 

Myrtle E.s 646 


*Nancy 140 

Nancy 3S7, 389 

Nancy* 277 

Nancy* 284 

Nancy ^ 350 

Nancy f' 356 

Nancy " 389 

Nancy" 413 

*Nancy' 188 

*Nancy ' 190 

Nancy ' 449 

Nancy' 451 

Nancy P.' 500 

Nancy - 585 

Nannie G.' 535 

Naomi •■■ 316, 317 

Naomi " 3S4, 400 

Nathan O.' 475 

1S3 *Nathaniel * (Lieut.) 

124, 136, 268 

Nathaniel 726 

57 *Nathanic|:' 114, 115, 120 




311, 1076 Nathaniel = 284,' 378 

1077 Nathaniel H.= 378 

4484 Nellie C.9 703 

4754 Nellie G.' 723 

4744 Nellie I.' 722 

3727 Nellie L.' 640 

Nellie L.« 738 

958 *Nellie Roxana" 235 

4685 Nellie R.9 719 

I747i 3464 Nelson'' 451, 61S 

3372, 4596 Nelson A.8 611, 713 

3740, 471 1 Nelson C." 641, 720 

3466 Nelson G.* 618 

3344, 4587 Nelson G.^ 608, 712 

1638, 3342 Nelson I." 443, 608 

3469 Nelson J.s 618 

4351 Nettie w 695 

4319 Nettie F.' 693 

381 1 Nettie L.^ 645 

650, 880 *Ne\vton • 209, 229 

3592, 4668 Newton" 629, 717 

4773 Nina S.» _ 724 

Noah 273, 32 1 

28, 140 *Noah'' (Capt.).... 

136, 252, 255, 26S, 331 

*Noah'' 135 

74, 354 Noah< 257, 288 

Noah ■> 350 

141, 493 Noah" 269, 320 

504 Noah ■'' 321 

508 Noah 5 320, 321 

356, 1091 NoahJ (Hon.) 288, 379 

1108, 24S0 Noah M.t (Judge).. 

380, 51S, 662 

2487, 4044 Noah S.' 5i9,-662 

4293 Norma L." 691 

70S Norman « 349 

*Norman6 126 

363, 601 *Norman6 177, 204 

1294 Norman <> 408 

649, 866 *Norman ' 209, 228 

629 Norris'., 336 

1206 Norris" 397 

1878, 3623 Norris' 461, 631 

2618, 4101 Norris' (Maj.) 535, 667 

3226 Norris* 596 

4762 Norris " 724 

Noyes 335 

1 143 Numan « 385 


1090, 2448 Obed M.« (Hon.)... 

359. 379. 5'C 

3874 Ocran M.* . , 649 

4022 Olin P.s 660 

1089 Olive M.o 354, 379 

4455 Olive 701 

4515 Olive M.» 707 

Oliver 249, 397, 461, 462 

Oliver 301 

407 Oliver'' (Hon.). . .258, 300 

Oliver ^ (Esq.) 339 

1957 Olivers 351, 474 

2616 Ohver6(Esq.)... 397, 535 

Olivers 655 

Oliver A.' 724 

Oliver B.'o 695 

Oliver E.' 504 

3923 Oliver E." 504, 653 

Oliver N.'^ 724 

Oliver R.' 699 

Oliver N.*' 667 

Omar C 638 

Omar G.9 708 

Oncelia » ". 658 

Onias S.» 710 

*Ophelia 137 

Ophelia ^ 299 

*0phelia6 138 

Opheha A.* 647 

2446 Oren Henry* 

378, 5i'5, 735 

Orin c 408 

Orlando P.' 476 

3560 OrloflM.- 458, 626 

OrphaA." 608 

Orpha T.8 -. 606 

OrpheUa S.f 656 

Orphia ' 442 

Orrilla M.' 577 

Orrin ' 559 

325s Orrin' 439, 599 

Orrin B.* 687 

Orrin H.« 655 

4450 Orson F.8 588, 701 

840 *Orson Joseph '. .207, 227 

4714 Orson W.s 641, 721 

Osborne D.s 682 

Oscars 631 

4665 Oscar F.8 626, 717 

4056 Oscar M.' 522, 663 

3562 Oscar T." (Hon.).. 

45S, 626 

Oscar T.5 663 

OtisL.^ 525 

2565 Otis M.« (M. D.) . . 

99. 386, 525 

Otto L.9 722 

Owen 555 

*Ozias (Esq.) 93, 94, 95. 9^ 

591 Oziass 274, 334 

383 *Ozias=^ 13s. '78 

*02ias6 139 

I7t4 Ozias" 334. 449 

3426 O/ias P.' 450, 615 



Pamelia 498 

3839 Pamelia 9 647 

1445 Parintha « 420 

Parmelia 649 

2055 Paul' 486 

3718 Paul H.8 639 

921 *Paul 9 233 

4210 Pauline F.9 684 

4772 Pauline L.s '. 724 

*Pearl (Dr.) 150 

1054, 2398 Peleg R.6 376, 513 

*Pelhara 199 

4068 Percy L.' 664 

11S2 Perintha« 391, 407 

1069, 2423 Perry H." 377, 515 

2433 Perry O.'. 515 

1317 Persia 6 409 

*Peter 134 

Phebe 261 

57 Phebe ^ 256 

135 *Phebe5 126 

538 Phebe 6 330 

539 *Phebe' 193 

438 *Phebe ' 185 

1583 Phebe ' 439 

2464 Phebe' 517 

3527 Phebe« 623 

1858 Phebe A.' 460 

*Phebe Emetine' 195, 224 

2672 Phebe E.' 541 

3233 Phebe H.^ 596 

2488 Phebe S.' 519 

283 *Phelps« 143 

495. 739 *Phelps' (M. D.j.igo, 216 
280, 493 ^Philanders (Dr.).. 

142, 143, 190 
699, 907 *Philander Phelps* 

(M. D.) 213, 231 

1295 Philemon ^ 408 

533 *Philemon ' 193 

780 *Philemon' 220, 242 

791 Philenao 353 

3974 Philena E.s 656 

21 1 1 Phihp' 493 

2351, 3989 rhilip (Judge).... 510, 657 

3057, 4360 Philo D.s 581, 69s 

1024 Philura« 373 

2231, 3906 Pi.xley M.- 501, 652 

515 Pliny 5 320. 322 

Pliny e 383 

581, 1674 Pliny 6 334, 44^ 

1 130, 2534 Pliny « 382, 524 

1676, 3399 Pliny O.' (Hon.). 446, 613 

Pliny Orestes 262 

Polly 250 

272 ♦PoUyO 142 

Polly 3'8 


129S Polly« 40S 

2147 Polly A.' 495 

3478 Polly D. A.* 619 

476 *Folly M.' 1S8 

2050 Polly M.' 4S6 

385 *Polly McRay c 179 

S29 Pope" 355 

1972, 3685 Prc-ston M.' 476, 637 

3683 Preston M.s 636 

1753 Priscilla ' 452 

295 *Prudence e 1,14 


Rachel 24S, 264, 275, 447 

*Rachcl 147, 14S 

431 Rachels 300, 314 

Rachel = 339, 340 

1255 Rachel 6 404 

482 *Rachel' 189 

623 *Rachcl ' 206 

1497 Rachel ' 431 

190S Rachel ■ 465 

364 *Rachel Lury « 177 

Rachel L 734 

967 Rachel M.« 365 

Ralph ■• 320 

484, 1340 Ralph= (Capt.). . .319, 410 

2833, 4281 Ralph' (Maj.)... .565, 690 

4609 Ralph C.» 714 

4075 Ralph M.» 665 

1354, 2832 Ralph Pomeroy 0.411, 565 

4313 Raymond T.* 692 

605 Rebecca ^ 335 

722 Rebecca <!.... 350 

2834 Rebecca ' 565 

2997 Rebecca ' 576 

Reuben 396 

432, 1 1 74 Reubens (Hon.) 

275> 300, 3 '4, 389. 390 

J177. 2576 Reubens (Capt.). .391, 527 

1847 Reuben ' 459 

*Rhoda 1S4 

Rhoda 384 

390 Rhoda '' 297 

630 Rhoda « 336 

436*Rhoda' 185 

1655 Rhoda F.' 445 

*Richard 96 

243 *Ricbard ° 140 

260, 460 * Richard'' 141, 187 

691, 905 ♦Richard" 213, 231 

471, 690 *Richaid Cromwell" 

188, 212 

256S Richard D.' 526 

4710 Richard D.» 720 

3533 Ricnza J." 624 

1362 Riley" 412 

2198 Riley" 356, 498 

Riley' 566 

3601 Riverius B.' 460, 629 

Roana D 377 

Roana' 615 

*Robert Edward 9 237 

Robert M.' 511 

Robert M.8 690 

* Robert Phelps s 222 

Robert \V.' 657 

Robert \V.' 710 

*Roger 125 

4624 RoUin H.s 614, 715 

4613 RolUn 0.8 (Hon.).. 

613. 714 

Rollin 0.» 715 

Rollin O 262 

Roman « 352 

Roman B.' 479 

Roman R." 637 

Romania 338 

1722 Romanta^ (Rev.). 335, 450 

1863 Romania « 339, 460 

Rosa A. 8.. 655 

* Rosalind Miller ^ 236 

♦Rosalinda 136 

♦Rosalinda' 184 

Rosalines 738 

Rosamond » 711 

Rosanas 738 

Rosannah < 261 

Rosannah * 364 

♦Rosannah ^ 127 

Rosannah '- 279 

Rosannah " 364 

Rosannah 267, 273 

Roscoe C.8 640 

♦Rose Mary s 234 

Rosetta « 330 

Roswell 267 

RoswcIH 357 

981 Roswell 5 279, 366 

1431 Roswell s (Col.) ..322, 419 

Roswell 6 367 

Roswell 6 420 

1512 Rcswell" 331, 432 

Roswell ' 577 

3129 Roswell ' 432, 587 

4432 Roswell H.8 587, 700 

3963 Roswell P.' 509, 655 

♦Rowcna 137, 22: 

♦Rowcna" 13S 

Roxana * 320, 321 

Ro.\ana '" 329 

Roxana" 364 

Roxana" 376 

Roxy 287, 509 

Roxy Sophronia " 361, 393 

466 ♦Roxy' 188 

2168 Roxy ' 497 

2384 Roxy ' 512 

2829 Royal • 565 

758 Ruby" 352 

203s Ruby' 485 

1S28 Rucius B.' 458 

3532 Rucius V.8 624 

Rufus 251, 628 

306 Rufus 5 284 

1043 Rufus '= 376 

476, 1285 Rufus= 31S, 319, 407 

Rufus^ 357 

662, 1841 Rufus" 339, 459 

934, 2277 Rufus ' 364, 503 

1286, 27S4 Rufus" 407, 562 

2113, 3805 Rufus J.' 493, 645 

Ruggles 249 

452 Ruggles 5 316 

292, 998 Russell » 281, 368 

13S8, 2870 Russell" (Dea.)...4i2, 56S 

1038, 2364 Russell" 375, 511 

2345, 3967 Russell ' 510, O56 

3456, 4658 liussell C.8 61S, 717 

4662 Russell 717 

1066, 2419 Russell \V."(Gen.). 

377. 514 

Russell (Dr.) 2S3 

102 ♦Ruth* 124 

104 *Ruth s 124 

423 Ruth s 300, 301 

620 Ruth" 335 

649 Ruth" 338 

993 Ruth " 367 

1844 Ruth ' 459 

3620 Ruth * 631 

3457 Ruths' 6i8 

4656 Ruth ' 717 

4373 Rutli D.!- 697 

1827 Ruth C." 458 

3031 Ruth E.s 579 

R-utli 439 


4470 Sabin J." 702 

2415 Sabrina E.' 514 

1063 Sabrina M 377 

S. Abigail 729 

730 ♦Sabras 215, 242 

3868 Salissa J.» 627 

♦Salome (Wid.) 140 

4535 Sallie s 709 

326 ♦Sally " 147 

1055 Sally " 376 

628 ♦Sally" 207 

4192 Sally B.9 681 

863 Samantha " 357 

1724 Samantha L.' 450 











256, 261, 270, 277, 287, 293 
40S, 420, 509, 557 


95, 97-101, 103, 110-114, 119 
6 Samuel 2 (Lieut.). . . 

112, 243, 299 
64 *Samucl3 (Capt.). .. 

115, 119, 121, 133 
29 Samuel J (Ensign).. 

249, 252, 357 

*Samuel-' 122 

166 Samuel ■< (Lieut.).. 255, 272 

* Samuel » 135 

536 Samuel ■■• 273, 329 

864 Samuel* 279, 357 

1447 Samuel" 330, 420 

2209 Samuel' 361, 500 

Samuel ' 45 1 

Samuel L.' 496 

Samuel « 738 

4551 Samuel B.s 603, 710 

Samuel B.s 710 

Samuel D.' 501 

957 *Samuel Dwight* 

(Hon., M. D.)..2i9, 235 

2412 Samuel P." 377, 514 

Sanford C.9 647 

Sarah 249, 268 

*Sarah 117, 124, 142 

*Sarah (Mrs.) 130 

*Sarah2 112 

Sarah' 271 

Sarahs " 317 

*Sarah = 125, 726 

*Sarah* 130 

*Sarah5 132 

Sarah » 3CX), 301 

Sarah" 349 

*Sarah« 142 

*Sarah« 150 

Sarah ^ 367 

Sarah « 380 

Sarah » 409 

Sarah " 405 

*Sarah' 186 

♦Sarah' 189 

Sarah ' 429 

Sarah ' 495 

Sarahs 598 

Sarahs 738 

Sarahs 700 

* Sarah Ann' 150 

Sarah A.' 489 

Sarah A.' 504 

Sarah A.' 574 

Saiah A." 691 

Sarah B.i" 598 

Sarah C.» 614 

'Sarah D.x 204 

Sarah E.' 446 

Sarah E.' 542 

Sarah E." 579 

Sarah E.8 583 

Sarah E.« 609 

Sarah E.« 626 

Sarah E.s 695 

Sarah E.' 719 

*Sarah Goodwin 8 214 

Sarah G 339 

* Sarah Isabelle' 232 

Sarah J.' 456 

Sarah J.' 509 

*Sarah Jane * 229 

Sarah J.f 594 

Sarah J." ; 693 

Sarah Marshall* 288, 361 

*Sarah M.' 203 

Sarah M.' 523 

Sarah K.' 514 

*Sarah Stiles « 212 

Sarah V.s 621 

Sarah W.' 558 

Saurin - 602 

4248 Scott B.' 562, 688 

2436 Selah H.« 378, 515 

Semantha s 650 

Semantha T.'.. 650 

Seraph R.9 655 

3641 Sereno ' 464, 632 

iiti Seth* 294, 380 

Seth ' 466 

*Seth King " 230 

Sevilla' 446 

Seward L." 653 

Seymour A.' 699 

Seymour J. ■» 699 

Sheridan » 699 

Sidney F.' 503 

2474 Silas" (Dea.).379, 380, 518 

4039 Silas' 518, 662 

Silas IL' 575 

Silas R.9 695 

Silas W.« 662 

737 Simeon * 276, 350, 351 

*Simeon « 139, 140 

Simeon J.» 651 

Simeon M.' 475 

Simeon M.' 476 

Simeon N.« 367 

Sina A.S 605 

Smith K.' 523 

Soella J.» 722 

Solomon 302,317 

446 Solomon ■< 260, 316 

1214 Solomon 5 317, 399 

2728 Solomon " 399, 545 

Solomon' 451 

Solon 340 

3658 Solon ' 466, 633 

4699 Solon ' 632, 719 

Solon F.» 630 

Sophia * 319 

Sophia " 397 

Sophia ' 460 

Sophia' 555 

Sophia S.s 609 

Sophronia •* 580 

Sophronia •* 5S1 

Sophronia A.» 635 

3858 Spencer W.' 497, 648 

Stella"..... 344 

Stella A.9 724 

Stella B.> 4S3 

Stella B.'* 638 

SteUa E.'' 667 

Stella L.' 463 

Stella M.s 623 

Stella M.'i 653 

*Stephen. . , 96 

Stephen D.' 594 

2486 Stephen 0.= (Dea ). 

380, 519 

*SterUng 137 

Sterling* 299 

♦Sterling" 138 

2602 Sterne" (Lieut.). .396, 534 

Sterne" 39' 

Stiles' 623 

Stillman S.» 588 

*Susan 147 

*Susan" 146 

*Susan " 146 

*Susan " 147 

♦Susan ' 189 

Susan' 5'4 

Susan ' 566 

♦Susan* 217 

Susan A.' 5°^ 

Susan A.' 572 

♦Susan Clark 8 219 

♦Susan Jane" 210 

Susan J 324 

Susan M.' 44^ 

Susan M.' 493 

Susan M.8 593 

Susan M.8 611 

♦Susanna '34 

Susanna 74° 

♦Susanna" 124 

Susanna' 433 

♦Susannah 97. 99. '0° 

♦Susannah 209 






475 i 




Susannah 271, 452 

*Susannali * 134 

^Susannah ■'' 178 

Susannah ■'' 323 

Susannah 6 331 

Susie E." 720 

Sybil B.6 364 

Sybil B> 639 

*Sylvanus 184 

Sylvanus 251, 275, 319 

462 Sylvanus ■■ . 268, 318 

1266 Sylvanus 5. ..318, 319, 405 

2752 Sylvanus '^ 405, 559 

Sylvanus D.* 622 

Sylvester 338 

1850 Sylvester' 339, 459 

Sylvester ' 495 

Sylvester B.s 644 

3606 Sylvester P.' 460, 630 

*Sylvia' 187 

Sylvia ' 496 

Sylvia *■ 646 

Sylvia L.' 697 


Tacitus T.'' 544 

*TerrissaS 117 

Tenissa " 405 

410 ThaddeusS 136, 183 

Thaddeus* 324, 325 

Thaddeiis '..... 324 

652 Thaddeus ' 184, 209 

Thaddeus H.o 700 

Thankful 317 

*Thankful5 125 

*Thede Maria" 117 

Thede « 334 

.Thede M.' 405 

Theodora 328 

*Theodore 140 

Theodore 5S4 

1389 Theodore* .320, 321, 412 

2828 Theodore <• 41 1, 565 

Theodore ' 570 

2900 Theodore F^'. . . .419, 570 

Theodore I'.' 570 

Theodore H.« 689 

Theodosia ^ 354 

Thcodosia« 352 

Thcophilus (Dea.) 

249, 266, 270, 301 
560 Theophilus* (Dea.)- 

274, 331. 332> 341 
1585 Thcophilusc (Dea.). 

319. 334, 338. 439 
, 3421 Theophilus- (Col.). 

350, 447, 615 

Theophilus C 440 

3349 Theophilus C." 609 

3338, 4585 Theophilus C.». ..607, 712 

4571 Theophilus C.s 711 

966, 2319 Theron 6 365, 508 

743, 1969 Therftno (Capt.)..35i, 475 

2093, 3739 Theron' 491, 641 

3636, 4692 Theron" 632, 719 

2314 Theron J.' 507 

1564, 3217 Theron Mills' ...437, 595 

3682 Theron M.s 636 

2321 Theron W." 508 

1356 Thirzas.' 412 

2869 Thirza ' 568 

*Thirza* 197 

*Thomas 96, 120, 134 

24, 44 *Thomas'' 

114, 115, 118, 119 

Thomas' 323 

46, 150 *Thomas •' 119, 133 

69, 291 Thomas'" 257, 280 

308, 1052 Thomas 5 (Hon.). .284, 376 

524 *Thomas C 192 

3133, 4449 Thomas H.* 587, 701 

1060, 2410 Thomas S.« 377, 514 

153 Timothy-' 271 

841, 2150 Timothy 6 356, 495 

3890 Timothy C." 651 

2155, 3823 Timothy H.' . . . .496, 646 

3833 Timothy W.s 646 

845 Tirzah « 356 

1601 Tirzah ' 440 

2178 Tirzah ' 497 

Tracy 267 

1551 Tracy' 435 

2197 Tracy J.' 498 

1213, 2707 Truman 6 397, 543 

4112, 4769 Truman s 667, 724 

1323 Trumbull « 409 

1290, 2791 TrumbuU« 407, 562 

2803 Trumbull L.' 564 

Trypheua 270 

35 Tryphena-- 255 

495 Tryphena« 334 


3205 Ulysses « 594 

521 *Urania B.' 191 

3093 Uriah G.s. 583 

4514 Uriah H." 707 

Ursula 615 

713 Ursula'' 350 

1293 Ursula li 408 

1 149 Ursula Ann « 3S6 


3487 Valencia O.* 621 

20CX) Van liurc'M ■ 477 

2027 Van Rensselaer" 

(J'.'Jgc) 352, 479 

3702 Van Rensselaer' 

484, 638 

Van Rensselaer s 63S 

Verner '" 695 

Victor D.o 407 

Vines (Gen.) 647 

3691 Virgil V.' 479, 637 

Virginia ^ 285 

Virginia V.s 595 

Vivian A.» (M. D.) 65S 


Wadsworth P.« 689 

Wallace ' 495 

3716 Wallace ' 485, 639 

Wallace N.' 716 

* Walter Aliens 236 

* Walter Dwight'" 240 

Walter F.9 699 

Walter F.9 716 

Walter H.s 620 

Ward' 723 

"Warren " 178 

Warren C (Hon.) 

319, 321, 33', 444> 446 

Warner I.' 716 

4750 Washington G.». .647, 723 

Watson ' 577 

Wayne A.^ 647 

Wealthy A.' 572 

*Weedon 152 

Welling E.s 615 

*Well3 Kings , 231 

3973 Wesley' (M. D.).5io, 656 

4734 Wesley » 644, 722 

Wesley 0.9 716 

*Wilfred E.8 204 

Wilfred R.s 691 

Willard A.8 645 

Willard B.s 616 

Willard M.9 716 

*\Villiam 196 

William 589 

555 William s 274^^ 331 

William ' 280 

Wilham 6 355 

586 * William n 147, 202 

William 6 3S0 

1506 Williami! 331, 432 

1736 Williams 336, 451 

*William ' 203 

William' 508 

William ' 577 

, 3119 William' (Capt.)..432, 586 

, 3451 William' 45", 6»7 

, 3795 William' 493, 644 



2381, 4001 William" 511, 65S 

2810, 4272 William ' 564, 6S9 

2961, 4335 William ' 574, 694 

3S32 William* 646 

3971 Williams 656 

4652 William 9 716 

4660 William 717 

S14, 975 *William AdamsS.223, 236 
3143, 4461 William A." (Rev.). 

58S, 701 

1975 William B.' 476 

3922 William B.s 653 

3955 William D.s 655 

loi r "William David '» 240 

20S4 William E.' 489 

2326 William E,' 50S 

2509, 4053 William E.' 521, C63 

3726 William E." 640 

4546 William E.9 710 

799, 2070 William G.^ 354, 4S7 

S08 * William Griswold « 223 

4682 William G.9 718 

995 William H.« 367 

2432 William H.' 515 

316S William Henry 6 592 

3204 William Henry « 594 

3679 William n.» 636 

4088 William 11. W.8 666 

4125 William H." 669 

4127 William H.» 669 

William H.8 684 

4469 William H.s 589, 702 

William H." 690 

William H.9 696 

William H.9 705 

4186 William J.' 544, 679 

William K.9 700 

William L." 522 

William M.'' 367 

2230 William Marcellus "'. 

363. 501 

William M.8 652 

3002 William JJ.e 420, 577 

3908 William P.' 502, 652 

William Roswell • 575 

4025 William R.' 513, 661 

William R.s 643 

William R.s 630 

William S.' 522 

♦William Selby 6 217 

4703 William S.8 632, 720 

4415 William S.* 5S6, 699 

*William Sheldon 9 230 

William S.' 720 

4009 William T.' (Hon., 

M. D.) 512, 659 

William W.' 577 

William W.a 677 

William Y." . 635 

Willie L.e 664 


4666 Willie W.9 717 

4693 Willie 9 719 

1301, 2801 WilliiiC 408, 563 

963, 1008 * Willis Dwight'. .236, 240 

4012 Wih'.iot G.s 659 

221 1, 3885 Wilson S.' 500, 650 

4540 Winnifred ' 709 

35S4, 4667 Winslow P.* 628, 717 

889 *\Vilton Arthur' . 230 

Wolcott J 607 

1636 Wolcott J.' (Hon.). ...442, 608 

3322 Wolcott J.8 606 

4576 Wolcott J.' 711 

lVo»ic-n (The Humphrey). 725 


Young ^ 2gg 

213 '^YoungS 137, 138 


Zada 338 

665 Zada 6 339 

3252 Zenas D.s 599 

3249 Zenas N." 599 

2742, 4217 Zephaniah M.' 

(Rev., D. D.)..557, 685 

90 *Zillah ' 123 

1039 Zilpah 6 375 

2682, 4166 Zopher P.' 542, 677 

2341 Zylpha ' 509 





3STOT Bearisng- tlie I^-am.plire3r I='atrorL3rm.ic. 

EXPLANATION.— An Asterisk (*) affixed to the name signifies that the individual is a descendant of John. 2 
The number prefixed to the name, indicates his (or her) place in the series. 
Tlie small number at right hand of name, indicates the generation to which they belong. 



Abbey, Alvin N 

991 " Francis E.. 

990 " Orman G 

992 " Sarah E 

Abbott, *George 

" *Hannah 

" Lucy 

Abell, Sanford 

" Abigail Eveline. . . . 
Ables, Henry 


Albert R.* (Dr.)... 

Albert R.» 


Bertha J 



David (Lieut.). 250, 





D. C. (Rev.) 

Ebbic 11.9 

Ella C.f>. 

Ellen M.8 


Eugene A.* 


Ezra (Gen.) 444, 

Ezra %.'■ 


251, 261, 273. 





r\MS, Harper 

Henry H.? 

*H. K 144, 

* Henry O 


Hiram W 


Jennie L 614, 


Laura. , 344, 

*Mary 189, 


Mary A 444, 

Mary A.* 

*Mary C 

Mary L.» 



Melissa R 

Mindwell 250, 

*N. W. K 


Oliver C. (Hon.)... 

Oliver C.9 


* Reginald !.» 


Sabina 283, 

Sallie A 


*Sarah L 

Susan A.9 


Agan, Arthur M 371 

" EmmaL 371 

" Michael P 371 

Agard, *Elizabeth 192 

Aiken, *Mary 194 

*.\IKINS 126 

" Myrenda P. Parker. 477 

Aking, Eliza 589 

Akixs, Henry S 589 

" William Henry 589 

Albertson, Elizabeth NL . . 535 

Albyn, Abi S 699 

" Alfred 699 

" Lucinda 699 

Alcott, Isaac 444 

Mehitabel 579 

" Sally 408, 563 

Alder, Mmnie A 487 

1 1 16 Alderman, Fannie ' 380 

1115 " Olivia' 380 

Simeon (Rev.). 3S0 

Aldrich, Jennie R 589 

Johnson 652 

Rachel 652 

Sarah 652 

Tillotson 439 

" Warren 462 

Alexander, Chloe 368 

Alford, Abigail 315 

" *Arba 117 

Eber 315. 3'7 

Nathaniel 315 

♦Nathaniel (Jr.).,. 117 
K.dph E 444 



AU.F.N, (Maj.) 323 

Ada 574 

Adaline 488 

" * Alexander 126 

" Alexander 330 

1561 " Amelia* 437 

" Amelia A.' 733 

" Catherine 648 

" David 518 

" Elijah (Capt.) 323 

Elizabeth 3S0 

Elizabeth C 518 

1562 " Georgianas 437 

" Georgiana I.s 733 

1560 " Harvey C.8....437, 733 

" Irena 719 

" *Jonathan iiS 

" Lydia 498, 64S 

" *Mary Emily.. 235, 240 

" Matilda 616 

" *Nathan 240 

" Orsemus (Rev.).437, 733 

Phebe 261 

" *Susan Jane 240 

William 648 

Allis, Laura 586 

Allison, Jane 569 

Allyn, Abi S 586 

" Ethan » 404 

" Hubert ^ 404 

James 404 

" Laura" 404 

Truman 404 

Alt, J. H 732 

" Jacob H 430 

" Maria 430, 732 

" Mary 732 

Altrocchi, Domenicho. . . . 569 

" Niccola 569 

" Pauline 569 

2898 " Pauline H.e.... 569 

Alvoid, 413 

Al^ciru, Clarence 720 

239 Ames, Elisha * 276 

679 " *Fannie9 212 

" *Horatio 231 

240 " Julia" 276 

238 " Lucyo 276 

236 " Mary' 276 

237 " Oliver" 276 

235 " Sarah " 276 

" *Silas 

" Stephen 276 

" *Susan Angier..2i3, 231 

" 'Zephaniah iiS 

AMinoN, Maria 292 

Amsdai.e, *Hannah 123 

Anderson 397 

Alvah Wood. 

Archie ' 

Catherine . . . 


Florence '. . . . 


Frank ' 



*James F. G. 


Joseph ...... 

Lemira M. ..443, 
L. E... 
Luman ] 
Phebe . . 

Rnscoe Alphonso' 
Susan . . 
Ursula . . 



Andrus, *Asahel. 
" Betsey . . 


" Frank 

" *Hannah 126 

" Jonathan 


" * Philemon 

" Sophia 


IS, Anna D 

.E, Charlotte 

■RONG, Augustus .... 



*Jane 191 


" Sheldon 

Arnett, Elyth 

Arnold, Sarah J 692, 

Arthur, *Frederick 

" * Frederick D. . . 

'• *Louise Jennette.. 

210, 230, : 

" *Mary : 

Ashley, Mercy 

Atvvater, George M 

Harriet F...s8s, 

Josiah W 

" Stephen H 

Atwood, Hannah 

George L. . 
♦Harriet ... 



























, W6 




, 140 

1 167 















, 219 




















1 104 




1 103 




Austin, *Moses 150 

" *Theron 205 

William 285 

AVERITT, Diana 274, 331 

Awl, Florence M.' 733 

" William (Dr.) 733 

" Woodward 733 

" 437 

" (Dr.) 437 


Babbitt, "Eliza 195, 223 

" "Rebecca 223 

" "Zerah 223 

Backenstose, Dwight B... 347 

Backus, Abigail 485 

Bacon, "Albert Henry 9.215, 242 

" Anna 321 

" Benoni B 713 

Charles' 387, 388 

" "Etta Florence9.2r5, 242 
" "Edith Mary 9 .215, 242 
" "Fred Humphrey'.. 

215, 242 
" * Harriet Augusta '. . 

215, 242 
Harriet H.'. . . .387, 388 

" Haskell 247 

" "Hiram Joshua 9.215, 242 

" "Ida Ann' 215, 242 

" "Jedidiah 242 

" Joanna J 611, 713 

Joseph 321 

"Joshua Crane. .215, 242 

Laura E.' 387, 388 

Laura G..' 387.389 

Maria- 387, 388 

Mary 321 

" Mason -364 

Moses T.' 387, 3S8 

Philip' 387.388 

"Polly 242 

Richard ' 388 

Richard (Jr.) 387 

"William Dyer9.2l5, 242 

Baddeley, Charles H 609 

" Ellen 609 

" John C 609 

Bailey, Abigail 721 

" Alexander H.' 539 

" Arthur M.s 644 

" Asahel 295, 3S0 

" AsaheP 380 

Burdcttei" 461 

" Caroline C 324 

Caroline E.' 3S0 

Clarissa 355, 495 

Czar William » 644 



Bailey, Eher 



Edwin C... 



" Edwin M.... 



Frances 9 



Frances v.. . 





" Grace H.s. . . 





Iva E.9 

" Jane A 


" John 

.644, 722 

" John S. C.K. 



" Joseph.. ..279 



" Kate 



" >w 


Mary Ann... 






" MaryE.9.... 


1 102 

Martha A."... 


" Nelson 


" Ori 






" Carrie Esther... 

" Frank H 


" Mary J 


" *Winiam Agust 


" William A 


" William Frisbic 



Albert L 


Chandler O. . . 




" *Jeffry 





" Orin 


" Peninnah 




Sarah G.s 



Ball, Ann 



" James 



" John A. w 


" Nathan W 


Baldwin, Amy 


Andrew (Capt.). 





Asa 9 



Charlotte G 



Clara H.».. 



Eleazers . . . 
Eliza G.... 


Elizabeth H 

" Elizabeth . . 



Ellen D. . . . 


Elvira C... 


Emeline. . . . 







Baldwin, Ephraim. 

Emiice L.' 

Franklin A.s. . . . 

George H.8 


Harriet E." T 


Henry P 

Huldah 279, 



James M 

Jane F 605, 

Jessie L 

John L 


Levi ' 

Lyman H 

Marian A 


Norman A 

Norman C 


Orvis C 

Phebe S 

Pomeroy ' 

*Richard C. H.. 



*Sarah C. H.... 

Silas 35S, 

Tryphena. ...431, 


Virginia M 

William C 


Ballard, Melinda 



Jennie i" 

Vernon 10 

Bancroft, Alice L.s 

" 'Anna 113, 

Edwin W.» 

' ' Elisha L 


" * Hannah 

" *John 

Joseph W.' . . . . 

" Laura 

" Lydia A 503, 

" Sarah 

" Timothy 

Jandell, Alanao 


" Daniel « 

" Frederick" 

" George' 

. ... 360 
328, 360 
. . . . 460 
. ... 738 
. ... 701 
... 701 
.... 701 
. . . . 701 
■ • • ■ 436 

Bandell, John George 

" Keturah 


" Mercy « 

Olive 6 

" Roxanna ' 


" Samuel " 


Bandy, Julia A 544, 

Bangs, Maria 

" Nathaniel 

*Barber 98, 107, 137, 

" *Abel 

" Abi 248, 

" *Abigail 117, 

" *Abigail Leonora'. 
" *Abigail Ransford, 

" Abigail 

249, 250, 251, 
273. 404 

Barber, Abraham 

Achsah ' 

*Achsah Delight', 

Adelaide J.s 

Adelia * 

Allen e 


Allison H.8 




Annis ^ 


Azariah..256, 320, 
*Benjamin.. .117, 
Bildad. . .256, 301, 

Byron N 

*Calvin (Col.).... 

*Calvin 137, 


*Calvin Nelson'. . 


Catherine H.s. . . . 


Clarence H.* 


Clarissa 334, 


Cora * 

*Cyrus Loomis. . . 

♦Daniel (Rev.).... 

137- 138. 



Daniel " 





39 Barber, 
209 " 

578 " 

Da^id 5 255 

'Decius Scott'.... 138 

Diana ' 333 

Diana E 334 

Edda ].' 403 

Edward W.s 402 

ElamS 321 

Electa 267 

Elijah 301, 321 

Elijah = 256 

Elijaho 256 

Eliza 334 

Elizabeth" 321 

*Elizabeth ' 116 

Elizabeth L 373 

Elizabeth' 264 


256, 267, 320, 403 

Ehvin 461 

*Emeline' 138 

Ephraim 317 

Erastus 301 

Ezekial * 256 

Florence I.» 403 

Gaylord ' 403 

George 333 

George H 373 

Giles!' 270 

Giles^ 333 

Hannah < 332 

Hannah ' 270 

Hannah ' 404 

Harriet A 333 

JIarriet E.' 403 

Harvey 248 

Helen L 333 

Helen ' 264 

Hepzibah' 332 

Herman 334 

* Horace CoUyer.. 
Horace Virgil «... 259 

*Hosea ' 


Jacob 251, 


James R 

Jane ' 264 


Jennette ' 404 

Jennie ' 403 

Jesse •■ 270, 332 

Jesse' 333 

Joel =■ 270 

Joel 270 

♦John 116, 118 

John , 267 

J"l"'(Jr.) 264 

John' 403 





John' 413 

John H.8 (Rev.).. 402 

John M." 403 

*John (Sr.) 117 

Jonathan 301 

Jonathan. 248, 264, 334 

Joseph" 255 

Josephs 256 

*Julia 221 

"Julia' 138, 193 

Julia' 264 

Laura" 259 

Laura ' 333 

Lemuel ' 404 

Lodama " 256 

Lois 301 

Lois 256, 334 

Loisc 270 

Lucia 333 

Lucia A 334 

* Lucia Jeanette. . . 13S 
*Lucilda.i89, 215, 242 

* L u c i us Israel ' 

(Dr.) 138 

Lucy 1 404 

Lucy A.s 402 

Luke 264 

*Lura' 138 

Luther H.' (Rev.). 403 

Mamie' 403 

Mary.... 288, 350, 351 

*Mary' 116 

Mary ' 404 

*Mary Ann ' 138 

MaryC 333 

Martha 259 

Martha J.' 404 

Martha L 333 


246, 250, 255, 270 

Michael 302 

*Nathaniel 181 

Nellie M.» 403 

Nelson L 248 

Nelson L.' 403 

Noahs 321 

Patience 251, 321 

Percy 301 

*Phebe I17 

Phebe M.' 403 

Philo 301 

*Reuben ' 1 16, llS 

Reuben . 403 

Roswell 9 332 

♦Rowena .... 137, 221 

*Rowena' 138 

Rowena 299 

•Ro.Kanna 219 


B.iRBER, Ruluff 


'■Russell. 189, 215, 


*Sadasa ' 

SamueH (Dr.) 

Samuel ^ 


Samuel (Dr.). .255, 



248, 250, 259, 2 
301, 321 

Barber, Sarah * 

" Sarah « 

" *Sarah ' 

" Sarah E.' 

" Starling' 



" Theophilus' 

" *Thomas 109, 

" Thomas 251, 


" Truman 

" Tryphenia^ 

" Trueworth " 

*Virgil Buslirod'. 

" William 


WilHam H 

" *Zimri 

" Zimri 

Barbour, Abi 

" Amy L." 

" Clarence .■\.'*. . . . 

" Clarinda'... .400, 

Collin H.8 

Edward P.' 

Edward P.s 


" Francis N." 

" Harvey 

" Helen P." 

Heman H.' 
(Judge) 302, 399, 

Heman H.s 

" Henrietta . . .613, 

.*H. H 112, 

" Henry 

Henry M.» (Rev.) 
Henry S.' (Judge) 

" Jamess 

John B.9 

•' Jonathan 

" Joseph L." 

" Juliacttc' 

Lizzie L.8 



Barbour, Lorinda.. . 






Xaomi E.-. 




Samuel B. B.^.. 


Sylvester' (Judge) 402 

Thomas S.8 


William H.« 


Bargus, AUie D.8.... 




Edwin H.«.. 


" George (Lieut 




George H.8 . 







Barick, Catharine 




" Almira . 






" *Sarah 


Barklev, Jessamine... 





Barkma?j, George F.. 



*Barlo\v..i5i, 155, 156 

159, 164 






Barnard, *Charlotte. 


*Lucretia . . 


*MatiIda . . 






B.VRNES, Abbie W.... 


*Addie L.». . 



" Anna E 







*Bertha L.» . 


" Betsey 

♦Catherine . . . 









" James (Maj.-Gen.) 


John F 


" 'John J 


*Julius S. (Dr 



*Milfred E.9. . 


*N. F 

Barnum, Asenath 


" Delia A... 


Julia A 


" Simeon 



Barrett, Lancy 


Barringer, Bianca 



Barrv, Henry S 

•' Nellie E.8 


Bartholo.mew, Etta . . 









Bartleson, Amelia A.. 524, 668 

Maria L 665 

Philip 665 

Bartlet, *Benjamin no 

" *Joseph 180 

Bartlett, Alantha 503 

Charles (Prof.).. 729 

Henry 733 

" John (Rev.) 603 

" Mary 603 

" M. Henry 441 

" Wallace 364 

Barton, *Edwin H.' 175 

" *Freder!ck S.s 175 

" *James' 175 

" *James 175 

" *Leonora AlmaS.. 175 

" *Loretta Maria § . 176 

" *Mary Alma' 175 

" *Mary Alma 6 ... 176 

" *Minerva P.8 176 

" *Norman* 175 

" *Pauline ' 176 

" *Samuel ' 176 

" *Theodore D.".. . . 175 

" *William' 176 

Bartzes, Christian 485 

S. (Dr.) 48s 

B.isSETT, Abraham ' 380 

Eben ' 3S0 

" Frederick N 379 

Rhoda T.' 380 

" Sadie 574 

Sarah A.' 380 

Battell, Joseph 681 

Sarah 681 

" Urania. . . . . .555, 681 

Baum, Helena 519, 662 

B.\xter, Ellen M 397, 543 

" JohnH 543 

" Margaret 361 

Be.\ch, 518 

Abigail 352, 477 

" Amos 729 

" Ashbel 278 

" Bercy 508 

" Bethia 27S 

" Delia 263 

Elizabeths (or Bercy) 27S 

Elizabeth 351, 735 

Ella M 610 

Eunice 477, 479 

" Francis 477 

" George W 351 

" Grace (Roberts) ... . 477 

" Harriet' 351 

" Jacob 27S 

'■ James Watson" , 278 





Beach, *Jesse 

John (Capt.)...263, 

J ulius 

Juhus 350, 477, 

Louisa 351, 

*Lucy M 147, 

Lurana « 


Kancy Tyler « 

Parthena W." 

Rachel 1 351, 

Sabra iVzelia ' 

Stella 352, 

Beal, Margaret 

ALS, Fanny 

" Maria L 

Beaman, George 

612 Bean, *Alonzo H.8 

611 " *Charles W.8 

614 " *Harriet M.* 

610 " *Lyman H.8 

613 " *Mary C.s 

*P. H 

615 " *Rhoda E.8 

Bear, Ealinor 

" EllaC 

" George C 

Beard, Ruth 

Beardsley, Hattie 

" Laura 

Beaumont, *Lovisa 

Becker, Lancy 

" Martha 541, 


Becket, Eliza J 493, 

Beckwith, Abner 


Austin ' 

Benjamin. . 


Florette ' . . 



Jane ' 



Susan '. . . . 

Bedford, Phebe 

Beebe, Alice 

Alvin M 




Dora E.9 

Edgar M 

Ellen F.' 

♦Fanny Smith.. 
Fidelia L 





Beebe, Frederick \V.» 510 

Harry M.s 571 

" *Nancy 209, 22S 

Wilson E.' 571 

Beecher, Calvin 510 

" Edgar R.* 510 

" Emeline 510 

Isaacs 510 

" Mary A 350 

*Mary 197 

" Vema J." 510 

Belden, Anna 616 

" Benjamin F 616 

" *Edwin C 204 

" Lucia 451, 616 

*Rufu3(Dr.) 204 

Bell, Amelia 284 

" Eliza Maria 434 

" Eliza M 589 

" Rachel 5S9 

" William 5S9 

Bellows, 731 

" Hannah 708 

" *Josiah Harlow.. 22S 

" *Sydna Fay '<>. . . 228 

Beman, Mary 250, 26S 

Bemis, Sarah 342 

Benedict, Achsah 408, 563 

' ' Adeline 624 

" Caroline 474 

" Caroline A.. 458, 624 

" Daniel 474 

" George 645 

" Lester A 474 

^lary 493 

" Nathan 563 

" Theresa B 502 

William A. (Dr.) 624 
W. A. (Rev.)... 625 

" Zilpha 563 

Benham, *Amanda Irene.. 209 

" *Fanny ... 20g 

" *Thomas Alonzo. 209 

Ben-j.^min, *Abigails 142 

♦Agnes" 142 

" *Chnton s 142 

" *Daniel6 142 

" *Eliza8 142 

" *Eliziir» 142 

" *Marietta" 142 

♦Polly 8 142 

" *Rachel^ 142 

" *Scott» 143 

Bennett, Abigail. 281, 375, 513 

Alice 333 

Amelia J. » 284 

" Archels 709 

" Asa G 332 


Bennett, Betsey L 

Betsey Lois 







Erwin D 

Fidelia « 

Fidelia ' 

Francis A. . .598, 


Franklin P.o . . . . 

Henry ' 




L. Dow 

Lavina ^ 

Lucinda ^ 

Mary A 5S7, 

MeUssa A.'' 

Nancy A.s 


Phineas.2S4, 377, 

Phineas M. ..377, 


Sally A 376, 


Bentley, Alonzo F 

Annie P.' . . 

Caroline H.9. . . , 

Charles Allen. . . . 

Charles (Rev.)... 

Edward M.9 

Edward W. (Rev. 
D. D.) 

Evelyn M.s 

George White - 



William H.9 

Benton, Edwin 

Ida 1 5S3, 

Berger, Emma 

Berrian, C. P 

Betts, Anna 

" Edwin C 

Bevan, Ann L 

" Ann Lawler 

" Deborah 

" Matthew L 

Bevier, Ann 

" Edgar 

" Eleanor 

" Joseph 


BiDDi.E, George William'.. 576 

William B 576 

Bidwell, ■' 127 

Albert 316 

." Albert F 444 

" Betsey 718 

" Clara Eliza 315 

" Emma W 718 

" Esther 315 

444 •' Flora 316 

Flora 261, 336 

" Franklin 316 

" Frederick 3:6 

" George 316 

" Hannah G 315 

443 " Harriet 316 

' ' Henrietta R 444 

" Hiram 316 

Lois 365 

" Lucian 315 

442 " Lucian 316 

" Mary 316 

" Mayette 316 

Oliver H 315, 316 

Phebe...339, 344, 459 
Riverious....454, 459 
Sarah F 261, 336 

445 " Sarah F 316 

" Scott 316 

" Sherman 718 

" Thomas (Jr.). 267, 454 
" Thomas 315, 336 

441 " Thomas 316 

Bierce, Julia 493 

" Julia A 643 

Sally A 487 

Sarah A 354, 4S7 

" Sylvester 487 

793 Btgelow, Celia ' 353 

795 " EUen'.T. 353 

" Halsey 293 

794 " Harvey' 353 

John 727 

792 " John H.' 353 

John J 353 

John J.' 353 

Mabel 726 

Bignall, Emma". 599 

J5ILLYEN, America L 494 

" Andrew J 494 

" Minerva 494 

Bingham, Elbert 360 

Emily 34S 

" *Sarah 127 

BiNNER, *Susanna 222 

Birch, Clinton W 362 

" Ilatlie 1 362 

" Henry 410 

;nEx TO ALLIED families. 



Birch, Robert S 362 

Roxy S 362 

BiRCHARD, Mercy A — 351, 474 

" Mercy 474 

" Nathan 474 

BlRli, Chloe 323 

" *Jonathan (Dr.) 134 

BiRDSEY, *.Sarah 147 

BiRNEY, Bridget 542 

" Kate 542 

Simon 542 

ElRT, George F 422 

Bishop, Eliza 434, 593 

Henry 593 

" Rachel 464 

" *Samuel 12S 

Sarah 593 

BissELL, ^Abigail 121 

Augustus Petti- 
Claudia S.- 388 

" Ebenezer Fitch 

(Capt.) 387 

Edward Hamil- 
ton ■ 3S8 

Ellen F 343 

" Eunice 3S7, 389 

" George A. 8 388 

" George W 343 

Harriet E.« 388 

Harriet E 388 

Henry Camp".... 388 

Henry E.s 388 

John B.9 388 

" Jonathan H.'' 387 

Mary Caroline'... 388 

Mary Stone » 3S8 

Orvillc H.9 388 

" *Platt 142 

Thomas L 387 

•" Titns 1 387 

Titus L.i... 388 

Titus L.» 388 

William S.« 388 

BissENGER, Emma 433 

Blackmer, FrankA. (M.D.) 648 
Franklin (Dr.).. 64S 

Miner\a 648 

" Rat- 9. 648 

Blackwei.l, Comfort 622 

Blair, Franklin S.' 643 

Ida H.9 643 

" John W.9 643 

Joseph 643 

William H.9 643 

Blake 97 

" Harriet M 324 

" Isaac 449 

Blake, John 324 

Blakeley, Hannah 440 

" Marion 441 

Blakeslee, *Sarah M 150 

Blakesley, Edwur 336 

Eliza 575> 694 

Blakesly, Fidelia 571 

Blakley, Hannah 602 

Blanchard, Peter 619 

Bliss, Maria J 443 

" Sybil 247 

Blodgett, Benjamin 575 

" Hannah. . . .355, 498 

" Hannah A.. 420, 576 

M'-»'T 575 

Blood, Ida 657 

" I-ovina 657 

N. D. (Dr.) 492 

' ' Orson 492 

" R- c 657, Eliza 586 

J- A 735 

Lina L 5S6 

" Louisa 586 

" Verus N 5S6 

Bodixe, Elizabeth 437 

BODWELL, Anson G. (Dea.). 325 
Anson I^wis.... 328 

" Augustus 323, 327 

" Benjamin 

273. 323. 452 

Case 324 

" Charles Amos. . . 328 

" Charles Sherman 328 

" Charles S 324 

" Clarissa 323 

" Dorothie 323 

" Dorothy 273, 613 

Dorothy W 329 

Edwin 325, 326 

Eliza 328 

•' Eliphalet 323 

" Ehza Chapin. . . . 328 

" Elizabeth S 328 

" Ella A 324 

Emma 328 

Erastus 323 

'• George W 324 

Hannah 323 

" Harriet Emily.. . 324 

Hector L 324 

" Helen M 324 

" *James 209 

James. .323, 326, 452 

James A 324 

James A." 323 

■' James Ely 324 

•' Lewis (Kev.). ... 325 

BoDWELL, Mary... 273, 323, 452 

Mary Ann 326 

Mary Blair 328 

Mary Elizabeth.. 328 

Mary Ella 326 

•' *Parentha. . . 184, 209 

528 " Parintha6...324, 325 

Polly... 323, 337. 452 

531 " Pollys 329 

Sarah 406 

" Sherman 325 

" Sherman (Lieut.) 326 

'Susannah 209 

Thomas L 324 

Tryon 323 

William Prescott. 324 

^Villis 323 

BocART, Ellen 359 

Bolter, Clarissa 448 

BOiNNEY, 441 

z 441 

BoNSALL, *Birdsey « 141 

Booker, Isaac 727 

BoWKER, Aminda 9 734 

" Beaman A.' 734 

" Clarinda' 734 

" Cynthia 9 734 

David F.9 734 

Edith L.' 734 

Estella L.9 734 

" Josephine N.'. . . . 734 

" Manila.- 734 

** Solomon . . . .449, 734 

" William H.' 734 

Booth, *Salmon 178 

Borden, Russel 302 

BosvvoRTH, Clara 699 

BoTHWELL, Lyman 455 

*Boudinot 154 

BoUGHTON, Betsey 457 

" Bertha 366 

" Eliza 338, 457 

" Hannah 503, 505 

" Henry C 366 

" Jemima 525 

Matthew 457 

" Romeyn 285 

*W. W 207 


liovLWARE, Mary 695 

4358 " Nellie M. "'.... 695 

" Stephen G 695 

S. C. (Dr.) . . . 69s 

1584 Boi'K.N'E, Antoinette* 439 

Daniel . 439 

BoWEN, George 4" 

3068 Bowers, Emma L.* 5S2 

Jacob 5S1 


Bowers, *John C. H 129 

*John 129 

3067 " Mary L.' 582 

3066 " Rufus C.!> 5S2 

" *Sarah 129 

Bowman, Ann E 730 

" Frederick 652 

*G. L. (Dr.) ... 227 

" Mary 502 

" Mary J 652 

" *Paul Pounds"-'.. 227 

Sally 652 

Boyd, Sally 4S7 

Bf)YDEN, *Mary 183 

BozARTH, Clinton M.s 426 

" Earl' 426 

Elmers 426 

Ethel 9 426 

Flora E.' 426 

" Laura B.' 426 

" Mary 9 426 

" Mary M." 426 

" Samuel S 426 

Brace, J. Bement 285 

Bradburn, Nancy Chris. 

tianna 292 

547 Bradley, *Anna E.s 193 

3046 " Bessie B.' 5S0 

546 " *CaroIine E.s. . . . 193 

544 " *Charles A.8.... 193 

3043 " Charles L.' 580 

*' Charles \V 565 

" Charles \V.*> 565 

3044 " Chester A. 9 5S0 

(Dr.) 413 

545 «' *Edward Hum- 

phrey" 193 

" George W.8 565 

Harriet 573 

3042 " James M." 579 

" James M 579 

James 579 

" *Justin A.. . . , . . . 193 

Mary 322, 413 

" Mehitabel 579 

" 'Oliver 193 

" Sarah A. . 565 

3045 " Walter A. 9 580 

William 565 

Eradstreet, . 735 

Brady, Alice Phebe s 283 

" Charles Grant", . . . 283 

" Emma" 283 

" Flora Jeanette «. . . . 283 

" Frank Beery* 283 

" John 283 

Mary Louisa » .... 283 

" Lovina" 283 

Brady, Margaret 620 

Phebe 283 

" Russell Humphrey* 283 

Vallandigham » 283 

Wallen Phebe 283 

William WaUen.... 283 

Willie Martm» 283 

Brainard, Caleb 410 

Jennie 736 

(Mrs.) 320 

Braman, Case 248 

Branch, Charles Franklin 

(Maj.) 281 

Emma Alliens... 281 

" James Orson ». ... 2S1 

Mary Ella 9 281 

Brandon, Catharine M ... 717 

" Cornelius 626, 717 

" Homeria . . . . 626, 717 

3559 " Le Roy H.s 626 

" Marinda . . . .626, 717 

Peter R 626 

Bransford, Benjamin 473 

" Hannah 473 

" Henry W 473 

Braxton, Mary 473 

Breath, Anna 344 

" Edward (Rev.)... 344 

Breckenridge, Frank A. . . 487 

' ' James 487 

Lavina.... 487 

2064 " Martha A.«. 487 

Breed," Mariamne 386 

Brewer, Archibald 281 

Elizabeth (or 

Betsey) 281 

" Miriam 281 

Brewster, Martha E 303 

" Oliver 330 

Bridgman, Hattie 536 

Briggs, Calvin 564 

Bright, Carl S.'" 427 

S. M. (Rev.) 427 

Wm. H 427 

Briscoe, Charity .607 

" John 607 

John (Judge) 607 

Brixton, *Sarah 175 

Broadwell, Margaret E... 606 

Brockway, Harriet 536, 668 

Jesse 668 

" Lois 344 

Nancy 668 

Bronson, Cynthia A... 448, 615 

717 " Cynthia A." 350 

Edj;ar B 350 

" Edilh May 350 

• ' Flora B 350 

Bronson, Huldah 355, 493 

I'-a 614 

" Ira Lincoln 350 

" Jennie C 350 

" Laura 614 

Levi 493 

716 " Lyman H.' 350 

Mary 493 

718 " Perintha' 350 

714 " Samuel H.' 350 

719 " Samuel N.' 350 

" Samuel S. (Dr.).. 

350. ("5 
Ursula 615 

715 " ' 350 

2947 Brooke, Edilh R." 574 

2941 " Florence A. 8 573 

2943 " George B.* 573 

George F 573 

2940 " Jane F." 573 

2946 " Lillian G." 574 

2942 " Marion" 573 

2945 " Warner G.» 574 

2944 " Wesley E." 573 

Brooker, *Isaac 241 

Brooks, 283, 615 

* 175 

" Charles E.9 738 

" Charles Lewis"... 264 

Charles 687 

Frank R.s 738 

George 738 

" George £.» 738 

Ida M.9 738 

Jane A 573 

" *John no 

" John Norton * . . . . 264 

" John Wadhams 264 

" Lucius 251 

" Mary 264 

" Mary Eliza " 264 

Mary E.9 738 

Maud E.9 ..738 

Oscar W.9 738 

Roane B.' 73S 

Sarah J 559, 6S7 

" Watts Harvey.... 264 

" William 573 

Brower, *Theophilus 203 

Brown, Abicl 302 

1904 " Alfred B.» 465 

Amelia 303 

Anna Ruth 302 

" Anne 303 

" Austin 303 

" Azubah 302 

Betsey 521 

Bostwick 524 



, Charles 303 

*ChIoe N 181 

Clarissa 276 

Cornelius 301 

Daniel 301 

Dauphin T 307 

Dianthe 314 

*Eli iSl 

* Elizabeth 223 

Ellen 303 

Esther 302 

Flora 427 

Frances E. . . . . . 507 

Frances R.* 465 

Frank 411 


302, 303, 305, 314 

Frederick G.' 465 

Frederick H 67 1 

Frederick H.' 672 

George H.^ 672 

Gerald » 411 


279, 302, 317, 363, 

399. 459 

Harriet 671 

Harriet N 382, 524 

*Henry Lyman.... 228 

Isaac 301 

Jacob 363 

Jane 524 

Jason" 302, 305 

John (Deacon) .... 267 

John 2S2, 302, 521 

John (Capt.) 

301, 302, 303-14, 399, 


Jonathan 301 

*Laura 228 

*Lilla Addies 228 

Lovina P 282 

Lucinda 302 

Lutie' 672 

Margery 302 

*Marion P 138 

Mary A.s 465 

Mary E 738 

Mary J 3S0, 521 

Mason C.s 465 

Melissa 380, 521 

Olive 524 

Oliver.305, 307, 308,314 

Oliver (Capt.) 303 

Oliver Owen 303 

Owen. 301, 302, 305, 307 

Owen (LieuL) 302 

Ozine 329 

Brow.v, Peter 301, 303 

" Rachel 464 

RoUin (Rev.) 521 

" Roxana 338, 459 

" Roxy 302 

Ruth 303 

" Salmon 303, 305 

" Samuel 738 

Samuel W. (M. D.) 464 

" Sarah 303 

1906 " Sarah* 465 

" Sarah' 465 

4137 " Seward' 672 

" Thede 302 

" Watson . .307, 308, 314 
" Watson (Capt.) 303 

" William 307, 464 

William H 671 

Brownson, *David 129 

" *Isaac 129 

Bruce, Cyrus R 616 

Hollis 616 

3443 " Mary E.9 616 

Matilda 616 

857 Brush, *Benjamin O.' 228 

" *Benjamin Strong.. 227 

Charles E 676 

856 " *Genevieve Lucina' 228 

855 " * Lillian Eudora 9.. . 228 

Phoebe 676 

" *Rufus 207 

" *Sarah 227 

858 " *Stella J.9 228 

" *William 227 

Bry.\.\, Joseph 560 

" Martin 478 

" Mary 406, 560 

' ' Minerva 737 

" Susanna 543 

Bryant, Caroline Pruella*. 291 
" Herbert Lewis 8. . 291 

" Lewis 290 

" Mary Ann 8 291 

Buck, Adelaide 459, 629 

2128 " Adell* 494 

2130 " Annie 8 494 

2127 " Charles £.' 494 

" Christina 494 

" Daniel 494 

" Eliza 456 

2129 " Frank* 494 

" John 494 

" Jonathan 353 

" Lemuel 629 

" Lucy A. H 734 

2126 " Mary L.s 494 

" Olive 323 

Buck, Rena 

Buckland, David A. 
" Eliza'*..., 

" George 8., 

Buckley, Jessie 

BuEL, Abi 

" *Abigail 

" Ephraim (Jr.). . 

" *Hepzibah 

" Mercy 

" Mindwell 

" *Peter 

" •Fetter 

" '(SgL) 

" *Sarah 

" *Solomon (Sr.) 

" Solomon.. . .247, 249, 

BuELL, Henry 

" *Peter 

Sarah E 

BUGBEE, Sarah (Aldrich)... 
BuLKELEY, *Ann Frances . . 

" *John 

Bull, Charlotte 


Henry K 

•Joseph (Capt.) 


Louisa N 

BuLLARD, Charies L 

" Lucy A 

Luther (or Calvin) 

•Mary E 

Bullock, Albert W' .9 

" Charles E.' 

" Eugene A. ..... . 

" George H." 

" Hannah 479, 

Ida M.9 

Waldo E.9 

Willard L.' 

Bump, Elizabeth 

Bunce, Susan 

Bunting, Julia A 460, 


Burden, 257, 

BuRHANS, W. Winslow 

Burke, Betsey 

Burner, Nancy 

BuRNHAM, *Aima 


Dora E.9 

Edna M.9 

Effie L.9 


Frank 9 

" George W.9 

" *Hannah 


BuRNHAM, Luella A.' 
*Mai-tha . 



*Mercy . . . . 




*Rcbecca. . , 

* Richard. . , 

* Susanna. . . 
*Thomas . . , 

Viola 3 

William H.! 





Almon ■ . 
* Eliza. . . 

Ida I 

Issue 1.9 







" John 

" Louisa 


BURRINGTON, Polly. . . .334, 

Burroughs, Abigail 

Burt, Anna K 

" Cora A.9 

" Frederick N.* 

" Linus N 

" Mabel E.8 

" Nahum 

Burwell, Rebecca 


" Humphrey L.^ 

" Kate 

" Martha 

" Oliver L 

" Oliver 

" Sally 

" William 

" Williams 

BusHEY, Foster L 


BUSHNELL, Elizabeth 

" Harvey 

" Luciiia 




♦Florence Isabel. . 


♦Martha Adelia. . . 


Butler, Rachael 

" *Sarah 

" *VVilliam Ely 

Buttles, Electa 

" James 

" Sophia 

BuTTOLrH, Elizabeth . . 269, 

" Jonathan 


BuTTRiCK, Charles B 

" Harriet 604, 

" Joseph 

" Paulina 


" Rosamond. .441, 



' ' Frederick 9 

Byrd, Mary E 533, 

Cable, »Curtius R. . 
" ♦Florence C. 

Cadwell, Anna 

Ashbel.. . 


" *Elisheba 

" Emily 

" 'Helen E. ..229. 

•' *Matilda 

" 'Melissa 

" *Samuel 

Cady, Marshall F 

Cagwin, * Francis L 

Cahil, Elizabeth 

Cahow, Charlie R.' 

" Clara' 

" Clarences 

Daniel B.» 

Daniel J 

" Elmer E.s 

Emma B.8 

" Ermine E.' 

Estella G.9 

Ethel M.3 

" Humphrey J.' 

lola A.8 

" Josephine I.' 

" Maurice R." 

" Minnie V.8 

Olive M.8 

Orlo M.8 

RoUo E.9 


Caldwell, Achsah ' 

" Calvin 

" *Emily 

Flora E.' 

" Harriet ' 


Caldwell, Hugh 692 

" Lois. 256, 276, 357 

" Lucy' 409 

" Lima ' 409 

" Maria' 409 

" Maria L.' 409 

" Martin 409 

" Mary A.' 409 

" Rhoda' 409 

Calkins, *Clarissa 223 

" Ebenezer 292 

" Lucy Elizabeth.. . 292 

" Lydia 719 

" Mehitable 292 

Cameron', Ewen 381 

" Jennette 381 

Camp, *Abel 195 

" Abraham (Dea.) . . 387 

" Anne 2S0 

Edward 263 

" Eunice 300, 387 

" Frances Maria' 263 

" Moses . 492 

Campdell, 259, 282 

" Anna L.8 542 

" Clifford C.s 542 

" Cora L.s 542 

Earl K.'» 711 

" Eliza 541 

" *Emily 2421 

" Enos 542 

" Frank 711 

Frederick P.» . . 542 

" Helen B 541 

" Hiram F.* 542 

James E.s 542 

♦Jane 146 

" Mary L.s 542 

" PhebeE.8 542 

" Polly 542 

" Robert H 541 

" ♦Saltna M 24211 

" ♦Salina 221 

" Vincent 2S2 

" William 542 

" William M.«. . . . 542 

Canda, ♦Angeline 202, 224 

Candee, ♦Anson 142 

Caneday, David A 519 

David 519 

" Maria 519 

" VelinaM.s 519 

" Verner H.s 519 

Victor D.8 519 

Canfield, ♦Charles E." 199 

Edward 496 

♦Ellen C." 199 

♦Horace 197 







33 "> 



Canfiei.d, -Horace ].".... 

♦Janctte H.s 

" *Joseph 

" *Josephine * . . . . 

*Sarali C.^ 

Carder, Charles L 


Leon W.9 

Louis H.9 

Carev, *Laura 

" *Martha Elizabeth.. 

" *Sally Jane 


Carling, Elizabeth 

Carney, Edwin 

" Grace E.' 

Carpenter, Chanty 

" Clement C. . . . 

" Eliza 

" Julia 


" Theodore. . . . 

Addie W. . . . . .560, 

Elizabeth A 

Eunice P 

Leonard B 



William L 

Carrier, Emily 

Carrington, Edwin ' 


" Emily ' 

" Henrietta '. . . 


" Munson 


Carson, Alice L.' 

" Grace ^ 


" Juliiia 

Julina ^ 


Ray F." 

" Stephen 

Cakter, Alice* 

" Elizabeth 294, 

Ellen s 

" Eunice" 

Franklin A.' 

Hill (Col.) 

" John 


" Lucina 

" Marion' 

Mary (Randolph). 
" ♦Mercy 

2465 Carter, Minerva « 


" Orlando 

Robert R. (Lieut.) 


777 Carver, *Arthur Rupe s. . . 

" *Catherine 

*Grace Matella'. . 
*Henry (M. D.).. 
* J a m e s Monroe 

(M. D.) 

*Jessie Louise ' . . . 

*Maggie May' 


* Aaron 1 18, 

* Aaron ^ 



Abel 5 







251, 273, 277, 355, 
407, 729 

12 Case, Abigail ' 

20 " Abigail" 

" Abigail* 

59 " Abigail^ 

" «Abigail« 

" Abners 

" *Abraham (Dea.). . . . 

" Abraham ^ 

II " Abraham" (Dca.) 

249, 256, 268, 275, 

" Abraham 

" Achsah' 






Alexander (Dea.). 

Alexander D 


Allen "• 


Alniira.334, 438, 461, 
Amaryllis... 25 1, 408, 


•Amasa (Dea.). .119, 
Amasa (Dea.).. 


Anioret Agnes . 
.^mos 246, 250, 


Case, Amos ' 248 

" *Amy 219 

" Amy 5 250 

" *Anna 117, 123 

" *Anna« 118 

34 " *Anna* 116 

" Anna 249, 541 

" Anson B 586 

" Apphia^ 247 

" Ardon G 585 

" *Ariel 177, 180 

" *ArieP 178 

" *ArieP (Capt.) 180 

Ariel » (Capt.) 252 

" Asa 248, 404, 405 

" Asa'' 250 

" *Asa' 117 

" *Asa' 117 

35 " •Asahel* 116 

" *Asahel 117 

" *Asenath* 135, 178 

" Asenath* 252 

160 " Asenath* 271 

158 " Asenath' 271 

" Asenaths 246 

" Ashbel ^ 247 

" *Athildred 185 

" Athildred 

246, 248, 262, 271 

157 " Augustus 5 271 

171 " •Aurora'' (Col.) 135 

" *.Aurora' 135 

•Averitf 135 

83 " *Azubah * 123 

" *Bartholomew. . .116, 122 

" *Bartholomew^ (Capt) 

13s. 185 

" Bartholomew 5 247 

" Bartholomew « 247 

" Bartholomew (Capt.). 260 

" Bartholomew 

246, 404, 623 

" *Bathsheba 122 

76 " *Bathsheba * 122 

79 " *Bathsheba * 122 

" Bathsheba ' 252 

" Bathsheba 260, 421 

39 " *Benajah» 118 

" Bera 405 

" *Bera' 117 

" *Betsey 135 

" Betsey ' 252 

" Betsey ' 248 

" Betsey 719 

" Caleb 249 

" *Calvin 117, 185 

" *Calvin (Jr.) 117 

" Candace 341, 462 



Case, Candace « 265 

" Carmi^ 248 

" *Caroline 184 

" Caroline^ 268 

" *Carolme' 185 

' ' Caroline 5S9 

" *Charity 119 

" Charity Lavinia". . . . 319 

" Charles'" (Capt.).... 250 

" Charles ^ 250 

Charles E.» 542 

" Charles E 719 

" Charlotte^ 271 

" *Chauncey 140, 1S5 

" Chauncey ^ 247 

" Chester Noble 318 

" Chloe'^ 250 

" •Chloee u8 

" Chloe 6 259 

" * Cleopatra * 123 

" Cynthia 248 

" Cyrus 6 247 

" Daisy M.'» 585 

" Dan 5 267 

" Dan" 265 

*Daniel (Sgt.) 117 

" Daniel (Sgt.) 249, 275, 438 

" Daniel 266 

" Daniel (Lieut.) 275 

" Daniels 275 

" Darius* 250 

" Darius 251 

" *Deborah 224 

" Deborah V 397, 541 

" Delight G.o 267 

" DeUght.261,273, 274, 435 

" Deluna 407, 562 

" Dencey" 267 

" Dencey 316 

" Desire ^ 259 

" *Dianthe « 118, 184 

" Dinah« 248 

" Dinah 404 

" *Dorai! 117 

" *Dorcas 184 

" Dorcas « 267 

" Dorcas^ 268 

«' Dorcas. 265, 273, 330, 421 

" Dorothy' 246 

" *Dosa' 117 

" Dosa 248 

" Dudley (Lieut".) 

265, 266, 273 

" Dudley (Capt.) 265 

" Dudleys (Capt.) 267 

Dudley* 265, 267 

" Edmund " 267 

" *Edward 118 

Case, Edwin L.s 

*Elam. . . . 


Electa «. . . 

Electa '. . , 




Eli. . . .246, 262, 270, 


Elias = 

Elias 265 

*Elihu« 117. 


Eliphalet i^ 

Elisha 273, 



Elisha s (Dea.) 

Elisha (Dea.) 

261, 274 

Elisha i (Capt.) 

249, 251 


252, 260, 264, 267, 

275. 349. 403. 407 

Case, Elizabeth ■< 


" Elizabeth 5 246, 

" *EIizabeth6 


" Ellen 

" Ellen M 

" Elmiras 

' ' Emanuel ■> 

" *Eme!ine' 

" Emerson B.' 

" Emily s 

" *Emily S.' 

" Emily M.« 

" *Emmas 

" Ephraimo 

" Erastus 

" Erastus" 

" *Esther 

" Esther 

247, 249, 250, 260, 

" Eunice' 247, 

" Eunice ° 

" 'Eunice" 

" Eunice 248, 

" Eveline' 

' ' Everest 

" Everest s 

" EzekicI H 

. " Ezekiel 

" *Fai(hy<i 117, 

" Fajiny « 

• • 432 

.. 117 

•• 733 

.. 267 

.. 248 

•■ 585 

17, 185 


Case, Fanny 435 

" Fanny' 440 

Fithino 318 

" *Fithin (Capt.) 143 

" Fithin (Capt.) 

251, 318, 439 

" Flora 411 

" Francis* 247 

" * Francis Hiram'. .. . 117 

" Frank A 444 

" Frederick* 252 

" FreemanB 247 

" Freeman 404 

" Friend * 252 

" Friend 562 

*' Gad 6 248 

" George* 250 

" George" 247, 267 

" *George' 140 

" George H.' 405 

" George H.^ 433 

" George J.' 319 

" Georgie (adopted). . 5S6 

" Gideon * 271 

" Gideons 247 

" Gilbert E 542, 677 

" *GiIes 139 

" Giles* 250 

" GUes 248 

" Goldie M." 542 

" *Grandison« 185 

" Grandison* 247 

" Grove* 252 

" Grove « 268 

" Grove 270 

" 'Hannah* 116 

" Hannah* 249,271 

" 'Hannahs nS 

" 'Hannah 116 

" Hannah 

246, 250, 252, 255, 268, 
318, 404 

Case, Harlow « 265 

" 'Harvey s 135 

" Harvey* 267, 275 

" 'Harvey E.' 135 

" Harvey 435 

" Hattie E."' 444 

" Henry C.» 433 

" Hepzibah* 26S 

Hester 318 

" 'Hezekiahs iiS 

Holcomb 248, 403 

" 'Horaces 135 

" 'Horatio C 118 

" Hosea 249, 405, 443 

" 'HuseaO 117 

•' Hosea (IVa.) 246, 249, 404 



*IIosea° (Dca.). .116, 118 

*Hosea' 117 

Howard A.» O23 

Hugh'' 275 

Huldah 404 

Hiildah 5 247 

Huldah '■■ 247, 24S 

♦Humphrey'''. . . .117, 118 

H. H 252 

Ira * 248 

Ira 404, 667 

Irving 248 

Isaac 252, 260, 421 

Isaac-" 249 

♦Isaac 122 

*Isaac •- 122 

♦Israel^ 123 

Israel 252 

♦Jacob'"' 118 

♦Jacob B.' 118 

Jacob 250, 407 

*James "9. 192 

James (Capt) 249, 268, 349 

James (Col.) 608 

James H.'" 585 

Jane 403 

Jane « 248 

Jane ' ^ . . . 248, 409 

Jane Maria 262 

Japhet ' 247 

Jarvis« (Gen.) 319 

♦Jarv-is' (M. D.).... 143 

Jasper « 319 

Jasper £.*> 440 

Jasper 439 

Jedidiah 251 

♦Jedidiah* 117, 118 

♦Jedidiah" 117 

Jemima'' 247 

Jennettc 608 

Jeremiah ■'' 26S 


249, 268, 270, 349 

Jesse (Dea.) 248 

Jesse ■'^ (Dea.) 271 

Jesse O." 271 

Jesse 271 

♦Joanna iSo 

Joanna 259, 260 

♦Joanna* 122 

Joanna * 252 

♦Job* (Capt.) 

'23. 175. '78, 180 

Job" (Capt.) 251 

Job'' 252 

♦John 1 10, 175 


246, 250, 259, 269, 729 




C.\SF., *John" (Capt.).. 139, 
John* (Capt). 248, 250, 


John " 259, 


John E.9 

John (3d) 

♦Jonathan (Capt.).... 

Jonathan (Capt.) 

Jonathan (Jr.). .250, 


♦Joseph 115, 

♦Joseph (Jr.) 

♦Joseph * 

Joseph (Dea.).. . .246, 
♦Joseph (Dea.). .116, 


♦Josiah \V.6 (Dr.). .. 



Josiah (Capt.) 

250, 260, 
Josiah Williams (Dr.) 

Josiah William 


Judith 249, 251, 



Julia '= 

Julia C 

Juliana ^ 

♦Juliette E.' 

Justin 6 


Keturah 332, 

Laura 404, 

Laura A.s 

Lavinia R 407, 

Leroy A.'" 

Levi 270, 

♦Levi s 

Levi ' 



Lois 6 







Louisa B.e 

Louisa W.'o 

♦Lucia D. ' 


Lucinda ' 

Lucius B.' 

Lucius H.8 

Ca.sf., Lucretia 267, 462 

" Lucy 

271, 273, 317, 318, 319, 
399. 407 

22 Case, Lucy " 250 

" Lucy'' 249, 252 

" ♦Lucy ■■•.... 135, I7S, 178 

" Lucy s 248, 251 

" Luke' 252 

" Luke"! 26s 

" Luman « 267 

" Luman 432 

" ♦Lura 180 

" Lydia 250, 271 

25 " Lydia •• 252 

" Lydia* 247, 250 

81 " ♦Lydia* 122 

*Lydia« 117, 118 

" Lydia C.« 271 

" Lyman « 268 

1526 " Lyman M.8 433 

" Manna « 267 

1523 •' Manna D.8 433 

" ♦Margaret 135 

" Margaret 320 

464 " Maria « 318 

" Maria 251, 562 

1262 " Mariette' 405 

23 " Martha' 251 

" Martha" 251 

" Martha 542,677 

" Marvin 251, 444. 

" Mary 

247, 248, 249, 250, 251, 
268, 270, 271, 275, 317, 
320, 404. 407, 438 

Case, ♦Mary 116 

" ♦Mary Ann 237 

" ♦Mary Ann ' 118 

2826 " Mary A.8 565 

" Mary Amrilla 318 

" Mary E 444 

" Mary M 316 

" Mary Humphrey 404 

" Mary M 542, 677 

6 " Mary ■• 247 

4 " Mary" 246 

21 " Mary" 250 

" Mary * 246, 247, 250 

" Mary' 247, 267 

" Mary ' 248 

" ♦Mary'. 117 

" Matilda 622 

74 " *Mehitabel* 122 

472 " Melissa" 319 


, 246, 247, 250, 251, 26S 
78 " ♦Mercy* 122 



Mercy « 246 

Mills (Dca.) 265 

Milo F.s 433 

*Milton' 117 

*Milton8 185 

Mind well « 246 

Mindwell 250, 463 

Minnie I.* 542 

Miriam 496 

♦Miriam^ 123 

Miriam ' 250 

Moses 249, 250 

Moses« 251, 275 

Moses (Lt.) 31S 

Moses 318, 407, 563 

Myra 411, 444 

My ra ' 409 

*Naaman 219, 242 

Nancy " 275 

Nancy 441 

Nancy E 734 

Nellie E.s 565 

Nelsey 41 1 

Nelson 41 1 

Newton « 271 

Noadiah (Capt.) 262 

Noadiah « 265 

Noah 247, 355, 729 

Noah < 250 

Noah ■> 250 

Norman H 623 

Norton 585 

Obed n 247 

Olive » 247 

•Oliver 219 

Oliver 247 

Oriel • 409 

Ozias* 267 

Ozias* 267 

Ozias " 267 

Ozias 316, 432 

Penelope 266 

Penelope' 275 

*Persis' 143 

Peter^ ,247 

*Phebe6 117 

*Phebe 143, 185, 192 

Phebc 256, 337, 622 

Phebe-^ 249, 250 

*PhebeT.« 118 

*Philander« 184 

Philander ' 247 

Pliny 273 

Pliny » 249 

Pliny ' 248 

Polly" 248 

*Polly ' 117, 142 

•Rachel 177 



Rachel 5 


256- 301. 349. 404, 


Reuel = 


249, 271, 273, 334, 


Rhoda 5 . 


Rhoda P s 


•Richard (Capt.) 

Richard (Lieut.). 246, 
Richard {Sergt.).246, 

Richard " 

Richaid 250, 


Robert « 


Roger* 246, 

Roger 6 

Rosanna » 


Rosanna 256, 

Rosbick ^ 

Rowena ' 

•Roxana <' 

Roxana « 

Roxy McFarland. . . . 



Ruth 246, 272, 

Ruth'* 247, 250, 

Ruth" 247, 


•Ruth *■ 


Salma " 

Salome ^ 



•Sarah » 

Sarah '.247, 249, 250, 

Sarah' 246, 267, 

•Sarah' 117, 

Sarah A.' 

•Sarah VVnn ' 

.Sarah Jane 

Sarah Jones 

Sarah M.' 


246, 248, 250, 251, 
268, 273, 562 

Case, Seth^ 249, 

'■ •Seth E.' 

'• Shul>acl» 

Cask, Silas.24S, 250, 270-71, 404 

" Silas* 248 

" Silas« 248 

" Simeon 247 

" Simeon" 247 

" *Solonion V 117 

" *Solomon I2j 

" *Solomon» 117 

" * Solomon - (Dea.)... iiS 

" *SoIomon * 118 

" Sophronia D." 433 

" Starling 6 247 

" Susan 404 

" Susan J.« 453 

" •Susan M.' iiS 

" Susannah* 247 

" Susannah ' 248 

" Susannah 261,318 

" Sybil. 404 

" Sylvanus ^ 268 

" Sylvanus 268,589 

" Sylvia' 248 

" *Tamma Lovett" ... 1S5 

" Temperance 251 

Thede 318, 404 

•Theodore D,' 118 

" *Thomas (Dea.). 116, 135 

" Thomas* (Dea.) 

246, 247, 260 

" Thomas ■■•..■ 246, 247 

" Timothy 302, 336 

" Tirzah« 248 

" •Titus « 117 

Titus' 247 

•Titus S.' 117 

" Titus S 405 

" Titus 405 

" Truman * 268 

" Uriah F 318 

" Uriah 318 

" *Uriah (Capt.) 117 

" Uriah (Capt.) 

248, 250, 261, 318, 55S 

" Uriah' 24S 

" Ursula 667 

" Violet'' 252 

" Violet' 409 

" Wadsworth 409 

" Walter N.'» 719 

" •Wealthy" 118 

" WUliam* 26S 

" William W 565 

" Zacclieus 251 

" *Zacchcus (Capt.) .. 117 

" Zaccheus (Capt.) 

249, 251, 273, 404 

" Zilpah' 24S, 403 

Zophcr 541 




Casebeer, Albert L.'«. 
" Betsey S.". . 







Charles S.9 

" Charles S.'" . . . . 

" Emma A.9 

Grace W.'o 

" James A.' 

" John 

" Lemuel H.9 . . . . 

Sarah J.» 

" William Geo.'". . 

William Jay.9. . . 

Cassitt, Alford « 

" Laura A.s 

" Moses 

Castle, Adeline E 377, 


" Laura 

May 618, 

" Sarah 277, 

Caswell, Belden 

" Charlotte. . . .437, 

" *LuciIda 

Catlin, *Honor 

" Jasper T 

" Lucia 

" Lucina 

" Martha A 354, 

" Moses 

" Nancy 


Russell (Rev.) 

Timothy F 

Caulkins, Lucretia Palmer. 

Cavendish, Ellen 

Caveness, Addie S. . . .523, 

" Ararainta 


Chaffee, Maria 

Chalker, Asa D 

" Emma 

" Gideon 

" *James S 

" *James9 

" *Jennie9 

" *Lizzie9 

" Ulysses A 

Challe, Rebecca 274, 

Chamberlain, Emily 

" Emma F.». . 

James A.... 

Chambers, *Sarah 

Champlain, Almira G 

" Myra 

Chandler, Louisa 


" Sophia. . . .376, 

Chapel, Arthur R.« 

Chapel, Bertha M.s 494 

" David A 494 

2119 " Eugene H.» 494 

" George A.' 494 

" Maud J. 9 494 

2120 " Marius C.s 494 

2121 " Perry H.8 494 

2122 " William G." 494 

280 Chapin, Amelia 6 280 

279 " Anna Colton 6. . , . . 280 

" Anne 280 

287 " Caroline Erama^.. 2S0 
" Charles 280 

288 " Charles Heman«.. 280 

Charles' 280 

" *Clarissa 219 

282 " Eleanor « 

Electa ' 

" Frank Smith ' 

" Heman 

" Henry Griswold'.. 

283 " Julian 

• " Julia' 

285 " Mary Eliza "^ 

284 " Oliver Colton 6. . . 2S0 
" Oliver ' 2S0 

281 " Olivia « 280 

286 " Ralph Bulkley <■'... 

" Stacy Clarke ' 280 

" Zebulon 329 

Chapman, * 126 

" *Abigail 189, 214 

" *Levi 214 

" *Mercy 214 

*S. J.. 112, 115, 183 

" *Samuel 183 

Chapple, 658 

Charles, Alexander F 733 

" Cassia L.s 431 

" Charlotte A 570 

" Elizabeth 733 

F- A 431. 733 

" George H 570 

" Ixone C.9 431 

" Mary M 570 

Chase, Amanda M 508, 655 

" Emeline 378, 515 

Josiah 378, 515 

" J"l'a 595 

" Lucy 655 

" Orrin 655 

Rhoda 284, 378 

Cheney, Eletha 521, 663 

" John 663 

" Sarah 663 

Chesebro, Mar)' 393 

Chester, *Joseph L. (Col.). 100 
" Susannah 371 




Chick, *Dorcas 124, 136 

Chicklev, Lucinda 277 

Chidsey, Annette** 441 

Asenath 733 

" Bartholomew 733 

Charlotte .M.« 733 

" Charles H.s 733 

Clayton H.s 733 

" Eunice 242<i 

Florae 441, 733 

" Flora A. 9 733 

" Frederic L.' 733 

" Harry 441, 733 

" Helen » 441, 734 

" Lucia* 441, 733 

" Lucian H.S..441, 733 

" Lucian H.'" 734 

" Lucinda 354 

" Lydia 589, 609 

" Lydia Cowles.434, 589 

" Mabel A.9 734 

" Marion * 441 

" Marion R.9 734 

Milton s 441, 733 

" Nancy'' 441 

" Nancy M.' 733 

Sarahs 44,, 733 

" Sophia 443, 609 

" Timothy 5S9, 609 

Willis s 441, 733 

" Willis C.9 734 

" *Zaccheus 189 

Child, *Julia M 182 

*Pearley A 182 

" Ursula 342 

Chipman, Laura 604 

' ' Lemuel 604 

" Sina Fitch. ..441, 604 

Chittenden, Abner 613 

" Addie L.' 458 

" Amos 319 

" Arland H.^. . 458 

" Betsey 319 

" Caroline 613 

" Caroline L.'. 458 

" Carrie 446 

" Catharine*. . . 458 

Celcstia R.«.. 458 

" Charles Wm.. 319 

Curtis B 458 

Curtis B.S.... 458 

Delta' 458 

Eliza A.8.... 458 

" 'Elizabeth 179 

" Ellen Louisa. 319 

" Ex-Gov 619 

" Grace Ella.. . 319 

Hamilton W.» 458 



CHiTTENnKM, Hannah 613 

Harriet' 4S8 

" Harriet Elvira 319 

" Henry 1 319 

1821 " James H.^ . . 45S 

" Julia A 319 

" Leverett 458 

" Ruth 458 

" Sherwood ' . . 458 

1825 " Sophronia A.' 45S 

" William 319 

" William E. . . 319 

Christy, John 709 

Nancy 356 

Olive 709 

" Sarah 599, 709 

Church, Aaron (Rev.).... 271 

" Amanda 527 

" Eunice 527 

Ezra P 660 

" Frances 360 

I^ura 660 

" Lydia 271 

" *Maria 240 

" Nancy 495 

Olive E 512, 660 

Robert \V 527 

Churchill, Frances. . .507, 654 

" Harriet A 298 

" Henry 654 

Julia 344 

" Lewis 565 

" Maria 284 

Mary 433 

" Sarah 654 

" Sarah M 741 

" William 29S 

Wm. B. (Capt.) 741 

Clapp, * 190 

*Albert B.» igo 

" *Anna S.** igo 

" *Caroline 1S4, 210 

" *Edwin C.3 190 

Eliiabeth . . . .^. 736 

" *George W.s 190 

" * In crease B 190 

" Margaret 266, 272 

" *Mary 210 

Sarah 598 

" *Stephen 210 

Clark, 260 

" Atherton (Dr.) 741 

" Benedict 729 

" Betsey (Duncan).. . 

386, 525 

" Chauncey 393 

" Curtis (adopted)... 424 
" Uavid 424 






Eliza Reinhart 



Hannah 354, 

Harriet E 


Jane 492, 


John W.8 





Lucinda 335, 


Lydia M.' 

Mary A.s 

Mary L.s 

Mills (Dr.) 

Osmer N 

Rena (adopted). . . . 


Sarah L.* 


*Susan 191, 

*Thomas (Dea.). . . 


Abby \V.. 


Daniel C.^ . 
David H.9 . 
Edward D.' 
Frank A.9. . 
George H.^ 

" Homer C 

" Mary E.' 

" Mary L 

Clay, *Hcnry 

Clemins, *Haniet 

Cleveland, Charlotte E. . . 
*Emeline '. . . . 

*Harry ' 

* Horatio ' . . . . 


*Mary J. .141, 



Jane E 604, 

CLiziiii, Celia' 

Eliza M.' 

Kllen ' 

Clizhe, Ira J.' 729 

" Robert H.' 729 

" Ruth E 729 

Clock, William 375 

CLpwsON, Anne 665 

Cobb, Elizabeth 355, 495 

" Jerusha 499 

Cocking, * Frederic J 242 

COE, Abigail 357 

" Alfred 403 

" Charles *> 403 

" Cornelia* 403 

" George* 403 

" Harlow 600 

" James 403 

" Mary 600 

" Sarah 600 

" *Truman (Rev.) 196 

Willie 8 403 

CoFFiNG, *Janette 198 

*John C 198 

*Tristam 198 

Coffroth, * Fannie Emily.. 222 

" *John B 222 

" *Susannah 222 

Colbert, Mary 292 

Colby, Sarah 372 

Cole, *Delos 199 

Coleman, Frank* 668 

" Frankies 668 

Susans 668 

William B 668 

Coleston, Rebecca 369 

Collar, Mary 270 

Collier, Mary 252 

Collins, Amelia Chapin '. . 280 

" Amelia F 402 

♦Asahel 186 

" Charles Chapin.. ' 280 

Clare* 504 

Evelyn M.» 2S0 

F. W 280 

" Guy C 504 

" Harskaline 504 

Harskalinc" 504 

" Heman Chapin'.. 280 

Martha 504 

" Martha" 504 

" Rufus" 504 

William' 280 

CoLLYER, *Abigail 119, 133 

Abigail 3^3 

John < 249 

John Jr) 249 

" Mary 261 

Comings, Eben 342 

Ellen M 343 

George P. (kcv.) 342 



Comings, George R 343 

" Martha M 343 

" Mary A 343 

" Ursula 342 

CoMPTON, Mary 461 

COMSTOCK, 287, 730 

CONDIT, Ida M 588 

Mary 588 

Preston 588 

Condon, Anna B 424 

Cone, Ada B 345 

Alice 345 

" Calvin' 345 

" Calvin 344 

" Charles E 345 

" Frederick H 345 

" George C 345 

Henrietta 345 

" Julia 345 

Lester 344 

" Lester S 345 

" Lois 344 

" *Mary 203 

Mary E 345 

" Mary Ellen ' 345 

" Mary' 345 

" *Nehemiah (Col.)... 203 

" Stella 345 

*Sullivan 18S 

" Thomas'" 345 

" Thomas D 345 

' ' Thomas H 345 

" Thomas ' 345 

CoNGDoN, Alberts 502 

*' Alonzo 8 502 

" Clarences 502 

" Daniel E.s 502 

" David P 502 

" Eliza 557 

" Herbert* 502 

" Hiram * 502 

" OmcrS J02 

Peter C- 502 

" Rosella' 502 

' ' Rosctta » 502 

" Sarah M.s 502 

" Sidney C." 502 

Conger, Enoch (Rev.) 483 

Esther 483 

" Omar D. (Hon.).. 483 

Conn, Susan E 422 

Conner, Esther 42S 

Connolly, *Catheriiie 215 

Connor, Fannelia E 695 

" Mary E '695 

Oliver P 69s 

Converse, Lydia Ann 289 

" Maria 453 


Conway, Everett L.« 

Ila V.e 

John M 

' ' Malcolm M . - . . . . 

" Mary 

Wilbur H. 8 

CONYES, Rachel 

Cook, — 320, 

" Amanda 

" Ananias 

" iVnna S 


' ' Clarissa 


" Cynthia C 

" Daniel Mason « 

David (Capt.)...28i, 
" David Manning ^. 

" Diana 

" Edward N 


" Elisha 

" Eliza 

" Eliza Ada* 


Elizabeth « 

" Elizabeth 

" Ellen- 

" Emma LucretiaS. . . . 

" Francis 

" George ' 

" George B.s 

" George H 


" Harriet 6 

" Harriet 375, 

" Helen E.s 

" Henry Gordon * . . . . 

" Ida Belle 8 

" Jane Doane ' 

" Jessie Blanche* 

" John 

" Julia Mason* 

" Lcfee Amanda ' 

" Lorenzo IL«. . . .283, 
" Maria 


Mary Elizabeth". . . 

Mary L.' 


Nancy « 

Nathaniel (Rev.)... 


Olive Sidney ' 



Rucl Plum« 

Russell Humphrey'' 



Cook, Sarah Allien « 281 

" Stephen R.' 730 

" Sylvia 354 

" WUliam 586 

" William D.' 730 

" William F.« 730 

Cooke, Alexander H.s 541 

" Charles Archibald'. 282 

" Eleutheros (Hon.) . 539 

" Eleutheros H. 8 541 

" Eliza Ann' 281 

" George F. (Lieut.). 541 

Guy 9 541 

" Helen M.' -54' 

Henry D.s 540 

" Henry D.8 541 

" Henry D. (Hon.).. 539 

" Henry Gordon'.... 281 

" Humphreys K.*. . . 541 

" James Brewer' ... 281 

hy^ 541 

" Kate M.8 541 

" Laura H.^ 541 

" Lizzie D.» 541 

" Lucina Grant' 281 

" Martha 539 

" Mary B.s 541 

" P'tt« 541 

" Sally Mary ette '... . 281 
" Samuel Riley' 28 1 

*Uri 117 

Viola P." 730 

Walter H.« 730 

" William Mason'.... 281 

Cooper, Ann E 492 

" David 330 

" Elizabeth A 642 

" Emily 326 

" Jesse 326 

" Sarah M. 326 


Cokbin, Annie 277, 356 

" Chester W 659 

" Eliza 514 

" Eunice A 512, 660 

" Eunice 659 

Ezra W 660 

" Lydia 514 

Mabel » 659 

" Mattic 428 

Pamelia 660 

" Robert 377 . 

" Samuel 514 

Sela 284,376 

" 659 

CoROERY, Arthur S.-> 447 

" Edward A.' 447 

" Herbert E." . . 447 



CoRDERY, Joseph Sk 447 

" Lewis D.' 447 

CoRiELLE, Elijah 291, 293 

" Herberts 293 

" Lewis Bryant 8.. 291 

Cornell, Daniel 738 

Cornish, *Amy 122, 134 

470 " *Andrew W.s. ... 188 

" Anna O 334, 439 

" *Charity 119 

469 " "Charlotte P.s... 188 

Cynthia 585 

" *Elisha 119 

111 " EUsha ^ 266 

" Elisha . .319, 331, 730 

Elisha (Dea., Jr.) 

250, 271 

Elisha (Sr.) 5S5 

112 " Elizabeth 5 266 

Gabriel 585 

" *George 178 

" George (Dea.)... 259 

" *Giles irg 

" *Hanna 119 

" *Hepzibah 118 

113 " Hepzibahs 266 

" Hepzibah 

274> 33'. 342 

" *James 103, 121 

" *Janies (Dea.).... 119 

James (Col.) 585 

no " . James 5 266 

" Jemima 301 

" *Joseph 121, 122 

Lucy 259, 399 

3106 " Marion E.^ 585 

468 " *Richard W.e.... 188 

467 " *Sarah M.8 188 

" Sarah 248, 271 

" Sidney A 5S5 

31S7 CoRX\v.-\LL, HattieO 594 

" Johnson 594 

3'88 " Mary 9 594 

3189 " Minnie 5 594 

3190 " William 9 594 

CoRRON, Lucy P 430 

Corsica, *Adelgunde 175 

Cory, *Abigail 234 

CosTOCK, Homer 655 

Cotton, C. B 434 

IraC.'o 434 

" Samuel E.i» 434 

Couch, Abigail 247 

CouCHMAN, John W 369 

Courrier, Louisa 465 

Courtney, William 740 

Covert, Samuel F 

Covey, Julia 363, 


" Ebenezer 

" Lydia 589, 

Cox, Armijita A 607, 

" Cora 9 

" Hiram 

" Lee 

" Martha A 

" Mary 

Cradlebaugh, Elizabeth... 

" John 

Crafts, * Edward B 

"Elizabeth M.s 

" Henrietta 614, 

" Hiram 

" Jacob 565, 

" *John Young ". . . . 

" Miranda 

" William 565, 

William P.8 

" *(Dr.) 

Crane, *Polly 

" Sophia 

Crawford, Clark H 


Crocker, Foster B.'" 

Robert L 

Crofut, Andrew I 

" James K 

" Jennette 

Crosby, Margaret 

" Mary L 593, 


Cross, Frederick J 

" Jennie A 592, 

" John 

" Nathaniel 

" *Rhoda Ann 

" Sophronia 

Crouch, Cornelia 

Cuatt, Charity 

CuDWiTH, Eliza 283, 

Culver, Abiathar 

961 " Jonathan H.' 

960 " Pauline' 

Roxy.279, 287, 357, 
CuMMiNGS, E. E. (Rev.)... 

Cummins, Emma A.'" 


Hobart E.i» 

Ida H.I' 

I>.lin A..'" 


Cummins, Joseph A 422 

" Marshall A.'''. . . . 422 

CuppY, Amy 578, 694 

" Jemima W 694 

" Thomas 694 

CuRRY, Sylvia 430 

" Thomas 430 

Curtis, Aaron 434 

" Albeit W.' 434 

" Asahel 361 

Ashley W 361 

" *Athildred 117 

" Athildred 

246, 248, 262, 271 

" Charles A.' 434 

" Charles F.» 434 

" Eliphalet 251 

" Eliphalet (Capt.).. 251 

" Erastus 714 

" Frances 613, 714 

" Harriet (Edgerton) 

407, 563 

Jane 333 

" Joanna 714 

" Julia 29s 

" Julia A." 434 

" Laura A.9 434 

" Laura M.s 434 

" Lewis 575 

Lydia 8 434 

" Lyman 361 

" Margaret 251 

•Oliver. . .■ 196 

" Samuel W.* 434 

" Samuel 434 

" Sarah A 382, 523 

" Sarah 147, 196 

" Savillas 434 

Wallace 361 


Da Costa, John 706 

Joseph (Jr.).... 706 
Joseph (Sr.). ... 706 

" Julia 705 

Daggett, * 151 

Daily, *Joseph 122 

Dairy, Cynthia 386 

" Edna A 3S6 

PhUip 3S6 

Dake, Jabez 723 

" Mary 7=3 

" Olivia A 647, 723 

" "* Dake 379 

D'Alemuerte, W. a. 665, 666 

Daniels, Abigail 492 

CurUs 434 

Ducll E.- 4,,.- 




Daniels, Duells 

.... 492 


■■•■ 434 


.... 492 


.••■ 434 


Isabell M.!i. . 

.... 49= 


" James L.... 

... 492 


John T.^ . . . 

.... 492 


Lcttie P.'. . . 

. . . ■ 434 

Lucien O. . . 



L. L 

•■■• 353 


Mertie E.^. . 

.... 492 



.... 585 



.... 1S4 


Darling, Abel 


Charles E. . 

.... 284 


.... 5S6 


.... 586 

Laura i».... 

.... J86 

Louisa R. . . 

.... 370 


.... 586 


.... 566 

" Minnie H'. . . 

. . . . 5S6 

Roland 10. . . 

.... 586 

Thomas L.s. 


Dart, Sarah 

446, 613 

Davenport, *(Co1.)... 

.... 157 

Davey, *Ann 

.... 214 

Davis, Anna G.8 

•■•■ 395 

" Anna J 

641, 721 

Carl A.'o 

.... 578 


■■• 359 

David W. ... 

.... 57S 


.... 182 

" Edwin P.e. . . . 

■•■• 395 

Edwin R. (Rev 

) ••• 395 

E. R. (Mrs.).. 

■■•• 394 

" Francis P 

.... 359 

George M.s. . . 

■••. 535 

Harriet P. '<■... 

.... 578 

Henrietta J.». 

.... 578 

" *John T 

.... 182 

" *John T.s 

.... 182 

" Jo^iah 

.... 57S 

" Julia H.8 

■••■ 535 


.... 721 

Marion T 

■ . • • 359 


" Oliver H.B 

•■•• 535 

Orris L 

• -.. 503 

Phebe Cruthcrs 

. ... 578 


Rollin W.s... 


.... 190 

*Samuel C.8.... 

.... 182 

Sarah M. 


.... 262 

" Timothy 

. ... 721 

" Walter H.o 


Davis, 409, 492 

D.\Y, Jennie 280 

" Mary Ann 302 

Dayton, Allen G.« 453 

" Bernace A.9 453 

Chloe D.8 453 

" Chloe M.' 453 

" Daniel 452 

" Daniel H.s 452 

" Ellen E.s 453 

" Fanny S.^ 452 

" Lucien H.s 453 

Polly P.« 453 

d'Corza, Hannah 708 

Martha J 70S 

" Pierre 70S 

Dean, Abigail 640 

Annet 688 

" Lydia 621 

Mercy 345 

" Phebe A 457,621 

Silas (Jr.) 621 

Deangelist, Sarah a 565 


Decker, Catharine M 717 

" Dan 717 

" John 65S 

" Mary 627 

Phebe 658 

" Polly 459, 627 

" Sarah 511, 658 

" Sarah C 629, 717 

" Tunis 627 

De Crano, Edmond 415 

George Fred'ks 415 

Dederick, Belle 374 

De Forest, Richard (Rev.) 613 

De Freight, Lutecia 293 

De Lano, *Clarissa 219 

Eveline 504, 653 

* Henry Adelbert 

(Rev.) 219 

*Wm. H. (Rev.) 219 

Dell, Mary L 428 

De.ming, Charlotte C 683 

Charlotte 683 

Clarence 683 

Frederick 353 

George 353 

James » 683 

Lizzie 353 

*Mary A 20S 

William 6S3 

Demond, Catherine 700 

De Mun, Isabella 633 

JuUus 633 

Denison, Catherine 648 

Denlinuek, Henry 607 


3334 Denlinger, Harry » 607 

Dennis, Hannah 526 

" *John 232 

" Jonathan 526 

" Lucy A 526 

" * Martha Elizabeth. 232 

" *jVancy 232 

Richard 526 

Sarah F 386, 526 

Dennison, 259 

Denslow, Elvira 292 

" Sophia 251 

2260 Denton, Alice E.s 502 

2261 " Edwin 0.8 502 

2259 " Mary D." 502 

2262 " Samuel B.9 502 

" Samuel B 502 

Depard, Martha 494, 645 

Depew, Achsah A 429 

" Anna 429 

" John C 429 

559 Dewell, *Charles G.' 194 

" *Charles H.' 194 

" *Charles K.' 194 

*Cynthia9 194 

*Edward H.9. ... 194 

" 'Elizabeth » 194 

" *Franklin W.'.... 194 

'* *George A.^ 194 

557 " *James D.s 194 

" *Jame3 D.9 194 

*Je.ssie K.' 194 

*JoI"i 194 

553 " *John H.S 194 

" 'Johns [g^ 

** 'Jonathan 194 

554 " *Mary E.*' 194 

358 " *Mattie A.8 194 

'Robert T.o 194 

555 " *Sarah s kj^ 

556 " *Sarah R.8 194 

" *Sarah R 194 

1898 Devvev, Blanche M.s 463 

1897 " Clara E.*' 463 

" Clinton 362 

1895 " George W." 463 

" Harriet 463 

Mary A 356, 497 

1896 " Mary W.e 463 

Sally 497 

" Sarah 654 

" Seymour J 463 

Sopluonia E.s 362 

" 'Stephen (Capt.).. 129 

" William 463,497 

Dewing, Jennette 575 

De Wolf, Esther 267 

Devmond, Charles 726 



DlEHLE, Artemisia' 

" Calvin 

" Edwin » 

" Eliza' 

" Emeline '. 

" Emeline' > . 

" George Henry "... . 


'• *John 

" Julia A 

" Lucretia ' 

" Mary L 

" Myra 

" Noah Humphrey'. 


" Ralph 293, 


Ralph " 

" Spencer' 

" *Thomas 

T. Osborne 

Wallace' (Dr.).... 
" William Warner '. . 

Dick, Noah 

Dickenson, Alvan ' 

Anna Stevei 
Apamy «... 
Charles H.e 
Charles H.' 

Eliza ■= 

Emily ' 

Emma Eliza 
Evelyn ' . . . 
Julia ' 


Mary 6 

Mary ' 

Mary 261 

Nathaniel O. . , 
Nathaniel 0«. 


Thomas W.°. 

Dickinson, Ann 

" CoraLamira'. 

John (Col.)... 

" Luman H.'. . . 

" Marietta 

Myra Philena' 
" Nathaniel O.'i 



Obed (Rev.)... 

" Tryphena 

Dickson, Julia 

Dill, *Eunice 

' ' Eunice 248 


Dill, 'Lois 117 

" Lois 405 

" *Solomon. 117 

Dings, Marica 731 

DlNSMORE, Mary 523 

Di.xoN, Agnes M 362 

" Clarence 362 

Willis L 362 

DoANE, Marina 283 

Dobbins, Annie 298 

Dodge, Alexander H 540 

" Anna H 540 

" Anna 540 

" James F 710 

Percy E 603, 710 

Sally A 710 


2218 Dolbee, Benjamin* 501 

" Bernice » 500 

" Daniel 500 

" Elmer!) 500 

2214 " Emily E.s 501 

2213 " Horace' 500 

" Horace 500 

" Jabez 500 

2216 " Jennie A.» 501 

2217 " Livonia N.« 501 

2215 " Lura O.* 501 

" Mary 501, 651 

" Olive 500 

Domkee, Albert M.' 572 

" Katharine 572 

" Martin 572 

" Norman W. 572 

3112 Doolittle, Edgar H.' 585 

Henry 585 

" Horace 585 

" Mary 585 

Dook, Kittie E. (Doty). 592, 703 

DORMIN, Harriet E 638 

Thomas A. (Com.) 638 

Dorr, Bell 345 

Doty, Kittie E 703 

" *Louise 177 

Maxwell B.. 703 

" Saiah A 715 

4017 Douglas, Carl E.s 660 

Fred H 660 

Douglass, Emily 374 

" *Fanny L 182 

" Samuel 402 

Dow, Charles S 465 

" Edward H 465 

" George Bradley 465 

" Gilbert Bradley 465 

Harriet A 465 

Mary E 465 

DowD, John 365 

Down, Rachel 279, 365 

Downing, Ehzabeth... .581, 695 

" Martha 695 

" Preston 695 


Drake, Abigail 379 

" Eliza 321 

" *John 109, 123 

" Lorinda 276, 351 

" Lucy 302 

" Maria 290 

Moses 379 

Driggs, Andrew 568 

" Aurelia' ... 412 

Aurelia 568 

Rebecca 568 

. Drum, Katharine 637 

Dryer, Charles R 384 

" Israel 384 

John 384 

Mary 384 

" Philena 297, 384 

" Samuel 384 

Drysdale, Alex'r (Judge).. 666 

" John 665 

" Lois 665 

" Sallie 533, 666 

" Sarah G... .532, 665 

Duane, Mary 634, 720 

Richard B. (Rev.). 720 

Dudley, Betsey 3:9 

Frederick E 729 

" Maria N 729 

DuFFiELD, Benjamin (Dr.). 555 

" Catherine 555 

" Edward 555 

" Martha R 555 

Rebecca 555 

Dunham, Persie 334 

Dunlap, Alexander 677 

2721 " Andrew H.s 544 

2723 " Florence E.s 544 

" Henry Thomas. . . 544 

2722 " Mary H." 544 

2720 " William W.' 544 

3017 DuNTON, Adelia E.' 578 

3019 " Almon S.9 57S 

3023 " Emily A.' 578 

" Esther 393 

3016 " Harriet A.» 578 

3018 " Henrietta E.» 578 

3022 " Lucian H.9 578 

3020 " MarildaE.' 578 

William B 578 

William 57S 

5021 " William L.' 578 

William (Jr.) 393 

Zcrviah 578 


DuRAND, *Rachcl 130, 

DUSTIN, Charles* 

" George 



DuTCHER, Thomas 

DliTTHN, Harriet 

DwiGHT, Adeline 

" Adolphus 

672 Dy 
174 ' 

ER, Adeline 

' Alleluia s. .272, 338, 

' Anna N 

' Arabella 

' Arabella " 

' Azubah 256, 

' Benjamin 466, 

' Catherine 

' Clarissa 

' Elishae 

' Elisha 

' Joseph (Col.) 

' *Joseph 

' Joseph 6 

' Lucia Ann 

' Margaret.. .251, 266, 

' Mary 

M. S..33S, 349, 396, 

' Solon " 

' Solon 

' Thomas 

256, 272, 341, 

' Thomas^ 

' Uzziah" 

' Zenas 

Earl, Howard J 

" Jacob J 

" Josiah G 

June B 

Owen B 

" Simeon C 

" William H. H 

Earle, *Patience 

Eastabrook, Abel 

" Catherine. . . . 

" Laura — 447, 

3791 Eastman, Herbert ' 

" Jerome 

Eaton, David 


" *Lorania 

" Margaret 

" Minerva 

" Tirzah 

Eddy, Nancy 

Edgerton, Anna 

Edgerton, Mary 321 

952 Edwards, *Bessie Dean i".. 235 

Eliza J 425 

948 " *Henry B.'" 235 

" *James Wesley . . 234 

" *Jane 234 

" John (Brig.-Gen.) 425 

" *Jonathan 129 

" *Justiis 234 

951 " *Mabel Mary'".. 235 

950 " *Maud Lovisa ">. 235 

953 " 'Ray Wesley'".. 235 
" Susan H 425 

949 " * William Justus '» 235 
Egbert, *Catherine 215 

*Daniel 215 

" *George 215, 242 

732 " *Kate9 215 

731 " *Mary 9 215 

Eggleston, Edna ' 492 

2096S " Emily J.s 492 

" Harley 449 

2096'' " Laura M.8 .... 492 

" Levi 492 

3096a " Lewis 8 492 

" Lewis" 492 

" Mary L.s. 492 

" Mary 301 

" Nathaniel 732 

" *Rebecca 117 

" Zeruiah 661 

Eighing, Daniel 433 

Franklin P.» 433 

" Louisa" 433 

" Theodore " 433 

Eldredge, Dorcas 727 

Eldridge, *Maria 203 

Elliott, Sophia W 263 

Ellis, Alexander D 433 

" AlmanzaD.o 433 

" Anna '» 433 

" Dcmoma A." 433 

Edgar" 433 

Edwin " 433 

" Frederick '" 433 

" Gorton F." 433 

" Hiram L." 433 

" T. Louise'" 433 

" William Henry " 433 

" 631 

Ellison, Nancy A 284 

Ei.usBREE, Caroline C 

(Sec Elsbree) 350 

4106 Ellsworth, Clarence C.".. 667 

4105 " Elmer R.» 667 

E. T 667 

" Lewis 637 

R. C 667 

4J07 Ellsworth, Ralph H.' 667 

Elmer, Clinton " 498 

" E. Gibson 498 

" Spencer A." 498 

Elmore, Daniel 296, 384 

■ " John 384 

Lot 384 

" Mary 296, 384 

" Naomi... 257, 296, 384 

" Samuel E 384 

Elsbree, Horace 510 

" Mary 510 

2347 " Wesley » 510 

" William 510 

Elton, Salmon 627 

Ely, *David 129 

" * 147 

Emerson, Joseph W 294 

Joseph 294 

" Lydia 294 

Emmons, Elizabeth 357 

" Loren F 460 

Eno, Aaron L 611 

" *Abigail 121 

" *Anna 116 

" *Chauncey (Dea.). . . 142 

" Chauncey E 388 

" Chauncey (Dea.). .318, 408 

" *Cynthia u8 

" *Elizur H 142 

" Harry P.'" 611 

" *James 104,105, 121 

" *James (Jr.) 121 

" JaneH.'» 611 

" *Jonathan (Capt.) 18S 

" *Lucretia 143, 1S8 

" Lucretia 408 

" *Mary 115, 121 

" Mary 40S 

" Mary A 408 

" Salmon 40S 

" Salmon C 611 

" Sarah 611 

" Sarah G.'" 611 

Ends, Maiy E 645 

" Newton 645 

Ensign, *Erastus Wfi 1S4 

" *Eri 136, 184 

*Eri Samuels 184 

" *lsaac 184 

♦JohnN." 1S4 

" *Lucretia A.* 184 

" *Lurannah 1 84 

Ervin, Robert 535 

Esterbrooks, Martha 

(See Easlertrook) 615 

Etheridge, Asa C 616 

" Asenath R. . . . 616 



Etheridge, George W 



Horace S 



Mary J.... 45'. 












Lucy G 






, *Eben (Bishop). . . . 

210, 211 



•Eugene L.'... 211 
* Frank Lester'.... 
*Frank R.' 




♦Frederick I, 



*George A.i>.. .211, 
♦George S 210 



♦Harriet 1.9... 211 
♦Harriet L.s 



♦Harry G.9....2II 




♦Harry H.'... 211 

♦Helen B.s 

♦Nellie G 

♦Rebecca 210 

♦Reuben L. ...211 




ART, *Elizabeth..i79 







EvERiNGHAM, Adoram .... 



Benjamin F. 10 587 




Eugene 9 . . . 5S7 
Eugenie 9. . . . 587 
Eunecia B.s.. 587 
Grace E.'" . . 587 
Herbert!'.... 588 
Herbert '«.. . . 5S7 

Nettie » 5S7 

Patience 587 

William I".... 587 

William 587 

William B.'. . 587 

Fakrige, 259 

Fairkank, Eunice 732 

" Jos. (Rev.)..29S, 731 

" Mary D 731 

Fairciiild, Abigail 640 

Curtis 640 

•Elizabeth.. . 233 

" Frances C..486, 640 

Joy 363 

" Theodore B 460 

Fancher, James 290 

Fanning, Carrie E 375 

2536 r aragher, Bert P.* 524 

2537 " Mandie H.». ... 524 

William (Capt.) 524 

Farmer, Elizabeth 560 

Farnham, Addison 




Charles F.e 



Freddie E.s 

♦Maria M 


Minnie A.» 

Moulton ... .391, 
Moulton G.8.... 
Moulton G.'.392, 



Reuben H.' 

389. 392. 407. 



Farnswortii, Mary A. 629, 

" Samuel 

Farkar, Bertram P.' 

" Carrie S.^ 

Charles S.8 

Dudley H.8 

Dudley H.a 


Eliab M 

Eliza A.8 

" Frederick H.s. . . 

" George C.8 

" Jemima 


" Lillian L.' 

" Roberta 

Fauver, *Lydia Lucinda. 

F.avor, Fannie 

" Mary F 

' ' William 

Faxon, ♦George 

" ♦Harriet 

" *Lucinda 


Kate . . . 


Mabel T 


Featiieki.y, Charlotte A. . . 

Fell, Kate . 

Fellows, Adeline 

Charles B.' 

Charlotte A.' 

Eliza J 

Ly<I'a 542, 

Lucius S 

Samuel W 



909 Fellows, Sidney G.' 363 

908 ' ' Sophia E. ' 363 

William F 679 

Fenn, ♦Ida J." 180 

" ♦Julius 180 

" ♦MUdred' 180 

" Minnie 689 

" Rion 443 

Ferguson, Delilah 504, 653 

" *Elizabeth 234 

" Mary 617 

Ferry, Susan 298 

Ffvller, John 740 

Fiefielu, Ellen 632, 719 

Ira 719 

" Irena 719 

Field, Abigail 297, 3S2 

' ' Ebenezer 382 

" Emeline 507, 654 

FiLKlNS, Eliza 599 

" James 599 

" William 599 

FiLi.EY, ♦Alfred N." 182 

♦Alices..; 182 

" ♦Amelia 8 182 

408 " ♦Annis J.' 183 

" ♦Caroline A 182 

" ♦Charles Henry'.. 183 

♦Charlotte A.s. . . . 181 
" ♦Christopher G.s.. 1S3 

♦Cornelia J." iSi 

" ♦Corinthia A.^. . . . 182 

♦Ellens i8i 

" ♦Emma A.8 182 

" ♦Frances J.'* 1S2 

♦Frank H." 183 

♦Franklin B.8 183 

" ♦Frederick C 182 

407 " ♦Giles F.' 183 

♦Giles F.9 183 

♦Giles R.9 183 

" ♦Grace E.^ 182 

♦Henry M.» 1S2 

♦Herberts 1S3 

405 " ♦Jay H.' 182 

" ♦Jcanette' 182 

♦John D." 182 

409 " •John E.' 183 

♦John E.8 183 

406 " ♦Joseph E 183 

♦Julia B.» 182 

" ♦Lester (Hon.) 182 

♦Louis J.» 182 

" ♦I^uis J.' 182 

" ♦Louise G.' 183 

•Mabel F.» 183 

" ♦Marcus D.8 182 

404 " •Marcus L.' 1S2 



FiLLEY, *Marcus L.8 182 

" *Marcus L.s 182 

" * Maria Jannette». . 182 

♦Mary E.9 181 

♦Oliver B.* 181 

403 " *01iver Dwight '. . i8i 
♦Oliver D.9....181, 182 

♦Oliver 181 

♦OHver (Capt.). ... 181 

♦Robert E.« 183 

♦Victor G.8 183 

♦Wilbur J.' 182 

♦William J." 183 

Finch, Jane 492, 642 

Finney, Clarence 353 

Inas.. 461 

LUly 353 

Mary 353 

" Minnie 353 

" Orlando 461 

" WiUiam' 461 

FiRUS, Amelia 645 

Fish, Sophia (Wid.) 456 

Fisher, Angeline Elizabeth' 282 
" Caroline Cynthia'. 282 

" Carrie D.s 283 

" David 678 

" Elizabeth A... 542, 678 

Elizabeth 678 

Ezekiel 357 

Frederick W.e .... 283 

" Murray » 283 

" William 282 

" William Darwin '. . 2S2 

William D.s 283 


Fitch, Ellen B 729 

" Susan 466 

FlTHEN-, Esther 249 

FiTHiAN, ♦Esther 119, 125 

" Esther 268, 349 

" *James 125 

615 Fitzgerald, Abel' 335 

" Abigail 651 

2221 " Altia D." 501 

" Edmund 335 

614 " Harriet' 335 

i"3 " Henry' 335 

617 " Hiram' 335 

" Jane A. . .501, 651 
" John 501, 681 

2220 " Mary E.8 501 

616 " Oliver' 335 

618 " Rebecca' 335 

619 " Ruth' 335 

Flagg, 434 

Fleichman, Carrie 736 

Fi.EMiNc;, Charles li 383 

Fleming, Charles L 

Charles M 


Daniel C (Rev.) 

Delon ' 

Duane I 

Elice J :... 

Hattie M 

Ida May 

Jesse H.' (Rev.).. 

Laura A.8 

Leonard L.8 

Lettice E.« 

Lewis A.8 

Lina A 

Luther I.' 

Mary Elvii-a ' . . . . 



Fletcher, Biu-ton 

" Emma 9 

Ida 9 

" Linden' 

" MironS 

" Simeon 

Flint, Elizabeth D 

" Joanna 257, 

Flower, ♦James G 

Foister, ♦Ann 

FoLSOM, Harriet 

Fonda, John H 

FooTE, Alfred M.' 

Ann ^ 

Arthur W.' 

Bessie La Rue 


Charles C 

♦Charles Henry '. . . 

Charles T 

Charles W 


Clara'' 262, 

♦Clara Jane s 




Edward B.' 

Edward H 

Edward L.' 

Eliza M.' 


Elizur L 

Ellen E 347, 

Ellen H 

Ellen 8 

Fannie Huberta .... 

Frederick L 

George IL' 


Foote, George L 347 

" Grace H 347 

" Henry ' 264 

" HerscheH 264 

" Hilpah Rosiette^. .. 265 

Howard W 34S 

Hubert P 348 

" Jane Eliza 344 

" ♦John Chester 213 

John G.' 265 

" John H 348, 349 

" John M.' 264 

John Stiles 6 264 

John (Capt.) 

261, 267, 273, 435 
" John* 262 

John 6 265 

" John' 265 

" John 273 

" Julius Dana 344 

" J. Merrille 344 

" Lancel 341 

" Lancel ^ 264 

" Laura^ 262, 379 

" Laura ' 264 

" Laura 341 

" Lama H 348 

" Licius' 264 

LilUe C 347 

Lillie H 348 

" Lucius C 403 

" Lucretia 267, 462 

" Lucretia * 265 

" Luman ' 265 

" Luther » 265 

" Luther Lyman e.... 265 

" Luther' 265 

' ' Lynda Ann ' 265 

" Margaret ' 265 

" Marrett G.' 264 

Martha 419 

" ♦Martha Eliza' 213 

" Mary 261 

■ " Mary « 265 

Mary W 347 

" Miles 400, 403 

" Miles« 264 

" Miles Mills' 265 

" Pliny 265 

Rachel » 265 

" Rachel 267 

" ♦Rebecca 213 

" Rosannah 

267, 273, 317, 435 

•' Rosannah ^ 261 

" Rosannah H 435 

Rufus' 265 

Samuel L,' 265 





FooTE, Shirley 348 

Stella 349 

Stellas 264 

Stiles^ 264 

Temperance " 265 

FcjRBES, Abishai 330 

Albert 330 

Andrew J 330 

Betsey' 330 

Charity 330 

Fisher 330 

Guy 330 

" Hannah 330 

Hannah E 330 

Helen 510 

" John 510 

" Lucy 330 

Nancy 330 

" Olive 510 

" Peter 330 

" Prudence 330 

Ford, Calvin S 298 

Emma 559 

Foreman, Enos 478 

" Enoss 478 

" Florence' 478 

" Laura M.8 478 

Foster, Catherine (Shippin) 332 

" *CIarissa 223 

" David ' 363 

Dudley H 332 

" Edward S 705, 706 

" Elizabeth ' 363 

Ella 332 

" Eunice 332 

" George' 363 

George B 332 

George W 332 

" Harriet 732 

" Harriet' 363 

" Horace B 332 

Jacob 575 

" J"hn S 332 

" Juanita D 593, 705 

Julia 705 

" Louisa ' 363 

" Lucia 332 

Mary 575 

Rodney' 373 

" Roswell ' 363 

" Sarah 332 

Timothy 332 

" William' 363 

" Woodin 732 

Fountain, Mary 501 

Fowler, Abraham (Rev.).. 301 
" Abraham Case.. . . 301 
" Andrew 452 

Fowler, Annette 
Corwin s 


Drusilla 588, 

Frank M.' 

3379 " Jane M.» 

*Mary 186, 



Paulina .-. 



Samuel H 

3380 " WiUard H.!> 



Fox, Benjamin F 

Catherine J 

Charles N 

Elizabeth R 

Frederick H 

George L 

Helen J 592, 




John B 

Juha B 

Laura A 

Lillian M 



Virginia H 

Willard H 

Francis, Hannah 409, 


Frary, Anna P 

Fraser, *Eliza 

Frazer, James R.^ 

" James S. (Judge). 

" Martha S 

" Theodore C 

" William De Frees 



1427a Fkear, Delia M.' 

" Henry 

Fredenburgh, Hannah 

Frederick, *George 


Freeman, J. W 


French, Asa 

♦Charles 129, 

Eli ■ 

*Jane 190, 


Sarah A 

Frisbie, *Beda 143, 191 

" Catherine 614 

" Chauncey 342, 447 

" Gad (Major) 267 

f.77 '< George C 342 

" Laura 614 

" Levi 342 

" Maria 440 

" Phebe 342 

676 " Rachel ' 342 

" Sarah A 352 

" Susan 267 

" *Wilson 142 

3001 Frost, Ella^ 576 

" George W 576 

Fry, Marshall 579 

Fuller, Abraham 364 

" Adah* 411 

" Alice' 410 

" Ahce M 345 

930 " Amelia ' 364 

1343 " AmeHa ' 410 

" Arthur ' 411 

1347 " Augustus ' 41 1 

" Blanch A." 411 

Carrie^ 411 

1344 " Cecilia' 410 

1345 " Celia A.' 411 

" Celiac* 411 

1352 " Chauncey M.'.... 411 
" Chauncey 410 

ClitrordW.s 4" 

1350 " Corydon W.' 411 

David C 282 

" David Manning'.. 282 

Ellas 4,1 

Ella 56S, 691 

Elmer E." 411 

" Emma'* 411 

" Emma 691 

" Florence* 411 

1349 " George H.' 411 

" George H.' 411 

" George H 691 

" George 292 

" Graces 411 

" Grants 2S2 

" *Hannah 116 

" Hannah 454 

" Harriet Elizabeth.. 292 

" Ida" 4'l 

9^9 " Jane' 3^4 

" Josiah 410 

" Lcnattah" 410 

Lilys 4" 

" Lvdia 500 

" Maria 527 

Martha' 410 



Fuller, Mary 292, 

" Mary A.8 

Mary Ella' 

May M.6 


" Nancy 



' ' Orric * 



" Samuel' 

" Samuel" 

" Sherman W.' 

" Sherman W.^ 

" Vincent" 

WiUiam Pride'.... 



" William (Col.) .... 



Gail, Oscar E 

Gaines, Charlotte 

Gale, Esther 

" Mahala 

" *Sarah A 

" William 

Gallup, Enos . . 

" John 

Gansevoort, Catherine 

" Leon'd (Gen.) 

Ganson, Eliza 

" James (Major). . . . 

Gardiner, Elizabeth 

Mary J.... 378, 

Gardner, Blanche w 

Charles A.a 

" Franklin I" 

" *George S 

" Joseph M 

" Lyman ........ 


" Minnie S.^ 

" Nancy 

O. J. (Lieut.)... 

Royal i» 

Stella '» 

Garfield, Edward E 

" Frances 

Jas. A. (Presid't) 

' ' Mary F 

" Susan 

Garl, Mary A 

Garman, Nellie M 

Garner, Adaline L.s 


Garner, Carrie L.» 736 

E. N 577, 736 

" Henrietta H.8 736 

Kittie L.' 736 

" Louisa 736 

" Mary B.s 736 

3010 " Nettie H.s .' 577 

" Thaddeus R 736 

Thaddeus W.'.. . . 736 

.Garran, Harriet H....4I9, 571 

*' Joseph (Capt.).... 571 

" Mary 571 

Garretson, Margaret 350 

Garrett, Cora J.* 402 

" Diadama 332,438 

" Eliza N.^ 402 

" Florilla N.« 402 

" Francis 

272, 300, 337, 622 

" *John 117 

" John F.'* 402 

" Joseph \V.» 402 

" Mary 270 

" Ruth 272 

" Samuel D 402 

" Sarah.. 25S, 300, 339 

" *Theodore 123 

' ' Wait 402 

4523 Garrison, Alice A.'" 708 

" *Caroline 149 

4522 " Ernest A. 10 708 

4524 " George H.i" 708 

4521 " John A.I" 708 

" John George.... 708 
Joseph G 708 

4525 " Lillian M.'" 70S 

" Louisa 70S 

Gaston, James 527 

" Maria 527 

" Sarah 527 

Gates, Addie M.s 434 

" Ellen M 434 

*Horatio 126 

" *(Oen.) 155 

Gault, D. M. C. (Hon.). . . 607 

3341 " Harrys 607 

John 607 

3340 " John H.9 607 

" Lucy A 607 

Gavette, Harriet E 563 

Gay, Carol W 372 

" E. A. (Rev.) 372 

" Marie E 460 

" *Seth 191 

Gaylord, *Abigail 126 

" George 459 

" Joseph 1 263 

" Millisent 302 


Gaylord, *Mimson ' 127 

" Phebe 342 

Gee, Mariette 282 

George, Asenath R 616 

Emma 497, 49S 

Gibbons, Lillian E 672 

" Tirzah 248 

GiBBS, Fannie 492, 642 

GlB~S0N, Ann 697 

" Samuel 697 

" Tamar 581, 697 

William D 574 

Giddings, Almira 727 

" Benjamin 727 

" David 302 

" Ellen 319 

" *Elmira 189 

" Joshua R. (Hon.) 727 

" *Joshua (Hon.).. 189 

" Mary 250, 251 

•• 251 

GiDMAN, *Ann 222 

" * Henry 222 

*Rich'd H. (Rev.) 222 

Gilbert, Burton 713 

" Grace 366 

" Herbert 362 

" Hiram R 366 

John P 366 

" Laura E 612, 713 

" Lucy 329 

" Maria 713 

" *Nancy 181, 209 

Phebe 460 

" Phcebe '. 594 

" *Seth 209 

" Warner W 366 

Giles, Mary 474 

Gillespie, Elizabeth 431 

" Samuel L 431 

" Samuel S 431 

Gillet, Abby 6 729 

" Abigail 729 

" Aurilla ^ 729 

" Chester« 729 

" Huldah« 729 

" Jonathan (Jr.) 729 

" Lemuel ° 729 

" Rachel « 729 

" Ruth« 729 

" Stephen « 729 

GiLLETT, Almira * 354 

346 '• Celeste N.6.., 285, 287 

347 " Charles Leander « 287 
351 " Clarissa^ 287 

" Clarissa* 2S5, 362 

349 " Eliza ^ 2S7 

903 " Emma' 362 




GiLLETT, Lucy M 

" Malachi ' 

" Mary 

' ' Mary " 

Rinaldo P.« 

" Ruth 279, 

" Samuel A 

" Sarah 

" Spencer « . . . .287, 

" Zaccheus P 

285, 287, 

Gillette, Albertus Starr.. 

" Horatio Nelson.. 


GILLIS, James 

GlLLlT, *Elias 113, 

GiLMAN, Albert W.s 

Dexter H. 8 

" George A 

" Georgie S.' 

James S.* 

Mary E 

Stella A.9 


Laura 4-9> 



^N (or, 
*Almuris • 



=Asa ' 

*Columbus '. . . 
*Corydon'. . . . 



*Louisa « 

*Phebe Sophia" 


GmNS, Gilbert 

" Samuel 

Glasgow, Cahsta 

Gleason, Asahel 

" Asenath 


" David 565, 

" Elmira 432, 


" Maria 

Maria W 

" Thomas 

Glessner, Augustus S 

GoDDARD, Elizabeth 

" Frederick » 


" Semantha 

GoFF, Benjamin 

" *fA'iggs Chart) 

735 Goodrich 







(;h, John 647 

Mason 497 

Parnal 647 

Ruth 497, 647 

*Lucy..i43, 191, 217 

*Thomas 191 

*/Ubert Dwights 216 
Albert E."'. ... 589 

Cecil E.-w 643 

Celon S.'» 643 

Charles B.s 5S9 

Charles Baker. . 28 1 

Charles' 281 

Daniel 727 

Edwin , 643 

Ehzur.. 5SS 

Emma Maria ».. 281 

Frances 588 

James Albert ». . 281 

Marie 584 

*Moses 216, 242 

Palmer EUzer^.. 28 1 

sRobin R.' 2i6 

*Sarah 242 

Sarah Talcott. . . 433 
Simeon Allen '.. 281 
*Steven Goodwin 242 
* 120 

112, 116, 117, 120, 

123, 125, 139, 184 

Albert A.s 453 

Albro S.» 453 

Albro S.' 453 

Arthur M.!" 453 

Bemace M.' .... 453 

Charles A.' 453 

Chester F 6S9 

Chester F.' 689 

Cordelia M.« 455 

♦Dolly 189 

Egbert ' 409 

Eleazer(Dea.)... 453 

Fannie F.* 453 

*Hannah 210 

Hattie L.s 689 

llattie M." 453 

*Hezekiah 210 

Hezekiah 409 

Jessie M.« 453 

Lillie M.9 453 

Lucius E.' 453 

Mattie A.9 453 

Nellie F.' 689 

Nettie 6.9 68g 

*01ive 185, 210 

RosweU W.s. ... 453 

Sarah 611 


Goodwin, T. J 

Goodsell, George s 


" Vincent 

Goodyear, Alonzo F.'.594, 

Alonzo P 

Charles S.'. . . . 



Mary E.'. .594, 

Olive E.9 

Gordon, John G. (Gen.) . . 

" Sarah 

" Susan B 

" Susie B 

GoRllAM, Densmore 

" Rachel 


GossARD, *NichoIas 

Gould, Densil M 

Emeline A 





e, Alice A. 9 

" Arthur \V.' 

" Charles H.' 

" Howard I.' 

" Ida M.9 

" Isaac H 

" Leonell* 

" Martha W.' 

" Olive J.» 

" Sumner M.9 

GowEN, Mary 

Graham, Anna 

" *Anna<! 

" *Anna Maria '. . . 


" ♦Augustus"" 

** *Benjamin (Lt.).. 

" *Daniel 

" Daniel 

" *Elisha 

" *Elisha« 

" Elisha 

*Elisha (Dr.).... 

Elisha (Dr.) 

" Emily 

" * Freeman * 

" Freeman 

" Hannah. ...315, 

" *Israel 



♦William « 





Granger, Minerva (Taylor) 410 

Grannis, 'Abigail 236 

Grant, Amorctta A 318 

Elihu 318 

" Maria 496, 646 

" Mathew 740 

" *Matthevv 

97, gS, 109, 112 

" Miriam 281 

" *PrisciUa 98, 112 

Gran\tlle, Daniel 408 

Graves, Allen 501 

" Clai-ence 501 

" Jane 501 

" John A.9 501 

" Lama 377, 514 

" Nancy 690 

Gray, Annie 402 

" Nancy 445 

Green, Abigail 485 

" *Eunice 176 

" Julia E 503, 653 

" Lyman 4S5 

" Rhoda 354, 485 

" Stephen 485 

Greene, * ..153, 155, 156 

" Sylvester 497 

Gregory, C. B 419 

1417 " Friend' 419 

i4tS " Julia ' 419 

Grey, Charlotte 617 

" Elver A 451, 617 

" George 617 

Gridlev, Amos 403 

" Asher 403 

" Bethuel 319 

" Charles 591 

3157 " Charles H.o 591 

1339 " Ellen M.' 410 

1335 " Flora A.' 410 

" Frederick Chas. . 591 

" Gates 316 

3158 " Harriet E.' 591 

" Harriet 591 

" *Jane 223 

1336 " John S.' 410 

John 656 

" Kate" 403 

1337 Gridley, Leander' 410 

" Levi 270 

" Lucelias 403 

" Margaret. . . .510, 656 

" Rcuel 410 

" Ruhama N 316 

1338 " Susan M.' 410 

• "S 

Griifen, Eliza 496 

" *John 107 


Griffen, * . 

Griffin, *Abigail. 

Caroline s 

*Cyrus (Hon.). ... 




*Florella 209, 

*Hannah 1 12, 



♦John. . . .97, 109, 














[FFITH, Elizabeth 


iswoLD, Abiel 

" * Abigail 135, 

" Abram 341, 

Adeline C.'.... 
" Alexander « . . . . 

" Alexander 




" *Anne 

" Augustus « 

" Augustus D.'. . 


Chauncey G. 


" Chauncey G. . . 

" Chauncey Mills' 

" Cora Cynthia 8. 

230 Griswold, David " 


261, 267, 273, 



225 Grisw- 

old, Dudley " 

Edith A 


♦Edward. . . 106, 


Edwin C 

Edwin H 

*Klihu M.8. . . . 
Eliza H. . . .631, 


Griswold, Elizabeth 323 

" Elizabeths 276 

Ellen F 344 

" Emma' 276 

" Frederick B 517 

" Frederick H.s. . 517 

George A. .343, 344 

George H 343 

GuyS 276 

" Harriet A. .509, 655 

" Harriet' 262 

" Horatia A 282 

" Horatia Paul'. . 282 

" Huldah 342 

" Jane 611 

" Jeremiah 249 

" *Keziah 126 

" Laura Ann 292 

" *Lois. 228 

I " Lucia 8 276 

Lydia A 718 

" Lydia ' 262 

" Marcus R 292 

" Maria 292 

" Marion A 343 

" Mary Augustus' 262 

" Mary C 496 

Mary E 343 

" * Matthews 147 

" *Matthew 147 

Mauds 2S2 

" Mortimer' 262 

" *Nathaniel 175 

Nellie Angeline'* 282 

Ruth 718 

" *Sabrina 139 

" Samuel 267 

♦Sophia 1S6 

" Theodore ' 262 


Groendycke, Asa T 465 

" Louisa 465 

" Mary E 465 

Grosvexor, Deborah 669 

" ■ Godfrey 669 

Lucia W..S38, 669 

Grove, Sarah 691 

Grover, Julina 605 

Leah 255 

Groves, Glenwood "> 422 

" Herbert M.'" 422 

John W 422 

" Laiu-a A.'" 422 

" Lura E. I" 422 

Grumley, ♦Rebecca 

210, 211, 241 

Guernsey, 259 

" Esther Ann 259 


Guernsey, Soloman 259 

GuNKLE, Christina 494 

GUNN, *Abigail (Riggs Cht.J 129 

Guy, Elizabeth 727 

" Louisa C 630 

GwiN, Rosanna 251 

Gyi.let, *Jere (See GUM). . 118 


Haddock, Elinor 582 

John 582 

Wm. J. (Judge). 582 

2204 Hacey, Emma J.^ 500 

2205 " Charles H.s 500 

" George 500 

" Sarah 500 

Wm. H. H. (M.D.) 500 

2237 IlAlGHT, Albert H. •*.... 502, 735 

2234 " Ann E.« 502, 735 

2235 " Charles'* 502,735 

" Cordelia A.^ 502 

" Eleanor D.' 735 

" Frederick W.s. . . . 735 

Harry A.^ 735 

" Hattie M.9 735 

2236 " Joshua J. '....502, 735 

Lewis G.' 735 

223S " Maria L.« 502, 735 

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